Hezbollah’s Pal Fails To Enter Israel

Noam Chomsky was one of the organizers and promoters of the MIT-Harvard campaign to boycott and “divest” Israel a few years back.  Well, last week Israel decided to boycott one of its own boycotters. Chomsky was refused entry into the country when he tried to cross over from Jordan, for purposes of giving an anti-Israel speech at a Palestinian “university” in Ramallah.  As such, Chomsky joined the very select club of people who have been prevented from entering Israel because of their blatant anti-Israel activities and their open collaboration with terrorists.

Chomsky was on his way to give an anti-Israel speech at Birzeit University.  (Instead he gave the speech by videoconference from Jordan.)   Now, Chomsky had been in Israel for visits before, and was even hosted at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheba.  In fact the entire “ban” was evidently nothing more than some bureaucratic glitch in the instructions to Israeli border passport checkers.  Chomsky was invited at the Jordan River Crossing to enter the country instead through the Tel Aviv airport.  Ironically, the Israeli bureaucratic glitch resulted in Israel accidentally doing the right thing.

But this did not prevent a worldwide campaign of anti-Israel vilification by the usual crowd, denouncing Israel for the “banning” of Chomsky, complete with denunciations of “Israeli fascism.”   Led by the Daily Kos, the leftist blogs declared, “Chomsky was banned by the occupation army,” even though the Israeli army had nothing to do with it. Far leftists inside Israel joined in the brouhaha. Chomsky groupies accused Israel of suppressing freedom of speech.  Never mind that there are sufficient reasons to keep Chomsky out of Israel that have nothing to do with his anti-Israel opinions, such as his friendly ties and meetings with the Hezb’Allah terrorist group or his long track record of celebrating and promoting Holocaust deniers.  In fact, no sooner was Chomsky denied entry into Israel than he popped over to Lebanon, and there met with the Hezb’Allah terrorists and attended a salute to Hezb’Allah chief murderer Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, as reported in the Ya Libnan, a Lebanese news service.

Chomsky himself denounced the Israeli decision to block his entry as “Stalinism.”  To tell the truth, when I first heard that Chomsky accused Israel of Stalinism I assumed he meant it as a compliment.  Chomsky has gone out of his way to defend Stalin and he publishes his own articles in all the prominent Stalinist websites.  But like most Stalinists these days, Chomsky prefers to label himself an “anarchist.” This, of course, is the very same individual who spent much of his career as the academic spokesman for the Khmer Rouge regime, the ultra-communists who can only be described as Stalinists on steroids.  Chomsky defended Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge as they annihilated the Cambodian population and he still doubletalks his way out when asked about the genocide that the Khmer Rouge conducted. He once claimed the Khmer Rouge actually SAVED millions of Cambodian lives.  Even far-leftist The Nation demolished Chomsky for his toadying up to Pol Pot.

There have only been a few other cases of people being prevented from entering Israel because of their ties to terrorists or their involvement in anti-Semitic or anti-Israel campaigns.  Norman Finkelstein, the unemployed hate-monger fired by DePaul University, was banned from entering Israel a couple of years back because of his intimate collaboration with Hezb’Allah terrorists. Others banned from Israel include  Richard Falk, the retired Princeton propagandist who has made a career out of denouncing Israelis as Nazis. He was denied entry into Israel as a UN “investigator,” because that UN “investigation” was nothing more than a campaign of lies and smears about Israeli “war crimes.” Falk earlier had been allowed to enter Israel as a private citizen.

Chomsky has, in the past, been welcomed to enter Israel even though he proclaims that he considers both the US and Israel to be far worse than Nazi Germany.  When not dealing with linguistics, Chomsky may be best known for his obsessive cheering on of terrorists and occasionally holding meetings with them.  Chomsky has pow-wowed with Hezb’Allah terrorists.  He has also long been a major promoter of Holocaust deniers. Like Falk and Finkelstein, Chomsky has long led the campaign to boycott and “divest” Israel.  Even a free speech absolutist must concede that there is some logic to a victim of a boycott boycotting that boycotter.  Chomsky has led the jihad against Israel’s existence for as long as he has been a public figure.  He is also a pathological serial liar.

