Lambs to the Slaughter

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I used to scoff at writers such as Sam Harris, Kevin Phillips, and Chris Hedges when they warned that Christians were a major threat to American freedoms. Now, I’m not so sure. Of course, all their talk about Christians imposing a theocracy on America has about as much credibility as the “truther” theory that 9/11 was a U.S. government/Mossad conspiracy. But I wonder now if Christians, in their naivite and in their desire to be thought tolerant, aren’t inadvertently paving the way for an eventual Islamic theocracy.

It seems that quite a number of Christian churches are now involved in “outreach” programs with local mosques. The typical outreach is for a church to invite an Islamic leader to come in and explain Islam to the congregation. Naturally, the imams present Islam as a religion of peace and love. And naturally in their desire to appear loving and accepting, the Christians lap it up. The imams know how to press all the “tolerance,” “outreach,” and “respect” buttons, and the result is that the Christians end up thinking Islam is just another nice, brotherly religion like their own. As a result, they can probably be counted on not to oppose the building of a local mosque, or for that matter not to oppose any Muslim agenda or initiative. Islamic leaders have done a good job of framing their grievances as civil rights issues, and this, of course, has great appeal to the many Christians who see the pursuit of social justice as their main mission. Mentally, many Christians still live in the days of “We Shall Overcome” and lunch counter sit-ins. They think that in supporting and defending Islam they are like the Christians in the sixties who linked arms with civil rights marchers, and sang hymns together.

Lately, Muslim leaders have been taking advantage of the Christian disposition for outreach by offering outreach programs of their own. 20,000 Dialogues is a nationwide interfaith initiative that helps local level imams set up outreach programs, and provides films and speakers to facilitate the dialogue. The current offering is a film titled “Inside Islam: What a Billion Muslims Think.” The film is based on a study of Muslim attitudes conducted by John Esposito of Georgetown University’s Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, and Dalia Mogahed, Director of the Gallup Center for Muslim Studies. Like the study, the film massages the polling data to make it appear that Islam is a predominately peaceful religion.

One such outreach was conducted on July 24th at the Lamb of God Church in Fort Myers, Florida. The guest speaker was Imam Shaker Elsayed of the Falls Church, Virginia mosque, “Dar Al Hijrah”—the same mosque where Imam Anwar Al-Awlaki mentored Major Nidal Hasan, the perpetrator of the Fort Hood massacre. Elsayed himself is the former Secretary General of the Muslim American Society, an organization which has been described by Stephen Schwartz as a “major component” of the “Wahhabi Lobby.”

Aside from the dubious connections of the speaker and the dubious nature of the film, the most interesting aspect of the presentation was the response of the 400-member audience. With a few exceptions they liked it. And they didn’t like the attempt by some members of ACT for America and the Florida Security Council who were present to ask tough questions during the Q&A session. Although Imam Elsayed portrayed Jesus in a way that should have been offensive to Christians, the audience was much more concerned with Muslim sensitivities. Their sympathies were obviously with the representatives of Islam, and against the critics of Islam.

The other interesting aspect of the presentation was the ability of Daniel Tutt, the young and articulate director of 20,000 Dialogues, to weave the critics’ attempt to tell the other side of the story into his own narrative of “building bridges” and “avoiding stereotypes.” Interviewed afterward by a TV reporter, Tutt said that the dissent “clearly emphasizes the need for more communications.” In other words, those who criticize Islam misunderstand it and need to be educated. And how is Islam to be understood? Answer: in a positive way. “We feel,” said Tutt, “that by reaching 20,000 dialogues we will help to create a measurable shift in the negative understanding that Americans have toward Muslims.” The whole premise of the “dialogues” endeavor is that an unfavorable opinion of Islam is an uneducated opinion. This also seems to be the opinion of the Reverend Walter Fohs, the pastor of the Lamb of God Church. According to the Fort Myers News-Press, “Much of the hype, fostered in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, may be caused by Christians’ lack of understanding of their own religion, said the Rev. Walter Fohs…” Fohs went on to say that there are more violent chapters in the Bible than in the Koran.

