Why Repeal ObamaCare?

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Fifty-seven percent of likely voters, according to the Sept.27 release of a nationwide poll, now favor repeal of the nationalized health care system, known with distaste as ObamaCare. But why favor repeal, when so many provisions to help Americans just took effect?

On the six-month anniversary of ObamaCare becoming law, the Department of Health and Human Services called it “A New Patient’s Bill of Rights.”  The law forbids denying coverage to children with any health condition; young adults can stay on their parent’s insurance policies until they’re age 26; and preventative services, such as flu shots and mammograms, colonoscopies, and pre-natal care must be provided without having to make co-payments. What a deal! It should be enough to make citizens glow with appreciation.

But, no. Rasmussen Reports, which just released its latest poll of voter reaction to the law, found that not only do 57 percent of voters want ObamaCare repealed, but also 46 percent “strongly favor repeal.” Since enactment of the much-debated ObamaCare law during its multi-month journey through Congress, a majority of voters “have consistently favored repeal of the new law, with support ranging from a low of 53 percent to a high of 63 percent,” according to the poll. Rasmussen Reports said that 84 percent of Republicans and 60 percent of voters not affiliated with either major political party “strongly favor repeal of the law.” Some 58 percent of Democrats oppose the repeal of the health law, the pollsters found.

The White House, in what it described boastfully as a Fact Sheet, on Sept. 22 stating the “Affordable Care Act will put into place comprehensive health insurance reforms that will hold insurance companies accountable, lower health care costs, guarantee more health care choices, and enhance the quality of health care for all Americans.” The “Fact Sheet” also disclosed Administration plans to “release state-by-state reports detailing the impact of the Affordable Care Act and a revamped website…which includes information on the impact of the law and [sob] stories from Americans in all 50 states who are benefiting from the Affordable Care Law. Some of the participants whose stories are highlighted on the new website will include:

“Dawn Josephson from Jacksonville, FL, who can now live with the security of knowing that her new insurance policy can’t exclude coverage for young (sic) her son who recently had eye surgery.

“Gail M. O’Brien from Keen, NH, who was previously uninsured and diagnosed with high grade non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Gail is enrolled in the new Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan that will pay for her treatments and is responding very well.

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  • Jackie Wilson

    do not repeal the health care plan. We have one now and can work to make the needed changes to make it right. Where do you get your figures from no one that I talk to wants to repeal it or is it just media and hype to make it look bad that you are saying the percdentage is high???

    • bubba4

      Jackie, this is bizarro world….

      the "get the government's hands off my medicare" world.

  • RiverFred

    The latest study concludes Obamacare will cost 2.3 TRILLION. If that doesn't sink the ship I don't know what will. SmuckObama also wants to cut medicare by 500 billion. Medicare reimbursements are already 20% below normal, do you really think docs will accept medicare after the cuts and if some stick around can you imagine the waiting rooms and the medical denials.

  • obamacare411

    PriceWaterhouseCoopers projects that in 2019, because of Obamacare, the average household will pay an additional $9,500 per year for health insurance, on top of the increases caused by conventional health inflation. ObamaCare411.com

    • bubba4

      You got a link to that projection?

      • obamacare411
        • bubba4

          You not only get the numbers wrong, you stopped when you thought it agreed with you.

          "PwC did indeed leave out cost savings to premiums and only factored in aspects of the bill that could raise premiums – at AHIP’s behest, of course. But there’s more to it than that. Even the elements that PwC analyzed might not affect premiums in the way the company assumes."

          So that was the "study" the AHIP hired PriceWaterhouseCoopers to focus on only certain aspects of the bill that they didn't like. The article you posted goes on to say that these numbers are out of line with CBO estimates and

          "MIT economist and health care expert Jonathan Gruber released his analysis of the impact on premiums in the individual market, finding the opposite of the industry-funded report"

          If Obama 411 is your blog, let's hope it's other information is a bit less…sloppy and like FPM you don't link to stuff (if you even bother to do that) that simply doesn't make the point your trying to make.

