Promises Undelivered

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Reportedly, 90 to 95 percent of African American voters went for Obama in the 2008 election. But he has to fight for their allegiance these days when so many blacks are unemployed and have lost their homes, and while black businesses are hunkered down facing the uncertainties of Obama’s economic policies.

That’s why the spending and greed-inducing tone of 2010 Census messages has been important. It’s still going on. Thousands of people are still on the federal payroll, and still bugging the American citizenry. The U.S. Census Bureau website reported from April through June that many hundreds of thousands of temporary workers were employed at one time or another for the 12 regional Census Centers covering the country. The Census has always—from the first census in 1790—had people go to residences where no one had filed a form. But phone calling was a new way to hire more people. The website doesn’t break down how many workers are taking part in the phone bank system, calling people who have already filled out and sent in their Census forms. Reportedly, 10 percent of those who filed their reports will get follow-up phone calls.

In New York, one evening in June, Erik Gordon answered his jangling phone. A person identified herself as “Charlotte, calling from the 2010 United States Census” said “I’m calling to ask you some additional questions about the Census form that you recently completed.” Mr. Gordon then was assaulted with question after question which he had already answered in his mailed Census form. Another person, reacting to a Census caller was quoted thusly: “My blood pressure got so high I thought I was going to have a stroke. My Census caller was just as brain dead.” (I, too, received a Census phone call in mid-June asking the same questions I had answered on my form, returned months ago.)

Illegal immigrants, even tens of thousands being held at detention stations across the country awaiting deportation, were being counted even though they were gone long before any final tallies are made, say U.S. Immigration officials. Prisoners also are in the count, but their residence named is where they lived before being incarcerated. So, the prison community is deprived of the count and resulting resources that could have paid for their facilities.

The cost of the 2010 Census has been $14.5 billion, compared with $4.5 billion in 2000. Political fat is not cheap.

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  • davarino

    I am so glad we have the most ethical admin in the history of the US. Let the voting fraud begin, it worked so well in Minnesota. Al Franken in the senate? You have to be kidding me. Are Minnesotens that board they have to elect some washed up commedian? Well they did elect a wrestler for governor. My state of Texas was considering Kinky Freeman. So now we are voting for people because they are cool? We have no idea what they stand for but they sure are cool. Nobody cared about Obama's past but he sure could talk good.

  • USMCSniper

    Trillions have been waisted on the African American tribalists and it is worse than it ever was. $14,000 a year on Washington DC African American students and they can't even read, write, or do basic arithmetic. They can even speak coherently.

  • Peachey

    You just gotta fill out the form to ensure a cut of "Obama's stash".

  • algebra calculators

    i love it!