Leftists Embrace North Korea — And China

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There was also no mention by ANSWER of Pyongyang’s revelation of a new uranium enrichment facility at its Yongbyon nuclear complex just days before it opened fire on Yeonpyeong. North Korea has conducted nuclear weapons tests and has fired long-range ballistic missiles in the direction of Japan. A group truly concerned about “ending war” should be appalled by the proliferation of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems. But, of course, peace is not what ANSWER is about. Its aim is the defeat of American “imperialism” and it will embrace the cause of any group or country, from Islamic jihadists to Cold War communists, if they are acting against the United States. Given ANSWER’s deep roots in the Marxist Left, it is undoubtedly happy to have a new Korean crisis that allows it to again embrace fellow Stalinists.

As the ANSWER statement put it, “The real purpose of this monstrous military machine is to secure and further the interests of the U.S. corporate power and strategic domination in Asia and around the world. It is the enemy of the people of Korea, China, Japan and the people of the United States.”

Other leftists are parroting the ANSWER line. Justin Raimondo does so at Antiwar.com, concluding, “There is but one solution to the Korean conundrum: the complete withdrawal of U.S. troops, who are being held hostage, in any event, by the prospect of a North Korean nuclear strike. Do we really want to sacrifice some 20,000 American soldiers on the altar of our cold war prerogatives?  Without U.S. interference, the two Koreas would have reunified long ago.” Raimondo thus hits upon the motive for Pyongyang’s nuclear program: support for aggression to finally “win” the war it started in 1950. In this respect, appeasement and withdrawal is not an “anti-war” posture, it is a “pro-war” posture, as it would mean the abandonment of deterrence and an open invitation to invasion.

South Korea is an economic and political success story compared to the starvation and oppression that exists north of the 38th Parallel. It is an example of the benefits of an alliance with the United States, whose power has been indispensible to the unmatched progress of the “free world” for more than half a century.

Such an interpretation of history is unacceptable to those who hate America for its success. Bruce Gagnon, coordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space, opposes a missile defense network that would defend against nuclear weapons flying through space to attack American or allied targets. He writes, “The U.S. is outfitting Navy Aegis destroyers with ‘missile defense’ systems and activists in South Korea and Japan clearly understand the role of these warships in U.S. military strategy. The U.S. intends to use these MD systems to pick-off retaliatory strikes after a Pentagon first-strike attack on North Korea or China.”

Gagnon’s view of the past is also warped. He argues, “China must support North Korea because if that country is toppled then the U.S. would put military bases right on China’s border. This was an important reason for the Korean War in the first place, the U.S. wanted to take control of the entire Korean peninsula and thus have bases right alongside Russia and China.” Yet, the true origin of the war was that North Korea, backed by the USSR and PRC, tried to unify the peninsula by force in 1950 so Communist bases could be built closer to Japan.

The Cold War never ended in Northeast Asia; and neither ideology nor history have come to an end. The current crisis reveals again the domestic Left’s disloyalty to America and its alignment with the nation’s foreign adversaries.

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  • jemc50

    WTF!!! I really shouldn't drink when I read things like this. It really pisses me off. Our ally is South Korea and has been for sixty years. North Korea is a communist Stalinist state that would like nothing better than to subjugate South Korea and push them into the same starvation society the North has.

    What the hell is in the water these ANSWER people have been drinking?

    • ajnn

      Are they drinking 'kool-ade' or 'kabbala-water' and does it matter?

      Wasn't the Korean War a United Nations war (declared and led) and not a US war?

      The Left seems to be comfusing episodes of the TV show 'MASH' with reality.

      • jemc50

        It was a "police action" declared by the UN. The USSR had boycotted the Security Council meeting and wasn't there to veto the resolution for the "police action". So, in effect it was not a "declared war", but a UN approved "police action" resolution that was militarily led by the US.

        The USSR provided "advisors" and the Red Chinese provided NK with additonal forces when it looked like the UN forces would reunify the peninsula. It was basically fought to a truce, but it has never been concluded with a peace treaty.

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks


    Let's get to the chase, this is a conflict between two irreconcilaible political principles: totalitarian tyranny and democratic capitalism with the former wanting to destroy the later as its most feared and dangerous enemy. The conflict is that simple. And once this simple truth is grasped you will understand how foolish, stupid and willfully blind leftists like Jimmy Carter are.

    The Communist Kim regime of North Korea has two fixed goals 1) keeping itself in power (the perpetuation of its tyranny) and 2) the reunifucation of the Korean Peninsula under its monstrous, crushing, impoverishing rule. Indeed, the essence of totalitarianism is insecurity and as long as South Korea exists as a free, economically thriving democratic state it poses an existential threat to Communist North's evil regime. In other words, nothing short of Seoul's surrender to Pyongyang will ultimately allay Kim's fears of freedom and appease him.

