Ghetto Racism

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The Hispanic students at school were slightly better. Many of those who spoke English joined the black students in bullying and racially discriminating against Asians. The more recent immigrants, however, did not speak enough English to dish out racial slurs. Like many Asian immigrants, they, too, wore shabby clothing and came from impoverished families trying to eke out a living. They spoke Spanish and tended to congregate among themselves. Every now and then, I spent time with them. Maybe our immigrant experiences unified us, but our language and cultural barriers, as well as the discriminatory behavior of other Hispanics, always kept me from becoming their close friends.

Meanwhile, the large Asian student population at school provided me with little comfort. Although I ate lunch each day with a couple of nice Chinese girls, we did little else together. I dreaded spending time with a vast majority of the Asians at school. Many were Chinese; many others were Vietnamese immigrants of Chinese descent. We had little in common. I regularly immersed myself in Chinese text, such as multi-volume Chinese martial arts novels that weaved stories about ambition, power, love, betrayal before a backdrop of dynastic rule, political insurrections and military strategy. The other Chinese-speaking students preferred to discuss the appearances of actors and actresses from Hong Kong, the latest Chinese soap opera on television and other mindless subjects.

Many of these Asian students simply thought that I was stuck up and unfriendly, or both. Which was fine. I did not expect them to understand.

I expected even less from the white students. They made up an extremely small minority but along with certain Asian students, were always present in the small number of classes offered to “gifted” students.

Compared to other racial groups in Oakland, white people tended to be better dressed, better educated, more polite. Rarely did they threaten to assault Chinese people physically or berate us racially. Many of the white students were cordial and friendly but I found little to talk about with them. Most of them lived a much more sanitized life than I. While I lined up, along with much of the school, each day for government subsidized lunches, the white students brought or bought their own. While I lived in an apartment on a crime-strewn street, they mostly lived in the hills, where the grass was greener and streets safer. While they talked about movie stars, boy bands and shopping, I had never been inside a movie theater in America, did not listen to popular music and had little money to shop for anything.

Then one day, I forgot about my relentless pursuit of academic achievement, my fervent love for Chinese novels and my inability to relate to my peers. I had a decision to make: Was I or was I not going to remain a “Chinaman”?

A Mexican girl had gotten right in my face, and I could see her spit flying as she threatened, “You stupid Chinese bitch, I’m going to kick your ass!”

Just minutes ago, we were sitting on the floor mats inside a small room. We were in the middle of gym class. Our instructor was telling us that we would play basketball among ourselves today. He would disappear and leave us unsupervised, as he often did.

Right before the instructor sent us outside, the Mexican girl behind me growled, “Moooove, you Chinaman. You’re in my way.” I looked around. The floor mat was filled with students and she wanted more space.

“Bitch, moooove,” the Mexican girl on the floor mat repeated her demand.

“No, you move,” I responded with neither certainty nor conviction. Confrontation was not my forte.

The Mexican girl did not share my compunction. Like many others at my junior high, she showed up at school but did not learn; went to class but did not study. She liked to puff herself up as a badass who was ready to fight her way through any disagreement. Yet she rarely picked fights with those bigger than her in size. Instead, she regularly dished out racial slurs to those who looked Chinese. Against us, her epithets rarely elicited a response.

She was now visibly agitated. “Listen, you Chinese bitch,” she threatened. “If you don’t move, I’m gonna make you.” I did not move.

Her first punch landed on my right thigh, a couple of inches above the knee. I saw the muscle twitch and contract. I had never been physically attacked by a racist before. In the past, I had always managed to stay quiet or walk away.

I punched back. Then she hit me again, and I responded in kind.

I was no stranger to fist fights. At home, scuffles with an older brother, who was some thirty to forty pounds heavier, regularly took place. In comparison, getting hit by a Mexican girl who was not much bigger was entirely unremarkable. There was, however, something deeply unsettling about being in a fight at school. Fighting was for punks, gangsters, and losers who would amount to no good, not for a super nerd with a 4.0 grade point average.

Students in our gym class started to file outside. I got up to leave as well, hoping that that would be the end of the scuffle. It was not. The Mexican girl followed me. Her usual posse, which consisted of about three other Hispanic girls, surrounded us outside. Racial slurs started to fly.

“Yeah, kick her Chinese ass!” “Chinese bitch!” “Stupid Chinaman!” The Mexican girl’s friends egged her on.

The Mexican girl was now in my face. She would stay in my face for the rest of class, taunting and cursing. Every now and then, she would attack physically. Each time, I would respond, but without her fervor.

When the Mexican girl attacked, her friends would cheer and yell more racial epithets at the Chinaman. When she engaged in trash talk, they would laugh. Throughout the confrontation, others came and went to watch. Not all of them were her friends, but none was mine. Perhaps my friends did not know. Perhaps they did and just chose to stay away. I had few friends anyway.

Michelle, a Filipina girl with whom I had gone to elementary school, was the only one who was nearby. We were not particularly close, but we had been cordial ever since fourth grade. She had always been nice to me, and to everyone else. A few days before, we had lunch together in the school courtyard. Instead of throwing away her soda can, she handed it to the older Asian man who scoured the campus each day, hunched over with a large bag, to collect cans and bottles for recycling. Right then and there, a couple of black students in the courtyard yelled in his direction: “Hey, Chinaman, come take this can!” I winced. Michelle said nothing, and neither did I.

Now, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her at a basketball court that was within earshot of every word uttered in the fight, but she did not look our way. With her back turned toward us, she repeatedly tried to shoot a ball into the basket. She would stay there repeating the same motion, by herself, for the rest of the class.