    • restoresanity

      Find out who who paid Price Waterhouse for the study before you give it any credibility

    • http://www.nickscratch.com Linda Berard

      this is absolutely untrue. better to stick with the CBO or other nonpartian sources. there's just way too much misinformation out there. so much so that millions of the very people who would greatly benefit from "Obamacare" want it o be repealed. Crazy, how people vote against their own interest these days. hard to believe so many people want to stick with their crappy expensive health insurance–if you're even lucky enough to have it. we have deep pockets for tax breaks for the wealthy and for war and weapons for war, but no miney for ourselves? what about us taxpayers? when do we get a break??

  • Anne_C

    The Obama Care should be repealed because it will not solve our problem with expensive health care and costs. On the contrary it will lead to more expensive health care costs and it will limit our choices.

    Anne C
    NY Health Insurance

  • Doggwood

    The premium on my Anthem policy, which I pay out of my own pocket, jumped 19% this month. They sent me a letter citing the new law. Before the law passed, advocates were trumpeting that it would control costs. Now that it's law, they tell us the spike in insurance costs was intentional, but it will all work out in the future. I figure it will get worse, not better. Obviously the goal is to make private insurance prohibitively expensive, so we'll all go clamoring to the government to nationalize health care entirely. I don't want that to happen because then health care will be allocated to the people with the most political pull, and the rest of us will get the short end of the stick. I'll take my chances with a diverse marketplace. The monstrosity of a health care bill stinks from start to finish, and everybody knows it. Let's all pray we can survive until it's repealed.

    • bubba4

      Obviously that is the goal. Because without Obama care Insurance companies would be lowering premiums and saving money. We all know insurance companies work tirelessly to provide you with the best possible service at a reasonable rate. We should just remove all government regulation because if there is one things corporations are…it's fair and caring about the little guy.

      • Doggwood

        Are you accusing me of being an anarchist? I don't trust corporations. They'll sell their mothers if there's a nickel of profit in the deal. But neither do I trust the government. At least the corporations give me some degree of choice. If a corporation screws me, I'll boycott them and gnaw at their ankles for a bit. Can't do that with the IRS or with a government regulation. I don't get all these people who shouted about how George Bush was a corrupt evil moron, and now they want to nationalize the entire world just because there's a guy in power they like. Don't you think the next guy will be another corrupt evil moron? You want George Bush III deciding whether you can get abortions? Government has a role, a small role, as a referee. Government is a servant, not a master. That's the Constitution, and that's what works. What we have here, the centralization of power, the government sticking its nose into our personal lives and making our intimate decisions, is a government gone wild. It must be stopped.

        • bubba4

          Are you accusing me of being an anarchist?

          Gubba huh?

          Nothing has been nationalized. We own a good piece of GM, but..you do know what nationalizing means right?

          What intimate decisions is the government trying to make for you? Name one.

  • Aaron Simpson

    The Tea Party Guide to Health & Fitness – http://www.healthhabits.ca/2010/10/21/tea-party-g

  • littlepeach

    oh man! i love your post. i agree with all points. it is amazing to me how shallow, narrow-minded and /or completely gullible many americans are. i have heard arguments in favor of repeal that i still cant believe. here are a few: 1) i will have to wait longer for an appointment. why should i be inconvenienced because SOME people refuse to get insurance? they are just lazy. 2) there are really only a small number of uninsured and they could get health care if they wanted it. 3) there is no crisis. churches help people with their health care bills when they cant afford to pay them 4) i got mine. screw you. and on and on……I will never understand people who work against their own best interest. especially if their motivation is rooted in hate for another person. such as- i hate obama, therefore; i am going to keep my family and i from receiving better ,more affordable, more fair and ethical health care. and i want to make damn sure i screw it up for everyone else. so take THAT obama! idiotic !!!

  • out of my pocket !

    shallow? you are a thief who wants to take my money to give it to others for FREE insurance!Not only are you shallow ,you are also a commie pig!!!

    • You Need Help

      5) They're really, really stupid— just outright dumb the way Antoine Dodson puts it. What do you not understand about insurance and premiums? You already pay for other people's insurance. That's how insurance works.

