Soros’s Oil Spill Payoff

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Within 48 hours after President Obama issued the six-month moratorium on deep-water drilling, the George Soros-backed Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, contacted a large New Orleans company, Laborde Marine, which services the deep-water drilling market. The company was seeking to lease all its vessels. “If the moratorium on deep-water drilling is not lifted, 33 semi-submersible rigs and/or drill ships affected will simply go to other countries where they will be well received, such as Brazil,” Cliffe F. Laborde and J. Peter Laborde, Jr. wrote in a June 4 letter to their Louisiana Senators.

Could this be merely a happy coincidence for George Soros, the major financial backer of Obama’s presidential campaign who also has $811 million invested in the Brazilian oil company, Petrobras? Wasn’t it enough of a payback to Soros when the Obama Administration loaned up to $10 billion to Petrobras? Soros, with his far left-wing organization, MoveOn, is called the Godfather of world socialism. But most relevant currently is that he has been an enthusiastic proponent of global warming and environmental liberalism. He has urged adoption of a global carbon tax. Could it be more than coincidence that his position is strikingly similar to what Obama called for in his June 14 Oval Office speech on the Gulf oil spill and future energy actions?

“Seizing on the widening calamity in the Gulf of Mexico, to push for legislation he had advocated [a carbon tax] since his campaign” a New York Times article noted. “Mr. Obama said he was willing to look for approaches from Republicans as well as Democrats….” Obama delivered the speech the evening before he was to meet with British Petroleum top executives to demand that they agree to the creation of a multi-billion dollar escrow account to pay claims stemming from the disaster when the company’s rig blew up and spewed oil into the Gulf.

The moratorium could mean the loss of at least 20,000 jobs, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal wrote in a letter to Obama. “The last thing we need is to enact public policies that will certainly destroy thousands of existing jobs while preventing the creation of thousands more,” Jindal’s statement said. Each drilling platform idled by the ban puts 1,400 jobs at risk, according to the National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA), a group of drillers and companies that support oil production. Lost wages could reach $10 million a month for each rig, according to Jangal. NOIA has said: “The offshore industry is responsible for nearly 200,000 jobs in the Gulf of Mexico alone, and provides 30 percent of our nation’s domestic oil production….[W]e must be careful not to make things worse.”

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  • jemc50

    This administration is starting to look like the Harding administration (Teapot Dome Scandal and Elk Hills Scandal).

    • Albert Scardino

      There are no scandals yet in the Obama admin. And we can rest easy that the competence level is immeasurably higher than the bush admin, starting with bush v Gore – suing to overturn the FL Supreme court's decision (bye bye 140 y.o. Repub plank – "states' rights") all the way through converting the Clinton/high tech industry/Rubin/Greenspan huge treasury and budget surpluses into fantastic deficits with his immediate tax cuts for his self-proclaimed "base" – big internatl corps and very wealthy individuals, through the worst – cheneybush undeniable stupidity and callousnes – ignoring Al Queda's pledge to fly planes into buildings and the reinstatement of that warning in the 6 Aug. 2000 CIA report carried to his three week holiday in Crawford, never opened. Who besides the parrots of the sinister beck limbaughs of the world could imagine Obama doing any less than calling in airline and aircraft manufacturer execs and pushing them into the better of 1. building craft like those of El Al – with NO door from cockpit to cabin or 2. issuing orders – "Never under any circumstance unlock that door during a highjacking. Common sense. A totally avoidable attack on our nation. And through their worst crimes and tyrannies – forcing Hans Blix and his notable team of nuclear experts, out of Iraq just weeks before their one year search for nuclear arsenals and evidence thereof was to be completed with what anyone reading beyond page 1 knew; There are no nukes in Iraq. Kicked out so these sleaze balls and their oil, banking and weapons manufacturers buddies and of course, Halliburton and Blackwater, et al could have their "war". The USA v Iraq! A joke. The massacre of 600,000 innocent civilians, their pets, livestock and annihilation of their businesses and many schools and hospitals, much of it in just two weeks. Using our great country, sacrificing 4000 young American lives to beat the crap out of a defenseless society. Shameless.
      And the worst scandal of all in that it is also supported by good Americans who should know better: your parrot line, "they hate us for our freedoms" (as if we have more freedom that Holland, Skandinavia, Germany, etc.). When as anyone who actually listens to taliban, alqueda and non-affiliated, peaceful muslims understands – "They hate us for sending $billions to Israel every year for decades, for allowing Israel's apartheid treatment of Palestinians, for violating dozens of U.N. Resolutions, etc."
      Not since the Nixon regime, a criminal administration, did any president come close to the abjectly immoral, indecency of cheneybush.
      So Obama's biggest scandal appears to be going to a church wherein the preacher yells. Hey, he's a politician – it was the biggest christian church around.

