D.C.’s Race Quota Job Boom

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Stephen S. Fuller, university professor and director of the Center for Regional Analysis pointed out that projected growth in full-time federal jobs is calculated to be 125,550 between 2009 and 2012. To put the ballooning of the federal government in perspective, Fuller mentioned that “when government moved to Washington in 1800, 14 wagons carried the entire paperwork (archives) of government” through the muddy streets of D.C. where only 8,140 people lived. Now the District of Columbia has 604,000 residents, and the metropolitan area encompasses 5,580,000.

The housing market in the District of Columbia, but especially the outlying areas or northern Virginia and south-western Maryland, where many of the high-income bureaucrats, members of Congress and professionals live, is far outpacing other parts of the country. So, as an article in Politico points out, there’s “a yawning gap between the American people and D.C. powerful when it comes to their economic reality—and their economic perceptions.”

The huge expansion of the federal bureaucracy under Obama has “guaranteed a robust job market for policy professionals, regulators and contractor for years to come. According to a Politico poll, close to half of the “Washington elites” said the country and the economy are headed in the right direction. In contrast, only about 25 percent of the general population said they felt that way.

Federal civilian employees (1.9 million of them) had an average pay of $79,197 in 2008, according to an examination of data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis by the Cato Institute. The average pay for the nation’s 108 million private-sector workers was only $50,028. With enormous federal deficits for years to come, the Cato study said one place to find savings is the generous compensation of the (now 2.1 million) civilian employees.

“Total wages and benefits paid to executive branch civilians was $230 billion in [fiscal year] 2010.” A job-to-job comparison found that “federal workers earned higher wages than private-sector workers in four-fifths of the occupations examined.” When health care and pensions are included, those on the federal payroll averaged $119,982, double what ‘Joe Six-pack’ makes. Routine adjustments move federal employees into higher salary rackets regardless of performance. Federal job-holders are more unionized (37.4percent) than in the real world of the private sector (7.2 percent), according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. More union members are black than are white.

As George Mason University’s Stephen Fuller puts it, “We have an Administration that’s clearly expanding the role of the federal government as manager and provider of funds. That hasn’t been the case in the past, except in the case of wars.” As Fuller’s charts show: From 2009 to April 2010, the Obama Administration boosted employment by 28,000 to a total of 125,000 jobs. In the 8 years of the George Bush Administration, federal jobs fell by 35,000. Fuller explained that there is such considerable outsourcing now that many thousands are working indirectly for the government through contracts. So, about half of the total federal spending is for procurement in the Metro area, including all manner of goods and service from a new hair-do for a lady lobbyist in Silver Spring, MD, to Northrop Grumman  moving operations from Southern California to Northern Virginia. Federal procurement alone in the Metro area in 2009 totaled $519 billion.

In the atmosphere of ultra-liberal hiring policies brought on by Obama Administration policies and new laws, many stories have been carried in the media that said, to enforce the collected of  health law mandates, the IRS will have to hire 16,000 new agents. But Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) got the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to study the matter and send him a letter saying only about 11,800 new workers at IRS will be hired in connection with the new health care law.

What a relief!

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    REVERSE RACISM AND SEXISM…..Is this the "change" we can believe in????

  • blotto

    I was eager to read (what I had already spectulated), but the author did not stay on topic. I thought he would discuss the unequal hiring of blacks and "other protected minorities" by the government. That is what the title suggests as well as the caption. But we were treated to a diatribe of the overall obese hiring by the government. ____

    Why not even narrow the topic to the embarrissing racial spoils and quota hirings? How about examining how white Americans especially males are being left out of job creation and hiring? How about looking at the how the racial spoils system of affirmative action has further widened the gulf between whites and blacks? Or how the joke of diversity has lead to what….better education, better colleges, a stronger society, more unity???? How about examining why the NFL and NBA are NOT called out for their lack of white players? Or how come historically black colleges are not challenged for their lack of diversity? Or why private companies are forced not only to hire diversity keeper but to hire based on skin color?____

    If you are going to have a provocative title, I would hope that you would have a good commentary to follow.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/imnokuffar imnokuffar

    Welcome my friends to the UK – oops sorry now USA. If you think things in the USA are bad, just take a look at what is happening in the UK and has been happening for years. This is just the tip of what will happen in a few short years in the USA. God help you and welcome to the PC/Multicult armageddon. "

    "Our job is to promote equality and human rights, and to create a fairer Britain. We do this by providing advice and guidance, working to implement an effective legislative framework and raising awareness of your rights."

