Abandoning our Closest Allies

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“Portuguese-speaking Brazil feels a special relationship with its former metropole,Portugal,” Frum wrote. “And we know that Brazil campaigned hard for Portugal in the General Assembly vote.”

Frum admits that, despite his inquiries, he still does not know the real reason for the Canadian defeat. And while Frum’s Brazil theory is plausible, it does not take into account other major reasons for Israel’s ally not being seated around the Security Council table come January, 2011. Islamic countries, for example, are recognized as having been key in Portugal’s win.

Besides disliking Canada’s unswerving support for Israel, the Canadian newspaper, the National Post, reported the 57 countries of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), according to an Islamic official, “felt snubbed” that Canada did not address these U.N. members as a group in its campaign like Portugal’s foreign affairs secretary, Joao Cravinho, did. Instead, the Canadians approached the Islamic states individually in seeking their support.

“He (Cravinho) basically appealed to the OIC group for their support and, in the absence of Canada doing the same thing, they got support from the OIC member states,” the Post quotes the Islamic official as saying.

However the Islamic official, who asked to remain anonymous, perhaps summed up the most important, and worrying, aspect of Canada’s defeat when he said: “This underlines the growing influence of the OIC group at the UN.” This “growing influence” may also have played a role in the Islamic world-friendly Obama administration’s decision to steer clear of the Canadian bid.

The other group that voted against the Canadians last week were African countries, angry that Canada had cut them from its list of foreign aid recipients due to their persistent corruption. The Harper Conservative government believed it has a responsibility to Canadian taxpayers not to allow their aid dollars to be stolen. Like Americans, Canadians are a generous people and want to help, but not if their money is going to wind up in the pockets of thieving African politicians and bureaucrats instead of helping people in need.

Kenya, the native country of President Obama’s father, was one such African country targeted.  “Massive graft” was the reason a Canadian official cited for Kenya no longer being “a focus for aid from Canada”, especially after a large amount of money for the Free Primary Education program was embezzled.Canada added South American countries to its foreign aid roster in place of the dropped Africans.

Canadian anti-Israel leftist and liberal publications have castigated the Conservative government for losing the U.N. vote, calling it “a humiliating defeat” and “a slap in the face for Canada.” The Wall Street Journal, however, got it right in an editorial last Wednesday entitled “Bravo, Canada!” The editorial said it was rather the U.S.role in Canada’s Security Council defeat that was “embarrassing”, saying Stephen Harper’s politics are not Susan Rice’s.

Unlike appeasing liberals, the Journal is happy “Canada seems to have annoyed a sufficient number of Third World dictators and liberally pious Westerners…” and says “a U.N. snub is a badge of honor.” It supports the Harper government policies that cost Canada the seat, citing “its staunch support of Israel” and “long-standing commitment to the Afghan war.

“Americans would be so lucky to get a leader as steadfast on those issues as the Canadian Prime Minister,” the editorial stated.

Harper appeared unconcerned about the lack of U.S. support in the Security Council vote, and Israel’s supporters will also not have to worry about any change in Canada’s foreign policy due to the Canadian loss. True to character, the Conservative Prime Minister said in Quebec after the defeat that his government would not be influenced by the vote’s result.

‘As I have said before, our engagement internationally is based on the principles that this country holds dear,” he said. “It is not based on popularity.”

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  • Chezwick_Mac

    So now it's the Canadian LEFT that wants to mimic American foreign policy and dutifully follow Washington's lead…and the Canadian RIGHT that is defying America and asserting Canadian interests above all else.

    My, how the world has changed.

    This is precisely how the Conservatives in Canada should be attacking this issue….by highlighting the Left's obsequiousness towards Washington, in stark contrast to their own independent course.

  • Humphrey Regis

    Canada has lost with the truth rather than won with the lie. As Thomas Jefferson said, "in matters of style, flow with the tide and in matters of principle stand like a rock." It's that we get leaders who will stand for the principles of freedom and God-given- human right. Cheers to you, Canada.

  • waterwillows

    A seat that can only be attained by corruption, is not much of a seat to be desired.
    Of course, in the upside down world of the left, this would appear to them as being a 'chief seat' and certainly highly desirable.
    It is better to stand like a rock than sit like a fool.

  • suprkufrB

    I'm very proud to be a Canadian, especially now.
    Any chance that our friends in the USA could get rid of this Rice and get the old one back?

    • NStahl

      Working on it.

  • andres de alamaya

    It seems that Rice, who has an impressive record, has joined the Obama Puppet Theater moving whichever way the puppeteer pulls the strings, as do Barry's other puppets such as Eric Holder, etc. She lived and worked in Canada at one point. Her husband, now with ABC-TV, once worked at CBC in Canada, the state-owned radio and TV network heavily infested with varying degrees of lefties, anti-Semites and fellow travelers. As a dual citizen I voted for Harper which makes me proud and helps me get over the fact that I had a moment of temporary insanity when I voted for Obama.