      • Andrew

        Yeah everyone pays for other people's insurance. The thing is no one wants to pay MORE. Especially when there are people out there who take advantage of things like this.

  • Loonesta

    Obamacare is a product of collusion between our elected officials and the health insurance industries, and that would seem to indicate that it is hardly a socialist endeavor. I want it repealed because of the mandate that I purchase health insurance "or else".

  • Howard

    They castigated Sarah Palin when she talked about "death panels." What would you call these?
    A doctor's first fine will be $100,000 and his second offense is prison. I can't imagine staying in the medical profession.
    Anyone close to being a senior, or has senior parents or grandparents will want to be aware of this PROFOUND effect on seniors. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8HnkxIh62dQ

  • Dave

    I don't believe it is constitutional to require an American citizen to purchase anything for one. What I do believe is that the inherent responsibility of government is to "take care of those who cannot take care of themselves",-Abraham Lincoln. The system is broken because of corrupt abuses. The system was not designed to take care of those who know how to use the system and take away from those who need it the most.

    • Drew

      YOUR RIGHT! That is why it is unfathemable how the government could have passed it in the first place! It kind of makes me mad to know that they can do what ever the hell they want. I really and truely hope Obama care is destroyed for good in the end. The government needs to know its limits. They need to stop spending, get the heck out of all these other countries and quit coming up with these horrible reforms. All they want is more taxes, havent they ever heard of "supply-side economics"? Or that if taxes were reduced than the gov.t could actually make more money because people would have more money to spend. The more people spend the more product taxes are sent to the gov.t. In the end, more money for our gov.t and less taxes.

  • Gunny Gar

    I am 49. My Mom can't get a follow up appointment for her breast cancer treatment and; she has hit walls trying to get after treatment cancer drugs. Good thing her kids care. She worked until she was 68 and lost her job due to the economy. Now she has a part time job at 70! she doesn't smoke and she eats right. I hope I never have to use Medicare stuff because it's a nightmare. The solution is when I turn 65 and lose the health insurance that I have, I am going to the emergency room and claim to be an illegal alien.So, what's the problem?

  • Gunny Gar

    Oh BTW Dave, I'm just kidding, I wouldn't really do that. "(The problem is the Idiots who can't tell the difference, or turn a blind eye to those lazy bungholes who say. "Save me, I can't take care of myself)" from those who really do need help. -Abraham Lincoln (if he were alive today?) I am all about taking care of the truley needy. Purge the obvious parasites and leeches or the body will die. I am agreeing, Stop the abuse, it's rampant and out of control. We all are paying the price, one way or another, I guess morality does have a place in the human equation after all.

  • Gunny Gar

    Repeal Obamacare, It would take more time money and effort to fix it then it would be to start over. Do it right the first time. Make it about the people it's supoosed to serve and not about politics!

  • Brutal Truth

    Yes the health care "reform" package needs to be repealed. Uninsured Americans need REAL health care reform. They need affordable health insurance and the way to go about it isn't the Mitt Romney plan writ large which is what Obamacare really is, forcing people who can't afford insurance to buy junk plans from private insurers. Here's a clue: If the 52 million uninsured could afford insurance they would have it already; they aren't uninsured because they like to be different or rebels or something. How is mandating that they buy insurance going to fix anything? It's no help to them but a dream come true to the private insurance companies. If you don't believe me then believe the stock market. The stocks of health insurance companies increased significantly as soon as Wall Street received word that the "reform" bill passed. Since it's a zero-sum game what does that tell you about who wins in this deal? The uninsured American? Or the health insurance industry?

  • Brutal Truth

    No, what this country needs is genuine health care reform, single-payer, socialized medicine. Does it make you proud that the U.S. is the only nation in the industrialized world that doesn't guarantee affordable health care for its citizens? The difference is that out of the first-world countries America is the only one whose government is literally nothing more than the handmaiden of the big business elite. Hence "reform" bills like Obamacare which should more accurately be called the Health Insurance Company Profit Protection Act of 2010. This country won't have affordable health care until the profit motive is removed entirely from the equation. Health care should not be a business but a public service. Everyone should pay a nominal fee, a percentage of their yearly salary, and when they need medical care or medicine they get something they can afford, not something that will drive them into bankruptcy or make them choose between food and medicine. Time to quit being so backwards and join the rest of the industrialized world America.

