Rosie O’Donnell: Anti-Semite or Psycho?

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Helen Thomas, now former columnist for Hearst newspapers, has a track record of “utter detachment from reality.” In a 2006 column, Thomas characterized her colleagues in the White House press corp as “lap dogs” for the Bush administration leading up to the Iraq war. With axiomatic confidence she wrote,

“They lapped up everything the Pentagon and White House could dish out — no questions asked.”

This raised the eyebrow of National Review Online author Stephen Spruiell, who called Thomas to task. Citing a March 2003 transcript of a White House press conference, Spruiell proved journalists had piled on the administration. He concluded that Thomas’s assertion was “nonsense.”

There is a word for the inability to discern reality from delusion. It is psychosis. It goes a long way toward accounting for Thomas’s expressed political beliefs.

The same could be said of Rosie O’Donnell. In the wake of calling for the government seizure of British Petroleum by executive order, O’Donnell demonstrated willful ignorance of fact, while excusing Thomas’s anti-Semitism.

Earlier this week, Thomas resigned in disgrace amid controversy surrounding an off-the-cuff remark calling for Jews to “get the hell out of Palestine.” On Wednesday, during her satellite radio show, O’Donnell defended Thomas with blatant disregard for Israel’s sovereignty.

Here’s the exact quote of what [Thomas] said: “… Tell them to get the hell out of Palestine. Remember these people [the Palestinians] are occupied. It’s their land, not Germany’s, not Poland’s.” She was asked where they should go, and she answered, “They should go home, to Poland, to Germany, to America.”

Guest 1: How could that be construed as hate-speech?

O’Donnell: I don’t know.

Guest 1: I don’t see any way that could be construed as hate speech.

Guest 2: What if [Thomas said] Black people should go back to Africa?

O’Donnell: Black people are not occupying a country.

This concept of “occupation,” which O’Donnell shares with Thomas, is indicative of the same detachment from reality which underlays Thomas’ perception of Bush-era “lap dogs.” These women see the world, not as it is, but as their politics require it.

Is O’Donnell prepared to out herself, and every other American not directly descended from “natives,” as an occupier? Is she prepared to “go back” to her country of ethnic origin? If not, she is employing a double-standard. Such hypocrisy can only be explained by anti-Semitism or psychosis.

Unfortunately, either possibility seems as likely as the other. As the exchange between O’Donnell and her guests continued, she dismissed the anti-Semitism underlying Thomas’s call for Jews to return to the scene of the Holocaust. O’Donnell argued the lack of active death camps in Europe negates any Jewish claim to Israel.

O’Donnell went on to wholly reinterpret Thomas’s remarks:

What [Thomas] was saying was the homeland was originally Palestinians’… and that it’s now occupied by Israel, and that Palestinians should be afforded, you know, human and civil rights. That’s what I think that she was saying.

Here again, O’Donnell demonstrates utter detachment from reality. Israel never belonged to “Palestinians,” as there has never been a state of Palestine.

Civil rights are created by states. O’Donnell’s reinterpretation of Thomas has her calling for civil rights from a state whose existence she opposes. This is blatantly nonsensical. O’Donnell is either ignorant of what civil rights are or unable to reconcile disparate ideas.

No matter which way you cut it, O’Donnell proves incredible. Whether she joins Thomas in anti-Semitism, psychosis, or a potent mixture of both, O’Donnell’s distorted perspective inhibits critical thought.

Walter Hudson is a political commentator, activist, and Tea Party coordinator from the Twin Cities. He runs a blog and internet radio show, both entitled Fightin Words. He also contributes to True North, a hub of Minnesotan conservative commentary. Follow his work via Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

  • BS1977

    Yeah, let's spend time critically analyzing the drivel coming out of a stupid lug whose celebrity status is on par with that pile of garbage Jerry Springer…who cares what this rude and vulgar person says about anything? Surprised you even wasted the space on an article about Rosie O Dumbell

    • oldloggerak

      Rosie O<Donnell is a poor write even for all the tabloids.Her hate generated toward others is due to her total flop as an actor, a comedian, and a positive influence to others in her field. Her and Roseanne Barr has proven numerous time that their loud mouths echoes nothing but scorn toward others.


      Well said!! I couldn't agree more! She is a HUGE waste of space here in America and so she can take her large A$$ over to a communist country ANYTIME! THE SOONER THE BETTER!!

    • JGA

      Hey, stop insulting Jerry Springer!

    • T. F.

      Unfortunately, too many blunderheads care and take as "gospel" what O'Donnell and her ilk spew out their maws, and as Goebbels(I think) said the bigger the lie constanly repeated the easier uncritical thoughtless blunderheads believe.

  • suprkufrB

    Amen! There's a real world out there, and at the moment we're losing.
    It's my suggestion that after the war we should send all these useful idiots to live in one of the camel dung sheikdoms which they admire so much. Good luck with your lesbian rights campaign in Saudi Arabia Ms. O'Donnel!

    • BS1977

      After watching the video I am convinced this stupid idiot has no place on TV or anywhere else….she knows nothing about history and has no basis for her remarks other than thinking whatever comes out of her pie hole is "relevant" or "factual." I would recommend this worthless sack read two books….by A. Goldhagen Hitler's Willing Executioners and his other masterpiece,
      "Worse than War." I recommend everyone read these books to grasp the reality of what these idiot airheads try to nuance or ignore in their stupidity. If only Rosie O Donnell had taken a trip to Darfur Sudan or lived in southern Israel as thousands of rockets were being fired at her friggin house….then her dim bulb might glimmer. One can only hope. Telling Jews or Israelis to go back to Germany is hateful and sick…just like Helen Thomas…sick, stupid and pathetic.

    • maria


  • tarleton

    I agree , who cares what ignorant , trashy tv celebs think anyway

    • Guest

      she is a total moonbat, but the problem is that she is part of the entertainment world, and that "qualification" in and of itself makes people think that she has something important to say – gotta shoot down the BS whenever you can.

      • Walter Scott Hudson

        Thank you. The point is not that she's worth it. The point is she has enough name recognition to warrant countering.

  • Art

    O'Donnell some time ago made public statements decrying the right of American citizens to own guns until it was revealed that she had bodyguards hired to protect her and her children and that these bodyguards had ….guns! What a shame this blob of putrid protoplasm not only gets airtime to vomit up her philosophy but even gets paid for it.

    • Scott Harmon

      Not only did her body guards have guns, but she insisted they be allowed to carry them when they went with her to her kid's school. Moonbat is probably as accurate a label as could be placed on Rosie. I say boycott these moonbats. All of them.

  • Tom

    Just another left-wing, garbage spewing dirtbag so-called D-list celebrity. It's amazing how these people can manage to continue getting MSM coverage despite the fact that nobody cares about them or what they say. I wonder how many people wake up each day and say "I can't wait to hear Rosie today"??

    • bill

      The sad thing is too many people wake and listen to her and then through the day share the ignorance and they also have a right to vote (no shortage of useful idiots).

  • seadog1946

    Rosie is a carpet munching left wing nut but as to going back where they came from, "native Americans"/"American Indians" migrated from Asia to North and South America.

    • Walter Scott Hudson

      Indeed. If we're going to start reverting to previous borders and populations, how far back do we go? Why? Borders change. Sovereignty switches hands, almost always through war. Winners win, and losers lose. You can't put the genie back in the bottle.

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    A panim is an moshed: the face is a miror of the caracter behind it.
    She should read her history on Palestine. A good way to start finding
    truth is to read the book by Alan Dershowitz wrote "The Case for Israel"
    Published by John Wiley and Sons 2003. I dare her try to refute it.
    On the other hand if being an outright antisemite the truth cannot penetrate.
    Brains (if you could call it that) of antisemites are made of concretos-
    ignoramus. If I were a rich man yabadabadaba doo etc; I would ask the
    eternal G-d only one thing kill all the antisemites on this earth because
    I think some 3000 years having them around is more than enough.

    • Ron

      Read the ancient prophets VERY carefully, juxtaposed against one of Yeshua ben Yoseph's disciples writings, the book of Revelations. THE LORD will make sure HIS promise recorded by Moshe — Genesis 12:3 and personally I beleive it could be within a decade. 3000 years only shows how merciful

    • Jo Hurley

      Thank you. I laughed my head off. you are some funny and sooo right. Good book recommendation too. The Jews have been through enough. Rosie needs to read the old Testament (will never happen). The Isrealites were in Isreal (Palestine) long before Islam existed and have every right to that land. Anyway prophecy in the Old Testament and the New tells us one thing – that it is God's will that Isreal should return to their land and 'occupy" it again. No one can thwart God's Will. He will not let that happen. Rosie fights against God's Will and doesn't even realize it. I feel sorry for her and everyone like her.

  • Marty

    It's really a good thing that o'donnell is an open anti-semite. At least we know where she stands. Consider how unsettling it would be if an ignorant creep like this actually liked Israel.

  • micrbu

    Rosie is a cospiracy nut!!! She actually believes that Bush was behind the 911 attacks. Why would anyone give her credibility!? She lives in a liberal lala land!!!

  • micrbu

    I meant to say conspiracy.

  • Mike

    Rosie ought to take a trip to a few Muslim countries to urge her lesbian and gay sisters to come out. She should also organize gay parades in these countries.Come on Rosie,step up
    to the plate and be a martyr for the cause. There are 72 virgins awaiting you.

    • Walter Scott Hudson

      I would be very interested to hear Rosie's reaction to someone pointing out that irony. It's not a joke. It's not hyperbole. That's how it is.

      I imagine she would, in psychotic fashion, deny the truth and turn it around into an accusation of racism. See, you are racist for thinking Muslim's might kill her for being gay. Nevermind what Muslim's actually say or do. I'm telling you – psychosis.

      Anti-Semitic folks are not interested in fact. They want to shape fact to their preconception. You can't argue with people like that. Argument requires mutual respect for critical thought. All you can do is call them out on their psychosis.

      • Jeff

        No I think she is what the old Soviet GRU would call "a useful idiot". The muslem countries would use her & others like her to play up for the media, while they could, & after their usefullness ends so would their lives.

      • coyote3

        No, slight correction here. You are not a racist for "thinking" Moslems might kill her for being homosexual (I guess she is, she says she is homosexual). The fact is they "will" kill her for being homosexual, they say they kill homosexuals, and they, in fact, do kill homosexuals.

    • T. F.

      Looks to me like she's stepped up to the plate a few too many times!! Munch munch………….!

    • Joyce

      Yes, I agree, she should step up to the plate and go there!

  • Anonymous

    Why does it a choice? Rosie is a "Moonbat" She's nuts. She plugs every theory from 9-11 conspiracy to any phantom evil she can think of. She is NOT a happy person as she likes to portray herself. I do not know her personally but I believe she may need mental health assistance. There is no shame in that and I am not saying that as an insult. (although moonbat is an insult)

    • Scott Harmon

      No…. Moonbat is only an insult if it is aimed randomly at someone with no regards to it's truth.

  • Fred

    Rosie is a FAT PIG. She should go to one of the Arab countries and see what they would do to a lesbian who looks like a pig. Who care what she thinks. Shame that the media and our so called "entertainment" is loaded with people from the left and they will give her a talk show and air time. USA is really doomed. With Rosie giving her viewpoint and a President with sealed records.

  • Jean

    Who is surprised by perverted thinking from Rosie O Donnell? Not I.

  • USMCSniper

    A video on these butt ugly liberal women,,, funny… funnny….

  • kafir4life

    We can plainly see the reason this thing is so butt ugly! Bush's fault!

    I wonder if she understands what would happen to her lesbian self if her comrades were to have their way? Probably not. Stupid is as stupid does……Ugly too.

  • ShoshannaM

    Ms. O'Donnell has long since proven herself to be crude, boorish, vulgar, and ignorant, so why should it surprise anyone that she's also an anti-Semite? That certainly fits the rest of her pattern.

