Good Cop, Bad Cop

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What this political game boils down to is that Democrats get all the political benefits of playing Santa Claus to all sorts of groups and special interests, while Republicans who vote to raise taxes to pay for all this are cast in the role of Frank Nitti, the enforcer for the mob.

Many elections have confirmed that Santa Claus is more popular than Frank Nitti, surprising as that may be to some people.

Republicans are not the only suckers in this game.

The voting public’s willingness to believe fancy rhetoric and ignore hard facts is a crucial part of this scam.

When the Obama administration said that it could provide health insurance to millions of additional people without increasing the national debt, shouldn’t common sense have told you that somebody was just insulting your intelligence?

When the two thousand page bill was rushed through Congress too fast for anybody to read it, shouldn’t that have made you realize that you were being played for a sucker?

When this bill that was passed with lightning speed was scheduled to take effect only after the 2012 election, didn’t that suggest that they didn’t want you to find out how it works in practice in time to turn against Obama when he is up for reelection?

Recent polls show that a lot of people are against ObamaCare. But there are still a lot of other people, though not as many, who are for it.

Even more amazingly, there are still Republicans lured by the siren song of “bipartisanship” and apparently unaware of the difference in popularity between Santa Claus and Frank Nitti.

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94305. His Web site is

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  • USMCSniper

    If Republicans do not stand their ground on NO NEW TAXES then they are gutless RINOs and might as well be Democrats.

  • Mr. X

    Republicans cannot win anymore. As was the intent, too many generations were deliberately not taught economics, history the constitution nor were critical thinking skills developed. This time, I hope its professors and journalists jumping out of windows.

    • George

      Yeah that's it…that's why Republicans are in a slump…the undereducated population. It's got nothing to do with the clusterf*ck they lead us into.

      • David

        Let's once again conveniently forget the fact that things didn't start to go bad til the Dems won back the majority in House and Senate. Of course, the Repubs didn't much know what to do with a majority since for 1. They hadn't had it for about 40 years before, and 2. They were too busy trying to get along bi-partisan with Dems who, no matter what, are completely opposed to any Repub idea. Let's forget that the Dems run by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd forced banks and lending institutions to loan minorities money for mortgages If they were only breathing or they would be labeled racists and procecuted. You have the modern, politically correct answer backed up by the Liberal Press, what was I thinking?

  • The_Inquisitor

    On the mark and very witty.

  • Ageofreason

    May I suggest that was not just the Democrats and their supporters who were the victims of the propagandizing in the universities and colleges by America-hating, politically "correct" Marxist, socialist, feminist, and radical professors. The ignorance that resulted has been at least partially bought by the Republicans as well, despite their gut feelings that something was very, very wrong about the classroom presentations. The result is a lack of confidence in the Capitalist spirit of America, born of ignorance as well, by many Republicans and their supporters. Distorted history, false economics, praise for poor literature, and so on worked to partially erode the souls of Republicans and lead them to self-doubt as America was demonized in the classrooms. The Republican party must re-make itself based upon a self-education in the fundamentals of Liberty, and rational economics. Compromise of rational principles would seem not to be an option. Too much lies at risk.

  • Richard

    A total lack of backbone. They are hypocrits to say the least. They complain that the NYT and other left wing media are elitists, but they too think they are above the fray. God if our military took that stance, because of our superior military power they might as well give up the fight for freedom. I was a Republican and now an Independent. I only want the best, but one has to ask questions and do your research. Look at Obama, McCain never cornered him in asking what his change meant for the US, but put his tail (literally) between his legs and rolled over. My opinion, Arizona should rethink this primary election.

  • USMCSniper

    Too many country club elitests, like John McCain, Olympia Snow, etc,.,, that just want to get along in the Republican party. They are RINOs that wait to see which way the crowd is going and then they follow. They do not know how to play to win like the Democrats do.

  • policypunch

    I get so sick of hearing "We can't act like Democrats. We can't get away with it" i.e. stopping the Kagan train wreck. They will wet themselves and play dead as usual. Incessant GOP whining from RINOs who are just trying to get re-elected. We need real leaders with massive stones like Chris Christie (and term limits.)

  • Dennis X

    Van Jones is still right.

  • Andrew

    I'm very much a conservative and I think blood should run on both sides of the aisles this November. It's time for new blood. Fresh thinking and REAL fighters. I'm tired of the same old worthless tactics and slogans.

    I mean it's like paying $150 a month to watch reruns!! But at least with that I'm the one in control. These clowns don't give a crap what we think. I think that much has been pretty well established.

  • David

    Democrats or Liberals(mostly same thing) get the backing of the Press. Good, if any, is amplified, Bad, is minimized or sugar coated. With Republicans, the Press reverses the rules. Example-Strom Thurmond(R) was an evil 'ol racist . Robert Byrd (D) was just a poor farm boy tryin' to get elected and joined the KKK and stayed in it til about 47 years of age and tried to make up for it all the rest of his life. Republicans just want to be liked and accepted, golly gee. They compromise with the Dems and always get the blame. If they stand up for principle and do the right thing they are obstructionists (The Party of NO). They need to grow some backbone and get some moral clarity. That's why as a former Democrat, I am now a former Republican, and a current Conservative.