Questioning the Koran

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When God wrote the “mother of a book,” He apparently forgot to outline. As a result, there is no beginning, middle, or end to the Koran. As N.J. Dawood, one of its translators, admits, “scholars are agreed that a strictly chronological arrangement is impossible…” Instead, the Koran is arbitrarily arranged according to the length of its chapters with the longest coming first and the shortest, last. Accordingly, the Koran skips back and forth between accounts of Jesus, Moses, Joseph, Abraham, and Noah as though all these figures lived in some kind of time proximity instead of being separated by hundreds, even thousands of years. Besides the strange juxtapositions of the stories and persons, you can add in the fact that, with a few exceptions, none of the stories are fully developed. They are more like story fragments. And the logical transitions between episodes are often missing. As the great Koran scholar Theodor Noldeke pointed out, the extended narratives of the Koran are lacking in “indispensable links, both in expression and in the sequence of events…and nowhere do we find a steady advance in the narration.” One is reminded of Mark Twain’s joke that Fenimore Cooper broke all the rules of literary art, including Rule One, “That a tale shall accomplish something and arrive somewhere,” and Rule Two, “that the episodes of a tale shall be necessary parts of the tale, and shall help to develop it.”

In response, Muslim apologists say you should think of the Koran more like a body of sermons than as an organized book. But even on this level the Koran lacks coherence. When you listen to a sermon you expect that the end of it will usually have something to do with the beginning of it. This is quite often not the case with the Koran. If you think there ought to be some logical connection between paragraph one and paragraph two or between paragraph two and paragraph three, you are obviously stuck in the linear mode of thought, and you’re not ready for the Koran. Better practice on some James Joyce first.

If you are the Lord of the Universe, apparently you are under no obligation to connect your thoughts. Thus the Koran often seems like a giant game of “Mad Libs” in which unrelated parts are arbitrarily dropped into the narrative. Or, if you prefer a more elegant explanation, here’s Professor Malcolm Clark, author of Islam for Dummies: “The Qur’an is like a montage of different images or a kaleidoscope in which different elements recur but in different arrangements.” That’s one way of putting it. Another way is this: “a confused jumble, crude, incondite; endless iterations, long-windedness, entanglement; most crude, incondite, insupportable stupidity in short.” That’s historian Thomas Carlyle’s description of the Koran—and he was fairly sympathetic to Islam.

However you try to explain it, you would think that God could make a better effort. If you believe that the Koran is dictated by God you have to account for the fact that the Author of Creation seems to lack the literary touch—that is, the knack for storytelling, sequence, composition, and drama that we expect in accomplished human authors. Yes, there are beautiful passages in the Koran, but as an exercise in composition it would not pass muster in most freshmen writing courses. Muslims rankle at perceived insults to Allah, but isn’t it a major insult to Allah to attribute to him such a “confused jumble” of a book?

Did God write the Koran? Considering what’s at stake, this is not a time to shy away from the question. The truth concerning the circumstances of the Koran’s birth is much more consequential for the world’s fate than any revelations about the circumstances surrounding the birth of President Obama. Is it provocative to ask the question? Yes, but then, nowadays, anything and everything short of a complete submission to Islam is considered provocative by many Muslims. Besides, contrary to the sensitivity watchdogs, tough questions aren’t usually asked simply for the purpose of provoking anger. Believe it or not, tough questions are often intended to provoke thought.

It’s not just Muslims who need to rethink the Koran, but all those non-Muslims who, without knowing anything about it, still believe the Koran ought to be accorded great respect. The Southern Command guidelines for military personnel not only mandate wearing clean gloves when touching the Koran, they also require that the Koran be handled in a “manner signaling respect and reverence.” “Handle the Koran,” state the guidelines, “as if it were a fragile piece of delicate art.” “Fragile?” Yes. Maybe the Southern Command  brass have it right, after all. Handle with care. And don’t drop it. It’s brittle.

William Kilpatrick’s articles have appeared in FrontPage Magazine, First Things, Catholic World Report, National Catholic Register, Jihad Watch, World, and Investor’s Business Daily.

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  • Striper

    The West can develope all the military marvels its brilliant minds can dream up. Yet the West always seems to suffering a standing eight count when it comes to idealogical battle. It's easy to say that we are winning all the battles, while our 7th century slavers are winning the long term war. The West needs new leaders and new tactics. Free people should fight on our terms when we are strong. The longer we dither, the higher the cost will be to people that value freedom and liberty.

    • Alexander Gofen

      You are right. And the big picture is much uglier than it is described.

    • Shel Zahav

      Brilliant post.

    • Fedup

      Respectfully, your suggestion that Islamists are winning the long-term war is far too short-sighted. Even if Muslims are perceived one day to have won the temporal war, we can be confident in knowing that they will ultimately lose the all-important one – the battle for eternal salvation.

      • Asma

        I wont bet on it if I were you.

        • Peachey

          Asma, since Mohammed was illiterate and did not write ANY portion of the Koran, how do you know it is divine? The Koran compelation project did not even start until, according to Muslim scholars until about 32-50 years after Mohammed's death. The bits of paper containing sentences and sayings were assembled according to the prevailing template at the time and presents nothing extraordinary. Once the Kioran was assembled, did Mohammed come back and proofread it? My comments are not derogatory, only based in taking extensive classes from ex-Muslims that were bought out of darkness.
          Two of these wonderful teachers were Islamic scholars in Egypt that bring the background and knowledge of Islamic study to the table. Also, the term Islamophobia as used is incorrect. It is the quest for the truth through exploration, questions and honesty that is presented. Fear (phobia) is not part of the equation. The one key question you should ask yourself is why the Koran contains absolutely no prophesy, and the Bible prophesy is being fullfilled down to the last line and promise of G-d. Why not?

          • Asma

            The Quran was written as and when recited by the prophet by scribes and also people learnt it by heart. It was compiled into chapters with verses by the third Caliph Othman,May Allah be pleased with him to bring uniformity to the divine revelations.
            peachy I am suffering this hurt of the hate speech precisely for this reason that some of you may not know the true facts and therefore its my duty to the God almighty to correct your misconceptions,regardless of the fact whether I manage to convince you or not.

          • cochavi1

            "May Allah be pleased with him to bring uniformity to the divine revelations. "

            Translation: "Thanks to the Almighty for the good Caliph, who understood the many irresolvable contradictions in the teachings of Muhammad and tried to make it all look at once divinely inspired and coherent."

            One of the proofs that this was not divine revelation from any sort of sane or loving G-d, another being the absolute mania to deny the histories of Judaism and Christianity, to claim that all Jews and Christian prophets were really Muslims, and that the 'bad' Jews and Christians rewrote their scriptures in order to corrupt the 'pre-Qurans' or however they appear to Muslims.

            There is no way to reconcile a 'merciful' G-d with one whose highest priority, with the 'uniformity' created by the Caliph and others, was forcible conquest and conversion using many means, and Jihad as the center piece. The distortion of the word 'mercy' by Islam is yet another sign of the theologic failure of Islam.

          • Asma

            But surely uniformity was needed as now when you say chapter one every one knows what is in chapter one.That is all.The words of God never changed.
            Actually The Quran says that some of the Jews started believing that God had a son called Ezra and so they changed their religion and of course Islam does not recognize Jesus pbuh as son of God. The Jews also do not believe Jesus to be son of God and i know many who even deny that he was a true prophet. The Quran says that there is no God ,but God and its he who created all things living and non living including Jesus pbuh and the Holy spirit.

          • Clay Cole

            Jew, Buddist, Hindus ect don't believe in Jesus. They do not activly diminish Him as Islam does. There is a difference. A big difference.

    • Liberty Clinger

      Our ideological battle should be based on this:

      "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed…"

  • Asma

    If Kilpatrick has written this to impress Muslims like myself, he has sadly failed to make an impression . If he has written this to tell Muslims like myself that he and the likes of him don't believe in the divinity of the Holy Quran, we know this already.

    Now come to the real point. Kilpatrick's imperialist mind is upset that why do Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine etc resist their imperialist invaders and oppressors, the answer to this will not be found in the pages of the Holy Quran. Atheists/Budhists in Vietnam have given a jolly good hiding to the imperialist invaders for the same reason. Communist Russians didn't exactly welcome the German armies.

    I feel no compulsion to denigrate any one's faith,but if that floats your boat,go ahead.

    • Shel Zahav

      I think that Kirkpatrick has written this to let you know that more and more people are waking up to the fact that normative Islam is akin to Nazism and that freedom-loving people can no longer tolerate it.

      • Asma

        Kirkpatrick has written a typical" MAN" written analysis on a" DIVINE BOOK". Obviously his mind could not grasp the beauty of the Holy Quran. Special people for special words.

        "More and more people are waking up to the fact that normative Islam is akin to Nazism and that freedom loving people can no longer tolerate it"

        Islam is the fastest growing religion in America and in rest of the world. I am not worried about the front page magazine writers who try to defame Islam .None of their anti Islam stance has made an impression on me. Islam is here to stay and you better learn to live with people of different beliefs.

        • David

          We should learn to live with people of different beliefs. Man! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

          • Asma

            The Muslims have no problem with other religions and the commentators of the FPM should learn to respect all religions.

          • Jim Kremsreiter

            Why have some Islamic countries not allowed Christian churches to be built and Christianity to be taught or publicly proclaimed? Why, also, did we not hear any prominent Muslims decry the 9-11 attacks? The reason the US is in the Middle East is to keep the Muslims off-guard. It is better to fight them over there than have them coming over here and killing us.

            And Mohammed initially spread the faith at the point of a sword. 9-11 proves that his followers are not averse to continuing the tradition. Do you really think that crashing airliners into buildings will convince us to join you? If you do, you are awfully naive! If Shariah is ever established in the US I will fight it with everything I have including guns!

          • Asma

            Why is a mosque not allowed in the Vatican?
            Almost all of the Muslim countries condemned the 9-11 disaster and surely you cant blame a whole UMMA for acts of a few misguided fools.
            well congratulations, over half a million Muslims have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan in the so called war on terror.Whose traditions are you following when you killwd half a million Muslims in the so called war on terror?

          • True Believer

            More Muslims have died by the hands of other Muslims in the UMMA, and you know that to be true. If Islam was of one singular truth, then why are there Sunni and Shia, Ismaelis and Nakshbandi…and many other fragmented disconsulate "flavours" of Islam?

          • Asma

            Why are there Protestants, Roman Catholics,Jehovas witnesses, evangelists and many others in Christianity?

          • kinthedesert

            Which, from any one perspective, is to say that someone may call themselves a Muslim who's beliefs differ materially from your own. You do not offer any argument against this.

            Certainly, being "people of the book" who's beliefs you do not condemn, we could all be considered Muslims also, differing only in our belief that Mohammad was a pedophile or a homosexual.

            Or perhaps it allows the possibility that you are not a Muslim, but have only borrowed the term as the result of some wayward teaching, much in the way JW's have re-cast Jesus as an angel, or that Catholics have elevated Mary into a co-redeemer.


          • traeh

            Sorry, but as the website Iraqbodycount shows, over 99% of the civilians killed in those wars were killed by jihadists. Iraqbodycount is left wing and hates those wars, so they don't highlight what I've told you, but they document all the deaths they can, and if you look at their own documentation, you discover it: over 99% of the civilians were not killed by American troops.

          • Asma

            you cant change this fact that most of the Muslims were killed by non Muslims ,majority of whom were Christians.
            History will not allow you to distort these facts despite FPM

          • traeh

            go to

            It's a leftwing website that, if anything, would want to make the U.S. look bad. Then go look at the documentation of each casualty. Over 99% of civilian deaths were done by jihadists.

          • think it through

            If Muslims have no problem with other religions, then why do they threaten ex-Muslims with death? Why has there been no mainstream Muslim organization in this country–the US–that has signed The Freedom Pledge (created by Former Muslims United) to show their support for ex-Muslims and for religious freedom?

          • Asma

            Fourteen hundred years ago Nation hood was defined by religion.Muslims were one nation and they were fighting the Nation of infidels. Islam had waged war on the idolaters and there fore any Muslim who reverted back to Idol worshipping was considered a traitor and the punishment of traitors was death then and death now.
            The world situation has changed now and nations are not defined by religions.Take the example of America.The American nation comprises of all religions and all these people are patriotic citizens . these rules will not apply in this day and age..

          • Clay Cole

            You can't have it both ways. Another excellent post proving the critics of Islam correct.

          • Timmy

            "Fourteen hundred years ago Nation hood was defined by religion."

            That is a lie, it was defined by nationality. Often a king would take a religion and his people would follow but it is Islam and Muhammad who chose to make religion and state the same thing and try to force it on the world. But in any case, the fact that Islam is a state is all the reason needed to formally and officially ban Islam from the West where freedom and democracy are more important than just allowing Islam to destroy the West out of some misguided notion of freedom of so-called religion.

        • Foolster41

          "Islam is the fastest growing religion in America and in rest of the world."
          Nonsequedor. Because it's growing fast it can't be fascist?
          I've read the Quran so you can't fool me. Islam and it's followers defames itself. They don't need FPM's help.

        • Martin K.

          I like to see a Church or Hindu Temple build FIRST in Mecca, show the rest of the WORLD through such a deed Muslims can LIVE with different beliefs!! You Muslims are WORLD-CAMPIONS in DEMANDING "respect" for your religion. Why should one respect a MAN-MADE religion? Ah Allah has no Partner. Without a human "partner" like Mohammed, NOBODY would know of allah.

          • Asma

            Allah is synonymous to ONE GOD. There is one and only one God who has created all things living and non living,who is eternal and neither was he born,nor does he give birth.He is the creator.

          • Martin K.

            "Illah"! is arabic for "God" And no it is NOT THE same. But hey you didn't reply to the point of a church/temple in Mecca. When I see this happening I will believe that Islam is equal to other religions.

            But you've got a more important job, spend your time convincing your feollow Muslims in the third world that they got it wrong.
            No reply needed.

          • traeh

            You follow Muhammad who said, according to the most canonical hadith collection, Sahih Bukhari, "If someone changes his Islamic religion, then kill him." You follow a gangster. What does that make you? A brainwashed, and not too bright, provincial. Someone who wouldn't know real inner spiritual freedom if it knocked you on the head, though in fact it speaks with a still, small voice. Or perhaps you are just a gangster like Muhammad, that caravan raider and distributor of female slave booty to his raping soldiers. Oh yeah, you are respectable Asma. You stand for something good. You stand for the honor killings, of which 96% in Europe are done by — hmmm, can you guess who? Why yes, the inspired followers of your criminal Muhammad. Worldwide, 90% of honor killings are done by Muslims.

            You lie and pretend that the Vatican not allowing a mosque there is equivalent to WHOLE NATIONS excluding churches and temples! Muhammad himself, that retarded slave of the devil, said "no two religions shall exist in Arabia." What a pluralist! What a great man! The man who tended to get revelations that were mysteriously convenient for his own private desires.

            You have no justification in God. All you have is your brainwashing, and your family and your Muslim umma, and because you love them, you mindlessly think that the fake scam religion you all are fooled by must be true. But just because you love your family and your Muslim friends — and no doubt many of them are lovable — that does not mean Islam is true. It's a lie, and the only reason it might be growing fast is because it exists mainly in backward third world nations that have high birth rates! You don't get Muslims by conversion or by choice! You get them because Islam is rooted in backward third world countries! And you are proud of all that? You can love your family and yourself even better if you open your mind to reality: Muhammad was a criminal, a rapist, a murderer, a thief, a con artist, a warlord, a torturer. All of that is in your own damn "holy" books. The world cries out to God every day at the injustice of what your Islamic leaders do! And perhaps one day God will answer. Maybe by then, you will have awakened from your idiotic brainwashed gangsterish stupor.

          • Asma

            Prophet Muhammad pbuh will not become any of these things just because an ordinary mortal like you calls him names.He will remain what he is ,The greatest man in the history of man kind. You of course will remain what you are, an ignorant mass of protoplasm.

            Islam is the fastest growing religion in USA.

          • traeh

            Excuse me, but who says that Muhammad is the greatest man? Please tell me. Only men. Who says the Quran is a divine book. Only men. The rest is lies, and you are a liar.

          • Ray

            How can you follow a man who was a pedophile? He was 52 years old when he married a 6 year old! How come you don't find that sick? I truly do not understand. I do not get you. He had sex with his CHILD bride when she was 9 years old and still playing with dolls. In prison even criminals have a social hierarchy and pedophiles are at the bottom of the criminal social strata. They are disgusting human beings.

            "Sahih Bukhari Volume 7, Book 62, Number 64
            Narrated 'Aisha:
            that the Prophet married her when she was six years old and he consummated his marriage when she was nine years old, and then she remained with him for nine years (i.e., till his death)."

