Turkey’s PM to Armenians: Get Out!

Turkey’s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan showed the European Union recently why his country’s membership application should be rejected. In an interview with the BBC last week, Erdogan expressed his extreme displeasure with foreign countries recognising as genocide the 1915 massacre of the Armenians by threatening to deport 100,000 Armenians working illegally in Turkey.

“In my country there are 170,000 Armenians; 70,000 of them are citizens. We tolerate 100,000 more. So what am I going to do tomorrow? If necessary I will tell the 100,000: okay, time to go back your country. Why? They are not my citizens. I am not obliged to keep them in my country,” said Erdogan, leader of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party, a conservative and Islamic political entity. Erdogan blamed the Armenian Diaspora for the genocide resolutions.

The reaction to Erdogan’s statement in Armenia was, predictably, swift and damning. Armenian Prime Minister Tigran Sarkisian condemned the Turkish leader’s remarks, saying they “do not improve relations” between the two countries. The plan to open the Turkish-Armenian border, a prerequisite for Turkey acquiring EU membership, and to set up a joint commission to investigate the massacres may now be in jeopardy.

“When the Turkish Prime Minister allows himself to make such statements it brings up memories of the events of 1915,” said Sarkisian, whose government disputes the 100,000 figure.

In 1915, shortly after Turkey’s entry into World War One, 1.5 million primarily Armenian Christians living in the then Ottoman Empire, in an action resembling later slaughters by Stalin and Hitler, were subjected to massacres and deportations that often ended in death. The world’s indifference to the killings may even have encouraged Hitler who later referred to the 1915 Armenian holocaust in relation to his planned genocide of the Jews: “After all, who today speaks of the massacre of the Armenians?”

The three million Armenians living in their truncated state on Turkey’s eastern border are as traumatised about the tragedy that befell their people as the Jews are about the Holocaust. Asia Times columnist Spengler (a literary pseudonym) has called them “the ghosts of their murdered brethren” who “haunt the geopolitical stage as a silent chorus.”

Turkish nationalists deny that an Armenian holocaust ever took place. They will only admit that about three hundred thousand Armenians and an almost equal number of Turks were killed in “civil strife” in eastern Turkey between 1915 and 1917. The 1915 deportations, they claim, were justified because some Armenians were supporting the Russian army, Turkey’s enemy at the time. The Armenians were regarded as a knife at Turkey’s back that had to be removed.

But the deniers are fighting a losing battle. Already, more than 20 countries have labelled as genocide the 1915 Armenian bloodbath, including EU member states France, Germany and Italy. The United States and Sweden are the latest countries to move in that direction.

When Erdogan was in England, Sweden’s parliament voted to recognise the Armenian killings, prompting the Turkish leader to cancel his visit there and recall his country’s ambassador. The American government’s House Foreign Affairs Committee passed a resolution (23 votes to 22) to the same effect, which, according to The Wall Street Journal, angered Turkey.

But there are some Turks who want their country to confront this tragic crime in their nation’s past. The most prominent of these is Orhan Pamuk, the 2006 Nobel Laureate for Literature. Called by Spengler “the only Turk with a global voice”, Pamuk raised the Armenian genocide with a Swiss publication in 2005.

“Thirty thousand Kurds have been killed here, and a million Armenians. And almost nobody dares mention that. So I do,” Pamuk said.

For these remarks, Pamuk was criminally charged with “insulting Turkishness.” Legal proceedings were later stayed, but the resulting furor and hate campaign caused Pamuk to move to New York.

Other Turks, while not dealing with the genocide question, criticised Erdogan for his BBC comments. One Turkish journalist, Mehmet Ali Briand, pointed out the irony of Erdogan denying the first Armenian deportation, when he wants to organize a “second deportation”, one that television cameras would witness.

“We could defend ourselves all we want…no one would believe us,” he wrote. “They’d say, ‘See, again the Turks are casting out the Armenians.’ ”

Briand suggests instead that since these Armenians are mostly poor people, doing menial work, who came to Turkey after the 1988 earthquake in Armenia, they should be shown compassion. These people would then preserve Turkey’s dignity, enhance its image and be “our strongest and most convinced lobby.”

A Times On Line story suggests Erdogan’s hard-line comments may have been directed towards a domestic audience rather than a foreign one. According to The Times account, since the next elections in Turkey are this July, Erdogan was trying to appease the voters who opposed reconciliation with Armenia.

Most likely though, Erdogan’s remarks are simply a “barbaric reaction” to offended dignity, similar to the Muslim reaction to the Mohammad cartoons.

But Erdogan’s comments may represent something more sinister than just an ethnic tantrum. Briand quotes another Turkish politician who said, “Turkey should teach Armenia a lesson never to be forgotten.” Erdogan is also not the first Turkish politician to advocate deporting the illegal Armenians, but is Turkey’s first leader. Like with Holocaust deniers whose negations conceal their desire to bring about another round of Jew extermination, the denial of the Armenian genocide may be serving the same purpose.

