The Pathology of Jewish Anti-Semitism

Jewish anti-Semitism. It sounds like a contradiction in terms, an oxymoron or a Jackie Mason joke.  If only this were the case.

Jewish anti-Semitism is all around us, part of the political air we breathe, a modern disease.  In the twenty-first century the world is experiencing an explosion of it, a virtual plague.  Among the most malicious and venomous of all bigots, the Jewish anti-Semites are at the forefront of every smear campaign against Israel and every attempt to cow Jews of America and the West into guilty support for those in the Middle East who would like to annihilate them.  Jews today are leaders in the campaigns to boycott and “divest from” Israel, and in the leadership of the “Solidarity with Terrorists” groups.  They make pilgrimage to the camps of Hamas and the Hezb’Allah, cheering on terrorists and their atrocities against Jews.  They pioneered the smear campaigns to paint Israel as an apartheid regime and to stigmatize it as the moral equivalent to Nazi Germany.

Western campuses are crawling with Jewish anti-Semites. Some even hold leadership positions in Hillel houses.  Many others are tenured professors.  An anti-Semitic Jewish judge (Richard Goldstone) chaired a UN commission demonizing Israel. A Jewish member of Britain’s Parliament (Gerald Kaufman) compared Hamas terrorists to Jewish fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto and denounced Israel as a Nazi entity.  Nor is this only an American phenomenon: a shockingly large number of Jewish anti-Semites are Israelis or ex-Israelis.

Most Jews dismiss such people as “self-hating,” but this term is misleading at best. These rogues do not hate themselves.  Indeed they are narcissistic to the core.  They hate other Jews and wish them harm. Nor are these Jewish anti-Semites simply assimilationists of Jewish descent who have lost interest in their heritage, become indifferent towards the history of their people and therefore casually alienated from Israel and its travails. On the contrary, anti-Semitic Jews are intensely involved in their “roots” and use them adroitly as protective coloration from which they advance their treasonous notions. In some extreme cases they collaborate with Neo-Nazis, Islamist terrorists, and even Holocaust Deniers.

Jewish anti-Semitism was once considered a bizarre irrelevance.  It was touched upon gingerly in the ground breaking 1947 film, “Gentleman’s Agreement,” but long ignored as a marginal psychological disorder by the organized Jewish community.  Modern Zionists expected that the very creation of Israel would put an end to any neurotic self-hatred that afflicted Diaspora communities.  It was expected to end not only Jewish physical insecurity but also spiritual pathology. A strong and proud Israel, in other words, would shield Jews from a sense of vulnerability and empower them to throw off self denial. Alas, history had a surprise up its sleeve: the growth of a powerful and determined Israel committed to never again allowing Jews to become victims has also enabled some of the very worst Jewish anti-Semites on the planet, all of whom shelter in the radical fringes of the Israeli Left, its academic institutions and its “intelligentsia,” thriving under the protective umbrella of the Israeli Defense Force.

Among the most open Israeli promoters of anti-Semitic mythology today is Professor Shlomo Sand, a hardcore communist on the history faculty of Tel Aviv University.  Sand last year published a book with a far-left anti-Israel publisher claiming to prove that Jews are not and never have been a “people.” Recycling myths popularized by Neo-Nazi web sites, Sand’s entire book is a sort of Protocols of the Elders of Anti-Zion, a pseudo-analysis that claims that most Jews today are frauds, converts from the Khazar Turkic tribe, impersonators of Jews.  All real Jews, according to the learned professor, became Palestinian Arabs centuries ago.  Hence Israeli “Jews” are not Jews at all, certainly none that have a right to their own state.

Sand travels the globe with Tel Aviv University funding to tout his book and advocate the extermination of Israel.  He is surpassed in his anti-Semitism only by one other Israeli professor, now retired, named Ariel Toaff, who claimed to have evidence that Jews use gentile blood in religious ritual.  Blood libel: one of the foundations of traditional anti Semitism now embraced by Jewish anti Semites.  The concept of irony is not spacious enough to encompass such a development. (Other anti-Semitic Israeli academics are cataloged on the web site

Just what makes Jewish anti-Semites tick is hard to explain.  One of the few people to take a serious stab at doing so is Kenneth Levin, a psychiatrist at Harvard and an occasional contributor to these pages.  He thinks of Jewish anti-Semitism in part as an attempt by some Jews to gain social acceptance in an environment that is hostile towards Jews.  He also understands it as an infantile attempt to rectify a menacing situation by self-blame, a response seen in small children who have been abused. And he also considers it a kissing cousin to the notorious “Stockholm Syndrome,” whereby victims adopt the outlook and agenda of their victimizers.

Anti-Semitism is today the main common denominator that unites the far-Left with the Neo-Nazi Right in the United States and in Europe.  Jewish anti-Semites thrive in the shadowy areas found at both ends of the political spectrum.  In the American ultra-Left many serve as columnists for the extremist “Counterpunch” web magazine, published by the ex-Brits Alexander and Andrew Cockburn, sons perpetuating the work of their Stalinist father (and George Orwell enemy) Claud Cockburn.   Counterpunch is so openly anti-Semitic these days that it goes well beyond merely calling for Israel’s extermination.  It endorses anti-Semitic conspiracy “theories” (such as the morally imbecilic idea that Jews were behind the 9-11 attacks!) and increasingly publishes Holocaust Denier columnists.  Some of its columnists moonlight as writers for Neo-Nazi web sites and organizations. Almost every literate Jewish anti-Semite writes for this publication.

On the cyber-pages of Counterpunch, Jewish anti-Semites cheer on the jihad and endorse anti-Jewish terrorism. It would be difficult to find Jewish writers in Counterpunch who are not making the de rigueur comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany.  The University of Wisconsin’s Jennifer Loewenstein, for instance, published “Gaza Holocaust,” in which she writes:  “Israel and its US Master have long since resided in the lowest circle of Hell for betraying the name of humanity.”  She adds that Israel treats Palestinians as subhuman “Untermenschen,” reminiscent of German treatment of Jews in the Holocaust.  Then, in a quote that could easily have been printed by the Nazi newspaper Der Sturmer in the 1930s, she adds:  “The Neo-Jewish Masters and their allies in the United States… have no intention of making a just peace with the lower forms of life in their midst.”  In Loewenstein’s take on reality, Israel can engage in state terror because it operates a sinister cabal that enslaves the American government and dictates its policies.  A new postmodern take on the old racist stereotype of Jews as cagey intriguers.

Another Counterpunch anti-Semite is Richard Falk, a retired professor from Princeton best known for serving on the UN commission that condemned Israel for “genocidal war crimes” even before it began its investigation of Israel’s Gaza operations.   Falk is not only one of the worst collaborators in the academics warring against the Jews, he is also America’s leading practitioner of the Orwellian inversion of reality in which Israel is a terrorist aggressor, while the Arab terrorist aggressors are innocent victims and peace-loving progressives.  For him, Israel is a Nazi-like country seeking genocide, while the Islamofascists of the Hamas and their backers are merely protesters against social inequality inside Israel.  For him, terrorist aggression against Jews is really the pursuit of peace, while self-defense by Israel is genocide.

In 2007 Falk published, “Slouching toward a Palestinian Holocaust,” in which he wrote that it was not an “irresponsible overstatement to associate [Israel’s] treatment of Palestinians” with the Nazi extermination of Jews:

“The recent developments in Gaza are especially disturbing because they express so vividly a deliberate intention on the part of Israel and its allies to subject an entire human community to life-endangering conditions of utmost cruelty. The suggestion that this pattern of conduct is a holocaust-in-the-making represents a rather desperate appeal to the governments of the world and to international public opinion to act urgently to prevent these current genocidal tendencies from culminating in a collective tragedy.”

One of the regular contributors to Counterpunch is an ex-Israeli named Gilad Atzmon.  He is a saxophone player living in the UK and closely associated with Neo-Nazi groups in Europe.  While active in pro-terror organizations, Atzmon is so openly anti-Semitic that some of these anti-Israel groups shun and refuse to have anything to do with him.  The well-known British writer Oliver Kamm has denounced Atzmon as an open Holocaust Denier.  Atzmon has called not only for Israel to be annihilated but also for synagogues to be burned down.  He heads a small clique of Neo-Nazi followers, mainly in Italy, for whom he serves as cult leader.  Atzmon has repeatedly asserted that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a historically accurate documentation of the crimes by the Jewish people.