  • Brutal Truth

    Now cue the obligatory whining from the apologists for the billionaire ruling elite: "Wahhh wahhhhhh! What about the big health insurance companies? Shouldn't they be allowed to continue to get rich off of the average American's misery? Shouldn't their CEOs be able to afford a third and fourth yacht? Fairness and affordable health care is socialist or communist or evil or from Satan or something! We WANT to keep grandma going hungry so she can afford her overpriced blood pressure medication! Wahhhhhh!"

  • WAllace Bachmann

    repeal Obama Care bill

  • mcc

    repeal obamacare its just a thorn in our side and wallets

  • anonymous

    everyone just needs to get a job because a decent one will provide healthcare.

  • Nobamacare

    Its not even just the fact that Obamacare will cost our country more money. Obamacare needs to be repealed because its plain and simply UNCONSTITUIONAL. This means it never, ever should have been passed in the first place.

  • mickey

    If Obama care does not reduce deficit, bring in jobs, or more affordable, than YES REPEAL. The current health system needs to be fixed first. Pre-existing conditions for americans and children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses, who were diagnosis and dropped from their insurance should be covered and helped. Elderly on a fixed income who have to decide between meds and food, should receive the prescription coverage. Funds need to be put in programs through the states for low income women, and children who are citizens. I don't have insurance, based on my income, I pay a percentage of my pay as a co-pay, to see a primary care. I go to clinic. I don't use the emergency room as my personal doctor. When ppl do that and don't pay their bills, the costs increase. There are ppl on the welfare(Food Stamps, SSI) on don't need it. My husband needs it, they gave us $16.00 for food. What tha hell? Our neighbor with no children got $200. I work and husband is permanently disabled with a brain injury. The less you make, the more you get.. The more children you have, the more you get. You get pregnant at young age, the more you get.

  • mickey

    And another thing, my grown child will not be living with me at no 26 near 30, rent free. I will only pay health insurance if they are in college and/or working and contributing. And its cheaper under me.

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  • Obamacare is sick

    Obamacare gives you a taste of the cookie to cature your vote but then they plan to take the cookie away. Most American's understand this. It did not take a 2,000 page bill to make a few necessary changes we needed in healthcare. Even in that long bill they still left out across state lines and tort reform. This bill does not work for your health.
    Let me give you an example that will happen to you. Now my husband was diagnosed with prostate cander. Obamacare denys him treatment as his insurance is doing all their cut backs and raising prices. This is the direction unless it is repealed. The cookie has been taken away but we won't froget the wonderful healthcare we had our whole life Today it's gone!

  • hannahruth

    Today, my health insurance went up 25%. My employer's costs rose $300,000 this year.

    So this year, I–a responsible lower-middle income single mom–will pay an extra $621 a year, plus take a hit in reduced bonuses. I bet my modest income decreases by $1,500 a year over this.

    I in NO way benefit from any of the supposed benefits. Because I maintain a healthy lifestyle, my costs were relatively manageable. Because my insurance provided limited coverage for wellness visits, my out-of-pocket costs for mammograms, blood work, flu shots, and so on, was minor.

    I appreciate that my employer has shouldered so much of the burden. But Obama and his Care are totally against the cause of capitalism and freedom. I'm feeling the redistribution of wealth principle today. Not likin' it.

  • bubba4

    Really….your husband has been denied care because of the new laws?

    Do tell….

  • restoresanity

    Just the Medicare-D Prescription Drug Plan took 1000 pages….so what's the fuss about 2000 pages for the entire $2400B gealth care system! Compare that with the no. of pages for buying a house on mortgage.
    Tort reform is no panacea. Eliminating all medical malpractice 100%, will reduce the total national healthcare expenses by less than 1% according to official non partisan sources:CMS, & CBO.
    Interstate insurance? Be ready to get a low price, skimpy insurance from a state with minimum regulation & consumer protection. How can you blame Obamacare for claims denial for a prior insurance contract?