    Equalities and Human Rights Commission mission statement.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/ctyankee ctyankee

      Yes, in the UK you probably do have quotas for the "Muslim Race" and South Asians. But "South Asian" can also include Hindus and Sikhs, right?

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/imnokuffar imnokuffar

        There is no such thing as a "Muslim Race". Islam is not racial its a cult. What they seek to do in Britain is to proportianately populate all positions in accordance with set criteria. So of 5% are black, then 5% of a given industry should be staffed by black people etc etc. As you can imagine there is a tendency to fill a position with a black person/Asian even if they are not qualified. This is particularly prevalent in organisations that depend on government contracts and in the government itself. Personally I have nothing against black/asian people getting jobs if they are qualified to do them and if white people are also considered. Discrimination is discrimination be it positive or not. I have personally witnessed inadequate ethnics getting jobs on the basis of thier ethnicity. This breeds resentment and anger and once these people are hired its virtually impossible to get rid of them.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/ctyankee ctyankee

    Quotas for Black and Hispanics in government jobs are not new. How does this affect the job prospects of a white male vs. an Asian Indian? I am curious how the group "Asian Indian" will be represented on the 2010 Census. They break down "Hispanic" into several nationalities but they also distinguish among several Asian nationalities on the Census Questionnaire.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/imnokuffar imnokuffar

      Oh don't worry about all that, they will have an entire beaurocracy dedicated to resolving questions like this. And you will pay for it !!!!!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/weRscrewed weRscrewed

    If we allow the Obama administration to continue to play the RACE CARD in every segment of the Economy and Society we are surely headed for a Race War. Perhaps that is exactly what POTUS has in mind to enable him to play the Ultimate RACE CARD, MARTIAL LAW. It seems to me his either Oblivious of the effects of his Policies or is simply aware and pushing the American People in the direction of Revolution.

    IMPEACH POTUS! He is not an American in thought, belief or action.

    • Dennis X

      Having worked for the state for almost 20 years I have never seen a Black person or Black Company awared a contact , its AWAYS the " good old boys" , I love the death of white supremacy !!!!!!!

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/weRscrewed weRscrewed

        If what you say is tue, I would agree something needs to be done about it on a situational Basis. I do not believe that reversing the descrimination helps or solve the Problem. There are legal remedies availale to Contractors who think they may be victims of discrimination but Passing laws that Guarantee Reverse Descrimination is no solution. So I guess, in your opinion, the New Black Panther Party was rightly exonerated for Interfering with the Philly Elections. They should be let off because they were just Blacks screwing with Whitey? If you can honestly answer yes you are a RACIST.

      • jaythehistorian

        You are an obvious baldfaced liar. You either never worked for a state government, or you know blacks/hispanics etc are favored in all states but choose to disseminate disinformation because you are a racist. As for your "love" of the death of white supremacy, you would be living in the stone age without all of the inventions of white people.

      • http://intensedebate.com/profiles/lesacreduprintemps19 lesacreduprintemps19

        This guy is lying. You can check out percents here. http://adversity.net/fed_stats/OPM2007/001_blacks

    • Seek

      And in all likelihood, in citizenship either.

  • Dennis X

    Please compare the rate of unemployment of Black males to white males, please!!! The NBA has white players but mostly from europe, no excuse ask larry bird. As for historically Black Colleges1. they were founded because whites didn't allow Blacks to go to white schools 2. they have NEVER discriminated , whites just don't go because they don't want to.

    • jaythehistorian

      The difference in unemployment rate is due to difference in mean IQ : 85 for African Americans and 102 for white Americans . There are subgroups of white Americans such as Ashkenazi Jews who have a mean IQ of 110 to 115. You can use the R word from now to end of time. It doesn't change the fact science can't be racist. As for historically Black Colleges, you imply only racial discrimination kept hordes of blacks from entering top Universities. This is false. A clear example of the fallacy of your contention is the percentage of black medical students. I have seen the average IQ of students in US medical schools is 125-130.The mean IQ difference of blacks vs whites is approximately 16 . However when you go to the end of the bell curve differences in IQ are greatly magnified . Whites are 6 times more likely than blacks or non white hispanics to have an IQ of 125 or over. If whites are 70% of the US population and 6 percent Asian Ameican , the remainder of population if just merit is taken into account should constitute 3% of American medical students. I'm sure if you ask a black patient with cancer would he or she prefer a white oncologist if the patient believed the chances of cure are higher with the white oncologist, race would not matter. .

    • Chuck

      Sorry to inform you, but more African-Americans under compete because more African-Americans have lower than average IQs. And there is likely a partial genetic basis to this. Given this disparity, proportionate "equality" can only be gained with positive discrimination for African-Americans. That's why quotas are needed for them.

