The Madness of Gaddafi

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But less well known is Gaddafi’s insulting treatment of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. When Gaddafi’s efforts to lead the Arab world were frustrated, he turned to the continent’s poorer areas where his oil wealth gives him influence and leverage over other African leaders. His greatest dream in this area is to create a United States of Africa with himself, of course, as its leader. When speaking to the UN General Assembly last year, for example, he offered greetings on behalf of all of Africa, although he is only Libya’s president.

Unfortunately for Gaddafi, his dream of self-aggrandizement has been blocked by African countries like Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Kenya. Rather than a dream, these states see nothing but a nightmare for Africa in a quick transformation to a single government, Gaddafi’s stated goal. Besides, the corrupt oligarchies ruling some African states would never give up the power that creates the opportunities for their personal enrichment.

Gaddafi has circumvented this opposition by currying favour with tribal and cultural rulers in different African countries. Last September, for example, Gaddafi paid for 22 Kenyan tribal elders to fly to Libya. In his quest for “a throne of his own”, in 2008 in Libya, he even had an assembly of such native leaders, “sultans, chiefs, kings and princes”, bestow on him the title of “King of Kings.”

While such antics appear laughable, observers note some African leaders are uneasy that elements in their society, some of which are unfriendly towards their national governments, have access to Libya’s huge financial resources. They well remember Gaddafi’s interference in African civil wars of the past, including his strong support for Ugandan dictator and mass murderer Idi Amin, whom Libyan troops defended during the Tanzanian invasion that toppled him.

Already, Gaddafi is suspected of having a hand in the Uganda’s Buganda riots of last September in order to undermine President Museveni, one of his African unity project’s staunchest opponents. Gaddafi also insulted Museveni and Ugandan Christians on his 2008 visit when he called the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah fakes. Besides attempting to promote division between Uganda’s majority Christian community and minority Muslim community, it was pointed out Gaddafi knew Museveni and other sub-Saharan African leaders were sworn into the office on the Bible.

Such brutal and offensive behaviour contains the real danger when the wealthy Gaddafi comes to poor African countries, flexing his muscles. The Libyan leader’s inflammatory and dangerous remarks could well spark the next devastating African conflict of tomorrow.  And for that, he deserves more than a slap.

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  • Tukahirwa Jackson

    I think such a highly respected leader must have been a good example to calm down the situation since he knew very that Uganda was still mourning for the loss of two blasted bombs that killed innocent fans watching world cup Finals both at Kyandondo rugby club and Ethiopian Resteurant in Kabalagala.

    • Stephen_Brady

      Are you being facetious?

    • Brian

      "highly respected leader" are you kidding or what…gadafi is the most despicable leader in history, a dictator and a clown he should be behind bars for his crimes against humanity. He is mentally sick and a transvestite and its time for Libyan people to throw this idiot out of power

    • josé Aoplo

      this bastard !.. we should all kill this m**** fu*****!!
      Lets we all lybians get together and burn him in fire..
      This man is a cynical,paranoid,corrupt, ridicule and most hated ?lider? of Africa.
      The Army is responsible for the killings. They WILL BE JUDGED in a near future and the revenge willnot be soft. His son will be the first to be f*** with a burning torch in is assss.. I will personally kiilll all his family.. BASTARD!!

  • tarleton

    This is vintage Gadaffi………one flew right into the cukoo's nest

    This is what tyranny and magalomania look like…he's just a modern version of the tyrants of antiquity

  • Qaddafi delenda est

    Q does this act on queu. These cartoonish performances are orchestrated political theatre– intended to subtly persuade audiences to excuse as "madness" Qaddafi’s murderous culpability for Black September, Rome/Vienna airport massacres, London embassy shooting, La Belle disco, Pan Am 103, UTA flight 772, PIRA atrocities, Abu Nidal, Abu Sayyaf, etc., ad nauseum.

    Q thinks he's mastered the crazy guy game.

    Don't buy the act. Q is NOT crazy. He is evil.

