Rewriting UCSB’s History of Viewpoint Discrimination against Horowitz

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And as for the timing of events:

§  May 4: Associated Students Legislative Council (ASLC) engages in viewpoint discrimination and votes to hide the evidence of the previous viewpoint discrimination by the Associated Students Finance Board (FB).

§  May 6: FIRE writes UCSB chancellor Yang about the discrimination.

§  May 20: UCSB Campus Counsel Nancy Greenan Hamill replies to FIRE, incorrectly claiming that the FB’s viewpoint discrimination did not actually happen, against what just about everyone now agrees is the truth.

§  May 26: UCSB Special Projects Coordinator Barbra Ortiz documents that the university chose to allocate $1,800 of UCSB’s “After Dark” funds for the Horowitz event. (Again, FIRE was not made aware of this until October.)

§  June 7: $1,800 is finally placed in the account of the College Republicans, coincidentally on the same day that FIRE faxed a second letter to Chancellor Yang.

FIRE’s website thoroughly documents what really happened. So, I hope people will take Young’s advice when he said about FIRE:

They have a political agenda and that’s what they’re playing out. Go to their website and see their agenda.

Please, go to our website and see that our completely nonpartisan mission is to support and defend the fundamental rights of students and faculty members at our nation’s colleges. You can see the wide range of cases we have taken to defend free speech at UCSB alone. Our website is also where you can find the facts about each case and read them for yourself.

It is also where you can find all of the quotations that FIRE used in our press release and letters, and you will see, in contrast to the allegations by The Daily Nexus, that the relevant quotes are many and they were not taken “out of context.” We could have used many more quotes as well.

FIRE did not need to rely on Daily Nexus articles, but they were consistent with the actual minutes from the meetings. That’s called good journalism. Yet, Katherine Friedman’s so-called journalism here says that FIRE supported our claims “by manipulating selective content from a Nexus article regarding the meeting.” What is quite comical in Friedman’s article is that she goes on to suggest that, no, the audience outrage over the $1,100 allocation was nothing special, since the audience had been expressing outrage the whole time:

While much of crowd expressed frustration — even outrage — at the first allocation, FIRE failed to mention that they had done so throughout much of the meeting, both at the podium during Public Forum and from the seats where many held anti-Islamophobia signs.

I really do not think this evocation of the scene helps Friedman’s argument very much, particularly when the minutes of the meeting show quite a lot of frustration and outrage among the FB members who voted down the allocation.

In sum, we have a bunch of lies and misrepresentations and a piece of “journalism” that is mixed with editorializing and false insinuations. Nice try, Daily Nexus. Too bad the facts are against you.

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  • StephenD

    For some reason it seems you are expecting fair and unbiased treatment from people you caught displaying unfair and biased treatment. I would suggest you continue to hold their feet to the FIRE (pun intended) but realize they will not step back from their objective. They may shift their approach but they won't stop in their zeal to stifle anyone that doesn't go along with their program. I love how the Left are all about tolerance except they can't tolerate anyone that doesn't agree with them.

  • Jane Larson Baer

    David Horowitz: please come to UC Santa Cruz where Angela Davis was a long-time professor and Huey P Newton was given a doctorate degree.__

  • alexander

    David, pay some hunks and have them break a few jaws/arms of "protesters" attacking you at your speaking engagements……………………leftist imbeciles understand only that (like other "non-us") ;)