            Sahih Bukhari Volume 8, Book 73, Number 151
            Narrated 'Aisha:
            I used to play with the dolls in the presence of the Prophet, and my girl friends also used to play with me. When Allah's Apostle used to enter (my dwelling place) they used to hide themselves, but the Prophet would call them to join and play with me. (The playing with the dolls and similar images is forbidden, but it was allowed for 'Aisha at that time, as she was a little girl, not yet reached the age of puberty.) (Fateh-al-Bari page 143, Vol.13)

            Sahih Muslim Book 008, Number 3311
            'A'isha (Allah be pleased with her) reported that Allah's Apostle (may peace be upon him) married her when she was seven years old, and he was taken to his house as a bride when she was nine, and her dolls were with her; and when he (the Holy Prophet) died she was eighteen years old."

        • MixMike

          "Islam is the fastest growing religion in America and in rest of the world."

          Not necessarily, several religions claim to be the fastest growing in the US and the rest of the world. Heck, Wiccans claimed they have grown by 143% in 2009 alone. Some have suggested that the growing number of Muslims is due primarily to immigration (in Europe) and higher birthrates, but that it isn't the fastest growing. I don't know if anyone can accurately gauge which religion is "the fastest growing."

        • Joe

          Then stop imposing Shiriah law and threatening 'infedels' with a beheading!!

          • Asma

            Joe Sharia law is the state law in only a few Islamic countries. Islam does not threaten infidels with beheading. However it instructs its followers to fight back when attacked by the unbelievers.

          • traeh

            Liar. Even when Islamic law is not in place in Muslim-majority countries, the Islamic law ethos is in place, to some degree or another. That's why Muslim-majority nations have such poor human rights records. That's why they signed the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, which basically says that if something contradicts Sharia, it's not a right. Oh well, bye bye freedom of religion, bye bye freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

          • Martin K.

            Attack in your book means already “criticism” of Islam! Proof for this are all the fatwas out on people head whose only “crime” is exposing the PIG-ugliness of Islam. The slain Filmmaker Van Gogh should serve as one such incident Case closed.

        • willic

          The growth of Islam is due to the high birth rate. What if a woman married to a Islamic man didn't want to have any more children? Would she have the choice to refuse to go to bed with her husband or use birth control? What would happen to this woman?

    • The_Inquisitor

      "Now come to the real point. Kilpatrick's imperialist mind is …"

      Kilpatrick's imperialist mind? The Koran is one gigantic blueprint for imperialism.

      • Asma

        Can you specify why you call the Holy Book a one gigantic blue print for imperialism.

        • The_Inquisitor

          The Koran instructs Muslims to give non-Muslims three choices: Convert, accept 2nd class citizenship, or die. How imperialistic can you get?

          • Asma

            The Quran gave these instructions for the unbelievers who initiated a war on Muslims. Have you actually read the Quran or have you just got Google opened in another tab on your browser? If you want to go into the finer points of Islam,go read the Holy Book and then come back to discuss with me.I am not going any where.
            By the way what choices did you give to the Red Indians? What choice did you give to the Vietnamese? Have you given any choices to the Palestinians in the 21st century.

          • Martin K.

            Wrong again, the Crusades for examples were a much too late and too little of a response to the expansion of Islam. If Islam had remained in the bloody arabic desert (where it belongs!) Hindu Girls today wouldn't be raped by Muslims thugs, who kidnap them first, convert them to Islam and make them their "wifes".

            Ah talk about “Choices” what Choices had the 90 people who got killed in one day by their “Muslims” neighbors? Convert to “the ah sooooo peaceful tolerant Islam” perhaps? Muslims like you love to drag out the past, to create a smokescreen, and only focus on todays events when they are the victims, ignoring the crimes committed by your fellow Muslims. You know dude a PIG is still a PIG no matter how much make-up you apply to the face or when you put a wig on it, and ISLAM IS PIG-UGLY (sorry to the animal called pigs for comparing them to a RELIGION.)

            What choice does Turkey give to the Kurdish people? And "Palestinians"? When even the Top Honcho of PLO was of Egyptian heritage! Ridiculous that the West is buying this load of garbage! During the Ottoman Empire there was no INDEPENDENT Entity called “Palestine” Hilarious is the fact that Muslim people use the name a PAGAN ROMAN Emperor gave a tiny patch of Land.

          • Asma

            You are terribly terribly wrong in all your facts .when you don't have arguments you resort to names calling,knowing fully well that the other party is not going to stoop so low.

          • True Believer

            Christ is a prophet to Muslims, and you are obligated to read and heed his words. You fail to read the Injil, but if you would read it, you'd see that the Koran contradicts Christ's words. A prophet, by definition is filled with ruach and speaks by Yahweh's intents. Christ said a man should have but one wife, so how is it that Muhammed is a polygamist? And to take Aisha as she was 9 years old, makes him a pedophile! He was an illiterate, schizophrenic predator, a psychopath who killed of his own bedouin tribes. There are many contradictions from the Hadiths when compared to the Koran, and if systematic theology were applied fairly to the Koran, it would fail miserably…as it well should, as it is an insult to God=Yahweh. You'll never convince the world that Mecca was anything other than the Moon god Lat's worship site. Therein lies the reason for the crescent moon of Islam. You are idolators, and don't worship the one true God.

          • Asma

            How wrong can you get? However if you want to distort a true religion and accuse the most sacred of all human beings of all sorts of vile things, I cannot stop you and may be Allah is testing my steadfastness by exposing me to this kind of hate speech and see how I react to it. Well,I'll follow the example of my prophet pbuh when people tried to humiliate him which is to pray for your guidance, so that you truly become a True Believer.

          • Martin K.

            I got my facts wrong? Which news are you reading? Turkey just a short while after the “flotilla” incident killed at least 120 Kurds, in a neighboring country (Iraq) which would also be a act of violating international laws if “Israel” would have done so. NO PROTEST by ANY MUSLIM on the same scale! Nothing! Name-calling by me? Heck your “religion” is not a HUMAN being which MUST be RESPECTED just because it was made up by some human who claims without proof that he is the messenger of a stoned-god! Some of the stuff in the Koooraan comes across as if allah was STONED! Does ISLAM respect UNBELIEVERS when it calls them “UNCLEAN” or WORSE THEN animals? Is it “respect” of others when “believers” are told not to take “Jews or Christians” as their “friends”! When Muslim blow themselves up is this because they RESPECT other “human beings” who happens not to follow their brand of Islam?

            I guess it's much safer for you to hang out here, then to educate your fellow Muslims who are killing others.

          • MixMike

            "Have you given any choices to the Palestinians in the 21st century. "

            Ahem, Palestinians (really just the Arabs) were given plenty of choices, most importantly in 1948, 1967, 1973, 1980s, 1993, 2000, 2005. Of course the Palestinians made a CHOICE for more terror rather than peace and living side by side with (shudder the thought) Jews.

          • traeh

            You lie. Qur'an Chapter 9, verse 29 does not say "make war on those who make war on you." 9:29 says, "Fight against such of those who have been given the Scripture [Jews and Christians] as believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, and forbid not that which Allah hath forbidden by His messenger [Muhammad], and follow not the Religion of Truth [Islam], until they pay the tribute readily, being brought low."

            Fight those who don't believe the right thing. That's what 9:29 says. Not "fight only in self-defense."

            But the worst thing about Islam and you is that Islam tends to destroy civil liberties and freedom of speech. All around the world, Muslim-majority nations have terrible human rights records when it comes to freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Some are better than others, but even the best suck by Western standards. You say we have to learn to tolerate you, but why should we tolerate criminals and Nazis, and totalitarians? I love a multicultural society, which is precisely why I hate criminal Islam, because it imposes a monoculture. I love having people of Hindu, African, Jewish, Buddhist, cultures around me, and I love having black people, brown people, and yellow people, as well as people white like me, around. That's why I hate Islam, because it imposes a monoculture slowly but surely, and it imposes an Arab imperialism slowly but surely. But more and more people are going to fight Islam's criminal brainwashed behavior, Asma, so buckle your seat belts if you intend to remain wedded to that murdering totalitarian Muhammad.

          • Asma

            No the message of the Holy Quran is to fight in self defence only. There were situations when the Jews broke their treaties with the holy Prophet and the Muslims were hesitant to fight the people of the book, so God revealed these ayas and told them to fight them.These instructions do not hold true for all non believers and in all times.
            I agree with you when you say that some of the Muslim countries have terrible human rights records ,but then this is not due to Islam. Just as the human rights record of Nazis cannot be blamed on Christianity.
            Islam is not a monoculture.It encompasses Arab culture,African culture,Indian culture, Chinese culture etc and Muslims are not one race and by the grace of God there are White,black,yellow,and brown Muslims.
            I am sorry that you hate a great religion like Islam.

            And I thought you said that its Muslims who fight non Muslims.

          • traeh

            Nope, we are going to fight your criminal, lying, totalitarian religion into the ground.

            Your BS explanation of 9:29 is one you should give not to non-Muslims, but to all the Muslims out there using terror around the world against civilians in a dozen different nations. There have been over 15,000 deadly jihad attacks against civilians since after 9/11/01. Go talk to the jihadists and explain to them how they are misinterpreting Islam, you brainwashed cult member. Cult members can explain anything in their cult, no matter how ridiculous. That's what brainwashing does.

          • The_Inquisitor

            Don't give me that baloney. Islam is at war with all unbelievers.

            Yes, I have read the Koran, and it is the most repetitive, boring, jingoistic, blood thirsty piece of crap I ever forced myself to read.

          • Asma

            clearly you did not understand it,so don't force yourself to read something which eludes you.

          • The_Inquisitor

            I understand the Koran perfectly well. It's me, Osama bin Laden, and 99% of imams and Islamic scholars the world over against you.We know Islam isn't a nice religion; we know it's a very ugly political ideology, although they wouldn't use my pejorative terms.

            I suspect you know it as well; you just wish to disarm the unbelievers. So pedal your wares to ignorant non Muslims who haven't actually read the Koran. They will most likely swallow your propaganda.

          • Asma

            No you don't understand the Holy Quran, its but obvious.

          • Martin K.

            Tell this to Osama bin Laden, the Fort Hood shooter, and scores of potential suicide bombers after all THEY GOT THE kooraan wrong. (spelling on purpose wrong!) You should as I wrote already, spend your time EDUCATING them first, before you try to sell your lousy religion.

    • nautiusmaximus

      The Quran says the world is flat. It says it in three places. I guess those pictures from the space shuttle are all fakes. Your "Prophet" had sex with a nine year old girl, had epilepsy, and was serial adulterer. You need to grow up and be intellectually honest. P.S. The moon is not a light source, like the Quran says it is.

      • Asma

        "The Quran says the world is flat. It says it in three places"

        Please quote me chapter and verse.

        The accusations are LIES. He married Ayesha due to a divine revelation and loved her dearly. Prophet Muhammad pbuh came as a blessing to mankind .This epilepsy business is a product of your imagination. He was the kindest of all human beings and although its true that he married several times, he married mostly widows and women who had suffered previously.

        "The moon is not a light source,like the Quran says it is"
        please quote the chapter and verse

        • Democracy First

          "Divine revelation" instructed Mohammed to be a pedophile???!!!! Surely that is reason to disown such a faith.

        • traeh

          The kindest of human beings? You really are an ignoramus, or a lunatic, or a sociopathic liar.


          "Kinana b. al-Rabi', who had the custody of the treasure of the B. al-Nadir, was brought to the apostle who asked him about it. He denied that he knew where it was. A Jew came (Tabari says "was brought") to the apostle and said that he had seen Kinana going round a certain ruin every morning early. When the apostle [Muhammad] said to Kinana, 'Do you know that if we find you have it I shall kill you?' he said Yes. The apostle gave orders that the ruin was to be excavated and some of the treasure was found. When he asked him about the rest he refused to produce it, so the apostle [Muhammad] gave orders to al-Zubayr b. al-'Awwam, 'Torture him until you extract what he has,' so he kindled a fire with flint and steel on his chest until he was nearly dead. Then the apostle delivered him to Muhammad b. Maslama and he struck off his head in revenge for his brother Mahmud."

          Go ahead, o sick Asma, make up some BS excuse for you torturing teacher Muhammad.

          • Asma

            This must be written by likes of you. I can see now that there is a malicious anti Islam propaganda based on lies being spread by hate filled individuals like you.

          • traeh

            I do get quite angry at liars like you who stand up for criminal torturers like Muhammad and their criminal organizations. Go read Ibn Ishaq's biography of Muhammad, you ignoramus. That's the earliest Sira of your pseudo-prophet, and it was written by a devout Muslim. In it you will find the story of how your criminal Muhammad tortured Kinana to get his treasure. And you will find many other stories you will have to explain in the fashion of cult members who can explain anything, no matter how horrific, in the teachers they follow.

          • Martin K.

            Why is beheading so common in the Islamic societies? Because it was practiced by Mo early followers, based on his instructions! Hisham said: Ishaq:691 "I am omitting things which Ishaq recorded in this book. I have omitted things which are disgraceful to discuss and matters which would distress certain people." That is why Tabari is essential. He had a copy of Ishaq's Sirat Rasul Allah when he composed his monumental history.

            So one the very early Islamic Historian didn't tell the unmasked truth about this prophet, and then you wanna believe EVERYTHING written in then Islamic world about this dude is 100 percent true?

    • Timmy

      It is worth noting that your response is so aggressively hostile. Perhaps if the Koran said different things, and if you followed it, and if your response was something like, "oh, so sorry to see you missed some of these wonderful loving passages…, and I will agree that some of it doesn't seem to be written all that clearly, but perhaps we can agree that sharing peace and love with our fellow man and living in harmony with one another is ultimately the most important message that we can all take from the Koran…" But you couldn't say that because it isn't true. All that followers of the Koran can do is condemn or even threaten to kill those who rightly call the Koran out for being what it truly is, the most despicable book on the face of the earth in the history of the world.

      • Asma

        if saying that I am not impressed by Kilpatrick's biased analysis of the Divine book is aggressively hostile ,then Your response to my comment is just that multiplied nth times.

        • Timmy

          The problem with Muslims is that their hostility is so ingrained they don't even see it anymore. Hostility is the "normal" reaction and feeling of the Muslim. My comment stands, and perhaps even you, blinded by hostile feelings can see how my imagined response from you would indeed be not at all hostile, n times less hostile than your comment. Hostile attacks using the word imperialist, bringing up all sorts of other wars, then accusing him of "denigrating" religion just for kicks. That is hostile in the "normal" world. Perhaps to you, in the "Muslim" world "hostile" doesn't start until you are cutting off someone's head or burning down their church. Well in the civilized world, in the West, hostility can be shown even in simple words.

          • Asma

            No Timmy,I face verbal hostility from the likes of you in these forums all the time.
            All my answers to you will seem hostile to you because I am opposing you.

          • Timmy

            The Koran itself is hostile, Muhammad was hostile. They are particularly hostile to Jesus calling him a liar, stating that he was not God born on earth of a virgin. Islam shows the pure evil of itself and its followers in not allowing Christians or Jews to even set foot in the evil Mecca. Islam is drenched in hostility. Islam without hostility would cease to exist. Even YOU, if you were allowed to leave Islam, if you were allowed to think for yourself, even you would probably leave Islam. No one in their right mind would "choose" to remain a Muslim. But that is where the hostility of Muslims comes from. That is why Islam does not belong in the West.

          • Asma

            The Quran is not hostile to Jesus who it calls a true prophet. No Timmy again you are wrong .the Quran confirms that Jesus was born to virgin Mary.
            The non Muslims are not allowed in Mecca and Medina as these places are sacred to Muslims and the holy Prophet's grave is situated there. I used to ask myself the same question that why are non Muslims debarred from entering the holy cities,but after encountering the HATE SPEECH in this forum,I have come to understand the wisdom of this debarring which is in place to preserve the sanctity of the Holy Mosques.
            I have an unfaltering belief in Islam and may Allah keep me stead fast in my belief in Islam.Amen.

          • Timmy

            It is as hostile as possible – Christianity is NOTHING, ZIP, ZERO, NADA, ZILCH, IF Christ did not rise from dead, if he was not in fact God on earth as the Bible states. So what Muslims are doing is truly evil, they are lying – saying that they "respect the prophet" – but in saying that they are denying the entire religion of Christianity, denying Christ. The mentions of Jesus and Mary in the Koran are nothing more than throwaway lines meant to include the names so that Muhammad could attempt to claim some connection to the true religions of the Bible. There is no context or development of Jesus in the Koran, he is merely mentioned. Accept Christ Asma, follow the true way. Don't believe the hate speech of the Koran.

          • True Believer

            Timmy, Asma is deluded, she has never been allowed to read the Injil (the New Testament), and if and when she does, she may quite likely be blinded by satan, who has Muslims in his grasp. We can only pray for the infidels such as Asma.