Paul Eisen, another anti-Israel Jewish extremist in the UK, is also an open Holocaust Denier.  He has distributed an essay endorsing Holocaust Denial entitled “Holocaust Wars,” which claims – among other things – that the gas chambers of Auschwitz could not possibly have worked to the degree that they did.  Among its “sources” are David Irving and the Neo-Nazi crank Ernst Zundel, deported by Canada and now in prison in Germany.

Several Jewish anti-Semites engaged in a bizarre form of Holocaust Denial on the anti-Semitic “ALEF” chat list that operates under the auspices of the University of Haifa in Israel.  Members of that list debated at length whether Hitler was actually guilty of anything, concluding that he was probably not.  Shraga Elam, a Swiss-based ex-Israeli and a member of the same “ALEF” list, published a sycophantic letter praising Holocaust Denier David Irving as a “brilliant researcher.”

The most venomous Jewish-born Holocaust Denier of all is Israel Shamir.  An émigré from the Soviet Union, “Shamir” moved to Israel and later left for Sweden, where he changed his name to Adam Ermash and reportedly converted to Christianity. A vulgar Jewbaiter, he regularly attends Holocaust Denial conferences.  As just one example of his poison, in an interview with the Islamist Mohamed Omar in August 2009, Shamir said:

“I think it is the duty of every Muslim and Christian to deny the Holocaust, to reject this belief, just like Abraham and Moses rejected idolatry. Every person who profess [sic] their [sic] faith to God should deny the Holocaust. I think it’s much more serious that people deny God, isn’t it?”

Within Israel, one of the most openly anti-Semitic Jews was the late Professor Israel Shahak, who taught chemistry for decades at the Hebrew University.  He insisted that Judaism teaches Jews to worship Satan, to connive against non-Jews and to murder them.  He stopped just millimeters short of saying that Jews use gentile blood for ritual purposes.  He claimed that the Talmud is filled with calls to murder gentiles, and that Jews regard gentiles as subhuman.  He collaborated with Neo-Nazis all over the world.  Naturally he wanted Israel to be speedily destroyed, and he was one of the first Israelis to openly collaborate with Palestinian terrorism, long before the Oslo “process” commenced and produced so many others who have emulated him.

In an analysis of Shahak, the British writer Paul Bogdanor notes: “According to Shahak, the Jews think of nothing but making money for the benefit of the Jewish state …  According to Shahak, the Jews plan to dominate much of the world through an Israeli empire …“extending [in Shahak’s words] from ‘Algeria or Morocco’ from the west to China in the east, and from Kenya or even South Africa in the south to the USSR in the north…  According to Shahak, the Jews facilitate the spread of vice in order to enslave the masses (“Part of the motivation” must be “encouraging drug addiction and thus promoting political apathy”)….”

In other cases prominent Jews endorse Holocaust Deniers while carefully tiptoeing around explicitly endorsing Holocaust Denial itself.  The best known of these is Noam Chomsky, an extremist anti-American and anti-Israel professor of linguistics at MIT.

Son of a Hebrew teacher at Gratz College in Philadelphia, Chomsky despises Israel almost as deeply as he hates America.  He considers both countries worse than Nazi Germany.  Chomsky has campaigned on behalf of the French Holocaust Denier Robert Faurisson and other European Neo-Nazis. He has said in his own defense that he only wants this hate to be protected under laws guaranteeing freedom of speech, but as Professor Werner Cohn has proven, Chomsky also endorses the contents of their speech: “But in fact we saw that [in addition to justifying] …Faurisson’s Holocaust-denial, we found Chomsky publishing his own books with neo-Nazi publishers, we saw him writing for a neo-Nazi journal, we saw that the neo-Nazis promote Chomsky’s books and tapes together with the works of Joseph Goebbels. It is this complex of anti-Semitic activities and neo-Nazi associations, not his professed ideas alone, that constitutes the Chomsky phenomenon.”

Only marginally less openly anti-Semitic is Norman Finkelstein, who had been on the faculty of DePaul University until he was fired three years back (and has been unemployed ever since).  Finkelstein has built an entire career out of smearing Holocaust survivors as frauds and liars, and cheering on Islamofascist terrorism against Jews.  His personal web site is a vulgar gutter of juvenile anti-Semitic catcalls.  He claims that Zionists exaggerate the dimensions of the Shoah to steal money and invent Holocaust survivors to exploit Germany.  He has made pilgrimage to the Hezb’Allah terrorists and was denied entry into Israel on grounds that he is a terrorist agent.  Finkelstein’s book “The Holocaust Industry” has become a basic text used by all Neo-Nazis and Holocaust Deniers.  He has praised Holocaust Denier David Irving as a great and reliable historian.  (Irving, in turn, claims the entire Holocaust is a Zionist hoax and that no Jews were murdered in Auschwitz.)

While Finkelstein is a pseudo-academic and a fraud, dismissed as a crackpot by all serious historians, he is nevertheless celebrated by all other Jewish Anti-Semites.  One Israeli academic in particular, Neve Gordon, an Israel-hating extremist who teaches political science at Ben Gurion University, has devoted much of his career to celebrating Finkelstein and his “ideas.”   When he is not denouncing Israel as a fascist apartheid terrorist regime that needs to be eliminated, Gordon has even compared Finkelstein to the Prophets of the Bible.

The psychosis of Jewish anti-Semitism has no comparable analogue among the nations, making the Jews a therapist’s sui generis.   The disease of Jewish anti-Semitism not only illustrates the absence of “normality” among 21st century Jewry, it threatens the very survival of Israel and of Jewish communities around the world. It is a growth industry and it puts a perverse stamp of approval on every genocidal plan conceived by every terrorist sect contemplating the glory that awaits those who murder Jews.

  • Ozymandias

    'Just what makes Jewish anti-Semites tick is hard to explain.'

    No it isn't. It's the standard jejune paranoid mantra of people like SS [Now there'e a set of initials!] and his ilk that do Israel such a disservice by calibrating even the mildest criticism of Israeli behaviour by anyone who is Jewish as anti semitic.

    Classifying Richard Goldstone for example as anti semitic is just plain childish – and the vituperative rubbish spouted by SS above mocks any pretense of objective analysis – and immediately raises the question among Jews and the rest of humanity too as to whether it will ever be possible to enter into meaningful discussion with Israel about anything at all.

    The equivalent is to characterize any a american who criticizes US Foreign Policy as a self hating citizen who sets out to harm America – pathetic & unconvincing as well as mirroring precisely what it sets out to expose.


    • eerie Steve

      Per Levin, the source of the article, the pathology of the self hating Jewish person is not that much different than the self hating abused child. The author was mistaken in his interpretation in my view. It's not that the feelings are childish, but the pathology, ie the underlying disease of these psychopaths, mirrors that of children who have survived real abuse and manage to grown into adult hood, that being Jewish in today's society is enough to say you are a victim.

      Every culture has its psychopaths I suppose, just as every psychopath can cling to past stressors as excuses for present wrong doing.

      I see Jewish self hatred different than regular psychopathy in the effect of executive function only. In example the Jewish people have an ornate sense of organization and cultural backing. Only the Catholic church can outdo the organization put forth by the people of Israel, so talent rises quickly. Couple that push with the brick wall of No Jewish Genocide Even If We Have To Be Nazis Ourselves and you don't have the next Haiti, you have the next Chernobyl.

      But anyways, it is all mute when you compare these people to the real monsters out there, the level 22s. Forget terrorism, for all practical purposes there are personalities which rival that of Saddam Hussein operating at any given moment. True toxic personalities which are effectively Satanic. People like Dennis Raeder or HH Holmes. The guys who give the idea of a police bureaucracy trouble. If we are going to water board some people, let's start with them.

    • Rick Geiger

      Clearly, facts are not something with which you are familiar. You are like the person that asks why it is that the police that are rescuing someone from an assault should be legally allowed to use guns when the criminal assaulter is getting arrested for it. Please you folks that cry about not being able to criticize Israel are always in public forums, like the UC Irvine noted today, criticizing Israel with the approval of state institutions. Why is it that the president of the US always has to repeat that Israel has a right to defend itself? Why, becaue jew haters like you think that all other people in the world have a right to self defense but that for jews that right is criminal act. Your biggest problem is that you don't deem it appropriate for Jews to have a right to life. Where are your complaints about the million Jewish refugees from muslim lands? Why are you not indignant about them being thrown out of their homes and having all their land and property confiscated? When you treat Jews as humans, then maybe your speech will be respected.

