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The 10 Best Rush Limbaugh Quotes the George Soros Steno-Pool Was Kind Enough to Collect For Us

Posted By Scott Spiegel On December 18, 2010 @ 9:00 am In NewsReal Blog | Comments Disabled

Man walks into a bar. Says to the bartender, “Give me your finest bourbon on the rocks.”

Bah-dah ba!


That’s the feeling one gets upon visiting the congenitally leftist site MediaMatters, which collects “controversial” quotes by conservative radio and TV personalities and… well, that’s about all they do with them. It’s supposed to be self-evident to readers how insane these statements are.

Apparently this soft-sell strategy works, as evidenced by the reams of snarky, approving remarks loyal visitors dump in the comments section.

Rush Limbaugh is a favorite target of MediaMatters, and upon perusing their collection of “shocking” excerpts by him, I couldn’t help but feel as though I were in some elementary school grammar class where the teacher asks students to read a list of sentences and “find the error” in each one.

So join me while I deconstruct and “find the error” in the hysterical reactions to the following recent Limbaugh observations, ordered from the merely contentious to the fairly sensationalistic to the absolutely liberal-head-explosion-causing:

10. Limbaugh: “Continued unemployment benefits increases unemployment” (12/1)

In this recent clip, Rush bemoans the fact that Republican opposition to extending unemployment benefits has been based, not on the substance or philosophy of endless benefit extensions, but on the technicality of paying for them. Rush points out that that it’s easier for people to accept a $325 a week check than to spend their time looking for a job, and that while not everyone will prefer this route, a significant percentage of the 300 million people living in this country will decide to accept that deal. Subsidizing something (unemployment) gives you more of it, whereas taxing something (working) gives you less of it. Does MediaMatters disagree with this notion?

Contrary to the claims of Nancy Pelosi, unemployment benefits do not increase employment. In Rush’s view, such leftist policies dehumanize people, take away their dignity, and hurt them in the long run. Repeatedly giving people money to not do anything ends up being detrimental to them, because they’re not receiving a decent income, and there’s no dignity attached to receiving a piddly several-hundred dollars a week check. Unemployment benefits are a disincentive to work, and if they absolutely must be extended, then they should have conditions attached to them: for example, we’ll extend benefits, but you’ll be cleaning up the highway (similar to welfare reform in the 1990s.)

Your rebuttal, MediaMatters?

Next: You can’t just listen to Rush Limbaugh and “get things done”…

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