New Target for Genocide

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While billions of Christians around the world dreamed festively of candy canes and sugar plums, unwrapped gifts, and laughed along with family this past Christmas, millions of others, largely in the Middle East and North Africa, continued to confront what some are now calling “the next great genocide.”

In response – and hoping to stem the violence – Pope Benedict has designed a summit of world religious leaders to take place in Assisi this coming fall, in order to address the problem.

And it is a problem – one nearing crisis proportions. The Pope’s announcement came only hours after the latest attack, this time on a Coptic church in Egypt, killing 21  worshipers on New Years day.

Having successfully rid itself of Jews, the region is now diligently purging itself of the rest of its non-Muslim population, with frightening success.  Attacks on Christians in the Middle East are now becoming a near-daily occurrence, from the bombings of churches in Iraq to the drive-by massacres of Coptic churchgoers in Egypt like the one that took place the past weekend.

The October bombing of an Assyrian Catholic cathedral in Baghdad that left 58 dead and 100 wounded led to a mass exodus of the country’s Christians; by some counts, half the country’s Christian population has fled since the fall of Saddam Hussein, leaving around 500,000 – and that number is decreasing by the day.  Where once 100,000 Christians made their home in Mosul, a largely-Kurdish city in Northern Iraq, one resident told The New York Times earlier this month, “I expect that a month from now not a single Christian will be left in Mosul.” As the LA Times notes, this Christmas may have been the last in Iraq for most of the Christians who remain there.

That situation is not limited to Iraq.  On Christmas Eve, homemade explosives killed 38 and injured 74 worshipers at several churches in the Nigerian city of Jos; attacks at three other Nigerian churches killed another six.  That same day, Christmas shoppers were targeted in attacks in Pakistan.   Describing the situation in Asharq Alawsat, an English-language Arab daily, Abdul Rahman Al-Rashid, the general manager of Al-Arabiya news, observed, “The Christians in Iraq today celebrate Christmas under armed protection that has been imposed on their churches after the latest massacre carried out by Al-Qaeda. The Christian Copts in Egypt recently went through a bloody confrontation, the Christians in Lebanon are in a continuous state of shrinking that increases with the rise in sectarian tension, and in Palestine; the numerical shrinking of the Christians is even more acute.”

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  • Abhinav

    I am amazed that christians, despite their superior military might as compared to muslims, are increasingly under seige of jihadi murderers. from egypt to iraq to ivory coast in africa. while you guys in america are rightly worried about the killing of christians in iraq & egypt, you people are probably unaware of what’s about to happen in ivory coast. the marauding muslims of the north are trying their best to butcher the christians of the south, using the pretext of ‘unfair’ elections. christians of the world, i have said it before and i’ll say it again, let not your technological progress and material comforts blind you to this ever-advancing muslim threat. learn from the centuries-long plight of hindus of indian subcontinent at the hands of muslims, learn before it’s too late even for you, just like it’s too late for hindus of indian subcontinent now.

  • Abhinav

    I am amazed that christians, despite their superior military might as compared to muslims, are increasingly under seige of jihadi murderers. from egypt to iraq to ivory coast in africa. while you guys in america are rightly worried about the killing of christians in iraq & egypt, you people are probably unaware of what's about to happen in ivory coast. the marauding muslims of the north are trying their best to butcher the christians of the south, using the pretext of 'unfair' elections. christians of the world, i have said it before and i'll say it again, let not your technological progress and material comforts blind you to this ever-advancing muslim threat. learn from the centuries-long plight of hindus of indian subcontinent at the hands of muslims, learn before it's too late even for you, just like it's too late for hindus of indian subcontinent now.

    • mrstarry76

      our local newspaper won't even use the word Dhimmitude or Taquiyya. I have sent them letters to tell of the treatment of muslim women and sharia law and they edit the hard parts out. They are in bed with the leftists and don't care what the islamist terrorists do. I fear for our country but with leaders as incompetent and selfish as ours, it is a hard road. Also, as a Christian, I have to have faith in Jesus and know that He is in control.