      Give him some breathing room. The forces of evil even allowed Clinton to clean up the reaganbush deficit debacle – the phenomenally hypocritical fattening of the fed workforce and the huge "trickle down economics" practical joke on America ("voodoo economics" as big george called it).
      We need to work with him and the level headed people who understand arithmetic in the senate and clean up the latest crash whose seeds were in the duplicitous reagan era of bank deregulation and flippant wars sacrificing young Americans.

      No need to worry about scandal. The worry is that one of the crazies getting more and more popularity daily is going to take him out at a time when intellectuality is back, and much needed.

      • jemc50

        Did you read the article? Just askin'. And, did you see the news that Petrobras raised $70 billion this week alone.

        The only reason there hasn't been a scandal to hit the news, the MSM has ignored the clues.

  • letscheck

    Obama and Soros. That's all we need to know.

    It's time to start a treason investigation against Obama.

    Soros has always been his backer and he has worked to only back Soros…never the Constitution or the American people.

    • Jim C.

      "That's all we need to know." Simply use your imagination, and off we go, right?

      You're not a serious human being, you're a twit–which is why you ask to investigate Obama for treason. If you were serious, you'd do it. You'd know where to start, you'd know who to call. But you don't, you just make pea-brained accusations–and that's just sad.

      While we're investigating "traitors," how about the guys whose first loyalty is to multinational corporations–you know, the ones who suck up to BP while disparaging the president of their country?

      • evergreen78

        If I'm not mistaken, the main "guy" whose "first loyalty is to multinational corporations" (BP, GE . . . does ACORN count?) IS the president of our country.

        • Jim C.

          In what sense? In any sense different than any president from the last 60 years?

      • Gern

        Kyle from Southpark said it best, when describing people like you, "Liberal, Hippie Douche"

        Open your eyes man, and use your logic. Oh sorry folks like you only have "feelings" not logic.

        • Jim C.

          LOL…there is not one thing you guys have said about Obama that is not based on your precious widdle feelings.

    • Mike

      Start? It should have begun back in 2001. And needed to investigate the treasonous actions of every member of the Democratic(Socialist) party

  • Larry C.

    To jemc50 this administration is "JIMMY CARTERII" on steroids, and that is a dangerous thing. This man really believes in his own hype, and whats even worst he felt that the spill should have already stopped by now because he comanded that it be so. Take it from me THIS PRESIDENT IS THE MOST DANGEROUS PERSON THAT IS ALIVE IN AMERICA TODAY.

    • scum

      I see Larry C enjoys the destruction of the planet, and wants to see it proceed on schedule. He has no problem with the crimes against humanity and wildlife committed by BP

  • kafir4life

    George Soros happily got his start enjoying stealing the property from condemned fellow Jews during WWII. He found it "exciting and exhilerating", and there was no guilt whatsoever. Capo Chuckless Schumer's office has confirmed that not only is Chuckee OK with it, that "next time", Chuck would like that job. It's similar to what he already does now as one of the least intelligent members of Congress,

    • RedNeckoBlogger

      Our dear leader once again, helping the "little guy"!!!

  • Cody Redbear

    George Soros turned Jews over to the Nazis that were in hiding for money and other favors. His lack of trust in Judaism, and in the State of Israel makes him one of this country's arch haters of reason and light.

  • Cuban Refugee

    Hasn't it become as clear as water before an oil spill that Soros pulls the strings on Obama? Soros, and all his billions, call the shots. While the diabolical Nazi-sympathizer stayed in the background in his dealings with Clinton/Gore, he has thrown caution to the wind now that we have a tyrannical, one-party system of government that will do his bidding with impunity. Obama is paying back his primary benefactor in true Chicago fashion, and making big bucks in return; neither one cares about the environment, nor about preserving our Constitutional government — their God is Benjamin, and their object is to follow the Cloward Piven Strategy to the letter. As a supplement to Tait Trussell's excellent article, your eyes will be opened wide by Glenn Beck's program of June 21, "Crime Inc.: Petrobras," which can be seen here:

    • davarino

      Thanks for putting up the link. That was great.

