The Rule of Racial Preferences

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Shortly after assuming his position, Attorney General Eric Holder called America a “nation of cowards” because we were too afraid to speak about race. My former colleague Congressman Steve King (R-IA) recently tried to initiate a discussion, and the Democrats and politically correct Republicans are castigating him.

Rep. King told a talk show host that “the president has demonstrated that he has a default mechanism in him that breaks down the side of race — on the side that favors the black person.” He stood by his remarks stating that there “appears to me to be an inclination on the part of the White House and the Justice Department and perhaps others within the administration to break on the side of favoritism with regard to race.”

What Rep. King said has considerable merit. Leaving aside President Obama siding with black Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates over white police officer James Crowley without knowing the facts or his close association with the anti-white pastor Jeremiah Wright, Obama’s record as a Senator and President gives credence to the concerns raised by Rep. King.

President Obama supports racial preferences for blacks and Hispanics over whites and Asians in education and hiring. During the 2008 election, the African American conservative Ward Connerly sponsored ballot initiatives in Colorado and Kansas stating “The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting.” Obama opposed the initiatives stating they are “designed to drive a wedge between people.”

During his four years a Senator, Obama never voted against the NAACP’s position on an issue.

Several recent incidents during his presidency provide additional fodder for Rep. King’s statement.

President Obama and Attorney General Holder have sued small towns without even accusing them of disenfranchising blacks, but they dismissed a complaint against voter intimidation against whites during the presidential election.

The Justice Department filed a claim against the town of Lake Park, FL to make the town of 9,000 change from electing their commissioners from an at large seat into gerrymandered districts where “black persons would constitute a majority of the citizen voting age population in at least one of the districts” with the explicit goal of promoting “black electoral success.”

Compare this to how they treated the New Black Panther Party intimidating white voters. During the presidential election, the Black Panthers were videotaped brandishing batons in paramilitary outfits outside the voting booths. According to an affidavit signed by poll watcher Bartle Bull, a liberal who served in the Civil Rights department under Robert Kennedy, one of the Black Panthers told white voters, “you are about to be ruled by the black man, cracker.” The Justice Department dismissed this complaint without giving any explanation.

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  • Dan

    One of the more disturbing aspects of the race issue in America today is the immediate label of racist applied to anyone who questions the policies and actions or the eligibility of the President to serve. This is also true of anyone who expresses concern over Islamic terrorist acts or the violence prescribed by the Quran. Rather than debate on the merits of any issue, it is much easier to simply label people as racists, extremists, or hate groups if they don't immediately fall in line with the Left's socialist agenda or its not so covert attempts to redistribute wealth and vastly increase government subsidies.

    There was a time when you could debate the policies of the White House and the controlling party of Congress. Unfortunately, it appears that is only the case when Republicans are in charge of one or both.

  • Thunder

    No barking by those educated beyond their intelligence yet?
    Liberalism IS a mental disorder.
    Ann, as usual – bull's eye! :)

  • k1oik

    It would appear that this subversive, anti-truth, anti-rights element is depending on the inertia of law-abiding people to keep on following the rules, while they change those same rules for themselves.

  • andres de alamaya

    All actions, utterances, attitudes or comments by Holder come directly from Obama since Holder is Obama's puppet. Obama is only half black. He is half white. It matters not to him that it was a white America that voted him in. Deep down in racist mind which he struggles to suppress, the whites who voted him in were useful idiots. When we discovered his Rev. Wright connection, we needed to turn our backs on him but we chose to wear blinders and bring him in just the same. His racist tendencies are regrettable but not nearly as damaging as his overall ignorance, his kowtowing to Islam, his international relations and a host of other negatives. Pray, America, that we can survive this catastrophic mistake that we made by bringing him in.

  • PAthena

    The policies described in the article of President Obama violate the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, commanding equality under the law. Whether having the Department of Justice insist on gerrymandering to get blacks elected or dropping the voter intimidation case against the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia, President Obama violates the Constitution.

  • Jean

    They're tribal. Nothing you can do about it. Equality is a Christian concept. They're not Christians. They're tribesmen.

  • poptoy

    This entire administration is absolutely anti-American.

    • Jim C.

      No…just anti-Republican. But I guess that's the same thing.

  • george rennit

    Many whites suffer from a collective guilt rooted in the past, and therefore find redemption in the blind idealism that results in a man like Obama in the whitehouse. Ironicly, white Americans were more prepared for a black man as president than black Americans in that pro-Obama whites saw his election as a victory for the nation, blacks saw it as a victory for blacks over whites. When we speak of civil rights, we don't think of them as rights for the civil citizen in general, but as exclusive rights for black Americans.
    The undercurrent of racial hatred towards whites cannot be ignored. White Americans have become the vicitms of racism in the name of equality and social justice. Obama is a symptom of a deeper social pathology. It is taught that blacks cannot be racist, they cannot commit a hate crime, that they are colorblind. Really? Personally, I didn't expect anything different from Obama than what we are getting. There is nothing more dangerous than someone in power who sees themselves as a victim.

    • Jean

      I like what you wrote. Well said.

    • guest

      Very well said, George. So much content in a couple of paragraphs.