I felt the cold wind as it blew through my thin white sweater. It was nearing the end of the fall semester. Winter was on the cusp of its arrival in California. Frigidity was creeping into my limbs, interrupted only by the periodic blow from the Mexican girl.

“Man, her braces hella stink,” the Mexican girl was getting on with her trash talk.

I had to get on with mine: “You look like a fucking mummy.” Trash talking was not a skill that I had practiced in the three short years that I had been speaking English. Without even thinking about it, I invoked the latest topic in my world history class. We were in the middle of studying ancient Egypt.

Someone watching on the sidelines murmured, “What’s a mummy?” The target of my insult, however, understood the reference perfectly. She had good reason to. Like many other female junior high school students in the ghetto, she wore heavy and cheap makeup. It added a thick layer of brown to her face and made it lifeless. The brown was complemented by extremely dark eyeliner that made her eyes look hollow. Her lipstick, bright red, accentuated the lifelessness of the rest of her face and revealed a mouth full of braces and yellow teeth.

“What did you call me? I don’t look like a mummy. You’re the fucking mummy, you Chinese bitch.”

“Go fuck yourself, you Mexican ho.” The audience gasped. No one blinked when blacks and Hispanics, or anyone else, insulted Asians with racial slurs, but since Asians never responded in kind, or at all, my response appeared scandalous. Trading racial slurs may have been a stupid way of combating racism and ignorance, but in the seventh grade, standing there alone, it was the only response I could offer.

My racial slur sparked another physical scuffle. It ended when a tall black girl, Tyesha, stood between me and the Mexican girl and said, “C’mon, Nina, don’t get into a fight.” Tyesha used to sit in front of me in class in the fourth grade. We met on my first day of school in America. At first, when I could not speak English, we said hello to and smiled. When my English gradually improved, we conversed, often with the help of hand gestures. When my English improved further, I helped her with math, a subject with which she always had difficulty.

Back then, I was “Nina” and Tyesha was one of the first black people I had ever seen in my life. At the time, I did not know what racism was and believed that everyone in America had an English name. By junior high, I had reverted to my given name. At the same time, I was getting to know racism far more intimately than I ever wanted to.

Tyesha was now telling me and the Mexican girl to break up the fight. She was an entire head taller than both of us. When neither of us showed any interest in heeding her advice, Tyesha started to laugh. The nerdy Chinese girl who once did not speak English was now getting into a fight with her Mexican friend. It was all very funny to her. After a few laughs, she left us to find entertainment elsewhere. She had not come to break up the fight after all.

She could have, but did not, stay to take part in the jeering on the sidelines. Perhaps she would have had I not been “Nina” but some Chinaman that she did not know. Whatever her intentions, the few minutes when she stood between me and the Mexican girl – when she did not exactly take my side and in fact prevented me from hitting anyone – offered me the only respite from feeling entirely alone in the fight. When she took off, I returned to the trash talk and physical confrontation. Nearby, Michelle was still shooting hoops with her back turned toward us.

The fight continued its course until the bell rang. The Mexican girl and her posse decided to go to their next class. So with a bit more trash talking and jeering from the sidelines, they left.

Michelle was now gone from the basketball court too. There was nothing that she could have done had she stood by my side. She would have risked being physically attacked herself. Like most Asian girls, she did not swear, rarely yelled and never traded racial insults.

She looked just as Chinese as I and befriended mostly Chinese people. The remarks from the Mexican girl that started the fight could have been uttered to her just as they were uttered to me. They were not. So she pretended as if she were not there. I never forgave her.

I slowly walked over to the locker room to change for my next class. My hands were freezing. In the cold, no other Chinamen shared my anger or my frustration, even if they daily shared my humiliation.

Incredulous friends and acquaintances alike came up to me throughout the rest of the day. Many asked, “You called her a Mexican ho? Why?” Upon discovering my reasons (“because she called me a Chinese bitch”), their look of incredulity gave way to either confusion or bemusement. A pretty Asian girl in one of my “gifted” classes looked like she wanted to ask why that was worth fighting over, but she must have seen the fatigue in my eyes and just walked away. A big white girl – the only white person I knew at that school who lived in a neighborhood worse than mine and who regularly resorted to racial epithets against Asians — nearly broke out in laughter. She did not, perhaps because she still needed to copy my homework for our next class.

No one asked if I was physically hurt. I did not report the incident to any of the school’s instructors or administrators. They would not have cared, and even if they did, they would have done nothing.

Like a zombie, I went from class to class the rest of the day. When school ended, I slowly dragged myself home. As much as I disliked junior high, I never rejoiced on the way home. On most days, I was too tired. Racism, and the outrage and bitterness that it fostered, always accompanied me. Over time, they festered and multiplied. On this day, I chose not to be a Chinaman, but the upshot made clear that I was just a foul-mouth nerd who got into fights she could not win.

At home that evening, I did not discuss the fight. There were no bruises and no marks on my body and no need for any explanation. My parents worked twelve to sixteen hour days at subminimum wage jobs. They did not need to worry about a daughter who got into schoolyard brawls, whatever the reason.

I did my best to appear chipper, and did such a good job that my brother observed, “You seem really happy today. You must have had a good day at school.” I mumbled an unintelligible noise and he took it as a “yes.”

The next day, I would dread going to school once again.

Ying Ma is a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution. She is currently working on a book titled, From Guangzhou to the Ghetto.

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  • John

    Wow, great story and very interesting !

  • bettyboop

    Wow. Incredibly gripping and sad. Keep writing. Your words are your best weapon. People will eventually listen…. and thank God you made it off the playground!