            If Muslims preached the peace of Christ, it would be different, but theirs is a religion of death and destruction. We can live by the Old Testmament prophets, and know them to be true as the events foretold DID occur. There is no prophecy in Islam, nothing credible at all. That alone should make them reconsider their errors, but Islam is more of a sociological cult tied to a religion than any other religion could dream to be. And Islamic Republics forbid the true Word of God.

            Any religion which puts a fatwa of death upon the head of one who chooses to reject Islam, is clearly filled with evil. Free will, freedom to choose, is the hallmark of civilized society.

          • Asma

            Timmy Surely Muslims are better than Jews who deny that Jesus is even a prophet.
            I am a Muslim so I believe that Jesus was born to virgin Mary and was a true prophet who received revelations from his creator.
            The Jews will continue to believe that Jesus at best was a Jewish Rabi.
            You are a Christian and you believe that Jesus is son of God who came in human form and who was crucified to redeem mankind of its countless sins.
            I follow the religion which teaches me to revere Moses , Jesus and Muhammad pbut.

          • Timmy

            The Jews are the chosen people, they worship the same God as Christians and share some of the same OT books. That the Jews have not yet accepted Jesus as their long awaited Messiah is not the same thing as Gentiles, non-Jews, rejecting Christ. And Muslims not only reject Christ, they tell lies about him and the Jews – their Koran curses the Jews in many places. The OT tells us that those who bless the Jews will be blessed and those who curse them will be cursed – this explains why the Muslims are so decrepit and backwards.

          • Asma

            The Jews like Muslims don't believe in Trinity.

          • traeh

            It's not about Muslims or Jews as groups. It's about individual Muslims, like you, who push a criminal agenda contained in the Qur'an, hadith, and Sira.

            And that's just the problem with you, Asma, you take Islam as justified, and so you view people as collectives, because Islam is totalitarian.

            This is not about the "Jews" or about the "Muslims." This is about Islam, the ideology. As an ideology, Judaism is far superior to Islam. In Judaism, human beings are conceived us as made in God's image. After their fashion, they are expected to imitate God's creativity in the beginning. But in Islam, God is more a commander than a creator. That's why, in the Qur'an, after the days of creation of the world, the Qur'an tells us that Allah does not have to rest. The Qur'an says that Allah felt no weariness, because Allah simply has to command a thing to be, and it is. By contrast, the God of the Jews must rest on the last day of creation, because the Jewish God is fundamentally a maker, a creator, more than a commander.
            In Islam, Muslims are not conceived as made in God's image, nor as sons and daughters of a Father. Rather, human beings are God's slaves. All the foregoing is why Daniel Boorstin, the author of book The Creators, in a very short chapter on the huge difference between the Judeo-Christian tradition and the Islamic tradition, says at the end of the chapter, that for a Muslim, "to create is a rash and dangerous act."

            Islam is totalitarian, and you are aiding and abetting it. But you will be stopped, and your criminal religion will go into the dustbin of history.

        • traeh

          It's not a divine book, you liar, and you have no proof it's divine, just your arrogant assertion, and because some dumb-ass imam, or your brainwashed parents, told you it's divine. Maybe when you were three, you were taught by your parents to say "Muhama id duh bes man in da wold." And now you can't imagine anything else. I still can't get over seeing those brilliant Palestinian television shows where the host of the show actually has no shame in brainwashing 3 year olds into hating, right on the show! Telling a little child to hate all the Jews or some such disgusting tripe. And you support that. Something is very wrong with you, just as there has been something wrong with the other followers of so many sicko cults around the world, like those of Jim Jones, and others. But the world is going to find out more and more how criminal and sick Muhammad was. You point out that Muhammad was nice sometimes, but you know what? Nazis were pretty nice to their own families sometimes. Hannah Arendt, I think it was, who wrote the book The Banality of Evil, in which she found that evil had about it a stunning mediocrity, a banality, and that the Nazis could go home and be good family men, after throwing lots of people into the crematoria, and murdering people left and right. So Muhammad was nice, in between his various wars to take over Arabia? Wow, I'm so impressed. It's always amazing how much brainwashed followers worship their cult leaders and will follow those cult leaders into the most insane places. What was that sucide cult that were convinced that aliens were coming close to the earth, and that it was necessary to commit suicide in order to rendezvous with them? And then they actually did it! They committed suicide! I think they were called The Raelians or some such. And you, Asma, worship that criminal Muhammad, who in 9:29 says to fight the unbelievers till they submit to Islamic rule. Wake up! Come back to the human race! Pick a benign, half-rational, half sane religion! Or be an atheist! Anything but follow that documented warlord totalitarian torturer rapist Muhammad.

          • Asma

            Islam is not a cult.. There are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world,all belonging to different colours, races, countries, cultures.
            You cannot belittle the stature of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him by calling him names.

          • traeh

            The mere fact that is has 1.2 or 1.6 billion followers does not show that it's not a mindless cult.

            Every one of those names can be backed up by citing your own core Islamic texts, you ignoramus. Shall I give you the cites?

            Oh, but the last time, when I quoted the earliest biography of Muhammad, a bio written by the devout Muslim ibn Ishaq, you said I made it up the quote, though you could easily check it for yourself. But you don't, because you are a liar. Anyone can find the story of Muhammad torturing Kinana to get Kinana's treasure on page 515 of the Life of the Prophet, by Ibn Ishaq.

            And anyone who is not already a brainwashed automaton following the con artist Muhammad can easily find the citations that show Muhammad was a rapist and allowed his men to rape women they captured as "booty" — as the Qur'an calls them.

            You follow a lie, but you won't even question it. Your mind is turned off. You follow like a robot. Good luck with that, you'll need it.

          • Martin K.

            If one can't belittle your prophet, why on earth was this OUTRAGE over SOUTH-PARK? Some of your fellow believers cited that very reason. How often can one hear “ prophet of his own calling” was INSULTED! So now who is wrong, you or others who think they have to issue warnings, just because of some drawings of MO?
            And yes Islam is a CULT. One sign for this is the FACT critics can lose their very lives! Cult-leaders of today, also don't allow criticism from their own followers!

          • trickyblain

            "It's not a divine book, you liar, and you have no proof it's divine, just your arrogant assertion, and because some dumb-ass imam, or your brainwashed parents, told you it's divine."

            Um, there's no "proof" that anything in this world is divine. It takes silly self-delusion, sorry, "faith" to see "divinity."

    • AtheistJoeFromTO


      I put that in bold because it is a BOLD FACT.

      That one BOLD FACT is all that my fellow non-muslims need to hear to make up their mind on islam, the koran, and your group's barrel of superstitions. (Jinns and angels, oh my! The devil farts to drown out the call to prayer, eh? WOW.)

      A 'man' who has sex with a nine year old child?
      In this part of the world we wouldn't be bothered to walk past his yard sale.
      But you people would take his advice on life, eh? SICK, SICK, SICK.

      The koran proclaims such a deviant 'al-insan al-khamil' (the perfect example of man) and muslims the world over try their best to do just like Momo did.
      How you wipe your bum, right shoe goes on first, don't eat with that left hand, swivel away from mecca on that toilet, etc, etc, etc……..

      Consider these Islamic recordings from al-Bukhari:

      Volume 7, Book 62 'Marriage – Nikah', Number 33:

      Narrated Usama bin Zaid:

      The Prophet said, "After me I have not left any affliction more harmful to men than women."

      Volume 1, Book 2 'Belief', Number 14:

      Narrated Anas:

      The Prophet said "None of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father, his children and all mankind."

      I read the previous two hadiths and I wonder just how any right-minded, truly-informed woman could actually be a follower of muhammedanism.
      What kind of belief does a woman have in a person who calls them an affliction??
      Perhaps they're not true believers, and they just play the part to keep the kinfolk and the kitchen knives at bay.

      • Asma

        There is no denying that the Holy Prophet Pbuh married Hazrat Ayesha may Allah be pleased with her. he married her due to a divine revelation and loved her dearly Ayesha was an authentic scholar on Islamic jurisprudence and also related to the mankind the personal life of the prophet pbuh as well as his sayings. Ayesha also educated the Muslim women about Islamic instructions on such matters which needed a lady instructor.
        I will check on the first hadith that you have quoted, but as far as your second hadith is concerned yes its an authentic hadith and Muslims do love the prophet more than their parents ,Children and all mankind.

        • AtheistJoeFromTO

          'he married her due to a divine revelation'

          And on a related note, the invisible unicorns tell me to burn things.

          Check the first hadith. Go ahead….
          I am 100% confident in my islamic sources.

          No opinions, no articles, no books, no post-911 editorials.
          If I don't see it in the koran or in Bukhari I don't refer to it in 'islamic discussions'….

        • MixMike

          "he married her due to a divine revelation and loved her dearly Ayesha "

          Isn't this the same thing those creepy guys say to Chris Hanson on "To Catch a Predator"?

        • traeh

          Yep, you love your murdering cult leader as much as Jim Jones' followers loved Jim Jones, as much as the Raelians loved Rael, as much as the Heaven's Gate cult loved their leader Applewhite, as the Chen Tao group loved its leader Hon-Ming Chen, as Aum Shinrikyo loved Shoko Ashahara, as the Order of the Solar Temple loved Joseph Di Mambro, and on and on. You too, Asma, have been brainwashed into following an insane cult. Why be proud of that?

          You say you love the prophet more than children. That's how you justify Muhammad consummating a marriage with 9-year old Aisha, when he was in his 50s? Sounds like you are willing to sell your soul for Muhammad, do any disgusting or murderous deed, if Muhammad did it. That is a chief characteristic of cult followers. They lose all independent moral sense and moral reasoning, and just follow their leader into the most idiotic and immoral actions. Good luck with that. I pray you awaken to something — anything! — truer.

    • aspacia

      Asma, stick to Kilpatrick's claim and refute it. The fallacious ad hom attacks do not work.
      Your second paragraph has nothing to do with Kilpatrick's claim.

      • Asma

        Refute what ?
        Do we not all know that Kilpatrick does not believe in the divinity of the DIVINE BOOK ? He has written a review of the Holy Quran like you review a best seller of fiction. The very fact that he didn't find it like a typical best seller is a testimony to the fact that the Quran is the word of God .
        I commented on his article to let him know that if his article is meant for Muslims like myself,it will not effect them and if its written for people like you, surely he should know better that people like you do not need him to convince you that its not a divine book.

        • David Olds

          "Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, or by justifying or rationalizing them." Everyone does this to one degree or another. The more honest individual will fight it. He will examine points of view opposed to his own more carefully and open mindedly.
          I hope you will open your mind to the truth. Islam is a curse to this poor planet. Everywhere it goes suffering, legalism, hatred, masogynism, poverty, slavery and violence follows. It is diametrically opposed to American freedom and human rights. I have read much of the Koran. It is not at all beautiful like the bible is. 1If I speak in the tongues[a] of men and of angels, but have not love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal. 2If I have the gift of prophecy and can fathom all mysteries and all knowledge, and if I have a faith that can move mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. 3If I give all I possess to the poor and surrender my body to the flames,[b] but have not love, I gain nothing.

        • David Olds

          "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres."
          Show me anything even close to this in the Koran.

          • Asma

            David its not love which I feel in these forums. What is the use of reading about LOVE when its followers don't follow the divine teachings themselves.

          • traeh

            Love is great, far, far greater than Islam. Muslims know love. But Islam does not. Islam knows mainly power and fear, and pious phony words.

            Love, properly so called, requires freedom. "I can't make you love me if you don't. I can't make your heart, do somethin it won't," sings a pop singer, tuning in to an important truth: love comes from the innermost core of a person, and therefore cannot be compelled. If a religion is centered around true love, then freedom will tend to be a part of that religion. Freedom is suppressed in Islam, and to one degree or another, in all Muslim-majority countries. The bloc of Muslim-majority nations has the worst civil liberties records of any group of nations on earth. Thanks to that murdering totalitarian Muhammad. Come to your senses, Asma, almost any other belief would be more benign. Look around. Join the human race. Quit your criminal cult.

          • Asma

            Well in all fairness,I am showing you people more love than vice versa,
            I am also showing more tolerance. I also know that its my faith which makes me believe in the immaculate conception of Jesus and there for I cannot say any thing nasty about the blessed prophet Jesus. Similarly its Islam which has told me about the true prophet hood of Moses,so I cannot utter a single disrespectful word for him. So Islam has given you a definite advantage over me that you can say what ever comes in your mind about my person,my reliigion, or my prophet without worrying about reciprocity.
            I have all the freedom I want., I don't want more freedom than what I have.

          • traeh

            BS, you stand for the spread of a totalitarian intolerant cult that wants to reduce Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and atheists to people with fewer rights than Muslims.

            For that, you deserve the utmost criticism and rejection.

            Furthermore, you transform the Christians' Jesus into a Muslim Jesus. The Christian Jesus set up a distinction between earthly kingdoms and the kingdom of God. The Christian Jesus said give to Caesar the things that are Caesar's and to God the things that are God's. Because of that, Christians who tried to keep the ancient worldwide practice of merging religion and state were gradually undermined, and because of that, the separation of church and state eventually developed. But Islam tries to turn JC into another Muslim theocrat who wants Islamic law. Islam tries to make it that Jesus would want Sharia law, would want Christians and Jews to be second class citizens under Islamic rule.

            Your reinterpretation of Christian doctrine is a criminal attack on Christians. And Islam has no evidentiary basis for what it says about Christian views.

            Muhammad even confused the biblical Mary and Mirium with each other, though the two lived centuries apart. Muhammad confused the two because in Arabic, the two names are both translated as Maryam. Oops!

            Muhammad also says that the Trinity refers to God, Jesus, and Mary!!! No Christian believes that!

            The Quran also denies that Jesus was the son of God, or a God, and that he died on the cross. One need not be a Christian to see that Islam is hostile to Christianity.

            In fact, the opening of the prayer that every devout Muslim says repeatedly every day refers to Christians as "those who have gone astray" and to Muslims as "those who have earned God's wrath."

            No, Muhammad knew very little about Christianity. Muhammad was in the end the enemy of Christianity and Judaism. He just knew he wanted to dominate and subjugate them to Islam.

          • traeh

            Correction. I was typing a bit too fast. The opening prayer Muslims say each day refers to Jews, not to Muslims, as those "who have earned God's wrath."

          • Martin K.

            Teach your fellow Muslims MORE TOLERANCE! They certainly need a much better education in it!
            Ah yeah tell us also how Jesus did NOT DIE on the cross, but instead someone else took his place.
            That someone could give his life for others, was so utterly foreign to MO, that he had to change this portion of the story of Jesus!
            Why is no MUSLIM feed up when Jesus is being dragged in the mud? The sole defense of any prophet is when some People draw pictures of MO. Protests and shutting down of Internet Pages follows. Why don't you also condemn all the paintings of Jesus? If MO (the prophet) may not be depicted why is it OK Jesus the “respected prophet” may? If Muslims RESPECT Jesus why do they SEEK OUT HIS followers of Christ in Afghanistan or Pakistan to kill them? Looks to me your fellow Muslims need a lot more education you can bring to them.

          • Clay Cole


            Well said, well said.

        • traeh

          You say the fact that it doesn't read like a bestseller is testimony that the Quran is the word of God? That is the kind of reasoning you use to justify your belief? Don't you listen to your own words? Are you talking like an automaton? Don't you see how utterly idiotic it is to say that if a book is not a bestseller, that is testimony that it is the word of God? Let's see. There's a book called "Pumpkins are Fat." It's not a bestseller. Hey! That in itself is testimony that "Pumpkins are Fat" is the word of God!

          Boy, if that is an example of the kind of reasoning you use to justify your faith, your testimony is worthless. But I think Islam is in most cases a terrible teacher of independent thought, and maybe that's why you offer up that pitiful excuse for logic, because you've only ever been brain-washed. Start thinking independently and questioning everything, please.

          • Asma

            All I said was that Kilpatrick made a fundamental mistake of judging a divine book on parameters of a best seller book of fiction.

          • traeh

            Liar. That's not what you said. Here, I'll quote you, verbatim:

            "The very fact that he didn't find it like a typical best seller is a testimony to the fact that the Quran is the word of God ."

            Maybe you intended to say something else, but your weak skills with logic led you to say something ridiculous that shows your testimony is not reliable.

    • chaffeypj

      I wasn't impressed either but would challenge you and every Muslim out there who is truly searching for God to look up Jay Smith (Pfinder Films)on You Tube. I also challenge you to watch his videos first before going to other rebuttals or challenge videos in other words if you are a TRUE seeker of truth and NOT just another blind radical following some sort of man made ideology I think you will find what he has to say is interesting and certainly though provoking! Have a great day!

