Losing Their Religion

Although many won’t admit it, we are in the midst of an ideological war with Islam. And since the advantage goes to the side that fully realizes they are at war, the West is losing. The propaganda war is going in favor of Islam precisely because the West doesn’t realize it is supposed to be fighting one. The ability of Islam to rally much of the world behind its hatred of Israel is a telling indication of who is winning the war of ideas. As for war aims, it’s not clear that there are any. Even those who see the danger clearly rarely talk in terms of victory; they talk mainly in terms of resisting cultural jihad. You know you’re in trouble when your ideological opponent is a primitive seventh-century belief system, and yet the best that your top strategists hope for is to put up a good resistance.

As the Dracula-like return of Communist ideology demonstrates, an ideological war needs to be fought to complete and total victory. The enemy ideology should be so thoroughly discredited that no one—not even its former staunchest defenders, not even the most doctrinaire college professor—will want to be associated with it. In regard to Islam, then, our aim should go beyond simply resisting jihad; it should be the defeat of Islam as an idea. But, aside from inflicting crushing military defeats on Islamic powers, how do you accomplish that?

One answer is that you do all you can to force Muslims to question their faith in Islam. As Mark Steyn observes, “there’s no market for a faith that has no faith in itself.” He was speaking, of course, of the more mushy versions of Western Christianity—the post-Christian Christians who seem anxious to dialogue themselves into dhimmitude. But there’s no reason the concept can’t be applied to Islam. Surely the average intelligent Muslim has occasional doubts about the founding revelations. And just as surely he keeps them to himself, not only because he fears his fellow Muslims, but also because the rest of the world seems to be going along with the pretense that he belongs to a great religion. It may be time for the rest of the world to drop the pretense.

If one of your opponents’ core beliefs is that you need to be subjugated, why wouldn’t you want to foster doubts in his mind? Jihadists commit jihad because they correctly perceive that their religion calls them to it. As long as they are kept secure in the illusion that their faith is unassailable, they will continue the jihad by whatever means seem most expedient. They won’t question their faith—and neither will the majority of Muslims—unless they get used to the fact that it can be questioned and criticized.

One man who has done a lot to shake up the faith of Muslims is Fr. Zakaria Botros, a Coptic priest who hosts a weekly Arabic language TV program watched by millions of Muslims around the world. Among other things, the engaging Fr. Botros forces his Muslim audience to confront unflattering facts about their prophet. He also talks to them about the Christian faith—something that most Muslims know very little about, beyond some simple caricatures. Apparently he is very successful at what he does. According to reports he is responsible for mass conversions to Christianity.

Does such questioning of Muhammad’s character provoke anger among Muslims? Well, yes, it does. The elderly Fr. Botros has been labeled Islam’s “Public Enemy #1,” and a reported $60 million bounty has been put on his head. But, according to a recent piece by Raymond Ibrahim, “the outrage appears to be subsiding.” Ibrahim contends that Life TV (the satellite station that carries Fr. Botros’ program) “has conditioned its Muslim viewers to accept that exposure and criticism of their prophet is here to stay.” The first time a Muslim hears the moral flaws of the Prophet exposed, he may well be angry at the exposure. But how about the third time? The tenth time? The twentieth time? What initially provokes anger might eventually provoke doubts about Muhammad’s claims.

There are those who think that such efforts are doomed to failure—that Islam is too deeply rooted in the Muslim world. But deeply held beliefs are not always as deeply rooted as they seem. Thirty-five years ago it would have been non-controversial to say that the Catholic faith was deeply rooted in Ireland, but if you said it today you would be going out on a limb. More to the point, Islam itself was less “deeply rooted” 60 years ago in the Middle East than it is now. Consider this recollection by Ali A. Allawi, a former Iraqi cabinet minister:

I was born into a mildly observant family in Iraq. At that time, the 1950’s, secularism was ascendant among the political, cultural, and intellectual elites of the Middle East. It appeared to be only a matter of time before Islam would lose whatever hold it still had on the Muslim world. Even that term—“Muslim world”—was unusual, as Muslims were more likely to identify themselves by their national, ethnic, or ideological affinities than by their religion.

Deeply rooted? Perhaps you’ve seen that sequence of photos of the University of Cairo graduating classes for the English Department. The women of the Class of 1959 look like college students anywhere in the Western world circa 1959. They wear Western style skirts and dresses and no head covering. Ditto for the class of 1978. It could be the class of ’78 at the University of Chicago. But by 1994 half the women are wearing hijabs. By 2004 almost all the women are wearing hijabs and ankle-length clothing. So, sometime in the 1990’s educated Muslims apparently began to take their faith more seriously. They appear to take it very seriously now. But how “deeply rooted” is twenty years?

Given that the penalty for leaving Islam—or even criticizing it—can be death, we may be mistaking deeply rooted fear for deeply rooted faith. Moreover, the fact that Islam prescribes such harsh penalties for doubters suggests that the faith itself is not intrinsically convincing. As the Ayatollah Khomeini once said, “People cannot be made obedient except with the sword.” Any religion that needs so many external incentives—swords behind you, and virgins in your future—cries out to be questioned. Unfortunately, instead of exploiting its theological weaknesses the West insists on chivalrously shielding Islam from the kind of scrutiny that the West reserves for its own institutions and traditions. And with good reason. Because it’s generally understood, though rarely said, that Muhammad’s claims would not meet the tests of critical reason and historical evidence that we apply to the Judeo-Christian revelation. The much revered sufi theologian al-Ghazali wrote, “The dhimmi is obliged not to mention Allah or his Prophet…” You can see why. Curiosity didn’t kill Christianity, but curiosity would almost certainly kill the Caliphate—or, in our times, the hope for a resurrected Caliphate. Obliged not to mention the Prophet? Given the threat Islam poses to the world and to Muslims themselves, it’s beginning to look as though the obligation runs the other way. The world needs to take a much closer look at the Prophet and his claims. The Prophet is Islam’s main prop. If he is discredited, Islam is discredited. Hence, the mighty efforts by the OIC to make it a crime to blaspheme a prophet.