This moral equivalence argument sits well with many Christians because, like Americans in general, they have been nurtured on multicultural myths about the essential equality of different cultures and religions. So they are quite happy to nod in agreement when they are informed by the Islamic representative (or by their own pastor) that Islam is no more a threat than the synagogue down the street. For too many Christians, the essence of Christianity boils down to tolerance and non-judgmentalism. Moreover, Christianity in America has become so mixed up with therapy and pop psychology that, nowadays, the surest sign of election is feeling good about oneself. It is, of course, much easier to feel good about yourself if you can congratulate yourself on being tolerant, sensitive, and respectful of differences. It’s likely that many of the Christians who attend outreach presentations like the one at Lamb of God Church aren’t really interested in being educated about Islam. What they are really seeking is confirmation of their existing multicultural assumptions. So their sympathies will lie with those who tell them that it’s reasonable to keep dreaming dreams of interfaith harmony, and they will resist those who want to wake them from the dream.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Thank you, Mr. William Kilpatrick, for this comprehensive analysis!

    Yes, Christianity is on the run – even in its homelands… The Pope hardly dares even to whisper anything critical about Islam. The head of Anglican Church Archbishop of Canterbury and the British Royals (historically bearing the title "Defenders of Christian Faith"!) turned into Islamic sympathizers. Archbishop of Canterbury actually welcomes sharia law!…

    We all are in a deadly peril…

    • muslimpoxbyebye

      It will take another 15 years or so for the planet to wake up completely and as one to realize that islam is not a religion at all but a mass murdering cult started by a very very disturbed evil murderer and pedophile that has spiraled out of control. THE SOURCE OF THIS EVIL IS mecca AND THIS will have to be vaporized and all the mosques on the planet will have to be razed to the ground. All the korans and all their evil cult literature will have to be burnt and only then will peace come. About 2 billion muslims will have to be killed. There seems to be absolutely no option to this scenario. muslim means cult member and cults cannot co-exist with the rest of this planet. Think about it …

      • muslimpoxbyebye

        THEIR population is spiraling and our resources are dwindling and these insane cult members are looking FORWARD to Armageddon. We should give it to them. Let their evil day dreams come true. When will this start? When the courts start informing the general populace about this cult. Right now we are just unveiling the cult's face …. slowly slowly.

        • muslimpoxbyebye

          soon the title of religion will be SHORN away from it and permanently labeled as a cult. The masquerade will be over and the real fight will start. As it is today the term muslim in the free world is a spittoon and an insult. Blood will have to flow….is there another way ? The gaya theory guy Lovestock says there should be 1 billion people max on this planet. Today there are nearly 7 billion… If we minus 2 billion muslims = 5 billion. 5 billion peaceful people on the planet will be a tight squeeze but it'll be cool. Let us cull these cult members from this lovely planet for their sakes as their evil book instructs them to be evil and not co-exist with the rest of the planet. let us send them on their way. Call it pest control or what you will but it will have to be done. Dark times are coming and come they will.

          • muslimpoxbyebye

            A few years back thinking like this would have been ridiculous but with every passing day we encounter more and more of these mad people who refuse to live in the present and refuse to see the madness in their thoughts and actions. Locking them up means feeding them and spending resources that could be used for good otherwise. Science is anathema to them and the dirty years of their pedophiling and mass murdering leader is the only era to live in …so be it….. let's get rid of them. Anyone can start an evil cult but everyone can stop it….if anyone has another option that would make more sense let me know. I'm not an Israeli but if anyone should start this mass cull it should be Israel because when the evil mad man was alive AND spewing at them they didn't knock him off and look what's happened.

          • muslimpoxbyebye

            It's never too late to stamp out filthy evil. Never too late. We all, bar none will help the Israelis… we have to ….for our sakes and for the good of this planet. It is said that blood always flows where muslims go……soon blood will flow where muslims have gone but it will be muslim blood that will flow. Non-muslim Good blood will also flow in the fight back by evil but that is expected. We live in interesting times. Get ready boys and girls ….our grand-children will thank us BUT FIRST we have some sincere work to do even if it repulses us. SUCH IS LIFE. AFTER DARK COMES LIGHT AND ONLY AFTER islam IS SMASHED WILL COME PEACE FOR OUR CHILDREN'S CHILDREN. We have to make this happen.

      • Alexander Gofen

        Fortunately, there is no need to kill 2 billions of Moslems. To achieve the victory, it is quite enough to nuke only their symbols – Mecca and Medina, and then just to contain what rests of Islam after that far form our shores. Bush missed a unique window of opportunity to do that on 9/12/2001, when the whole world waited for this action: the only action proper for the great nation attacked this way.

