Collaborators in the War against the Jews: Judith Butler

Professor Judith Butler from Berkeley’s Department of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature is not just your ordinary deconstructionist feminist anti-Semite.  A self-proclaimed leading scholar in the pseudo-discipline of “Queer Studies,” she is also one of the leading academic defenders of anti-Semitism, which she insists is not anti-Semitic at all.  She has devoted much of her academic career to the struggle to see Israel eliminated.  While often posturing as a free speech absolutist, she is also absolutely opposed to Israelis having any academic freedom and is a leader in the attempt to impose a world boycott against Israeli universities.  Naturally, she has never come out in favor of an academic boycott of Syria, Libya, Iran, Cuba, or the Hamas. Hamas and Hezbollah may seek the extermination of every Jew on the planet and not just of Israel, but Butler still likes to wave her “Jewish roots” when she serves as an apologist for them.

Butler is perhaps best remembered as one of the most strident attackers against Lawrence Summers, the ex-President of Harvard. She was horrified when Summers proclaimed: “Profoundly anti-Israel views are increasingly finding support in progressive intellectual communities. Serious and thoughtful people are advocating and taking actions that are anti-Semitic in their effect if not their intent (September 17, 2002).”   Butler venomously denounced Summers for telling the truth, arguing that telling the truth threatens academic freedom: “Summers has struck a blow against academic freedom, in effect, if not in intent.”

Edward Alexander, who is also a professor of comparative literature, explains that Butler’s hysterical attacks on Summers stemmed from something more than her girlish enthusiasm:

“Butler had herself signed the divestment (against Israel) petition at its place of origin, Berkeley, where it had circulated in February 2001.  She therefore found Summers’ remarks not only wrong but personally ‘hurtful’ since they implicated Judith Butler herself in the newly resurgent campus anti-Semitism.  Butler could hardly have failed to notice that the Berkeley divestment petition had supplied the impetus and inspiration for anti-Israel mob violence on her own campus on 24 April 2001, a few weeks after it had been circulated, and for more explicitly anti-Jewish mobs at San Francisco State University in May of the following year.”

Summers insists that people who oppose Israel’s very existence are anti-Semitic.  The fact that a second Jewish Holocaust would result from Israel’s annihilation does not seem to matter to his attackers like Butler.  She writes, “A challenge to the right of Israel to exist can be construed as a challenge to the existence of the Jewish people only if one believes that Israel alone keeps the Jewish people alive or that all Jews invest their sense of perpetuity in the state of Israel in its current or traditional forms.”   The fact that the very people calling for Israel to be annihilated are not calling for the elimination of any other country, not even a single one of the 22 fascist Arab states, cannot possibly have anything to do with anti-Semitism, she insists.

Butler’s proof that anti-Israel radicals are not really anti-Semites? It is that she manages to find some anti-Israel extremists among Israelis, the Israeli equivalents to Taliban John, Lord Haw-Haw, and Noam Chomsky.  She writes, “Identifying Israel with Jewry obscures the existence of the small but important post-Zionist movement in Israel, including the philosophers Adi Ophir and Anat Biletzki, the sociologist Uri Ram, the professor of theatre Avraham Oz and the poet Yitzhak Laor. Are we to say that Israelis who are critical of Israeli policy are self-hating Jews, or insensitive to the ways in which criticism may fan the flames of anti-Semitism?”  The proper answer to her question is often: yes.

Butler recently showed up in the Middle East, to strut her support for the intifada.   As a militant feminist, however, she was on a bizarre mission.  In February, 2010, she spent her time in the West Bank shilling for the very same Palestinian Islamic terrorist groups who make a point out of torturing and murdering homosexuals and who insist that the place of women in Muslim society is somewhere out back and out of sight, barefoot and scarved.   Like so many apologists for Islamofascism, the only “oppression” of Palestinian women Butler could find was their supposed mistreatment by the Zionist “occupiers.” You know, the same ones who have a woman Chief Justice in their Supreme Court, who have more women doctors than men, and who have elected a woman as Prime Minister.  Butler denounced Israel at length for its “mistreatment” of Arab women, and never mind that they are treated at least a thousand times better by Israel than they are inside any Arab regime.  Meanwhile, Islamic religious figures in Egypt have been proclaiming that Muslims have the natural right to rape all Jewish women. Butler has yet to issue a response to that.