The Prophet’s integrity is not the only thing in doubt. Theologically speaking, Islam is a house of cards. The whole faith rests on the belief that Muhammad actually received a revelation from God. But where’s the proof? Were there any witnesses to this revelation other than Muhammad? Why should we take his word for it? Why were there so many revelations of convenience that worked directly to Muhammad’s personal advantage? Are there really dozens of renewable virgins awaiting young warriors in paradise, or was this revelation simply a clever recruitment tool manufactured by Muhammad to provide an incentive for following him? And why is the Koran, despite its flashes of poetic brilliance, put together like a soviet-era automobile? As an exercise in composition the Koran would not pass muster in most freshmen writing courses. Why can’t God write as well as the average college student?

Ordinarily it’s not a good idea to go around questioning other people’s firmly held beliefs. But these are not ordinary times, and Islam is no ordinary religion. As any number of observes have noted, it’s partly a religion and partly a supremacist political ideology—although no one seems to be able to say exactly what percent is political ideology and what percent is religion. Is it 50/50 or 60/40 or 80/20? Is it legitimate to criticize the political part of it, but not the religious part? How do you tell where the politics leaves off and the religion begins? Or are they so bound together that they can’t be separated?

If you remember “Joe Palooka,” the old comic strip series about a decent but not-too-bright heavyweight boxer, you might remember that one of Joe’s craftier opponents once tattooed his rather expansive stomach with the word “Mother” inscribed within a large heart. His midsection was his weak spot, of course, but he knew he could count on Joe to avoid hitting him there, Joe being too much of a gentleman to do otherwise. In On the Waterfront, Marlon Brando’s character refers to the place where failed fighters go as “palookaville.” Currently, our whole culture is in danger of ending up in “palookaville” because there are large areas of Islam we decline to examine out of a sense of delicacy that would be excessive in a Victorian matron. Islamic strategists are counting on polite Westerners not to hit them in their soft spot.

Islamic strategists invoke the supremacist principles of the Koran in order to stir up aggression against the Muslim world, yet any criticism of Islam is met with cries of, “No fair! You are blaspheming a prophet and his religion.” So far, the shame-on-you-for-criticizing-a-religion strategy has worked very effectively. Fortunately, a few, like Fr. Botros, aren’t buying into the ruse. He has enough respect for Muslims as individuals to realize that their religion should not be put beyond discussion. Many Muslims, especially Muslim women, suffer a profound sense of desperation: the feeling of being trapped in a 1400-year-old nightmare, with no way out. It’s difficult to see any convincing argument for propping up the system that oppresses them. On the contrary, it seems almost a duty to undermine that system—political and religious—and call it into question at every turn.

In past ideological struggles we wisely sought ideological victory—the discrediting of the belief system that inspired our enemies. Because the driving force behind Islamic aggression is Islamic theology, it makes no sense to treat Islamic theology like a protected species. Rather, we should hope that Muslims lose faith in Islam just as Nazis lost faith in Nazism and Eastern-bloc Communists lost faith in communism.

Of course, it would be all the better if, like Fr. Botros, we had something to offer them in its place. Winston Churchill once said that Greer Garson, for her role in Mrs. Miniver, was worth six divisions in the war against Hitler. It seems safe to say that Fr. Botros, for his role in instilling doubts about Islam and giving Muslims something solid in its place, is worth at least a couple of Departments of Homeland Security.

William Kilpatrick’s articles have appeared in FrontPage Magazine, First Things, Catholic World Report, National Catholic Register, Jihad Watch, World, and Investor’s Business Daily.

  • Malcolm

    Why do muslims get so angry at criticism of their prophet and religion? Christianity started as a persecuted minority. It therefore developed the art of apologetics: the method of explaining the faith to outsiders and countering criticism. Islam, on the other hand, commenced as a victorious political power. Non-muslims were forbidden to criticise Islam, or attempt to convert muslims. At the same time, they were under unrelenting pressure to convert – not by argument, but by force. The result was, Islam never developed a proper system of apologetics, so when muslims come to a free country, and hear both their faith and their prophet criticised, they can think of nothing else to do but lash out in anger. (Also, lashing out in anger is the traditional response to attacks on one's honour in their countries.)

    • Timmy

      Cut it out already! As your comment about Mo being moral reveals, you haven't the first clue about Islam or Muhammad. THE REASON THERE IS NO ISLAMIC APOLOGETICS IS NOT BECAUSE IT WAS MILITARISTIC FROM THE START, IT IS BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE DEFENDED LOGICALLY OR MORALLY!!! ANY serious investigation of the claims of Mo or of Islam reveal it immediately to be a fraud of the first order. THAT is why no one is allowed to question it in any way small or large.

  • Malcolm

    Second point: Muslims tend to confusese criticism of Muhammad with an insult to the religion. Christianity is different for an obvious reason: although people may reject Jesus' claims, and even doubt the stories told about him. However, it is very difficult to find moral faults in Jesus. But with Muhammad, although he was undoubtedly a moral giant of his time and place, there are many aspects of his life which are easy to criticise, and muslims will eventually have to face them.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

      Good point. While Jesus's divinity can be disputed, his morality is appealing, even with secularists. I would have to disagree that Mohammed could ever have been considered moral. (Perhaps he could be considered moral in an auditorium full of murderers and pedophiles.) He was powerful and persuasive. Unfortunately, I believe that power trumped morality in the unforgiving, dog-eat-dog world of the 7th Century Arabian desert.

    • guest

      "a moral giant"???? have you read the history and bio?? my god youre ignorant!!!

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    To reform Islam or to Christianize the significant part of Moslems sounds good but it is utopian. Utopian because of the incomparably huge number of Moslems outside empowered by the oil money that we allowed them to "earn".