  • Kim

    This racism has been going on for decades. I'm a 50 year old white woman, and when I was in high school, we knew not to make eye contact to the black kids because, they were constantly beating up other students, and teachers, without any publicity and little if any punishment. The Al Sharpton's in the world will tell us they can't be racists because they don't have the power. I'll tell you, these black youths strutting around, know they have power. Asians need to speak up, because whites really have no power. Al Sharpton et al has held these people down with victimization for their own good. He is not a spokesperson for black people and white broadcasters need to stop going to them everytime there's an issue with urban black youths. They can and should be marginalized.

    • george rennit

      When whites get some balls, and decide that being called a racist isn't as bad as being a vicitm of racism, the race baiters like jackson and sharpton, aclu, naacp will eventually realize theres nothing in it for them any longer.
      When I am accussed of racism for not liking Obama, I just say I don't like Irish. Being part Irish, I can say that.

  • CharlesWhite

    0bama repulses me, Can't even watch him on the news any more but maybe the one Good thing (silver lining to this black cloud) is the Real Racism will finally have the light shown upon it. Black Americans have been just as racist as Whites just like slavery was happening long before America appeared and for hundreds of years it was the “BLACK” Barbary Pirates (Muslim's to boot) that enslaved the European Whites long before America existed, Most American slavery was derived from African Blacks selling African blacks to the European and American slave traders and it is still the “Black African Muslims” that send tens of thousands a year into slavery from sub African Nations to the Middles east today. The silver lining that may come from the worst President in American history is that Blacks are just as racist as all the other races of the World…. And finally the racist and bigoted “equal-opportunity” crap that allows Blacks to get preferential treatment will be know for what it really is! Racist law(s).

  • Paul

    Fantastic story and I hope that this and any similar event only made you stronger. I've never liked bullying or bigotry……………… revenge like success! Learn how to adapt and how to deal with such events. Persevere!

  • darkmorrow

    Institutional racism is a pillar of the Progressive machine. It stuns me that, almost regardless the candidate, as long as its a Democrat, blacks overwhelmingly vote in droves for them. Though the real tragedy is, its the divide and conquer strategy of those only seeking power of the backs of the poor. As well, the race pimps come into the neighborhoods and tell the people there, its always someone elses fault. After 60 years of this, what would any of us expect from those kept ignorant, blinded by corruptocrats in racists clothing, and the constant barrage of "you can't get ahead because of whitey, or the Koreans, or the Hispanics." Funny too, now that Hispanics are poised to become the largest minority, even the race pimps have turned their own black hands brown.

    • george rennit

      It is cultural suicide to give blacks a pass on racism and racial violence, while the rest of us are held to a higher standard by virtue of our skin color.

      • darkmorrow

        Totally agree. I lived in Vegas from '79-'00. The black on black murder over the failed war on drugs in the Crack era was so blantantly obvious of self-hatred, that morphed, or accompanied hatred towards all races. It was OUR fault, regardless of who killed who.

  • andres de alamaya

    I've said it before and I'll be proved right in the long term. Obama's presence is setting back America's race relations by fifty years.

  • Ray Chui

    "My parents worked twelve to sixteen hour days at subminimum wage jobs." I wonder if this was also racism? Where is your outrage to this injustice?

    • george rennit

      The word "racism" is really nothing more than a way of talking about "reality" for every human being…….no one is immune to it…….where there is a common racial consensus, there is the reality of racial exclusion………

    • riot

      Yeah working 12-16 hour days to support a family is normal for the uneducated unless you are lucky enough to get a good job. Heck even the educated have it hard sometime. It has nothing to do with race, it has to do with jealousy. People can't stand to see someone doing better so they make excuse and blame it one race.. We'll get over it. Seem that to many people would rather get hand out's then work for a living. I don't like working either!! Bottom line is there will always be racism as long as people are willing to blame their own shortcomings on other peoples so called "Racism".
      Just some food for thought.

  • Douglas

    Don't you understand yet through all the years and countless examples, only whites can be racist. :(

  • Sprinklerman

    Philly has also suffered from violence against asians perpetrated mostly by blacks.

    August 28, 1963, Washington, DC, Dr. Martin Luther King said; "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

    When will this happen in the inner cities?

  • Douglas

    This may sound strange being that it was in Alabama. Living in a rural Alabama community and attending school in the mid-seventies was much as you describe. Even though the whites outnumbered the blacks we were often beaten and had our lunch money taken from us. Not a single one of us would tell our parents. Not telling your parents is expected from young men in the south. This went on for a couple of years. No white person would ever take up for another. The blacks would gather in groups and demand they be allowed to cheat from your tests materials even if it meant you would both be caught. We never told the teachers. That was just life. Blacks can be and often are very cruel to their own and espiecially so to members outside their race.

  • USMCSniper

    CHICAGO — Two lawmakers who believe black youth violence has become so rampant in Chicago that the Illinois National Guard must be called in to help made a public plea to Gov. Pat Quinn on Sunday to deploy troops. A recent surge in violent crime, including a night last week that saw seven people killed and 18 wounde. Chicago has had 113 homicide victims so far this year. National Guard members are working side-by-side with our troops to fight a war halfway around the world. The unfortunate reality is that we have another war that is just as deadly by black youth that is taking place right in South Chicago.

  • Ron

    Obama's answer: Encourage, aid, and abet more Hispanic Gangs to enter this country illegally through Mexico!!