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Why should you be amazed? We've been totally emasculated by political correctness for the last 40 or 50 years. If we had the weaponry of the Martians in War of the Worlds or the aliens of Independence Day, it wouldn't be any different. The Jihadis would still be winning, even if they were armed only with sticks and stones.The West is chock-a-block full of gutless effeminate wimps, especially amongst its leadership.

      Hmm, I also notice there is a roaming troll around who is knocking our marks down.

    • MN11

      Abhinav is 100% correct. Today, even in remote South Indian rural areas (like Melvisharam, near Vellore), you'll find street-signts & names in Urdu & Arabic. And this is in a state called 'Tamil nadu' where once people used to put tar (or black paint) on the Central Govt Hindi-language names (at Railway stations, even).
      The nincompoops (like that spineless moron called 'Gandhi') are taking us to the devil and sugar-coating it using various words such as Multi-cultaralism, Political-Correctness, Diversity & Sensitivity.
      If someone is offended by having a picture of Lord Ganesha in a piece of lingerie – let that person leave the country that manufactures or sells that lingerie. That's what happens (for the most part too). But if someone has a problem with a pictorial description of a 7th century pedophile, dacoit, misogynist murderer with a bomb on his head – morons who follow that 7th century terrorist cause a huge problem.
      The former (i.e. Hindus) are spineless cows that deserve to be butchered & consumed. The latter (i.e. the followers-of-a-terrorist) are the brainless zombies that need to be eradicated from the 'actual' humanity.

      • muchiboy

        "like that spineless moron called 'Gandhi'"

        Just what 'Gandhi' are you talking about? If Mahatma Gandhi,then shut your mouth and learn some respect.

        "The former (i.e. Hindus) are spineless cows that deserve to be butchered & consumed. The latter (i.e. the followers-of-a-terrorist) are the brainless zombies that need to be eradicated from the 'actual' humanity."

        What an A-Hole.muchiboy

        • Lion of Kabul

          I have to agree that Mahatma Gandhi was a spinless moron but Hindus are just victims of the 1400 year jihad just as much as Jews and Christians are.

    • muchiboy

      "christians, despite their superior military might.."

      The west presently can lay claim,in addition to superior military might,superior moral right .Other regions and religions throughout the world would do well to fear the former while respecting the latter.With the exception of contemporary western society,"might is right "is usually a false and dangerous maxim.The strength of our moral righteousness may well be more telling then our military powers.Humanity as expressed in our Universal Declaration of Human Rights is ever evolving and may indeed be irreversible.It is likely just a matter of time before Islam embraces these Universal rights. muchiboy

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Show me someone who is an obsessed Jew hater and Israel basher and I will show you someone completely oblivious of Islam and to the grave threat to freedom it represents, not only for Israel, but also for the entirety of the free world.

        In any event, Judeo-Christian civilization eventually evolved into a civilization where all men are created equal and are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, which are embodied in The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and which, by the way, is rejected by Islamic civilization, as Islamic civilization has created its own competing declaration of human rights, The Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam, which basically defines Sharia as being the final arbiter of all rights.

        Needless to say, Islamic civilization’s views on human rights are exceedingly draconian relative to our hard fought Judeo-Christian civilization’s views. Meanwhile, even though you are a target in the same Global Jihad that targets Israel, you are so consumed with Jew hatred and obsessed with bashing Israel that you are totally oblivious. Indeed, you pride yourself in being a useful idiot.

        • muchiboy

          Islam is not unique in behaving badly,ObamaYoMoma.Christians have behaved badly as recently as the bad old days of Belfast and N.Ireland.And you know how badly I believe the Jews behave towards the Palestinians today.While I acknowledge we are in conflict with Islam today I believe the conflict is more within then without Islam and I am optimistic that Muslims will embrace modernity and all that comes with it,at least all that is good.Not that the learning curve is going to be easy,and tolerance may not come without a fight,but it is a fight I believe the west and moderate Muslims will win.
          As for Israel,I don't want your Zionist state as a partner in this contest,even though certain aspects of your society pose as democratic and respectful of Human Rights.But it is a start,and a presence in the region.
          Come what may,in the long term I have faith in the Muslim and Jewish world to do what's right by Humanity and the others' adherents.This stems from a core belief that we are all more or less the same,and recognizes the inherent and inevitable goodness of man.muchiboy

          • Spirit_Of_1683

            There's no goodness in a viciously antisemitic Nazi barbarian like yourself.