      • eerie Steve

        Trust me, I'm on the right of you on this one, but Nation Religion States have been tried before and the one hallmark of their legacy is that when they fail, they go down in flames.

        I'm for outsourcing the shrines of the Israeli people temporarily to the house of Saud just to get their money. Start there. A power sharing agreement.

  • Ozymandias


    Sincere apologies to Shlomo Sand – in haste I had thought him the author – it was of course Steven Plaut's infantile venom referred to in my remarks above – Oz

    • Karim

      The most infantile,moronic,stupid,laughable and hysterical article i have read in my entire life.It is impossible to sink any lower.This Plaut is not even a joke,he is an imbecile.In fact the article is so self evidently ridiculous there is absolutely nothing to refute.I have read Sands books.It is a serious study on the wonderful variety of Jewish origin.Exterminate Israel?Plaut, you have must been REALLY unloved as a child.

      • lovezion

        Congratulations and my depest gratitude to Steven Plaut for his article – the best ever written about the terribly sad subject where jews are stabbing at the back of the rest of us, self-dignified Jews who aren't afraid of saying out loud and proudly that WE ARE JEWS AND FIGHTING FOR WHAT IS OURS!!!

        You Karim have a serious defect in your brain! Are you a jew? Do yourself and the rest of us a huge favor , get a gun or a knife and remove yourself permanently from the world – you're putrefying our surroundings, along with all the other filthy, renegade traitor jews. You andn the rest of you are a perpetual shame to our Jewry!

        If you hate Israel and the Jews AND America so much…here's an idea: go live with your beloved arab islamic muslims and send me a postcard telling me how happy you are in that poisonous snake pit!!!


      • lovezion


        If you hate Israel and the Jews AND America so much…here's an idea: go live with your beloved arab islamic muslims and send me a postcard telling me how happy you are in that poisonous snake pit!!!

        I have absolutely NO sympathy for these filthy renegade traitor jews (whom I hate a million times MORE than I hate those arab muslim terrorists) and if it existed (or hopefully will exist) a place in Israel to report your kind so as to avoid your running there for refuge when the arab style Holocaust comes…you bet your life I'll make it my ONLY career to report you and when possible to fetch you for a slow execution!

    • Angantyr

      Glad you realized the mistake. Shlomo Sand is a great historian and scholar who is not at all anti-semitic, yet doesn't go along with the Israeli-sponsored distortion of history and Jewish identity. He is best known for his opposition to the view that Jews constitute a genetic race (he is, in my opinion, correct in this) rather than a religious and cultural grouping. Whether one agrees with it or not 'The Invention of The Jewish Race' was a great read and a great study on Jewish identity.

  • J. D. Saunders

    And excellent and enlightening article. For every anti-Semetic Jew there's an anti-Christian Christian. The problem isn't just limited to the Jewish faith. A sad pathology where ever it is found.

    • Marsconi

      I beg to differ. Think Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn. Where are the self-hating universally accepted Christian equivalents? No where do you find examples in the percentages/numbers of self-hating that you find among Jews. I think it speaks to the general antipathy that is felt by Jews on a daily basis. I have seen some of this self-hating among blacks but of course they cannot hide who they are.

  • Karim

    The hysterical thing is that the most rabid anti-muslim,most rascist anti-arab, most stridently anti-communist thugs are oh so sensitive to supposed Antisemitism.

    • cjk

      Duh ur, why would that be?
      Maybe because mohammedanism is bent on world conquest per it's scripture and follows the precepts of a murderous, thieving, pedophile?…..Ya think?

      • Angantyr

        Or maybe it is because Zionist don't really have a leg to stand on unless they play the Anti-Semiticism/Holocaust card when confronted with logic and morality. The fact that the Holocaust was a great evil doesn't mean that Zionists had the right to take land, which they kept making larger by ignoring international law, especially when their views were based on the type of ''fin de siecle'' nonsense that lead to the Holocaust happening in the first place. Newsflash, Nazism and Zionism are descended from the racial-nationalism of Europe that arose in the late 19th Century and early 20th Century.

        • cjk

          When you're attacked by far larger forces bent on wiping you out, you keep any land you take you moron.
          Are you a pedophile worshiper?

  • Abe

    This article is excellent, but it is also sad to find people who are willing to go the extreme and spread so much hate.

    • eerie Steve

      What about the people who are delusional by nature, and that delusion manifests itself into the rational torture of other humans to death? I think, that, by nature is the worst a human can be and trumps racism on all empirical scales of evil.

      This article seems to concern itself with the enablers. These are the drunken housewives to the sadistic abusers. What is of interest is how a human has the capability to take it upon themselves the same disease symptoms as someone who has suffered child abuse just by state of mind alone.

  • Trumpeldor

    These people have Jewish origins but that does not prevent them on puking about them ..
    It is NOT self hate because these people do not feel Jewish nor do act as Jews !
    They simply spread their political agenda through their remote origins, in order to criticize a particular group on behalf of a tenuous link .

    • bob

      im gay.

  • Ozymandias

    Shlomo – I note that Stevie Plaut has a penchant for vilifying you on a regular basis in these columns – but not to worry – he is at the age of 59 still only an 'Associate' Professor – which I suspect may be the real source of his chagrin as mother will not have been to pleased I guess!

    Herewith his bio at Haifa:

    'Prof. Steven Plaut
    BA (Temple University), MA (Hebrew University of Jerusalem), Ph.D. (Princeton University).
    Associate Professor of finance and economics, Graduate School of Business.
    Teaching and research areas: banking, international finance, capital markets, labor markets.'

    He's clearly been a bit of a disappointment to his family and himself which I supposes explains the self hatred?! Tch Tch – And of course Haifa's a great spot for an objective world viewpoint no?

    Toodle Pip!

  • Karim

    If the definition of an Antisemite is someone who turns being Jewish into an unchangable eternal category this ragsite is awash in Antisemitism.A Jew is a Jew is a Jew.Jews are intelligent,Jews are eternal victims,Jews are western,Jews are the eternal children of Israel,Jews are the eternal pieces on the chessboard of Christian theology ad nauseam.Any Jew who therefore defies the clishee is an abormality and therefore a selfhater and must be vilified.

    • EdwinS

      Karim – that's an Arabic name, isn't it?
      btw – I think you meant 'cliche' rather than clishee – ?

      • Karim

        Yes,thats an arabic name.I am sorry I often translates words from German to English and what comes out at the end is a verbal sausage,

        • cjk

          Aha a worshiper of the pedophile profit. LOL

    • eerie Steve

      So why is it possible for someone to be Judean, ie same belief as the people of book, without technically being Jewish. I mean, according to you, Jews always have a way out, even under torture, but you and me, we're fucked, because the only pain which really matters is the pain handed out to the enemy.

      Tell us Karim, how long has it been since you last chased the dragon. How far do back do you want causality to go?

  • Grandpa

    Well, a "good" rating is required for a Jew to be considered "pre-Semite." You have to support everything the state of Israel does, and if you challenge the right of Israel to exist, that automatically disqualifies you. Of course, this mucks up the Jewish anarchist movement, but they are apparently not Jewish because they have libertarian principles.

    It's the classic "only a racist, self-hating, or demented person could criticize Israel" defense. You'd think even they would get tired of that line of argument. But maybe their brain functions are so limited they can't even remember over-using an argument.
    That would make sense.
    Typically, terms like "anti-semite" and "anti-American" are bandied about by people who can't think good.

    • lovezion

      This "criticism" of Israel and the Jews goes beyond any constructive and knowledgeable of many details. It goes AGAINST, READ CORRECTLY PLEASE – YOUR VENOMOUS CRITICISM IS WITH THE OBJECTIVE OF DESTROYING ISRAEL, AND HENCE, THE JEWS. ARE YOU A JEW? THEN YOU ARE THE SICK ONE.

  • Grandpa

    Sorry, I meant "pro-Semite." My mistake. Anyway, the greater point remains.

    • Ozymandias

      Grandpa – I love your raising the issue of 'Pre-Semite – albeit it inadvertently!

      If only we had stuck with those Sumerians we'd arguably had far fewer hassles to contend with – and to think after 300 years of minding their own business in Mesopotamia – The Land between two Rivers or modern Iraq – or that they had not strayed from their Babylonian hinterland of latter day Iran – to tansmogrify into the Akkadian Semites of Sumer from whence all Arabs & Jews – then by golly we would all be a lot better off hey?!