    • J.S.

      They ALL pay back their benefactors in the same way.

      • Cuban Refugee

        Thanks for the link to Shuckin' the Jive, J.S. Yes, politics is a filthy, slimy business on both sides, but Obama and his minions have taken it to new, brazen, Chicago levels which have even the average American asking, "WTF?"

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Looks like Glenn Beck isn't so crazy after all! Something about the classroom atmosphere with chalk and blackboards that makes the lesson so transparent.

    • Jim C.

      Glenn Beck, like all of his ilk, can not operate in the real world. He can not allow his "ideas"–vapid, wispy, tailor-made to entertain, into sunlight. They can't withstand opposing force. That is why Glenn and Rush et al. always preach to a choir–never to opposition.

      The ones who actually do, like Medved–the ones with actual courage to test their ideas in a real forum (not some late night cable yap fest)–ironically these guys are wimps to you, because "he's not conservative enough." Medved actually understands reality outside the talk radio bubble.

      • Gern

        Once again, there you go with your "feelings" vs logic or facts. Both of the men you mentioned have offered to and have challenged liberal spin doctors like you. They have crushed them with the facts when the opportunity has arisen. Or until the opposition starts in with personal insults much like you have done.

        • Jim C.

          They are entertainers to a man; not one of them is a serious political thinker. Not one. If they were, they'd actually have a life in politics. Krauthammer does. Kristol does. But not these guys.

          Ever notice how when your politicians run for office, they're never conservative enough for you utopians? They'll say the things you want to hear (because its easy) but then reality hits them. That's because they actually have to put their ideas in practice in real life. (But they'll go crawling back to Rush if they dare insult the poobah by telling him how unrealistic he is).

          • glpage

            ".. but then reality hits them." So, this is why the federal government has been moving away from the Constitution for years (and has really accelerated fairly recently)? Are there any parts of the Constitution you find realistic today?

  • sgeorge

    When will the media investigate and report this to the people??

    • Cuban Refugee

      When they stop being accomplices in crime and treason, sycophantic ass-kissers who still see no stain of corruption on the Community Organizer in Chief, when their legs stop tingling at Obama's adroitness with a teleprompter, when they are deprogrammed from their hypnosis-induced stupor, and when pigs fly. The arrogant, self-righteous members of the Fourth Estate facilitated the Soros takeover of our country, and they are all attached in some way to the administration — they work not for the people, but for the oligarchs. We need unbiased voices who will investigate and report on not only the crimes committed by Obama and his minions, but also the malfeasance of the so-called reporters.

    • Fran Marie


  • BS1977

    Soros, one scary looking, horrible, rich character straight out of Dickens or Orwell, a miserable, billionaire leftist wack job from the Darkside.

    • Jim C.

      Anti-semitic much?

      • Indioviejo

        Yes, soros is anti-semitic.

      • BS1977

        Anti semitism much? what does that mean? This has nothing to do with semitism….Soros is Darth Vader on steroids.

    • DuncanIdaho

      Director: OK Mr. Soros lets take it from the top.
      Soros: No Mr. Bond I expect you to die.

  • tarpon

    This is impeachable … Highly illegal to reward your buddies with funds from the US treasury.

    • Jim C.

      Who are we impeaching, now? Do we know any good lawyers?

    • Fran Marie

      Pfff, ONLY if you're Republican. It's A-OKAY if you're a liberCommunist/Democrat

  • michaelle

    Soros will find it really exciting in hell. That will be his end because his god is money if he doesn't change his spots.

  • michaelle

    JimC-they preach to opposition but the opposition are like barking dogs-all they do is make noise. The opposition wants to hide this:

    Here are the four steps:
    Demoralization (immorality, basically getting everyone used to it, thinking it's normal, and moral people are the bad folks)
    Destabilization (of the economy, politics, etc.)
    Crisis (caused by immorality and destabilization, which replaces the old government with a new controlling regime)
    Normalization (as everyone gets used to the new regime)

  • michaelle

    The oppsosition are commies.

  • topperj

    Hey, it's da Chicago way.

  • Rifleman

    Discredit capitalism, finance its' destruction, and get richer at the same time. When they get caught showing they're the people they warn us about, they say "That's capitalism." No, it's socialism.