  • Dennis

    Ying Ma, your story, unfortunately, will only be appreciated by individuals who, either like yourself, have endured similar situations or by individuals who have never had a personal racial axe to grind. Those who are the fomenters of and adherents of racial animosity activities will simply smile, chuckle, and get on doin' what they do – create more problems. The public educational system has perpetuated any hard feelings by the quota system, i.e. race-based, instead of a pure meritocracy. My answer to the situation is to achieve your personal goals, become financially secure and greatly independent, learn self-defense – all facets, involve yourself in professional organizations to develop a network of business / personal friends, avoid the self-pity parties promoted by many, and be a leader within your family and circle of close friends. Additionally, as you have done, make your experiences and opinions known via print, radio, internet, and televised media. I hope you are well.

    • Amiable Chap

      Accurate take, Dennis. In the early 70's, I had to go to one of those high schools where racial animosity was ever present. White students were regularly targeted by black gangster wannabes and even if one tried hard to ignore and evade the threats and violence, sometimes, when cornered, trouble could not be avoided. Then, the victim would discover that their own school administrators would be unwilling to act or even acknowledge the problem. And worse, the local media would collude with the school officials and either report nothing about the situation or report it in a way that was 'race neutral'. I was robbed strong-arm style several times during the 3 years I spent in this so-called school and once I was stabbed with a pen knife for no reason other than the fact that I was a white boy in a black dominated institution. I rarely tell this story for it is in the distant past and of no consequence now, but on those few occasions when I have, I find that people who have never encountered such situations or those who have a liberal-left ideology simply refuse to believe such things occurred. And yes, the only way to get past it is to forget it (from an emotional standpoint) and forge for yourself and loved ones a satisfying, productive life.

      • Dennis

        Hey A/C, Thanks for the reply. It is never easy to get through violent situations emotionally unscarred. It's a preservation response so one will recognize similar situations and either avoid them or defend against them. However, it is not just Blacks who do these acts. In some areas, Hispanics are randomly attacking Blacks to get them to move out of the area so other Hispanics can move into the area. Some Muslims are doing similar things when they move into areas, create Mosques, and demand deference to them and their religion above all else.(See, If you haven't viewed it, watch GRAN TORINO, Clint Eastwood's movie. Yes, a movie, but has some interesting points to consider. Best Wishes to you and your family and stay on-point for your life's goals.

  • Seek

    Soem people decry the Obama presidency as setting back race relations. My response: Why have any relations with that predominantly murderous, predatory black race? Why any relations at all?

  • ray rieber

    It is politically incorrect to say that blacks are racist. They have the victim status all to themselves. They hate whites with a passion and are told they have every right to. It is sad and there is no end in sight.

  • Yorkshire Miner

    There was a riot in Paris a couple of Days ago, several thousand French Chinese were demonstrating about the growing no of attacks on them from Arab muslims and blacks. During the demonstration a Chinese woman was assaulted and had her purse taken. This caused a confrontation with the police that lead to riot with cars burned and much damage.

  • NM_Patriot

    I also had similar negative experince to Ying's. I grew up in a nearly all-white small PA town. I went to school in Pittsburgh and moved to FL after I graduated. I went to graduate school in Atlanta and had my first taste of black racism. I was very non-racist up until that point. But the treatment by blacks that I received in stores, etc. brought me to a point where I would prefer to never live anywhere near them. My wife is Taiwanese so I don't want to hear any xenophobic BS. I also work with immigrants from Africa so it's not a skin color thing either. The bottom line is that a significant portion of America's blacks are absolutely racist (see obama's 90+% approval rating, 96% voting for Obama, etc.). I see in the future where we have roaming gangs of unemployed blacks and hispanics preying on people like a pack of hyenas. God help us but the sheeple wanted change, they just didn't specify for the better.

  • Rasmus

    Your writing is great – you do the subject honour :)

    You might be interested in what happened in Belleville (Paris, France) on the 20th of june – thousand of Asians took to the streets demonstrating against the tolerated racism they experience,

    youtube "belleville asiatique":

  • chinesemofo

    Thank you Ying for sharing your story. I share your anger, but I don't why I should lower myself to the ghetto standards by deigning to respond. Surviving, succeeding, living well, and going somewhere else where I need not encounter any of this is much more preferable. The racists will stay in their inner city race enclaves, and god help them if they think I will ever lift a finger to maintain their affirmative action welfare queening way of life. Let them destroy themselves.

  • blotto

    Black racism is not only tolerated by progressives, it is mandated in order to keep blacks on the Dems voting plantation. From the MSM to colleges to legislatures, we are told that white Americans are the root of evil and that blacks should, using any means necessary, defeat all that is white. With the following exception: All that is progressive white is to be left alone. The progressive white are today's massas.

    It is no surprise to me that black violence is rarely if ever reported even though FBI stats show that most crime is black and more whites are victims of black crime than vice versa. The template is that blacks, as long as they vote progressive, will get the benefit of cover for their barbaric behavior.

    I think since the advent of racists like sharpton and jackson et al were allowed to get MSM coverage and then the ascent of rap noise (it is not music) and bad behavior being excused as culture, blacks have become more tribal, violent, anti-social, anti-western, and less well educated (why strive to be smart when white progressives will give you a job or seat in college just for being black).

  • jen

    A big problem is that public school administrators are easier on black kids, In a school I left a few years ago, Jesse Jackson had come to lead a protest. Once it was over, the schools were scared to death. The new superintendent there now says she will not allow there to be a "gap" between blacks and whites, in discipline. Teachers are not allowed to write up any more blacks than they do whites. It's like a quota. The school was out-of-control when I was there — I can only imagine it now. (This is in a large city about an hour ourside Chicago.)

  • jen

    Make that "outside." (PIMF)

  • ajnn

    Many believe that the anger is fueled by 'cultursal misunderstandings'. My wife, Barbara, is asian and she explains to me how issues related to personal space differences between asians and blacks create anger and and mutual distrust.