      • Asma

        I will explore this only if you reassure me that there is no hate speech on this video

        • AtheistJoeFromTO

          I wish I could have gotten the same reassurance about hate speech before reading the koran. LOL

          'Jews are pigs and apes'…. koran 5:60

          'Unbelievers are the worst of creatures'…. koran 98:6

          'The vilest of animals in Allah's sight are those who disbelieve'…. koran 8:55

          'Among the Peoples Of The Book are some with faith, but most are perverse transgressors'…. koran 3:110

          Hate speech to one of us is divine revelations to the other, eh?

          • Asma

            5:60 is addressed to the people of the book who made a jest and diversion of Islam. it says to them that you hate Islam because Muslims believe in God and what has been revealed to them,so Allah will punish you for your arrogance and make you into apes and pigs.
            Obviously to Allah the non believers are not good people .

          • AtheistJoeFromTO

            Verse 2:65 says that it was because they refused to observe the sabbath. Is that the 'jest and diversion of islam' that you refer to??
            Or do we have a divine contradiction here?

            Koran 2.65: And well ye knew those amongst you who transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath: We said to them: "Be ye apes, despised and rejected."

            How about jew-bashing in your beloved prophet's own words?
            From Bukhari of course.
            And a couple extra animal-damning MoTales as well.

            Volume 4, Book 54, Number 524:

            Narrated Abu Huraira:

            The Prophet said, "A group of Israelites were lost. Nobody knows what they did. But I do not see them except that they were cursed and changed into rats, for if you put the milk of a she-camel in front of a rat, it will not drink it, but if the milk of a sheep is put in front of it, it will drink it." I told this to Ka'b who asked me, "Did you hear it from the Prophet ?" I said, "Yes." Ka'b asked me the same question several times.; I said to Ka'b. "Do I read the Torah? (i.e. I tell you this from the Prophet.)"

            Volume 4, Book 54, Number 525:

            Narrated Aisha:

            The Prophet called the Salamander, a mischief-doer. I have not heard him ordering that it should be killed. Sad bin Waqqas claims that the Prophet ordered that it should be killed.

            Volume 4, Book 54, Number 526:

            Narrated Um Sharik:

            That the Prophet ordered her to kill Salamanders.

            Volume 4, Book 54, Number 527:

            Narrated 'Aisha:

            The Prophet said, "Kill the snake with two white lines on its back, for it blinds the on-looker and causes abortion."


            Let's agree to disagree.
            You will always be a slave, submitted to allah's divine orders.

            And I will always be a dirty left-handed, drum-playing, wildlife-illustrating, gecko*/snake-breeding, sexually active, beer-on-the-weekends kafir.

            *Geckos, not salamanders.
            Some would argue the hadith should refer to geckos (reptiles) as a 'mischief-doer' since moist-skinned salamanders (amphibians) are not even found on the Arabian Peninsula.

          • traeh

            Sometimes non-believers are much much better people than believers. It all depends what sort of God someone believes in.

            Oh, but that's right. I forgot, Asma. You don't question your beliefs, or your theology. So that would never have occurred to you. Should we simplify the debate and only talk about things you have thought of before? I bet you've said the shahada many times. Should we restrict the debate to just repeating the shahada over and over again, like machines? Certainly we shouldn't question its truth, should we, Asma? The more repeat it, the more we will never question it, right? Say anything at least three times, and half the people will start to believe it. There is no God but Allah. And Muhammad is his Messenger…NOT!

            Liberate yourself, Asma. Think!! Question!! For the sake of your soul!

          • Asma

            I agree with your first statement.. Its a universal truth that goodness of heart does not depend on being a Muslim, Christian ,Jew ,Hindu, agnostic or an atheist.
            faith is some thing different. All faiths want to make us better human beings. Islam gives priority to Oneness of God before everything else. .

          • traeh

            All faiths do not want to make us better humans. Some do, some don't. Some are relatively benign, others are malignant, some are more in the middle.

            Islam does give priority to Oneness of God, to such an extreme degree that human beings have little or no independence, in Islam's view. Everything they do is determined by Allah. That's one reason there is little freedom in Islam. It's also why Islam has contributed relatively little to science.

            Consider. Islam says that God obeys only God. God does not submit to any law, no "scientific" law, no "moral" law is above him or fetters or constrains his absolutely arbitrary will. In that sense, Muhammad conceived God in the image of the most despotic and arbitrary dictators utterly above any law.

            And thus for Muslims, the idea of scientific laws, of a logos or independent rationality to the universe, tended to be something alien, blasphemous, imported by infidels. God's universe was not subject to scientific laws, but to God alone. Some early Muslims complained that the Jews held that the Judaic God was fettered. And compared to the Islamic God, that's true. In Judaism, morality is an independent domain, not just whatever some prophet claims it is, or whatever a prophet does as example. But in Islam, whatever Muhammad chose to do is taken as exemplary. Too bad he was a caravan raider, basically a cult leader and theocratic sand pirate.

          • Martin K.

            allah the slave-holder, since humans are not his "children" but slaves. Nowhere in the kooraann or Hadirts (spellings on purpose wrong) is the idea put forth that “Gods Spirit” dwells in human being, or that humans are the “temple” of God as St. Paul wrote. Humans in Islam are “Slaves”. One doesn't have to believe in the Bible to still see the differences between what Jesus taught and what MO sucked out of thin air.

    • Fedup

      If you indeed "feel no compulsion to denigrate any one's faith," then you are, by Islamic standards, a poor excuse for a Muslim. You are either disobeying the commandments of your precious "prophet," or you are ignorant to them.

    • Paul

      Actually, many Russians (or, to be more specific, Ukrainians) initially welcomed the Germans in 1941. They saw the Germans as a force of liberation from Stalin's gulags and forced starvation. They were also happy that the Germans let them reopen churches closed by the Communists.
      Of course, when the Nazis made it clear they were going to exterminate the "inferior" Slavs, the people in occupied territory had a big change of heart.

    • FlaJim

      We in the Western World need to disabuse ourselves of the notion that Christians, Jews, and moslems all worship the same God. Not so. Mohammed bought the rights to allah at a bazaar in Mecca because it was the cheapest one available (he hadn't married the rich widow yet who was old enough to e his mother). Allah does not mean God. In Arabic, there's a different word for that.

      As one who's read the koran twice (2 different translations), mohammedism is basically a training book for terrorists. In one passage, this 'religion of peace' advises that when attacking a wealthy Jew, take his wives, children, most of his livestock and gold, but spare him and by leaving him a little, he can rebuild and be sacked again in a few years. Lovely, huh?

      • Asma

        quote chapter and verse

        • traeh

          Let me ask you Asma, do you agree with this statement of Muhammad: "If someone changes his Islamic religion, then kill him."

          That's from Sahih Bukhari, the most canonical of hadith collections.

          • Asma

            I have answered this question somewhere this forum.

          • traeh

            Ok, so you do agree that Muslims who leave Islam should be killed, in accord with Muhammad's statement and all the schools of Islamic law.

            That's why you will be stopped, you and Islam will run right into the ground, because you hold your own members hostage to death. That's no religion, that's a theocratic mafia. Have the guts to leave it, Asma, please.

    • rhurt

      Asma-the author is human and not your enemy-so just look at him as a man and as a perspective candidate to be a Muslim. Now, instead of judging him emotionly-judge what he has said-without the emotion. Remember that this man is faithful to god in his own way-maybe not 100 % the way that you'd like to see-but close, not perfect. Perfection can be illusional or it can be down to earth. Faith in the brotherhood of mankind-this author would give you water if you were thirsty, food-if you were hungry, protection from the weather, and clothes if yours was torn beyond the covering of your body for protection. Also, this man would give you shelter and comfort if you were dying-is this not what any Muslim or Christain would do-I think so.
      Now, none of us are perfect, and what little time we have here-survival can be even as important as the comfort to your fellow man as his mind set is. God is our Father
      and he-like us-do not want our children hurting each other.

      • Asma

        yes rhurt, I can see what you are saying and mind you the author should appreciate that were it not for me,his articles would not have the largest number of comments compared to other articles.

    • guest

      Islam is, in truth, a Totalitarian and expansionist ideology that masquerades as "religion." No?? What can one say of a "religion" that sanctions its so-called "clerics" to call for the murder of ANYONE deemed to be "a threat against Islam?" Unfortunately, these threats conflict with and comprise certain values of a good segment of the rest of the world–such as such political cartoons of the Danish cartoonist Westergaard who, 5 years later, is still being hunted down by the psychotics who act out their Koranic mandate. Please note that Westergaard's drawing of an Eastern looking male with a turban lit at the end was a PERFECT statement of what so-called Muslim "moderates" were mouthing–i.e. that their "religion" had been "hijacked." An unfortunate reference since Arafat invented airplane hijacking, another Islamic gift to our world. Or Salman Rushdie, a world class (and Muslim) author who fled in fear from one place to another for years after writing "The Satanic Verses"–a good, I would suggest, that even those Muslims HUNTING him had NEVER read. In a sane Universe, Rushdie would be revered by Muslims everywhere and raised to the level of a hero. Islam thrives on INTIMIDATION and THREAT. My prediction (especially with the pro-Islamic agenda of Obama at the helm) is that it will not be long before the FIRST Islamist RADIOLOGICAL bomb explodes in America or the EU. At THAT point, the West MAY go berserk on this Fascist ideology that is sucking our world dry and is responsible for TENS of Thousands of Deaths (mostly Muslim, ironically) within the last few years alone. Geert Wilders is a Humanitarian, not a bigot. He will be revered as such and as a visionary in future generations of the few who had the courage to confront head on this vicious attempt to dominate our world through sheer intimidation and violence. It has earned the title of The Religion of Piece(s); Mostly, Body Parts.

    • Liberty Clinger

      "Kilpatrick's imperialist mind is upset that why do Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine etc resist their imperialist invaders and oppressor…"

      So when the United States wages just war against a totalitarian political ideology dressed up as a religion – in defense of life and liberty – we are called "imperialist invaders and oppressor." No doubt Joseph Goebbels would be impressed, and would have said the something similar about the United States in the 1940's. Only the voice of evil would council an individual or a nation to resist self-defense.

      Here are some of the imperialist minded totalitarian Muslims of the Worldwide Islamic Ummah who invaded and oppressed the United States on September 11, 2001.

      • guest

        You are spot on, as they say. Here is Islamic Code: "Resistance"= "The right to slaughter the innocent–and the right to do so with INDISCRIMINATE mass murder attacks, irrespective of age/sex/nationality even of the victims. "MARTYR"= A Muslim who has attempted the MASS MURDER of innocent people. Only, when they REFUSE to simply LAY DOWN AND BE SLAUGHTERED BY MUSLIMS and the Muslim perpetrator gets killed, he is labeled a "Martyr." In this way, Islam sugar coats its lethal ideology–they have no murderers whatsoever. Just martyrs.

        The reality is plain to see. Bin Laden SPOKE THE TRUTH in his early statement to the Western world: "YOU Love Life, While WE Love Death." This is Islam in a nutshell.

    • Timmy

      Your reading comprehension is not very good – you ask if he was trying to impress Muslims like you, but no, the article stated that his purpose was to get foolish infidels including even the absurd U.S. Army to quit "respecting" the Koran for it is in the end not worthy or respect. If all of the infidels of the world treated Islam and the Koran the way they deserve to be treated that would go a long way toward solving the problem of Islam. At the very least it would give the West enough support to keep Islam out of the West, something that is required if Western Civilization hopes to survive. Muslims can believe whatever they want as long as they are doing so within the West. It is a truly evil sin that honorable soldiers in the U.S. military were forced to pay such white-gloved respect to such an evil book as the Koran – especially in front of truly evil Muslim Jihadist terrorists.

  • Anna

    That is just one way to look at this but maybe you should see that for yourself writing service. We shouldn`t bring religion into this matter.

    • Fedup

      Do you have any idea how absurd it sounds to suggest that we shouldn't bring religion into a religious discussion?

      • traeh

        Fedup, Anna seems to be a robot commenter — the link leads to an advertisement for help with resumes.

  • Firebirds#48

    The West must stop the soft handling of Jihad. Any Religion or Ideology that has
    the intention of taking over the World cannot be anything but EVIL,whether it be
    Jew,Christian etal. The Koran should be investigated closely before judging it.
    One will see just what Mohamed was up to.I found it to be very shocking!

  • Utopian

    The Christian says, I will sacrifice my life for what I believe, and will not force your will to believe as I (Matt.5:44,45). The muslim says, I will sacrifice your life for what I believe and under threat of death force you to believe as I (Surah 9:5). Certain facts should be kept in mind: 1. Liberty of conscience has no place in Islam. 2. It is a religion promoting 1st degree murder, and therefore, sin. 3. All men are not created equal in Islam. 4. Muhammad's visions collapse as fraudulent under the scrutiny of the Bible's 16 guidelines for true prophets; therefore, he is, as the Bible calls him, "the false prophet." 5. Islam's depiction of the angel Gabriel who they claim gave Muhammad the words of God utterly contradicts the words and works of the true Gabriel of the Bible. 6. The father of Arabs (including Muhammad) was Ishmael who worshiped the God of his father Abraham not the god of Muhammad, therefore all Arab muslims dishonor their father standing in open sin while claiming superiority over all men. 7. World War III is Islam vs. the world.

    • lakewoodbob

      Thank you for the erudite analysis. “Man is a tame or civilized animal; nevertheless, he requires proper instruction and a fortunate nature, and then of all animals he becomes the most divine and most civilized; but if he be insufficiently or ill- educated he is the most savage of earthly creatures.” – Plato

      Islam has created the most savage of earthly creatures!

    • Asma

      I am sure.I have read this comment against another Islamophobic article.This is rhetoric.I have explained Sura 9.5 before.

      • lakewoodbob

        Matthew 7: 12-20
        12. So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.
        13. Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many.
        14. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.
        15. Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.
        16. You will recognize them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorn bushes, or figs from thistles?
        17. So, every healthy tree bears good fruit, but the diseased tree bears bad fruit.
        18. A healthy tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a diseased tree bear good fruit.
        19. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.
        20. Thus you will recognize them by their fruits.

        The fruits of Islam are quite apparent and no amount of revisionist history and sophistry will change that!

      • traeh

        Yeah, you could explain anything, just like any other brainwashed cult member.

        But when you find someone who is not brainwashed, what do you discover?

        Tina Magaard is a linguist who got her Ph.D. in Intercultural Communication from the Sorbonne. She did a three-year study of the original texts of the ten largest religions. Guess what one of her findings was. Of the ten religions' texts, Islam's texts are by far the most aggressive against other groups.

        Yes, Asma, you can explain away anything. Any brainwashed cult member can. But the rest of us, who are not interested in your sicko cult, have to contend with the threat presented by Islam to civil rights and freedom of conscience around the globe. The rest of us have to figure out how to contain all the nutcase Islamic terrorists blowing up civilians everywhere around the globe. The rest of us have to contend with the genocidal plans of Iran. We have to deal with the evil crap pouring from Saudi Arabia into mosques around the globe. Of course you, Asma, a cult member, can explain away the violence in 9:5, and the religious apartheid in 9:29 and 9:123, and the misogyny and wife-beating in 4:34; you can explain away Muhammad's command to kill people who leave Islam. You can explain that it's okay for Muslims to follow Muhammad's example when he was in his 50s and consummated a marriage with 9-year old Aisha, as your own core texts tell us. You can explain damn near anything, I guess. But the brainwashed cult member always can. That's a key sign they are brainwashed.

  • Shel Zahav

    The Jew says, "Nobody needs to sacrifice his life. We were created to live. Belief in God is sacred. You are what you are and you need not convert to my faith in order to have a relationship with God and to bring good into the world."

    • Asma

      The Quran says,"If you save one life,you save the whole humanity"

      • Martin K.

        Ah from 5:32-25 First this was given to the “Children of Israel” and if you read the following verses, allah instructs to kill those who “making mischief” in the land.. No dude *ONE* line will not save your lousy violent and killing religion.

        • frabul slomn

          They always fail to mention that following the nice flowery sounding verses comes a verse extolling muslims to kill jews or infidels or whatever. Ha ha theyre really stupid.

      • traeh

        Muhammad was quoting or trying to quote from Jewish scripture. In the immediately following lines, Muhammad talks about cutting off limbs of those who make mischief in the land.

        "If someone changes his Islamic religion, then kill him," said Muhammad. And that's who you follow, o blind Asma. Get rid of Muhammad, Asma. Join the human race, find a more benign set of beliefs. Think!

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Now this is one book that should be banned and burnt!~

  • gamalpha

    There are so many reasons to criticize the Koran that are better than saying it isn't a literary masterpiece which of course it is far from being. Take a look at

    • Charles

      If you are truely interested in knowing your enemy, go to "". Read the book of the same name written by Graig Wynn and much more. You will learn from the FIVE most excepted writtings of Islam that this evil religion was born in HELL. Now this is not my words but it is in many of their most trusted writtings. There is no such thing as a moderate/pieceful Islamist any where in the world. Those living in the U.S. who claim to be are just waiting for their orders. Any religion that teaches MURDER in any from should be stopped.