Now, whether or not one agrees with them doing so, democratic countries, in fact, often deny entrance to people whose opinions or politics they find repulsive.  The very same people now whining about Israel refusing Chomsky access to the country to engage in anti-Israel agitation were strangely silent when Britain prohibited 16 people from entering the country on grounds that they held politically incorrect opinions.  These included US radio host Michael Savage.  Before that, the UK banned Rev. Fred Phelps from entering the country because he is anti-gay.  Dutch politician Geert Wilders, a candidate for the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, was barred from entering the UK because of his opinions.  The UK has banned a whole host of Israelis from entering their country, including activist Moshe Feiglin.

The United States has banned all sorts of people from entering, not limited to those suspected of having ties to terror groups.  In some cases it was because of their political views.  Journalist Robert Fisk was banned for this reason.  Professor John Milios from Greece was banned.  Curiously, few in the world denounced the US for being a fascist country on that basis.  Tariq Ramadan, the darling of the pro-jihad Left, was barred until recently from both the US and France.  Liberian President Charles Taylor and other leading Liberians were banned from entering the US because of their support for rebels in Sierra Leone.  Canada has also banned people because of their views or behavior, most famously the case of George Galloway, the British Member of Parliament because of his intimate ties to Saddam Hussein.

Germany, Austria and some other European countries routinely ban Neo-Nazis and Holocaust deniers from entering their territories and sometimes jail them when they enter.  Germany banned the Reverend Moon from entering.  And so on.

In the late 1970s, a professor of literature at the University of Lyon named Robert Faurisson wrote two letters to Le Monde claiming that the gas chambers in concentration camps used by the Nazis to exterminate the Jews did not exist and were a Jewish hoax.  Faurisson was convicted of Holocaust denial and hate speech in two trials in France, in 1983 and 1990.

Noam Chomsky has long been the most prominent defender of Faurisson.  Chomsky’s father had been a Hebrew teacher at Gratz College in Philadelphia (which I attended in the 1960s).  Chomsky the younger may be the most academically distinguished Jewish anti-Semite on the planet, even though his theories about linguistics have evidently lost much of their favor among researchers in recent years.

In the 1980s Chomsky signed a petition denying that Faurisson was an anti-Semite and saluting Faurisson as a “respected professor.”  Chomsky not only defended Faurisson’s “academic freedom” but endorsed the content of Faurisson’s anti-Semitic diatribes.

Chomsky also wrote the foreword to one of Faurisson’s Holocaust denial books. There Chomsky wrote: “Is it true that Faurisson is an anti-Semite or a neo-Nazi? As noted earlier, I do not know his work very well. But from what I have read — largely as a result of the nature of the attacks on him — I find no evidence to support either conclusion. Nor do I find credible evidence in the material that I have read concerning him, either in the public record or in private correspondence. As far as I can determine, he is a relatively apolitical liberal of some sort.”

In defending Faurisson, Chomsky wrote: “I see no anti-Semitic implications in denial of the existence of gas chambers or even denial of the Holocaust. Nor would there be anti-Semitic implications, per se, in the claim that the Holocaust (whether one believes it took place or not) is being exploited, viciously so, by apologists for Israeli repression and violence. I see no hint of anti-Semitic implications in Faurisson’s work.”

Now if anyone is looking for another reason why Israel should legitimately prevent Chomsky from setting his paws on the Holy Land, how was that?  Add it to Chomsky’s role in the Israeli boycott movement and his associations with terrorists.

Should Israel have prevented Chomsky from entering?  It was clearly justified in doing so. But was that the right choice?   Personally – I would have let him in and then immediately had him arrested him for Holocaust denial (if not of Jews then surely regarding the genocide of Cambodians) and anti-Semitism.  Like many countries in Europe, Holocaust Denial is illegal in Israel, although the law is never enforced against anyone, even Arab politicians.  And Israel has an “anti-racism” law on the books, albeit one only used against rightwing Jews, and Chomsky is clearly in violation of it.

Indicting Chomsky under that would have made such a wonderful legal precedent.

  • xman

    If you want to know what evil looks like, it comes in various shapes and flavours like Hitler, Pol Pot, Ayatollah Khomeini and Noam Chomsky. Those who side with evil are indeed evil themselves, and as we know, Chomsky isn't mad, he's purely evil.

    • ze-ev ben jehudah

      There is the former president of the Netherlands,Mr Dries van Acht.
      At the moment with his croonys in the Palestinian territory for the apartheid
      week ageainst Israel.Another big time antisemite is Mr N.Finkelstein also
      Mrs Sarah Roy and Richard A Falk prof international law Princeton.
      I know;if you should put all the notorious antisemites on a list than you can
      fill a dozen books with their names. "May they all be errased from the earth

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

        Thanks for the additional names, three are new to me, and now I'll know what I'm dealing with if their names come up.