To remove all doubt, Butler made it clear that she objects to Israel’s presence not only in the West Bank, where she was doing her Terrorism Grand Tour.  She also wants Israel removed from within Israel’s pre-1967 borders.  Butler has long supported a worldwide boycott of Israel, and not simply because Israel “occupies” the West Bank.  She has made it clear that she demands that Israel allow millions of Arabs claiming to be Palestinian “refugees” to flood into Israel and convert it into yet another Palestinian Arab state.  She wants this even after the creation of some Palestinian state.

While in the West Bank, Butler went to visit a “theater” in the terrorist stronghold of Jenin.  Theatrics is largely what Jenin is all about.  During Israel’s battle against terrorists there in April of 2002, the Bash-Israel Left invented fictional tales about Israel carrying out a “massacre,” some even calling it a “genocide.” As it turned out, after days of Jenin street-to-street gun battles, launched by the Palestinians intentionally in built-up urban areas, 23 Israeli soldiers were killed along with a few dozen terrorists.  Less than 20 Palestinian civilians died in the intense urban firefight, largely because Israel foreswore reducing the town to rubble using artillery to spare civilian collateral damage.  It sacrificed the lives of its own soldiers for that reason. And this was called “genocide.” A propaganda film about the battle called “Jenin, Jenin” was later produced by Israeli Arab pro-terror director Mohammed Bakri, who himself publicly admitted that his film was a tissue of lies.  Bakri is now being sued by some Israeli soldiers for libel.

Butler explained to her terrorist hosts that she opposes the existence of a Jewish state even alongside some future Palestinian Arab state.  Instead, she favors what she calls a bi-national state, something along the lines of Rwanda.   She claims to be some sort of authority on Hannah Arendt and promotes her anti-Israel “bi-nationalism” by obsessively citing Arendt’s ancient writings on bi-nationalism (at Berkeley Butler is officially the “Hannah Arendt Professor”).  Of course, no one knows just what Arendt would have to say about the Arab-Israeli conflict in the twenty-first century.  But one suspects that anyone like Arendt who spent so much time studying the totalitarian mindset would retch at the willingness of people like Butler to vouch and shill for Palestinian violence.

Butler writes: “And if we have a bi-national state, it’s expressing two nations. Only when bi-nationalism deconstructs the idea of a nation can we hope to think about what a state, what a polity might look like that would actually extend equality.” Come to think of it, the genocidal consequences of bi-nationalism in Rwanda are pretty close to what Butler seems to have in mind for the Israeli Jews. Among the terrorists who hosted her in Jenin was Zakaria Zabeidi, a head of the genocidal “Al Aqsa” Brigades.  Assaf Wohl, a columnist in Israel’s leading daily Yediot Ahronot, dismissed Butler as a Jewish anti-Semite.

According to Professor Edward Alexander,

“Prior to the autumn of 2003, this University of California professor of rhetoric and comparative literature was, like many members of Berkeley’s ‘progressive’ Jewish community with which she habitually identifies herself, somebody who defined her ‘Jewishness’ (not exactly Judaism) in opposition to the State of Israel. She was mainly a signer of petitions harshly critical of the Jewish state, full of mean spite towards its alleged ‘apartheid’ and ‘bantustan’ practices, oily sycophancy towards such Palestinian figures as Sari Nusseibeh, and a habit of covering over the brutality of Arab terror with the soft snow of Latinized euphemisms. She was one of the 3700 American Jews opposed to ‘occupation’ (Israeli, not Syrian or Chinese or any other) who signed an ‘Open Letter’ urging the American government to cut financial aid to Israel; later she expressed misgiving about signing that particular petition–it ‘was not nearly strong enough…it did not call for the end of Zionism.’”

Butler, whose PhD is actually in philosophy, is a walking illustration of the very worst things wrong with the humanities.  She is a leading American proponent of “Queer Theory” (which is what she calls it.)  You will never discover in “Queer Theory” any scientific hypotheses about what produces homosexuality.  Instead, it serves as the umbrella term for politicized militant homosexuals seeking the annihilation of America, Israel, and capitalism.  Whether such people seriously think that homosexuals are treated better in non-capitalist regimes and in the Islamic sections of the Third World is doubtful.