      • Asma

        islamophobic propaganda

        • True Believer

          Historically, Mohammed got "on the caravan" courtesy of Kadijah, and did travel a great deal to the Levantine lands. No doubt he heard of the God of the Jews, and met Christians, and likely many divergent groups there. There is also some historical evidence (that I'll find and cite later), that on Kadijah's side of the family were Essene Jews. All that said, what Mohammed did was to form an amalgamation of beliefs, and took what he desired and created this belief system. Instead of the Magen David (6 pointed star), they intersected two squares and it permeates Islamic architecture. You wear a cap, not unlike the kippah of the Jews, and you claim monotheism as ardently as the pharisees of millenia ago. And with Mohammed's schizo-affective disorder, he created, though illiterate himself, some rambling of disconnected short stories, which lack internal consistency, have no temporal framework, and have fooled a large number of followers…most of whom are illiterate and depend upon the Azon to call them to prayer 5 times a day. Where Muslims once faced Jerusalem, they now face Meccah. Why do you worship that idol Kaabah? You should pray only to God, not to some stone of the earth. Muslims, full of contradictions. Sadly, too ignorant to even TRY to read the Bible and compare the two.

  • Dorice Neir

    I wish to clarify something in this article. Most Evangelical Christians do believe that the Bible is wholly from God, or to put it another way, it is the "inspired Word of God", that every word in it is from God.

    • Timmy

      Yes but God gave the duty to various individuals (or perhaps one should say various individuals took up the duty themselves) to actually write it out, and they were never expected to be perfect in every way, to the contrary in most cases their faults are made known. Today, someone studying the Bible will take into account where the author of any particular book was coming from in attempting to make the correct assessment of what they wrote. And God inspires all sorts of things even today, the letters to the churches in the New Testament are not written as coming from God but from a fellow follower of Christ to the various churches.

    • Max daddy

      Most Evangelical (and that is one segment only) Christians actually believe that the Bible was "inspired" by God and only the direct quotations are verbatum.

      Many stories in the Bible involve dialogue clearly not spoken by God himself….but are often attributed to Him. An exampole is the phrase "… eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth…." God didn't say it, a man did in a conversation with another. God's word on the matter was "Vengeance is mine. I shall repay!" Obviously they are complete opposites. Man's solutions rarely align with God's and that's the big trick.

      But the One True God would not choose a people, establish them in eternity then change his mind and order someone else to conquer the world starting with His own.

  • kafir4life

    I'm confused. Isn't the koran that disgusting terror guide that was shat from the anal orfice of a pedophilic murdering rapist named mo-mo the dog faced prophet? Why would any human want to follow that? Or are the worshippers of the moon god and emulators of the afore mentioned pedophile not in that camp?

    Curious kafir want to know.

    allahu snackbar, y'all!!

    • Asma

      Of all the hate speeches that I have encountered on this forum,this takes the cake.

      • John

        Hate speech? How about when Jihadii's cry "Allahu Akbar" and then fly airliners into skyscrapers killing 3000 innocent people? That's real hate speech…

        • Asma

          I agree with you that they were a bunch of misguided people and I condemn them loud and square, but you cant judge the Muslim umma on a few mad men's action. Remember half a million Muslims have been killed in Iraq and Afghanistan under the guise of war on terror.,most of them innocent civilians.

          • traeh

            Liar. The leftwing website documents the civilian deaths in Iraq. If you look at the documentation, you will see, even though the leftwing site doesn't want to highlight it, that literally over 99% of the civilian deaths in Iraq were caused by jihadist insurgents — Shia murdering civilian Sunnis, and Sunnis murdering civilian Shia, for example.

      • AtheistJoeFromTO

        I'm trying, but this is hard not to respond to.
        Insha'allah I can keep from responding.
        But, since 'allah' means nothing to this atheist……….

        Mohammed – Pigs Breed Upon Him

        Mohammed – Personal Bravery Upsets Him

        Mohammed – Probably Been Using Hash

        May I have some cake too, please?

        • Asma

          Mohammed _ the last prophet , peace be upon him.

          • kafir4life

            asma, why do muslims say swt (sh*t with toast) when refering to that moon god that mad mo the pedophile rapist invented? I always thought that they liked that moon god. And to mad mo, piss be upon him!

            allahu snackbar!! (Where today only, pork rinds! Buy one get one free!!)

            Hey!!! Have ya thought of talkin' to your fellow coreligionists to tell them where they have it wrong? No? Just spending your time here? Coward!

          • Asma

            Hate speech again? Keep at it.You have the potential of becoming the best in hate speech

          • traeh

            Really, it's true we should love Muslims to try to get them to leave that evil, murdering, torturing, rapist, pervert pedophile cult leader dictator Muhammad (and if you want, I'll cite you the core Islamic texts that show these things about Muhammad: Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, the Quran, and the Sira)

          • traeh

            Another example of how Islam is so fundamentally a closed doctrine: Muhammad designated himself the last prophet, so that no one could ever challenge or improve upon him. Done in true cult leader style.

  • Kim Bruce

    Allah is nothing more than a moon god, stolen from a pagan moon worshipping cult in the middle east. In Arabia the sun god was repesented by a female deity and the moon by a male deity. Mohammad chose the moon, Allah, and left out the rest of the Gods Al-Lat, Al-Uzza, and Manat, the female versions because Mohammad didn't believe women were worthy of deity status while circling at the Kabah. There were also a lot of lesser deities that were worshipped but Mhammad's male deity ruled supreme. As a result Mohammad destroyed all the leser Gods. Muslims still do this to this day, reducing other religions to dust in the belief that their pagan god is supreme. Islam is nothing but a moon cult that has lasted all these years because it has been forced upon people by threats of torture and death, nothing more.

    • JoAnnhh

      Well put.

    • Asma

      You have distorted Islam to the nth degree.

  • Kim Bruce

    That was a concise article but to explain Islam takes much more than a couple of pages. Islamism is very complex in its indoctrination, submission rules, etc. Entire books have been written on the subject. is one of my all-time favorites.

  • Steve

    Instead of banning and burning the Quran, I suggest another tactic: Send a free Quran to every kuffar household in the USA and Canada with the appropriate hate verses marked and underlined, including a cover letter explaining that the Quran is the 21st century version of Hitler's book and that the believers in that book are the new Nazis.

  • Anonymous

    See this article from The Atlantic:

    • traeh

      Yes, an interesting article, and one can only hope that a reinterpreted, moderated Qur'an will take off like wildfire and become a mainstream thing. But the likelihood is extremely tiny, all things considered, and we should not endlessly kid ourselves about the realistic possibilities of reform. Can one rewrite Mein Kampf to be a moderate text? Could one convince the Nazis to transition to a moderate, liberal democratic Nazism? No. Some movements have as a central characteristic a totalitarian refusal to apply self-criticism. Once self-criticism is applied, there is very little left to the totalitarian movement. It falls apart as a big illusion, a big lie.

  • GodsSeer

    Quran, an eternal book with Mohammad's adulterous affair with Zaynab? Now Allah hates orphans…A book that Mohammad had to edit 63% in 23 short years because his god did not see his own mistakes. A book that says Jews boasted in killing Messiah and Jews do not call Him Messiah. A book that lies and says Christians call Mary one of three Gods, not knowing that Christians do not believe in three Gods, but in ONE God Who is manifest in three forms. A book whose god deceived Mother Mary,,,,A rag that has more mistakes than my third grader's math test. A book by God that mere men can memorize. ABSURD!

    • Max daddy

      Unfortunately many Catholics do indeed pray to Mary. It isn't supported anywhere in the Bible but there you are.
      God wants us to talk directly to Him. Since the Garden at Eden all He has wanted was Communion and re-unification with mankind and He doesn't care for any man to dominate another.

  • James Pawlak

    The Koran allows or encourages and often commands the use of murder, rape and enslavement, genocide, perpetual war with "unbelievers" (Until they "submit"), lying to and stealing from "unbelievers", and the other horrors invented by Mohammed (Himself a murderer, liar and treaty breaker), bandit and the sexual abuser of a nine-year-young


    • Asma


      • Marty

        What James is saying is most certainly no lie.
        Most of what he says is taken FROM THE KORAN.
        In fact, lying is something the Koran allows, and this is sick!

        YOur religion has no place in our civilized society.

        • Asma

          nonsense. First go and read the Holy Quran and correct yourself.

          • D marshall

            read it asma, its vile , islam is not a religion its an idiology and one of hate there are no innocent muslims in the world every muslim death should be celabrated you reap what you sow asma, you monsters persicute all non muslims and then when its on the other foot you come hissing like snakes calling us the oppressers muslims are fair game kill them all untill even the rocks cry out there is a muslim behind me

  • Marty

    It is silly to even suggest islam is a religion. It is in the same morally bankrupt league as communism and fascism: a totalitarian system dedicated to the extinction of much of the human race and enslavement of the rest. islam only desires conquest and economic impoverishment of non-muslims. What else can be expected from an ideology formulated by a pedophile and rapist as well as a genocidal sociopath.

    • Asma

      This is nothing but HATESPEECH

      • Jacob

        It's the hard reality miss. This is not hate speech!!!
        Its the truth!
        Your entire religion and Koran IS hate speech of the first order.
        You should be ashamed of yourself to accuse anyone of hate speech while you yourself seem to be a Muslim.

        • Asma

          I am a Muslim and I congratulate all of you Non Muslims for excelling in "HATE SPEECH." However I will not answer you in kind as Two wrongs don't make one right .

          • Matt

            No Asma, this is hate speech:

            Sura (8:55) – Surely the vilest of animals in Allah's sight are those who disbelieve

            Sura (48:29) – Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard (ruthless) against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves

            Sura (9:30) – And the Jews say: Ezra is the son of Allah, and the Christians say: The Messiah is the son of Allah… Allah (Himself) fights against them. How perverse are they!

            Sura (8:12) – I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them

            Sura (9:123) – O you who believe! Fight those of the unbelievers who are near to you and let them find in you hardness

            Sura (5:33) – The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement

            What we are speaking is simply the truth about your hateful violent religion. In addition, criticizing Islam is not hate speech. Islam is not above criticism just like everything else isn't in the world.

      • Martin K.

        Silly Dude. This is CRITIC on a Religion. Where does he say to kill Muslims as People? A Ideology, Philosophy and RELIGION is by no means EXCLUDED from critical scrutiny. No wonder we find in the Hadith accounts how MO let his critics be killed, this “religion” can't stand on its own. I know no other religion which kills its own adherents when leaving Islam. Yeah you must be really be proud of this religion which gives unbelievers like myself in reality only two choices “convert” or die. Luckily Islam is not yet the rule of the land where I live, and bloody hell, I'll expose the PIG-ugliness of this “religion”.

        • Asma

          You will fail miserably in your endeavour to defame Islam.
          When religions defined nationhood, then obviously any one who changed his/her religion became a traitor in the times of the Prophet and the punishment of a traitor was death.
          Now 1400 years later the ground realities have changed and religions do not define nation hood or state hood and there fore this rule is not followed in most countries.
          Islam allows you to live in peace with Muslims. It gave choice of either convert or pay tax as a non Muslim to the unbelievers who initiated a fight with Muslims.These choice were given to them when they were defeated by Islamic army.

          • Martin K.

            The arrogance of Islam/Muslims does not know any limits! It WILL BE a COLD day In Hell before this “proud kaffir” will PAY ANY TAX to Muslims. It's like the Mafia collection protection money! As long as you fork over the money, we let you live! And you “DEFEND” this despicable practice. Well you can start paying a Tax to a Christian Charity on a regular basis.

      • Liberty Clinger

        "The fear of the Lord is to Hate evil." Proverbs

        So, Asma is correct; Marty and the rest of us patriotic Americans Hate the evil of Totalitarian Political Islam and mass-murdering Islamic Jihad. God Hates evil, so we Hate evil. Speaking Hatred of evil is good Hate speech.

  • Timmy

    This article makes me question my belief that the Koran was in fact written by Satan himself. For even Satan would not have been able to foresee how such a jumbled confused mess of text would actually work so incredibly well toward his ultimate aims of discrediting God and religion. Had Satan dictated this to Muhammad he would have no doubt made it much more directly clear, even though he was trying to sow confusion. So perhaps it was just Muhammad, the random illiterate man who took various bits and pieces of other stories he had heard and to the best of his humanly efforts jumbled them together sharing it orally with other confused people who then eventually put it into writing no doubt confusing it even more in the process. The perfect work from the perfect man? Right.

    • Utopian

      Timmy, I don't doubt the ability of M's fundamentally corrupt character concocting the scam of saying the angel Gabriel gave him words for dictation. But most evidence points to supernatural intervention of the devil impersonating the holy angel, Gabriel. What I see in history is that following the rise of the Apostolic Churches of Christ from the East and West (men who wouldn't force the will of anyone), suddenly in the 6th & 7th centuries 2 new religions rose to power: Catholicism and Islam; and the bloody competition began. Both united their religion with civil magistrates to impose penalties for disobedience to their dogmas; and all who stood in their way were deprived of goods and even life. It is estimated that 300 million+ were murdered at their hands. Their tyranny was most effectively used on the simple unobtrusive Christian churches first established by Christ's Apostles. These 2 corrupt versions of GOD'S salvation [study their multiple sins against the Ten Commandments (the only Law where we are safe in one another's care)] were raised up by the devil himself to annihilate Apostolic Christianity in the West and East. This is what I clearly see from both secular history and Bible prophecy (Dan.2&7+Rev.13=Rome; Rev.9:1-12=Mohammed through the Ottoman Empire. Just know I won't force your will to believe as I.

      • Timmy

        Maybe the Devil did dictate it so that it would have been more coherent, make more sense, still evil but just not the jumbled mess that it is, but Muhammad bollixed it all up when he kept trying to insert bits for his own benefit or otherwise just getting parts mixed up. Satan may have realized what a mistake he made choosing Muhammad but only after he was too far into the project to start over with someone else.

    • D marshall

      there is no god or satan this is the work of a madman and its feeds of peoples hatred of others and the middle east is the perfect place for it to exist

  • Babs

    Just a comment…there IS no difference between extremist Islam and peace loving normal Islam…they are one and the same. Have to share something I read….Not too much was said about Islam because it is a book about the Church up to the first 20 centuries…but aside from the comment that "when the Church went astray, the Lord sent trials and afflictions to correct his unfaithful children, the greatest trial of all was connected with the person named Mahomet better known in western lands as Mohammed….. Mohammed, believing that he was sent by God said…"whoever fights for the true faith (Islam) whether he fall or conquer, will asuredly receive a glorious reward and be certain of entrance into paradise." Prayer leads 1/2 way to God, fasting leads to the gateway to heaven, alms giving opens the door but WAGING THE HOLY WAR (JIHAD) GIVES ACTUAL ENTRANCE INTO HEAVEN. How anyone can say THAT is peaceful, has to be delusional.

    • Asma

      Jihad for Muslims is another term for self defence against aggressors.

      • MixMike

        And self defense is another term for offensive war…

        • Asma

          This is distortion of what I said

  • Mark

    Hey all, I'm just trying to get this message out to as many Islam-opposers as possible. I think it could be quite effective in turning public opinion against Islam, so please use it if you think it works.

    Hey all, I'm sure this isn't a new idea, but I think it could be very effective in undermining Islam and turning public opinion against it. I think it would be most effective in public debates on the opening up of new mosques, but it could be used in various situations.

    Anyway, it's pretty simple:

    1. Establish that Mohammed is the guide for mankind for ALL TIMES. Make certain the Muslim in question admits that there's no room for moral relativism in Islam. If he admits that the example of Mohammed is every bit as valid in the 21st century as it was in the 7th century, you're good to go.

    2. Establish that the Quran is the most authentic book in Islam followed by the hadith collections of Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari. This is a common part of Islamic theology, so it should be easy to get them to admit to this.

    3. Once that has been established, bring up verses from the quran and hadiths from Sahih Muslim and Sahih Bukhari that express support for child rape, slavery and wife abuse.

    4. Force them to either admit they believe it's morally acceptable in the year 2010 for grown men to have sex with nine year old children, beat their wives, enslave other men, or admit that Mohammed's example is no longer valid in the 21st century.

    5. It's going to be hard to get them to admit to this, so it's up to the audience to force them to answer the questions.

    6. If they admit that it's morally acceptable to have sex with children, beat women, enslave other men, you're good to go. Public opinion will turn.

    I've provided a few examples that I came up with on the SIOA Facebook page.

    If they're good, please use them. If they need refinement, please refine them.