      In the broader point you make – you are absolutely right

      • Karim

        The whole world isnt only built on Judeo-Christian and Islamic pillars.There are also other religion,creeds and ideologies which had great influence.This narrow selfishess is the crux of all monotheisms.

        • Ozymandias

          You're absolutely right Karim – but don't forget where this thread originated – with the puerile drivel of Steven Kraut's thesis of self hating Jews under the bed as you commented on so forcefully above. I'm sure you appreciate my light hearted jest with Grandpa.

          In the wider context of the contentious battle lines that seem to be drawn between Jew, Christian & Moslem which we all suffer from – I never fail to be amazed by the irony that these 3 monotheisms of Western Tradition all derive from exactly the same place – The first verse of the first book of the Bible/Torah/Old Testament/what you will – which proposes two things – One Source of Creation – and that all that was created was good – which served to eliminate dualism and place responsibility for man's actions directly on his own shoulders. Add to this the ensuing conviction of self righteousness and that he should either go out and convert the rest of humanity – or remain convinced of himself as 'Chosen' by God – and you have the recipe for disaster we have seen ever since.

          Far better perhaps the more contemplative approach of many Eastern Traditions that internalise rather than externalise behaviour?

          If forced to select an acceptable monotheism i would plump for the Baha'i Faith – while of great appeal on the eastern tradition front I would plump for the Parsi – the Zoroastrian belief system of refugees from Persia who ended up in India.

          'Be Good – Do Good – Think Good – Fight Evil – Listen to your conscience – Love Life' is their essential recipe – and it is of course no barrier at all to substantial financial success as evidenced in India's premier global corporate empire in the Tata Group – from whom corporate america could learn a great deal.

  • Ron A

    I just want to say that this phenomena is also seen with "christians" that have renounced Christ. They often become rancid haters of all and anything Christian or Jewish.

    We also see this behavior often in the old and new testament when people who have rejected the G_d of Creation curse His Name and violently oppose him.

    When you have joined the dark side: You cannot stand the light!

    • Ozymandias

      You describe St Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus to a tee.

      The problem I have always had with the whole concept of the Pauline conversion is that you are simply changing black to white – with no underlying change to the fundamental character & personality – the proselytizing continues with equal zeal – but points in the opposite direction – but with one difference to your conclusion Ron

      When Saul became Paul – he could only see the dark side in man – but then again – perhaps he was right after all?

      • cjk

        Paul continued to love and pray for his people liar.
        On the other hand mohammed (piss be upon him) returned to Mecca and murdered all his opposition including some relatives.

        • eerie Steve

          Like it or not, Mohammed existed?


          To justify Dick Marcinko's beard. I say he is not Castro's body double, god dammit but the real 5th Iman! A true creature from the deep, unworthy of neither the name or portrait of man nor beast. A true Great Satan!

          So let's do the American thing! Clone him and unleash the Marcinko Army upon Iran for Marcinko to command with Kanzius research, god damnit!

    • Andy

      Pat, I'd like to buy a vowel. Grow up, all-powerful beings don't get hurt if you spell their full names out.

  • Karim

    That is so fucking corny.I think you need to turn that lightswitch in your head on.

  • Charles Weinblatt

    Whenever we stand up to those who deny or minimize genocide we send a critical message to the world. As we continue to live in an age of genocide and ethnic cleansing, we must repel the broken ethics of our ancestors, or risk a dreadful repeat of past transgressions.

    Holocaust deniers ply their mendacious poison everywhere, especially with young people on the Internet. Such deniers have only one agenda – to distort the truth in a way that promotes antagonism against the object of their hatred, or to deny the culpability of their ancestors and heroes.

    A world that continues to allow genocide requires ethical remediation. We must show the world that religious, racial, ethnic, gender and orientation persecution is wrong; and that tolerance is our progeny's only hope. Only through such efforts can we reveal the true horror of genocide and promote the triumphant spirit of humankind.

    Charles Weinblatt
    Author, "Jacob's Courage"

  • cjk

    Wow the worshipers of the pedophile profit do come out of the woodwork for an anti-Semetic feast.
    Meteorite worshiping fiends bent on world conquest by the sword if necessary as their pedophile profit instructed.

  • PAthena

    The loyalty of these Jews-by-birth who claim to be Jews is to Vladimir Lenin, founder of Communism. They want to establish communist tyranny in Israel, the United States, and in other countries.

  • james

    Wow I see some real Antisemitism in response to a pretty shameful piece. Why don't you just open up straight to the point? You have to practice McCarthyism because there is no logical defense for all of the policies of Israel. If you are Jewish or non Jewish and do not agree with all the policies of Israel (some of which are in violation of U.N. resolutions, international law, and the interest of the U.S.), then you must be an anti-Semite. If you are not a part of the far right Likud political spectrum in Israel then you must be an anti-Semite. This shameful tactic to stifle legitimate debate is doing a terrible disservice to the Jewish diaspora. You should be ashamed of yourself for "trivializing" real Antisemitism as a catchphrase to stifle debate on issues of critical importance to the U.S. and Israel. Attacking all Jews in Israel that don't subscribe to your political ideology is also doing a terrible disservice to the democratic integrity of the state of Israel. We need a new Edward R. Murrow to illustrate your despicable ad hominem lies. Someone with the guts to take on those that use this shameful tactic to advance political objectives, trying to ruin peoples lives along the way. Thankfully, this tactic is loosing its power with each new slander. People are not getting more intimidated, in fact the opposite is happening. And when someone big in the journalistic community has the guts to take on this slander, things will change for the better for the Middle East, Israel and the U.S. And you will be the one embarrassed and discredited. If it is possible for you to be any more discredited than you already are?!

    • Karim

      There are plenty of people doing just that.Noam Chomsky,Amy Goodman,Norman Finkelstein,Neve Gordon,Sara Roy.As to disrediting them.What to discredit?Its a lunatic

      • james

        discredit? This has been the most effective tactic to stifle debate. Because legitimate debate about the policies of Israel are hard to defend.
        1 : to refuse to accept as true or accurate : disbelieve <discredit a rumor>
        2 : to cause disbelief in the accuracy or authority of <a discredited theory>
        3 : to deprive of good repute
        As for people doing just that. I'm not talking about Noam Chomsky. I'm talking about somebody like Katie Curic, Brian Williams, Charles Gibson or a whole host of other journalists that don't have the guts to take on difficult issues that need to be debated and examined. It is sad when someone must be Jewish to openly debate the policies of Israel.

  • Bruce

    Funny that no one mentions Karl Marx – culturally a Jew if not otherwise – who most notably denounced Judaism and launched his own secular religion of Communism. Russian Jews, though small in number, were at the heart of the Russian revolution. Western Jews have steadily abandoned Judaic piety replacing it with leftist political activism. So what does it mean to be a Jew in this day and age? As a very puzzled non-Jew I'd like to know.

    • Hawtjb

      I believe it was Marx's parents who converted to Christianity and raised him in a millenarianist Christian belief system. This may explain why when he rejected religion he invented a secular Utopian belief system

      • Bruce

        Yes, Marx's father "converted" to Christianity (Lutheran?) to gain acceptance in the business community. This was not uncommon for Jews in Germany at the time. I don't know, but I doubt that Marx's mother ever abandoned Judaism.

  • Paul P

    There may be something analogous existing here within the US. Some wish to do her harm for her errors throughout history. Others wish her subjugation for her callousness and arrogance. I don't truly understand it, but for some reason the "anti" mentality has taken hold among most within one generation and continues to effect its growth within the next.

    The US has countless anti's within its current political system. Most of these were raised upon a continual dose of anti throughout the 1960's. Anti propaganda was continual within the media, the arts and culture, and most of the political and cultural icons were praised for their anti messages.

    Unfortunately, most of the anti's wanting change, just haven't figured out what the change they want, is.

    • Wakefield Tolbert

      Interesting comment, Paul.

      I would agree with most of it.

      We have lots of our own "antis" raging AGAINST this or that issue. So true. I guess another way of putting this is what is the "FOR" part for all these diverse groups?

      "Change" is little more these days than a cornball, cheapjack mantra that means little beyond "I don't like what I currently see" or some emotive response. And for most people that's where "change" ends.

      It's akin to the proverbial dog chasing car tires.

      What happens when he gets one. Then what?

      • Paul P

        As I was reading this article it dawned on me that the "anti" mindset may in fact be a charachteristic which defines a generation. Perhaps even within many of the Westernized nations.