    • ebonystone

      Actually the title is "Defender of the Faith". It was bestowed, ironically, on Henry VIII by Pope Leo X for the King's tract opposing Luther's teachings.

  • Triple_AAA

    Great article ! It's time to inform the public not only about the enemy in our midst, but their enablers as well ! The obama administration and his media empire is currently engaging in a propaganda war against Christians, Jews, and Patriotic citizens. I would wager that a majority of Americans, due to ignorance, actually believe islam is a religion of peace!!!! I cannot believe this country is surrendering, it's a slow painful death. It seems that without someone to lead us like a Geert Wilders, it is going to be next to impossible. Throughout history, during times of great strife, there is always someone who courageously rises to the occasion, a Churchill, a Lincoln, or a Reagan. America has never been in more desperate times, the odds are against us. We need to be brave, we need to declare who we are, and who the enemy and their friends are!!! There can be no compromise with evil, no more debate, Pay attention America!!!, this is War!!!

  • R.F.

    I am Jewish but your take on liberal Christianity as therapy reminds me of Reform Judaism and some Conservative Jewish services I've attended which are touchy-feely. They never make ritual or hardly ethical demands on congregants short of being nice and having liberal politics. I think you are correct and the Muslim dialogue crew definitely exploits naivete of Christians (and Jews). Because Christians are the majority in the US, you are being addressed in flattering words. Beware! One minor point: the historical Jesus of Nazareth did share some aspects of Pharisaic teaching ( the scribe in Mark 12) such as loving God and loving one's neighbor as the most important things.

    • Muppet

      R.F. Yeshuah (Jesus) taught the TORAH to the lost sheep (Ephraim). Christians don't seem to realise the TORAH is just as much relevant to them as is the Apostolic scriptures. "Think not that I am come to destroy the Law (TORAH), or the prophets, I am not come to destroy but to fulfill” Mat 5:17.

      Mate you really need to have a good talk to your Rabbi in regards to the touchy feely services. Please don't let them go the way of Ephraim not after all this time faithfully serving our Heavenly Father.

    • KAREN


  • Robert Laity


    Salmon Rushdie is right!

  • JasonPappas

    I have been critical of some of Kilpatrick’s article in the past. This one is spot on. Perfect!

  • hikerdude

    Doesn't anyone get it? They (Islam) have won. They are raising their victory flag at ground zero in the same way they have always declared victory over a Nation . They build a Mosque . Nomally convert a church to a Mosque. Political correctness and the elite hate America groups paved the way for them. They attacked on 9-11. Killed 3000 innocent people and won the war. It is that simple. We then elect a Muslim for president.
    Insanity rules.
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • actjax

    Bill, thank your for expounding on my Original Article "Lambs to the Slaughter" from our visit to Pastor Fohs Church a few weeks back in regard to the aforementioned visit by Imam Elsayed.

    You did an excellent job of job of getting the message about the dangers of interfaith dialogue, that we at ACT Jacksonville/Orlando and the Florida Security Council want to get out to the evangelical community.

    I wish you had put a link to the article as, many may not see the gravity of this particular example to include the radical ties of those who funded this film, who made the film, and those who are pushing the film, as such I hope you do not mind me linking it here. <a href="” target=”_blank”>

    God Bless you and again thanks for doing such a great job on the article.

    • William Kilpatrick

      I strongly recommend that readers look at Randy McDaniels July 26th article "Lambs to the Slaughter." Randy does a great job of exposing the distorted nature of the"Inside Islam" film, as well as laying out the radical ties of the presenters at various Muslim- Christian outreaches. The title I submitted for my piece was"Christian Enablers of Islam." However, I forgot to change the file title (which I was using as a working title), and that was the title the editors used. I only became aware of the change when I saw the piece this morning. My apologies if I've taken any credit away from Randy's incisive expose`.

      • actjax

        William…. don't sweat the small stuff…LOL and I didnt patent the title… my friend. Thanks for the kind words and again excellent article.

        God Bless.

