Obama’s Medicare Malpractice

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President Obama has inadvertently shafted millions of low-income folks, minorities, and Hispanics that make up a big part of his political base. He did it when he signed his cherished Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). He probably didn’t know what was in the legislation, because it will be neither protection nor affordable to low-income seniors and the disabled, an analysis published Sept. 14 found.

The millions of senior citizens and disabled who get Medicare Advantage (MA) will have their health care sharply reduced. It also will lead to higher expenses for prescription drugs, according to the new analysis by health care experts—James Capretta, senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and Robert Book, senior research fellow in health economics at the Heritage Foundation. A MA plan is offered by a private company that contracts with Medicare. It provides Medicare services, plus extra health benefits.

PPACA, known informally as ObamaCare, will not only reduce payments to seniors, it also will reduce the ability of Medicare beneficiaries to make health care choices for themselves. The study looked at every county in the U.S. It found the average beneficiary will lose at least 15 percent of their benefits.

Low income folks and minorities, especially Hispanics, “will bear the brunt of the MA cuts. About three-fourths of the reductions will hit those with incomes of less than $32,400 per year, in today’s dollars,” the study said. According to an American Enterprise Institute commentary, 39 percent of the $529 billion cut from Medicare will come from the Medicare Advantage program– $206.3 billion.

When the changes are fully in effect, according to the Actuary at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), 14.8 million seniors and disabled Americans who would have had the benefits of Medicare Advantage before ObamaCare will be denied coverage for many services and will have to come up with more out-of-pocket dollars. About half the people will lose Medicare Advantage coverage entirely.

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  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Slowly, but surely, it is being read!

  • http://www.myspace.com/freddawes1776/ Fred Dawes

    The big third world one world rulers need this to be for all the worlds poor. Soon the system will not be able to pay real Americans the political and MONEY benefits to real Americans who have paid into this system which is now under the control of our enemies so what will our enemies DO? Our enemies will over massive race base system of medicare/ obamacare. The worlds people CAN Be used to take down the USA for one reason to make this nation into some BS Third world slave nation and remove any who fight for Freedom and the rule of law.

  • Lori

    Enough! Enough! Shout It On the Roof Tops!! Face It Folks This Country all Depend On some Kind Of Government Aide!!!! You Pay Into this and that! Who are you working For? Big Government And The Poor always get the Blame! from the Sick to Ones that eat out of Garbage cans! Well Got To say it Has always been this way! For The Sick and Needy! Health-Care Is Good In this Country Only If you have A prescript to It! Obama care will kill ! They will have The Blood on there hands! If they Kill People through the Health-Care System the Blood will be on Their Hands! Ezekiel 22 gives all warning of these actions watch out! If You Do not Warn! Blood is on your Hands!!!!Folks this is A WOA to all about about the Wrath Of God! It Trembles me! Oh God have Mercy.

  • nickelflipper

    My husband, who is 75 years old, has been seeing the same group of cardiologists here in Atlanta for 15 years. About 2 weeks ago, he received a letter from the group saying they would not be seeing medicare patients any longer. Sort of a "good bye and have a nice life" type of note. And The Won said we could keep our doctors if we wanted. I guess he lied.

  • Howard

    Nothing Inadvertent about it. They were robbing Peter to pay Paul and Seniors and the Disabled are now considered expendable. Getting the vote for millions of illegals and felons will guarantee that Democrats will eventually rule by tyranny.

  • 080

    Under Obamacare the codes by which docotors and patients are reimbursed is in the hands of the American College of Physicians. Anyone visiting a doctor's office who was covered under codes 992l1-25 are likely to find that they are covered by code 99397 which means that they will not be reimbursed. If you want to appeal just google Medicare code 992l5 and 99397. If anyone can understand the bureaucratic gobbledy gook it probably won't be the doctors and certainly not the patients.

  • Nick Shaw

    C'mon folks! It doesn't take a Harvard graduate or a new study to tell you that Obamacare is not going to work in either of it's forms. Yes, either form. The first being the ruse of having insurance companies look after it (this phase will be until 2014 or earlier). You cannot expect a for profit company to take on folks with pre-existing conditions, kids to the age of 26 and a whole slew of mandated benefits and regulations without premiums, using one of The One's phrases, skyrocketing. Then you blame the insurance companies for the "crisis" and implement government single payer, phase two. This is where your taxes "necessarily skyrocket" because you cannot insure 15-30 million more people without it costing a whole lot more. You know those premiums you pay now? You won't have to pay them shortly if this law is not repealed. No, think of it more like an addition and then some to your income tax bill. I don't think a lot of people have figured this out yet. Of course, the unions will cruise right through on our dime.

  • Kevin Wyman

    I am a disabled Paramedic who is on Medicare Advantage. Imagine my surprise the other day when I picked up my mail and was told I will now have the priviledge of paying the entire amount for my MA! Thanks Obama for putting the screws to the disabled! I have no problem with rooting out those who abuse the system. I saw them all the time as a Paramedic. However, an arbitrary cut does nothing to stop abuse, it only punished those of us who play by the rules and really need the help! I can't wait to vote in November!

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  • http://www.ma-nounou.fr Nounou

    "14.8 million seniors and disabled Americans[…] will be denied coverage for many services"
    Talk about numbers… that's a huge ooooopsss….

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