  • Joe

    Please read an article by Harvard professor Ruth Wisse from the New Republic of May 22, 1989,-'Why Jewish Liberals Blame Israel'. It offers ideas why Jews turn against Israel, support the 80 year long attempt to prevent and then destroy Israel, the world's little sovereign Jewish country. If you believe that all conflicts are solvable through rational discourse, then you can't possibly acknowledge the absolute, intractable, intransigent, hatred and non acceptance by the Islamic world of Israel's existence. The leftist can't admit that the Palestinians rejected partition twice,- once in 1937 two years before WWII even started and 2.5 years before the holocaust began with Jews being shot in the forests of Eastern Europe, and again, of course, in November 1947. They can't possibly admit to a narrative that says that between 1929 and 1948 the Palestinian National movement made a decision to do everything to prevent the existence of a sovereign Jewish country, and lost. And they can't accept the reality of the repeated attempts to destroy Israel by the larger Arab world in 1948, 1967, and 1973. So instead the leftist says the continuing conflict must be because the Jeeeews secretly conspired to control events, and governments and the world's economy in a nefarious exploitive manner,-like they did in Spain and Russia and Germany and Poland in every century just choose one. There doesn't seem to be much chance that the Arabs and Iranians will change their minds so the liberal world view of optimism and tolerance has no effect on the moslems and that makes the liberal frustrated then angry so they turn on their fellow Jews instead, "Its all Israel's fault", "If only the Israelies had done such and such at that turning point in 19__, there would be peace", "The Jews have too much power in Congress", and finally "Lets throw the jew down the well so the villagers can be happy". I wish these self proclaimed sources of higher morality, these world changing higher critics would choose someone else to hock on.

    • Crystal S.

      Joe has given a great article for you to read….I will add to your comment with a link that clearly shows, "The Big Picture." With maps, photos and easy to understand facts, this web-site can be found here;

      Israel is an oasis of Western Democracy and Judeo/Christian morality in the middle of an otherwise totalitarian Arab/Muslim Middle East.

      Did you know that Israel could fit into Florida SEVEN times!

      Surrounded by 22 Arab countries and some very nasty Arab Islamic terrorist organizations; Israel is one of the tiniest nations on the face of the earth and has had no other choice than to fight to protect it's land given as a promise.
      Arab propagandists call Israel "expansionist" and the "aggressor" against all Arab peoples. For those unfamiliar with the Arab interpretation of "aggressor," it means one who dares fight back against Arab aggression!! So even though Israel may have fought only defensive wars, the mere fact that she resisted total destruction is viewed as an "act of aggression." That's a case of wacky logic but, unfortunately, Israel doesn't have the luxury of picking her enemies!
      again, the link is here;

      For over decades, since she became a nation in 1948, Israel has sought peaceful coexistence with neighbors dedicated to her destruction. Any peace-making must be at the negotiating table and not upon an autopsy table!

      The Arab's Islam's Koran, commands Muslims to force the entire planet to submit to literal control by Islam. The Jewish Torah in promises the children of Israel a modest and reasonable allotment of land.

      How can the 13 plus million Jews in the world (almost 5 million fewer than they were in 1939!) be blamed for the problems of the 300 million Arabs, who have brotherly ties to 1.4 billion Muslims worldwide?

      Land Mass Comparisons'

      20,770 km

      Arab World
      13,486,861 km

      Do we really need another Arab State, and is Israel reallly trying to take over the Middle East?

  • Andy

    By the same set of standards, the editorship of this site is made up of self-hating anti-American Americans because they oppose the domestic and international policies of the current American administration. Bravo.

    • alan

      Opposing certain policies by the administration does not make you anti-American. It makes you anti administration where policy is concerned. That is what this country is all about. Dissent, dissent, dissent.

      • Ozymandias

        Alan – erm… you slightly missed the point of Andy's comment – but then lightness of touch and the subtlety of irony are possibly not your strong suit hey!

        On second thoughts perhaps one should help you out in view of your own words – dissent, dissent, dissent with Israeli Administration policy by anyone of Jewish extraction does not make them anti-semitic – merely anti administration where policy is concerned – right? or have I missed something pet….?

  • john

    What about that anti-semite who opposed the establishment of the Jewish state, thinking it would lead to a narrow nationalism that would be bad for the Jewish soul. He even opposed Begin traveling to the U.S. telling President of the U.S. he was a criminal! That Jew who said if he wasn't born a Jew he'd be a Quaker.What a traitor!

    Of course I am talking about Albert Einstein. Why don't you add him to your list of anti-Semites?

    • Ozymandias

      Excellent call John – still smiling in anticipation as to where Stevie Plaut & his chums will find the wriggle room to respond to your spot on observation!

      Game, set & match I would aver……….

    • Raymond in DC

      First, it should be noted that Einstein was one of the founders of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, to which he bequeathed not only his papers but rights to his name. Second, whatever earlier reservations he had about creating a state vanished with the Holocaust. He was invited to serve as Israel's first President, though he declined the honor.

      Lots of Jews earlier in the 20th century had doubts about the wisdom of creating a Jewish state. But minds change in response to events and experience.

      • Ozymandias

        Raymond – do you have a view on this interesting essay reference your comment above in relation to Einstein?

        I put forward here one paragraph as follows:

        The Propaganda[i]

        'That Einstein was a Zionist, plain and simple, is a myth perpetuated by the pro-Israel media. Their motive behind an unqualified portrayal of Einstein as Zionist and pro-Israel–to distort public perception of him, is understandable. The tactics and methods of such distortion of reality in regard to Israel, and its allies or adversaries, are quite well-known. Since Einstein was undeniably one of the most towering figures of the 20th century's scientific community, his endorsement for political Zionism and Israel is an enormous political capital to pass up. But more importantly, if he was not portrayed as a pro-Israel Zionist, people most likely would be curious about his real views. Such curiosity�and follow-up knowledge–could incur significant liability against political Zionism and Israel. To prevent this, exploitation of the mighty Zionist media seemed most convenient, to propagate ad nauseam what is contrary to the truth, create a MYTH about the connection between Einstein and Zionism (political, to be specific) and suppress all information contrary to that which is put out by that media. It's a fortress almost impossible to break through.'

        I found the whole essay thought provoking.
        The link is:

        It rather suggests that your comments may not provide the whole story

        • Happy and Proud

          Repeating a lie from an antisemitic writer does not make it true. Look at the facts. Although he was unsure about Zionism when he was youngt, Einstein became a great supporter of Israel.

          If you tried reading reliable sources you would see this.

          • john

            As I said earlier:
            Einstein developed his concern for the Jewish state AFTER WWII.
            See his memoirs: Out of My Later Years, p. 263

            That was written in the 1950s.

        • john

          good source Ozy. I think the others call Farooq an anti semite based on his last name.

      • John

        Einstein developed his concern for the Jewish state AFTER WWII.
        See his memoirs: Out of My Later Years, p. 263

        Remember, they offered him the presidency of Israel and he declined.

        • Hilel Salomon

          Kind of late in the game. WW II was and remains an excellent reason to support the creation and existence of Israel. No shame in that. German Jews didn't think that anything could happen to them. After all, they were assimilated, educated and prominent. They too were critical of Jews and Judaism. No… criticism of Israel doesn't automatically involve a hatred of Jews. Hoping that Israel disappears does.
          Denying the Holocaust or minimizing it by claiming fraud is anti-Jewish. Frankly, gratuitous use of words like "Nazi" and "Fascist" to describe Israel is not only wrong but indeed winds up being anti-Jewish.

    • Joe

      I suggest you read a biography of Albert Einstein. After its creation, Einstein was a fervent supporter of Israel, though he was what one would now call a secular Jew.

  • gideon isaac

    One argument I see by various commenters is that Plaut is saying that anyone who criticizes Israel is an anti-Semite. But that is not what he is saying. There is one interesting item I found in a newsletter called "Outpost" –> "A run-of-the-mill social worker in Berlin may now tell the youths he works with, without causing concern: ‘Don’t say Jewish pig. Just say you are critiquing Israel’s policy.’”
    This was in the article on anti-Semitism in:….
    There are certain fair ways to criticize a person, a group, or a country, and there are unfair ways. One way to detect the unfair ways is to look at double standards – does the critic ignore major rights abuses elsewhere, and magnify them in his target, for instance. Or does the critic spread outright lies that he knows are lies.

