The Road to Sharia

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The likelihood that this may someday happen is increased by the fact that Americans are so used to their  liberties that they find it difficult to imagine that any but a few could really be serious about Sharia.  But Sharia laws are not like the old “blue laws” in the U.S. which remained on the books long after the point where anyone enforced them or paid attention to them.  Not only is Sharia law strictly enforced in many Muslim countries, but it is also widely supported.  For example, the Pew Global Attitudes Survey of Pakistani Public Opinion conducted in 2009 found that 83 percent of Pakistanis favor stoning adulterers, 80 percent favor whippings and cutting off hands for thieves, and 78 percent favor death for those who leave Islam.

Muslims in non-Muslims countries are also expected to observe Sharia.  In the U. K. there are already at least 85 Sharia courts operating alongside British courts.  In France, Sharia is brutally enforced within the Muslim controlled neighborhoods known as les banlieus or, as the police call them, “no-go-zones.”  In the U.S., Sharia law defenses are now being mounted in criminal cases.  In a 2009 New Jersey case, a judge ruled that an abusive husband could not be found guilty of criminal intent because he had acted according to his Muslim beliefs (the ruling was overturned by an appellate court).  Last year the Obama administration co-sponsored a U.N. resolution with Egypt urging member states to pass laws making criticism of Islam a crime.  Currently, Molly Norris, the cartoonist who proposed the “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day” is in hiding as a result of death threats.  She is guilty of violating Islamic blasphemy laws.  Perhaps she didn’t realize that many aspects of Sharia law are binding for non-Muslims as well as for Muslims.

One of the paramount obligations of Sharia is jihad.  The most authoritative Islamic guides define it, not as a “spiritual struggle,” but as “warfare to establish the religion.”  Jihad is the duty of every Muslim; however it is acceptable to carry on jihad in non-violent ways such as through infiltration or by means of propaganda or political warfare, or merely by supporting those who wage active jihad.

The aim of jihad, in turn, is not so much to convert everyone to Islam, but to subject everyone to Allah’s law—that is, Sharia law.  Since man-made laws are considered illicit, that means that democratic governments which rely on the consent of the governed are inherently invalid.  Thus, by implication, Sharia law must eventually replace the U.S. Constitution.

Just last week the Center for Security Policy issued a 117 page report on the threat to America from Sharia.  The authors of the report make the case that current policy makers have a poor understanding of Islam and Islamic law which causes them to focus almost exclusively on the threat from al Qaeda, and to ignore the much greater threat of stealth jihad carried out by groups like the Muslim Brotherhood.  The authors argue that, because of its totalitarian nature, the pursuit of Sharia in the United States “is tantamount to sedition.”  They write:

[T]he obligation shariah demands of its followers…must be seen as an illegal effort to supplant our Constitution with another legal code, not a religious practice protected by that document.

The report, which was put together by a team of former high level security officials, provides a much needed challenge to official policy toward Islam.  We are in a new Cold War says the report, and we might well lose it because political correctness prevents us from understanding or even naming the enemy.  Sharia:  The Threat to America is a well documented and penetrating analysis.  If it has a drawback, it lies in the occasional suggestion that it might somehow be possible to separate Islamic faith from Islamic law.  In any event, the report makes it clear that allowing Muslims the full and free exercise of their faith is a very tricky matter, and not at all the clear-cut proposition that defenders of the Ground Zero mosque suppose it to be.

It’s telling that the man behind the Ground Zero mosque—Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf—has made the advancement of Sharia law his main project.  The supposedly moderate imam supports and defends a system that is at total odds with America’s Constitutional freedoms.  Given the totalitarian nature of Sharia, any mosque presided over by Imam Rauf—whatever its location—should be suspect.  If he wanted to build it in Buffalo or Boston, American citizens would still be justified in opposing it.  After all, the multi-pronged 9/11 attacks were not just aimed at New York City.  They were intended as an attack on America and its system of government.  Imam Rauf may be personally inclined toward non-violence, but his ultimate aim seems to be not that different from the goals of the terrorists—namely, the imposition of Sharia law on the United States.  In an April 24, 2009 Huffington Post essay entitled “What Shariah Law Is All About,” Rauf wrote, “What Muslims want is a judiciary that ensures that the laws are not in conflict with the Quran and the Hadith.”  What he advocates, in short, is a shariah compliant America.  Currently, U.S. laws are very much in conflict with the Quran and the Hadith.  Our judiciary would be well-advised to keep it that way.

William Kilpatrick’s articles have appeared in FrontPage Magazine, First Things, Catholic World Report, National Catholic Register, Jihad Watch, World, and Investor’s Business Daily.

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  • Alexander Gofen

    Thank you, Mr. William Kilpatrick! Great article.

    In fact, it is ludicrous to assume as though "Religion" in the 1st Amendment meant anything but Christianity or Judaism (i.e. what reflected the actual makeup of the colonists). Even assuming for a moment as though "Religion" did include Islam.

    It meant only that a US citizen may wish to convert into Islam – and nothing more.