  • george

    Obama may or may not have an agenda to destroy the US as a world power and replace our republic with an oligarchy of his friends and fellow-thinkers. Still obscure. If not, he is inherently dumb to facts, circumstances and the law of unintended consequences. Almost every act he has taken or law he has favored has redounded to the weakness of this country and the comfort of its enemies. We must speak out, confront our representatives and vote in November. This catastrophe must stop soon or we are finished.

    • Eyebrows

      Yes. If we have that long

    • Jim C.

      Well I give you credit for at least introducing some doubt into whether or not Obama has "an agenda to destroy this country."

    • Noneya

      LMAO. Obama is another product of the same people who brought us Bush. It's not Obama trying to destroy this country, it's the powers that be.

      Clinton, Bush, Obama, they all are pre-determined by people most of us don't even know about. People like Soros just provide the funding.

      This country is long gone and it's mostly because idiots like Glenn Beck and other puppets (Blue and Red) have sat and played the partisan blame game. It's not the party, they both take bribes and let their laws be changed by anyone with a check big enough.

      Everyone needs to wake up before we all end up in an Orwellian reality.

      • Federated Republic

        Noneya, yuo will find no argument form me on your statement. I have been saying for many years that the whole lot in the Beltway are nothing but PIGS feeding off the taxpayers and that they ALL need to go!

        Let's start with the Demoncrats first, then we'll go after the Repubiclicans next, okay;-)

      • Cuban Refugee

        Glenn Beck has exposed the sins of both left and right, George Soros, Maurice Strong, and those in our government who do their bidding. He is the only one out there with the cojones to shed light on these very powerful, dangerous forces who play with the future of our country, and the world, like malevolent chess masters. Beck is sounding the alarm so that we can be ready for the moment a triumphant "Checkmate" announces the end of our freedom.

  • Industry Insider

    Admittedly, Laborde has had a big presence in Brazil for the last decade anyways and is a prime example of how dangerous it is to do business there as Peter Laborde barely escaped with his hide when he sank tens of millions of dollars into several floating shitbuckets in Manaus to make them a few feet longer.

    Bribery is common everywhere and the tax rates are obscene. Once they're rich enough, they will form a South American Central Bank so that they wind up turning the continent into Venezuela/Saudi Arabia. A few rich government officials and everyone else in squalor. Not that it's that different now.

    Greedy Westerners see it as South America's China when in reality it's about to become South America's Socialist Mullahs.

    Edison Chouest and Otto Marine already have a significant presence there.
    It's too bad that our own EXIM bank is funding all of these companies to drill Petrobras' oil for them when they'd rather snuggle up with Ahmadinejad.
    If you read the EXIM bank's denial as anything other than "blame Bush", chances are you wear a red shirt every day with a parrot on your shoulder.

  • Ted

    I hope I live long enough that Soros is no longer in our vocabulary.

    • guest

      I hope I live long enough that Glenn Beck is no longer in our vocabulary.

  • autumn

    This story was debunked on snopes and the company has issued a statement

    • Federated Republic


      • autumn

        this is from the company's website if you don't think that snopes uses reliable sources, facts etc. and chill with the caps

        • Federated Republic

          FO! You don't have a clue as to WHO these people are and what is their REAL mission. How many researchers do you think they have? Answer= NONE! What do really know about them? Answer=NOTHING!

          Whereas I have dug around and found out that they are self proclaimed authorities on NOTHING! The wife is a hard core liberal loon while the husband claims to be a Republican but is a RHINO like just like the Gonvenator!


  • Guest

    The chinese also loaned 15 billion to Petrobras. The company is specially seeking credit in exchange for future oil supplies. You guys don't need oil?

  • SagaciousT

    I love how you folks are able to make the unlikely stretch that there is some kind of profiteering conspiracy going on here, revolving around the oil rig disaster & the Obama administration, but sat idly by as our former President actually committed provable, actionable crimes, flagrantly, in broad day light and boasts about it on camera to this day. Not to mention the former Vice President with his REAL, not-so-secret ties to big oil and other profiteering sectors, who used his influence to increase profits for himself and big business in general…your hypocrisy is baffling.

    • SagaciousT_butthead

      SagaciousT (aka obamabot): Sheesh…was just a matter of time before the lame rhetoric had to be spewed by some libtard. Sag, your washed brain and ignorance is baffling. Get some facts (and graduate from middle school) before you return, pls.

