How Obama Hurts Black America

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The story of Tyrone Banks of Memphis exemplified that of many blacks today. As reported in Black Wealth Magazine, Banks was one of many African-Americans who saw his economic prospects brightening. A single father, he worked for FedEx and as a custodian part-time. “He built a handsome brick home and put his eldest daughter through college.” Then the recession rolled in like a dark storm. His mortgage rate shot up and he lost one of his jobs. Now he faces bankruptcy and foreclosure. “Not long ago, Memphis, where a majority of residents are black,” the magazine said, “the city saw a rising black working and middle class. Now rising unemployment and growing foreclosures have combined to destroy black wealth and income[.]”

The second way Obama has hurt his fellow blacks is by dumping billions more dollars in welfare programs which, while helping some in considerable need, at the same time, take away responsibility and initiative from those who have grown dependent on the myriad subsidies. Today, a record one in six Americans is a recipient of federal anti-poverty programs, expanding to meet the needs of recession victims, USA TODAY reported August 30. But also to make them serfs of the Democrat-led governing body.

More than 50 million low-income folks, many of them black, are on Medicaid, a survey by USA TODAY found. That’s up at least 17 percent since Obama’s recession chewed away good times. His fiscal policies are largely to blame for the lingering economic trench. More than 40 million people are on food stamps. Nearly 10 million people get unemployment insurance, nearly four times as many as in 2007. Benefits have been extended eight times beyond the basic 26-week program. So, the long-term unemployed get 99 weeks of jobless benefits, enough to discourage many from going job hunting. More than 4.4 million people are on welfare. Roughly half of them are black. The cost of Medicaid has jumped up 36 percent in the past two years.  Jobless benefits have soared from $43 billion to $160 billion. The food stamp bills had risen 80 percent. Welfare is up 24 percent. Conservatives fear the safety net will be difficult to shrink even when the recession ends. Some African-Americans by that time may have lost the will to fend for themselves. To make matters worse, the Heritage Foundation says President Obama‘s FY 2011 budget request would increase welfare spending by $953 billion, 42 percent increase over FY 2008.

The way Obama may hurt blacks the most, however, is by showing his incompetence. Yes, he broke the color barrier by becoming a black President. But Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major baseball because he was such a talented ballplayer. Color didn’t down-grade other blacks with acting talent of Denzel Washington, Will Smith or Morgan Freeman or singers like Aretha Franklin, Beyonce, or Ella Fitzgerald. Or who show the athletic prowess of Hank Aaron, Michael Jackson, or Gale Sayers. Or demonstrate the diplomatic skills of Condoleezza Rice or Colon Powell.  These African-Americans have that special, exceptional quality beyond race. Sadly, Obama’s exceptionalism is proving to be superficial at best.

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  • David

    I think you mean "…the athletic prowess of Hank Aaron, Michael Jordan, or Gale Sayers. ."
    Although Michael was a very athletic dancer.

    • logdon

      Not forgetting 'Colon' Powell!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    In other words, black voters reaped what they sowed.

    By the way, Condi "appeaser" Rice and Colin Powell were two of the most inept Secretary of States ever. Meanwhile, Condi "appeaser" Rice is at least partially responsible for the biggest intelligence failure in history. Most Presidents would have asked her to resign. Bush promoted her to Secretary of State.

    • Frank Meyer

      Yes. Colin Powell advised Georgre Bush Sr to stop the final attack on the Republician Guardd still in Kuwait because of "offending: Muslims. The attack was calledoff the morning scheduled and they lived another day to kill American soliders. Stupid and ignorant moves to place the Muslims when Saudi Arabia and Kuwait would be happy had they finished the job.

      • John Beatty

        Um…no. The attacks in 1991 were called off because the UN mandate did not incoulde anything but the liberation of Kuwait. The Arab states in the fragile coalition would have pulled out, if they didn't decide to become Iraqi allies, if the attacks in Iraq had continued.

      • ObamaYoMoma

        I could care less about pacifying Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Powell advised Bush to occupy Afghanistan and then subsequently to occupy Iraq for the purpose of fantasy-based nation building, when the military wanted to focus only on eliminating OBL and AQ in Afghanistan and only on eliminating Saddam and his cronies in Iraq. Had Bush listened to the military instead, OBL and AQ would be dead and Saddam and his cronies would be dead too, and we would have skipped both exceedingly counterproductive military occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq. In other words, Bush would have avoided altogether what are the two biggest strategic blunders in American history.