          • garretso

            The troubles in Northern Ireland are ethnic conflict. Indigenous Irish v.s. Scots-Irish. The latter being settlers coming from the Scottish Lowlands to Ulster province that was confiscated (not purchased or captured in a defensive war) in the 17th century by James I of England. While it is true that most Scots Irish are Protestant and most Irish are Catholic, to call it a sectarian conflict is like calling the American Civil War a conflict between Presbyterians and Baptists.

          • MixMChessq

            "And you know how badly I believe the Jews behave towards the Palestinians today."

            Yea, those damn Jews giving Palestinians hundreds of millions in economic aid, millions of tons in humanitarian aid, offering the Palis a state on multiple occassions, teaching Jewish children to love and respect their murderers the Palis…. How dare those Jews behave in such a way that constantly benefits the Palestinians and only rewards murder of more Jews?

          • ObamaYoMoma

            Like I said show me an obsessive Jew hater and Israel basher like you and I’ll show you a compete ignoramus of Islam and the Global Jihad, and indeed just like I expected you proved my thesis to be completely correct when like a complete ignoramus you responded by equating Islam to Christianity.

            Your response also goes a long way in explaining how so many Euroloons can be so suicidal, and for a lot of Americans that was very hard for to understand, up until now when you confirmed my thesis to be correct.

            Hence, show me someone that is a complete ignoramus with respect to Islam and the Global Jihad, and I’ll show you an obsessed Jew hater and Israel basher.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Yes, it is about religion.

    Not really. Here’s the point a lot of you ladies and gentlemen are missing. While Islam may have initially started out as a religion during its first 13 years of its existence, subsequent to the Hijra, Muhammad’s migration from Mecca to Medina in 622 CE, Muhammad turned to jihad, politics, and eventually to conquest and it was this transformation of Islam from the realm of religion to the realms jihad, politic, and conquest that set the stage for Islam to finally become successful after 13 previous years of failure, as a short 100 years after Muhammad’s death Islam had already conquered most of the known world, from Portugal to India. Had Muhammad not morphed Islam from religion into what it became after the Hijra, which is a militant theo-political totalitarian ideology, Islam would have died out in the deserts of Arabia with the death of Muhammad and no one would have ever heard of Islam and Muhammad. Hence, today Islam is not a religion but instead a militant theo-political totalitarian ideology that seeks to subjugate the world into totalitarianism via the imposition of Sharia as its main goal.

    Additionally, via the doctrine of abrogation, whereby when verses of the Koran come into conflict, the latter issued verses abrogate, i.e. supersede and replace, the earlier issued verses, all of the earlier peaceful verses of the Koran that originate from the time that Islam was a religion prior to the Hijra and shortly thereafter have all been abrogated by the latter issued violent verses of the Koran they conflict with that command Muhammadans to wage jihad against unbelievers for the spread of Islam.

    Therefore, not only did Muhammad morph Islam from religion into a militant theo-political totalitarian ideology after the Hijra, but also the earlier peaceful verses of the Koran that originate from the time Islam was a religion have also all been abrogated by the latter violent verses of the Koran as well.

    Thus, to call and label Islam a religion is flat out wrong, because it is a totalitarian ideology today very similar to Communism, and just like it is impossible for Communism to ever be reformed, it is also impossible for Islam to ever be reformed because it is not a religion. As a matter of fact, the biggest difference between Islam and Communism is Islam unlike Communism masquerades as being a religion to infiltrate the societies it intends to subjugate, which encourages societies to leave their guard down. However, the net result is exactly the same in both ideologies, totalitarianism.

    In addition, during the Cold War of the 20th century we didn’t allow millions of Communists to immigrate and infiltrate our countries because that would have been suicidal. Yet, today when the West opens up the floodgates to massive Muhammadan immigration we are in effect committing civilizational suicide.

    In fact, the Global Jihad that Islam is waging against all unbelievers today should be acknowledged as the new Cold War of the 21st century and it should be combated very similar to the way the West combated the Cold War of the 20th century. In any event, if we fail to continue to understand what Islam really is and keep deluding ourselves with respect to what Islam really is, it will soon be too late.

