Debunking Anti-Anti-Islamist Myths


Anti-anti-Islamic radicalism is growing amongst Western elites. In the aftermath of the Fort Hood Islamist terror attack on our troops by United States Army Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan and the Christmas day airline Islamist terror attack attempt, it is becoming ever more obvious that there is a widening gap between public common sense and governing class idiocy when it comes to spotting Islamist danger in our midst — and doing something about it.

Against all evidence, it has become an idee fixe in the collective mind of European and American governments, academe, journalism and foreign policy establishments that radical Muslims in the West are the victims of Western bigotry and cultural hostility — rather than, primarily, the other way around. Dangerously, these attitudes continue to shape both the premises and procedures of government policies even after nine years of post-Sept. 11 evidence to the contrary. The slaughtered American troops at Fort Hood are just among the early few in what will surely become whole legions of the dead victims of political correctness — if the public does not soon succeed at overruling the Western governing elite’s unconscionable moral blindness to the malign danger in our midst.

This willful refusal to look Islamist/Western reality straight-on is epitomized by a series of recent articles that mostly sneer at even a discussion of the threat. As one of the constantly named authors of recent books (along with Mark Steyn, Oriana Fallaci, Bernard Lewis, Bruce Bawer, Bat Ye’or and Christopher Caldwell) that are alleged to be guilty of seeing evidence of an Islamist cultural (as well as terrorist) threat to the West, I thought it might be time to respond.

Among other articles that criticize me and the other named authors are: “A Eurabian Civil War” by British Independent columnist Johann Hari; “Why Fears of a Muslim Takeover Are All Wrong” in Newsweek by William Underhill; “Eurabian Follies” in Foreign Policy magazine by former French Foreign Ministry official Justin Vaisse; and “‘Eurabia’ Debunked” in Commentary Magazine online, by (the always polite and thoughtful — an exception to the rule) Max Boot.

My contribution to the oeuvre of radical Islamist alarmism was my 2005 book, “The West’s Last Chance,” which, by the way, predicted the terrorist attack in London, Muslim riots in Paris, worldwide violent Muslim reaction to blasphemous Western artistic representations and the emergence of growing acquiescence to Sharia law in the West.

It is hard to know whether the authors (and the majority elite opinion they represent) don’t get it, or don’t want to get it. For example, on the question of whether Europe could become increasingly culturally dominated by Islam as the 21st century unfolds, all the articles question the demographic projections (which, in my and some other books, are official United Nations data.).

The authors make the triumphant case that it will be generations, if then, before Islam is a majority in Europe. (Which is also what I conclude in my book).

What they choose to ignore is the already obviously powerful impact of even very small numbers of determined people in a host country riddled with guilt and political correctness. The dead at Fort Hood are testament to radical Islam’s success already at inducing the U.S. Army to treat an obviously dangerous Muslim officer preferentially. His conduct — if by a Christian, Jew or atheist —surely would have been stopped well before the slaughters started.

More dangerous, is the (simplistic and obvious) self-satisfied assertion that we are unduly alarmed of a danger from radical Muslims in the West because it is a “myth (that there exists) a united Islam, a bloc capable of collective and potentially dangerous action. The truth is that there are no powerful Muslim political movements in Europe, either continent-wide or at the national level, and the divisions that separate Muslims wordwide, most obviously between Sunnis and Shiites, are apparent in Europe as well.” (Newsweek, July 11, 2009, William Underhill.)

Neither I, nor to the best of my knowledge any of the other criticized authors, have asserted that a caliphate, or anything like it, was likely to re-emerge. The already present danger — which will only expand if not checked — is a constant cultural intrusion that will change adversely the very nature of our way of life.

Radical Islam doesn’t have to win elections (or even win street riots) if they win by intimidation the policies and conduct they seek. For example, as I warned in my book (and came about in the Danish cartoon event a few years ago) the threat of radical Muslim violence succeeded in coercing all but two American newspapers and most European newspapers from exercising their free speech and press right to publish the Danish cartoon.

In fact, just a few weeks ago, the cartoonist, Kurt Westergaard, was attacked in his home by a Somali Muslim aroused by the alleged blasphemy. Shockingly, most European journalistic commentary argued that Western writers and artists should, for prudence sake, abstain from such expression.