  • Frank Meyer

    Many people are very upset that the Afro-American voted 95% for Obama simply because he was black.

    I have talked to many small buisnesses around the country, and almost all are not going to hire Afro-Americans as retribution for supporting Obama rather than what is best for the country. This backlash I am told will last for a very long time.

    It is okay for Afro-Americans to act racist, but everybody else is condemed for it. Now we will see race relations go backwards. Watch and wonder.

    • trickyblain

      Something tells me that you wish many employers have told you that, but they really haven't. You do know that these employers you dreamed up would be subject to heavy penalties under federal discrimination law?

      • coyote3

        Not necessarily. They would not be violating the law for just communicating that idea.

    • Dennis X

      Your assumption is racist in itself. The President was by far the best choice. Black People have voted 90% for white democrats since fdr. As for the small buisnesses that would not hire Black People now because of his election would not have hired us anyway. Who wants to work in a hostile enviroment with people like you.

      • coyote3

        I don't necessarily disagree with you. Why would I want to go where I am not wanted in the first place. However, a great many people attempt to do just that.

  • John Beatty

    All those shovel-ready jobs went to those who were already working, or already had projects scheduled on tighter funding. There was no expansion of any part of the economy in repairing what already existed with those who were already doing the work.

    There are plenty of shovel-ready jobs at Harvard, but they are shoveling horse dung and calling it wisdom. This is just one more example.

  • andres de alamaya

    In my view, the most damaging legacy Obama will leave is a deterioration in America's race relations which will hurt upwardly mobile blacks for years to come. Beyond his incompetence and through many of his appointments and executive orders, he has revealed a prejudice against whites that may also be harbored by many blacks and this perception by whites, who make up over 80% of voters, will make it more difficult than ever in the future for a black to be elected to any public office.

    • Fiddler

      I still remember how he referred to his own grandmother as a "typical White Woman". Here this arguably was both a racist and sexist statement, and the fauning media dutifly gave him a PC pass.

      The forth branch of government came through again. And of course when that fails federal juges are the next line of defense.

    • Dennis X

      You can lead a white person to water but you can't make think. Once a neck always a neck.

  • Wesley69

    Mr. O.has set race relations back a generation due to his administration's and his liberal media pal's use of the race card against anyone opposing his radical policies.

    Rather than changing the mindset of entitlement, Mr. O has only encouraged it with his welfare policies. Naturally, this translates into votes for the Dimocrats, but it does nothing toward improving skills so more African-Americans can advance in this country. It also angers those who work to see people who don't lift a finger to find work, yet recieve the goodies, Mr. O is passing out.

    And Mr. O's transfer of the wealth schemes!!!!!!! What about the Dim' splot to seize government regulated 401K's and IRA's???????????? This administration is totally criminal!!!!!!!!!!

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson TRUE NOW MORE THAN EVER!

  • Robert Jackson

    The author implies that unemployment was at 2 percent, banks were giving loans to any qualified business, there were no subprime loans ever issued and that the US was not involved in any hostile military conflicts the day Obama took office. The situations you cited were deeply embedded into the American economy the day Obama took office and would have become much worse if Obama didn't take proactive steps to correct eight years of failed GOP polices that could take six or eight years to undo.
    Since Obama's become president, crime and murder rates in many big cities, including LA, SF and NYC have dropped dramatically. A coincidence? Maybe but how does the image of a Harvard educated married Black man who isn't cheating on his wife, who's taking care of his children, who wears a suit to work every day running the world's most powerful government hurts Black America?

    Finally Obama will be the first President in a long time to fulfill most of his campaign promises. Health care reform was passed, combat troops have withdrawn from Iraq, saving the auto and the banking industries. Obama has kept more than 100 and is working on more than 200, much higher than past presidents.

    • Mike_AR

      Affirmative action, letting fools prove to the world over and over again that they are fools.