    • Utopian

      Good and valid approach to this national threat. And I know that this post is incapable of coupling the verses of the Koran to each of your points, but when the character of Mohammed is exposed for the fool he was, being played the sucker he was by the devil himself (impersonating the righteous angel, Gabriel), others who have a teachable spirit and whose conscience hasn't been hardened against true justice, mercy and love will come forward and give testimony. As for the leaders, (which includes rabbis, priests and popes), to demand of them to humble themselves, to admit that the foundation of their belief system is treasonous to heavenly and moral truth is a sting of humiliation few have the backbone to bear. There are some real good posts here, and I'll compile the ideas into a story line that together will carry maximum weight of reason against this human treason. Good day, bro.

    • anonymous

      Hate to say it but this administration seems to have all of those covered…just ask Elena Kagan.

    • PRCS


      Aisha is certainly one good example, but I might suggest something more current.

      As the al-Shabab group is currently amputating thieves hands (per 5:38) in Somalia, asking Muslims if they believe that such amputations are morally acceptable–anywhere in the world, today–would put them on the spot.

      As would the demand to kill the Afghan apostate Abdul Rahman in the spring of 2006 per the hadith in which Muhammad is reported to have said, "whoever leaves his (Islamic) faith, kill him".

      I'm sure there are others with contemporary relevance that could be used to embarrass Muslims about their complete way of life.

      You might also distribute–during the question and answer session–copies of Nazra Quraishi's 2006 Lansing State Journal Letter to the Editor titled 'Islam or Death' .

      Another potential flyer could include the MSA West's 'Misconceptions about Islam' section which makes clear that the separation of religion from state is not accepted at all in Islam.

    • guestspeaker

      Mark, did you think that the entire 'new' world would some day come against Israel? Israel had not existed since 70 AD. In 1948, the world UN voted to return the Land, taken from Israel in 70 AD by the Romans, to the Jewish people and yet they have never lived without the threat of war.

      The Muslim people surrounding Israel know enough about the history of the land, peoples and ancestry of the Jewish people, that they themselves don't want to have to attack Israel, so they are using every other method to convince the rest of the world to pressure Israel to remove themselves from the Land. Believe me, they remember what kinds of miracles were reported during the 1967 6 day war.
      The entire world is following in 'lock-step' with the likes of Arafat and the new PLO, now called "the poor Palestinians under occupation".

      The entire situation over there has not been forgotten by the Elohim of Israel. HE is in complete charge of the time[s] and, as HE promised in HIS Book the HOLY Scriptures, (HE) will one day shout from His Holy Mountain and 'all the nations will hear Him' when He speaks.

      As for ASMA, the Quran is not a holy book. It is a book of prose-a copulation of sayings, phrases and poems by desert peoples of the Arabah. Sayings handed down over hundreds of years. Sharing these with each other was the way tent dwellers entertained themselves around the fires of the evening.

      Like the book of Mormon, the Quran used many of the Hebrew Scriptures to make up some of the writings, using those that would serve a purpose to control religious belief. Even then, it was well known that people would follow and die IF they believed they would be rewarded with heaven. Here is where the Mashiach (the Messiah) delineates between all the religions of the world, God in the flesh.
      John 1 'the Word became flesh'.

      The only Holy book, the Bible, is so miraculously compiled that no man or group of men or peoples or even the computer of all computers, could have done what the LORD has done over the thousands of years. And it takes the Spirit of God to understand it. See Luke 24.44-49 "Then He opened their minds to understand the Scriptures" (Scriptures being the work of Moses, OT Prophets and the Psalms).

      Asma, I would like to encourage you to look into the life of Cyrus-king of Persia.
      150 years before he became king, the LORD God called Cyrus by name!!

      In 2Chronicles 36.22 and in the Book of Isaiah 44.28 & Isaiah 45.1-7, the LORD announced that "Cyrus" would be "His servant" and would provide for the Hebrews to return from Babylon (Iraq) and help them build the Second Temple.
      And Cyrus did just that. Cyrus was so amazed that the Hebrew God called him by name, in the writings of Isaiah, that the king fell all over himself to make sure the remnant of the real 'captivity' by Nebuchadnezzar, could return home to Jerusalem and rebuild their Temple-on it's rightful place, where the Dome of the Rock is today. Hope this helps you 'come out of Babylon' yourself. Ask God to 'open up your mind to the truth'.

      Just saying.

    • traeh

      Your on the right track, I'd say. You are organized, focused, and studying the facts and their effective presentation. That's the key. To keep learning the facts, and learning how to argue them.

    • D marshall

      all they say is islam is the religion of peace, or its not all of us, or lets riot kill all the kaafirs, or can i build a mosque, or its all isreals fault, or wheres my welfare cheque, or islams the fastest growing religion in the west (breeding) there predictable dont use there buisenesses, dont buy from them ,dont vote for them, dont talk to them or take friends amongst them for they are like a desiese, like rats and pigs

  • aspacia

    Scholars investigated the Qu'ran back in 2002. There is an article regarding how it was written and rewritten, but did not pursue it because they were afraid of Muslims. If interested here is the link:

    • Fedup

      The fact that objective, scholarly work cannot be done on Islam without fear of reprisal by Muslims tells us all everything we need to know about Islam.

  • glpage

    According to Mohammed Allah is supposed to be perfect and know everything past, present, and future. If so, why did he abrogate several verses? Why, during the earlier stages of Mohammed's formation of Islam, did Allah say things he later took back? Didn't he (given Mohammed's disdain for women, Allah certainly has to be male) know how things were going to be, if he is perfect and knows all he should have, and, therefore, could have saved himself and Mohammed some time and explanation. Kinda sounds like a six year old pitching a tantrum rather than a supreme being.

    • Asma

      glpage, you are right that some verses of the Holy Quran were replaced by new ones,making the previous ones null and void. In Quran there are the certain verses which were revealed to the Holy Prophet pbuh in certain circumstances and scenarios and once those circumstances changed to new circumstances, the Ayas were superceded.

      • traeh

        Lovely. It just happens that Chapter 9 of the Qur'an, perhaps the most violent and intolerant chapter, was the last or nearly the last chapter "revealed," according to Muslim scholars. In addition, according to major Muslim scholars, the verses of tolerance and peace have been canceled by Chapter 9. So the jihadists understand Islam after all.

  • alaskat

    Cowards afraid of the dark may hide under the covers rather than face their fear, but this tactic will only hasten their death if indeed there is a monster waiting to pounce on them. Islam is such a monster, dedicated to our destruction, and we are hiding from it in ridiculous politically correct ways. Many of these replies advocate bringing Islam into the light and exposing its absurd, destructive teachings, which is what we must do to save ourselves from it. Where are the women's Libbers when we need them?

  • PRCS

    I have personally asked my previous member of Congress and this current one, along with one of my Senators (Feinstein) about the issue described at the beginning and the end of Kilpatrick's article (which is fully explained in Diana West's Washington Times article 'Gonzo Gitmo Charade') concerning the requirement that American service members wear clean, white gloves in order to handle a Gitmo detainee's tax-payer provided Qur'an. Their responses are, as you might expect, gutless rationalizations for that procedure (i.e. 'the treatment such a divine document deserves).

    There is no true leadership on this issue, as our elected officials are either completely ignorant of authentic Islam's true teachings, or they are too cowed to call it like it is. Either way, they will do nothing about the threat that Islam poses to the West, until someone else goes first.

    Like us.

  • Rancher45

    The problem that presents itself is that Muslims believe that their religious beliefs must be adhered to by others. It may be impermissible for a Muslim to create a depiction of Muhammad, but it is certainly not impermissible for me to create such an image. I do not believe that Islam is the true faith. I do not submit to the teachings if Islam and I do not accept the Muslim belief that Muhammad is the prophet, anymore than Muslims accept Jesus Christ as the son of God. I do however believe that Muslims have the right to worship as they please. But, the right of Muslims to practice their religion does not extend to them the right to tell me what I can and can not do or how I should behave toward their religion or to try and force their religious beliefs on me or anyone else or to threaten my life if I disobey their religious laws.

    • Asma

      Ranche45,surely there is a difference between freedom of speech and hate speech.
      We Muslims revere our prophet , and understand that you don't revere him as your prophet,but surely to be polite about a man who is revered by I.6 billion Muslims is civilized behaviour. The Quran and Hadith forbid us to insult other religions or their Prophets and even if we don't believe that Jesus was the son of God, we are told to respect him and all other prophets.
      Islam prohibits us to draw imaginary sketches of any prophet, let alone make derogatory cartoons,so just as its your right as a citizen of a non Islamic country to make cartoons of the Holy prophet pbuh,I am well within my right to condemn this type of activity.

      • Clay Cole

        We are well in our right to condemn those that riot and kill because they are offended. You are comparing apples to oranges again.

  • Raymond in DC

    "I swear by the turning planets, and by the stars that rise and set; by the night, when it descends, and the first breath of morning: this is the word of a gracious and mighty messenger…" (Sura 81:20)

    Uh, the stars don't rise and set. And God/Allah certainly knows that. Divine authorship? I don't think so. And they can't claim such references are "merely metaphorical" while maintaining that the work, including all its directives, are to be taken as the literal word of God.

    It's a fair assumption that the reason Muslims have elected to hide the Koranic variants found in Yemen and oppose – to the point of threats – the serious study of the cultural backdrop, Syriac origins, etc. of the Koran is because such study would undermine the foundation of their faith.

    • Asma

      Have you never heard of the term sun rise and sun set?

      • Martin K.

        Still the planets don't rise or set. It only appears so. Especially to a people who believed in a flat earth. In my German translation of the Koran it states several times that the earth is flat. I'm sure you are familiar with 71:19, 50:7, 2:22, I have people checked them in Italian and French too its all the same "flat earth" so there is no need to come back with some "translation" error excuse.

        But I've got a job for you, why don't you convince your fellow Muslims that "Islam" is a "religion of peace" and stop killing "unbelievers"! You know the Muslim world was outraged over the death of nine people killed by Israel, WHERE THE bloody HELL is the OUTRAGE in the Islamic world when OVER 90 people are being killed during two attacks! Ah well they were not real Muslims! When Muslims are victims there is protest, but if the perpetrator are Muslim, NOT A SINGLE protest!" Nothing nada!

        And then “predestination” if your allah determined that some Muslim is killed by a Israeli Soldier, during that particular incident, why blame the Israeli? AFTER ALL he has DONE ONLY what your allah has already predetermined for the person. Also the nine who died, didn't they go to PARADIESE? Why for Pet's sake, are Muslim all feed up, when the GREATEST DESIRE for these nine Muslim was GRANTED! For all we know they could have deflowerd the 72 Houris in the meantime, and are reclining in seats and drink wine from golden cups! What a paradies! LOL! Why should we deprive more "jihadists" from such "bliss"! But Muslims in Turkey want revenge, for sending their countrymen to PARADISE! We humans don't have free will, and according to the Kooooran we are just ACTING SOME LOUSY script of your deity allah.
        What a lousy RELIGION you are trying to sell you poor fella.

        But you better get going, to teach the “PEACEFUL” Islam to all those “believers” who got it wrong. Good luck in you adventure!

        • Asma

          71:1God has made earth a vast expanse for you,so that you may roam its spacious paths.
          50:7 We spread out the earth and set upon it immovable mountains
          2:22who has made the earth a bed for you, and the sky a dome.
          Now only some one intent upon tyring to find faults in Islam will interpret them as God saying that the earth is flat.
          martin K , all the Muslim countries condemned 9=11, however none of you have condemned the unnecessary killing of half a million Muslims by the non Muslims in the war on terror,most of them being innocent civilians which included women and children. Pakistan grieved over the death of these 90 Qadianis by the same terrorists who have also killed in Sunni mosques and religious processions of Shiite Muslims. We condemn all such terrorist attacks. By the same token, atleast these inhuman characters who did these acts are recognized as terrorists.I wish you would be equally appalled by American bombs killing over a hundred people at a wedding party in Afghanistan.
          According to the Islamic faith the date,time and place of death is predetermined for you and me,but not how you encounter it.i am sure these nine Muslims will go to paradise,but surely all these facts do not absolve Israel of the crimes against humanity.
          I am shocked at your double standards.

          • Clay Cole


            Thank you. You are doing an excellent job of debunking Islam for us.

            I have seen no evidence of Muslims condeiming terrorism. You for example make excusses for Muslim terrorism. You do this by comparing a purposful act of terrorism by Muslims against other Musliums to an accident of war. You compare apples to oranges.

            You and people like you empower terrorist and evil. I know you find this offensive. What you don't realize is how offensive I find it when you compare blood thristy terrorist to soldiers who made a mistake while attempting to protect Muslims from blood thristy terrorist.

            You are the one with the double standard.

          • Martin K.

            If MO was teaching his early followers that the earth was ROUND, there would at least be ONE HADITH letting us know how his contemporaries ARGUED with him. “Hey this madman thinks that the earth is round like a apple, (or any other round fruit they knew) how can people stay on it, they will fall off” could be one such argument. But nothing the like, zilch nada! Earth was FLAT FOR HIM, like for the rest of the people of his time.

            As to 9/11, LOTS OF MUSLIMS warn often times SOMETHING worse could happen!

            There were NO WORLD-WIDE Protest for the 90 people who got killed. Not ONE that made the News. In Turkey 15 to 20.000 people took to the streets, because of NINE dead. Yet when 120 Kurds were killed in Iraq by them, SILENCE!

            But we had TWO Demonstrations here to condemn the nine death. Besides in plenty of your responses in the couple of days I'm here YOU defended the KILLING of “Infidels” just because they “attacked” Islam. Theo Van Gogh made a movie and he died for it through the hand of a Muslim, (who felt ATTACKED by this infidel) who might have taken the Kooraan just as serios as you do.

            As to Israel: The fact that Muslims don't want to allow Israel a tiny portion of Land, WHICH BELONGED FIRST to the Jews, shows me WHO IS THE REAL occupier! Will you deny that MO went to a JEWISCH TEMPLE in his fancy flight to Jerusalem! How can ARABS CLAIM a land they did not cultivate!? Before any ARABS have claim to Israel do have Jews their right. Not only that, nearly ONE Million Jews were DRIVEN out of Islamic countries after Israel was formed! Tell me how many Jews live today in Medina? A town they occupied before the sucker of a prophet expelled them. Or in Arabia for that matter! Islam is toleranze, well why are no Jews living in Mecca or Medina? Jews were driven from their places /villages towns they inhabited for hundred of years by Muslims and then you have the gall to call Jews OCCUPIERS!

            Hamas denies Israel it right of Statehood. They declared war on the State of Israel, as long as there is war why should Israel then aid its enemies? And why do the suckers of Hamas night fight in the open? But hide behind Children, Woman and old people?

  • Asma

    I read this comment before, against another front page magazine's islamophoboc article

    • frabul slomn

      lt isnt islam phobic to state Mohomad was a murderer, a rapist a robber and a paedophile, these things are true. You can decide whether or not you believe he was Gods spokesperson – thats a judgement call every one is free to make. Maybe he was Gods spokeperson notwithstanding his unwholesome behaviour, its possible. Muslims are too dumb to consider the notion that God and or Gods spokespersons can theoretically do anything – including murder and rape. However it is my contention that he wasnt Gods spokeperson. lf you think l ought to be punished for thinking that way then l suggest you are braindead.

      • Asma

        LIES. The prophet pbuh was the greatest human being to have traversed this earth.

        • Clay Cole


          I take it then that you support murder, raping, and paedoplia. Please stay away from my children.

        • Ray

          You sound like a robot. You've been indoctrinated well.

  • Carolyn

    This kind of article should be required reading in highschools! My Koran is filled with hatred for infidels, Jews, any who do not worship Allah. There are some "good" citations, and they are truly worthy, reminiscent of the Bible, But hatred? It's a plague spot that eventually destroys the hater!!

    • Asma

      Islam hates idolatry and there fore it abolished idol worshipping which is considered the biggest sin. Islam promotes peace unless challenged as Allah/God does not like aggressors.

      • Clay Cole

        Allah must be very upset with Muslims right now.

        • Asma

          Allah must be very upset with the whole world Clay ,

  • resistislamification

    I would like to know why it is that jewish "human rights" lawyers, femi-nazi groups, and the pink triangle crowd ALWAYS jump to defend islam and moslems. are they so fargin' obtuse they don't realize that if islam ever got to run the show, they would be rounded up and beheaded? the same goes for leftists/socialists/communists. Wake up losers!

  • fred

    I keep a Koran in each of my bathrooms. When my friends see it they ask why. I tell them that it is the best toilet paper that money can buy!!!! It does make for a good laugh. What else could it possibly be good for????

    • Asma

      you must be a sick man.Go see a psychiatrist.