  • Mama

    Touche, Senor!
    Y claro que si.
    RR sent F-111's AROUND France
    and bombed away in matter of minutes.

  • joe mama

    When it comes to hurting good solid people, women and Children –
    stay in touch –

  • Al

    Gadaffi is the personification of evil! He is a despot leader and dictator. The sooner Libya is rid of him the better off the people and World will be.

  • guest

    An article tin as usual from the Westerners. Which sadness for the journalism and the followers.

    • AntiOnan

      And a reply from arrogant ignorance.

      Do you really find a murdering, woman hitting, lying, treaty breaking, child raping man perfect (as that is whom Khadafy follows)?

      If so, then sir you have a real problem.

      But then all infidels know that that is why he wanted them dead.
      Khadafy has done NOTHING for the average Libyan except to embarrass them.

  • John

    A total loon. In any normal society he would have been sectioned under the mental health act!!

  • Susan

    Soon when the 2nd Coming is neigh, Gadaffi and and all the Swarthy skinned non-Christians (2/3rds of humanity) will understand the true Love of the Lord when they are tortured forever in the fires of Hell!


    Praise Be!

    • abdallah

      i`m moslim but i`m telling you that you have to go and save your life as hurry as you could ,because you are very away of, way of God almighty,read alot about what our book tell to humanity then say,belive me you are going to find the way for you self,but you have to be justice with you self.

      • AntiOnan

        When both of you discover that faith is a relationship between a God and the individual and that no one: man, woman, saint, prophet has ANY right to intercede then the world might become a better place.

        As for youi Abdallah and I am sure that you mean well, how can you possibly call a prophet, the man Muhammad whose crimes were so enormous and so common. At best he was a weak perverted man . At worst a daemon.

        Jesus the man harmed no one in his life time unlike Muhammad.
        You are on the side of blood, hatred & barbarism.

  • Gabriella

    Stay classy, Khadafy. Stay classy.

  • Gary Rumain

    Too bad Reagan didn't keep after him.

  • Ghostwriter

    I'm no fan of Gaddafi either. Whatever terrible thing that happens to him,he deserves.

  • badaboo

    Reagan missed him darn it , didn't figure on him sleeping in the tent that night

  • badaboo

    too brash huh ?

  • badboo

    but he did miss …..

  • badaboo

    ya gotta give him credit for not being crazy enough to run the blockade , he parked his ship in Egypt .

  • AntiOnan

    The paragon of Muslim moderation: but we always knew what that really meant.

    How to convert an openly hostile Muslim leader into a still hostile but now openly moderate Muslim leader: let him spend one night under the bed waiting for more F111s.

    Violence, personal violence is all that they understand. Once you realize this you see nothing new about the above.

  • AntiOnan

    It sure must have been offensive. Or was it just too honest?

  • AntiOnan

    If you bother to check his recent speeches, Khadafy is no moderate as he laughs at the Islamic invasion of the west while sneering"who needs guns to take it over".. It is only a pose induced by his F111 experiences. So nothing surprising in his violence as it is typical of him & it is allowed under Sharia law anyway.

  • traeh

    His face is weirdly out of proportion. Tiny eyes.

    • AntiOnan

      It's that Mecca effect: too much bending towards his warlord's corpse 5x/day & not enough blood for brain & eyes together. Tends to become epidemic amongst certain ideological groups although in most cases it is the critical thinking, creative & ethics part of the brain that suffer most. :) (just in case of hovering censor hand: this is MEANT to be facetious)

  • badaboo

    …and he's got "The Sword of Islam " [ his son's name ] to pick up where he leaves off, when he journeys to paradise . Despots and tyrants do have a nack of perpetuating themselves through their progenies .
    And at the moment Gaddafy's got good reason to laugh, after all he duped the Scots and Brits into springing his serial killer out of prison , and made him a hero in the homeland ….unashamedely and with great fanfare .

  • Paul Gesh

    Gaddafi's behavior is similar to a wild donkey. If he can do such things in broad daylight, imagine what he is capable of doing behind closed doors.

