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Top 10 Sarah Palin Haters From Blogosphere, Media, Comedians and Obama Supporters

Posted By Susan Duclos On August 1, 2010 @ 9:00 am In NewsReal Blog | No Comments

(WOW Report staffers; Clockwise from left: Steve Sims, Kristy Benjamin, Lindsey Hager, Drew Forni, and Lindsay Woods.- Photos by Fred Dechow)

Since August 29, 2008, when Sarah Palin was first introduced as John McCain’s Vice Presidential choice of a running mate, reactions to Palin were and continue to be extreme.

The extremity of Palin hatred started within hours of the announcement, as did the hideousĀ rumors (about her son Trig for instance) that were passed from one leftist website to the next without one shred of evidence to back them up.

The goal, simply put, was to destroy Sarah Palin by any means possible. Being as passionate as they always are, progressive bloggers, media pundits, leftist groups and even comedians started their hate campaign instantly.

This top ten list of Palin haters was not hard to compile. All that was difficult was putting the names in the right order. After all, how does one measure levels of hatred and vitriol that many can never imagine feeling?

I divided it up into two separate categories.

1. Hateful comments and actions

2. Obsessive behavior.

Without further ado, we begin…

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