A new Armenian massacre may have been avoided as recently as the last decade. In his book Chechen Jihad, Yossef Bodansky writes that 2,500 Islamist fighters from Afghanistan helped Azerbaijan, “under the banner of jihad”, in the early 1990s in its war against Armenia over Nagorno-Karabakh. Bodansky states the Azeris exploited “the mujahedin’s Islamist zeal to escalate the war against the Christian Armenians…”

This zeal, as the world has seen, usually means death for non-Muslims. The Armenian forces, however, held firm and the jihadists’ savage hatred for the infidel fortunately never reached their territory.

Orhan Pamuk believes freedom of speech is the only way for Turkey to come to terms with its past. But if Erdogan continues to utter offensive remarks against Armenians like in the previous week, his country will not have future, at least not in the EU.

  • http://bit.ly/4Xcp8y daleandersen

    Erdogan is a racist tool. Someone should stuff a dick down his throat….

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      A grenade would be better.

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        "A grenade would be better."

        Gary Rumain is a terrorist It appears..Typical Turk hater..They are usually Terrorists of western lands like this one…

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        "A grenade would be better."

        Gary are you employed in DoD? I think I know you…

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          Would you like to find out, arselifter? Grenades fit at both ends, you know.

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        here is info about Gary Romain, the real info about the guy who is low level government employee from Maryland:


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    Erdogan already has Gul's dick down his throat.

  • Jim

    Great Article!!!! Turkey is a shit hole fascist nation. I hope they improve, what can i say really.

    • Ali

      "Turkey is a shit hole fascist nation"

      You see Stephen Brown? What kind of feelings you feed??? These are the people who a bit more extreme than you..A few years, you will be just like him..Lost to your hate….

      • Jim

        I'm not extreme at all. It's just sad when you see a Journalist assasinated and the state police posing with the murderer beside a Turkish flag. Check out the Youtube video of Hrant Dinks murder and then the photo op with the cops.

  • Progeny of Diarbekir

    When the Ittihadists annihilated the Armenians, Turkey lost experts in commerce, finance, crafts, architecture, law and many other fields. It was a great economic loss for Turkey. Turkey's eastern regions remain an economic backwater 95 years after the Armenians were done away with. Now she is going to sent out the Armenian nannies and cleaning ladies, making it necessary for professional Turkish women to stay home to take care of their children. More self-defeating idiocy in the name of their honor.

    • Edip Yuksel

      Good point :)

      • Progeny of Diarbekir

        Some Turks here are comparing the Armenians to the Native Americans. The comparison doesn't hold. My late wife and I spent many vacations touring the Native American villages of the US Southwest. We bought Native American crafts and paintings, and went to the casinos on the reservations that have made the Native American tribes wealthy. The Turkish government has erased all history of the Armenians and is only recently taking steps to preserve what little remains. As for Turks, many have been elected to public office in Europe while one of the most famous physicians in the USA, Dr. Oz, is a Turk. In comparison, the contributions of my illustrious family to the Turkish nation have been erased from the Turkish world view. American Turks look upon me with contempt because the reality of my family's contributions have been replaced by a manufactured history that depicts all Armenians as the enemy. Only when Turkey transforms into a nation that can accept persons of minority faiths as equals, will she be able to make comparisons with the US and Europe.

  • Progenyof Diarbekir

    When the Ittihadists annihilated the Armenians, Turkey lost experts in commerce, finance, crafts, architecture, law and many other fields. It was a great economic loss for Turkey. Turkey's eastern regions remain an economic backwater 95 years after the Armenians were done away with. Now she is going to sent out the Armenian nannies and cleaning ladies, making it necessary for professional Turkish women to stay home to take care of their children. More self-defeating idiocy in the name of their honor.

  • sir

    Armenian genocide did happen, Turk can not send Armenians any where as half of turk belongs to armenia.In time turkey will pay to what they have done in 1915, and if the turkish government deports any armenian any where it will show that they are guilt.
    Lastly anyone that say anything bad about armenia alli can say karma

  • David

    Excellent article. When Erdogan said that he is capable of deporting 100,000 Armenians, he certainly did not find a good solution to the problems. It is also very good that you mention that a massacre had been avoided in Nagorno-Karabagh. Certainly that was what the Azeris would have done.

    The Armenian genocide was not only an economic loss for Turkey but also a cultural one: Armenians had contributed a lot in Ottoman art and architecture. Eastern Turkey or Western Armenia indeed lost its vigor after the genocide of 1915 and even today the people of that area want contact with Armenians through opened borders in order to improve their lives.