    • Spider

      I am glad that you admit your mistake. Many others were also taken in by this fraud now known as Obozo. I hope many more come to this realization in the next 10 days or so. Both our countries futures depend on it..

    • USMCSniper

      Impressive record my lily white A$$, she is just another Africoon Marxist indoctrinate and her inept doctoral thesis was on praising the tranisition of Rhodesia which was one Africa's most productive agricultural nations to becoming Zimbabwae and we all know how well that worked out under the Africoon racist tyrant Mugabe.

      • Foolster41

        Uh, I don't like Mugabe or Rice, but it's pretty damn hypocritical to use rascist slurs and call someone a rascist.

        • USMCSniper

          Foolster and Sue, Susan Rice and Mugabe are blatant Marxist racists, as both of them approved of the murdering of Rhodesian white farmers and their families and seizing of their land and Mugabe actually orchestrated the murders.

      • Sue

        Please tell me you are not actually a U.S. Marine. Not with that racist mentality. Marines are far better than that.

  • Canada's friend

    Kudos to Stephen Harper! Kudos to Canada! Standing for one’s principles and for the truth is always hard, but it is soooooo much harder in the present world where the Sadom law rules. One can envy the Canadians who can be proud of their country. How many people throughout the world can say they are proud of theirs? Most of us are ashamed of our countries and our governments. Canadians, be careful, don’t allow the left to steal power from Harper’s hands. Treasure him!


    OUR RICE-FUHRER supporting A Nazi position, which is called Islam today.

  • Beverley

    The reason South Africa is back on the council … have you seen Zuma running around
    Egypt et.al? There are many Moslems in the SA government, certanily more than whites … oh sorry no whites.

  • C.B.Harder

    I am truly proud of Stephen Harper for his position in this affair. Truth will out The Evil Left.

  • Michael

    I am proud to be Canadian,God bless S.Harper and we have to do best to get this Government a Majority in the Parlament in order they neuter Commies(NDP)and Libs.

  • Reneeca

    Europe is complaining also that this administration has lost interest in them and is now allied with the likes of Russia, China and the East. Not very comforting to Americans or it's former allies!

  • Tear-lag

    Bravo to Messrs. Harper and Cannon. They are men of principle. The UN is a blight on New York City and America. I would so much like to see it removed permanently from our shores.

  • Soctt Smythe

    Both Israel and the US should leave the UN. It is a cancer upon our shores. Send it to Tehran

    • suprkufrB

      As should every democratic nation. Somewhere here in cyberspace I recently read a post from someone with a brilliant idea; walk from the umma nations, expropriate the building and, as you suggest, send the remaining members packing to iran.Then set about the task of founding the United Democratic Nations.

  • Jac

    As a Canadian, I am proud of my Prime Minister. It is better to lose and be on the right side of history than win with the tyrants. I hope Mr Harper gets a majority in the next election. His principled stand on many issues may well cost him dearly though as huge numbers of my fellow Canadians are taken by the delusions prevalent in the MSM.

  • jaythehistorian

    The picture of the 3 nitwits should scare all Americans. These 3 have several things in common. They are 1. Totally incompetent. 2 America Haters and 3. Jew haters. Dick Morris recounted numerous anti-Jewish slurs Hilliary directed at him. Rice and Obama are the typical totally incompetent ,black antisemities who occupy positions of authority they have no qualifications for.

  • One Canadian

    Now thats a Canadian government and PM we can be proud of.
    Harper is doing the right thing! That takes courage and he rises to the occasion.
    I'm voting for this guy again, especially now that I see what someone like Obama (the no one) can do.
    Canada fought 2 World Wors, and played a major part in the war effort. We are entitled to express OUR ideals at the U.N. We have EARNED it through blood sweat and tears. No Arab orhanization (U.N.) will ever change that. I would encourage the Americans to show them the door off of their shores.

    Go Canada!!!

    • steven L

      If Iran can deny the Holocaust it can surely deny what Canadians have done in WWI & WWII.
      Remember, the Palestians have already stated that Jews and Israel have no connections with the land of Israel

  • Wesley69

    Canada, on this issue, maybe you could lead us through the forest, because we are lost. We have leaders with Marxist souls trying to force our lives into their Utopian vision. Israel needs help in the UN. She will not receive it from our Muslim-Appeaser-in-Chief.

    To One Canadian – You have a right to be proud and the vast majority of Americans appreciate your country's friendship.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson