The Left Under Siege

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Krugman says that what we’re witnessing is “political craziness.” Therefore, the overwhelming majority of Americans who think our borders ought to be secure and think we should have the right to determine who enters our country are politically crazy.

Americans who can find nothing in the U.S. Constitution granting Congress the power to take over our health care system are politically crazy. Americans who think a mosque should not be built in the shadows of the Muslim-destroyed World Trade Center are simply religious bigots. By the way, those who oppose the building are not saying there’s no legal or constitutional right to do so any more than they would say a person has no legal or constitutional right to curse his parents, but neither is a good idea. In Thomas Sowell’s column on the topic (8/31/10), he reminds us that “If we all did everything that we have a legal right to do, we could not even survive as individuals, much less as a society.”

Krugman predicts that political craziness, and by inference crazy Americans, will result in a Republican takeover of the House of Representatives and play chicken with the federal budget. Chicken with the budget is precisely what has called for. Already they’ve obtained the pledges of 165 congressional candidates not to fund any part of Obamacare.

While America’s liberal elite have not reached the depths of tyrants such as Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Hitler, they share a common vision and, as such, differ only in degree but not kind. Both denounce free markets and voluntary exchange. They are for control and coercion by the state. They believe they have superior wisdom to the masses and they have been ordained to forcibly impose that wisdom on the rest of us. They, like any other tyrant, have what they see as good reasons for restricting the freedom of others.

Their agenda calls for the elimination or attenuation of the market. Why? Free markets imply voluntary exchange. Tyrants do not trust that people behaving voluntarily will do what the tyrants think they should do. Therefore, they seek to replace the market with economic planning control and regulation.

Why liberalism has become an ugly sight, as Krauthammer claims, is because more and more Americans have wised up to their agenda.

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  • al Kidya

    Circle the wagons, we're under attack!

    All Obama needs now is a good reason for impeachment.
    Does Obama smoke cigars around his interns while Michell is out?

  • davarino

    Ya, some how in Krugman's mind it just isnt right to have suspicions or disagreements with liberals, because they are right so something must be wrong. Welcome to diversity : 0

  • tim heekin

    cheers (as usual) to Mr. Williams. I note the timing of Williams' article comports nicely with pro-mosque, buy-yourself-a job-as-mayor, Dear Leader Bloomberg is moving steadfastly forward in his health-jihad by banning smoking in parks, etc. in NYC. (I guess that leaves Churchill out but Herr Hitler would approve). As a smoking ex-Marine from Ohio I flew into NYC to attend the Geller-Spencer rally last Saturday and I guess next year I'll be arrested. I've never been a criminal before

    • jasmine

      Bloomberg is just following along with the anti-smoking agenda. In some places they are banning smoking in cars, in apartments, on the balconies and patios of people's own homes. Yet, at the same time, many liberals are intent on legalizing marijuana. So, what will happen when the anti-smoking liberals light up their weed? Or will that be "ok"? (Just like when Bloomberg wanted to ban drinking beer in Central Park, yet said drinking wine in the park was "OK" because wine is "socially acceptable" behavior.)

    • quark1912

      I think you are being too hard on Herr Hitler. While Hitler disapporved of people smoking in his presence, Nazi Germany did not have any fascist anti-smoking laws like here in Canada and the United States. Hitler's presonal secretary Traudl Junge related in her memoirs that while it was forbidden to smoke in the Führerbunker many risked Red Army artillery shelling by going outside for a smoke.

  • The_Inquisitor

    I am constrained from commenting by the site admin.

  • Deely

    I have yet to hear a convincing defense of liberal ideas. If you disgree with liberals they attack you, just like the Muslims do, except they use their mouth to attack instead of bombs, but it is the same mind-set.

    Liberal views are the only views allowed.

    The reason they can't argue the point is because they don't have a clue why they think what they think. If they analyzed their ideals, and try to figure out why they believe what they believe, their brain might explode. It is much easier to call your opponent a bad name. That deflects the whole argument to something else then.

    • bubba4

      Can you give me an example of a liberal idea that is never defended?

      Can an argument happen outside of the dichotomy of left/right or if you consider yourself conservative or a tea party person is someone that disagrees with you automatically a liberal….

      Is it less filling or does it taste great?

    • Julie

      Liberals would use bombs if they could get away with it…oh wait, they did, the weather underground in the 60's…Liberals cannot think for themselves yet they think they are progressive…When a conservative points that fact out liberals start the personal attacks because history has proven their stance to be incorrect…

  • den

    Yes liberalism, where Nazi Pelosi will investigate you for wrong thinking. Call her and tell her you don't want the muder mosque. Free background check. Imagine, someone disagreeing with the furer!

    BTW; Mike Moore is sending that crazy Imam 50,000. May be he will use it to pay back rent owed. He thinks islam is a religion.

  • Kenneth Olsen

    Williams and Sowell in 2012! or… Sowell and Williams in 2012!
    Dr. Thomas Szasz for Secretary of Health & Human Services!

    Regarding the nanny statist Bloomberg & smoking, the estimable Joe Strummer had a great idea: Virulent anti-smokers should not be allowed to use any products invented by smokers.

    Regarding the mosque, Bloomberg can go fatwa himself.

  • Julie

    I love the differences between how conservatives and liberals argue…Liberals yell at the top of their lungs, repeatedly, as if it would actually make you start to believe them, while conservatives point out the facts as to why liberals are wrong…I'm so thankful to be a conservative…I have a personal motto, "I'd rather be to the "right" then "left" behind"

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