  • Stu

    Old news and distorted by the media. Sure, Erdogan can make rash comments and is often outspoken to the detriment of many (including himself) but as a foreigner living in Turkey for the last 10 years all I can say is that the majority of the comments I see here are crass. What happened in 1915 was a tragedy, but it was not a genocide as the mass movement of Indians and Pakistanis who massacred each other in the process was a tragedy but again not a genocide. However the issue should be considered and discussed but with reason and not revenge in mind. Until it is looked at with open eyes and not with the current blinkered nationalistic and political motivations exhibited by both Turkish and Armenian interests there will be no resolution or agreement on a term to label the 1915 tragedy with.

    • tarleton

      Why was it only a tragedy and not genocide…..they were trying to destroy a whole race of people due to their religion and race
      Why did Hitler say ''no one remembers the Armenians'' as a prototype to the murder of the Jews

    • Jim

      I didn't know foreigners in Turkey were also brainwashed!!!

    • Jim

      I didn't know foreigners in Turkey were brainwashed too!!!

  • mark

    Yes armenian should get out of Turkey, since they are the biggest enemy of Turks why are they here, USa kicks everyone who is terrorist and illegal why can't the Turks
    double standarts here, Erdogan is right

    • razo


  • Robert

    Mr. Erdogan, for the sake of the secular Turks, I am asking that you and President Gul step down from your posts, and apologize to every Turkish man, woman and child for ‘Insulting Turkishness’, and insulting the intelligence of the nations you think you are fooling with your lies.

    The average Turkish citizen has never condoned the actions of this Charlatan. This explains why Erdogan removed key military and judicial personnel from their posts. They posed a threat to his make-believe empire.

  • mary

    Armenian so called genocide did not hapaned, it is a biggest lie, armenians some got killed when they were cought with blood in their hands killing the weak whom left behind since their strong man in front lines figthing the invaders, let get the facts right here okay

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Poppakap Poppakap

      Your comment is just plain stupid and borders on unintelligible. If you are going to post here on FPM, please learn to use complete sentences, proper spelling, and at least third-grade punctuation.

      Furthermore, your account of what happened in 1915 is not supported by anyone other than hard-core Muslim Turks and their sympathizers.

    • razo

      really? and what are those many graves in the desserts of nowadays Syria and eatern Turkey… and dozens of videos and photos proves… all I can say is that you are brain washed of your stupid racist politicians

  • Progeny of Diarbekir

    The impetus behind the annihilation of the Armenians, Assyrians (this is a misnomer as they are Nestorians with no relation to the Assyrians of history), and Anatolian Greeks, did not stop in 1915 or 1923 but continued through the modern era. Armenians., Greeks, Jews and other minority had exorbitant taxes foisted upon them in the 1940s causing many to die in forced labor camps after they were sent there in lieu of paying the tax. Greek and Armenian businesses were sacked in riots in 1955. The Turkish government until recently did everything possible to wipe out any memory of Armenian culture within the boundaries of the Turkish state. There are almost NO Armenians living in lands where they lived for about 3,000 years. Talaat's discussions with US Ambassador Henry Morgenthau make it very clear that he had planned a Genocide against the Armenians.

  • Applepie

    Hahaha, the time has come Armanians, GET THE FUC#K OUT!!!

    • tarleton

      You sound like one of Turkeys willing executioners…..it was your type who actually commited the murders

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Poppakap Poppakap

      Hey appleeater,

      Been a racist for long? You and your ilk are exactly what is wrong in the world. Full stop.

  • NoSpin

    Part I
    I like how the article is biased and in favor towards the Armenians; the author, Mr. Brown just like many who agree with the so-called Genocide without merit has built a time machine, yes, a time machine. At a time when we are at 4 different wars: the War in Iraq, the War in Afghanistan, the War on Terror, and the War on Drugs, we now have to take the time and recognize something that has never been proven in over NINE decades, ever!

    • tarleton

      You're the same as the Germans who deny the holocaust…..talk about a time machine, it;s a pity you couldn't be put on a time machine and be transported back there…although ,on second thoughts , if you were , you would be one of the participants

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/Poppakap Poppakap

      Hey Spinner,

      In most developed countries' jurisprudence, there is no statute of limitations on murder. It is that sentiment that drives those who love truth to discover the purps responsible for the murder of Armenians in 1915 and any other systematic genocide committed on minority populations.

      Speaking of spin, I love how you try to shift focus from a legitimate inquiry into a critique of US foreign policy. Typical troll stuff. Boring and transparent.

  • NoSpin

    Part III
    At an all time low for the U.S. when jobs are being lost, the Turkish Govt' has provided Americans with new jobs and helped kept existing ones. How about the purchase in cash of 14 CH-47F CHINOOK Helicopters, as well as associated parts, equipment, training and logistical support for a complete package worth approximately $1.2 billion…13 Patriot “fire units" with 172 Patriot Advanced Capability-3 missiles and a range of associated hardware worth USD$7.8 billion…order of 40 737 jets for Turkish Airlines, not including dozens of 14 AWACS and C-137's for TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) at $14.6 billion…Turkey, a Tier 3 support country for US JSF F-35 program and on track to buy and build at least 135 F-35 aircraft's at USD$83 million flyaway cost for Turkish Air Force, …procurement for rights/license to build 30 F-16 fighter falcons block D (second best) per year from '98 to present and one of only 5 nations in the world with mid-air refueling capabilities and proud owners of the C-17 Globemaster which was bought from USA, and the list goes on.

  • NoSpin

    Part IV
    You see, unlike many other nations who get our support from the US like Armenia and Israel and Egypt, the Turks actually pay for their toys and deserve it more than many nations who get our support annually. Just look at the comments here from Armenian/Americans also called the Armenian diapers, (sic) I mean "diaspora". Quoting SIR from above, "Armenian genocide did happen, Turk can not send Armenians any where as half of turk belongs to armenia.In time turkey will pay to what they have done in 1915…"

  • NoSpin

    Part V
    Bottom line: Armenia wants a shortcut for Turkish land, money, and respect, where I come from you got to earn all of those first, not cry GENOCIDE! For the intellectual people requiring an fair and detailed account for the events before, during, and after 1915, an advanced non-propaganda (meaning non-turkish/armenian stories) can be provided here in several parts of an "uprising" and "civil strife" initiated by local Armenians with Russian support.

    P.S. Two years ago the Armenians claimed that 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered by Turks, Last year they claimed 1.6, this year the claim is 1.7 million. Can't make up your mind Armenians seems kind of fluctuating, whats the magic number?

    P.S.S According to the Ottoman census circa 1912, only 600,000 Armenian/Ottomans were in Ottoman Territory, for the claim of 1.6 million, that would mean the dead Armenians would have to come back to life and be killed again, just my two pennies.

    • Jim

      From the way you write, you should be able to understand that these events were documented, so please explain what type of threat to the state can women and fatherless children create after you've killed off the men? Why move them?

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/GaryRumain Gary Rumain

    Erdogan says there are Armenians in Turkey illegally and they should get out.

    Then he won't mind if Europe boots out all the Turks and other arselifters infesting Europe illegally.

    • Ali

      "all the Turks and other arselifters"

      Here is what I mean with hateful anti-Turkish types…

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/GaryRumain Gary Rumain

        And you'll be the first to be booted out, Ali. I promise.

  • Vartan

    NoSpin shove your two pennies inside your ass. My name is Vartan. I am an Armenian. You can falsify, lie, threaten to expel, assassinate (Hrant Dink)…if you think we expect you to behave as descent human beings, you're sadly mistaken. My Grandfather Manoug was amongst the 27 children from his village that were put on a boat and thrown into the river Euphrates to drown. He was the sole survivor. 189 women, teenagers and the elderly were locked inside their local church and burnt alive. He died as a broken man, never really recovered from that trauma. SHINDLERS LIST movie was a reality in our lands for 27 years. You have methodically killed and exterminated my people for 27 years. All our folklore consists of memories of that horror that your ancestors perpetuated upon my people. You took our land, our treasury and instead gave us death, murder and rape. Your doctors, Behaeddin Shakir and Dr Nazim experimented on our children just like Nazis. Your local Beys had to report the bloodthirsty Talaat about the progress of the extermination otherwise they themselves would be executed. There were some brave turks who disobeyed the order to kill their neighbors. But they were far few. Majority of Turkish population and the kurdish hordas exterminated the Armenians methodically, took their lands, homes, money. I know the address of my Grandfater's house and i have a picture of it hanging in my living room. I do not care if US Congress or any other institution accepts the genocide or not. we know you did it and you know that your hands are bloody. as long as there's a living armenian on this earth, you will hear from them; we are the proud hittite warriors. WE ARE NOT AFRAID OF YOU. To the rest of the readers of this article; I have no doubt if Hitler was not defeated, today the issue of the holocaust would be referred to "historians". Shame.

    • tarleton

      Thank you Vartan….some people here in Europe have historical memories and are only too aware of the gruesome and cruel Ottamon Empire that terrorized the Balkans for hundreds of years…it took until 1912 to get rid of the rapists and throat cutters…beasts in human form

  • Ali Turkoglu

    another anti-Turkish racist piece….just like some of the repliers as I see.

    Statement for a politician hardly disqualifies a nation of 70 million from EU membership.

    Erdogan simply sated that he want to deport illegal Armenians not the legit ones. Many EU countries have been doing this for decades…

    How pitiful that many here still haters after hundreds years of conflict between Turks and Western Europeans and still live with past..

    Let me tell you guys something…War is over..Get a life ! Stop hating Turks…..SO you will only make things worse by inflaming the ultra nationalist in Turkey….. the ultra nationalist counterpart of your I mean…..

    • tarleton

      Turkey should never , ever become part of the EU….the main reason is because they are Moslems and we have too many moslems here in Europe already
      Secondly …because like all moslems , they are primitive and barbaric!……you people are all throat cutters

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/GaryRumain Gary Rumain

        And remember the last time they were in Europe.

  • Devin

    I don't understand what the problem is, why wouldn't he deport illegal aliens? How many people did we deport last month alone? How many Turks did the EU deported last month alone? I guess we all must be hypocrites to point fingers at other when we deport people daily.

  • Turbeaux

    When have Muslims ever expressed remorse for the hundreds of millions of non-Muslims that died at their hands or were forcefully turned into oppressed dhimmis? Erdogan is just being a Muslim in this regard as he feels no remorse whatsoever for doing what Islam mandates. After all, he is a proud devout Muslim.

  • tarleton

    Anyone interested in informing themselves about the Armenian genocide should view the powerful movie ARARAT

  • Steve

    I am with you (like other millions of honest people)!


  • manumentsi

    you are funny, and sad

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/rey4u rey4u

    I think as a pro-western country, Turkey has a very important role in the middle east. Let History decide whether it be called a genocide. This is not a thing to be discussed at these dangerous times. I do not really like PM Erdogan because of his background but just imagine if Turkey aligns itself with the fundamentalist islamic countries.

  • Truth

    wow what a DISTORTION.
    Erdogan said "We are going to deport ILLEGAL Armenians in Turkey" and look how you fascist lobbyists translated it!
    C'mon people if you have a rightful cause you act rightful and say the truth, if you have after some scam then you distort the reality like this.

  • Len Powder

    The Communists, the Fascists, the Islamists have slaughtered millions of people. That they deny this fact is irrelevant. What is important to understand is that it was in the nature of these totalitarian regimes to do precisely what they did. That nature is diabolical and evil to the core. We cannot bring back the dead but we must stop such regimes from existing in every way possible. Frankly, the only force that will ever succeed in doing so in God, for only He has nothing to gain by countenancing evil.

  • Jake Threefethers

    It boggles the mind that these sociopathic Armenians spew venom and hatred at the Turkish nation even as Armenia begs Turkey to open the Turkish-Armeno border. Since the Armeenian merchants of hate have declared the Turkish nation to be their "eternal enemy," Turkey should keep the border "eternally closed" – or at least until these hate-obsessed sociopaths cry uncle.

    As for apologies and reparations, when are these million or so Armenian usurpers/settlers/occupiers/colonizers/thieves going to apologize and pay reparations for that mother of all genocides – that of the Native Americans? When are these two-faced charlatan hate merchants going to pack up and get off my land? And as they leave my land which they stole, it would behoove them to pony up that 40 acres and a mule that were promised to the Africans whom they enslaved.

    How about Armenians apologizing and paying for the crimes of the French Armenians who participated in France's genocide of Algerians, 1954-1962? Some of those Algerian victims are still alive today, albeit maimed and disfigured due to torture at the hands of Armenians of France. How about Armenians apologizing and paying for the slaughter committed by the Nazi-employed, 20,000-strong ARMENIAN BRIGADE? This Armenian goon squad was tasked by the Nazis to hunt down and exterminate Jews in German-occupied lands during WWII. To the delight of their Nazi employers, these Armenian killers performed their grisly task with gusto.

  • Vartan

    jake thief fethers, go kill your neighbor, steal his money, rape his wife, drink some blood and cool off. thank god you were not born in 1915. you cant wait to get your hands on armenian blood. chill out, horsy. your land is in mongolia, in ugyur country, or you forgot? what else did you forget? type TURK in wikipedia, you moron, or visit your local library and read your damn hystory. not only you'll learn that you're a mongol. you'll also discover that your horse was both your wife and your home. for your information armenians dont give a damn about opening or closing a border with your ilk. because all the wind that comes out of your side smells of murder. we know for sure that soon or late your azeri brethren, encouraged by you, will start a war again because they need to taste blood. they and you can't help it. the world doesn't know that during the previous azeri-armenian war from azeri side were fighting turk mercenaries, turk special ops, afgan mujahedeens, pakistani taliban. armenian forces killed or captured hundreds of them. we're fighting for our land, for our name, for our women and children. you will never win. your mumbo-jumbo horsecrap about armenians and nazis? man, you give a new meaning to the word AGITATOR. your turkish government was the nazi germany's ally during WW2, wtf are you talking about. then suddenly turkish government turned around and declared war to its former ally nazi germany on may 8, 1945 (germany capitualted on may 9, 1945). that's you! as you were kicked out of balcans, were you raped and tortured serbs, bulgarians and greeks for centuries, the day will come that cyprus and western armenia will be liberated too. i suggest you buying a real estate in mongolia, in ugyur country. for tonite to sleep well, go watch a horror film and imagine all the people that are being eaten are armenians or serbs and greeks, it'll relax your mind.