    • Fiddler

      the stock market peaked at 14,000 during the Bush years, GW gave 15,000,000 to combat AIDS in Africa. Bush was trying to reign in Fannie and Freddie, while Barney Frank and Chis Dodd knowingly pushed risky loans to those they knew could not pay. WHO ABSORBED THE BAD DEBT? What pushed things over the edge?

      The cautionary tale for any future Republican President is NEVER to make nice with the lock-step Left. NEVER NEVER. They will back-stab you and leave you with the blame.

      • Jim C.

        Hilarious. 8 years of Bush, 6 with GOP in full control–ALL this mess happened then– and still making weak excuses. "Fiddling" while Rome burns, I suppose. It's what y'all do best, isn't it?

        • coyote3

          The GOP/Republicans are not conservatives, they never were.

  • Larry C.

    This article just goes to show you that the man-(THE O-"DUMMY")-Is so racist to even Black-Americans that they should not support him at any level. By the way I am so sick, and tired of all the media elites in this nation degrading all of the country into separate people, or groups like African Americans, Hispanic Americans. we are either all Americans or we do not need to be here in AMERICA.

  • RD1953

    Regular readers, please forgive my repetitiveness; but, I think it's IMPORTANT to point out that OBAMA is NOT BLACK!!

    He is around 90% (I've also read 80% and 95%, but can't be sure without knowing the genealogy.) Caucasian!!!

    He's 1/2 White via his mother; and, his father was part Arab, which is also Caucasian!! His father was also part Black. That's where it becomes unclear as to just what the father's entire genealogy was.

    However, Sheik Obama CHOSE to identify himself and define himself through that portion of him that was Black!! He made much of that clear in his (and Bill Ayers?) books!!


    • Jim C.

      And you are a total dumbass–but neither that nor your post bears much on reality.

    • bob

      Uh no caucasians come from europe. Arabs are related to jews. Completely different race.

  • Patti

    Let's not forget about Oprah


  • ohpleaze

    Whatva load of crap. All you racist whiners can go to hell. We really dont need your crappy small biz jobs anyway. Stop trying to pile on. Anyone with a brain can see this is just backwards racist at work. Bring on you retribution, inbreds. I voted for him and Zi will do it again. I see why so many white women are leaving you boring a-holes in droves. Pathetic. This is manufactured garbage.

    • USMCSniper

      Yassh, he dun beez dah Black massiah, brinkin dah hopey and changey.

      • Dennis X

        your soooooooooooooooo limited

    • Fiddler

      But come on. Really. What party enjoys the 95%+ support from African-Americans or from ANY group? Why is it that there such a lopsided loyalty? Is it about ideology or about dependency? Is it about self-sufficiency or surrender. Geez I have never understood the gullibility. Most African-Americans have conservative values. Look how they were maligned in the Prop 8 vote in California. And yet they vote for a party who arguably throw their conservative values under the buss. Why? for safety net. That is sad.

      • trickyblain

        Well, the vast majority of Jews vote democrat as well.

        • ziontruth

          Based on your posts, I guess you think that makes it right, but in my view it compounds the scandal.

          As I said on another thread:

          In tying themselves with the Democrats, blacks vote for their plantation owners, Catholics vote for the murderers of their babies and Jews vote for their concentration camp guards.

          All three groups are (to use an Obamism) acting stupidly, and should change the program for their own good. As a Jew, my concern is specifically with my American Jewish brothers and sisters, but it looks to me like the blacks and the Catholics suffer from the same problem.

          • Jim C.

            Therefore, all those groups must be incredibly stupid, and thus, unworthy. Sieg heil, "ziontruth!" You aren't fooling anyone.

            I don't know if you are ignorant or just plain stupid–but the "plantation owners" (that portion of white Southerners who have never seen fit to become decent human beings) all became Republican in the 60s because they opposed the Civil Rights movement. So the GOP is where the racists went to stay, and still comfortably reside. Historical facts come in handy, sometimes, ya big fascist dope.

          • ziontruth

            "Therefore, all those groups must be incredibly stupid,"

            I'd say "acting against their interests," but I won't begrudge you the opportunity to interpret my words in the worst possible way.

            "and thus, unworthy."

            No, worthy, and far more than you think–much worthier than to serve as the useful idiots of the DemoMarxist Party, valued for their votes and stomped upon after they've done that bit.