  • Steve

    I've read enough world history to know that Empires and civilizations rise and fall. There's nothing to say that our present civilization of Christendom, capitalism, liberal secularism and Western democracy should or will stand in perpetuity. As I look over the horizon, it seems clear to me that the Islamists are winning the war of ideas; it is only a matter of time they will be winning the war of swords. Comparatively speaking, and unfortunately, I see very few voices raising the alarm about Islam and the Islamization of the West. If America falls to Islam, we all fall. If Christians and liberal secularists think they can "dialogue" themselves to some peaceful co-existence with Islam, they are ignorant beyond belief. A sheep cannot "dialogue" with a python for very long. What will it take before the naive kuffar wakes up to the reality of his own soon-to-occur demise?

    • Steven Laib

      Islam would be unable to win if it were treated as it is. Not as a religion, which it qualifies for largely on the basis of a patina of age. Rather, it should be treated as a rival political system that intends to subvert the government of the United States. It should not be subject to constitutional protections on those grounds.

      And for those people who profess to be Muslims, who do not want sharia law in the USA, you are not Muslims, which is OK with me. Find another name for yourselves and disassociate yourselves from violence and retrograde thinking.

    • Alexander Gofen

      Steve is correct: especially because we are not on simple decline, but we are in a situation of ideal storm

      seemingly having no chances to win. Yet we MUST realize our situation and to do everything we can and to live and win. As during a war, we must not allow that despair consume us.

  • Stephen D.

    What would happen if you presented to them at one of these speeches the fact of Mo's pedophilia and brutality toward non=Muslims especially Jews. Something along the lines of "A good Muslim believes the Koran without question correct? You are a good Muslim? The Koran calls for the death of homosexuals does it not? The Koran calls for the conversion or subjugation or death of all non-bleivers of Islam does it not? Your compulsive goal is to have Islam alone on earth as the only faith correct? A womans word is half that of a man correct?"
    I'm thinking this may be enough (if you could get it out) to at least stir some thought in the sheeps heads. If there is a guide on how we should confront this thing (which will be spreading) please let me know!

  • Sean

    The "Christians" William Kirkpatrick refers to in his article are not immersed-in-The-Word Christians at all, but are, in fact, Churchians and practice Churchianity. True believing Christians know well the deceiving source of Islam, and comprehend completely the first of the several signs of the end of the age given by Jesus Christ in His Olivet Discourse to His Apostles.

    These Churchians may well constitute the bulk of the great apostasy prophecied by the Apostle Paul in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-3. The urgent prayers of the Bride of Christ is to return these wayward sheep to the fold lest they be left behind during the Harpazo.

    By the way, Jesus Christ is the ONLY Lamb of God slaughtered for the sins of the world – Jew and gentile. All others were and will be martyred for His Name's Sake.

  • Rib/eve

    Hikerdude you are right on. They killed over 3,000 of us and now they are erecting their monument of their victory!

    About the article however, the main point that I see is that "Christian Churches" are no longer practicing Christianity. JESUS CHRIST is the only savior. It defies comprehension for me, how any church would bring in another churches point of view let alone have a speaker of that religion come and preach. When was the last time a Catholic Church brought in a Baptist preacher or visa versa. To hop to Islam means that the Churches are lost. If you don't believe in Jesus then why go to church? If churches and the flocks that attend them, can't tell what is right or wrong according to the bible, then they have lost their salt and will be trampled on by pigs according to the bible.

    This of course, is why we are in the mess that "we" (U.S.) are in from A-Z. We were a Christian nation but, now we have turned our backs on GOD. If we don't repent, what's coming our way isn't going to be pretty.

    The kicker is that it will be "FAIR". And I hate PC crap.

    • Claude

      Looks like the Apostacy is well under way, keep looking up your redemption is drawing nigh. I do not like the way the world is turning, but what is next has me on the edge of my seat. I am now 75, and in my lifetime I have seen this country go from greatness to spiritual poverty, and it all came about by taking GOD out of our Nation. As one post said the people are now just goers, and not doers, if you do not live for Christ you will also be loosers.

  • ChrisLA

    Today Christians hope that their tolerance of Muslims will be reciprocated. However, from the Islamic viewpoint, anyone who has rejected Islam is in rebellion against the truth and is undeserving of any respect or reciprocity.

    When Muslims swept across Asia Minor and parts of Europe in the 7th and 8th Centuries, they were in a very small minority and couldn't have sustained their militant imperial quest without the aid and support of the landed gentry and the Christian clerics. In fact, it was the church that helped collect the jiziya taxes from the dhimmis. Why? To maintain their feudal and temporal powers. (See Bat Ye'or, "The Decline of Eastern Christianity under Islam," page 123.)