  • McGyver

    Rosie is just angry because she is a fattie and confused about her sexual identity. She has no loyalty to our country and makes statements based on a total ignorance and emotional chaos. Rosie, if you want to live in a Marxsist country, Im sure you can find one somewhere else. I wish you would just get off the television and go away.. mainly, just shut your mouth.

  • Rosiesucks

    Rosie should go back to Ireland. I mean, the potato famine is over. It's not like I'm suggesting she move back and STARVE or anything! What a dumbass.

    • GJB5528

      Whoa ! hold on there friend I'm 100% full blooded Irish and I can tell you right now we don't want her in Ireland, sent her to Iran and we will never hear from her again.

      • coyote3

        Yeah, I was just thinking that I bet the Irish have something to say about that proposal.

  • Neil

    Even Mahmoud Abbas, of the Palestinian Authority, certainly no fan of Israel, refutes Rosie's/Helen's statements. But these two don't really care,. And, unfortunately, neither does the majority of the public. The public sees these two imbeciles as reputable, just as they see MSNBC's Keith Olbermann as an authority on all issues. Olbermann, of course, attacked the interviewer of Thomas, a Rabbi, as the problem here, rather than Thomas. Andrea Mitchell, who's Jewish, (on the same idiotic network of haters) defended Olbermann, et al. Just look at the Huffington Post for all the support that the haters get. Shameful!

  • Seek

    "Whole Lotta Rosie," a great AC/DC song, just took on a whole new meaning. Ms. O'Dopnnell's one shining moment in history was starring as Betty Rubble in those Flintstones movies. Otherwise, eeech!

  • Jimmy D

    I'm really surprised Rosie hasn't murdered anyone yet.
    Look at her face. She really wants to, bad.

    • BJK

      For real.
      She looks scarier than Joran Van Der Sloot.
      Maybe it's because both have oversized mutant heads.
      Just a thought…

  • Seek

    I've just seen that look on Rosie's face. Actually, she looks just like Andrew Breitbart. The two must have been separated at birth.

  • No Comrade

    What amazes me is that she is popular enough, (revenue producing for advertisers) to be kept around.
    For some reason Rosie sees herself as an authority on many subjects. I think she is getting reality mixed up with a script from a comedy or horror movie.

  • jemc50

    You know……..she may not be psycho, but bi-polar, maybe. I think Donald Trump might be someone to ask for his opinion.

  • Guest

    Rosie O'Fatass is a used up has-been, and this is the only way she can get her face seen.

  • RLM357

    She can't go back to her place of Origin! The Isle of Lezbo was Mythical. Now doesn't she have to get a DIVORCE like the Heterosexuals ? She is one U G L Y Beyutz!

    • suprkufrB

      Actually, it isn't. The Isle of Lesbos is one of many dotting the Aegean Sea. Its modern day assosiation with lesbianism is in fact a bad rap, which has been speciously extrapolated from the fact that the great poet Sappho ran a finishing school for the daughters of wealthy Athenian aristocrats there. It's kind of like the urban legend of the albino alligators in the New York sewer system.
      All the term "lesbian" has meant until relatively recently is a resident of the isle of Lesbos; now, of course, it means something else entirely.
      Your assessment of Ms O'Donnel's belief system is spot on, but you must understand that she already has a divorce – a divorce from reality.

  • Most Rev. Gregori

    Rosie, Thomas, and all the rest of the liberal trash have just about completely destroyed this once great nation. We are now tottering on the edge of the abyss of annihilation. Any nation that embraces homosexuality while at the same time doing everything in its power to either marginalize or destroy traditional family values; any nation that would discard its long cherished freedoms and free capitalist system for the servitude of communism, deserves exactly what befalls it.

    The majority of Americans elected a pig-in-a-poke to be president, they have elevated people like Rosie on a high pedestal, they joyously celebrate "earth day", while at the same time kicking the Creator of all, completely out of their lives.

    Now, very few of us will even voice our opposition to Obama dissing our traditional allies, including Israel. How many remember God's words: "Those who bless Israel, I will bless, those who curse Israel, I will curse"? Open your eyes, look around, every time our government does something to force Israel to compromise her security, some severe natural disaster happens in this country within 24-48 hours.