But it is worse than imprudent for Americans (or Europeans) to give up freedoms and ways of life that have been defended for centuries by the martial sacrifice of our ancestors (and current warriors) — and by the intellectual courage of our writers and artists — just because our morally feeble, self-proclaimed “educated class” and elites have lost the will to defend our civilization.

As the American people arise to take back our government and our property this November, we should also seek out candidates who are not afraid to oppose such threats to our way of life.

  • Cris Angelini

    Tony Blankley nails it. Western civilization is cowering to insidious evil; at the behest of misguided, hyper-politically correct, intellectual imbeciles.

  • ApolloSpeaks

    Tony Blankley is correct:

    The slaughtered American troops at Fort Hood are just among the early few in what will surely become whole legions of the dead victims of political correctness.

    An unfortunate tragedy we must suffer to discredit and kill PC and wage the war on terror victoriously.

  • stepman

    Non-Muslims are under attack throughtout the world and they expect that America will resist, so they have invaded Our Country with students and refugees as well as those foriegn invaders or treaspassers that crossed the border illegally or over stayed their visas. Now they form groups and use Our laws to gain foothold and soon they will be making the law. The enemy from within. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  • rssg

    It's too late – they're here already. Open borders uber alles!!

    • BLZeebub

      Los EEUU sobre todos!

  • trickyblain

    The author whines alot and pats himself on the back for "predicting" things (Am I a genius for predicting that somewhere in the world, and possibly Europe, Muslims will get upset about a law? Or that a terror attack will happen?). But he does not give any solutions. What would he do to stop this alleged threat?

    Seems to me that too many so-called conservatives mistake "PC" with "the Constitution" and the limited gov't powers it grants. Same guy probably slams gov't involvement in health care as "unconstitutional."

  • brucet

    The front of the war is now here, on the home-front. Thank you mass immigration!

  • jpp

    Hmm, sounds like trickyblain, is one of those "progressive intellectuals" like our Kenyan in Chief, with his stellar academic record, that curiously, he has never seen fit to publish publicly like 99% of all presidents and major candidates for the last half century.

    There shall be CENTRALIZED PLANNING by the academic eliites! Healthcare, automobile industry, financial industry, etc. trickyblain – that's why two-thirds of the public is rejecting our Marxist-Mooslim in Chief. It's almost sad to witness.

    James Earl Obama – another one term wonder.

    • BBRebozo

      Obama is not the Messiah. He was sent by the Messiah to clean up Adolph Hitler's and Jimmuh Cawtuh's names.

  • The Truth

    Everyone should own, watch, and proliferate Islam, What the
    West Needs to Know. It’s the finest summary of this disgusting belief system.
    It’s historically, and literally accurate, and every single family needs to
    know and understand its contents.

    In short Islam is a poison to humanity. Those that do not
    follow Koran, a perfect copy of a perfect book that resides with Allah in
    heaven, are not true Muslims. They are nominal and should relinquish their
    association with the religion for there is no such thing as a “good”

    There is no rewriting or “interpreting” the Koran.
    The beliefs of the religion are exceptionally clear because of the abrogation,
    and the life of the so called prophet himself. The so called peaceful verses
    exist only because Mohammed wouldn’t have survived Mecca without them. The
    intent of the so called prophet was revealed in Medina and the abrogation of
    previous peaceful surahs.

    The abrogation basically states “If I give to you a
    verse that is better than a previous, it replaces it…” Since the book of
    the sword was authored last, its writings and teaching supersede those previous
    to it. The Koran was reorganized so that it could be read during the Ramadan,
    further confusing the issue for those not indoctrinated or ignorant to the
    religion. There is no question that historically or literally as to what Mohammed
    preached, and executed in his life.

    All countries must begin to oppose the spread of Islam, both
    at the citizen and government levels. The religion is more appropriately titled
    an ideological and literal genocide. It’s packaged as a peaceful religion, by
    followers whom are called upon to lie and spread the religion by any means
    needed. How can ANYONE claim otherwise given 1,400 of historical
    contradiction?! It still persists today as do its apologists, and this must

    There is no question that Islam is nothing more than a lie
    constructed in a single lifetime by a power hungry 7th century warlord. It robs
    from the Jewish and Christian faiths to sustain credibility then calls for
    their destruction literally in the final surah. It’s absolutely how absurd it
    is that this nonsense encompasses a 5th to a 6th of world population. The war
    we face is a war of education, and facts. There is an inevitability of civil war,
    or abolishment upon us. Please don’t get stuck ignorant with your head in the