  • Jake Threefethers

    Since Stephen Brown seems to pose as an expert on the Armeno-Turkish conflict of 1915 in the waning days of the Ottoman Empire in the year of our Lord 1915, perhaps he can expertly answer this question : How many Turkish, Kurdish, Jewish, Muslim, Circassian, Tatar, Laz, Bosniak, Manav, Albanian, Slavic, Georgian, Arabic, Farsi, Azeri citizens of the Ottoman Empire were slaughtered by the Armenian terror gangs like the Dashnaks and HUnchaks? How many old men, women, children, infants were massacred by those rampaging Armenian goon squads of that era, who make today's Osama bin Laden and his hoodlums look like mickey-mouse operators? And when will Mr. Brown and the hate-mongering Armenian lobby for whom he shills, atone for their crimes against the Native Americans?

    Glendale, Fresno, Watertown, Pawtucket, Ho-Ho-Kus, Paramus and Passaic are Native American lands – not Armenian lands.

  • tunahan

    If you were a member of Europe or Western culture, which is considered developed and to be respectful to human rights, justice and other human values, you would be expected not to critisize the idea of expelling alien and undocumented foreign workers out of a country.
    Because employing alien and undocumented workers is a crime according to laws of Labor and Tax, not only in Turkey but also in nearly every country. Additionally, it has been prohibited even by the European Parliament and heavily been criticized by the Human Rights Association (See the news in http://www.euractiv.com.tr/abnin-gelecegi/article… about ratification of a decision to punish such employees by the European Parliament and http://www.voanews.com/turkish/archive/2009-10/20… about the decision of warning of the Human Rights Association directed to Greece for employing alien workers).
    IF YOU WERE SO SENSITIVE TO SORROWS OF THE ALIEN AND UNDOCUMENTED WORKERS AND VEHEMENTLY DISAGREE WITH THOSE WHO EXPELL THEM OUT OF THEIR COUNTRY, EVEN THOUGH SUCH ACTIONS ARE COMPATIBLE WITH LAWS, YOU WOULD BE EXPECTED not to hesitate to criticize the Swedish officials or European officials who have expelled Turkish-Muslim alien workers out of your countries at once!

  • tunahan

    -you would be expected to protest the Armenians for establishing outlawed terrorist organizations ASALA, JCAG (Justice Commandos for Armenian Genocide) and ARA (Armenian Revolutionary Army) for giving rise to death of 70 people (39 of whom being innocent Turkish diplomats); wounding 524 people and pledging 105 people, performing 208 bombing activities during 1975-1986 and then cooperating with PKK to kill innocent Turkish citizens,
    -you would be expected to protest 'Oath of Asala' which is a branch of Asala for recently threatening Dr. Armen Gavakian from the Macquarie University in Sydney, who is also co-chair of the Turkish-Armenian Dialogue Group with death just for preparing an apology petition which would read "I apologize to the Ottomans and Turks for murders committed in the name of the Armenian people and I empathize with the feelings and pain of the Ottomans and Turks.", http://www.hurriyet.com.tr/english/domestic/10904http://www.radikal.com.tr/Radikal.aspx?aType=Radi

  • Hamilton

    Turkey remains the unwashed uncivilized "sick man of Europe" begging for the acceptance of Europe while repeating mindlessly that its disgusting genocidal history doesn't exist. Sorry morons but until you admit to your monstrous crimes against all humanity you remain little less than animals. I have been to your pathetic country and the only signs of civilization were left by the Romans,Greeks and Armenians. Unfortunately the shortsighted English and French repeatedly rescued you in the nineteenth century and twentieth centuries from justified extinction at the hands of the Orthodox.But the tide is turning and the US isn't going to be your Air Force anymore when your compatriots get pushed out of the Balkans for good next time. Remember Karabakh? It is now Armenian Artsakh….forever!!! One Armenian soldier was worth a hundred Azeri Turks and allies. Next stop….Constantinople.

    • Devin

      What are you a 5-year old? Seems like it worked out great for Armenians last time they clashed with Turks. What help from English and French are you talking about? People never learn. If you really believe Karabakh is Armenian forever you are delusional, you won't have to wait to long see it.
      Most importantly set yourself a realistic goal. Talking about Constantinople as your next stop, yet you can NOT even do anything but look at your mountain Ararat with a binoculars. Good luck with your journey…

  • tunahan

    -you would be expected, as a journalist, to highlight the declarations of Prof Hovannisian who went on his interview as such: ‘It is very dangerous to establish such an historical commission, because according to 1948 United Nations’s Genocide Convention, a deliberate and planned massacre is mandatory. The Turks will accept that nearly 200-300 thousand Armenian died; but nobody can call them deliberate acts. . In Turkish Archives the Turks have the telegrams sent from vilayets about the then Armenian upraisals and documents about the Armenians who fled from the Ottoman Army’ (http://www.kophaber.com/news_detail.php?id=472) which itself refutes the Armenian allegations,
    -you would be expected to criticize the Armenian lobby (ANCA and others) for accusing Armenia fiercefully for pro- accepting establishment of historical commissions as dangerous moves,
    -you would be expected to defend loudly that history is a profession of historians and politicians are not scholars or historians!