    Islam also takes full advantage of the spiritual vacuum of the West in this "post religious" era. In order to win Islam, we have to return back to our Judeo-Christian roots, to re-assert Christianity and Judaism rather than to rely on a futile hope of undermining Islam.

    First Islam must be confined: confined far outside. If there were only one thing that absolutely does not belong to America, it is Islam.

    Presently the ruling unholy alliance of the Lefts with Islam overtly aims at the destruction of America and the West itself. The very idea of a battle against Islam is made a taboo. However if we are to survive, not only must we break this taboo, but we must finally rid of Islam inside our borders and then significantly weaken it outside.

    • guest

      agreed with your analysis but confinement outside is insufficient to protect the secular moslems and the non moslems living there and also other countries from terror or invasion. even the great india is still in danger after the bloody partition by moslems into pakistan
      undoing the ideology along with confinement is necessary as with jerks like russia and china and korea, these confined psychos will buy the weapons and be able to nuke anyone anytime with missiles.

  • clyde

    Kill'em all, let God sort'em out.

  • the chain

    you will never win ..you kaffires coz you don't know Islam .you judged Islam just by being out side …ask your self why you afraid of coming in to the realities in Islam…aah why u dont give some times to the quran and teaching of prophet muhamed ?coz you are already closed .Allah make you like that and he will increase that diseases… please you don't know us .. you damns ..you are just ignorant..we read bibles but you couldn't do the quran coz you are coward .you afraid of the truth …please don't be blind .come to the reality coz you don't have time you will day tomorrow but that is not your last the day of judgment will come …may Allah turn your face to Islam … amen

    • MullahAssassin

      I have read the Quran.

      From the Quran i learnt a few things:

      1) The tone of the Quran is harsh, demanding and forceful.

      2) Many verses that seem outwardly peaceful (eg, – the "no compulsion in Islam" verse) have been ABROGATED by latter and more violent ones. Now why would the "all-knowing" Allah abrogate verses and change his mind? That is a huge hint that the Quran is anything but "flawless" and "untainted".

      3) The muslim god is quite a jealous bastard, he cannot tolerate unbelievers and apostates. Page one of the Quran: "This book shall not be doubted". Quite an intro, speaks volumes for itself. Also, why would a "perfect" religion be so cruel to people who choose to leave it? Death penalty for apostasy. That implies how untenable its core beliefs must be.

      4) "Freedom" to a muslim means submitting to Allah unquestioningly and effectively surrendering one's freewill. Freedom to us means something completely different.

      5) The Muslim claim that Islam is a "religion of peace" is a catch: that so called "peace" ONLY applies to muslims. Infidels can expect the sword in return until they convert or die. So yes, Islam is peace, but to Muslims only.

      The Quran is very flawed and is doing you mental harm. Save yourself.

      • Tanstaafl

        It is a very boring and tedious read. My reaction to reading it was twofold – 1) it is hard to imagine that anyone believes in Mohammed and his alter-ego, Allah. 2) Islam is a gun pointed at the head of every human being on the planet.

      • Kanwi

        The 'abrogation' aspect is very relevant. It demonstrates the flaws or mistakes of earlier commands that they subsequently needed correction. If this is the case how can the earlier versus have been divine delivered? Even after Muhamaud's death there were so many so called 'experts' adding versus to the Koran and the Surah. That is still the case today with many 'experts' even bin Laden himself issuing Fatwas acording to their needs of the moment. The ideaology was cruel, hateful and violent to start with before the Koran was even documented and it has just got worse over time by exercise (or should I say abuse) of power. The koran should be outlawed as Mein Kemph was and we reciprocate with a like declaration of war against the barbarians.

    • cochavi1

      Dear 'the chain' – I read the Quran. The first time was in grad school. I did not look at it for years. I read it then in Arabic, but my Arabic was limited. I read all the early chapters again a few years ago. It is clear what the basic message is, and it is clear that there is no reforming the Quran, with all its contradictions, abrogation etc.

      What the Quran actually is is a mish-mash of Jewish and Christian texts, revised, along with many 'revelations' that Muhammad received through his life. Most of these revelations justify political and military and sexual and murderous actions (for Muhammad and his warriors, it was all thrown together). Robert Spencer's book – you should read it – makes clear simply by quoting historic events and then the 'rise' of a revelation to justify an action just taken or to be taken, that these revelations were very convenient. They did not come from Allah, unless Allah was Muhammad's personal servant.

      The judgment will come, indeed, and it will be on all those who promote and carry out warfare on behalf of Islam against the non-believer.

    • xman

      We know Islam, monkeyman. After 1,400 years of Jihad, i.e. war and genocide being waged against infidels, 15,500 terrorist atrocities since 9/11, which include Bali, Beslan, 9/11, the daily calls for the destruction of Jews and the rest of the infidel world, how could we possibly fail to know? Savages like yourself are ungrateful for anything the infidel does for you. If a Jew save you from dying of pneumionia, his 'reward' from a savage like yourself could run to having his head severed. You and your fellow savages were seen celebrating the 9/11 atrocity, that confirmed every suspicion of your death cult that I had had running all the way back to the 1980s, when I first associated your cult with evil. And it is time the West was rid of savages like you.

    • Marty

      We actually know you very well: you want to establish and apply sharia law, a medieval and despicable system that establishes dhimmitude for non-muslims and inflicts daily humiliations and violence on them. islam is an intolerant cult and it is no wonder that most of its American converts are prisoners who are delighted with the opportunity of religiously sanctioned rape and killing.

    • Vic

      it's not about winning you moron it's about the Truth. Allah is not who you think. He is evil incarnate, the great deceiver! We in the West know him as SATAN! He has used you because he has brainwashed you not to question, to think critically. Islam is his tool, he shackles your mind & heart. What other religious system advocates for the slaughter of other human beings? He's kept you ignorant as to the preciousness of life. He has you sacrificing your own children for a lost cause. Who stands to gain in poisoning the minds of one group to annihilate another. Only SATAN. He believes he can overcome the Maker of Heaven & earth! Talk about delusional. God is Love, Allah has convinced you to love death. Your hearts are dark because you have not known love.