    Barbara grew up and attended an inner-city public school and bases her belief on her experiences there. However, it wasa largely asian and hispanic public school with a few whites in attendence.

  • ajnn

    We have cultivated a culture of difference and victimhood in which Blacks have become the victims of a dis-empowering anger. Of course Black anger manifests itself in anti-asian, anti-white, anti-jewish behavior. Blacks are people and any group would grow in this disfunctional way with our wacky 'politically correct' hierarchy of victimhood' and other nonsense.

    There was a rime when Blacks worked twice as hard in school than their white counterparts. They were told they had to be twice as good and they were. The question is: how and how long will it take to reclaim the dysfunctional culture and behaviors of Black America? It has been proven that 'affirmative action' and victimhood nonsense is destructive so what shall replace it? Or should we be focusing on how to protect non-Blacks from this violent culture?

  • Shefali

    Maybe we should go back to segregated schools. Blacks should have their own schools, the other races can all share another school. I have a feeling that Hispanics will be less bullying without blacks around, plus it's politically OK to discipline them, plus with Hispanic immigrants – the parents are quite harsh with their kids when they misbehave. At any rate, without blacks in the school, the other groups can be more harshly disciplined when they do bully, fight, etc.

    I hate to say this because I have had black friends, and some of them are real nerds who were also picked on by the black bullies, but if the teachers and school administrators are unwilling or unable to discipline blacks, they need to separate them from the rest. We need to protect the innocent, not the guilty. Maybe the black nerds could go the schools with the Asians…

    In fact, maybe that would be the way to separate them out. Schools specifically for gifted kids who want to study hard and have no behavioral problems, where they could over-achieve without fear of being bullied and with the understanding that anyone, of any race, in those schools will be kicked out if they are caught bullying others and sent to the normal schools.

  • Draza

    Black racists are the majority of what you run into in the inner city. The racists hide behind the myth that blacks can never be racist because they are BLACK. Obama is the biggest race huslter since Sharpton and Jackson. I believe the underlying theme to his policies are to stick it to whitey.

  • tedh754

    I'm 55, grew up in Oakland, and attended a school where the whites were frequently targeted for beatings. It was a not a good place to be when Dr.King was assassinated. Needless to say, I have some pretty strong feelings when it comes to these issues. I'm white, and I also witnessed Asian students being targeted for bullying. So this is nothing new. I'm talking about this going on in the late 60s.

  • David G DiLuzio

    I lived in San Francisco from 1955-2000 ,and I can tell you that this is nothing new..I grew up in a pretty tough part of the Bayview/Hunters Pt districts,and I know a little about Black street thug/gangsta wannabes..I spent my adolescence fighting my way to and from home..You had to fight back or spend your whole life running away..In SF every minority group fights each other for the title of " Most Oppressed ",and it's also the only place where hatred,and hate crimes are solely the propriotership of Straight,White Males..These criminals are the worst kind of punks..Preying on old people who can't defend themselves…Where is Charles Bronson when you really need him?

  • HostileLogic

    It’s the season of “back and forth.” Conservatives are on the upswing and all of the credible polls are demonstrable evidence of this incontrovertible fact. Americans, many who were previously in a detached stage of awareness have now come to life. And yes, many who are now driving the Tea Party activism were previously detached from politics. This, you see, is a reality that drives the left to the edge of insanity.

    Liberals, AKA Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, et al, are screeching like tortured psychotics. Apparently, the news that conservatives overwhelm the other ideological minorities has never registered in their cranial vacuums.

    Thomas Sowell, an American Intellectual Treasure, put a purposeful and genuine meaning on this Obama administration. The Obama administration could be more fittingly described as a hat without a head were it not so calculatingly malevolent. Dr. Sowell, being the adroit intellect that he is, artfully pointed out the wickedness that this administration epitomizes.

    You can read his brilliant article at….

    The reactions to Dr. Sowell’s article from the left has been no great surprise. The left has left in its wake a great tragedy of slavery, misery and democide. Any revelations that point to their actual identity ruins their great “Murderous Masquerade Ball.” In short, the left changes their ideological identity like you change your underwear.

    This is a very dangerous hour in the history of America. We can listen to the vacuous words of someone like Obama, or we can listen to the wisdom of Thomas Sowell.

  • gary

    There is a solution to this, liberalized right to carry laws. e most of the anecdotes are from jurisdictions it is almost impossible to obtain a concealed weapons permit. One story of a little old chinaman plugging some thugs with .38 hollow points and you will see very few of these attacks….l.word gets around fast in the criminal community

  • AL__
  • Leo

    This is very painful to hear from stories like this but I experience in my work with issues like this. I am an administrator in the NYC public school system and an extremelly high percentage of Afro-American students are referred to special education programs that deal with emotional concerns (serious behavioral issues) and this is a troublesome aspect for me because I care as an educator in the best interest of all students, black, whites, hispanics, Chinese, korean etc. but there is something wrong in the majority of the inner city Afro-american community, there are so many factors tha that is difficult to explain. I am worried for the future of this community and the rest of our communities. Now we are getting the "Muslim" student body who is generally very irascible and anti-America, and this is in High schools!!

  • Thunder

    is it so hard tocomprehend that those attack by black "youth" create racists?
    Can't make people to love you by beating them – is it so hard to understand????????????????????????????????

  • Jim Schue

    Don't feel bad, it happens to whites, old and young, living in mixed areas of Chicago. The irony is, for all their screams of white racism, that blacks are safest in mixed or white neighborhoods. I often joke when I see a black on a bus stop or pumping gas in a white area, that they never look terrified. That is, with the thousands of racist whites driving past them, they never look too afraid. But heaven forbid if you're white and get caught in a black neighborhood. It sickens me to hear their complaints, when all statistics show that black on white crime is far more common than white on black. don't believe me, look at the U.S. Justice Department's figures.