    The complacence and collaboration of the "ecumenical" Christian churches today will help pave the path of the Islamization of America. "You are like salt for all mankind. But if salt loses its saltiness, there is no way to make it salty again. It has become worthless, so it is thrown out and people trample on it." (Matthew 5:13)

  • JasonPappas

    How about an interfaith meeting on the Wahabbi threat?

    William Kilpatrick, Randy McDaniels (see above comments), Daniel Pipes, Dore Gold (author of "Hatred's Kingdom"), Robert Spencer, Steven "Sufi" Schwartz, Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs website), Ayaan Hersi Ali, Wafa Sultan, ibn Warraq, Serge Trifkovic … and more!

    That's an interfaith group that could expose the jihadi threat … and find common ground! Hopefully everyone would realize that we share a common enemy. Let's face it … an interfaith group founded our nation.

  • William_Z

    To Mr. Kilpartick,

    In regards to these Christians, which pews do they sit in, the right or the left ones?

    The Pope is an easy target, but most people have forgotten the Regensburg lecture/moment, and should be reminded of his historical reference to Islam, which he 'caught hell' for.

    Orthodox Christianity has been dealing with Islam for centuries, while the secular world has just voted for the “Ground Zero Mosque.” Now, who’s a danger to the U. S. ?

  • Beverley

    Most of those 'so called christians' do not even understand their own Bible. How can we then expect them to understand the danger of Islam? They think because they go to a church or they are Rev. they are 'christians.' It is all head knowledge … who also made us sufficient as ministers of the new covenant not of the LETTER but of the Spirit, for the LETTER kills, but the Spirit gives life.

    • loseyateefa

      I don't want this to get off topic, but in addition to many Christians I know who think you're supposed to be tolerant and loving and just pray and share the gospel with Muslims, they are the same ones who think they'll fly outta here in a pre-trib rapture. So they aren't worried about what's coming next. They could form the apostasy and leavers of the faith described in the end times Bible prophecies.
      I created a personal email distribution list from my address book for articles and websites to explain Islam, sharia, jihad, etc. I send something about every other day. I have had about 8 people, all Christians, ask to be removed from it without giving any explanation. I've also had heated debates over this issue with a missionary and his wife who went to Iran last month to present a paper on "multiculturalism". Knowing that made me want to hurl. They think I'm wrong, but i KNOW Islam.
      This article was an example of things i send. i visit often and he has inspired me to get more active, so that's why i am doing the mailing.

  • radiodujour

    May 15, 2010 – American Freedom Radio
    Gordon Duff talks about Mossad involvment in the the September 11, 2001 events

    May 25, 2010 – Kevin Barrett Show
    Respected Middle East expert Alan Hart implicates Mossad in 9/11 attacks (Alex Jones and Kevin Barrett interviews)

    March 30, 2010 – Kevin Barrett Show
    Kevin Barrett interviews Alan Sabrosky whose forceful and unequivocal statement that the Israeli Mossad did 9/11 sent shock waves through the 9/11 truth movement. Some have cheered his forthright honesty and heartfelt sincerity. Others are afraid of the PR blowback. A few have attacked Sabrosky, calling him a provocateur or even an anti-Semite, which seems odd since Sabrosky is part Jewish and obviously concerned for the welfare of Jewish Americans in the coming post-9/11-truth world.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Hmm. The insane quoting the insane.

  • Roy

    You can say that about Sikhism and Hinduism and Buddhism too. Here is the PM of India:
    "'Muslims must have first claim on resources'"
    "Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said plans for minorities, particularly Muslims, must have the ‘first claim’ on resources so that benefits of development reach them equitably. "

    Versus when Muslims are in control like in Pakistan where minorities have decreased in size due to discrimination and forced conversion since the partition of India into an Islamic state (Pakistan/Bangladesh) and secular democracy (India).

    Non-Muslims are always nicer and more generous to Muslims, trying to include them and make them feel equal citizens. Never is it the case when the situation is reversed and Muslims are the majority and the state is Islamic.

    On a separate issue, why is the 9-11 mosque Imam Rauf being sent to the Gulf states like Saudi Arabia as part of the US state department?