    I believe it is now too late to turn things around or to rise up in revolt and overthrow this corrupt and tyrannical government. If we were to attempt it now, we will be on our own, our military will NOT help us. They WILL side with the Obama regime. If you want to know why I believe this, read my June 12th blog posting on my website.

  • Mitch

    They need a simple 5 minute history of Israel and Jordan. Morons

  • Sharon

    What Rosie O'Donnell comments on is just her letting off gas – nothing of importance and she is not competent enough to know anything within reason to comment on regarding the US Government or the Liberal Media – after all, she is part of the Liberal Left Media so it is stupid to even write any news article on Rosie O'Donnell the crazy one.

  • JimUp

    The quickest way to get rid of rosie is to watch The View. Yes, watch it and take notes of every sponsor during the program. Then write or email that sponsor and let them know that you will no longer purchase their products – as long as they advertise for The View.

  • Edinnola

    The only worry that I have in this conversation is that anyone should defend, or even suggest that we ignore Rosie and the rest of her coven who make a living spewing hatred on the air every day and claiming that others are hateful. That program should qualify in legal circles as a "hate crime" , don't you think?

  • Lenny Vasbinder

    Oooh.. I thought this was going to be a poll when I saw the title.

    I vote PSYCHO!!!!

  • Edd

    Jews have never left the region that is currently the State of Israel, and have lived there nonstop, for 4 MILLENNIA.

    Longer than pretty much any group of people, in any place, that R.O'Donnell can name.

    In other words, they are already in their land of origin and the ignorant haters O'Donnell & tHAMAS are completely full of crap, and I would even go so far as to say genocidal.

  • blake

    let's see if i got this right.Israel,who is in rebellion against god,is in the promised land illegally according to scripture.AND you say that the palestines are in the wrong?that's is why i am glad that god gave me shoulders,it keeps me from getting my head shoved so far up my own b@tt so i can see things from your point of view.who do think the anti-christ is being prepared for-THOSE WHO ARE IN REBELLION AGAINST GOD…

    • Jake the Jew


      What are you saying? Who is in a rebellion against G-d? Is it the Jews, Arabs, or Christians? And, who do you thing is the anti-Christ? Please try to make your rants easier to interpret.

    • Walter Scott Hudson

      Though I am a Christian who recognizes the religious significance of the region, my analysis is not a religious one. Israel is a sovereign nation, a defined state, which is entitled to exist. "Palestine" is not. End of story.

      As for your religious interpretation, it is your own. God's plans for Israel are his, and will be fulfilled regardless of my support. You may take comfort in his sovereignty. There is no need to worry about the effect of human politics on God's plan.

  • Don Evett

    Rosie O'Donnell is a WACKO right to the core. She ought to be thankful she lives in the U.S. where she stands out as an active homosextual advocate. She has gotten much attention over the past few years, but she needs to go to Saudi Arbia or Iran and then see what would happen to dear Rosie.

  • Miffy

    Poor Rosie, nobody understands her. Yeah, right, and I'm the tooth fairy. I'd say she looks like the Sow she is, but that's disrespectful to hogs.

    • guest

      Thank you for respecting the hogs. she is truly an insult to them.

  • Jami

    Rosie is a very poor excuse for a human being. She is so filled with anger, I almost feel sorry for the miserable life she leads. It truly is sad to see someone so far away from God! She is to the point where no one could help her but God, yet she hates Him and His people. The Jews are Gods "chosen people".

  • Mari Jo O'Neill

    Rosie is a another left wing liberal, she doesn't know facts or history but is allowed to spew her venom all over the place. It would be better if no one asked her anything, because who cares what these people think they have no standing. Why give her any space to voice her incredibly ridiculous statements. She go off to some other country as she is another of those America Haters.


    These people are so blind , don't they know that Jerusalem was occupied by Israel not Palestine over 2000 years ago when Jesus walked among men. And Rosie she's just full of hate. I don't know how she got those kids.