  • Peter Thomson

    I live in the UK and from personal experience, blacks are generally more racist than other groups. They go around committing astronomical levels of crime and blame this on others. Nobody seems to want to talk about this. Those with money move to areas and schools without criminals but those that can't simply suffer.

    • theunknownamerican

      I bet the 'racism' flag is thrown when you say something.

  • theunknownamerican

    At one time people were sane. When someone committed a crime it was punished and when the perpatrator got off because of their race such as the case in the south people were outraged. Now when someone gets off on a crime because of their race (such as being black) then no one cares. That kind of attitude, I believe, leads to more crime because it acts as an enabler.

  • M

    I'm white, grew up working poor, wearing hand me downs, and in many ways similar to the young woman in the story. In multi racial neighborhoods, and was picked on and beaten up on occasion while walking home, going to the store or library, so I can understand and relate. However, so much of the story reads like fiction. She references a brother, yet this brother reflects an ignorance, an obliviousness of the day to day reality the character presents, likewise the character's parents do as well. This is jarring, as the racism isn't only occurring in the school, or among juveniles. The character herself also reflects her own racism, and the story makes use of stereotypes, and does so in ways intended to stroke the egos of readers who might not have experience with lower income communities or individuals. What's more, I have friends who are teachers in Oakland, and have been there for decades. After reading this article last night, I emailed several of them, and there simply aren't upper income white students attending junior and senior high schools in the urban areas of Oakland,. Those areas are separate districts, and those who might live in a district with ghettoized schools, send their children to private schools.

    I don't dispute the racism and the nightmare it presents to children and young people, but using deception, and allowing someone who has their own racist grievances to steer the conversation is wrong. I hope the Hoover Institute is not complicit and will be perceptive enough to pick up on this.

    There are massive problems brought about by the refusal to confront racist blacks and Hispanics, and they will only get worse. Also however, the Asian, Indian and other immigrant ethinic communities need to be willing to confront their own racism and prejudices.

    • Shuang

      While the story may sound fictional to you because you didn't grow up in an Asian immigrant family in the 80s, there's nothing fictional about black racists and our refusal to face the issue as a society, which is the whole point of this article. I wouldn't use the word deception to describe the use of someone's personal experience to make a point.

  • Dan

    Thank for you insightful and eye-opening story. I look forward to reading your book. America has always held out the opportunity for an individual to "write the script to their life" to paraphrase Mr. Dinesh? Souza. You obviously have the strength and ability to take full advantage of that opportunity.

  • Jacobite

    Always beware of words that were coined in the Victorian Era (AKA the Age of Euphemism). 'Racism' as a word was unknown before the mid-19th Century. No word was necessary for a universal human trait. As long as one considers natural human behavior to be unacceptible, one is going to have problems. I'd cite the Utopian communities of the 19th (when else?) Century that tried to live co-ed without sex. Forget a long list, would one like to inform us of any society at any time in any place that was multi-racial and successful? FYI, Brazil is the most color-conscious country on earth; status (not political power) being coincident with light skin.

  • bernieg1

    Three years ago I wrote an article Blacks are more Racist than Whites and of course I was called racist for stating a truth.

    Anyone who lives in urban areas knows that most ghetto blacks hate Asians, Jews, and whites.

  • BravoBilly

    Growing up as an USARMY brat and with My Father being stationed at an all black Army post in the beginnings of integration, I learned to get along with black kids. I was the minority and at the age of 5 years old, knew no racial problems. I came home and played with the German boys. Later, I held Charles Washington, a black man, as he died in my arms, as my unit had been shot up. In combat, death has no racial barriers.

    I found a job in Illinois, and became friends with a black man and he and I went though divorces, births of sons and stayed friend throughout our lives because we were from the same state originally and had a similar last name and worked together for a while.

    But, when I wound up in a Faith based institution designed for substance abuse, I soon found out what race meant as I was removed from the inner circle of those who got the best clothing, radios, and all sorts of things. While there was the Christian Brotherhood throughout, there definitely a common brotherhood that was based on race.

    The things that I was taught as a child I began to question as to the validity. Now as read this article and ride the bus I have to put up a front of being some sort of hit man, don't fuck with me or I'll kill you for survival.

    It brings back memories of when I first when to Jr. High School in New Orleans and was asked, "What are ya, Cat or Frat?" And I did not have a clue. And this was from the white guys.

    So, the beat goes on.

  • Indioviejo

    Your posting resonates with me. If anything good may be learned from your story is that the best revenge that you will ever get is your rise above the ghetto and its scum. Your success in life validates the American dream as being alive and well in America for Immigrants, and anybody else willing to go for it. The fact that we have a permanent underclass in America which persistently stays down while immigrant from anywhere, with no language skills may move up in life, is a testimony to the failure of progressive ideas, and affirmative action. Moving up is an attitude which counters ghetto thinking. By attacking blacks that want to make it in America as being "Oreo", or acting white, blacks become their own worst enemies. In the mean time everybody pays more taxes in order to carry the permanent underclass. When does it stop?

  • itecode

    Racism goes both ways. In SoCal, the Mexicans just outnumber the blacks and they have to fight over drug territory. It has gotten so bad you could consider it ethnic cleansing, right here in the US. Disgusting.

    The problem here lies in the US prison system. Its a racist institution by nature, not design. You actually have to take preventive measures to prevent racism.

