Obama’s Exceptional World View

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The Obama Administration’s ideology perceives the world as a big cake; and the United States is merely one slice of it—no better, no more wholesome, no tastier than the rest. The President’s UN speech Sept. 23 revealed this blind belief once again.

Obama doesn’t seem fully to accept the reality that in international affairs there are those who want to destroy us or other nations because of hated, ideology, ambition, or pride.

In proving he is a champion of the Palestinians, in this case, he told the UN he wants “two states, Israel and Palestine, living side by side in peace and security, as part of a comprehensive peace between Israel and all of its neighbors.”

This is an example of a continuing philosophy for Obama. On July 23, 2007, on the campaign trail, as a naïve presidential candidate, Barack Obama said he would engage with leaders of rogue nations—Cuba, North Korea and Iran. He called it a “disgrace that we have not spoken to them.” AOL News, in a Sept. 23 story, reminds us that this overly optimistic foreign policy position has failed.

Obama’s impotence is seen in his call at the UN for countries that support the Palestinians to give them more aid. In his address, Obama said “Make no mistake, the courage of a man like President Abbas—who stands up for his people in front of the world—is far greater than those who fire rockets at innocent women and children.” Does this “courage” consist of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state in exchange for Israel’s recognizing Palestine as an Arab state? Because Abbas is yet to show such courage.

Obama’s apparent belief that the U.S. slice of the world’s cake is obliged, as being part of the cake, to instruct and give to others. Obama told the Millennium Development Conference at the United Nations Sept. 22 the United States will shift its emphasis to “investing” in developing countries through diplomacy and trade as the way to augment direct U.S. aid to help global leaders alleviate chronic poverty and disease, as Politico and others reported. We “have to offer nations and peoples a path out of poverty,” Obama said. Always attempting to be special, he touted it as “the first of its kind by an American Administration.”

This deep sense of responsibility Obama sees for other parts of the world cake led him to sponsor a bill when he was then-Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama. The legislation could have imposed a global tax on the U.S. and made U.S. foreign aid spending subservient to the dictates of the United Nations. The legislation “aligns with a core theme” of his election campaign, commented American Thinker in a February 19, 2008 article.

An abstract of the legislation: “To require the President to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy to further the United states foreign policy objective of promoting the reduction of global poverty, the elimination of extreme global poverty, and the achievement of the [UN] Millennium Development goal of reducing by one-half the proportion of people worldwide, between 1990 and 2015 making $1 a day.” Senator Obama’s website at the time said: “]O]ur commitment to the global economy must extend beyond trade agreements that are more about increasing corporate profits than about helping workers and small farmers everywhere.”

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  • Paul Nim

    (Jihad Watch Daily Digest)

    Stop educating, stop preaching, stop essay writing…and


  • Samurai Hit Woman

    Yes, he sees the United States as hogging a far bigger slice of the cake than others because we can. And this must be stopped.

    • Nick Shaw

      You, woman, are a dolt. The US has assisted more countries of the world, friend and foe, more than the whole rest of the world combined. Go on back to HuffPo or Kos where you are appreciated and you don't need a clue to comment. BTW I am not American nor live there!

  • PeterGrynch

    Higher taxes for you to feed the starving Palestinians because they spent all their money buying AK-47s to kill our allies in Israel.

    What a Wonderful World!

  • Nick Shaw

    As I cannot stand to listen to The One anymore…well, that started long ago and is the only time I turn Fox off these days…so I didn't hear his ramblings to the UN. Did he really say "President Abbas—who stands up for his people in front of the world—is far greater than those who fire rockets at innocent women and children.”? Does this idiot not realize that it has been Abbas' people who have been firing the rockets for years? And that his people fired them first? He can blame it on Hamas or Hezbollah but that is meaningless as Abbas' Palistinians are not rational people just trying to survive and live peacefully with Israel. If they were, progress would have been made long ago and these organizations would have no support. Confirms why no one should listen to that clown, The One.

  • HenryCrux

    In the Christian Bible Jesus says, "if the tree is rotten make the fruit rotten too: if the fruit is rotten make the tree rotten also." So it is with Obama. We do not have to theorize about whether or not Obama is an evil influence, because we know that he is the most pro-abortion/murder politician that ever lived. If he, or anyone at all, can advocate and support the cold blooded murders of little innocent babes peacefully asleep in their most holy beds in the middle of their most sweet and precious night – well, such a person would support any kind of evil, anyplace, anytime. All that can come from a man who loves this most petulant kind of baby murder, is more inequity and more murder. When an ocean liner is sinking there is a cry, "women and children first" – but what no one has to say is "Pregnant women first of the first – always! No one can expect real humanity from a supporter of this horror they euphemistically call "abortion", but it is just plain cold heartless Murder of the most premeditated kind imaginable.