Throwing Out the Race Card

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No one says it is racism that explains why blacks are over-represented and whites under-represented in basketball. Bean-counters only make a fuss when there is a disparity that fits their vision or their agenda.

Years ago, a study was made of the ethnic make-up of military forces in countries around the world. Nowhere was the ethnic make-up of the military the same as the ethnic make-up of the population, or even close to the same.

Nearly half the pilots in the Malaysia’s air force were from the Chinese minority, rather than the Malay majority. In Nigeria, most of the officers were from the southern tribes and most of the enlisted men were from the northern tribes. Similar disparities have been common among various groups in many places.

In countries around the world, all sorts of groups differ from each other in all sorts of ways, from rates of alcoholism to infant mortality, education and virtually everything that can be measured, as well as in some things that cannot be quantified. If black and white Americans were the same, they would be the only two groups on this planet who are the same.

One of the things that got us started on heavy-handed government regulation of the housing market were statistics showing that blacks were turned down for mortgage loans more often than whites. The bean-counters in the media went ballistic. It had to be racism, to hear them tell it.

What they didn’t tell you was that whites were turned down more often than Asians. What they also didn’t tell you was that black-owned banks also turned down blacks more often than whites. Nor did they tell you that credit scores differed from group to group. Instead, the media, the politicians and the regulators grabbed some statistics and ran with them.

The bean-counters are everywhere, pushing the idea that differences show injustices committed by society. As long as we keep buying it, they will keep selling it— and the polarization they create will sell this country down the river.

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  • Rifleman

    If CalTech is all Asian, so be it. That's what a colorblind meritocracy is, and I think that's best from the smallest minority, the individual, to the largest group, the whole nation.

  • ginjar

    Once again Thomas Sowell offers up facts discerned by intellect and common sense reasoning.

  • blotto

    I want these two sports writers to tell us how many black sports writers there are at the NYT, WaPo and the other major newspapers. I want these two idiots to tell us how many white running backs there are in the NFL. I want them to tell us how many white guards there are in the NBA. I want these numskulls to tell us how many black MSM nightly news anchors there are. I these two clowns to tell us the composition of every white progressive congressman or senator's staff. How about how many blacks are on the staffs of CAP, MM, Kos and HuffPo.

    These two idiots only see race when it fits into the template of the left.

  • ajnn

    No black placekickers ? I did not know that.

    Hmmmmm – I wonder, are black africans any good at soccer ? Maybe we should do a study.

    • glpage

      Ghana made it to the quarter finals in the World Cup this year. That's pretty good.

  • Abraham83

    In all respect for Mr. Sowell who–ALMOST invariably—writes succinctly and with great insight using Accams razor, many of the arguments in this piece are left begging the question. The statistical incidence of racial differences in all areas of life is common enough, and doesn’t automatically connote injustices as often suggested by liberals and the left in defense of their favored constituents who are being used as bludgeons to reconfigure such assumed societal injustices.

    But let’s look at it from the perspective of media manipulation as it falsely elevates the interests and position of blacks and women—in particular—over that of European Americans and men. Look in just about any newspaper in major urban areas, and even though the majority of readers are non-black, as are metropolitan populations, blacks (and women) are overwhelmingly represented in photographs, leaving the impression that the majority population is indeed black and that women are the newsmakers. This was shown decades ago to be the editorial policy of every liberal/left newspaper in the country.

    (continued below)

  • Abraham83

    (continued from above)

    Television ads frequently show white women happily romantic with blacks, or show dominant women ridiculing white men in “comic” situations to sell products. Giving the ideological perspective within America, is one to merely shrug ones shoulders and pass it all off to coincidence? The same with cops and detective television series seen everywhere now. You always always find several “strong” women in positions of authority brow-beating some hapless and submissive white actor in postures rarely seen in real American life. Fine models for the Brave New World, but reality? All in their minds—and that of youth who don’t know any better.

  • hikerdude

    The NYT has unknowing proved in the 21st Century the new Racism Is "Anti-Racism".
    They forgot to include the additional racism fact that I am Caucasian and out of four children only one of them is black. We are wallowing political correctness , the path to suicide when any Nation adopts it as their mantra.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • FBastiat

    Another FPM article on race as it relates to academic achievement:

  • Lary9

    Several years ago, I was reprimanded for refusing to attend an employees "Gender Issues Refresher Seminar". I told them that if I [as a male] didn't know how to treat women with respect by now, having raised 3 daughters and navigated two marriages, then I'd never learn. It's about respect and always has been…which in turn comes down to the 'golden rule'…doesn't it? "Do Unto Others…." Man! What institutional over-complication of a simple idea.

    • aspacia

      Lary, I would lose my job if I did not annually watch the mandatory sexual harassment and safety videos, and pass the video assessment tests. I chafes me is the fact that numerous teachers take these tests, and still molest students. In other words, knowing the laws does not prevent crime.

      • Lary9

        Of course, people comply and still offend! That's exactly my point! It doesn't work. It doesn't mean anything! That's why I refused and took it to another level. Of course, I was so close to retiring…they sort of looked the other way.