    • Chris

      I wish every American could read this. I wish we could make our government "leaders" understand this. Those with influence, Beck, Limbaugh, Hannity, need to focus on this more. We need to get the Muslim out of the WH and stifle the radical left or we are doomed.

      • Matt

        Beck dances with hard issues, Limbaugh might mention them if he's cornered, Hannity will have a guest on tomorrow to discuss it. The media won't cover it and half the country won't read about it. Getting the word out is becoming a lot like work!

    • Sue

      The phrase "it's about religion" means "the about Islam, and Islam's hatred of other religions, as opposed to other excuses such as poverty, social disenfranchisment, Israel/Palestine, past colonialism, etc." Or, to put it more succinctly, "It's about Islam, stupid,"

      Islam may entail a political element, but if it were *only* political, it would not be the danger it is. A man who believes he is going to go to heaven and be rewarded with an eternity of perfect sexual gratification if he kills himself to murder innocent babies is in a different state of mind than one who just wants to spread doctrine,no matter how hateful that doctrine is.

    • pappy86us

      I agree with you completely. It is very scary what is slowly happening to the US. As simple as it, American's just need to look at the UK and Europe to see what is slowly happening to America. Unfortunately, America has fallen under the spell that good things will happen if we follow Europe's lead in whatever they do. A fact that is so untrue. I will say this, George W Bush as much as he was dislike to mention in a speech not long after 9-11, that this next war would last for generations….

  • Nelu Roman

    I have just read in "The Independent " that record record number of britons embrace muslim faith.Is it true?I can't believe it !! It is beyond my understanding. The U.K. is a great nation.Is it true that its people want to go down to barbarity of siecle VII? May be it is not my problem, but I will don't like to see turban-men and hijab-women taking over London.
    Quran- violence, sex, slavery. Suna of Mahomed (hadith)- worse

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      When Muslims have six kids, you'll expect record numbers of Brits 'to embrace Islam', but the fact is, the vast majority were born into it. And as for the Independent, thank God it wasn't around in 1940, otherwise we'd have lost the war.

    • MN11

      That's not even a proper 'poll' so to speak. It was merely based on census info of Scotland – and a biased interview of mosques for conversion numbers. Well, if one were to extrapolate like that – then we can quickly say Earth is flat – by interviewing people of a Mental asylum.
      And, remember – other than breeding like pigs (a reason why pigs don't eat pork), there are a lot of pigs, monkeys & other beastly creatures in British Jails. Just Google for the number of British Jail converts to pig-slam, and the truth becomes very clear.

  • ApolloSpeaks

    THE COPTS MUST SUFFER TO BE WISE ____It was Islam that blew to pieces those 21 Christians in Egypt last week-normative, conventional, Koranic Islam in all its wrath and lawless fury. Not a lunatic fringe of Moslem extremists who have hijacked the religion and turned it into a weapon of war and death. It was the Sword of the Prophet striking from his grave across time at heedless unbelievers ignorant of the truth. As I've said before: it's been 14 centuries since Islam's brutal conquest of Egypt;


  • ApolloSpeaks

    1400 years since Moslems first shed Coptic blood in Allah's name, and still they fail to see the light; fail to see what's good for them in this world and the next. They fail to see that Islam was the true religion of Jesus; the true religion of Abraham; the faith of Moses and the Prophets. And for their willful blindness and denial of truth the Copts must pay the price: they must suffer to be wise or leave Egypt forever in blood and tears; they must go through hell and some must die until they open their eyes and submit to God, or make some other place their home. This is the terrible truth about Islam and the new epidemic of anti-Christian genocide sweeping over the Moslem world.

    • JAMES



      Excuse me, But if you believe that Copts must suffer, then, your wrong. BECAUSE THE ONLY TRUE GOD IS JESUS CHRIST !! He is the way and the truth and the life !! If your religion is so holy and full of peace then why don't you leave everybody to live in peace !! You are not proving anything to the world by killing, only that you are so weak in faith because you are threatened by those whose faith you will never reach!

