The Fight for Real Immigration Reform

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Although the Senate is in recess, both Republicans and Democrats in the Senate introduced immigration bills in October to set the stage for debate on the issue through the election, the lame duck session, and the 112th Congress.

Sen. Robert Menendez’s (D-NJ) Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2010 makes the attempted amnesties from 2006 and 2007 look like Arizona’s SB 1070.  The bill is over 800 pages long, so anti-amnesty researchers have not had time to comb through every little detail, but what they’ve found so far is bad enough.  The bill will grant amnesty to every single illegal alien in the country.  It will increase legal immigration by millions, and will nullify all state and local laws against illegal immigration.

The bill also gives amnesty for social security fraud, and gives in-state tuition to illegal aliens.  Menendez’s bill incorporates the Uniting American Families Act, which allows homosexuals living in the US to sponsor their same-sex partners for citizenship.  Giving federal recognition to homosexual partners in an immigration act could be used as a precedent to impose legal homosexual marriage throughout the country.

The same day Menendez introduced his amnesty bill, Sen. Orin Hatch sponsored the Strengthening Our Commitment to Legal Immigration and America’s Security Act.  Unlike Menendez’s bill, it is only a few pages long.  It will prevent Obama from enacting amnesty measures through executive order, eliminates the diversity visas—which gives 55,000 unnecessary green cards every year by a lottery—and encourages states to assist enforcement of immigration laws.

This is a good start, but does not come close to fixing our disastrous immigration policy.

Republicans do not need an 800-page bill like Menendez’s, but there are a few simple principles that need to guide their policies. America must increase border security and interior enforcement against illegal immigration. We need to remove rewards for illegal aliens.  And we need to reform our excessive legal immigration policies to protect American workers and taxpayers.

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  • P Streitz

    The bills should be combined and called, COMPREHENSIVE IMMIGRATION REDUCTION.

    Paul Streitz
    America First, Why Americans Must End Free Trade, Stop Outsourcing and Close Our Open Borders

  • Wesley69

    Republicans must make clear they are in favor of legal immigration with an ultimate goal of citizenship, but it must be done in a legal manner. The Dream or Amnesty Act is an insult to all American citizens, its sole the purpose being that of gaining Democrats more votes. The Democrats will dangle all sorts of promises before Hispanics. They will play the race card. Republicans had better be ready for that. So the Republicans must come up with a fair bill that does the following things:
    Secures the border with a fence, with troops.
    Fine employers for hiring illegal’s.
    Allow Mexicans to get work permits after a criminal background check.
    Make sure that Mexican workers are protected against harsh treatment and paid fairly.

  • Wesley69

    The 13th Amendment outlaws slavery and it needs to be enforced.
    Any Mexican worker that engages in activities to subvert the government of the state or the US will be deported.
    Illegal’s need to be sent back to Mexico. They may get a worker permit after paying fines and back taxes.
    Illegal’s who give birth, anchor babies are not American citizens. (Repeal part of Amendment 14)
    Mexicans with good records may apply for citizenship after they learn English. Past illegal’s with good records may apply for citizenship after a longer period of time. They must learn English.
    Any immigrant that has been granted or earned citizenship, if engaged in subversive activates against the state or US will be deported.
    I am sure other conditions can be advanced, but straight up amnesty is wrong!!!! Then again, this administration is only interested in power and are willing to achieve it by any means.

    All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.
    Thomas Jefferson

  • Chezwick_Mac

    While migrant farm workers have been part of the American landscape for at least a century, large-scale illegal immigration didn't begin until the 1960s. What was the catalyst?

    Easy: It was Johnson's 'Great Society' and the advent of welfare. Suddenly, Americans who had started on the lowest rung of the socio-economic ladder and had done the menial jobs in our society in order just to survive…could now opt out. Young mothers could stay home and collect welfare for their kids. Wed or unwed fathers who were previously compelled to work in order to feed their children could now walk away and opt for vice and/or idleness because welfare would now feed their kids.

    Only problem was, who would do the dirty jobs previously done by this underclass? Enter the illegals.

    The paradox is that today, illegals are some of the most productive workers in America, precisely because they have no other recourse but to work. We can talk all we want about solving the problem of illegal immigration, but until all Americans (except of course the disabled) have to actually work for a living, there will be a continual need for imported labor – legal or not.

    It continues to amaze me how the pundits and sociologists have overlooked the undeniable linkage between the advent of the welfare state and our subsequent dependence on wet labor.

