Katie Couric on Israel – Another Performance for the White House

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I didn’t know Katie was moonlighting for the White House as a foreign diplomat while at CBS. Or is she a cabinet-level ambassador? She can’t possibly be just another national broadcasting mouthpiece for the Obama Administration.

Maybe she’s looking for an internship.

Other than reading from a teleprompter, much like the President, what other experience does Katie have to throw support behind her opinion:

The challenge for Israel is to balance the need to protect itself while treading carefully to protect its relationships with [supposed] critical allies around the world.

Then again, she’s  an expert on terrorism. Who could forget her filling in the blanks for Bloomberg  — directing the public’s vigilance to focus on a “homegrown” Time Square bomber, unhinged by Obamacare?

With views expressed so decidedly on Israel’s foreign affairs and issues of national security, it doesn’t take much to imagine what Katie will be like in the next 10 years:

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Another Lefty old biddy, working it for the media.