      • Ron Grant

        "May they all be errased from the earth

        Ever notice how the bigots of the world,Zionists or Nazis or neo-Nazis,sound a like in the garbage they spew.Muchiboy

  • ibn khaldun

    Let us all send condolence cards to Chomsky for the tragic passing of his mentor Pol Pot into hell.

    Noam Chomksy
    Dept of Linguistics

  • Pol Pot

    I just wanted to send Noam a nice hot greeting from down here in hell and let him know I have booked the honeymoon suite for him in the Hades Hilton.

  • Marty

    No doubt chomsky will condemn Israel for being intolerant of an opposing point of view. After all, he's only advocating the country's destruction. Perhaps he should visit meccas of free speech such as saudi arabia and iran. The genocidal sociopaths in these places would enjoy and certainly share in his hysterical and undocumented diatribes.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

    Too bad we have to let the commie traitor back into the USA.

    • BS1977

      Correct! This tedious old communist gas bag does not deserve to live in this great country…his passport and his citizenship should be denied….he should be left to lecture the mice in some Turdistan hell hole….give him a one way ticket straight to Gaza so he can pass out candy after the next terrorist attack upon innocent civilians.

  • Ludwik Kowalski

    This is not a reply about Chomsky. Anyone can now read it ONLINE. And it is FREE.

    The URL is

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    The title is: “Diary of a Former Communist: Thoughts, Feelings, Reality.”

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    Ludwik Kowalski
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  • USMCSniper

    Chomsky’s opposition to Israel — and, it should be noted, his even more intense hatred of the United States — is not confined to just support for the Palestinians. He has openly endorsed Hezbollah and met with its leaders, and his lifelong apologetics for terrorism and terror supporting regimes, including a backhanded justification of 9/11. This has garnered him the endorsement of none other than Osama bin Laden himself.

  • Carolina Don

    I beieve in freedom of speech, but such speech as this is equivalent to shouting "FIRE!" in a crowd, which is illegal. So, why is such trash allowed to walk the free streets of our nation? Why is America not stricter in forbidding such from entering America?

  • sflbib

    "The Branding of the World's Top Intellectual: Noam Chomsky"
    By Peter Schweizer Published 10/19/2005 http://www.tcsdaily.com/article.aspx?id=1019055

    Editor's note: In light of news that a British poll identified Noam Chomsky as the world's leading intellectual, we thought it would be a valuable exercise to run this excerpt from Peter Schweizer's new book "Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy".

    Note from the Author: Whereas readers of The Prospect found the top public intellectual in Chomsky, I found a poster child for modern-day capitalism and, because of his anti-capitalist views, a complete hypocrite.

    In view of the hypocrisy described in the above article, I wonder if Chomsky's portfolio is divested of ties with Israel.

  • pupsik

    Hezbollah's Pal? You guys are rich, why don't you buy your souls back? Oops, forgot that you are Wantons, beings without second order desires and volitions…

  • http://jacobscourage.wordpress.com/. Charles Weinblatt

    Anyone who endorses Hamas or Hezbollah is a supporter of terrorism. Forget that this man apparently hates Jews, That's a lesser point. Hamas and Hezbollah will never allow Israel to exist (as a Jewish state). It's open for all to see in their charters. They teach their children to kill Jews. And, Chomsky is in their camp.

    A world that continues to allow genocide requires ethical remediation. We should insist that religious, racial, gender, orientation and ethnic persecution is wrong; and that tolerance is our progeny's only hope. Only through such efforts can we reveal the true horror of genocide and promote the triumphant spirit of humankind.

    Charles Weinblatt
    Author, "Jacob's Courage" http://jacobscourage.wordpress.com/

  • Ron Grant

    It's the Chomsky's of the world that give the lie to anti Antisemitism.Obviously,Chomsky is a good man before he is a good Jew and Zionist.It's the likes of you who give Semitism a bad name.The man is a hero and deserves to be recognized as such.There are equally good men on both sides of the wall.Thank God.Muchiboy

    • BS1977

      Ron Grant….get back on your medication…you are lost, man….oh yeah, Muchiboy, the hateful little troll ….calling Chomsky a hero made us laugh out loud. hero? You are nuts. Go play in traffic.

