Green Terrorism’s New Left Roots

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On September 1, James J. Lee was shot and killed by police after he took several hostages and threatened to set off explosives at the Discovery Channel’s communications headquarters in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland. The Washington Post called him an “environmental militant” and provided a link to his website To the general public, his views are certainly extreme, but the alarming reality is, within the Green movement, his views are mainstream.

Lee wrote that he was greatly influenced by Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth.” Other Green propaganda obviously also made a deep impression on him. What has grabbed the most attention was Lee’s hatred for the human race. His demands for changes in Discovery Channel programming included this disturbing diatribe: “Focus must be given on how people can live without giving birth to more filthy human children since those new additions continue pollution and are pollution….programs encouraging human sterilization and infertility must be pushed.”

Lee’s theme was not merely “the planet does not need humans,” but also that humans do not need civilization. He stated that his campaign would continue until “the natural world starts improving and human civilization building stops and is reversed.” He thought TV programs should “talk about ways to disassemble civilization…..Civilization must be exposed for the filth it is. That, and all its disgusting religious-cultural roots and greed.” He wanted to bring down “the whole blasted human economy.”

The same day Lee was committing his act of eco-terrorism, the left-wing website opened with an editorial arguing:

The idea of boosting production or increasing output or efficiency is mired in the old way of thinking– about more is better. We need to end that approach and switch to the model Keith Farley describes, in his book TIME’s UP, where he suggests that we need to start buying things that last, keeping them, fixing them buying used goods, with the goal of decreasing production. That idea challenges the consumer economic model. It challenges the idea that we maintain a healthy economy by maintaining production and consumption.

OpEdNews has been very critical of the betrayal of leftist beliefs by President Barack Obama, running columns calling for him to join former President George W. Bush in the dock for war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. But the editorial also expressed discontent with Obama and his party on environmental issues: “Things are at a point where we need to start thinking about stronger measures to bring about change. The Democratic victories failed to make anywhere close to the changes we need.” Apparently, unemployment isn’t high enough yet to produce the decline in living standards and the negative economic growth the Green Left desires.

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  • Spider

    These Enviro extremists are truely insane. It is almost like a Jim Jones style cult these people have joined, complete with the cool-aid to drink and a deranged utopian leader to follow.

  • SuperTx

    Of course, Jim Jones was the darling of the Left until he went off the deep end, and then they scattered like cockroaches.

  • spinoza149

    Not all eco-groups are terrorist sympathizers. Plant-It 2020, an international reforestation foundation takes a non-nuanced, strong, published stand against all forms of terrorism including eco-terrorism. This stand has been posted in our Code-Of-Ethics at in the articles section. We are trying to get other environmental organizations to take a public stand on this and other important issues such as exposing particular lies, deceptions and fear-mongering within the environmental movement.

    • therealend

      Good luck with that. I mean it. However, watch out for the radical Greens though. I believe they will discredit you and everything you do. This belief is based on historical fact about other reformist groups.

      • Michael Thau

        One must take a stand in life. I agree with you but there is a quote (by Burke?) that says something along the lines of 'Evil gains power when good men stand aside and do nothing.' WWII taught us that every individual and group must take a stand and draw a line against that which is wrong.

        By the way, we just released a paper discussing scams and deceptions in the nonprofit tree-planting industry. Another item to piss-off the 'holier-than-thou' do-gooders!

  • Proudscott

    If humans are of no higher value than animals (equal in evolution or just another part of it) then why wouldn't human beings feel ok about ending anothers life. The lion eats the cubs, the dog owner or horse owner puts the animal down to keep it from suffering…so why wouldn't it be ok to simply put Uncle Joe down becasue he has cancer too. The far left enviro-whackos will see fit to kill millions to save whales.

    I hope they start with themselves

  • Voltimand

    To spinoza149

    Excuse me, but the whole point of the environmentalist movement is not to control the environment, and that word does not apply to the forests and the trees and the birds and the bees. It applies to "OPs," i.e., "other people." The everything that the movement and its various exemplars is directed to controlling is the behavior of other human beings, and in the U. S., other American citizens. This is typical leftist triangulation, whereby the surest way to get from A to B is via point C, where "C" equals some sort of diagnosis that "people" are doing the wrong thing and they must therefore be controlled, which is of course the point B in question being aimed.

    The whole history of enviromentalism–which historians that deal with the history of primitivism going back to the pre-Christian era discuss at length–is awash with dichotomous "this vs. that" thinking. The only truly "good" planet is a planet in which nature remains untouched by the (necessarily "unnatural") hand of human beings. If you believe the pap you preach in your comment, I would not be in the least surprised. The "lies, deceptions and fear-mongering" you people should start going after is not just something "within the environment movement": it IS the environmental movement.

  • Voltimand

    How can this article miss what is arguably the most important document in the history of environmentalist hatemongering: the Unabomber Manifesto? When it came out after Ted Kacynski insisted that the Washington Post and NY Times publish it (what? these rags publish inflammatory leftist propaganda?), no one knew how to make sense of it. However, academics like myself recognized it for what it was: very bad academic prose that needed serious editing and cutting in order to make its murderous message clearer and sharper (SARCASM ALERT!!). Kacynski was the true enviromentalist and knew what he wanted: he wanted people (aka "human beings who destroy the natural world") DEAD. What else was he doing when he sent bombs through the U. S. Mail to all those poor perps out there just opening their mail? Exactly like this Discovery Channel guy, who also knew what environmentalism is all about: killing human beings. If you can't control 'em, kill 'em.

  • Tar_n_Feathers

    I'm no psychologist, so I'm going out on a limb here with an unqualified theory. I think this disdain for all things human might be a reaction to the reality that human beings have the intelligence and ability to tell the environuts just how full of crap they are. By comparison, "nature" including the animal world is a benevolent haven where one can project any distorted reality that suits their whims. It's easy to love nature. Nature doesn't tell you to STFU.

  • badaboo

    Get a bloody grip Hawkins , the man was a sociopath , product of a sick mind . The man was in need of counseling for a long time , just as it seems are some posters here .
    No wonder Admin .shut down comments on Trupzeck's similar rant , I guess they think Hawkins cleaned it up abit , but no , it's just as dumb .

    And BTW tar_n_feathers , you're right , you're not a psychologist , so don't try to be one . Sick minds are sick minds , and they dont find their oriogins in the 60's or in environmentalism.
    Jeffrey Dahmers old man was a Republican , so what does that meran ??? Republicans spawn homosexual cannibals ???

    Grow up .

  • Jim Johnson

    If you ever saw the recent movie "The Day The Earth Stood Still" staring Keanu Reeves you would see the exact message mentioned in the responses. Basically "We will Kill you Because You did keep the Earth Tidy."

    Well Keanu gave the earthlings a break. "Take a little time to pick up after your selves and maybe we will let you live"

    I say "Pick it up your self if it's so important space boy and hold your breath as we do not need your carbon dioxide" "By the way there is a mental health clinic down the road and lots of Haldol on hand. Help your self"

  • WilliamJamesWard

    I hope that someday pulling weeds will be a terrorist
    act and forbidden by law, won't that be a shame………….William

  • Tar_n_Feathers

    I'm with you on this one, Bad. Frankly, I'm unclear on JJ's point, but if you're going to make a Keanu Reeves reference to back up an argument, you're already on dangerously thin ice. Now if you want to talk about the 1951 original version then that's a whole new conversation. (Patricia Neal was hot)

    "Klaatu barada nikto"