      "And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men, for not everyone has faith. But the Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one."
      2 Thessalonians 3:2-4

  • sas ka

    indeed, before the migration, mohammed was preaching peacefully and since his message was not received by population he fled the city with barely 40 partisans!! the he turned into pilling the travelers and preaching the holy war rewarding by promises of girls in heaven and treasures on earth. you can see obviously how the "accent" of the coran changed after the migration and how verses of peace before were contradicted by verses of death after. good luck in the book, hope it will reflect the whole truth about islam.

  • TheRealDeal

    Islam is NOT the true religion of Jesus and Abraham! God is NOT Allah! "Then shall they deliver you up to be afflicted, and shall kill you: and ye shall be hated of all nations for my name's sake. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and shall the end come. For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. Then shall two be in the field; the one shall be taken, and the other left. Matthew 24:10,14, 21,35, 40
    These are God's words ~ the REAL God. This is the terrible truth for all those who haven't yet accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in these, the last nanoseconds of this world's history as we know it. How I pray you heed them..

  • waterwillows

    To my mind, it is a pretty strange thing when men can call it 'religion' and it is just the worship of their own penis?
    Muslims murder and maim in order to enforce the wide open, world-wide male sexual perversions, of baby thighing, female enslavement and animal sex. Nothing short of murdering all who oppose will bring this about. Who would willing accept it, beside the deeply twisted minds of outright perverts and criminals.
    Therefore murder is an absolute must on their agenda. There is no other way for them and they are prepared to enforce evil as the ruler of men whatever the cost to decent people.

  • SeaMystic


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  • SeaMystic

    Time for an Atomic War against Islam.

  • AlCrusader

    It's time for a Crusade on Islam!

    • muchiboy

      Been there,done that! Learned a lesson from history.muchiboy

      • Spirit_Of_1683

        The only thing you have ever learned in your entire life is how to hate Jews.

      • MixMChess

        How is it a crusade when you are merely repelling Islamist invaders? Recall, the holy land was Jewish and Christian until the Muslim invasions and occupation.

  • muchiboy

    "Show me someone who is an obsessed Jew hater and Israel basher and I will show you someone completely oblivious of Islam"

    I suppose it's well-nigh impossible on a Zionist site like FPM to avoid Islam bashing.Being an uninvited guest,I just have to suck it up.In addition,you have yet to distinguish between Antisemitism and anti Zionism.I see I have a long road ahead of me in teaching you lot the difference,inch by inch,mile by mile.This,perhaps,is my most realistic goal in this forum.muchiboy

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Naziboy, you are an obsessive and repulsive Jew-hater. And is there little wonder the Jews wanted to get out of Europe after World War II, because they had come across far too many Jew-hating sickos like yourself. It is people much like like yourself, with the same Jew-hating prejudices, who were eager to betray the Jews and enable the Holocaust 70 years ago.

    • garretso

      I hope you will hold all peoples and nations to the same standards. That, in my opinion, is the root of the problem. If it is a crime when "People A" were driven from their homes, then it is also a crime when "People B" were driven from their homes. It matters not the identity of the people or their tormentors – wrong is wrong. If "Country A" is to be condemned for building an empire on conquest and genocide, then "Countries B,C,and D' must also be condemned in the same way. If it is "hate" when a Green person injures a Purple person, then is is also "hate" when a Blue person injures an Orange person.
      One standard for all.

    • MixMChess

      Hmmm…. lets apply the Natan Sharansky's 3-D test.

      Demonization: You regularly compare Israel to Nazi Germany. Filth like you who draws such "analogies" is either DELIBERATELY ignorant regarding Nazi Germany or, more likely, are deliberately depicting modern-day Israel as the embodiment of evil.

      Double Standards: You routinely single out Israel for condemnation for perceived "grievances" while ignoring proven human rights abusers like Jordan (who murdered more Palestinians CIVILIANS in one month, than Israel has killed, in self defense, since 1948).

      Delegitimization: Antisemites deny the legitimacy of the Jewish state. While criticism of an Israeli policy may not be antisemitic, the DENIAL of Israel’s right to EXIST is ALWAYS antisemitic.