    -to courage the Armenians to admit to International Court of Justice. Because anybody who is not proven guilty is innocent until proven with a court decision. You should have couraged them to prove the guilt of the Turks,
    -to remember and remind that Jewish Holocaust was proven before the Nuremburg Tribunal
    and since it was not questinable, the Jews did not hesitate to admit to a court. Likewise you would be expected to remind the Armenians who are sure that it was a genocide not to hesitate to admit to International Court of Justice, taking into consideration that International Court of Justice or domestic courts are the only authorities reserved to prosecute and proclaim genocide according to the 1948 UN Convention.

  • Jake Threefethers

    The credibility of the Armenians and their allegations is most certainly enhanced with such eloquent prose and wit as proffered by cerebral fellows like Hamilton and Vartan. Keep up the good fight, dudes. Armenia is proud of you…Hai Tad and all that!

    Oh, when do you plan to sail off for Constantinople? Now that you have the Turks shaking in their boots, don't wait too long. Good like to you. Take your blood feuds back to where you came from. And please don't come back. This land belongs to Native Americans, not to the Armenian interlopers who stole it by committing heinous crimes.

  • Hamilton

    Jack,thank you for the "good like(sic)". You did a great job defending your land little red brother. Your land was gone long before I ever got here so sober up running mouth brave.Yes this a blood feud going back to even before 1453. The Turks are not shaking in their boots;we are not shaking in our boots. We'll die with our boots on. I would have thought that might have appealed to an (alleged) "Native American".

  • Hamilton

    Running mouth brave,Jake, in the spirit of your attacks on Armenians, we have all come to a new conclusion on the disappearance of Native Americans . Like the Turks, the European settlers were victims of Native American depredations and attacks. The settlers tried to live peacefully and millions of Native Americans just mysteriously disappeared. Native Americans, like Armenians,have only themselves to blame for their dispossession and any of that depopulation stuff. Native Americans should just shut about about their alleged grievances because like the Armenians "stuff happens". Pal,you should just stay out of this.

  • Jake Threefethers

    Now you're talking turkey, Hamilton. You say "your land was gone long before I got here". Now you make my point. Merci, mon ami.

    Your "western Armenia, your "Greater Armenia", your "historic Armenia" was gone long before any living Turk of today got there. Yet, the logic that you bought at Iblis Jambazyan's rug store and Guguk Gagikyan's falafel shop apparently permits you to hold today's Turk to account for events that took place long before he was born.

    Is this logic an exclusive right of the Armenians or can I use it is well? If you can demand an accounting from a Turk who was not alive at the time, pray tell why I should not have the right to hod you accountable even if you got here long after – particularly since you still sit on stolen property. Have you ever chanced upon this apropos American aphorism? : What's sauce for the Amerindian goose, is sauce for the Armenian slick.

    To boot, you further make my point by owning up to your blood feud that you say goes back before 1453. Nice going, Einstein! I suppose this means you would like the maps to be redrawn back to some year before 1453. Fine with me. I just want the maps to be redrawn back to 1491, to a time before you and your genocidal ilk got here and grabbed my lands – by lands, I mean all of the Americas.

    When are you and your braveheart Armenian warriors setting sail for your conquest of Constantinople? I wish you good luck on your jihad/crusade. May the wind be behind you and may the gods keep your swords sharp. But as you are sailing, read a little history that is not written by deceitful and devious Armenian revisionist slicks. You will find that on the day that the Ottoman Turkish army took Constantinople on May 29, 1453, within that army's ranks were Armenian volunteers who fought against the Byzantine Greeks who had been the harsh oppressors of the Armenians. Afterwards, the Armenian leaders wrote to the Turkish conqueror, Mehmet II, expressing their eternal gratitude for freeing the Armenians from Greek oppression.

    After putting Greek Byzantium out of its misery and establishing his new capital in Istanbul, Mehmet II allowed the Armenian high priest to establish his church in Istanbul. Under Turkish rule, the Armenians were granted rights and privileges they could not have dreamed of pre 1453 under the oppressive, decadent, decrepit, degenerate rule of the Byzantine Greeks. So if you have delusions of turning the clock back to before 1453, I offer you another wonderful American aphorism : Be careful what you wish for – you may get it.