  • davarino

    You know multiculturalism is unraveling when Merkel of Germany is telling immigrants to learn how to speak German.

    Welcome to America, learn how to speak engrish, after you come here legally thank you.

    Its amazing to me that the illegals march in the street waving the mexican flag. Well if its so great in mexico why dont you just go back. Why dont you just go back anyway.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Of course, multiculturalism inevitably failed. Anyone with half a brain would know that it cannot succeed, as it creates disparate groups of people all with competing interests and fighting tooth and nail against each other. Want to destroy a united and harmonious homogeneous society like America once was, introduce multiculturalism into the mix, let it do its thing for a few decades, then watch the discord it will reap. Anyone that believes multiculturalism and diversity are good things that should be celebrated needs a brain transplant. America needs multiculturalism like it needs a heart attack.

  • Gunner57

    We need to reduce legal Third World immigration into our country. Furthermore, we must STOP ALL MUSLIM immigration ASAP.

    If we do not stop the Muslims from invading our country through our insane immigration policies the United States, as we know it, will cease to exist.

  • jacob

    What would be wrong with making the tremendous jailbirds population of the USA work for their keep ??

    Instead of illegals picking harvests, how about getting jailbirds to do it, instead of "vacationing" for years on end ???

    That wold be unhuman and politically incorrect, right ??

  • ObamaYoMoma

    End all magnets that draw them here to begin with and seal the border. Then, if illegal immigrants can’t work and make money while in the USA illegally, they will simply be forced to self-deport themselves. Moreover, no amnesty or paths to citizenship for illegal immigrants under any circumstances!

    Nowhere where mass Muhammadan immigration has taken place in the world have the Muhammadan immigrants assimilated and integrated. Instead, the majority of those Muhammadan immigrants unlike other immigrant groups have refused to assimilate and integrate and formed Muhammadan no-go zones ruled by Sharia in direct contravention to the laws of the states in which they reside. Hence, it is ludicrous for Americans to assume that America alone in the world can be the first country ever in history to successfully assimilate and integrate Muhammadans when every other country in the world has failed miserably. The reality is Muhammadans don’t immigrate to assimilate and integrate; instead they immigrate to one day dominate and subjugate. Therefore, Muhammadan immigration must also be stopped ASAP.

  • JackKinch1uncle

    Barrios scattered throughout the country. Legal? vote buying…Risen crime rate and welfare costs. Dirty politics. We are overpopulated with criminals and tax users. Plus, we do not want them.

  • Maggie

    Americans must ACT. They must teach their kids to get into the action … because it is necessary to protect their futures. Give it a try. Only by speaking out loud and clear so that we empower the good politicians and show up the bummers can we arm ourselves against too much legal and illegal invasion.

  • Jim Johnson

    The Republicans will do nothing positive to stop the illegal immigration problem. Already in Utah Chavetz who was supported by Bay Buchanan in order to remove the open border congressman Cannon has wavered and voted wrong many times and dogged the votes many other times. We should seek to remove him as soon as posible and to expose him for what he is.

  • Wordcrunch991

    When will the Americans take a cue from the Danes ?

  • Sean Yilmaz

    As an American Citizen who has parents who immigrated from a predominately Muslim country in the Middle East, called Turkey, I believe that there needs to be immigration reform. I speak English, have an American name and don't speak Turkish language and I believe we have a right to fight against Illegal Aliens. I will die for America and fight for America. Because America is the most prosperous, wealthy and peaceful country on the planet and I want to see MeCHA and La Raza totally collapse.

    • Sean Yilmaz

      Because MEcHA and La Raza want to plot a Reconquista of 1/3 of the United States, turn every part of the Southwest into a Third World Toilet. I heard that there was a forbidden place to enter 80 miles north of the Arizona-Mexico border where Mexican drug cartels are smuggled into and Communist Libtards are not doing anything at all. I know they want to plot to kill our American men, women and children and spread like a cancer to destroy the prosperity and greatness of this nation. I wish we had a bunch of Minutemen rebels and American troops invade this forbidden area and bomb their hideout to oblivion and kill every terroristic Reconquista hiding there.