  • Albert Nygren

    Normally, I disagree with Rosie O'Donnell says and she comes off as a dysfunctional, angry person who doesn't have a clue about what is true or real. She's a little better this time. It is the others in the video that are rabid anti-Semites and ignorant as well. The West bank was a part of Jordan and Gaza was a part of Egypt before the 1967 War. There were no people called Palestinians until Israel occupied that territory to have safe border as there was never a peace treaty with Jordan or Syria (much later Egypt negotiated a peace treaty by acknowledging Israel's right to exist as a country.

    Israel is not mistreating the people living in The West Bank or Gaza, it is only doing what it needs to do to protect itself from destruction from Syria, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah who have vowed to destroy Israel by any means necessary.

  • Larry

    It never ceases to amaze me how people like Rosie never read the scriptures and then make their off the cuff statements as if they were fact. Check God's word and then make your statements.

  • Bob

    From what I remember from my 8th grade history. Palestine was a city not a country. Since Biblical times Israel was Israel. Let's go back a bit. My Dad never liked the British because they never solved any problems. Their solutions to all territorial problems was to separate. Iran, Iraq Qatar, Libya, Syria, . Why didn't all these new Countries donate a part of their land to form a COUNTRY of Palestine. No, it is the radical "rag- heads looking to start their own "muslim crusades." Arm thyself Christian.

  • BS1977

    I want to apologize to Ms. O Donnell ….I became rude and angry over her remarks…but I shouldn't be insulting her. I hope she does some research and and learns more about the history of Israel and the story line…the 4000 year story line leading up to today's events.


    Rosie just needs to find God. She has so much hatred inside of her heart that falling down on her knees and asking Jesus into her life is her only salvation. I do sincerely pray for her and those likeminded.

  • Keith

    Damn it, that was 10 minutes of my life I can't get back. Why do you waste time by posting a article about that COW??

    • Walter Scott Hudson

      You read the headline and chose to continue. Clearly, it was of interest.

  • Trini

    Rosie, does not know, or apparently care to know, the true history of the land and people she is giving her "expert" opinion on.
    There was no country named Palestine before 1948, only the one made up at that time to give some credibility to the Arabs who had occupied that land.
    There were scattered huts of Arabs many of whom were criminals expelled from other Arab countries. Why will no other Arab countries take them in, and/or give them a patch of their unused desert land to develop????

  • Glenn

    Fat,stupid,lesbian,asshole of the worst kind! One of these days she is going to step on her own tongue!

  • Russ Davis

    Rosie's rant is far more a systemic propaganda error than it is for a the mere Rosie the sodomite child molesting moonbat and sadly includes her critics no less than it does her, "same sex" anything being a "gay invention" of fascist propaganda seeking to destroy truth, marriage and true marriage in its iron grip control of the "minds." See "The gay invention" at… and for the fascist Kinsey tiein that has decimated American moral jurisprudence for most of the past sixty years, nearly all my life.

  • Pathfinder

    Why don't people learn history before they open their stupid uneducated mouths. Isreal did not start in 1942. That land belonged to the jews canteries before. Check your Bible. The jews were God's chosen people (old testament) and lived in Isreal then. Long before there was Palistine. Rosie is a stupid uneducated foul mouthed pig that lives to step on people's toes (i.e. interview with Tom Sellick) That bull dyke needs to shut up and go away

  • MattMan57

    Rosie O'Donnel is sick with anger. She always makes me want to hate; but i am left, instead, to an extreme form of compassion that I feel for those whose anger has ruined their perspective completely. I really don't understand why anyone gives her voice – when you argue against her you are only lending her sickness credence in its perverted basis. Rahter than act as though she has some powerful voice we should instead simply ignore her until she finally breaks apart – which she will inevitably do.
    Meantime we should pray for her, and for all those who have so much hatred for what is right and good in this life. Their pain has them so blinded that they think we who care so deeply about our fellow-man are the angry ones. It is better that we let them see how insignificant their views are, than to continue to let those views be an issue in the public forum.