  • Federated Republic

    The Demoncrats and the Obomination are using the BP/TransOcean debacle as a stepping stone to get rid of their Number One hated enemy, Big Oil. The aforementioned will use any tactic or any event that casts Big Oil and oil in general, as a monster that needs to put down and thereby "move on" with their "progressive" agenda to enslave us all under a leftist dictatorship that they ALL so much desire!
    That is why the PMIC and his pickaninnies are in no big hurry to fix the situation in the gulf, they don't care about jobs or the environment that is being destroyed, just their evil "by any means necessary" agenda!

    • scum

      Gee, and I thought Obama had caved to right-wing pressure and was set to ALLOW big business to drill. Guess I heard wrong. And how's that DRILL BABY DRILL workin' out for ya?

  • Seek

    Soros is a James Bond villain, the most diabolical yet devised. Agent "007" — We have a mission for you.

  • name
    • nameAgain

      name (aka another libtard): I guess the The moratorium loss of at least 20,000 jobs is a "hoax," too? What you are pointing at is not what this story is describing, dumba** As for snopes and factcheck Libbies, check

    • Steve-O

      How did a sane person get on this board? You think the ranting fringe will read your facts when Glenn speaks for their god?

      Sheesh, we can only hope.

  • nathon

    Never ends some one is always looking for the weakest escape goat. Just look in your own country when we have gangs, and not able to walk down the street with out some one wanting to hurt youm goverment keeping us poor and distracted so we put garbage on this page and do not look at our own lives. Stick to the facts not the president who was not in power when this oil spill happened, blaim britan who did not take safety measures when they drilled this well.

  • Lighthouse

    @those who bring up Snopes

    – OK, you win, it wasn't an executive order. But ask yourself honestly: If this same agency would of lent money to big oil under a Republican administration, would you people ever let them live it down? Besides, if this loan would have hurt Soros, would it have happened? Be honest. Besides, think of the irony here: This is Petrobras. Big Oil. Public enemy #1. Liberals are defending the loan. Since when are jobs more important to you than saving the planet? Ask yourself this question: if lending money to Petrobras is a good thing because it creates US drilling jobs, even though they plan to drill offshore 6,000+ feet, why is it a good thing to destroy so many jobs in the US for over six months?

    – Ask yourself: If the environment is really such a top priority top the administration, why doesn't the POTS allow foreign ships to help clean up the spill?

    — If the environment is such a priority, why is he now forcing all the drilling rigs to go to Brazil? Is it somehow safer to drill in Brazil at 6,000+ feet? Why not keep them in the Gulf under the watchful eye of the "new and improved" leftist US government?

    Hint: Politicians help those who keep them in power. Therefore, the POTS is helping the HEADS of the shipbuilders unions (by refusing cleanup help from foreign ships) and someone by the name of Soros who happens to have lots of connections in this White House.

    Meanwhile oozing black oil is killing animals, destroying jobs. People have a family to feed. Banning drilling kills more jobs fro up to two years. Meanwhile, the drilling ships are simply going elsewhere.

    Once again, the environment is being hurt and jobs are being hurt. So what is the common thread running through the administration policy? Help the cronies and stay in power.

    Soros owns $900 million+ of stock in Petrobras (according to his latest SEC filing). Yes, that benevolent man, who cares so much about us, that he wants us to listen to HIS advice; who is only looking to save mankind from the evils of Big Oil, owns Big Oil!

    Do you still like big government? Anyone who gets elected is going to be a politician. There is no two ways about it. That is why some of us don't want government running things. Governments role is to make fair laws, that benefit everyone, and to enforce those laws.

    Think about it: How many people in charge are in it for everyone else? Do you see the people at the DMV caring that you have to wait in line for an hour? If something is wrong, then make a law against it (if it can be enforced). But having the government run things, means that no one wins.

    Do you still believe that a more powerful government will look out for us? Do you still believe in the omnipotent O? At least Republicans believe that it is wrong to make laws favoring political cronies. I'm not sure that leftists believe that. After all, the end justifies the means. Leftists, as a rule deny that G-D exists, therefore they get to make up their own rules. Guess who benefits the most from their own rules? That's right. They have to look out for #1. As long as they remain in power; as long as people support them, they have no fear of getting punished. Still don't get it?


    Obama & Soros: "Spill Baby, Spill!"

  • scum

    Trait Trussel is just some leftist who has a beef with big business. Yawn.

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