    • crazyhorse

      Tell us all about Koran 5:51 this should help a lot,and why do you not follow this..

    • GodsSeer

      Allah FORCES worship by demanding all to submit and say certain words that may or may not mean anything when they are spoken. Islam is a situational religion and any God who FORCES people to serve Him is insecure. Worship by its very nature is voluntary or it means nothing. There is NO virtue in a forced religion.

      Then theres the contradiction that there is no compulsion in religion lie, And then The question of so many personal affairs in an all eternal book that focuses only on Mohammad's excuses to commit adultery and rape. Very suspect, indeed.

    • Mohammed's Gay

      Go Fuck yourself!

  • potkas7

    @ Malcom

    Why do muslims get so angry at criticism of their prophet and religion?

    There is a possible answer to your question in J.S. Mill's essay On Liberty. In it he says of religions that when professing a certain belief is considered heretical and, therefore, might result in execution, a believer takes the time to understand and internalize each of his faith's precepts before professing them to the world. However, when a religion becomes mainstream, and passes to subsequent generations, adherents get a mere gloss on their faith, giving them only a superficial understanding of what they claim to believe. Then, when that faith is challenged, they find their shallow understanding leaves them unable to explain or defend what they claim are their most cherished, heart-felt beliefs. Unable to defend their religion with argument, they turn to violence to make their case.

  • Ken

    To: "the chain"
    Sorry, buddy, but as a Muslim you have already lost your soul and your future if you remain in a false belief that was conjured up to be an advantage for one lying man,who you call a prophet. It is time to stop thinking, like a sex pervert, with what is in your pants. Only a sex starved person would go through life believing that Utopia is having 72 virgins to yourself. That is a profile for juvenile minds that think life revolves around the sex act and have such inferiority complexes they have to mutilate their women's pleasure centers to try to keep them true to one man. Truth is real and does not need to be forced on anyone,including you.

  • Ken

    To: "the chain",
    Your prophet was a narcissist that cried out for attention like our current US president. The world is not about one human being and his/her elevation to god-hood. God is and that is the thing to know and acknowledge. Every person has a free choice to honor, or dishonor, God. Only that person will reap the consequences of their own actions. As a Christian,I do not have to force anyone to believe in God. God is big enough and all powerful to handle any and all comers. He will wield His own sword when the time comes to punish those who fight against Him. He does not need a puny human like me to do his punishing,He is capable Himself.
    Those who force others to believe in a narcissistic child molester, as a god to honor, will be the first to reap those consequences. A tenet that will not stand up to intelligent questions for the source of that belief,is a false and dishonest belief. The sword can not change truth. Truth is real and does not need to be forced on anyone,including you or me…!

    • josh braddock

      You sound just like chain with your talk of truth and punishment. Your faith in your God is just as silly as this "chain" jackass. Read the Old Testament, not that religion is as oppressive to women as his but it still says shit like Timothy 2;11 let the women learn in silence with all subjection……2;12 but i suffer not as woman to teach nor to usrup authority over man…….so forth and so on…. yeah ur an asshole too!!!

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

        I thought Ken's argument was spot on. You have a rather large chip on your shoulder, there, mate. There are obvious and plain differences between the "Gods" represented in the Bible and the Qur'an. The Christian God is a god of peace, love, forgiveness, turning the other cheek, and equality between the sexes. Allah is a god of war, hate, domination, and oppression. Whether you like or approve of any religion or not, it is the Judeo-Christian culture that has allowed for freedom of expression, justice, innovation, and tolerance. Not Islam. And, besides, in western cultures you have the freedom to be the hateful dumb ass that you appear to be. In Saudi Arabia, your head would already be missing.

        • josh

          oh yeah, your right. There is no blood on your Gods hands, you win.

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

            There is blood on people's hands, for sure. Not on the Christian God's "hands." However, Islam boasts about how when a Muslim kills in war, it is really their Allah that is doing the killing. If you can't see the basic differences staring you in the face, between the two gods, then I am not going to waste my breath…or in this case, my typing fingers.

          • josh

            sodom and gomorrah, Noahs ark….. and those are the one's they teach you in sunday school as a child. but those peolpe deserved to die because they we're sinners and turned they're back on God. RIGHT?

        • josh

          and i just relized you preachin tolerence- what about gays….
          innovation- stem cell research…big no no
          freedom of expression-really? or free will ….but you will be punished
          justice is not for a god…. but for a court to decide

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

            I don't have anything against gays. I'm all for stem cell research. I'm not big on hell-fire. There are many different kinds of Christians. That's the beauty of the religion. We are allowed various interpretations of the Bible. Islam has no such tolerance for different interpretations. There is one interpretation of the Qur'an. And, the Muslims will tell you that.

      • josh

        Nobody want to hear the truth because it hurts.Did i miss quote the bible?…..no. but we dont like to hear our faults do we?

      • str8talk

        1 Timothy 2:11-12. If you read the preceding verses carefully you will find that these verses apply to religious matters only. So you don't have worry about letting your wife boss you around or hen-peck you. You can let her do that all you want. You will note that is does not say women can not teach religion or exert authority in religious matters over other women or children. Sometimes I wonder if the Apostle Paul shouldn't have also included men who don't read their bible very carefully in the category of those who should learn in silence nor usurp authority.