  • AntiOnan

    Please leave donkeys out of, they are not responsible for their master's behavior, even if he has been dead for 1400 yrs. :)

  • max power

    he is a muslim alfa male after all. what do you expect ? civility …

  • tru libyan

    For more than 40 years libyan pepole trying to trou gaddafi out of powe but CIA and big oil comienes protecting gaddafi and his regim , In july 29 1996 gaddafi killed 1200 libyan presoners in 2 hours , Now western leadrs recieve gaddafi on red carpet as a hero , gadafi killed thousends of libyan in the last fourty years , in chad in uganda in exile in London . Rome . Athens and Cairo etc… Libyan pepole suffring for more than 40 years under this dictor and wetern leadres visiting him in his tent in Tripoli Tony blayer (UK), berlescone (italy) , sarcoze (France) . spanish prime minster and codaliza rice (USA)

  • Kevin

    Gaddafi is the mad dog of the middle east, he has the brain of a spoiled adolescent teenager what an idiot bastard. Wonder why Libyans are keeping him in power for so long??? Pull the trigger guys

  • AntiOnan

    Tru libyan…maybe you speak the truth but the western leaders are not interested in anything but money and they have mor ein common with Khadafy than with their fellow man: us. The rich of all nations have been willing to betray their fellow man for millenia & it is well know that the fierst rule to a successful invasion wa sto have most of the ruling classes(eg rich or aristocracy) switch sides.
    The rich never worry about who rules so long as they can keep their assets. It is the working class who die and the patriotic middle class who lose all. Even in the USSR in the era after 1917 the Russian aristocracy mostly moved to their overseas estates but not the patriotic middle classes who could not countenance(nor afford) it.

    Face it: our rich(see "leaders") & your rich have more in common with each other(so long as the oil flows) but when it stops Islam will be the glue that unites your rich to your poor and while it is present you can never rid yourself of them.

    The irony here for the west is that by cooperating with the oil rich Muslims our rich(see "leaders") are wantonly aiding and abetting the destruction of the west and it may take them with it. Oh I hope so if it does. But if it does say good bye to charity, humanity, and man's great works as if they are not in the Koran: we don't need them.

  • Malfleur

    The answer is for the United Kingdom with or without the United States to annex the inland oilfields and to re-establish the Libyan monarchy, overthrown by the traitor Q, in a wealthy and well-defended coastal enclave. A generous portion of the profits from the oil production in the annexed region should be paid to the Libyan people and half of the stored wealth of the usurper, Q, should be distributed in a similar manner.Subsidized settlement of the annexed desert region should be promoted and all settlers should also be given automatic citizenship of Libya in its coastal territory. The area should be established as a defensive region for Southern Europe and its long-term strategy should be the recovery of the cities of classical antiquity along the Southern Mediterranean littoral. A mutual assistance treaty should be promptly signed with Israel and oil supplies should be guaranteed to the latter country and to the United Kingdom, the United States, and their allies. Think outside the box, gentlemen, and force a strategic realignment in trh Middle East in the West's favour.

  • AntiOnan



    But who in the western world has the cochones (?sp) to actually do something useful for mankind and western culture. The pericommunist government of Europa and the malignant world of Islamic states would have their swords out in seconds and we would have a repeat of the Bosnian conflict with the wrong side being bombed.

    Obama is a coward at best and a Muslim at least while the OK Muslims who show NO proof of allegiance to the UK would be running amok in the UK slaughtering Jews and Christians indiscriminately while the leftist Europa & similar US would economically destroy the UK.

    However, with the current Prime Minister of the UK, the obsequious Islamic ignorance that he shows, would make all of this highly unlikely.

    There si NOT ONE STATESMAN in the west worthy of the name. In fact IMHO if they all were on fire, I would be very tempted to turn the water off at the main.

    • AntiOnan

      "UK" not "OK"…dyslexic mistypia strikes again, and again…

  • Bennie Schermerhorn

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