    I cordially suggest a Supermax system of isolation tanks. Need stimulation? Well that's why we make rape whistles and flash grenades. Sensory deprivations forever, and when your body starts to physically react, BAM! You get blasted by the rape whistle.

    Now that is punitive reform.

  • USMCSniper

    I guess if you criticize the tribalist ghetto blacks here that attack old people who can't defend themselves, or mild mannered people who cannot fight, usually in gangs like rabid dogs – then all you with liberal dumbells white guilt jump in and say it has nothing to do with race. It has everything to do with race and significant black violent crime that is race based happens in every country in the world wherever there are large numbers of blacks. Case closed.

  • telly

    I also grew up in the BA. So I know the stories are true.

    But the last I heard, things were getting better in Oakland China Town because people are much more willing to call the cops. If we want to know what's really going on, we will need some stats over time.

    In the immigrant Asian community, it is up to the second generation kids to bridge the gap between the parents and society at large. Unfortunately Chinese people like Ray Chui go off to UC Berkeley, or SFSU, and become white liberals who only want to ask:

    "My parents worked twelve to sixteen hour days at subminimum wage jobs." I wonder if this was also racism? Where is your outrage to this injustice?

    Maybe it's back in Guangzhou. Have you ever even been to China? There is a reason why people continue to immigrate.

    To Ms. Ying Ma,
    I am looking forward to your book release. I am definately your fan.

  • Anna

    I could never understand how people can be so mean to each other. This is just terrifying. But you know what, you need to see this writing service. I hope it helps.

  • Fred

    When they integrated our school in the late 50's I was a witness to the violence on a daily basis. The blacks started fights and shaking whites down for money. Segregation was much better. They destroyed the education system in America and I think this was done on purpose. What an experiment. it was like putting a mongoose and a snake together and saying "isn't brother hood beautiful"?

  • Nothosaur

    In reading your story, I was wishing that I could help by somehow providing a private school opportunity. Life is too short to try to change that corrupt system—start your own system.

    Here is a possible solution — build private schools for students who desire to study.

    Supplement tuition with funding from a combination of 1) donations or student loans from corporations that have an interest in generally developing such resources, 2) donations or student loans from private individuals who care and are willing to prove that they care, 3) sponsorship of 5-year old children who show extraordinary potential, (sponsors could be corporate, collegiate (i.e. Hillsdale, etc.), 4) local community activist fund-raising. 5) consult a financial planner for investment advice on the assets that you gain.

    Make sure to avoid government funding, because that would drag the entire project down to ground zero again, and you would need to start over. Stay independent or don't even start.

    My wife and I are making many trade-offs (career change, moving hundreds of miles, house-size, etc.) to pay to send our children to Highlands Latin School.

    If you have any ideas or a common interest, let's get moving on a solution so future generations have an escape hatch from the daily hell you experienced. Life is too short to try to change them — escape, and provide them with an example of how to do it right.

  • Phineas

    Hey Blackie:

    WHAT "Racism"?
    WHAT "Oppression"?
    WHAT "Injustice"?
    WHAT "Conspiracy"?
    WHAT "Discrimination"?
    WHAT "Inequality"?
    WHAT "Unfairness"?
    WHAT "Victimhood"?
    WHAT "Stereotyping"?
    WHAT "Persecution"?
    WHAT "Rape" of WHICH Continent?
    WHAT "Poverty"? ( Yes, WHAT poverty? They're the RICHEST "poor" in the world, especially in the food department. )

    In a single word: PATHOLOGY

  • ckm423

    very good story, I totally feel your pain as I have gone through a similar experience in a Oakland High School, keep up your good work and it will get paid off someday. :)

  • Jazon

    Ms. Ma's story is an American tale, and she is the personification of Horatio Alger.

  • Tommy

    Racism in any form is not acceptable in a civilized society. It is a shameful fact of life, however, that racism exists and actually thrives in American society as much as, if not more than, it does in the most openly bigoted societies, whether in Europe, The Middle East, or South America.

    Ying Ma's account of her own experience in her particular city, neighborhood, and school is just one of the many that go unpublished and apparently unnoticed by those who have the potential to bring about a profound change for the better. But, where are the mainstream media weighing in on this? Where are the politicians? Where, in the mainstream, is there a discussion of the real, everyday oppression of and cruelty to the members of a minority group that endures persecution daily, as the writing of Ying Ma makes clear. Where is the discussion of the multiple standards by which hardworking young students are judged for acceptance to some of the best universities, the scholarships, graduate schools, and advanced degrees, then on to career opportunities in the private and public arenas?

    Where is the discussion? Where are the arguments, both pro and con, on given laws and policies related to race and ethnicity? It seems as if it is a forbidden topic, much like questioning the Vatican would have been in the 17th century.

  • Cipollina

    People need to speak up against this breed of reversed discrimination. I find it appauling that the majority of the Blacks in this country voted for this Socialist simply because he is Black. Very few of them were actually concerned with the direction that he was planning to take our country. As a naturalized white American, I was shocked to observe such a large number of Blacks spewing hatred to other nationalities. Somebody ought to clue them in: it's 2010, and the American society has done a monumental amount of work to repair the damage caused by slavery – a lot more than some regimes on this planet that victimized different ethnic groups. In less than fifty years Blacks have become Supreme Court judges, decision-makers, world recognized entertainers and media moguls. Someone should also remind them that in most cases it was their fellow African Blacks who sold them into slavery, as documented in countless historical accounts. Be a little more grateful, people. This is a good country for millions of newcomers. And if it isn't good enough for you – leave. Somehow there aren't any Blacks knocking down walls to get back to Africa. Just keep that in mind.