        • trish

          you go str8talk..plus God allowed an ass to talk & warn of pending doom(death)..& the bible states that the very rocks will cry out & proclaim the word of God..any1 or thing can be used as a mouth piece for God but it will be backed up by Gods word..we can all give our testimonies & quote the word of God..being submissive 2 a God fearing man is the same as being part of that man's body..if your foot hurts..you take it easy on it..get it help..take care of it just as any other part of your body..if you read the bible carefully it clearly says that Loving God with all your heart and loving your neighbor as yourself makes things plain..you can not hate your God..neighbor and especially yourself(spouse)..you must love them or be out of the will of God..you can hate something they do.. choices they make but never truly hate them..yes God is a jealous God..no gods before him..but even in this jealousy he has to do things to protect his people..many of the acts that are considered cruel that God did was to protect his people..it may be time for him to do this again..look @ what is the world was described as when it was wiped out before..It is time again..where is your heart??who will protect you..call on your God..will he answer??not water but fire& brimstone the next time..do you really want everyone saved?? can you say that?? if not .. your heart is not right either..only if you want everyone to make will you make it..do I get angry? do i mess up? yes and yes..do i try to love everyone & all Gods creatures? yes … is it easy?Nope..do i fall? yes.. will I keep trying & believing … yes..I have opened my heart to what love is & I will follow God with all my heart body and soul even though I fall if my heart is reaching for him as a hurt child reaches for a loving parent … he will pick me up & hold me though he gets frustrated with me and chastizes me..he loves me

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/loseyateefa loseyateefa

    There is a wonderful FREE downloadable book that bears close reading. It delves into Muhammed's history and uses common sense when disecting the Koran. Written by Sujit Das, I believe he is either from India or Pakistan. HEre is a link:

    it takes a few minutes to load up in pdf form the 295 page document. Please download it and at least scan the table of contents. Every muslim should be forced to read it and acknowledge the error of Islam.

    • Tanstaafl

      Excellent book! Sujit Das has both an understanding of the Qur'an and modern psychology and blends them both to provide Western audiences with the underlining reasons as to why and how the faith of Islam was created. I recommend his book to anyone interested in Islam.

    • willic

      Thank you for the info on this site. I have only read the first 57 pages and find it fascinating. I agree with you that muslims should be asked it read it. I doubt many Muslims will be brave enough to read it and acknowledge these errors.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

      Thanks for sharing this link. What a great find.

    • Neale

      Excellent reference. This should be widely disseminated. As always, the truth shall set you free.

  • http://senatormark4.org SenatorMark4

    You are Sooooo wasting your time trying to criticize Islam. In an ideological battle you need to have ideas as weapons to enter the fight. Do we have ANY principles? Choosing the three most important parfs of the U.S. Constitution, in my mind, 1) First Amendment, 2) Second Amendment, and 3) Article I, section2 where we elect the tax man EVERY 2 years…from here we make policy. Is it smart to be supporting a war in Afganistan when a member of parliament shouted on the floor that a person rejecting Islam should be beheaded on the parliamentary floor? How can we tolerate American blood being spilt for a society that isn't outraged by leaders like this? We should enforce our traditions of freedom and let the dogs eat their own vomit.

    • xman

      Criticising Islam is but one tool. Stopping aid to Muslim countries is another. Why should we give aid of any kind to those who dance in the streets when atrocities like 9/11 break? And yes, we should wage an aggressive total war against terrorists and those states who support them. Make them fear us, rather than us running around in fear of them. And we should realise there is no such thing as an innocent Muslim civilian. All of them want to see us subjugated just like the Christian minorities in countries like Pakistan, shot to death like animists in Darfur, beheaded like many an orange-jumpsuit-wearing Western hostage who appears on many a bloodcurdling DVD, which is a massive seller in the Muslim world, and want our women to receive the same treatment they'd get in Iran or Saudi Arabia.

      • xman

        The mullahs of Iran should have been destroyed after those US peacekeepers were murdered in 1983 by the ayatoilets terrorist proxies, and taking steps like those back then could have saved so much trouble later. They should be forced to civilize, and in war, mosques should not be spared. Any harboring bombs etc should be bombed to smithereens. There's no room for mercy on our part inf we want to win this one, just as there was no room for mercy 65 or 70 years ago.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Vienna1683 Vienna1683

    This essay provides us with a very good weapon to combat the evil of Islam. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. No more game playing that we respect your belief – we do not and should not – they are evil. Not only do we have the opportunity to expose the evil fraud Mohammad to Muslims but also to all Westerners with a free mind.

    So many Westerners are unaware of what a wicked man Muhammad truly was so time for an education. He was a murderer, rapist, maimed and blinded people, had sex slaves all in the name of some fictive god called Allah.

    As a Christian I ask, what decent nonChristian can find fault with the morality of Jesus Christ? Muhammad on the other hand wreaks of worldlyness which is Satanic. I think its probable that he is the False Prophet foretold by St. John the Apostle.

    • josh braddock

      your an idiot too, just like Ken. With your my god can(disprove) beat up your god bs. we should ride the world of all you religous nut bags. Truly the only way to have peace. And by the way…. Satanism = humanism< you watch to many movies fuckstick

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

        You're a real potty mouth, aren't you?

        • josh

          yes i am,and im ignorate and apathetic. i dont know and i dont give a damn.One thing i do know is this all religion has oppressed some race or culture at one point in its existance.It looks like now your judo karate chop christian mumbo jumbo is the lesser of the two evils but still has radicals and will oppress gays and free thinkers as long as it can.We are not a christian nation and we will never be. Christianity days are numbered as well my friend.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Vienna1683 Vienna1683

    One last thing. Until Islam diisappears into the trash bin of history all Muslim immigration into the United States must cease with no exceptions.