  • Sean Yilmaz

    Also, I want to see more attorneys, lawyers, Republican Associations, Tea Part Associations and Conservative association go spy in La Raza and MEcHA meetings and try to listen to what they want to plot to destroy our nation With. We need to go in depth into NCLR and MEcHA meetings, spy on them, expose them and press them with very hefty lawsuits. Also we need to ban Reconquista politicians like Fabian Nunez, Raul Grijalva, Villagroisa, and other faschistic Reconquistas from entering political office. We need to investigate every person who enters into congress, including how much loyalty they have to the USA as well. I am not racist against Hispanics, infact there are many Legal Hispanic Immigrants who love and cherish America and will die for America and protect American national soviergnty from faschistic Reconquistas.

    • Sean Yilmaz

      The Nazis terrorized Europe during the Second World War, caused so much pain, suffering, agony and heartbreak around Europe. The Communists caused the world to be poor, repressed and degressive in such countries as North Korea, Sudan, Zimbabwe, and the USSR. They are the most anti-civilization and most authoritarian ideals ever. We, as American citizens overcame such evils as the Communists in WW1, the Nazis in WW2, the Cuban Missile Crisis, The Ku Klux Klan and we will overcome Illegal Aliens. I am a 2nd Generation Turkish-American, born and raised in the USA, and I believe we will defeat Illegal Aliens and deport them, so we can pave way for LEGAL Immigrants, who want to contribute to America, stay loyal to America and make America a great place.

      • Sean Yilmaz

        It really boils my blood to see this great country down the toilet. We have a president who will not so an authentic birth certificate, while many Amerian citizens lose their jobs, and many familys become homeless, jobless, hungry, starving and begging. They are all getting more sadder and more depressed. Why, because Illegal Aliens are stealing our jobs and keeping Legal Citizens of the USA who want to contribute to our society. Who rapes and brutalizes our children? Illegal Aliens. Who kills our women and children? Illegal Aliens. Who turns our beautiful cities into 3rd World Toilets? Illegal Aliens. Who ends up overcrowding our prisons? Illegal Aliens. Why is our educational systems going down the drain? Because of Illegal Aliens. I am not talking just Illegal Aliens from Mexico or Central America, I am talking about Illegals from all countries.

  • Sean Yilmaz

    Btw, where does all the drug trafficers come from Illegally? Through the US-Mexico Border. Where do people from all the world enter the US illegally? Through the US-Mexico Border. Where do all the organized crime rings come from? Through the US-Mexico border. Where do all criminals come from that barbarically kill our men, women and children? Through the US-Mexico border. This is not racism and this is the fact. Who are the racists? Reconquistas. Look up all over the web how Hector Carreon spills venomous hate towards Jews and Homosexuals (which I bet I am sure he wants to see Jews and Homsexuals dead, just like how Hitler killed Jews and Homsexuals). Look up how there are clips of Reconquistas viciously go up to non-Mexicans and tell them you are not welcome and if you do not leave this continent, you will die.

  • Sean Yilmaz

    There is a clip of Fabian Nunez where he spread racist vicious hateful venom against Non-Mexicans. There are other clips of Reconquistas on the web and I can post it and show the world how hateful, evil and sick and twisted these people are. I see no difference between Reconquistas, Neo Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan, Al-Qaida and Taliban. La Raza and MECHA need to be shut down forever. We also need to make laws where companies and businesses are fined massive amounts from hiring Illegal Aliens in every city, state and county. This will sleep like a revolution my friends.

    • Sean Yilmaz

      Americans will unite as ONE against INTOLERANCE. Doesn't matter if you are Hispanic-American, African-American, South Asian-American, East Asian-American, Mid Eastern-American, Native-American, Pacific Islander-American and UNITE FOR REAL CHANGE! We need to have a million man march supporting LEGAL immigration and stop Illegal Immigration! We also need to have a million man march to expose how Obama destroyed America and made America worser then Bush. I never believe a word that guy says either. TIME FOR PATRIOTISM IN THE USA! Isn't it ironic you hear this from a Second Generation Turkish-American. Wow, even someone who has parents from a Muslim country loves America for then even White-Americans.

      In the last sentence in my last paragraph, I meant to type "start like a revolution."

      • Sean Yilmaz

        Btw, if any Neo-Nazi evil hatemongering racistic Reconquista want to debate me. I will counter each and every one of your arguments with evidence, links and sources and make you guys be quiet. You guys know you want to destroy America and you guys try to make your Reconquista and Open-Border organizations look good, but Americans of all races, genders and creeds are waking up to your evil and vileness. I will expose you guys, humiliate you guys and prove that you guys are the racists, not American patriots. You guys are the Racists, not American Patriots.