      You said it so good…"pro-Obama whites saw his election as a victory for the nation, blacks saw it as a victory for blacks over whites."

      Ive attempted to explain it to the White liberals, but all I get in return is this egalitarinism-second-grade-mouthwash that they have been 'taught' to think and say-to be 'one of the good White guys' in todays society.

      They have self-subjugated themselves into total submission.

      Its not just pathetically and utterly foolish….its "Sad"….literally Sad.

  • BS1977

    Liberalism is a mental disorder….Ann Coulter is the cure.

  • FBastiat

    What to tell a "liberal" about affirmative action:

    • Stephen D.

      FB. I just read the entire piece "Affirmative Action Negative Justice" What a fantastic work! Thanks for the tip! Everyone should read it.

    • Jean

      Yes, thanks. Print-worthy. :)

  • USMCSniper

    I will never understand why racism against white people is treated like it's a shocking revelation. Maybe it comes from the "politically correct" idea that racism exists only in the majority; that is, only the majority – the rule-makers and law-makers by default – can practice racism. After all, that is the accepted definition of racial discrimination: giving preference to one race over another. Many liberasl and blacks will have you believe that blacks cannot practice racial discrimination. That's just ludicrous. It's an excuse to behave in a racial manner and hope to get away with it. Holder and Obama do it in spades – pun intended.

    • Jean


    • Philip Lindsey

      Those whose definition of racism involves musings on power relations and demography (e.g., majority vs. minority) ignore the crucial factor of organization. Whites and men are the only groups in our society which lack effective political representation. As such, they are easy targets for racist non-whites and sexist women who seek to advantage themselves at their expense.

  • Seek

    To denounce "racism" when practiced by blacks (as opposed to whites) misses the larger point. Racism is not the problem. It's a failure to look at reality — that a large, growing and bitter racial minority undermines a nation. History has proven that innumerable times.

    We are a predominantly white nation. Should the day come when that is no longer so (the Census Bureau projects that to happen in 2042), kiss us goodbye.

  • PMN

    Pay your taxes. You're subsidizing your own demise.

  • Steve Chavez

    Universities are now bombarded with a "student" group called "Black Men in Motion." A google search shows that this group was a product of The Million Man March led by the biggest racist of all: Louis Farrakhan!

    In a Youtube video posted by the leader of the University of New Mexico, a song be an unknown rapper screams, "N*******s don't count money, we weigh it!" The song freely used the "N-word" which is the most hated word in the world but is freely used including by the likes of Whoopi Goldberg.

    This "student" group is one the most racist I have ever encountered in all my years of overlooking the day to day operations and activities at our university. When I protested to the higher ups about this racist group, they had no reaction. Can you imagine the outrage by the same higher ups if someone started a "White Men in Motion" group and also funded by student fees?

    I'm also sick and tired of groups like La Raza and their racism!

  • NP66

    Nice to see all of the cracker barrels in lock-step here. Keep hate alive.

    • caroline

      Can't make it out there on your own, huh? Grow up. Nobody disagrees with you because of the color of your skin. They disagree with you because you're acting like a moron.

  • Egalitarian

    All discrimination is wrong. Obama is a racist.

  • conserve56

    Obama is the President of black revenge. He has been taught to hate white people through his many years of indoctrination and palling around with communists and radicals like Rev. Wright.

    Since he is half white with the white side of his family the only ones raising him, his hatred of whites does not make sense. Be that as it may, he clearly does hate whites. He will purposely ignore black crimes against whites no matter how heinous.

    Unfortunately we are stuck with him through 2012. Elections have consequences, and the 2008 election has had the most dire consequences in the history of our Republic.

  • Rick Boone

    Only in Black vs White cases. Actually, Latinos are much more important when you give jobs that Black kids or even black adults might want are given to illegal immigrants. Just TRY to get a job at McDonalds or 100 other places if you are not mexican. After all, Obama figures he has the N***** vote locked up. He figures they are too dumb to do anything else. You don't see him wasting a SCOTUS seat on them. Do you?

  • MarcJeric

    What did you expect from Abu Hussein al-Mombassa (or wherever in Kenya this marxist Moslem was born)? What did you expect from Holder, the pardoner of the murderous Puertorican terrorists and the Castro's lawyer in the Elian Gonzalez case?

  • superinfidel

    With Barry in the White House (I bet he hates that name and thinks it's some kind of racist code word) moving the Overton Window, and his henchmen doing his bidding, we're all fokked. God help this country. When Barry heard there was a disaster on the Gulf Coast, he thought they said there was a disaster on the golf course, so he rushed right out and has been trying to locate it ever since. In his 1st year, he has played more rounds of golf than GW did in all his 8 years. I'm just ill.

  • Mimi

    With the way Obama and all his henchmen have been behaving since his annointing, I don't see this country electing another minority as President for a very looong time. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Pity he's so horrid, I would have loved to have seen a good minority President. I hope we can turn things around eventually. The SCOTUS will take a long time to correct if Kagan gets in, though. You watch-some Progressive or Liberal will try to pass a law that bars challenges to a SCOTUS precedent, regardless of who may be sitting on the SCOTUS in the future.