Butler’s favorite prefix is “post.”  She uses it more often than the Cliff-the-Mailman character on “Cheers.”  She proudly describes herself a “Post-Zionist,” by which she means she is anti-Zionist.  Butler likes to describe herself as a “poststructuralist,” and sometimes also as a “Post-Marxist,” which – as far as we can tell – seems to mean a Marxist.  (The Marxist New Left Review is one of Butler’s favorite venues.)   She claims to reject “dialectics” as her political theology because it is too “phallogocentric,” and that has upset some of the members of the academic Comintern.

Like so many members of the tenured Left – her favorite methodology of analysis is the silly polysyllable.  Her writings ooze “Deconstructionist” jive and are exercises in the worst forms of pseudo-academic NewSpeak.  And that is when she is sticking to her actual “discipline,” not pontificating about the Middle East, about which she has no expertise or training at all.  “Deconstruction” is the nonsensical infantile “philosophy” that argues that words have no meaning, there are no facts nor truth, and the only thing we can really be absolutely certain about are that the US and capitalism and Israel are evil and must be eliminated.  Language is the ultimate form of tyranny and source of control over us oppressed folks by those evil elites.  There are no false narratives, just different subjectivities.  Deconstructionism has become something of a pseudo-intellectual orthodoxy among certain of our academic colleagues, especially those in the academic professions that never quite found out where’s the beef.

Butler’s “theories” about feminism include her argument that sexual relations are “performative,” and are based on “regulatory discourse.”   The “system” attempts to impose “constructions of binary asymmetric gender.”   She has even devoted time to celebrating drag queens: “There is no original or primary gender a drag imitates, but gender is a kind of imitation for which there is no original.”  A fuller collection of some of her bizarre pronouncements can be read here.   She insists, “Masculine and feminine roles are not biologically fixed but socially constructed,” which seems to prove that she never took any biology courses back at Yale.

A typical Butler bloviation is this:

“Performativity cannot be understood outside of a process of iterability, a regularized and constrained repetition of norms. And this repetition is not performed by a subject; this repetition is what enables a subject and constitutes the temporal condition for the subject. This iterability implies that ‘performance’ is not a singular ‘act’ or event, but a ritualized production, a ritual reiterated under and through constraint, under and through the force of prohibition and taboo, with the threat of ostracism and even death controlling and compelling the shape of the production, but not, I will insist, determining it fully in advance.” (From Butler, Judith 1993; Bodies That Matter: On the Discursive Limits of “Sex”. New York: Routledge. pp. 95. )

It is almost impossible to read a sentence by Butler without reacting with a loud “Huh?”  So much of it sounds like a parody of an academic being concocted by “The Onion” or “National Lampoon.” In 1998 she won first-prize in the Bad Writing Contest sponsored by the academic journal Philosophy and Literature.  She won for this sentence:

“The move from a structuralist account in which capital is understood to structure social relations in relatively homologous ways to a view of hegemony in which power relations are subject to repetition, convergence, and rearticulation brought the question of temporality into the thinking of structure, and marked a shift from a form of Althusserian theory that takes structural totalities as theoretical objects to one in which the insights into the contingent possibility of structure inaugurate a renewed conception of hegemony as bound up with the contingent sites and strategies of the rearticulation of power.”

So much of what Butler writes is so mindless and filled with so many grammatical flaws that one wonders how her text survives a word processing program. Butler’s take on the 9-11 attacks on America was that “the violent acts of 9/11 is (sic) exacerbated by the inability of Americans to recognize the precariousness of non-American (particularly Muslim) lives. They are always already dead, and therefore cannot be killed.” Huh?  She insists that the West is guilty of this: “These excluded are brutally subjected to the “violence of derealization.” Huh?  She “claims that the War on Terror has provided a climate where the sexual freedoms she and others fought for are now misused to symbolize (sic) the shining, gleaming modernity of the West. The backwardness and inferiority of ‘others’ is counterposed (sic) and underscored against this.” Huh?