    If you believe the evil Muhammad was the prophet of Allah you do not belong here.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    All devout Muslims are brain washed victims of a vicious, anti-social, anti-human religion. It is sad that to save them one has to provide them with another set of lies, though benign ones intended to bring peace to the world and to make it a better world. Will humanity ever reach a point in its intellectual development in which it rejects these lunacies? In the interim, we need to become realistic and dump all political correctness and dump all of our politicians from the top on down who refuse to accept the fact that we are in a fight for survival against Islam. Obama is a fool and a liar when he says, “We are not at war with you.” We need to forbid Islam in America since its rules are in direct contravention of many of our laws. We need to forbid the building of mosques in America until Islamic countries allow the building of churches. We need to close down Muslim schools where they try to brain wash children against America. We need to round up and incarcerate Mullahs in our midst to preach hate and work toward the destruction of our culture.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Lfox328 Lfox328

    I'm thinking that this propaganda war is made for sit-coms:
    * a Muslim teen rolling her eyes at mom's "old-fashioned" ways
    * a young man who sees the discord caused by more than 1 wife
    * a second wife who chafes at the old man she is married to
    * the "head of the harem" who is going deeper and deeper into debt, due to the stress of supporting 2 families

    Our special gift as a people has always been ridicule. Let's exploit it, using the online video format, if not cable or network TV.

  • Douglas

    The chain. What an appropriate name for a pro islam poster. All islam offers is a huge chain to bind you spiritually and politically.

    Free yourself and convert to Christianity.

    Good article. I would like to see a good logical analysis of the islamic teachings. Spencer does a good job, but doesn't get into the weeds exposing the illogic.

    I can understand why there are few critics. It's easy to lose ones head over this subject. Even the media will not protect and defend you.

    • josh

      idiot…… free yourself from one,and enlsave yourself to another

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/MrsDono MrsDono

    Islam as a religion/political supremacy movement is surging successfully (so far) not because of its own dynamism —it's inherently parasitic— but because of the wilting and withering of the West, the unrootedness of nations which were once firmly rooted in Judeo-Christian culture.

    Islam may be advancing, but not nearly as fast as our once-great civilization is retreating — because we have turned away from God.

    Islam's religious philosophy is, I am convinced, perverted, but it is thriving because it has moved into an "empty house" — a house swept and empty and ready to be occupied, as Jesus said about the man who was freed from one demon only to be re-possessed by seven more.

    Our casual child-rejecting, womb-vacating customs show another aspect of this void: the plunging birth-rates Mark Steyn talks about, emptying what used to be Christendom.

    Back in 1968 Pope Paul VI remarked that the practice of contraception (let alone abortion!) could kill souls, marriages, nations, cultures, and civilizations. Nobody believed him then.

    Now, 42 years later, nobody can avoid the consequences.

  • jac

    Here are a few questions to be getting on with:
    1, Is it credible that Allah would have 'spoken' to Jibreel in a local arabic dialect of the day in use among the pagans, Jews and polytheists – that is,:the later 'enemies' of Islam? Are putative spiritual entities constrained to make use of human language(s) that require the passage of time to elaborate meaning? Would this not deify Arabic? Allah would not demean himself by becoming a man, but it seems, he is happy to use one of his languages.
    2, If the Qur'an is the perfect manifestation of Word(s) of Allah into this world requiring human agency to be expressed equally perfectly, then in theological principle, Muslims must concede the same human agency of Chrisitain beleif. Their oppostion can only be on historical grounds.?
    3. Is there a Qur'an is paradise? If not, how can Muslims be closer to Allah there, than here, since it is a place of time and space, and Allah – apart from Qur'an- is outside of all that?
    4. Since the fitst page of the Qur'an warns that infidels have been made infidels by divine will, then isn't the flagship 'there is no compulsion if religion' much more about submission than unschooled liberal tummy tickling 'tolerance'.?

    to be getting on with for the moment

  • USMCSniper

    If we are honest with ourselves, we have to realize that this is a battle verses western democracy and Islamic theocracy. The Israelis are on the front lines of this battle, they know the enemy more than us.. so it's wise to listen to what they have to say. We would be in the same situation if we were living there, simply because of our democratic way of life – which is completely contradictory to the tenets of Islam. They are using the freedoms of our western countries in a plot of what they call Umma, or "World of Islam". It is their duty as Muslims, and Mohammed, said that the work is not complete until the world is converted and Muslim. Just look all of the Arab countries. Look at Somalia. Look at Sudan. That's the result of Islamism. We do not want that.

    • Jim C.

      Don't agree with much of what you say. Agree 100% here.

    • Ray

      "The Israelis are on the front lines of this battle, they know the enemy more than us.. so it's wise to listen to what they have to say."

      So too the Indians. Target of at least 3 wars waged by Pakistan, and beyond count now the number of vicious terrorist attacks from Pakistan. Pakistan could not militarily defeat India, so it has used Islamists terrorists as its proxy force. "Pakistani agents 'funding and training Afghan Taliban'" http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/world/south_asia/10302

      The borders of Islam are bloody. – Huntington

  • MycaD

    We have to wake up to the fact that our president meant what he wrote when he said if he had to make a choice between America and Muslim, he would choose Muslim. Those who realized this before the election were surprised at the number of voters that had not known this fact and voted for or were paid to vote for a known fraud. Wake up America by Nov.

    • trickyblain

      When did he say that???

      LOL! Quote?

      • M Rob

        He also admitted to the Eygptian Pres that he is a Muslim, his father was a muslim, his stepfather was a muslim and his brothers in Kenya are muslims – anyone who didn't know this clown was a Muslim before he got elected didn't do their research and shame on all the rest who voted for him. The fox is in the hen house and he is setting us up for destruction.

        • trickyblain

          Of course, you don't have a quote for that either. Except from a blog or an email you got.

          The fact that he said none of this, and the fact that he is, by definition a Christian (Wright?) really does nothing for you?

          • http://intensedebate.com/people/Rifleman Rifleman

            I think he's an atheist commie Tricky, and I've got plenty of quotes to back that up, along with his policies since he's been in office. By islamic law he's a muslim, and I don't doubt he would attempt to use that to his advantage (the USA's advantage is another matter). I don't think he really considers himself one any more than he considers himself a Christian.

          • trickyblain

            Disagree. By no means do I agree with everything he has done, but a commie he ain't. I think I've mentioned in the past that I work for business advocacy. I upadate employers on new laws they have to comply with (I know, boring).