      "If other peoples, including 21 Arab Muslim States — and particularly the many states created in the postcolonial period following World War II — have the right to live securely in their homelands, then the Jewish people has that right as well"

      Sorry Ronald Grant, you are a dirty Nazi corrections officer.

  • BUTSeriously

    When will honest, God fearing Christians realise the demand for serial on-going 2-states in tiny Palestine caused the current issues? Today's terror scenario was directly the result of Britain's corruption of the Balfour, perpetrated when the Jews were totally helpless following w.w.II. This lead to legitimising the Islamic creed: NO OTHER RELIGION SHALL PREVAIL IN ARABIA. This has come knocking on the door of the Christians in Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and Pakistan, and for Israel where a deathly 3-state is accounted as a 2-state. Let the rocket scientists do the math what it means.

    Q: Why not demand a 2-state in Egypt – one for the Muslims – and one for the original Coptic nhabitants of this and?

  • muchiboy

    "Western humanism (life is too precious to die defending ideas)"

    Go tell that to the USMC,to the RCR,to the SAS,then and now.

    " the Jews of Israel alone understand that the advance of Islam by the sword must be met with a stronger sword"

    The Jews of Israel are partly responsible for the conflict we're in with Islam.They have given us nothing but grief.Talk about biting the hand……muchiboy

    • Spirit_Of_1683

      Of course Naziboy, we know by now that your hero Hitler didn't murder enough Jews for your liking. You are so disappointed that he lost the war and didn't give you your wish of every Jew being wiped off the planet. And the Jewish state of Israel was created to give Jews the chance to escape from vicious Jew-hating scumbags like yourself, for the Holocaust was planned and implemented by monsters with your mindset.

    • MixMChess

      "The Jews of Israel are partly responsible for the conflict we're in with Islam."

      Nope, you are lying again Nazi-boy Ronald Grant. Even Osama Bin Laden admitted that the Israel-Palestinian conflict had nothing to do with the forming of Al Qaeda or the 9-11 attacks.

      Islam has "bloody borders" wherever it is found in the world. There have been countless Islamic terror attacks against Hindus in India, Christian Armenians in Turkey, Buddhists in Afghanistan, Zoroastrians in Iran (Persia)… the list goes on and all of these Islamo-facist terror attacks have NOTHING whatsoever to do with Israel. Keep trying to defame the Jews though Nazi-boy…

      "They have given us nothing but grief."

      Actually the Israelis have provided the world with huge net benefits in the medical, technological and agricultural advances. What have the Palestinians or any Arab/Islamic country provided besides terrorism, murder and bloodletting?

  • ikz

    this is a bad news.
    Now where are those human rights group who are the fierce defendants of the ‘oppressed’ muslims. If the muslims are the target, they are very noisy, yet if the targets are christians or non-muslims especialy the jewish people, those idiots have their mouth shut and turns a blind eye on this atrocities.

  • Lion of Kabul

    Today, Christians are the most persecuted people on the planet – particularly in Islamic countries such Algeria, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey or Egypt. It is easier to be a Muslim in London, New York or Paris than a Protestant or Catholic in the Middle East, North Africa or anywhere else Islam is the predominate religion.

    Even in the West, Christianity is under constant assault from the courts and liberal politicians who spare no expense in their crusade to erase their symbols from public view while at the same time they fervently endorse all things Islamic.

    If they believe that appeasement will ward off Islamic terrorist attacks by the practitioners of the “religion of peace”, they have not learned anything from history and are irrelevant.

    If the West is to survive we must rid ourselves of the PC multicultural BS that the liberal elite have foisted upon us and the proponents of this suicidal policy must be relegated to the sidelines for the good of mankind.

  • PAthena

    The cause of the Arab war against Israel is religion – Mohammedans who object to a Jewish state (based on the historical grounds of the origin of the Jews, insisting that Judea and Samaria be called "the West Bank").

  • muchiboy

    "I hope you will hold all peoples and nations to the same standards."

    Try me.muchiboy

    • MixMChess

      Oh sorry you have already failed, you still refuse to condemn Jordan for murdering over 20,000 Palestinians in one month. Go crawl back under the rock where you belong Naziboy Ronald Grant.

