Frankly My Dear Scarlett, Michelle, and Elizabeth- I Don’t Give a Damn!

While nursing my developing ulcer today due to the vote for Communism, I mean Health Care Reform, I listened to a replay of  Thursday’s “Rush Limbaugh Show.” Rush was discussing the deal Obama made for Dennis Kucinich that that may have given his “yes” vote a little nudge.

His wife,  “Please let me be in your show” Elizabeth, will be working with Michelle Obama and liberal activist and sometimes actress, Scarlett Johansson on the cause de jour- childhood obesity. After a little additional research, I came across an article by Paul Bedard from “U.S. News and World Report”  that shows the effort by this trinity of libs involves not only good intentions but legislation. We are facing the possibility of what I will call “lunch legislation”. 

Isn’t it cute how the Washington in-crowd can pull their wives together to save the world? I’m so proud to be an American. We should have a pageant for Washington wives, or maybe  they should star in “The Real Housewives of Washington D.C”- I would sooo watch that!

Anyway, Michelle, Elizabeth and Scarlett will be throwing their “weight”, pun intended, behind Democrat Representative George Miller’s proposed “Healthy School Meals Act of 2010″. If passed, this law will require schools to replace sugary, fatty foods, (not to mention milk!), with “plant based meals”.  I don’t know what that means exactly but it sounds like a lot more kids are going to go hungry in America- I can’t even get my kids to eat vegetables as a side-dish much less an entire meal. No word on whether or not the Obamas will give up eating imported Kobe beef. Soon, the government may be able to dovetail Health Care Reform with LAWS for healthy eating for our KIDS. All of you people out of a job should note that this is more important than your selfish desire for work;  fat kids come first.

It’s time to tell these self absorbed, manipulative women that enough is enough. Just like Rhett told Scarlet in “Gone with the Wind”, we must tell Michelle, Elizabeth and Scarlett that when it comes to laws telling parents what they are allowed to feed their kids-”We don’t give a Damn!”

  • Barbara Joanne

    I have been saying for YEARS that once a national health care "whatever you want to call it"becomes law, illiberals on the left will use their concern for "our"health and "their" money to pass more and more laws about what we eat, drink, smoke, do for exercise, etc., It never seems to occur to them that the other side can play that game too. (Guess they didn't even get an education when sexual harassment law, which often forces a prosecutor to investigate legal behaviour between consenting adults, came round to bite Mr. Clinton. )

    And as SOON as I heard that Mrs. Obama was going to get involved in the latest "childhood crisis", I knew that meant more laws.

    I hope that this latest attempt to nanny us will simply cause more parents to say,""We're out" to what I too have finally come to call government schools.

    Thank you for your article.