            When BHO won in '08, my org was flipping out. We thought there'd be a flood of new federal employment laws suffocating business, both small and large. We even scheduled weekly "fed watch" meetings to keep up with all the new inevitable regs.

            The extent of those meetings:
            Editorial: "Anything federal to update?"
            Advocacy/legal: "No."

            Health care (which actually provides more business to private companies) aside, we were much busier during Bush's expansion of FMLA, the new fed minimum wage and many other laws. Aside from health care, there's nothing. You'd think the first place a "commie" would start is labor and employment….

            Yet Tea Partiers and the like complain about what he "says" (subjective) and throw around wild rumors (citizen, Muslim). Nothing is grounded in law or established fact, just speculation of what he "wants" to do.

          • crazyhorse

            How come his first second,and last name are old traditional everyday moslem names.

          • trickyblain

            How come your name is exactly the same as a a man who led the massacre of hundreds of US troops? Who led the Great Sioux War of 1866 against the USA? Traitor!

        • trickyblain

          You "agree completely" with the quotes that are made up — that Obama demonstrably never said?

    • Jim C.

      What kind of b.s. are you trying to pull? When did Obama say that?

      You, a liar, are calling Obama a "fraud?"

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/Vienna1683 Vienna1683

    We must focus on Muhammad ALWAYS. Islam is where we get the information of his horrific deeds.

    That is how we can defeat them. We must expose what a total loser this man was by telling THEIR story about him and the BS he used to get his evil ways.

    • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

      There appears to be a disconnect, in the Muslim collective consciousness, between the common knowledge that they all have of their Prophet's horrific behavior and the common sense understanding of his true nature – that of a criminal. What is preventing them from being able to recognize their Prophet's criminality?

  • Michael

    The proof is in the Islamic terrorist pudding . Not a day goes by without suicide bombings or outright murder or Jew bashing. Mini 9-11s are "The Religion of Peace's" soup de jour. If your eyes are open and you can see the truth for the truth you have to conclude….."An addition of Muslims to a Nation is a subtraction in civilization"
    American Christian Infidel
    Michael Canzano

  • Jaladhi

    Islam is not a religion. It's a mafia like criminal enterprise and the only way it has survived and spreadfor last 1400 years is by threat of sword on the necks of it's own followers as well as non-followers. Allah is alter ego of Mohammad, hence Mo/allah is appropriate name for for this joined-at-the-hip entity!!!

    Truth about Islam and Mo/allah should be relentlessly exposed to the non-Muslims so that this creepy ideology doesn't gain further foothold here than it already has. Muslims get angry whenever the truth about Islam and Mo/allah is exposed. They just can't tolerate the truthabout Islam is an understatement.

    We have this fight on our hands and we have to fight it for the sake of survival of humanity.

  • Marty

    islam is a menacing totalitarian death cult that in 1400 years has achieved nothing except the murder of 300 million innocent people and the enslavement and forced conversion of millions more. mohamed was a pedophile, genocidal sociopath, plagiarist,and overall con artist. his mission remains to send the world into a long dark age.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

    "Of course, it would be all the better if, like Fr. Botros, we had something to offer them in its place."

    I liken the fanatical faith in Islam to a heavy cigarette addiction. Going from a dependency on Islam to no religion at all would be too much for most radicals to handle. Christianity needs to become the Nicorette gum. I wish Fr. Botros the best of luck in his mission to free Muslims of their addiction.

    • josh

      You must be kidding me, you compare religion to an addiction to a drug.Radicals are just that " radical" But better to have them on your side i'm sure

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/JosephWiess JosephWiess

    The Coptic priests show is a good start, what we need to do next is display to the Muslim that Islam is a cult, and prove it by showing how they act, and what they think. We need to keep pounding it into their heads that in order not to be thought of as a cult, they need to reform into the 21st century.

    • Jac

      Forget about reforming. I see several who advocate that line of action, most notably Irshad Manji. Yet, their arguments fall flat, as it were. They sound as though they were trying to convince themselves What's wrong is wrong, a lie is a lie… and unreformable. Conversion or apostasy are definitely better choices for the religion of Satan.

      • http://intensedebate.com/people/RogueWave24 RogueWave24

        I agree that reform of a bad religion is not going to create a good religion. Reforming Islam would be like trying to remodel a house resting on a rotten foundation. What needs to change are the minds of the followers. The addicts of the drug called Islam need an intervention.

  • lovezion

    Shalom! This is a desperate bitter truth that sooner or later we were going to have to face. Now is as good a time as any. THOSE WHO HONESTLY WISH ISRAEL WELL, WILL PASS ON THIS ARTICLE TO THE ENTIRE ARMY OF YOUR FAMILIES AND FRIENDS, AND EVEN UNKNOWNS! WILL YOU PLEASE??? THE TRUTH HAS GOT TO COME OUT IN ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. I thank you so much for passing this one nonstop!!! lovezion

  • Ron Grant

    "Why exactly are we treating Islamic theology like a protected species?"

    Islam a protected species? A little ,maybe a lot, like calling the kettle black.The Jews,inspired by the Zionists with the approval and support of the western democracies,carve out a biblical re-created Israel in a Arab majority Palestine that hasn't existed for two thousand years (in retrospect,a wise decision given it's barbaric behavior in modern times).The west risks everything,it's economy and moral position even the lives of it's soldiers and citizens in support of this Zionist state and you complain of a "protected Islam".Remove the West's political,economic,cultural and military support from a "protected "Israel and you will see the proof is indeed in the pudding.Muchiboy

    • MixMike

      The Jews,inspired by the Zionists with the approval and support of the western democracies,carve out a biblical re-created Israel in a Arab majority Palestine that hasn't existed for two thousand years (in retrospect,a wise decision given it's barbaric behavior in modern times).

      Ron, you have absolutely no grip on history or the facts. I find it interesting that you never have any facts to support your propaganda nonsense. I guess anti-semites don't need facts though.