      • Timmy

        Muslims have done far worse to the entire Holy Land and surrounding lands and to the stories and people of the true holy scriptures. The amount of suffering and destruction that Islam has brought upon the world make the Koran something that any civilized person wouldn't want to even use as toilet paper, it is beneath even that.

        • Asma

          may God help you and guide you to the right path which is the path of Islam

      • kafir4life

        No kidding asma! I wouldn't let that filth near even my bunghole!!

        An interesting note tho'…..When used to line a cats litter box, they won't use it. Same as with the New York Times. Cats are very clean animals, and consider the koran and NYT in their sh*t box as redundant.

        • Asma

          I am glad I came to the FPM by accident. It has shown me the truth about some of you so called civilized people.

          • Clay Cole

            And you don't insult people.

  • fred

    Compare Islam to a Virus. It wont go away and it cant be cured. It will eventually destroy everything good and leave disaster in its wake. Anyone who thinks Islam should be respected needs to pull their head out of their collective asses and see the light. Muslims want to destroy all that is not Islamic. By God, theyre doing it as we stand by and watch them. We will soon regret it., but not before it is too late.

  • chattyone

    ya think! Wonder how long it will take our nit-wit leaders to surrender their polical correctness and come to their senses!

  • loseyateefa

    Here is a free 295 page pdf downloadable book by Sujit Das:
    Unmasking Muhammed: The Malignant Narcissist and his Grand Delusion Allah
    Every muslim should be forced to read it to give them the sense to leave Islam, and every non-muslim needs to read it to stop those who won't.

    The author uses extensive understanding of psychiatry, history, the Qu'ran and the life of Muhammed. It is the most exhaustive source I've seen. He doesn't hold the copyright and wants this disseminated as widely as possible. Please repost this source as often as applicable.

  • Charles

    What sort of God would make Himself fully understandable ONLY to those who speak and understand Arabic? That issue in itself debunks Islam. A Supreme Being would never do that! Catholicism admits of numerous Mysteries which cannot be understood by Man (or Woman) regardless of which languages he/she might speak. Man/Woman cannot fully understand the Supernatural. I get that.

    Yet, we are supposed to believe that humans who speak Arabic (and no others) are capable of understanding Allah if properly disposed.

    False on its face!! The Seventh Century lives! Absurd!!

    • Asma

      Charles read Penguins Koranic translation by Dawood

  • Richard Terrell

    Asma challenges people to read the Koran. I have, in English translation. But Asma is being disingenuous here, because Islam does not recognize reading the Koran in anything but Arabic as having read it. THAT MAKES DIALOGUE ABOUT IT IMPOSSIBLE.

    As far as my reading of it is concerned, I find it to be a book that breathes hostility and scorn for most of the human race. I read it after 9/11, and I came to the conclusion that Osama bin Laden is "the real thing," as far as Islam is concerned.

  • Stuart Parsons

    If there were a God it would be extreme blasphemy to credit him with being the author of the Qur'an. It is a ridiculous often incomprehensible dirge and it is sad to think that for 1400 years so many idiots have been conned into believing it is the work of an omniscient deity.
    They believe it because they fear that not to believe may well result in an eternal afterlife of skin burning and replacement and the eternal drinking of that which is reputed to be similar to molten brass.

    • Timmy

      It is very likely that most Muslims now and throughout history in their quiet moments in private know that Muhammad was a fraud, that the Koran is an incomprehensible jumble of meaninglessness, but they can't leave, they can't admit to anyone not even close friends or family what they actually think about Islam. They would be killed, they would cease to exist on this planet. Most people are just not willing to die – they will just go along to survive. If it was not for force, Islam would have died out centuries ago.

      • Asma

        Not true Timmy.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry for the broken link. Read the article What Is the Koran? from the January 1999 issue of The Atlantic:

  • jac

    If Allah uttered the Qur'an in arabic then he would have been using a language that had already been raised to befitting poetic excellence by the pagans, Jews, polytheists, and the other non Muslims. Complimentary, but credible? Furthermore, since Allah is believed to be outside of time, he could have no truck with any man made language since the passage of time to elaborate meaning. There can be scant help by reference to the intermediary role of Jibreel since how could supposed perfection be maintained through a necessary less than perfect medium. This must go for Mohammad too.

  • Bobbie

    Koran is an Arab supremacist text book representing its time and environment. Nothing more nothing less. Nothing mysterious!

  • Roland

    Islam denies that Jesus was the son of God; that Christ was merely another prophet. In this alone Islam distinguishes itself from Christianity. By denying that Jesus was the son of God there can be no Salvation, no resurrection for Christians according to Islam.

    If I were the Devil I would have written the Koran.

  • Indioviejo

    The Koran is the perfect book for a satanic cult. Muslims feel gratified in the legitimacy the book gives to their evil behavior. That their perfect man, Mohammed, "Piss be upon him", was a murderous pedophile just makes it dandy for his cult followers. It is also a great recruitment tool for the prison Imams who find themselves among their natural element. Louis Farrakhan has done well by this book, and he has gone far. Far enough already.

  • Len Powder

    It's a book inspired and composed by a Madman. It is Hitler's Mein Kampf with as much value to civilization and mankind. How do you stop ifs pernicious influence? Confine it, just like Nazism should have been contained withing Germany itself. If you don't restrict and constrict it you will end up shedding blood to stop it, just as with Nazism.

  • reflecting 1a

    Frontpage Magazine–The study of political Islam, Feb 5. 2007 is a must read. Warner analyzes the Koran– Finds that approx 70% is political, 30% religious. The political could be interpreted as advocating the overthrow of the U.S. Which would put it under the Mccarran Act which shut down the domestic Communists during the Cold War. Portions of the act are still on the books. The Muslims can preach and practice the religious aspects of Islam and be prosecuted for the political ones. Simple.

    • traeh

      That may well be the right direction for non-Muslims to look. Because of our belief in religious freedom, we run into problems if we try to suppress Islam as a whole. But we can perhaps find ways to suppress its political aspects, insofar as those are totalitarian. The mere fact that Muslims refuse to distinguish the political and religious does not mean that non-Muslims must abide by that. Americans tore the politics out of Shinto after World War II, but we permitted Shinto to go on as a private religion provided it fostered no political ambitions. That may be the only sustainable way for non-Muslim peoples to contain Islam — by going after any Islamic organization that pursues political theocratic aspects (which constitute the larger part of Islamic doctrine) and leaving the religious elements alone. Americans would not want to suppress any texts, but we could under some circumstances suppress organizations and persons advocating totalitarian aspects of those texts. However, if I read U.S. sedition laws correctly, it seems that to be committing sedition, a person must call for the violent overthrow of the government. If one merely advocates Sharia law be implemented by peaceful and democratic means, that apparently does not breach sedition laws. That means that as the Muslim population of the U.S. grows, Islamization could proceed gradually, subtly, and legally. I'm not sure what legal defense there is against that sort of Islamization. One would have to prove that underlying the peaceful words is evidence of violent intent. Or one would have to find a way to restrict immigration from Islamic nations; perhaps one could instead restrict immigration from terrorist nations, and in that way avoid singling out a religion, since such singling out might violate the First Amendment. But excluding terrorist nations need not run afoul of the First Amendment, and most terrorist nations would just happen to be Islamic nations.

      • PRCS

        I agree with you, including the need to prove sedition.

        Most Americans would not want to eliminate or supress the Qur'an or the Sunnah, as they do contain numerous religious passages. But as we cherish the separation of religious laws from our secular, man-made laws (and their subordination to the laws of our nation), we have an obligation, and the right, to make clear–up front–that our contstitution reigns supreme; no matter what one religious belief or another teaches.

        But one huge error in that task is singling our Islam.

        Tackling that problem should begin with the unequivocal assertion that like Judaism and Christianity, many of Islam's teachings are unarguably antithetical to democracy and, if acted out, do violate our constitution and U.S. law and that as most Jews and Christians–though they may at times protest–recognize and acknowledge that their religious laws must remain subordinate to the man-made laws of this land, so too must our Muslim residents.

        The goal shold not be, in the main, to force only 'the Muslims' to accept that, but rather to make America's 'unbelievers' aware of that conflict so that they, too, can make that clear.

  • Cherif El-Ayouty

    It is very noble of William Kilpatrick to make a new approach at criticizing Islam. I have been doing that for a measly five years now and tried every conceivable (in my opinion) form of criticism, which I consider constructive and aimed at reforming Islam. William’s assertions are very legitimate and any well-educated intellectual would certainly agree. However, the principle in itself of trying to reason with Muslims on the basis of free thought, rationality, common sense and literature is utterly useless. Being myself a Muslim living among Christians and Jews for all my life I fail to see the point of keeping our assumption that our common opponents; who are the Muslim radicals and fundamentalists; are at capable of a dialogue on a Shakespearean level or at the level of Homer, Tolstoy or James Joyce. We are talking to 1.4 billion individual whose intellectual level did not develop beyond what Chief Sitting Bull was capable of. We are today’s Westerners of planet Mars, the Moon, the supercomputer and genetics talking to today’s Wild West’s Red Indians of the Stone Age. Whatever approach we are using to redirect, correct, explain or negotiate Islam with the Muslim radicals is met with one and only response from them: ”Everything you say is considered a critique of Islam and thus cannot be listened to”, end of dialogue.

    Certainly, for the sake of our own intellectual sanity, we must keep at finding the right explanation, but we should direct our efforts to other intellectuals of the world. I can assure you that true Muslim intellectuals do not number more than 1,000 worldwide and thus have an insignificant influence on how the rest of the Muslim world is practicing Islam.

    I suggest a new approach by putting to every Muslim justifying his/her actions and rhetoric by saying that it is Islam that says so, the following question: “Which Islam are you referring to?” Taking into consideration that there are 57 Muslim countries in the world each of them practicing it own version of Islam in accordance to its own interpretation of the Koran, the notion that there is one and only Islam is self-defeating. That fact explains why many have notion of a non-friendly radical Islam and another of a friendly moderate Islam. The two notions do not contradict each other since there are 57 different versions of Islam of which some are benign and others are malignant.

    There will never be one Muslim country shifting its own version of malignant Islam to a benign form just through a peaceful and democratic process. There are many examples of the opposite taking place as what happened in Iran, Afghanistan, Northern Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Gaza and many pockets within so-called moderate Muslim countries. I myself am a supporter of a 58th version of Islam that can be applied among Muslims living in the West, which I presented in My book “Today’s Muslim” and by which Muslims can practice Islam while living the West without annoying their hosts.

    • traeh

      You say there are 57 different versions of Islam, some of which are benign, and some of which are malignant.

      That's going a little too far, I think. There is a great deal of overlap among those 57 "different" versions. If there are benign versions of Islam, to my knowledge they don't dominate thoroughly anywhere in the Islamic world. Have not all 57 Islamic nations signed the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam? That document basically says that if anything contradicts sharia, it can't be considered a human right. So forget freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

      The most liberal Islamic nations — such as Indonesia — are still way below the human rights standards of advanced nations, particularly when it comes to religious freedom.

      Everywhere Islam goes, it tends to suppress civil liberties below the modern level. Just about everywhere, Islam is, comparatively speaking, refractory to modern understandings of human rights. Yes, Indonesia is far better than Saudi Arabia. But we see the Indonesian province of Aceh trying to implement Islamic law. And we see Indonesian prosecutors threatening non-orthodox Muslims with 5-year jail terms unless they stop preaching non-orthodox Islam. We also have not long ago seen news stories about Indonesia Christians being threatened with 5-year jail terms for the horrific crime of…proselytizing!! And Indonesia apparently still has religious identity cards.

      Even if we leave out entirely Indonesia's Bali nightclub explosion, and the Muslim decapitation of Indonesian Christian girls on their way to school, and the burning down of many Christian churches in Indonesia, it's hardly a country that grants full religious freedom. And the rest of the Muslim world is worse, generally much, much worse.

    • Clay Cole

      Cherif El-Ayouty,

      You are the Muslim version of the Catholic who disagrees with Catholism. You are the type of person I would enjoy sitting down and having a long talk on this subject. We could both explain our believes to the other in a friendly way.

  • reflecting 1a

    Cherif El-ayouty, you are 58 times more funny that any Muslim I have ever met !!!

  • Clay Cole

    The reason the quran has koran has not been looked at critically is people don't want to be threated and/or killed. What is funny is the people that are the most likely to be oppressed by Islam oppose those who would protect them form this oppression. It is like the kid that the school yard bully has picked on defending the bully when someone trys to help the kid. They are afraid that opposing the bully (Islam) will only make matters worse.

    Of course they may have a point there. There is an awful long list of people the Islamist have killed in the last few years because they have wrote or said something negitive about Islam.

  • Steve

    Asma…you need to grab your head, give it a good shake and maybe you will realize that the Quran IS HATE SPEECH. Your so-called holy book lacks only one thing…a swastika on its cover.

    • Clay Cole


      You fail to understand Asma. She believes that the quran is the word of God and all others are false. To her it is hateful for any one to beleive otherwise. To her you blasphem the prophet when you state that you do not think he is a prophet for any reason at all. Yet she thinks that the quran affirms Chirst when it has Christ say He is not the Son of God. To her we are hateful for not accepting this statement.

      Asma, is blind to the double standard is holds. It is good to have her post. It is good for people to see this double standard. She has proved the arguements people have made against Islam.

      As a Christian all I can do is pray for her that Christ will open her eyes to the truth. For people that don't believe in God I don't know what they can do.

  • Liny

    The left are such hypocrites. Islam treats women as second class citizens and the feminatzis give them a pass. Rather than condeming such treatment they look the other way and say nothing. Why are we so afraid to speak out against Islam but not Christianity or Judaism? The Muslims have already taken over Dearborn MI with Suria Law and honor killings. Muslims who have converted to Christianity in the US have to fear for their lives. We must all take a good look at this whole picture and change our attitude from one of being politically correct to one that speaks the truth and to not be afraid about offending the Muslims. They certainly don't care much about offending us.

  • ziomania


    Once upon a time; the people of the Jewish faith were deadly enemies of those of the Christian faith. That was not too long ago. But when Anglo Jewry (Khazars) decided to colonize Palestine, then they switched enemies. The Jewish world is now an unrelenting and a sworn enemy of the Muslim world. To find fault with the Koran is to be very selective and judgemental. The Torah is the most sadistic and bloodthirsty of all three m/e religions. Why pick on the Koran and hide the satanic verses of the Jews? Frankly, as I once heard it expressed, when religion comes through the door, logic flies out of the window. No matter what religion one is studying or getting to know, one is met with nothing but hocus/pocus. But the people of hocus/pocus should be left alone to devote to their religion unfettered and in peace. There is no other religion than the religion of no religion. But it is certainly wise to learn not to disprespect the Muslim religion out of spite.

    Here is a look at the Jewish satanic verses:

    • Clay Cole

      How many black helecoptors have you seen today? Very sad.

    • Asma

      Thank you Ziomania. You are a truthful person.

      • traeh

        Why, because ziomania fails to call Islam to account over the fact that, according to Islam's own core texts, Muhammad presided over the beheading of 500 to 900 Jews who had surrendered to him? They were dumped in trenches.

        Why, because ziomania doesn't defend the right of the Jews to a tiny little sliver of land where they have been much longer than the Muslims?

        Why, because ziomania doesn't care that around the Middle East there is a desire to exterminate the Jews?

    • Timmy

      Muhammad himself massacred entire tribes of Jews in ARABIA – YES that place, Arabia, the same place that has NO Jews now, Muhammad accomplished what Hitler could not! Anti-Jewish hate is written into the Koran, it is a core part of the religion of Islam. Secondly, the commandments of God (not Allah) in the OT to kill some tribes were for a specific purpose AT THAT TIME, they were idol worshiping baby sacrificing peoples who needed to be removed from the Holy Land so that God could have His people develop there which they did, until the Muslims viciously and with full evil INVADED in the 7th century, hundreds of years after Christ. But the funny thing is that it is YOU, TODAY, the filthy infidel of the modern world, the people you see in the store or on the TV who the Koran instructs to be wiped out, not some isolated tribe in Canaan thousands of years ago. But you think that Torah is the problem, right.

    • traeh

      There is a key difference between the violence in core Islamic texts, and that in the Old Testament. In Islam, the violence is prescriptive, open-ended command into the future. In the Old Testament, the violence is a description of something that happened to a particular town. Not a command to go on doing the same thing on and on into the future.

      You say that all religions are equally fantasy. Fine. Let's say that's true, for the sake of discussion. But not all religions are equally benign or malignant. Consider, for example:

      Tina Magaard, a linguist who got her Ph.D. in Intercultural Communication from the Sorbonne, did a three-year study of the original texts of the ten largest religions. One of her findings was that the Islamic texts were by far the most aggressive against other groups.

      So even if all the religions, as you seem to think, are equally fantasies, some of them are more dangerous fantasies than others.