    • cjk

      They had to build that straw man in order to have an argument. I would venture to say that most of us supporters of Israel both Jewish or Christian have our areas of disappointment with her. I am personally deeply disappointed with many of their policies, however mistreatment of her sworn enemies ain't one of them nor is it possible for a sane, just person to think so..
      Anyone and I mean anyone who finds that Israel mistreats her enemies has a problem whether it be with reality, ignorance, hypocrisy, or just plain hatred and Antisemitism.

      • Heffalump

        Well said! Bravo!

  • John C. Davidson

    I see bigotry has arisen while this administration uses it as a tool to reduce our rights to speak freely. Someone has to be inciting people to protest and I suspect the trail leads back to taxpayer funding.

  • JPB

    This whole thing is to keep us going in circles. Nazis and Communists have always been two arms of a many-armed monster. This monster has been trying to rule the world for thousands of years. About two thousand years ago Christianity put a big wound to one of its heads. We see it in the pages of "real" history. It is called paganism, occult, satanism, and various other names throughout history. It has been called Classicism, Helenism, Humanism, etc. They constantly work to blur the line between good and evil.

    • Ozymandias

      JPB – I'm a little confused as to your methodology for mixing metaphors…….

      This Monster of yours – it's many armed I know – and it has clearly been around for a long time because you assert that 2000 years ago Christianity managed to inflict some damage to one of its heads – could you please enlighten me as to how many arms and heads it actually has perhaps – and does it walk on 2 or 4 legs – or is it more like a millipede with lots & lots of legs?

      But quite apart from this Monsters physical characteristics I am curious as to how and when it managed to to develop the personality characteristics of both Nazi & Communist tendencies – since these philosophies tend to be mutually exclusive as well as having manifested themselves upon poor benighted humanity only over the last 130 odd years or so by most observers reckoning.
      The poor Beastie must be terribly confused – if not downright schizoid – with all those other traits of paganism, occultism – not to mention Classicism, Hellenism & Humanism too……. I'm wondering if it suffered from an affliction of Zen or The Enlightenment and perhaps Zionism as well?
      Personally I would recommend that this rather confused Monster should subscribe to the whole Rapture concept so beloved by 25% of the Us population – but then again a big fat spliff with a bunch of Rastafarians may be more relaxing no?

      • cjk

        I would rather subscribe to something like the rapture also instead of world domination by the sword if necessary as 100% of all followers of the murderous pedophile named mohammed (piss be upon him) believe.

        I'll help you with my take on the monster…iI's called islam, but it really is mohammedanism.

  • Filad

    You claim that "Irving, in turn, claims the entire Holocaust is a Zionist hoax and that no Jews were murdered in Auschwitz." That is an outright lie. Irving has never said anything like that. Please show me your quote!

    • cjk

      Are you kidding? He was jailed for 13 months in Austria in 2005/2006 for two speeches he made in 1989 in which he denied the Holocaust.
      To be fair he now believes that indeed 2-3 million Jews were killed, BUT Hitler didn't even know about it !!!!??

  • Maas

    Germany is full of Germanophobic racists and worshippers of Stalin too. The most poisonous communist Germanophobes are Germans. This phenomenon isn't restricted to the Jews.

  • Sandman

    Muslims and Jews worked together to bring Classic Greek into Spain and then Europe which caused the Renaissance. When Queen Isabella cast both Jews and Muslims out of Spain many Jews fled to Muslim countries. Why are they now enemies? Can anyone here explain this?

    • cjk

      Gee, maybe it's because the murderous, thieving, pedophile that mohammedans worship taught that Jews are descendants of apes and pigs among other despicable teachings of that fiend? That the glorious last day of allah's (Satan's) judgment won't occur until all the Joooooos are massacred by his followers?….Ya think?
      Get your history straight also, the Jews were treated as third rate Dhimmis by the pedophile worshipers in Spain…..look up Maimonides and see what he thought if you don't believe me.

      • Sandman

        Maimonides taught Neoplatoism, as did Muslims. I didn't mean to offend. I'm not anti-jewish. I'm not anti-anyone. But, there is something very fishy that goes on with this Jewish-Muslim thing. Things are not adding up. These questions are beginning to spring up: Why do so many Jews work to destroy Christianity when so many Christians are the ones who try to protect and help the Jews? Why are Christians being persecuted in Israel? Why did Karl Marx, Leo Trosky, and other Jewish Marxist overthrow Russia? Why are Jewish-owned Hollywood, major tv networks trying to destroy Christianity and America? Saul Alinsky (Jew), George Soros (Jew), Rahm Emanual (Jew), David Axelrod (Jew), and a long, long list of anti-Americans. Is it because they still reject Jesus and His followers? I'm not accusing. I'm wanting answers.

        • cjk

          Legitimate questions. First of all true mohammedanism doesn't teach Neoplatoism and it never did.
          I can't stress enough the need for people to research mohammedan history and scripture. Mohammed was a murderous, terrorizing, pedophilic, Arab imperialist who made up his 'religion' solely for his own sake. If you're a decent person you will detest his example and doctrine soon after you begin to learn the truth about him and his true followers.
          As far as your points about the historical and present actions of many leftist Jews toward Christianity, I am in agreement with you. I see them as akin in many ways to the subjects in this article.

  • 080

    After the outbreak of the Second World War a breathless aide rushed into Roosevelt's office to inform him that Bulgaria had just declared war on the United States. Roosevelt looked at him and said "Did you ever hear of a fart in a hurricane?" Or at least something very like that. That's how I look at the "Jews" who support jihad.

    • cjk

      I think you're underestimating their influence and importance, especially to the Jihadists themselves.
      I can't tell you how many people I've run into who parrot the doctrines of Noam Chomski or some other idiot of his type without really understanding what he's really all about.

  • Bruce

    The Marxist left has never deviated from its core belief/fantasy that everlasting peace will only prevail when humanity has been thoroughly homogenized. That means the elimination of all differentiating entities such as national sovereignties and absolutely all religions except communism itself. Israel is, by its very existence, antithetical to this objective. It stands as a differentiating entity and therefore must be eliminated according to Marxist dogma – a dogma which far too many secular ("self-hating") jews embrace.

  • Sandman

    But, Karl Marx WAS a Jew. Leo Trosky, who organized the Red Army, WAS a Jew. Those who overthrew Russia were mostly Jews. The anti-Americans who buillt Hollywood and the major tv networks were Jews from Eastern Germany and Russia. Saul Alinsky was a Jew. George Soros is a Jew. Obama's administration is hopping with Jews. So why are these Jews against Christians and America? What's their beef? Why would Jews want to destroy Israel? Or do they? What are they up to?

    • cjk

      Yes they do want to destroy Israel. Read what they do and say.

  • JCG

    Self-hating Jews? Bull crap! It isn't self they hate. Its Christianity. Or haven't you noticed?

  • lovezion

    I got off my chest my thoughts towards those inferior renegade traitor jews here, and that is the only few minutes they deserve that I waste on them. I don't care to hear stories of who isi the real Jew or whatever, all I care is that those soul-less jews are destroying Israel and the rest of us Jews. YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!

  • Joy

    I've been reading through the New Testament and marking each Scripture where there was persecution against Jesus and His followers. WOW! The Pharisee Jews were really cruel people. They didn't want anyone believing in Jesus. They even killed people for believing or teaching about Jesus. Could perhaps these mean Jews today (and perhaps Marx) be their descendents? Surely they couldn't still be mad at Jesus and His followers after 2000 yrs, could they? It makes me wonder, yet it makes me feel a little foolish to ask that question. Has anyone else thought of this?

    • cjk

      You must remember that just about everyone in The New Testament, both the persecutors and the persecuted were all Jews.
      Today you will find that most Jews of a conservative tilt are grateful to and friendly with Christianity, whereas when you find the anti-Christian types they are almost always liberal/leftist.
      One finds the same split even in Israel itself where many recognize that the main reason that the USA supports Israel is because of it's Christian influence, whereas many on the left will vehemently with viciousness swear against that blindly.
      Many of those poor lefties also claim that Christians only help Israel just to convert them and thereby bring about the end of the world……… Ridiculous, but then again it seems like the left excels at ridiculousness.