In an interview she explains how her feminism differs from that of some of the others, like Catharine MacKinnon or Andrea Dworkin: “I’m not always calling into question who’s a man and who’s not, and am I a man? Maybe I’m a man [laughs].” She is not one of those folks in favor of homosexual marriage, by the way.   In fact she is opposed to marriage: “It’s very hard to speak freely right now, but many gay people are uncomfortable with all this, because they feel their sense of an alternative movement is dying. Sexual politics was supposed to be about finding alternatives to marriage.”

Butler was one of the noisiest people denouncing the Campus-Watch website for daring to criticize anti-Israel radical Middle East Studies faculty members.  Naturally, Butler thinks that critics of anti-Israel radicals are not entitled to freedom of speech and that their criticism is “McCarthyism.”

While she likes to beat on her drum about supposedly growing up in a Jewish home, there is no evidence that she knows the slightest thing about Judaism.  She claims her “Jewish values” are what drive her to embrace Palestinian anti-Semites and barbarians.   Here she sums up her own knowledge of Judaism: “As a Jew, I was taught that it was ethically imperative to speak up and to speak out against arbitrary state violence.”  There is no such Jewish ethical imperative.  She clarifies: “There were those who would and could speak out against state racism and state violence, and it was imperative that we be able to speak out. Not just for Jews, but for any number of people.”  Needless to say, the only “state violence” she feels obliged to denounce is that supposedly practiced by Israel when it defends its civilians.  She is not exactly outspoken when it comes to the state violence practiced by Iran or Syria.

As part of Butler’s campaign on behalf of Palestinian terrorism, she likes to wave about the fact that she herself grew up as a “Reform” Jew.  There are very few things wrong with the world that she does not attribute to the unforgivable desire by Jews for self-determination.  Her attitude towards the Jewish homeland was summed up by her thus: “The argument that all Jews have a heartfelt investment in the state of Israel is untrue. Some have a heartfelt investment in corned beef sandwiches.”

When it comes to academic streetwalking on behalf of anti-Semitism and Palestinian violence, that old adage is true:  the Butler did it.

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    Another mentally ill FInkelstein clone, this is one miserable, sorry woman.

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      You spelled his name wrong it's Fecalstein.

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    "Berkeley’s Department of Rhetoric and Comparative literature" !!!

    What's all that about ? you couldn't make it up

    An irrelevant subject for an irrelevant woman. Best leave her to her rantings.

    • societyis2blame

      Another concept-soup department in the Balkans of Higher Learning.

      if a subject wasn't being taught before WWII it's almost certain to be an intellectually-empty fig leaf covering an ugly radical political agenda. Another sorry educational legacy of the Worst Generation.

  • poptoy

    U of Cal. at Berkeley!
    Since the 1960's how much trouble has come out of that place? The Bay area seems to create people like this. Example; Nancy Pelosi. At my age nothing surprises me about this area. When I hear Berkeley I know before I read that is going to be something like this, This place is just "DIFFERENT". It seems to breed discontent. Another mouth from Berkeley that really is VIAL.


      You mean vile? Berkeley is no big deal. At least you won't have to cry about seeing obese people there. Also, much to the surprise of the far right crowd here on FPM, Berkeley makes a point of hiring some fairly conservative professors. I had a political science professor there who argued why we needed to be in Vietnam, and had us reading Claire Sterling's THE TERROR NETWORK, which of course was secretly funded by the CIA. The theme of the book was that ALL TERRORISM STEMS FROM THE USSR. That misguided right-wing thesis led to the type of tunnel vision that kept the right from seeing other, more obvious forms of terrorism. Perhaps that's why after a decade of Islamic terrorism, and after Clinton handwrote a note to Bush that that was going to be his greatest challenge, conservatives failed to connect the dots.

      • boston

        So you really really have one! conservative prof. Wow. Now i can see authentic diversity of ideas . By the way was he only fat man on campus?


    If Butler is the Hannah Arendt professor at Berkeley, presumably she DOES know something about Hannah Arendt, no? And concerning her anti-Israel 'bias', that is something quite different from 'anti-Semitic'. to conflate the two is a dangerous intellectual mistake at worst, and 'playing the race card' at best.