      You might also do well to read a very short excerpt from the great Daniel Boorstin, who wrote the trilogy of books: The Creators, The Seekers, The Discoverers. In a very short chapter of the Creators, Boorstin looks at key differences between the Judeo-Christian view of things on the one hand, and the Islamic view on the other. Check out the Boorstin excerpt here.

      • Timmy

        One of the most disheartening aspects of this whole "Islam" issue in the West is the way that it exposes so-called intellectuals and our elite in academia, media, government, etc. To hear an otherwise intelligent person on the radio or writing a column bleat on about Islam being one of the "Abrahamic" faiths, sharing the same God with Judaism and Christianity reveals how shallow their understanding is, that they did nothing more than read a few sentences proclaiming that whilst failing to dig even one millimeter deeper to grasp the easily determined fact that as Boorstin comments on, the "character" of Allah precludes altogether any possibility that he is the same God as that of the Bible. Islam makes morons out of more people (infidels in the West who defend it or fail to grasp the reality of it) than any other issue or subject.

        There is one radio host who is always talking about all the books he has read and he speaks very authoritatively on everything turning arguments against callers etc. etc. but when he goes into the Islam subject it is just tragic to hear. How in the world is the West going to survive?

  • Clay Cole

    This has nothing to do with this article, but don't ya'll find it funny that this so called "Muslim hating site" has as an advertizer?

    • Timmy

      And Arab Lounge also. It is sort of strange. Maybe someone is just using key words on a site to determine whether they want to put an ad there. If it is totally automated there might not be some Muslim sitting there actually reviewing where all their ads show up.

      But what is so sad is to think of all of the beautiful Arab women throughout history – since the imposition of Islam in the 7th century, and how much the world has lost. Just imagine if Islam had never been invented and the entire Middle East had developed normally through the years. It is hard to grasp the full scope of the destruction that Islam has brought.

  • Asma

    I like it when Clay Cole admits that this is a Muslim hating site. However I am happy that besides these Muslim bashers ,I found two really good human beings: Ziomania and rhurt.
    The Quran says:
    This book is not to be doubted.It is a guide for the righteous,who believe in the unseen and are steadfast in prayer: who give in alms from what we gave them: who believe in what has been revealed to you and what was revealed before you,and have absolute faith in the life to come.These are rightly guided by their Lord:these shall surely triumph.

    As for the unbelievers,it is the same whether or not you forewarn them: they will not have faith. God has set a seal upon their hearts and ears; their sight is dimmed and grievous punishment awaits them.

    There are some who declare:' We believe in God and the last day,' yet they are no true believers. They seek to deceive God and those who believe in Him; but they deceive non save themselves,though they may not perceive it. There is a sickness in their hearts which God has aggravated; they shall be sternly punished for the lies they tell.

    • Clay Cole


      This book is not to be doubted, fine. Then you admit that the prophet was a Murderer, rapist and pediphile. This is your idea of the best man that ever lived. To me that is an evil man that should be at best thrown in prison and at worse executed.

      This may objectionable. I find venerating a man like that objectable.

      I believe in that Christ is the Son of God and as Christ when He said, "I am the way, thruth and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me." The "prophet" blasphems Christ when he claims Christ at four days old states He is not the Son of God. Believe what you want, but don't expect Christians to accept the quran as a holy book when it denies Christ. Islam is the only religion in the world that goes out of its way to deminish Christ.

      You have no problem when you are guilty of what could be call hate speach, but you sure do have a problem when someone disagrees with you.

      • Clay Cole


        I'm pleased you enjoyed my sarcasum.

        I think I'll give you a good example of hate, "And the rocks will say, Muslim a Jew is hiding behind me. Come and kill him."

        There is some hate speach for you.

        • Asma

          quote me the chapter and verse

          • Clay Cole


            Well you don't even know what is in your own book. Interesting. With your every post you give more crediblity to the critics of Islam.

          • traeh

            From Sahih Bukari and Sahih Muslim, the two most canonical of hadith collections:


            Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 176:
            Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Umar:
            Allah's Apostle [Muhammad] said, "You (i.e. Muslims) will fight with the Jews till some of them will hide behind stones. The stones will (betray them) saying, 'O 'Abdullah (i.e. slave of Allah)! There is a Jew hiding behind me; so kill him.' "

            Sahih Bukhari, Volume 4, Book 52, Number 177:
            Narrated Abu Huraira:
            Allah's Apostle [Muhammad] said, "The Hour will not be established until you fight with the Jews, and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say. "O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him."

            Sahih Muslim Book 041, Number 6985:
            Abu Huraira reported Allah's Messenger [Muhammad] (may peace be upon him) as saying: The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

          • traeh

            It's true that many Muslims — and perhaps Asma — don't know what there own core texts say, and there is a reason for that. According to Islam, the true Qur'an is only in Arabic. Muslims must pray and recite the Qur'an in Arabic. But 4/5 of the world's Muslims are not Arabs and do not speak Arabic. And even Arab Muslims, I gather, have some difficulty understanding the archaic Arabic of the Qur'an. Thus many Muslims have only a vague idea what their own texts say.

      • Asma

        As for the unbelievers,it is the same whether or not you forewarn them;they will not have faith

        • Clay Cole

          Paul in his letter to the Romans say the same thing about those that do not except Christ. That means you.

          You see our faiths are in direct conflict. I tell you that and you are insulted. I am not to be insulted when you tell me I'm going to hell.

          I understand that telling you if you do not believe in Christ can be offensive to you. Christ Himself told us this would be so. You don't seem to understand that denying Christ and telling us if we don't agree with a mere prophet we are going to hell is offensive to Christians or any one else for that matter.

        • traeh

          That's it, Asma. Just repeat some line over and over again. Whatever you do, don't think or question too much. It's not permitted in Islam, and you'll only get yourself in trouble, as thinking and questioning might make you come upon something you haven't memorized already in the Qur'an or sunna. My God, what if you started to have doubts, Asma? What if you actually considered that Muhammad might not be what he says he is, and your parents and imams might be wrong? Better to stick your head in the sand than to think. God might punish you for questioning, right? Whatever you do, don't take a philosophy course. Islam will have great difficulty standing up to any sustained encounter with philosophy, i.e., systematic, persistant questioning.

        • D marshall

          ill warn you asma if it was not for non muslim countrys you lot would starve to death we know everything you lot are just a burden on society dont push your luck or yours will be a painfull existance

    • Liberty Clinger

      "This book is not to be doubted."

      Wrong. The Koran was not written by God; rather by an evil mass-murdering, war-mongering pedophile, and it is to be doubted.

      "These (Muslims) are rightly guided by their Lord: these shall surely triumph."

      Wrong. Many Muslims are wrongly guided by their greedy, bloodthirsty and lust-filled Imams. These shall surely be defeated by the forces of Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

      "As for the unbelievers, it is the same whether or not you forewarn them: they will not have faith."

      Wrong. We are believers and have faith in the Biblical God – the same God of the American Declaration of Independence – the God of man's sacred equal unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. We do not have faith in your god or your Koran.

    • Martin K.

      You know Asma you should not befriend "nonbelievers” if you do so you are violating a direction given by your head-honcho called allah. I've just found out you are a “woman”? Well this explains your reluctance to “educate” your fellow Muslims. My wife would kick me out of the house and divorce me immediately if I fooled around with a girlfriend. But you as a Muslima, must share your husband with at least 3 other woman or 72 Houris! In case you both make it there which is not too certain since most woman are in Hell according to aallah! And aallah creating a special creature just so that your husband can fulfill his sexual needs with another woman, does not bother you a bit? You have to wait for your turn in this group-sex. When Jesus said "one woman and one man" did he lie? Why would the Christian men change the permission to have more then one wife. You know that Mo claimed the Gospel got corrupted? Well he got in contact only with some "fringe" sects of Christianity…..

  • 4gsltw

    "Asma," you'd be singing a different tune if you were among the first forced to choose between Islam and death. Your cowardly ancestors who chose life over truth have cursed you and all others like you to their great shame. I pity you, and I pray the true God of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Son and our savior have mercy on you and open your eyes and heart to accept His free gift of life before it's too late for you.

  • traeh

    In fact I've loved some Muslims I've known. I don't hate Muslims. What I hate is Islam as a criminal totalitarian cult that enslaves believers and seeks to enslave everyone. What I hate is the statement by Muhammad when he said, "If someone changes his Islamic religion, then kill him."

    I wish all Muslims would see through the slave cult of Islam and abandon it and Muhammad, that sand pirate cult leader. I wish all Muslims would rejoin the human race and stop trying to enslave it either literally under sharia law or else under an ethos and culture formed by Islamic law.

    It's not entirely unnatural for people to get angry at mindless cult members trying to assist the spread of a destructive, immoral, totalitarian cult on the rest of us. Better get used to it. It's only going to get worse, as Islamic supremacism and jihad continue their efforts to expand their domains and increase the numbers of their slaves.

    • reflecting 1a

      Traeh, keep reading and responding on sites and topics like this. You seem to have a fund of knowledge of Islam and a way of explaining it that is moderate, well thought out and factual. These are characteristics that will be needed for the long battle ahead.

      • traeh

        Thanks, reflecting 1a. Actually, on this thread I've perhaps been a bit harsher than I usually am in my comments. Quite possibly you haven't seen some of my harsher comments, as I've left maybe more than a dozen comments on this thread — I've been responding a lot to Asma. I've been experimenting a bit — I usually try to be more cool and objective. As I've learned more about Islam, I've become more outraged.

        • Timmy

          The West is in such denial about Islam, if the truth about Islam and what it has done through history was common knowledge instead of just a select few knowing the truth and the vast majority "knowing as absolute fact" abject absurd lies about Islam and the history of Islam, Muhammad and Islam and those who follow it would be treated with less respect than Hitler and Nazism. That anyone who knows the truth about Islam is able to rationally discuss it without screaming about the bloody outrages it has committed through the centuries is frankly amazing. Islam is an absolute outrage, and yet the world just shrugs it's shoulders and smiles.

  • Liberty Clinger

    "The fear of the Lord is to Hate evil." Proverbs

    Asma says "this is a Muslim hating site." Acutually most Americans by far do not hate Muslims in general any more than we hated Germans in general during World War II. What patriotic Americans do hate is the evil of Totalitarian Political Islam and mass-murdering Islamic Jihad – just as we hated the evil of Totalitarian Political Nazism and the mass-murdering Nazi SS and Gestapo. Unfortunately the evil of Totalitarian Political Islam and mass-murdering Islamic Jihad has been around since the 7th Century – a far more enduring Evil than Nazism. The mass-murdering enslaving conquests of Totalitarian Islam over the Western Roman Empire (North Africa) and the Eastern Byzantine Roman Empire (Middle East, Turkey, Balkans) puts the Third Reich to shame.

    God Hates evil, so we Hate evil. Speaking Hatred of evil is good Hate speech.

  • Timmy

    As a general comment, on the existential threat that Islam poses to the West, Asma is not unique for a Muslim, in fact she seems much more reasonable than most who comment, but note that in the end, if people in the West were to spend every waking moment discussing Islam vs. freedom and democracy with Muslims in the West, there would never be any end to the arguments, the amount of time wasted would be so immense that even just that wasting of so much time in such a pointless endeavor would in fact destroy the West. No good can come from allowing Islam into the West. It won't change Islam and it will destroy the West. Islam creates that sort of unique confusion that one imagines will exist in Hell, where endless arguing and frustration rule the day, where no satisfaction can be found in any rational discussion. The West will end up just like every other society that has Islam in it if we don't stop the spread of Islam in the West.

  • Clay Cole

    One of the attackes that Amaa uses is how Americans treated the "Red Man." (Funny how she uses a dispraging term here) I am part Commanche and Cherokee to go along with my English and German heritage. I'm very proud of all these groups. But, I'm an American. Though I have Native American heritage I'm 100% American. I'm not Commanche, Cherokee, English or German. I'm an American and have never been treated as anything else by any other American.

    • Timmy

      If Islam is allowed to spread in America, and then when it eventually obtains majority status (which has to happen eventually since people are not allowed to leave Islam) all of the various ethnic groups including "American Indians" will be erased with time and everyone will just be "Muslims" in "Islamic America." All of the past achievements of America will be counted as victories and successes of Islam. Won't it be queer to see American Indians wearing Arab dress! Oh how they will have fallen from the proud days when they wore war paint and feathers. Sad, truly tragic.

  • Asma

    Dear all,
    This is my last comment on this or any other FPM's Islamophobic article. I am glad I gave you a rare opportunity to insult, demean and denigrate a believer You in your hate for Muslims have tried to distort Islam to the Nth degree. You have twisted every word of mine to suite your agenda ,but in doing so, you have made my beliefs even stronger than ever by showing me that as a follower of Islam, I didn't denigrate you or your religions. Just by comparing your behaviour towards me and my behaviour towards you, I have found that the Prophet Of Islam(peace be upon him) has been far more effective than any other Prophet,(peace be upon all of them) in his teachings of peace and civil behaviour.
    I have also found the truth in the second verse of the Holy Quran,".It is a guide for the righteous."
    I feel sorry for your hate filled souls and forgive you for your insults to my person .
    Of course I will keep on praying for your guidance to the truth which is Islam. You can stop me from writing in this forum by not listening to me or hurling abuse at me,but You cannot stop me for praying for your guidance and opening of your heart to Islam.
    Good bye for ever

    • Timmy

      Islam is the problem not you. We pity you not hate you. It would be "hateful" for a Christian to not warn you that following Muhammad and Islam will mean eternal suffering in Hell for you. It is love for you that causes people to try to help you awaken and break yourself free from the bonds of slavery that is Islam. Instead of just quiting posting try to come up with another approach. Try to respond to critics of Islam as if they were speaking from true belief, perhaps true facts, and not just (which is silly) attacking with lies out of hate. No one has the time to waste attacking Muslims with lies. We are merely trying to save the West, to keep Islam out of the West so that there will always be at least one place for free people, and where even people who want to leave Islam can go and remain alive unlike where Islam is widespread and those who leave are killed according to the commands of the hate filled Muhammad. Compare the life of Jesus to that of Muhammad, recognize the truth of the Gospel, find the truth and it will set you free.

    • Clay Cole


      I pointed a passage in the quran where Muslims are instructed to kill Jews. You asked for chapter and verse as if you didn't know this exsited. It was given to you. Either you are to ignorante of your own faith much less any other to disscuss this with us or you are a liar.

      That may seem harsh and mean to you, but it is the only logical conclusion anyone who has read any of yuur postings can come to.

    • D marshall

      only one muslim on site, oh dear asma and as you faith gets stronger it will get wronger and your whole life will be deticated to demons well done but take a look around you muslims are killing each other the world over mosques are full of old men the muslim youth are more intrested in western culture your religion relies on third world ignorrence its fucked and we are gradually whittleing you down 50 years from now the mosques willbe empty

  • BB2610

    I am offended that this author freely uses 'God' in place of Allah in this article. For example in the first usage: "… God wants the whole world to be subject to Islam." No, the correct wording is "… Allah wants …". The difference is that Allah is not God. God is and always will be living, whereas Allah is the moon god; a figment god. Allah has no power nor will, which is why the Koran is written such that men are given instructions to act for Allah.

    • Timmy

      There are many problems such as this that occur whenever one tries to discuss Islam in the West. Basic concepts and words in the West have entirely different meanings under Islam and it causes no end of confusion. There is ultimately no way to reconcile the Islamic world view with that of the West. That is why Islam must be kept out of the West if the free democracies of the West are too survive.

  • traeh

    Sorry one or two of the links in my above comments don't work: html code works a little unpredictably (to me) on this website.

  • Tim Danaher

    "And it ought to be challenged frequently and persuasively with the intention of forcing Muslims to at least entertain some doubts that God had anything to do with the composition of the Koran."

    whereas a tawdry, eastern-mediterranean, tribal god had everything to do with the writing of the bible, right?

    • Timmy

      Tawdry? If you were intellectually curious you might know that the proof of the bible being composed by a higher power resides in the miracle of the bible itself. That is, the various books were composed by different people, in different ages, who did not know one another and where the later writers in most cases did not have the ability to refer to the prior works in order to commit some sort of fraud by making them jibe with one another. The miracle is how the common thread runs through all the different books, they tie together. And whatever your small mind may think of the bible and God, it is in fact the inspiration for much of the greatest art and literature the world has known. Even Shakespeare includes biblical references liberally throughout his works. The Koran by comparison is truly a joke.

  • D marshall

    there we go again asma just because i dont believe in your discusting god i must be punished for eternitty the good news is that only 1 in a 1000 muslims will make it to paradise the rest will burn with me and that is in the qu'ran, so fuck off down the mosque and keep off our lovely anti islamic site and let us undermine your religion

  • ENH