  • Edgar

    Ying Ma, your story rings all so true in depicting what asians as well as whites face everyday. I am a white male, but all throughout school have witnessed whites and asians become racial targets. But the Zionist controlled media is ultimately responsible for this barrage of racism. In the Jews' holy book the Talmud, it states that Jews are superior to the gentile in every way, and any crime committed against them by a Jew, must be excused. So the Zionist (not all Jews btw) Jews who control what messages we receive daily, excuse and condone black and hispanic racism, just as long as it's committed against whites or anyone else that isn't black or hispanic. Due to the media promoting race-mixing, they are committing genocide with the intent to kill off the only races that have the mental acuity and physical capacity to stop them- the whites and asians.
    As a white male, I am glad of the fact that I voted for Barack Obama. #1. It'll clearly show Americans just how racist blacks can be when they have authority. (Don't think for 1 second they they would'nt re-institute white slavery IF whites wouldn't have political clout. #2. It has mobilized and galvanized whites across America like never before, if McCain would've got in, whites would remain complacent and accept black racism. We'd fall into the psychological trap, "Hey, one of us is calling the shots, so blacks have no true power!" Seeing how blacks seem to think they are ruling now, and the fact that they are backed up by a vehemently racist US President, remains a slap in the face to white Americans.

  • spbenny

    from 1980 to 1985 i taught ESL to classes of cambodian, laotian, and hmong kids in a "large, northern city". They were brutalized everyday by neighborhood black punks. I complained and complained to administrators who did nothing. i had to teach these kids that they had to fight, which puzzled them. they came from peasant, Buddhist, non-confrontational backgrounds. I came from s. philly and went through slum schools but we italo-american kids took no crp. we didn't look for trouble but if it came "they" paid a price

  • Telly


    If you want to turn this story into an anti-Semitic racist diatribe, nothing personal, you need help.

    It is people like you that perpetuate racism which causes the violence that is the subject of this article. For your information, in the recent past, Jews were the main targets of these attacks. AND it continues today AND it still results in deaths of Jews. However, we fight back.

    So, I am hoping you get the help you need before it's too late. The life you save may be (probably will be) your own.

    • Edgar

      Telly, in no way, shape or form do I associate whatsoever with the term, “anti-Semetic”. I have no problems at all with the average Jewish person, I actually had a Jewish lawyer a few years ago. I just take issue with the Zionists, or Jewish supremacists whose allegiance lies to Israel, not the USA. Even Stevie Wonder can see that the Jews control the media, Israel dictates America’s policies. Whoever controls the media, wields more power then any President or army ever did. They have the ability to reach into any home at any time and mold anyone’s mind. That’s why there are “leftists” who oppose anything American, not because they are evil, but because they are severely misguided; they accept everything the media spoonfeeds them with an open-mouth.

      I am not “racist” or perpetrate any nonsensical idea; I just appreciate the need to preserve my heritage. I want to see the exact same rights for white people as any other ethnicity already wallows in. I believe there are inherent differences in races, but that is NOT anyone’s fault. Is a cat evil because it kills a mouse? Traits are bred into an organism. Everyone would be happier and much more at ease if among their own kind. Simple logic only dictates this. When you let a domesticated dog loose, does it join a wolf pack? No, the wolves will probably kill it in order to establish dominance; the dog isn’t one of them. Does a parakeet fly with flocks of red birds? If you let your pet tropical fish loose in the ocean, will it join a flock of hammerhead sharks? Lefties all say that we are the same, yet dogs are of the same species, and would they still say they are the same if they could choose which dog to be bitten by, a Pit Bull or a Poodle?

  • disgusted in NJ

    I live in what used to be a predominantly black neighborhood, in which the residents took pride in our community. In the few instances of litter or graffiti, we worked together to clean up, even though we were denied basic municipal services that our tax dollars paid for. In the last decade, many of the older black homeowners have died and been replaced by low-class whites that can accurately be called hill-billies. They terrorize any and every black family in the neighborhood that cares about how they live and wants to exist in peace and pleasant conditions. When I read posts from white people about how they prefer segregation, I have to say as a black woman that I could not agree more! My neighborhood has been ruined by an influx of angry, low-class white people, only the blacks in my area are too decent to burn a cross on a white family's lawn or terrorize them until they move. Integration is a tool of the racist whites in power to destroy black businesses and create the crippling poverty that infects black communities and maintains our American caste system.

  • Ying Ma

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my article. My book, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto, is out and available on Amazon ( More information about the book is also available at….

  • Juan

    Why some of you establish this situation as a whole reflect of the black community? racial hostility is a common disgusting problem in America, the animosity between different gropus is always present, so why blacks should be an exception to this? all this racial animosity is just simply the prove of a nation that has limp one aspect that have decades or even centuries, America has had a long history of racial differences, how do you expect that a place like a ghetto make a difference? these places are even more vulnerable to the problem of racism, because they between the ignorance, selfishness, opportunism and the strong sectarianism among different human groups

  • Wally

    I had similar problems with Blacks and Mexican-American. They don’t accept East Asians as “People of Color”. The racist Blacks considered Asians as “Honorary Whites”.

    • Myra Esoteric

      To whites, we are black or some analogue of Mexicans, to blacks who don’t know history, we are white. But the US media seeks to blur the history of common struggle among all people of color regardless of Asian, Middle Eastern, South Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native.

      When in fact, the historic record recognizes the Asian movement as part of the Civil Rights movement, and many Asians were part of the Black Panthers. And many black people were part of the Asian movement as well.

  • Singingbaboon

    Mainstream American media, especially Hollywood took a big role in promoting bias opinions towards Asians in general. Uneducated minorities were easily brainwashed by popular media. The portrayal of Asia and Asians were very negative in American media in general.