  • Davidka

    I have attended several such outreach events, and the behavior of the Christian and Jewish representatives made me sick. I expected lying from the Muslim representatives; lying to advance Islam is a central tenet of their totalitarian movement. But I hoped for better from the other clergymen. The Christian and Jewish clergymen sucked up to the Muslim ones and wouldn't tolerate audience speakers who pointed out the nature of Islam.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Americans Christian circumstances are similar to those of ancient Rome. The
    ancient innocents were taken to the Roman Zoo to see the animals by invitation
    and the children said "Oh look at the big kitties and what's for lunch".

    Americans we are the biggest item on the Islamic/leftist menu………..

    American churches have been undermined by leftists for generations and most
    Christian Churches do not preach from the scriptures as a knowlidgable base
    for living. They have moved over to socialist propaganda and popularism, that
    which the Bible clearly warns of and it has led to apostasy. There are many Bible
    believing Churches, there are also many Torah believing Jewish centers and
    they must get the word out, the MSM controled by leftists will not warn America of
    its peril. Time is short, we fail by not seeing the signs of the times and that of
    the perfidy of leftism and Islamism. Were the Twin Towers to small for America
    to get the message, did the whole City have to disappear for understanding.

  • den

    Send this to the churches! They are accepting an Islamic counterfeit Jesus into the church when they let these people come in to speak. How can they do such a vile thing? Would they allow Satan worshipers to come and speak? What is the difference?

    But beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but within are ravening wolves. You will know them by their fruits" (Matthew 7:15-16)

    Paul lamented what was happening to some in his day. "For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted, you put up with it easily enough" (2 Corinthians 11:4, NIV). When false teachers distort the message of the Scriptures, sincere people often fail to see through their deceptions.
    Paul continues: "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve" (verses 13-15, NIV).

    Islam claims to have a Muslim Jesus of their own. He IS NOT the same one Christians have.

    Islam emphatically denies that Jesus was the Son of God, or that he was divine in any way. While accepting his Virgin Birth, Islam denies that Jesus was ever crucified or resurrected, or that he ever atoned for the sins of mankind; it especially scorns any notions that Jesus is to be worshiped or prayed to.

    Who is the beast?
    “And I saw a beast rising up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and on his horns ten crowns, and on his heads a blasphemous name.” Revelation 13:1

    “If anyone worships the beast and his image and receives his mark on the forehead or on the hand, he, too, will drink of the wine of God's fury, which has been poured full strength into the cup of his wrath.” Revelation 14:9,10

    • Rib/eve

      they will come saying Peace, Peace

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Having a free and open society was never meant to allow in our own destruction.
    Those people put in charge of our courts and elected to government positions
    have over a long period of time drifted away from our solid foundation the Constitution.
    That drifting has become in the past century a determined leading away to
    anti-American positions which now leave us in a state of dissolution.
    Our war is here, the greatest threats to Ameica are in America and our men are
    distracted in foreign lands. Have the leftist crowds been marching to bring the
    troops home, no they do not want them here now. If they return enmasse will
    they have and America to come back to, that is highly questionable. A new
    Crusade and thorough cleansing from within should be the only thing on any
    American's mind to rid us of that which will be our distruction, leftists/Islamists.

    This is the second half of my comment, hopefully the site adminis will release it
    sometime soon……………………..In bifurcating I did lose some.

  • Jihad101

    Islam is a Satanic Death cult and by allowing these imams to come and preach in our churches we have allowed satan into our holy places

  • CattheK

    This makes me so sad. A couple of years back a Muslim Imam spoke at a Reform Synagogue in my area. I did not attend but I heard how charming he was (African American convert to Islam who had been a prison chaplain). This turned out to be the same person who was later accused of coaching other muslims (similar backgrounds) to bomb other synagogues. Whatever conclusion you come to about this alleged crime, the point is that this was the same charming fellow. Oh, how nice it is to feel good for a few minutes and pretend there is no assault on America, Jews and Christians. A smiling face is sufficient for some people to go back into denial. I understand because it sure is stressful to have to defend your life, liberty and faith.

    • loseyateefa

      I think it was that same smiling face calling for "hope and change" that swooned voters for Obama. They wanted to believe they could have their cake and eat it too.
      Your comment about being "stressful to have to defend your life, liberty and faith" rocked me. I'm a 55 yr old white woman that has never had to "defend" anything; but you're exactly right. we're arming up, stocking up, educating ourselves, preparing for God knows what…and feel like every time i see the headlines or news, another threat is being made on either my life, liberty or my faith. What happened to our country so fast? i plan to rise to the occasion in every way possible and am encouraging everyone i know to do the same.