    It does not mean that our nation must not take any measures against massive conversion into Islam (which would change our national identity).

    Nor must we allow proselytization of Islam.

    Nor let in Moslems an mass. In fact, up until the 1960s, before the T. Kennedy bill, the makeup of the immigration stream had always matched the existing makeup of America (meaning no Moslems!)

    What we have now is a vicious legacy of the "liberalism – a mental disorder" (Savage).

    To restore America means to rid of Islam. In stages. To begin with, burn and shred korans routinely. Close mosques. Stop Moslem immigration.

    To repair a damage, alas, takes much more than to incur it.

    • WilliamJamesWard

      Mr. Gofen I could not agree more.

  • Jeanne

    Usama Dakdoh, Christian born, raised in Egypt now in U.S. Am planning on ordering his translation. Heard him being interviewed on radio . I think you will find his site very informative

  • Chezwick_Mac

    Charles Johnson over at LGF recently castigated Newt Gingrich for suggesting Sharia be outlawed. The gist of the Lizardoid's attack was that since Sharia is not imminent, outlawing it would be bigoted. This is incredibly short-sighted. He shows no appreciation for the dangers of incrementalism.

    Like so many liberal/lefties, Johnson is a petulant adolescent deliberately sporting blinders. In contrast, Gingrich is an adult, trying to head off a crises before it becomes acute.

  • Beverley

    Paul read about "The Thrid Choice" on by Mark Duie I have not read it but it sounds interesting as well.

    • traeh

      I'm really interested in reading that book. Looks very important.

  • Angel

    Ban Sharia, I support that! But although I do agree that sharia law doesn't hold water legally, I think it would be false to assume that the Supreme Court will agree. Moreover, sharia law isn't the immediate problem here, it's demographics. I just read an article that former president GW Bush was prepared to accept 100,000 palestinians for a peace deal in Israel, my jaw almost dropped. This is flat out insane!!! This comes from the man who stated to the world "islam is peace" maybe I shouldn't be too surprised….

    • den

      Islam is piece here a piece there. Bush is an honorary member of the BinLaden family, BTW

  • mgoldberg

    You can get a full or an abridged version from
    This is a fine site, with exceptional Islam 101 articles, audio files and
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  • evergreen78

    Another good site is the Center for the Study of Political Islam:

  • sflbib

    “What Muslims want is a judiciary that ensures that the laws are not in conflict with the Quran and the Hadith.”

    Such a judiciary is readily available in Islamic countries to those Muslims so inclined.

  • htarj

    Might I add that we the people through our contract (the US Constitution) with our government have granted the government in both houses of congress and the executive branch the authority to establish courts, appoint judges and make laws that are to be enforced by those courts.

    NOWHERE under the Constitution or Bill of Rights does it give any PRIVATE organization or RELIGION the judicial authority to deprive any American of his life, liberty, property or due process of law unless granted by the laws of the United States and individual states, and even then those laws still must pass constitutional muster.

    The individuals that are complicit in the intimidation or prosecution of any critics of Islam and its fascist Sharia law need to cite where under the constitution they are granted the specific authority or they themselves should be swiftly prosecuted, incarcerated and/or given substantial fines. And, that goes for the FBI or any governmental organization for their abuse of authority.

    So called "Sharia Law" has no legal authority in America, none, nada, and Americans need to be educated of that fact. Sharia law is inextricably intwined with Islam and cannot be split out and is a Theocracy that is more closely resembles a CULT! The distinguishing difference between the Bible and Quran (Islam) is that freedom of choice under Judaeo/Christian beliefs and certain death for refusal to follow Islam under Sharia.

    These are the facts and people that ignore them do so at their peril!

  • Wheels

    At 2% of a population, Islam is congenial. At 5% they agitate for their right to impose their own Sharia law. At 10% they form their own state within the state. At 40% they kill all non-muslims and install themselves exclusively. How long do we wait before we ban Muslim immigrants.
    Our reproduction rate is 1%, I hear. Muslims proliferate unchecked. It's only a generation or two before we lose our country to them. Wake up people. Your country is on the verge of extinction!

    • Fred Dawes

      Thank you Wheels, the sad fact I see this great nation Being raped by using massive race population as a weapon, it is part of the old KGB Plan to take down the USA Its a sad fact that this info has been out since 1991. The Guy that set it all up has been dead since 1985.
      ONE X CIA Guy got the info from the former KGB Office files with Names of guy still alive and living here and in mexico city and many other south american counties.
      The plan setup the muslim brotherhood AND MASSIVE HISPANIC MOVES Into the USA System of government and massive illgal moves that would become a attack arm of the REDS.

      the KGB Boy setup many monkeys with millions of US Dollars right under the eyes of our own government and see what happens.