            "You aren't fooling anyone."

            That's what I was going to say about you, Marxist scum.

            "but the 'plantation owners' … all became Republican in the 60s"

            Nope, they stayed Democrats, and you're only fooling yourself if you think their championing of "racial equality" and "social justice" marks a change in the substance of their attitude. They merely replaced outright hatred with patronization and the soft bigotry of low expectations. The GOP, for all their faults, stand as they always have for the idea that humans are more than sheep in their respective herds.

            "Historical facts come in handy, sometimes, ya big fascist dope."

            I second that, you little Marxist piece of excrement.

          • RDog1

            I can't resist responding to such a blatant ignorance of History!!

            First: Sharecropping, and the racial horrors in the south didn't come from "Plantation Owners"; but, from Northern "carpetbaggers" who came down and bought up all the land via Yankee tax levees after the war!!

            Second: The VAST majority of the Southerners in the 1960's and 1970's were Democrats; Including those who radically opposed Civil Rights!! Many were Klan Members, including such Democrat icons as Robert Byrd! The Kennedy's, and the Republican Party pushed through Civil Rights Legislation against massive opposition from Southern Democrats!!

            There are and always have been as many "bigots" in the North as the South; as illustrated by the economic slavery imposed on ex-Slaves by the Northern Industrialists who wanted them as cheap labor for their factories; and, forced them into inner city ghettos where many remain today!! (Why, if I don't speak the truth, are the Ghettos, and highest percentages of minorities unemployed or in poverty in the inner cities ruled by Democrats for at least 100 years!!!)

            Those ignorant of history are doomed to repeat it; and are weakest when confronted with racial con artists like Sharpton, Jackson, and the NAACP!!


    • AcidAgogo


  • Ted Peters

    Narcissism is a defense against intense self hatred. It is no wonder that he is unconsciously acting out his rage against his own people.

  • Fiddler

    "Or demonstrate the diplomatic skills of Condoleezza Rice or Colon Powell"
    Pu-lease. Use your spell checker! How about Colin Powell. I think you owe Mr. Powell an apology!

    Otherwise, I like the artice.

    • ziontruth

      Most likely a typo (see where the O and I keys are at on the keyboard), and as "colon" is an actual word, spell-Czech is of no help here.

  • Seek

    As a white person, I'm less concerned about the negative impact of the Obama presidency on black America as I am about its negative impact on white America. Let the Democrats be identified as the party of pro-black favoritism. We shouldn't outdo them because: 1) we'll never win that battle; and 2) even if winnable, we shouldn't be fighting it in the first place. The need for self-flattery has spelled defeat for many a good man.

  • coyote3

    Dear Mr. Crockett: I am minority as well, and I don't say that each and every Negro voted for President Obama, because he is a Negro (which he really isn't). You pointed out my ciricisim of President Obama. It is not the job of the president, any president, to do every he "can" to improve the economy. The president has no power delegated to him, except that which is derivative of congress. There is not constitutionally delegated power for the federal government to improve the economy in any way it can. Without that delegated power, the federal government, including the president is operating illegally, if they try to do so. That is just a fact. Obama is no lone ranger, but he is the latest and greatest. Every time the federal government acts without the power to do so, you lose liberty, and yes, that is tyranny. I am not a Republican, by the way.

  • coyote3

    Because he can't. He doesn't even know what a Caucasian is. He thinks race is based on the color of the skin.

    • RDoog1

      Oh you post 60's Public School grads!!

      There are five, and ONLY five "RACES" on earth; and, color of skin has nothing to do with the determination!

      In the 1970's we were taught there are four races Caucasian, Oriental, Negro (Black), and Aborigine. There are darked skinned Caucasians, for example in India; and, there are many, many mixtures and variations in all of the above. Genetics have expanded the number and scope of divisions by race at the same time they have shown the differences to be very slight. But COLOR has nothing to do with it.

      The point is that OBAMA is only very slightly of what American Blacks consider "Black" and his background gives him NO personal experience as to what being Black, and especially not RICH, in America is all about!

      He's an IVY league elitist preying on others to advance his own bloated sense of importance!


  • Karrie Ikemoto

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