    Click my name and read the rest of this widely posted article on my top ten Townhall blog.

  • http://qwest.com Steve Chavez

    My Governor, Bill Richardson, former UN Ambassador and Energy Secretary, hosted four N. Koreans in Santa Fe during his first week in office. Santa Fe is twenty miles from Los Alamos. Bill was passed over for Al Gore's VP pick because of the Wen Ho Lee spy scandal that hit Los Alamos. Soon after these meetings, the NK tested a nuke and now have a nuke program! Connect the Dots! (Bill also allows illegals to have driver's licenses and even Chinese, and other illegals from all over the U.S., are flocking here to get one!) Bill visited Cuba several times and the only thing he had bad to say about Castro was that he "had bad dandruff." PATTERN? Bill is friends with every dictator in the world! He even met Saddam. Don't you think that these dictators would only allow those who agreed with them to meet with them?

    • Joseph Tan

      Such a lame deduction, if upheld you can ALMOST JUSTIFY ANYTHING and EVERYTHING

  • USMCSniper

    Most Americans don't know, but In 2005, General Chi Haotian of China, the minister of national defense since 1993 and head of the 25 million strong Red Army, revealed in his speeches in 2008 that in China’s inevitable war on the United States, from one-third to two-thirds of Americans would be poisoned or infected biologically by the Chinese, and their homes and property would be transferred over to Chinese settlers, since the Chinese (and not the Germans, as Chi stipulated in his speech) are the superior race and must have control of everything best in the world. In the United States, an American’s traitors will be seen to be allies.

    • Ccomry

      It is the Peoples' Liberation Army in China, not the Red Army. That was the name of the Soviet army.

      • ajnn

        The Chinese regard themselves as 'The Middle Kingdom' and the rest of us are the 'Lower Kingdom'. The 'Upper Kingdom' is heaven. The Chinese often refer to themselves as the 'Sons of Heaven'.

        There is a 'racial superiority' issue here, just as it is present in our relations with the Islamic world. Please note: THEY ARE THE RACISTS.

    • Joseph Tan


  • USMCSniper

    What f**king ever. Either is correct. I assume that you want American Pokitburo (Congress) to make legislation for reducation camps for stupid American populace for one world communist government for greater glory of Chairman Obama.

  • http://apcnational.wordpress.com/ Mike in VA

    ANSWERniks = Freedom's parasites

    Christopher Hitchens accurately describes ANSWER as "a front for (depending on the day of the week) fascism, Stalinism, and jihadism" in his outstanding background article "Anti-War, My Foot":

    These America-hating moonbats are a prime example of how illiberal the Left has always been.

  • Spirit_Of_1683

    It is pretty clear that those holding the placard reading "No new Korean War, US Out " belong in North Korea with the message "Don't eat your 125 grammes all at once" ringing in their ears.

  • American_Flag

    All together now…

    As Americans we should embrace diversity…right?

    Let's all become Communist Socialist North Korean Moslems who give all our earnings to the gov't…Sounds sooooo great.

    HOW STUPID HAVE WE BECOME?…my God, liberlism is going to do us in. Where is democracy and freedom in our great republic?


  • Ghostwriter

    Why are these ANSWER idiots siding with North Korea? I watched a documentary on North Korea once. The stories the refugees from that country are horrible. Starvation,political repression. Why in heaven's name are these people siding with that beast,Kim Jong-Il and his inhuman government?

    • BoogiesDaddy

      Because America protects Jews, they hate America.

      It's a spiritual thing.

  • tedh754

    Nowadays, if there was a new Hitler and he was anti -American, he would be blessed by the leftists. No matter what happens, no matter how atrocious, as long as it is "anti-American" it is OK. This is the result of the "education" of morons.

  • Jim

    If China wishes to throw it's weight around Then they need to invision what would happen should we cut off trade with them. They need also consider the result if we refused to pay back all the money we owe China.

    Rule: When you have borrowed enough money from a bank you are no longer a debtor. You are a partner.

    If they really must be paid back then give them all the empty houses we can't sell.

    Perhaps they refuse to buy our exports to them,then they must consider where they can find a source of so much cheap food. Can they grow it?

  • http://apollospaeks.townhall.com ApolloSpeaks


    Because of their super successful energy conservation and starvation programs. It 's not a nation of irresponsible consuming pigs polluting the planet and contributing to catastrophic climate change. In short, NK is the model socialist state with the answer to saving the world..

  • guest

    OP lives in the 60s and haven't grow up. US basically has no business in South Korea anymore. In the Korean war, US fight for South Korea because 1) Stop communism and 2) South Korea is too weak. Now, South Korea is one of wealthiest country in the world and North Korea is emperor dynasty system (and not communist country).

    It is freaking civil war. If Koreans want to fight it, let them fight.