    • Walter Scott Hudson

      I disagree. By virtue of the fact O'Donnell has an audience, the lunacy in her statements is not self-evident to all. It is therefore incumbent upon us to debunk her.

      Ignoring the opposition or declaring their statements false, without demonstration, is a tactic of the Left. They use it to avoid defending their positions. We are not afraid to defend our positions. We charge boldly into the fray.

      Arguing against O'Donnell, and others like her, does not give them "credence." It has the opposite affect. It proves them incredible.



  • jonnyt623

    This pile of dung is so far left, I can't see that far. However, for golfers out there who hit a short, fat, ugly shot should call it a "Rosie O'Donnell".

  • steve

    As I stated before…..She/he is the cruelist joke God has played on the human race to date. Her/his occupying space and consuming valuable oxygen is tragic.

  • steve

    too bad she/he didn't live in Nazi Germany during Hitler's reign. What a pile of ashes she would have made.

  • barry

    She is as stupid as she is FAT,lots of anger .

  • william

    If the so called main stream media would not report on parsites like Rosie. Then she would be just be another fly on a pile of cow chips choking on all the crap she digest in the pea brain of hers. I have one thing to say to Rosie, get your head out of the toilet and open your eyes fool.



  • stephen russell

    True Psyco & Anti Semite in One, Helen Thomas 2.

  • Father Branigan

    "Rosie O'Donnel. She's Disgusting" -Donald Trump on this year's Celeb Apprentice

  • Dennis

    Ummm wow.I thought this was suppose to be about the comment made not about Rosie.Israel should get out of palestine.Helen Thomas was right.They have no more right to that land than Mexico has to the United States.They are an occupying force as should be looked upon as such.They flagrantly broke international law on there attack of that flotilla and should be dealt with like any other country.

  • Thunder

    Rosie O'Pigg, Sean Pinnsane et al – why isn't Hollyweird b*tching at President, as they did at Bush?

  • doowop

    "Anti-Semite or Psycho?" – but why not both? It's two for one at the politically rectal sale.

  • David

    For a time I was thinking that only our politicians, journalists and celebrities in Europe are sick and stupid but I can claim that politicians, journalists and celebrities in the USA are as sick and stupid as ours and even worse.

    My friends, We have a problem.

  • cowgirl

    Does anyone really really care what Rosie O'Donnel thinks (if in her case that is what one would call it) about anything? I don't.

  • p3orion

    Excellent post about an abhorrent "woman."

    However, I must take exception to one of your statements, that "civil rights are created by states." Civil rights are created by God; governments can merely recognize this fact or attempt, at their peril, to ignore it.

  • socialismsracist

    Socialism is the most disgusting thing in the world.

  • Mike

    It's going to get worse. She takes over the Oprah show today. Look for more hatred and filth from this potty-mouthed liberal.

  • bptr

    Sorry, but I think that YOU are the deluded one. Rosie is right. Israeli’s are obnoxious and belligerent Jews who ARE occupying the STATE of Palestine. It’s not just a bunch of random people living in a country – get real. Netanyahu is “Nut and Yahoo”. You must be a Jew.

    • Sam

      You are a belligerent asshole and bigot! There was never a country called Palestine, period.

  • Robert Dunn

    I support Rosie on this (spoken a mere month after Israel had murdered 19 people including one American for attempting to bring aid to Gaza.)

  • Shari Epstein

    The only problem with what rosie odonnell is that everything she has said is absolutely false. Israel is the ancestral homeland to the Jews, just as Ireland is the ancestral homeland to the Irish. The palistiians are actually occupying Israel, not the other way around. What rosie odonnell has said will cause the death of many Israeli children, all in the name of not being “politically correct”. How she can sleep at night is beyond me. Israeli children (pre-schoolers) are being thrown brick sized rocks on a daily basis, acid is being thrown in their face, palistiians are running down babies with their cars. Israel is the homeland for the Jews. If the palististians do not like Israel they are free to move to the many Arab surrounding countries. I just do not know how rosie odonnell sleeps at night knowing that what she has done with her “art work” and what she has said will surely get many Israeli children murdered.