    • George A

      99% of anti-Israel rheroric is anti-Jewish. Those of you that pretend that because 1% of the people that criticize the existence of Israel may not be Jew haters that the other 99% are covered…well, we know who you are and what you want: Dead Jews

    • M Rob

      Me thinks you have been haning around Butler to long. Butler is a jew hater – get a clue!

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      While I see you picked an appropriate name.

    • Cheryl Mav

      "If Butler is the Hannah Arendt professor at Berkeley, presumably she DOES know something about Hannah Arendt, no?"

      Presumably, or presumably NOT. That is the nature of PRESUMPTION, no?

      "… anti-Israel 'bias', that is something quite different from 'anti-Semitic'. to conflate the two is a dangerous intellectual mistake at worst, and 'playing the race card' at best. "

      The intellectual mistake, SCUMBAG, is all YOURS. Anti-Zionism IS modern day anti-Semitism made palatable and politically correct, so that leftists like yourself can swallow it pleasantly.

      As for the race card, that is PRECISELY what the Left is playing in pretending that it's OK to hate Israel.

      When approached by a student who attacked Zionism, Dr. Martin Luther King responded: “When people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews. You're talking anti-Semitism.”

  • Marty

    Butler would almost certainly have been a kapo during the Holocaust. She would have achieved the distinction of being among the last to be murdered by the germans in the death camps by helping the SS to torture and starve Jewish men, women, and children and then herd them to their deaths. Her campus must be very proud of her.

  • Phil Cowan

    Never has the soul of a woman been so utterly consumed by Satan. Three Jew-haters exist in America: Jimmy Carter, Judith Butler, and Satan. They collaborate frequent on their home turf: Berkeley.

    • Cheryl Mav

      Phil, I can name a lot more than three, but THOSE three are a good start.

  • William Smart

    If Israel doesn't want to be known for massacring Palestinians, as it did in Jenin, then it needs to stop doing it.

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      You ain't shmart…you are Shtupid…you little wack job….go play in traffic, you freakin moron.

    • M Rob

      Israel is defending itself. Maybe the Palestinians should stop using human shields – do your research before you make foolish statments. Isreal has never attacked Palestine they only defend after being attacked. Maybe the Palestinians should consider dropping their guns.

    • Cheryl Mav

      Not too "smart", are ya, Will?

      There WAS no massacre in Jenin, in case you didn't happen to notice that.

      But if I was you, I'd hop a rocket and zip over to Pandora and try to stop the nasty people from killing the blue cat-people. THAT is worthier of your "attention".

  • Fred J Harris

    What a catch, How did the White House miss this gem?

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      Same as they missed the little gem about 500 Christian women and children netted and hacked to death in Nigeria a few days ago.

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    If WIlliam Smart does not want to be known as an idiotic moron who spouts stupidity, then he needs to stop doing so.

    Talk about a misnamed person!

    • Cheryl Mav

      "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

      – A. Lincoln

      Mr. Stupid would rather be known by his words than by his name, obviously!


    There are holocaust deniers all over the place, so let’s start a counter movement; we already have a beginning: a denial of man-caused global warming. We might move on by denying that colonialism ever existed and follow it by a denial of whites’ enslavement of blacks. Then we can deny that Europeans ever waged war against and displaced indigenous peoples of the North and South American continents. Then there are the Palmer Raids and McCarthy hearings that we can claim never existed. How about sexism? Surely the oppression of women never existed either.

    Man, this is great; I feel better already because there is no longer any reason for me to feel guilty about white man’s sins against humanity since they never existed. I’m sure others here must feel the same way and can add to this list, and I welcome them to do so.

    • Noway2no

      There never was a reson for you to feel guilty. Unless you participated in any of the historical events (AGW is a hoax so no problem there).

      You choose to "feel guilty" because it gives you as sense of worth. If you can claim responsibility for meaningful events it allows you to "be someone". It really is just a lack of self-knowledge that creats your phantom guilt.

      • cjk

        Liberalism is a mental disorder.