  • Dashstar

    Why is empathy so problematic in a situation where people share so much of the same outlook: a religion with similar roots, a desire for the same land, similar ethnic roots?
    Isn’t it clear that ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are not objective in the Israeli-Palestinian? If I were born Palestinian, I would be outraged at the indignities and poverty I and my people had suffered. If I had born Israeli, I would be defensive, scared of being overwhelmed in a hostile region, using the argument of self-defence. All this argument is just people trying to find rationalisations for their own self-interest. Perhaps a trite point but surely most people deep down can acknowedge the truth of that statement.

    In the end, right and wrong don’t matter and hysterical articles like this one only delay the day when a hard-headed rational negotiation will solve the problem based on an understanding that the opponent is just another person trying to get the best deal they can.

    Frankly, I don’t understand why the Palestinians haven’t just asked for Israeli citizenship. Why fight for ‘sovereignity’ over what will basically be a bantu-land of Israeli worker dormitories when you can inherit the infrastructure of a modern state? If the Palestinians became the strongest advocates for a truly democratic ‘Greater Israel’ – what a political masterstroke! :-)

    Finally, lighten up guys…

  • bob

    Those jews alter environementalists are the Beettles oecumenical generation, those peace and love, who thanks to their faith have broken the Berlin wall the year of the French Revolution two Hundredth Anniversary 1989.
    The more representative personnality is Lady Hedy Epstein, 83 years old, Shoah rescue, who made last Christmas day a starving strike in Cairo in order to relay the 80 NGO's demand of visiting poor families in Gaza.
    So the Stalinien outdated tradition to accuse political opponents of mental disorders, should be given up and reimplaced by a fair dialogue made possible thanks to the new communication technologies…
    Moreover, at the time of French decolonization, a lot of North African natives have gone to Israel, and some of them who are graduated in medical skilled go regularly in both parts of the borders in Israel/Palestine.
    So, the Atlantic terminology consisting of finding 2 peoples in this area doesn't suit to Mediterranean reality which is a craddle of civilization, Francophony organization reinforcing this Mediterranean homogenity with common actions.…

  • RepublicanStones

    Among the most open Israeli promoters of anti-Semitic mythology today is Professor Shlomo Sand, a hardcore communist on the history faculty of Tel Aviv University. Sand last year published a book with a far-left anti-Israel publisher claiming to prove that Jews are not and never have been a “people

    Why is the history of Judaism anti-semitic? Sand actually shows Jews are a people, in the same way muslims are a people, or presbyterians. he also demonstrated how it is a falsehood for anyone to claim World Jewry is descended from the levant. unfortunately for zionism, Judaism has a history of conversion and proselyzation which cannot be denied or altered.

    Only marginally less openly anti-Semitic is Norman Finkelstein, who had been on the faculty of DePaul University until he was fired three years back (and has been unemployed ever since)

    How come you don’t mention the reason he was denied tenure? Why no mention of the pressure from Alan Dershowitz on DePaul? The dishonesty of this article is self-evident by the authors descision to leave out such vital information.

  • RepublicanStones

    He has praised Holocaust Denier David Irving as a great and reliable historian.

    Ever hear of a little thing called context? Obviously not from your decision to leave out the reason why he had earlier been denied tenure at DePaul.
    Let me do it for you…

  • RepublicanStones

    Questioner:It has been said of you, intended as a compliment, that you are the “Jewish David Irving.” I would agree with that. Do you, are you proud of that characterisation, do you agree with it, do you take it as a compliment?

  • RepublicanStones

    Finkelstein:Ahhh… I don’t know really, honestly, how to answer that question. With all due respect, I think that’s a stupid question so I can’t answer it. [Audience laughs] I can’t. What do you want? [laughing, clapping]… Ok, if you ask me what I think of David Irving… listen, young man, I can give you the politically correct answer and say “he’s terrible, he’s this and he’s that.” Personally, I don’t like the fellow. I think he is a Nazi. However, I have to be fair. And I want you to listen. Fairness means: A) I’m not an authority on the topic on which he writes. Mostly on military history, [audience noise, talking] on the German side, during WW2. Number two, [audience noise, talking] historians who are authorities on him have given mixed ratings. (cont below)

  • RepublicanStones

    Gordon Craig, one of the leading historians on Germany in the US who writes regularly for the New York Review of Books, Gordon Craig wrote, “his contributions are indespensible.” I can’t change that. I cannot say Gordon Craig is wrong. You know why I can’t do it? Because I’m humble enough to say: I-Don’t-Know. John Keagan, one of the leading military historians in the UK, when he testified in the Irving Lipstad [spelling?] trial, he testified on his side, on Irving’s side, as being a good historian. So I can only report to you what other historians have said. And so in the book, in the Holocaust Industry, I wrote that Gordon Craig said that his contributions, his meaning Irving’s, are indespensible and that became “Finkelstein says Irving is an indespensable historian.”

  • RepublicanStones

    And Mr Plaut is supposed to be a professor? He has patently crafted a hatchet job with this article, by opting to leave out vital information and putting his own spin on quotes taken out of context. Hasn't he ever heard of scholarship?

  • Read Jack Bernstein

    Let me guess.. "students" of yours, Steve?

  • Karl

    [The bird-brained HELLywood shmucks affect even our Kansas birds – the HELLywoodized ones with their blaring boombox "mating calls" which scare our little feathered ones. So I am sharing this with all non-shmucks. Karl]

    Our songbirds here in MitcHELL County, Kansas want
    to give the following update on the insane boombox noise here:
    "The noisiest kid over in the city of Beloink drives an older white sedan with license number 178-BJW. Our owner's friends in Beloink have told the police about him several times, but it never dawns on the Keystone Kops there that they could use an unmarked car to verify the noise; the kids have cell phones and can warn their friends when they see a marked patrol car coming.
    "And it never dawns on the anti-social psychopaths (who may be making up for the lack of noisy rattles in their infancy) that their unlawful noise may be harming a sick baby or someone whose night job forces him to sleep days – or even some veteran who can get "flashbacks" of battlefield cannon booms!
    "It's obvious that many Kansas kids are no longer Christians, or patriotic Americans, or even human because they have been slowly brainwashed and mentally enslaved by leftist, anti-family, perverted, unAmerican, Jesus-bashing, Marxist shlemiels and shmucks in HELLywood who exercise their first amendment rights by dangling every known vice before Kansas farm kids while secretly viewing them as red-state "hicks"! After America falls we'll be able to blame the buyers of HELLywood's videos and devil music as much as the HELLywood devils themselves!
    "If you think such music doesn't create devils, why do little piggy Beloinkers blast quiet neighborhoods even on Sunday mornings during church time? Do those paranoids really think everyone is out to get them and they have to have growling tailpipes for the same reason a dog growls? Since we don't get to democratically vote whether we want to hear their music or any music, will those "dictators" be happy when God responds in kind by letting America be taken over by a big dictator who will likely ban all "dirty capitalist" noise! Until then, maybe a tornado – or even a nuclear war – will cover up at least some of the noise!
    "Many other places (like Albuquerque and Reno) have huge fines for boombox noise and even impound offending cars! How can high-crime, gambling towns have better "Kansas values" than a north central Kansas town?
    "Have the little piggies here heard of headphones? We don't care if they're smoking pot and fornicating in the middle of our road at 3 a.m. as long as they're quiet! North Bell St. over in Beloink is the noisiest place in the county. Would the BELLies care if one of our friends is a veteran a block east of them who might go postal over the noise? As long as the cops do nothing about this, we songbirds will keep singing to the whole world about MitcHELL County!"
    See what smart birds we have?
    Karl (in Karl's Kastle)

    [Want more? Google "David Letterman's Hate, Etc."]

  • Jewish hypocrisy

    "embracing the goals of people openly committed to one's destruction is a form of madness"

    Yes it is! So why do Jews in the ADL/SPLC etc, call White people who oppose the non White immigrant invasion of their countries racist? Or call them racist for opposing interracial marriage?

    Why is it "madness" when Jews embrace goals that lead to the destruction of Jews, but it's sane and normal for Whites to embrace goals that lead to the destruction of Whites?

  • First Stone

    Would it be fair to make the following inference?

    A critic of Israel is either A or B:

    A) a racist gentile Anti Semite or
    B) a pathologically self hating Jewish Anti Semite,

    Therefore, it logically follows that no-one, no man or woman put on Earth can ever criticise the State of Israel, no matter what the state does.

    The state of Israel is beyond reproach. To question Israel is to be an Anti Semite of category A or B.
    Therefore the only way not to be an Anti Semite is to vociferously express unflinching support for the state, no matter what it does. All Israeli Patriots are beyond reproach. If you criticise them, you are an Anti Semite of category A or B. If you as much as dare challenge their stance, you are in fact siding with the Anti Semites.