  • D.M. Murdock

    In order to educate Christians about the true nature of Islam, I believe we only need to hit and sit on one small and simple button:

    Muslims follow a man – a "Prophet of God" and the "Perfect Man" – who is recorded in the hadiths as having had sex with a six-year-old girl, first "thighing" her and then having intercourse with her beginning when she was nine.,_Hadith_and_Sc

    That should be enough to let them know that Islam is a real menace to our society and not at all what these mendacious imams are depicting it to be.

    • Paardestaart

      Ah, yes – that's what Ayaan Hirsi Ali did, isn't it? She tried to ask the muslims if is wise to copy to the letter the behaviour of a man who would be thought a pedophile by today's standards, without even trying to put his actions and words in perspective. She also made a film in which a veiled woman is asking Allah if his commandments were really meant to be written on her skin, alluding to the wounds and bruises she received from the men in her life – fathers, brothers, and of course her husband – who religiously disciplined her the way it was written in the koran…It didn't work, as you might know. She has had to flee the country and got herself a security detail

  • Jim Johnson

    Perhaps one should stand up in church during a multicultural revival and proclaim how the Muslims got it right. We should be more like them and establish a Male Dominated America. In this new America we could divorce our wives at will and they would have no rights in court to plead and get alimony. Proclaim to the loving congregation that we should be more like Muslims and kill Homosexuals as they are an abomination before our common God. Then proclaim to the congregational lambs that, like our wonderful friends the Muslims do, upon meeting any one who is not a person of the book tell him to convert;if he refuses then kill him.
    Finally to the adoring congregation inform them that if they really want to get along with the Muslims "you" must clean the toilets as it is un Islamic to do so; tell the ladies to get right to it. Inform the right reverend that he is obligated to pay the Mosque tax; "so cough it up".

    When the visiting Imam denies the Muslims do not really advocate such horrible things. The whip out your trusty Quran and read your underlined quotes.

    If he still denies it then say " So you do not believe the Quran is the word of God"
    Then call talk radio and announce the Imam no longer believes the Quran is the word of god

    By the way I think my wife just cheated on me. So excuse me I must now go out and stone her to death.

  • suprkufrB

    I'm heartened by the preceding responses; perhaps there's still hope for us.
    I've never been able to understand why our parents and grandparents found it so easy to stand up against fascism and international communism, whereas our generation seems determined to roll over and play dead in the face of an enemy more dangerous than the combined forces of both these evil philosophies.
    We urgently need to readdress our focus toward first principles; all the world's great religions, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Shintoism, Sikhism, etc., as well as non-religious belief systems such as Secular Humanism harbor as a founding principle an abiding core belief in some version of the golden rule – every human being is deserving of respect, and others should be treated as we would want them to treat us.
    No such luck with islam; the religion of peace has mandated that all who reject the fomentations of the great paedophile must die. Our forbearers had no difficulty in identifying and resisting the enemy – what on earth is wrong with us? Islam is evil personified. We must forthwith get used to that fact, and respond accordingly.

    • loseyateefa

      i've been reading "For God or Tyranny" by Walid and Theodore Shoebat. He mentions the resistance to Hitler movement in 1942-1943 started by Hans and Sophie Scholl which became known as The White Rose. This brother and sister and some others about 22 yrs old printed anti-facist, anti-communist pamphlets for distribution in Germany. They were turned in by other citizens, found guilty of treason and killed in 1943. So i've been asking myself the same questions you asked: why was the world able to discern the evil inherent in Nazism, fascism, communism but BLIND to the dangers of Islam? There's not even a "war on terror" anymore according to BHO, they can't even say "radical Islam." Until you properly know your enemy and agree you are at war, you'll be a boiled frog.

  • Don Blair

    Have to agree with just about all the previous comments. Read Brigette Gabriel and her constant warnings about the dire threat of Radical Islam. or don't read it and get ready to suffer the consequences. Maybe that new Mosque in the shadow of 9/ll will know violence as it is being built or after it is open. Should we be surprised…or express our condolences? I think not. May they reap what they sow.