    • Cheryl Mav

      Why feel GUILTY? Because you're WHITE? That's how the (primarily WHITE) Left wants you to feel. What a bunch of hypocrites. Promoting themselves as "feminist" even as they regard forced female genital mutilation as "quaint little Islamic custom". Sure, they're pro-child, too, so long as the child isn't still in gestation – or goes to a Muslim school where they're indoctrinated into a culture of hate (another quaint little Islamic ethnic institution).

      I'm white, I'm Jewish, and very, VERY proud to be a Zionist. I don't deny a thing – I admit to all of it, quite happily. No lost sleep over African-American slavery. No tears shed over colonialism. Vietnam? Why, the Vietnamese got over THAT a long time ago. Many of them are living happier and more productive lives right here in America than those who protested the war in the first place!

      These whiny, mean-spirited, hateful, misanthropic, misogynistic Leftists deserve our scorn and derision, and nothing more.

      • Joy

        Cheryl, you are a welcome addition to the commentators on this site! You call a spade a spade and pull no punches! Thank God there are a few of us out here who rebel against the leftist & libturd blather, hate & lies!

    • Matthew

      Not only did the McCarthy hearings exist, but McCarthy was right.

  • joe

    the Bible said in the Last Days the World would come against Israel> Zech chapter 12.

    • Cheryl Mav

      Ezekiel 39:27 – When I have brought them (the Jews) back from the nations and have gathered them from the countries of their enemies, I will show myself holy through them in the sight of many nations. 28 Then they will know that I am the LORD their God, for though I sent them into exile among the nations, I will gather them to their own land, not leaving any behind. 29 I will no longer hide my face from them, for I will pour out my Spirit on the house of Israel, declares the Sovereign LORD."

      God has turned His face back to His people. The question is, will His people turn their faces back to God?

      For Diaspora Jews who think that salvation comes by denying God and His will, the answer is NO. And they will pay dearly for the evil they have done in flinging the hopes and dreams of two thousand years and one hundred generations back into His face.

  • boston

    SF LBIB How about slavery in Africa NOW. Is that also white male guilt?

    • SFLBIB

      Since it was undoubtedly due to colonialism, which never existed, then it doesn't exist either.

      • cjk

        There were no European colonies during 90% of the slave trade dumbass.


    Ooo. Ooo. How could I have overlooked the nukings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki that never happened?

    • Joy

      SFLBIB must have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed this AM and/or hasn't had a BM in weeks, 'cause he's on his own rant of non-sensical nonsense. I, for one, will NEVER accept "guilt" for things that I never created and/or participated in – that's for others who like self-flaggelation. It all started with "Holocaust deniers" – and then this jerk went on a rant, starting with "deniers" of man-made global warming. As any intelligent person might observe, the so-called "settled science" can only be confirmed years – decades, maybe centuries – in the future

    • cjk

      That's right dumbass, they happened because the Rape of Nanking, Pearl Harbour, the Bataan Death March, Etc. happened FIRST

    • A Bit Profound

      U R an idiot — Not only did it end the war saving lives, it saved more japanese lives than it took, had we needed to invade them.

  • BS1977

    Judith Butler is a far left wacko…and thus is a member in good standing among the leftists, nut jobs and Marxist "luminaries" of mostly liberal leftist US college and university staffs.

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    If WIlliam "Smart" does not want to become known for being an anti-Semitic apologist for the jihad, then he should stop being one.

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    Stalin didnt murder more than Hitler-no Jews were kllled-Blacks-andArabs didnt sell the other tribes in Africa-So. Africa is better now than it was in the 1980's-no one is beheading or raping in the Arab world-everything is honky dorie in the red (progressive)places in this world-no one comes to the USA for better health care-and the lies march on

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    Women turn bitter when they are deprived of sex over an extended period of time. They sometimes become man-haters and champions of homossexuality. Hmmmm…If the shoe fits lady, then wear it!

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      She certainly looks like a dike.

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      While I question the "womanhood" of this gender-ambiguous creature, it does seem apparent that she might have been a female in a former life, before the Islamists she admires so much sliced off her labia and clitoris. That would turn anyone into a raging 6itch, dontcha think?

      If I saw that face looking back at me from the mirror, I'd become a total misanthrope too.

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    This click of morons wants the disappearance of Israel because it reminds them of their own anti-Semitic stands.