    This is not a uniquely Israeli trait, of course. American hippies who protested against the Vietnam war were declared not just un-American, but Anti-American. Widespread criticism of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, was described by the American media as an outburst of "Anti-Americanism".
    Fundamentalist Muslims will not suffer any critique of their holy book from even fellow Muslims, much less from apostate ex-Muslims, whom they consider so Anti-Islamic, they are unfit to live.

    It is no surprise that Israel should join the tribe of chauvinist zealotry in the way it has. What perhaps makes the israeli über patriotism unique, is the language used. We are supposed to believe that Anti-Semitism is a virus. A virus which has infected all the Europeans, (well…excluding our buddies in the USA, of course…the American climate rid them of their virus) and most of Asia, including all of the Arabs, of course.
    Racism towards blacks, however widespread it may be, is not considered an actual virus-based plague in the same way.
    Any dissenting Jew is also actually sick, in the literal sense of the word. Pathologically suffering from mental illness. A mental illness known as "Self-Hatred", which bears an uncanny resemblance in all of its "symptomology" to what is otherwise commonly known as "dissent", which is not considered…by reasonable people…as a form of mental illness….which is in fact normally seen as a sign of mental HEALTH.

  • First Stone

    It should be obvious to even a casual observer that the accusation of Anti Semitism has been over-used. Some of the more sensible defenders of Israel might want to adress this by stating that is wrong to dismiss all critique of Israel as Anti Semitism. But this statement is seldomly, if ever, backed up with examples of their own, or others, critique of Israel, that they think is valid and exempt from mental illness.
    What we do see in abundance, is cases of known supporters of Israel's right ot be, its right to self-defence, and its right to exist in peace, being accused of Anti Semitism just the same, and being thrown in the same box along with any nitwitted neo-nazi.
    Famous examples include the honourable South African judge Richard Goldstone, and the self-proclaimed Zionist Noam Chomsky. Both are villified, despite the fact that they have a strong sympathy for the state of Israel, which might not always sit well with their strong aversion to war crimes.

    And it does not take much effort to find statements from the mouths of others who have so far escaped the dreaded label of Anti Semitism.
    Zeev Maoz has said and written some things concerning Israel's risk assesment which some of the people commenting here might find traitorous and slanderous, if it were coming from the mouth of a Norman Finkelstein. Shlomo Ben-Ami has sided with the view that Israel was founded by ethnically cleansing Palestinians from their homeland, but Ilan Pappe is condemned for reaching the same conclusions.

    What type of citizen does Israel mass-produce, that would rather resort to ad hominem attacks on their own people, before daring to accept the possibility that maybe Jewish people are like any other people on Earth…fallible, and prone to the same sins. To the same abuse of power. To the same corruptability. To the same arrogance and blind scapegoating. To think otherwise is quite the opposite of Anti Semitic. But the opposite isn't much prettier.

  • Joe

    It is an interesting avenue for someone to gain world attentionby being a venomous Jew-hater. It is also a way to make a lucrative living by jet-setting the world, making speeches and writing books that have a ready audience. These people stand out because they are Jews, and that makes them sought out. This is a status that these individuals cannot attain in their otherwise mediocre lives.

  • Dan

    Those wailing on the author , or commenting that "anyone critisizing Israel is labelled an anti Semitic" is humorously doing the same they accuse the author of – making an all encompassing statement instead of dissecting and agreeing/disagreeing as warranted.
    To the extent that there are only disagreements , and no agreement , an unrealistic bent
    given at least some of the comments , then that would speak for itself.
    Certainly there could be some disagreement , such as Goldstone , but just as certainly other comments are valid. I'd be curious what the "overall dissenters" posting here think of Goldstone reversing his findings – well , not really so curious….

  • Hilel

    Einstein was called upon to help when a Jew was suing several Jewish newspapers for identifying him as a Jew. Einstein's public comment was that what made the Jewish people great was the fact that the morally weak ones dropped out , therefore strengthening the core. Finkelstein, Chomsky and all those others will be gone and Jews will be better, stronger and more morally resolute.

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  • Robin Rosenblatt

    George Soros through, The New Israel Fund organized, funded and trained local Arabs to attacks the ranches, farms In Israel to drive the Jews out of the Galilee. Once started, these attacks will continue on independent of the New Israel Fund. Leading to the possible creation of a “Fifth Column or Trojan Horse” behind IDF defense lines.

    It is now Unsafe to Drive on major roads in the Galilee, Unsafe to walk or hike in the Galilee. Help make it safe again, (Officer Israeli border Guard)

    To solve this problem we need Nachal, The New Shomrim, the Israeli Boarder Guards, volunteers and the Israel Longhorn Project all working together.

    Israel Ranches are being attacked their passive European cattle is being mutilated and killed by local Palestinians, jackals and wolves. Israel needs desert cattle that fits its environment and can defend it’s self and it’s calves. That breed of cattle is Texas Longhorn. To start $240,000 Robin Rosenblatt 03.722.6108 or 650.631.9270

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  • Yonatan Goldman

    this is one of the aspects that the "Messiah" will need to fix. Abolish Jewish Anti Antisemitism

  • fred

    A must read. The far left and its embrace of antisemitism and oddly enough muslim extremism should be held up to task. whether it is womens rights, or homosexuals being put to death it seems the hatred of jews makes standing beside monsters in jew hating union more important than any of their supposed progressive principles, its quite perverse.

    Glad someone broke down the situation.

  • Office Design

    There are a lot of other examples (even more recent ones in their own European backyard) – for example the opression of the Hungarian minorities in the Slovak Republic, in Serbia, in Transsylvania. Or take the mostly government supported or tolerated violent racism in all of these countries including Hungary, the Czech Republic, Italy etc. against the Roma people – but in these occurences of very serious human right abuses they can’t find the Jewish connection so why they should care at all?

  • Edis

    I do not think that legitimate criticism of either Israel or other Jews makes one a hater-quite the contrary! I seriously doubt that the Jews you mentioned are Holocaust deniers!-Israel does treat Palestinians horribly on a daily basis-and:why should the United States and other countries give money to Israel in a time of worldwide economic strife-this is not Jew hating! The same old story-blame the messenger for the message. I am a Jew-I know-many Jews (and others) are self-promoting, self-seeking criminals in the world of finance and politics-should we defend the war machine of Netanyahu or the criminality on a global scale of Bernard Madoff? I think not.

  • scott

    Zionism and Israel can do no wrong. Everyone else is wrong. Keep spewing your propaganda as It reveals the true nature of Zionism. The anti democratic government of Israel has no room to condemn other nations of antisemitism. Look at the log jam in your own eyes.

    • Alexander Harold Hersh

      Zionism spews forth propaganda?? What utter nonsense!!

    • Alexander Harold Hersh

      According to your erroneous self-righteous judgement and assessment, Zionism and the renascent Jewish State of Israel in the ancestral, biblical and historical Jewish National Homeland in the Holy Land of Israel, Samaria and Judea from the Mediterranean Sea to the River Jordan can do no right. Everyone else and all the Christian and Muslim nations of Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia are always right and beyond reproach.
      The TRUE nature of Zionism does NOT spew forth propaganda at all but stands unequivocally for the truth regarding the resurrection of Jewish nationalism, Jewish pride and the restoration of Jewish sovereignty over the Holy Land of Israel, Samaria and Judea. You are biased and prejudiced and are therefore unable to face facts and hear the TRUTH because you cannot come to terms with the reality of the new world order.
      If truth be declared, the Government of the Jewish State of Israel is one of the most democratic in the world. In stark and glaring contrast, the governments of the overwhelming majority of Muslim Arab nations throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Asia are backward, decadent, corrupt, brutal, oppressive, moribund and morally bankrupt.
      As a matter of fact, the democratic Government of the Jewish State of Israel has every moral right to criticise and condemn the ‘holier-than-thou’, sanctimonious and self-righteous Christian nations of Europe or Eurabia and the Muslim nations of the Levant, the Middle East and Asia for their anti-Semitism, bigotries, canards of hatred, prejudices, lies and propaganda which they spew forth daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
      You and all the Christian and Muslim nations must first remove the large planks of wood from your eyes and their eyes before you and they attempt to remove the splinters of wood from our eyes and the eyes of the Jewish State of Israel !