    • Edip Yuksel

      Excellent arguments supported by facts, brother Jake. I also liked your style:)

      • Jake Threefethers

        Thanks,Edip. Up to now, in the U.S., the Armenian slicks have had a free ride with their machinations, deceptions, dissembling and hate incitement. It is time they realize the jig is up. The Terrible Turk is back. And this time, no more Mr. Nice Guy!

    • tarleton

      The Europeans never treated the natives any worse than they treated each other , as they were all primitive barbarians and good riddance to them …………. without the white man , you people would be little better than Arabs…..at least the arabs aren't alcoholics

  • Edip Yuksel

    I cannot defend Turkey's treatment of Armanians and Kurds. However, I find it the zenith of hypocrisy for the the USA congress to condemn Turkey for genocide committed about a century ago while the very USA just RECENTLY invaded Iraq and directly or indirectly caused the death of more than a million Iraqis. As for American Indians… Well, they were just killed by alcohol and germs.

  • siken turk

    Progeny of Diarbekir sana soyluyom got senin gibi gavurlara benim vaTanima laf soy leyenin ana sini ve suleylasini sikerim bu ulkede kalmak istemiyorsaniz sikdirin gidin gotler kani bozuklar ermeni bozmalari

  • akasya

    The Armenians try to consider the death of Armenians in WWI, as an equivalent of Jewish Holocaust. There is not any similarity:

    Unlike the Jewish Holocaust, which was proven before the Nuremburg Tribunal with the trappings of due process, there has been no kind of court decision about what the Armenians call a ‘genocide’ nor has the Armenians ever applied to any court.

    Moreover, International Court of Justice or domestic courts are the only authorities reserved to prosecute and proclaim genocide according to the 1948 UN Convention. Therefore, the Armenian allegation of genocide lacks evidence and legal support.
    I call the readers of the forum to ask themselves these questions:
    Did the Jews urge the parliaments to pass resolutions to recognize that the events which took place in WWII were genocide?

    Did they bargain with the politicians of the country they live, to write their history and pass resolutions as they wished it to have been in exchange of Jewish votes? 977
    Did the Jews close their archives and prevent the historians from making research?

  • akasya

    Did the Jews threaten the historians, sue them or bomb their houses to prevent them talking all the details about their history, like the Armenians did? (http://www.sarigelinbelgeseli.com; href=”″ target=”_blank”>…

    http://turkishweekly.net/comments.php/id2418/top/http://www.tallarmeniantale.com/69histors-charny…. http://www.tallarmeniantale.com/intimidate.htm)

    Did the Jews get frightened to discuss these events with all the historians of the world like the Armenians have been doing? (See the news entitled ‘RA foreign minister didn’t say Armenia agrees to form commission of historians’ on November 26, 2008 in Panarmenian and the news entitled ‘Dashnaks warn Sarkisian over Armenian genocide study’ on July 9, 2008 in Armenia Liberty; and also see http://www.hairenik.com/armenianweekly/august_200

    Did the Jews establish outlawed terrorist organizations like ASALA, JCAG (Justice Commandos for Armenian Genocide) and ARA (Armenian Revolutionary Army) and did they perform dozens of murders and hundreds of terrorist activities, to introduce their thesis to the public, like the Armenians did?

  • akasya

    Did Nazi Germany try the officials (SS soldiers) for not taking the necessary measures during their relocation and giving rise to their death like the Ottoman government did in 1916?
    (See the reporting of Talat Pasha published in Berliner Tageblatt Newspaper on 4 May 1916 ; the order sent to provinces from the Ottoman government dated 1June 1915 from Prime Ministry Ottoman Archieve SHFR, nr 54/9 which was followed by that

    officials who were found faulty during the deportations were court marshalled in early 1916 (out of 1673 who stood in court, 67 were given death sentences, 524 jail term, 68 row boat and monetary punishments by Talat Pasha government, before we lost the war)

    No. They attempted to make none of them except applying to the International Courts.


  • Jeff

    Erdogan's speech betrays him and reveals the cruelness of his heart. He cannot be trusted and his nation missed a opportunity to begin to mend fences. I pity the young people of Turkey living under such a despot and a man totally lacking in vision. Just a reminder Turkey did not let us move a armored division to attack Iraq from the north, we had to waste time and money to move those forces down and around the Suez canal to join our other forces.

  • robert howard

    The ironic thing is that some, if not most, of the Armenians working in Turkey are the descendants of people who lived in that same country a couple of generations ago, until the expulsion of the Genocide's survivors by starvation and military barbarism pushed them out of the land that they had called home for over 2,500 years. I believe they have more right to live and work in Turkey than anyone else.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Poppakap Poppakap

    You are a racist tool. Admit it and confront it. Your hatred is why genocides exist in the first place.

    If nothing else, Armenians have provided the US with a wonderful culinary addition. In fact, I'm going to eat at an Armenian restaurant in your hateful honor today. Cheers!

  • Edip Yuksel

    And Israel or the USA are not a selfish countries?