  • Muttering Retreat

    And the Ground Zero mosque in New York that the Imam says will be used to teach interfaith understanding. Now we KNOW how that will go, and how it will be used.

    It would seem it is all part of an ambitious plan to sell Islam to unread, unlearned, uncritical, multiculturalists who don't really understand the concept of abrogation in Islam which says that earlier passages (the peaceful ones as it happens) are abrogated (negated) by later ones (that are violent). By quoting the peaceful ones
    only, Muslims are talling half truths, which is acceptable in Islam as "takiyya" allows for dissembling. If you don't know even these basics, you are ripe for the picking.

    Beware the Ground Zero Imam and his battlefield memorial!

  • LooeyNoorey

    BREAKING NEWS: Intensive and extensive and expensive and even pensive research has just discovered that the well-known pretribulation rapture is really and actually a SEVEN-stage coming. For proof look closely at I Thess. 4:13-18:
    (1) The Lord descends.
    (2) The shout.
    (3) The archangel's voice.
    (4) The trumpet of God.
    (5) The dead rise.
    (6) The caught up (rapture).
    (7) The meeting in the air.

    I just left a space so you can fill it in with your gasps, shortness of breath, and clutching your heart. Yes, it's true – seven (count them) stages. Would I or anyone else try to kid you? Lindsey, LaHaye, Ice, Jeffrey, Van Impe, Hagee, Missler, Strandberg etc. would never TRY to kid you. For proof of this, just Google articles like "Pretrib Rapture Diehards," "Deceiving and Being Deceived," "Pretrib Rapture Dishonesty," "Pretrib Rapture – Hidden Facts" and "Pretrib Rapture Secrecy" – all by a secret writer known only as D.M.
    BTW, for more info on the exciting seven-stage rapture, Google Joe Ortiz's "End Times Passover" blog which can out-blog any blog that knows how to blog!

  • Joey Boots


  •!/kladionica kladionice

    You really make it appear so easy together with your presentation however I in finding this matter to be actually one thing which I believe I would by no means understand. It kind of feels too complicated and extremely large for me. I’m looking ahead in your next submit, I will attempt to get the hang of it!

  • JasonPappas

    McDaniel's does a good job exposing the phony moderates and their ties to jihadi. The focus is different than Kilpatrick’s article. There's no plagiarism here. Even the title is a common phrase (from the Bible) used many times for titles to articles and books.

  • William Kilpatrick

    As I explain in my reply to Randy McDaniel's comment, "Lambs to the Slaughter" was not the title I submitted to the editors. Also, you should be careful about using the term "plagiarize." Mr. McDaniel's article was helpful to me in writing my piece, but my article is significantly different from his. To illustrate the point, consider that there are now hundreds and hundreds of articles about the Ground Zero mosque. Most of them are quite similar in "theme" and "content." Would you say that these hundreds of authors are plagiarizing each other? Please choose your words more carefully.

  • actjax


    Kilpatick did a great job in expounding on my original article and used a different slant. The bottom line…is we are in agreement on the threat or the WOLF in SHEEPS CLOTHING….regarding INTERFAITH DIALOGUE, no because dialogue is bad, but becuase who is funding and conducting this dialogue in America… mainly the Saudis and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    WIlliam has my blessings and thanks for getting the word out…. and if my article somehow inspired him to write an article which addresses this issue in his words…. I am flattered and thrilled.


    Randy McDaniels

  • Lynnette

    Not at our church… We are having the author of the book, "Son of Hamas" as a guest speaker sometime in September…

  • William Kilpatrick


    The article was submitted to FPM only, and it was submitted under the title "Christian Enablers of Islam." You can check this with the editor.

    As I said in my previous response to you, Mr McDaniels' article was one of the sources for my piece. I also used the NBC News Report on YouTube, a report from the Ft. Myers News-Press, the 20,000 Dialogues Website, a posting by Jerry Gordon, information from the Florida Security Council website, and most of all I relied on a long conversation with Tom Trento of the Florida Security Council. The information from these sources was used for a relatively small segment of my piece since my intent was not mainly to report on the Lamb of God outreach evening but to explore some of the larger issues involved. In his piece, Mr. McDaniels explored the radical connections of the speakers at this and other events, in my piece, I explored the issue of whether or not such sympathetic outreach was really the proper Christian response.