  • badaboo

    There are NO GOOD MEN on the side of Islam , muslims have killed them all , and there are CERTAIUNLY no good men in Hamas nor Hezbollah , hateful genocidal religious fanatics ….or …good muslims acting according to their vile cults dogma . Chomsky is a lap dog looking for acceptance from evil vipers , that is all he will ever be , that is his choice . His reward will be hell along with all the animals in Hamas and Hezbollah as well as the hatefilled muslim umma . These are all in for a rather nasty surprise after their last hour . he's neither a hero nor good jew .
    If you think Chomsky's a good man , then you have cast your lot with him .

  • harold brodsky

    I'd strangle the bastard if i could.

  • shakealegg

    Go here for all the Chomsky quotes you want: http://www.paulbogdanor.com/chomskyhoax.html

  • jeffo

    jon…i couldnt care less if chomski calls israel the 'golden country of the planet' and showers adulation upon jews. he has links to terrorist organizations, that alone is enough for me.

  • jeffo


    just my opinion but…any person who truly believe the 'palestinians' are a 'people' and refers to them as such in the hopes that they gain their own nation, is an idiot. no sense in trying to argue. and chomsky, despite his high profile linguistics job is a pure idiot to me.

    again, i could care less one iota if he were to damn the nazis and stalin 24/7. but thats just my take.

  • jeffo
  • jeffo

    "What you should care about is Front Page is lying to you constantly."

    it's a website…it's a website some readers follow, some readers dont follow, and a website that some are curious about. when i read columns, opinions etc i dont just take it all in as 100% fact right off of the bat. i do my own checking no matter the article. it's not a go-to bible for my belief system.

    "He met with Nasrallah."

    why? he's a frickin' linguistics professor, come on. he's got no real power or authority whatsoever in world events.

    "He doesn't defend Hezbollah's terrorist activities nor the terrorist activities of Hamas."

    yes he does (hezbollah), although he seems a bit more perturbed by hamas' activities than the former. i'll give him that. even still, the history of hezballah's nefarious activities are well documented, to even contemplate "meeting" with nasrallah legitimizes his terrorist group. not only that, but it makes no sense to even do so…again, he's a linguistics professor with a political bent. his status amounts to nothing in world events.

    "He just thinks it makes more sense to focus on the far greater terrorism of Israel since he believes that is the terrorism we can control because we as Americans are responsible for it."

    the greater terrorism of israel? name the greater terrorism of israel. and just how are americans responsible for this 'greater terrorism'?

  • jeffo

    "Chomsky, a critic of US foreign policy said after meeting Hezbollah's chief "I think Nasrallah has a reasoned argument and persuasive argument that they should be in the hands of Hezbollah (the arms) as a deterrent to potential aggression, and there is plenty of background reasons for that."

    that's a defense of hezbollah actions. and we all know hezbollah's 'actions' in warfare using human shields etc.

  • HGS

    Noam Chomsky is one of two purposes in my view: He is a true believer in all that he says (which means he is hypocritical, forgetful, and plain stupid….like when he provides his "opinions" on the Economics of Milton Friedman…….even though he is a Linguist.

    Or he is a pawn, a plant, (which would REALLY relieve me), since I have had some words with him before, where he agreed with the nobility of The US's charge for liberty and democracy in the framework of a republic…odd exchange…like as if what he has been arguing all along completely agrees with acknowledging our gift to the world (which brings in the forgetfulness)….and it is a gift, per capita, there is LESS war than at any time in history.

  • ibn khaldun

    "Jon" hates dem Joos because his pecker is so tiny.

  • osma bin laden

    Thanks Noam for all your help. Together We will yet destroy Amerika, Insh'Allah

  • http://www.webspawner.com/users/rile90wolk/index.html Office Design

    Today, twenty-five Palestinian, international, and Israeli activists peacefully marched towards an Israeli Apartheid fence built on Palestinian land in the village of Beit Ommar.

    When they reached the fence, several activists attempted to pull the fence down as an act of symbolism against the occupation and apartheid system in Palestine, while others peacefully demonstrated on the other side of the fence on Route 60.

    After ten minutes of trying to bring down the fence and protesting, several Israeli military jeeps arrived and the activists stopped pulling on the fence, and joined the others on the other side of the fence on the road.

  • shakealegg

    yes but elsewhere he does say exactly what the article atributes to him