Defending Tiger’s “Victimized” Mistresses: How Does Gloria Allred Sleep at Night?

I just returned from CPAC – you can find some details about it here — and saw Gloria Allred on TV again. She was on some panel with five other people yapping about the Tiger Woods debacle. The five other people had the wisdom to shake their heads at this pitiful excuse for a woman who’s defending one of Tiger’s mistresses.

The question is, Defending her from what? What the hell does this mistress of Tiger’s need a lawyer for? According to Allred, her client deserves compensation because she’s a “victim” of Tiger’s.

Puhleeease. How is a woman who knowingly sleeps with a married man a victim? That’s the insidiousness of modern feminism. That there’s even a lawyer for this situation is pathetic. But there she is — Ms. Gloria Allred — ready to turn any woman into a helpless little girl, even if she’s been a willing accomplice. In Allred’s twisted mind, all women are helpless babies who need a big, strong woman like Allred to take care of her.

Get a life, Ms. Allred. Then maybe you’ll stop wasting everyone else’s time and money.