    • traeh

      At 40% they don't necessarily kill all non-Muslims. I think that quite unlikely. But what is likely is that as the percentage grows from 1% to 40% and so on, civil liberties and political rights tend to be eroded. Criticism of Islam becomes more and more dangerous and difficult. The press self-censors with regard to Islam. An Islamic law ethos or sensibility creeps into the assumptions of many, as dhimmification, a sort of Stockholm syndrome, penetrates the mindset of many non-Muslims without their necessarily even noticing, because it happens gradually, and it happens through intimidation and threat that demands no one speak or talk or think critically about the real source or cause of that threat. Submission is all. The vagueness of Islamic law keeps non-Muslims wondering: "Am I offending if I do this? Might I lose my life if I do that? Will I get in trouble if I do x, y, or z?" It can become a very dangerous situation for freedom of religion and freedom of speech and freedom of thought. It already is so in Europe.

  • Andres de Alamaya

    We need to be thankful to Rauf and his mosque proposal because he has awakened hundreds of thousands of Americans to the duplicity of Islam and its pitchmen in America. He can't help himself because Muslims are programmed from infancy on to push, push, push in their Intifada to conquer the world. He thought Americans were as naive as their leader and some of his teammates but the majority in a free nation eventually learn to distinguish truth from bull. Islam made great progress in the U.K. which has seen the last of its good days and even there, later in the game, they are coming to life and starting to stand up against outrageous demands by a despicable minority. Yes, in his dedication to build a victory monument on ground zero, Rauf has done his team a great disservice by exposing them for what they are and by awakening the majority of Americans who have started to shout, Enough is Enough!

    • den

      And Obama too deserves credit for waking America up. Nice photo of him taking his shoes off to pray. Never saw that in the Christian faith.

  • BS77

    Sign the petition….get involved . Don't be a door mat for the imam. This is America…and sharia has no place here.

  • Robert

    (with appendices)
    Stephen Collins Coughlin
    Major, Military Intelligence, USAR
    NDIC Class 2007
    Unclassified thesis submitted to the faculty of the
    National Defense Intelligence College in partial
    fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of
    Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence
    July 2007

  • Jackson

    Polygamy is legal is Saskatchewan Canada.

  • Fred Dawes

    the ideals of Sharia law is evil, muslim/sharia or monkey racists law is what obama wants here with the help of his evil little monkey friends we will see sharia law enforced within one year in the same way it is being enforced inside Canada and england and germany and many other once civilizated countries. Muslim means evil and lawlessness and rape and murder and total evil.

  • Buddy Ebsen

    __ This is a very well written article that tells us some of the crucial differences__ between U.S. law and Shariah law. Shariah Law must be stopped.

  • den

    Boy, he sure looks like a child molester to me. Or something out of the "Shining"

    Evil incarnate.

  • traeh

    Paul Nim,
    Robert Spencer says N.J. Dawood's translation is the most readable, and that he doesn't sugarcoat the passages. Spencer says he has for years also liked Arberry's "audacious literalism" and "poetic" qualities. Spencer says that Pickthall is generally accurate.

    Here is a website where you can look at each Qur'an verse in about 30 different side-by-side translations:

    Here's a website where you can look at each Qur'an verse in about 10 different side-by-side translations:

    And here's a website with three side-by-side translations of each verse:

    It might be advisable to read the chapters not in the order they appear in in the Qur'an, but rather in the order in which Muslims think they were "revealed" chronologically. As you probably know, in the Quran the chapters are not arranged in chronological order. Instead, the longest chapter is the first chapter, the next longest chapter was put second, and so on.

    Here is a site that shows the chronological order Muslims believe in, as opposed to the order in the Qur'an:

  • Frank

    One of the best sites is John Mc Ternan's blog. He really breaks it down. much info even has debated so called muslim holy men on the truth of the koran,as well as other truths relevant to this day and age in which we live in

  • JKhan

    @Paul Nim – the most reliable Qur'an you can purchase is a transliterated Qur'an with Roman script of the Arabic. Such Qur'ans show the Arabic, English translation and the transliteration. The transliteration enables you to verify by means of an Arabic/English dictionary or Dictionary of Islam that the Arabic word in the Qur'an REALLY means what is cited in the translation or if the terminology has been watered down. Also Arabic words often have several meanings, so you can judge for yourself which meaning best suits the context of the verse and judge if the translation is true to form.

  • Dave

    I'm mystified to see advertisements for Shari'ah Compliant Finance on this website. After all, SCF is "Jihad with the money", tending to the same goal of a Shari'ah America as is the GZM.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Paul if all else fails, contact Terry Jones in Gainesville Fla.,
    I understand he still has one he does not want that is if it
    is not in his burn barrel…………………………………William

    • Paul Nim

      I would, but I don't want the Gainesville police dept. to charge him $180,000 for personal protection.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It is incredible to see how much evil goes back to Teddy Kennedy,
    I am so disgusted with what the left has done in America that
    I would go further than deporting all Muslims, I would do so and
    send the leftists with them with certified loss of citizenship.
    If I were King they would leave voluntarily before being asked.
    That job while vacant may yet be open, I am available…………William
    Is Vlad the impaler to be found?

  • BillMckinney


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