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      Spell it "clique" Steven L

  • Joy

    The more I read about this Butler phoney, the more disgusted I am – and her association with "Queer Studies" is not surprise. That is SUCH a load of bull crap – and it's swalloed whole (good analogy there, you feminist hags….) by the gullible gay students & profs on some very prestigious college campuses these days. One of these days, if they (the "queers on campus") can get past their adoloscent fascination with sex and the anatomy of same, they will realize that it's just part of Nature – DUH!! So, what else about Life have they discovered? Again, this Butler hemorphradite (sp?) is a real piece of work. She needs to be put out to pasture – and asap!

  • BS1977

    This rotten hearted hate spewing poison pile of garbage pretends to be an intellectual and a college "professor" but the real nature of her life is living in depression, misery and a sort of endless hate….another psychopath like Norm "Frankenstein" Finkelstein and all the other Israel bashers who claim to be "secular humanist collectivists" or whatevah these nut jobs call themselves these days.

  • PAthena

    Governor Schwarznegger tried to cut back on funding for the University of California system because California is in such dire financial straits but the ME Generation protested that the taxpayers of California should continue to fund them. Unfortunately, the governor caved in to them. He could save some money by getting rid of such academic phonies as Judith Butler. And how did she get a Ph.D. in anything?

    • Matthew

      Have you looked at the bookshelf in the UCLA library where the only copies of PhD theses ever to have been read were read by at most three people? (the author, the professor, and one advisor) — You can get a PhD with, literally, ANY utterly idiotic assertion. It is not – I am serious – a requirement that the assertion make sense. It must merely be a "contribution" to knowledge in the field. A "contribution" can be utterly worthless, and completely imaginary. It earns a PhD. Seriously. Go look at the PhD shelf in ANY university library.
      A PhD is really absolutely meaningless and worthless in real terms. It may earn money from ignorant employers, who imagine that "Doctor" means something, but truly, it is utterly meaningless.

  • skzion

    First, how do we know she is a Jew at all? Could you she not be a secret Muslim convert? Don't laugh. Why do we even buy these self-proclamations?

    Second, and more generally, a sensible approach is to develop a funding mechanism that can de-fund departments selectively. Berkeley, a public institution, is not bound to finance every academic poseur, even if a group of them quote one another and publish their blather in faux academic journals.

    Third, it is high time that alumni gain more control over their schools, making sure to refuse donations. This can be done by alumni who have access to the names of other alumni. Typically, one can easily gain the names and contact information for one's class.

    As most academics are primarily whores–far more concerned with their status and money than they are about pursuing knowledge, a bit of muscle flexing would immensely improve American education.

    • Cheryl Mav

      " a bit of muscle flexing would immensely improve American education. "

      Are you suggesting that we SLAP her, skzion? If only my arm would reach that far…I'd give her a taste of knuckle sandwich.

      But on a serious note, the state of American education is in peril right now, from the indoctrination of young children in the public schools right on down to the Internet search engines that offer such "interesting" websites whenever you key in the words "Jew" or "Israel".

      We're engaged in a very serious ideological war, and very few combatants are able or willing to admit that it IS a war. A most un-civil war indeed.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    A few aspirins after this one for sure. Butler is a self hating psychopath, who may not
    be a Jew and only claims to be, so that if her credentials are questioned, which I do,
    she can claim anti-semitism. This is the result of allowing professional students,
    those who have no intention of working in this life and stay on campus as long as is
    possible, Butler a wicked person is to be pitied. If Berkley did not exist she would
    be placed in a mental assylum and put on intravenous haldol. Wasn't she an
    extra in that great movie, 'Army of the Dead'? Remember she jumped out of the
    cellar. I can not remember if she was called a scary bitch or sorry bitch.

  • coolpolitealex

    I suppose this rag is not pro anything Israel does,this lady Butler is battling so many Zionistic rabble rousers ,brought to the boil by Rabid Rabi's and i for one support her all the way ,Israel is a Poisonous little Venomous snake in the grass in the Arab world ,and there are just as many Jews against the Israeli "Human Right's Abusers" than support their crimes against an unarmed population .
    No amount of murdering and assasinating people will make Israel acceptable to the the wider world ,(apart from Jewish controlled America) who bow to all thing's Jewish ,out of fear of the Zionist Media outlets.