  • muchiboy

    "The troubles in Northern Ireland are ethnic conflict. Indigenous Irish v.s. Scots-Irish." "most Scots Irish are Protestant and most Irish are Catholic, to call it a sectarian conflict is like calling the American Civil War a conflict between Presbyterians and Baptists."

    I scheme one would need a pretty fine and nimble mind and fingers to tease one ,i.e.ethnic from the other i.e.sectarian.

    "that was confiscated (not purchased or captured in a defensive war "

    I am having a good time here trying to judge the Zionist occupation of Palestine as (which) one or the other.muchiboy

  • muchiboy

    "how to hate Jews.";obsessive and repulsive Jew-hater;Hitler didn't murder enough Jews for your liking.;vicious Jew-hating scumbags;Naziboy"

    I was brought up to respond to such irrational rants and taunts with "Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me",but we both know that isn't true,don't we,Spirit_Of_1683? We both know the irrational hate and violence just below the taunts and name calling.We both know the rock hard stones that follow these slurs,ethnic or personal.Shame on you for using the same irrational lies that the real Nazis used against your own people.The reality is you perpetuate the legacy of those like minded minions of hate and irrationality. muchiboy

  • muchiboy

    "I have to agree that Mahatma Gandhi was a spinless moron"

    No,you don't have to agree to such stupidity,Lion of Kabul.Just roar like the mighty,wise, noble Lion you are and eat the moron who uttered such nonsense.

    "but Hindus are just victims of the 1400 year jihad just as much as Jews and Christians are."

    India seems to be doing OK with its mixture of ethnicity and religions.The history of the Jews and Christians is full of violence and conquest.Really,we are all more or less the same.We are Humanity.muchiboy

  • kate b

    Ultimately it's claim is an Abrhamic faith. Does it live up to the essence of one eternal deity, whose unity is unique, whose name /reputation is love, justice, salvation and where the point of the text is the Messiah who is suffering, atoning servant for all humanity and the figure who ushers world peace and returns the Kingdom of Israel back to the tribes.

    If these are not the aims of the original religion – then it should lose all its claims as an Abrhamic faith, it is a Mohamedan faith only. People need to discover, do they love their creator or religion.

  • muchiboy

    "Jew hater and Israel basher"

    Obsessive linking of Jew hatred with anti Zionism does a disservice to all in denying the holder of such an obsessive and flawed view an opportunity to appreciate a valid if not valuable argument.It serves as a barrier to full understanding of that particular problem and may be indicative of a wider fault in critical thinking.muchiboy

    • MixMChess

      Sorry Nazi-Boy Ronald Grant, the fact remains that you are a raving anti-semite. Legitimate constructive criticism of Israel is perfectly acceptable, however denying Israel's right to exist, demonizing the Jewish state, or constantly attacking Israel alone among all countries REEKS of antisemitism. Considering you exhibit all three characteristics in addition to attacking diaspora Jews proves what a piece of filth you are.

  • muchiboy

    "stop obsessing on Jews and study Islam instead."

    I am admittedly ignorant about Islam,and will always keep an open mind on the Israel/Palestine debate.The fact that I subscribe to FPM and debate the members on very complex and contentious issues without engaging in personal and irrational attacks should be evidence enough of my good intentions and good will.Yes I have a strong opinion on Palestine,as do you on Israel.And we debate those opinions,intensely at times.I believe as a result of these debates I have a fuller,deeper understanding of the issues, at least from a Jewish perspective.I would hope that my experience is more or less shared by others,even though opinions may not have changed much. muchiboy

  • Cathleen Flansburg

    Some days in the past I mentioned that subject with another man just with a special result. It s a subject difficult for discussions once more and again. Nice points you took under consideration for argumentation

  • big goyim

    The sooner we rid this country of all Jews, the better. There is a huge backlash against the Jews growing within the ranks of the average American. I know. I got caught up in it and my eyes were opened. Even one year ago I was deluded by the non-stop propaganda pouring out of the television and other media. No longer. I can spot a Jewish Ham (that's a cross between a Jewish Hoax and a Jewish Scam) in a split second. When you know what to look for, you see them and their evil influence everywhere. When I realized the destruction they have caused to my beautiful country, I became beyond angry. Their day is coming.