      Anyhow, Israel was not carved out and re-created. Jews have had a continual presence in the region since the fall of the second temple. Modern Israel was built on legally purchased tenant-free land. The Jewish State was to be created in the Jewish majority areas, but of course the Arabs rejected it for war and xenophobia (I guess you and the Arabs have something in common eh, Ron?).

      "The west risks everything,it's economy and moral position even the lives of it's soldiers and citizens in support of this Zionist state and you complain of a 'protected Islam'."

      Are you mentally deficient? Israel has helped Western nations like the U.S. to generate jobs and profits through economic partnerships. Military techniques, training and technology have actually helped the Western nations fight wars and defend against terrorists groups like Al Qaeda.

      I suppose you can try to blame the Iraq war on those nasty neocons (read=Jews), but the fact of the matter is 80% of American Jews opposed the Iraq War and Israel actually advised America against invading Iraq (fearing it would make the region more unstable).

      There are 12 or so million Jews in the world compared to over a billion Muslims. The radical Muslims have made it clear that they want to wipe out the tiny fraction of a percentage of Jews. Who is really in danger here?

      "Remove the West's political,economic,cultural and military support from a "protected "Israel and you will see the proof is indeed in the pudding."

      The only pudding I see is the diarrhea that comes forth from your mind. But honestly, remove Israel from the middle east equation completely and the entire place is still a cluster-f***. Iraq has border disputes with Iran and Kuwait; Iran is making territorial claims to Bahrain and other Gulf states, minorities like the Kurds, Armenians, Assyrians and Chaldeans are treated still treated like crap, the Sauds still support Wahabist radicalism…. need I go on? Get a clue.

  • GodsSeer

    Allah FORCES worship by demanding all to submit and say certain words that may or may not mean anything when they are spoken. Islam is a situational religion and any God who FORCES people to serve Him is insecure. Worship by its very nature is voluntary or it means nothing. There is NO virtue in a forced religion.

    Then theres the contradiction that there is no compulsion in religion lie, And then The question of so many personal affairs in an all eternal book that focuses only on Mohammad's excuses to commit adultery and rape. Very suspect, indeed.

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/JasonPappas JasonPappas

    I was critic of Kilpatrick previous article but he is right on the money this time. Islam must be fought on ideological grounds.

    I'd go further. Few people realize that 50 or 100 years ago Islam was seen as a relic among the Muslim intellectuals (as Kilpatrick points out). This, however, was a result of the general assault on religion. Secularism was in vogue. Unfortunately, Muslims accepted the wrong secular philosophy. Instead of Anglo-American individualism, they accepted European collectivism. The rest if painful history.

    One of the lessons, however, is that Islam can be defeated by an ideological assault. It worked before; it can work again. But we in the West must be confident of our core principles: reality, reason, and individual rights.

  • Ibrahim

    The ideological war has happened between communism led by the Russians and capitalism led by the Americans. The cold war was the war between the communist bloc and the capitalist bloc. It cannot be compared with Islam and other religions. There is no ideological war between Islam and other religions although some say that there is the war between Islam and other religions. The wars have taken place among human beings due to political and economic reasons rather than the religious reason. The jihadis exist because they fight for the political control in the Muslim countries and in other countries. They insist on gaining the control over other groups and races.

  • Mario

    The base of democracy and freedom in every western country is built on the right, or even the duty, to criticize every government and every belief: We have the constitutional right and a duty as citizen to criticize.
    Islam, Muslim religion, and all connected practices should be not exonerated from this principle.
    It's no racism it's just good sense.

    Muslims today defend their most atrocious practices with the excuse of "I obey to my religion".
    At the Nuremberg process against the Nazis regime the excuse of "I did obey orders" was not consider valid: People had to respond of their actions.

  • Stash

    Mohammad performed no miracles. Mohammed fulfilled no prophecy. Mohammed gave no prophecy that would later be fulfilled. Proponents of other religious leaders can at least make the claim that one or more of these tests were satisfied, but with Mohammed we just have to take the word of a man who told us it is okay to lie.

    Mohammad provided nothing that was new or original, other than the claim that he was a messenger of God. This means that God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth sent a messenger to humanity, and what was His great message? Well it turns out that God didn’t have anything new to say; His message was that He was sending a message. This is like receiving a telegram that informs you that you are receiving a telegram.

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/shithouseelves Leith

    Christian, Muslim, Jew, WHATEVER! You're all a pack of idiots! Keep bitching and fighting over which pathetic, delusional superstition is the right one, just don't involve the rest of us.
    You may as well be fighting over what color pants the Three Little Pigs wore when they built their houses, its just as important.
    Hoorah! A Muslim converted to Christianity. Fantastic. A Turd turned into a Poo.

    If you can't play nice then just sit down and shut-up! You are spoiling life for the rest of us!

    (No, I'm not Atheist. I'm Pantheist.)

  • frabul slomn

    Mr Kilpatrick raises a lot of very pertinent points about islam. None of this would matter, in fact islam wouldnt matter if it werent for the ever increasing numbers of muslims in the West. Twenty or thirty years ago there were very few muslims in the West. Having lots of muslims in the West is a relatively new phenomina. Unfortunately the appearance of muslims in the West has coinicided with the Wests' embrace of PC and contracting the disease of "niceness". No l dont think the muslims have come to save us from niceness and PC. ln another time we would have dealt with the muslims and their demands differently – and instantly. We now need to shake off PC and niceness and send islam packing. Note l do not recomend trying to reach some sort of accomodation with islam, though it wouldnt be a bad idea if we were to actually start appreciating our Western culture again and perhaps becoming a little more serious about our lives. We are at war with islam, its time to fight back.

  • abdallah

    only Muslim go to heaven . Allah is one Mohammad last prophet

  • Ray

    Douglas Murray on that:
    "Mohammed believed in women's rights, says poster campaign. Oh, really? " http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/news/douglasmurray/1