      (feel free to read up on the research: http://www.aei.org/docLib/20061129_MurrayPowerpoihttp://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/journaldescripti

      Once you accept the reality, you realize this is a complex issue. The first issue is that there is a hierarchy of intelligence in society, and given the post-industrial nature of our society, more intelligent people, on average, do better. The second issue is that identifiable groups differ in the number of intelligent people therein.

      So if you just treat individuals equally and meritocratically you will have a cognitively stratified society and one that's marked by racial disproportions. The current method is to use race quotas to adjust for the racial disproportions. The problem with this is, mediocre individuals in more cognitively competitive races get punished. For example: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_otfwl2zc6Qc/TCeiDnAwwCI

      Anyways, It's a comp;ex situation.

  • Seek

    If Deborah Harry worked in Washington, she'd be rejected for every top government job or contract for being "too white." This is enough of a reason to suspect the SOBama.

  • USMCSniper

    I guess we seen just how well two generations of blacks did maintaining the Arlington National Cementry which is a disaster with 100's of wrong names on the wrong graves of ware heroes because they probably could barely read. Blacks exceeded their relevant civilian labor force representation in all 22 Independent federal agencies. Interpretation: Agency hired 589.8% more blacks than their proportion by population in the civilian labor force. Federal employment has becomes affirmative action welfare for blacks. See the stats yourself at: http://www.adversity.net/fed_stats/OPM/1_opm_blac

  • Zeezee

    "…under-qualified job-holders…"

    Dead heads…tokens and people who will become part of the problems with our already crumbling infrastructure.


    I'm working on my tan..Changing my name to Ali…and joining that Marxist church Obama belongs too..!

  • Reneeca

    Remember when Robert Reich an advisor to President said "Whites need not apply" when they were Giving out Tarp money to Construction Companies and those they hired? Well just think of this as the same thing that is happening in all the governments agencies. Only minorities and women need apply.

  • Toa

    The rapid escalation of this type of thing, along with the criminally racist malfeasance of the DOJ, really makes you sit up and wonder just how far The Hussein and his cronies intend to take this….??

  • Jim Johnson

    Obama is building a political power base in the federal government who will be exceptionally loyal to him and those like him. Their goal will be to keep and exercise power based on racial supremacy by non whites. You need not think constitutional rights will protect the citizens from the new racial injustice. The constitution will say what ever the new racist power structure wants it to say.
    If you want to know what to future will be like you need only listen to the accusations made against White people. You should know the racism accusations well; because the accusers who are now in power now believe it is their turn for revenge.

    Remember Ward Connerly ? He was a fighter against affirmative action. The Republicans left him out to dry. Thus the interpretation you should make is that if the Republicans regain power they will do nothing to reverse what the Obamunists have instituted.

    Hail to the new President for Life Barak H Obama Da Da

    Remember Idi Amine DaDa of Uganda purged his country of Indians because they were to well off compared to the Natives. He claimed the inequity was due to discrimination against the Ugandans

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/pyeatte pyeatte

    We must face it – we have a racist administration. I thought racial quotas were ruled illegal by the Supreme Court a number of years ago…

    • USMCSniper

      The Supreme court said affirmative action is to be based on goals and timetables not quotas with schedules,….duhhh… err… just how are they any different?

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/pyeatte pyeatte

        Very different. Affirmative action based on economics not race or gender. A rich person does not need help regardless of race. For example, does one of Colin Powell's kids need affirmative action help? I think not, they are smart enough and have enough money to do just about anything they want.

        • USMCSniper

          Affirmative action for racial minorities and women is based on economics? Race is still a consideration now for college admissions, set asides for minority and women owned companies still is policy, so you are either too stupid to understand it or just another a leftist indoctrinate. As a result, Blacks exceeded their relevant civilian labor force representation in all 22 Independent federal agencies. Interpretation: Agencies hired 589.8% more blacks than their proportion by population in the civilian labor force. Federal employment has becomes an affirmative action welfare for blacks. See the stats yourself at: http://www.adversity.net/fed_stats/OPM/1_opm_blac….

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/crypticguise crypticguise

    A major reason for Blacks voting Democrat is that Democrats grow government and if you look around you'll notice the percentage of blacks holding government jobs is a much greater proportion than their percentage in the population.

    It always amazed me at how few Black Americans are employed in the private sector.

    • Mygg

      If this is true, this should be grounds for a great class action lawsuit by whites. The best way to beat the left is be conservative but use their own tactics.

  • Tivoli Eclipse

    The "Superiority Complex" is boorish and archaic. Welcome to the 21st Century!