    • aliko

      "Zionist media outlets" – Fox can be called pro-Zionist but the rest? I guess nothing short of Der-Sturmer is good enough for you.

      I'll leave the rest of your Islamo-Nazi crap to your psychologist.

    • Wild Bill Hickok

      And you're just another Muslim roach fece…go play with this d&mn dyke and little boy who thinks he's a girl, unlike you, a girl who thinks he's a boy.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Unbelievable, but here you are, I knew she was the thing in the basement
      in 'Army of the Dead' and here you are the zit off her nose, a real zomboid.
      (zomboid; a cross between an android and a zombi, or a toy for dull kids).

  • Neil

    She writes like she's totally deranged. And, yet, there a lot of people who actually buy her load of unadulterated garbage. How sad for her students.

  • Wild Bill Hickok

    Another reason why Lesbians should be hanged.

  • Wild Bill Hickok

    Tell this stupid dyke that her little AIDS ridden baby killing monster friend Arafat enthusiastically approved the "judicial murder" of Gays in the Palestinian Authority, even though he was a damn poof himself.

    A witch who should be burned at the stake, that's "mr." butler.

  • Cheryl Mav

    Too bad the pseudo-feminist Butler doesn't address issues like the forced genital mutilation of Muslim women (regarded by Leftists as a quaint ethnic custom that oughtn't be tampered with by us Western colonialist imperialists) or for that matter the overall treatment of women in the Muslim world.

    But we are well acquainted with the lies, deceptions, and hypocrisy of Leftists. Israel has become nothing less than a symbol of all Judaism, and therefore anti-Zionism has replaced anti-Semitism as politically-correct Jew hatred.

    What a shame that Butler doesn't put her money where her gaping maw is and VISIT one of her favorite Islamic countries. But obviously, she wouldn't want that ugly head of hers severed at the neck. When it comes right down to it, the prevailing Leftist attitude is "do as I say, not as I do."

    The question I have is: How do you put an end to the parade of charade? The lies start with Leftist public school teachers indoctrinating innocent pupils…and mutate to the media itself. Just try Googling the keywords "Jew" and "Israel" and see the legions of anti-Semitic websites compete for your attention.

  • Cheryl Mav

    THIS IS A WAR, AND THE ENEMY IS US. A greater threat than radical Islam itself are the numbers of terrorist enablers who are – AMERICANS. Even worse are the Jewish Leftists, traitors to a hundred generations of Jews who never forgot their Land.

    They will be paid back in spades for the evil that they promulgate, every day, with every breath they take. May they be ripped out of the world by the roots, together with their poisonous ideologies.

  • BS1977

    This woman looks like the She Wolf of the SS or one of the female kapos….cold, nasty, thin lipped, total lack of sensuality or affection….a bitter and worn out hag from the darkside.

  • Berl Goetz

    Easy does it! This factual critique of Prof. Butler loses some of its power when it lapses into open contempt.

  • Joe Six-Pack

    Judith Butler is a classic case of seeing only that which you want to see.

    The President of Iran said that Iran has no gays. This is because they hang those that they find. Iran is only following Islamic ideology. The only way that people can miss this is becaue they do not want to see it. I have to admit, this conflict is so large that it scares the hell out of me. I can understand why people do not want to see this, but it does not make the situation any less dangerous. In fact, it only makes it more so.

  • A Bit Profound

    Why are Jews so hated throuhg out the world — It is the nature of evil to hate good

  • Grisha

    If she moves to Palestine and comes out as a lesbian I wonder how they'll execute her.
    Hanging by a crane, kicking and stuggling against the cable aroud her ncck? Knocking a wall down on her.? Stoning?

  • anynomus

    all lesbians should be hanged. they are making it harder for us normal men to try to meet a normal woman out there.

  • anonymous

    all lesbians should be hanged. they are making it harder for us normal men to try to find a normal woman out there. i consider myself an average good looking guy and i am having a very hard time finding the right woman. if i see a woman out there that i want to meet i will try to talk to her.they are very nasty and walk away from me. this makes me very hurt. women out there that are lesbians should burn in hell.