‘San Francisco Chronicle’ Reprints UCSB’s Lies about Viewpoint Discrimination against Horowitz Event

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The second lie is that the SA “did not withhold any funding because of the speaker’s viewpoint.” That’s not just a small lie but a really huge lie, apparently promulgated by Katya Armistead. If you don’t believe me, read the minutes of both meetings for yourself.

And we should name names once again:

(1) Alfredo Del Cid, who voted against the $1,100 allocation, stated:

Diversity, speech, and ideas I appreciate and like the different angles, and when speakers with different views come I think it’s constructive, but I believe the statements should be founded in fact and there’s a difference between that and completely outlandish statements. Referencing David Horowitz’s article on how the gay AIDS epidemic stems from the gay pride movement. If there were intelligent discourse with David, then great, but this is not the case. He will go on a rant about people that he doesn’t agree with or like.

Del Cid also alleged that Horowitz had “call[ed] student organizations ‘terrorist cells.'”

(2) A student named Jared (surname unavailable), who voted against the $1,100 allocation as a proxy for Danielle Stevens, stated:

I didn’t hear concrete evidence on anything when I went to the event 3 years ago; all I heard was slander.

(3) Fabian Gallardo, who voted against the $1,100 allocation, stated:

My only reservation with bringing Horowitz is that it would be an educational event. David belittles students and professors and will only anger folks.

(4) Tiffany Mayville, who voted against the $1,100 allocation, asked the College Republicans representative:

Do you think the idea of free speech jeopardizes the safety of students on the campus?

She later asked:

Couldn’t you have chosen someone who better represents your minority group in a constructive manner?

She also stated:

Not funding their event is not making them feel like they are not included in this campus. Being a political minority is WAY different than a structural minority. I want people to represent their beliefs and we shouldn’t have to have security to protect the event. We should create a constructive dialogue and break down the structure of these issues and not break down these issues. I understand the weight words have and look at what are we setting a precedent for again. The threat of being sued is very disempowering and it feels like we’re being told how to vote because of legalities. We have the duty to represent students and not the Regents.

(5) Danielle Mayorga, who voted against the $1,100 allocation, stated:

I don’t want to fund security because I’ve been there and the police do not protect the students’ right to peacefully and protest and assemble.

If the police don’t protect that right, that is a problem, but in the context of the Horowitz speech, Mayorga seems to be arguing that the police should not do what is necessary to allow David Horowitz’s speech to continue if students decided to unlawfully disrupt it. You don’t have a right to “protest and assemble” in a substantially disruptive way in the middle of a venue that is being used for someone else’s speech.

These student government members acted against their moral and legal responsibility to uphold First Amendment rights on campus when they engaged in viewpoint discrimination. And now the university itself has blatantly lied about it and has hoodwinked the San Francisco Chronicle. Bob Egelko had it right the first time.

Next in line for some truth talk is UCSB’s own Daily Nexus. Stay tuned.

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  • StephenD

    It's their story and they're sticking to it. Did you think someone with a propensity toward the Left would be fair and balanced? Look at it this way; you bought the San Francisco Chronicle cheap. You got them to expose their bias for the world to see and all it took was this one incident.

  • aspacia

    Keep fighting the good fight against liberal censorship.

    • Herman Caintonette

      You mean, like indulging in conservative viewpoint-based censorship? More than a few of my invariably polite posts have been censored by DH or his minions.

      • Stephen_Brady

        Invariably polite? On the Wall Street thread, you called everyone who disagreed with you "mindless idiots".

        • Herman Caintonette

          Which is mild, compared to the epithets thrown my way — including by you.

        • WilliamJamesWard

          Reading this exchange Stephen I become curious as to how Herman
          got his name. Herman Cain and add tonette (cheap plastic flute) or
          more common to early education a fipple flute. Lefties developed some
          sense of humor in the ages since the garden and slithering around
          giving bad advice………………………………………….William

          • Western Canadian

            HC has offered up his ignorance, jew hating, christian bashing drivel ever since he degraded this site with his presence. He is actually rather boring. Only thing of interest would be wondering if he is a hard left product of a shabby education, or a hard core islamist product of a shabby education.

          • aspacia

            Similar to cigar/cigarette, I read it as Cain Jr. as in Cain and Abel

          • WilliamJamesWard

            I may have this wrong but I thought if a leftist was giving themselves
            a sign it would denigrate someone with conservative values, thus
            Herman Cain the candidate for President (a plastic mouth piece)
            which would be a slur. First though your thought crossed my mind
            also, so it goes…………William

          • aspacia

            Caintonette is a Saudi national, and frankly he does not have our Western mindset, just a we do not have his Islamic mindset.

            I always try to understand the author from her/his background.

      • aspacia

        Caine Jr., you probably violated the posting guidelines; I also periodically violate them as well. I even told one authors to stick a d!ld@ up is self-righteous a$$.

  • Dispozadaburka

    San Francisco elected Nancy Pelosi.
    That should just about explain it all.
    I would make them apologize for their shoddy journalism.

    • steven l

      A super rich democrat.

      • Herman Caintonette

        Shoddy journalism? You mean, there is any other kind?

        • mlcblog

          Yes, the kind done by DH.

          • Herman Caintonette

            FPM doesn't even qualify as "journalism." DH is a propagandist, plain and simple.

          • Western Canadian

            Don’t expect a propogandist like HC to understand what journalism actually consists of. If it doesn’t match his prejudice, it doesn’t count.

      • Dispozadaburka

        nancy pelosi is a super rich democrat.

        I guess she must be missing her new private jet that doesn't need refuling before she reaches California.

        Boo Hoo….Poor Nancy

        • WilliamJamesWard

          That alone may save the treasury, she may have cost the US billions.

  • steven l

    What matters is power. This is a 10,000 year old fact of politics

  • tagalog

    Wait a minute! "Some of the students stood up for free speech, but they lost to those advocating for 'inclusivity.'”

    The students who wanted to include David Horowitz were not able to get him included because he was EXCLUDED by those who advocate INCLUSIVITY?

    I wish George Orwell were still alive; he'd be roaring with laughter.

    Thank you, San Francisco Chronicle, for today's belly laugh. I bet even Herb Caen would be laughing at that.

    • mlcblog

      I think Orwell would be sick to his stomach.

  • mrbean

    Hey! It is the San Francisco Cornholicle. What would you expect from thewe leftists?

  • xlent

    "Inclusivity" A word meaning "I don't care what the truth may be, what I feel about something is all that matters. If truth were actually sought out and adherd to this would be a much better world.

  • Herman Caintonette

    S_Brady: "On the Wall Street thread, you called everyone who disagreed with you "mindless idiots."

    By your own metric, that is entirely fair; I'm just calling a spade a spade:

    S_Brady (elsewhere): "You have failed to respond to the my accusation of anti-Semitism on your part. Almost every post you write at this website seethes with hatred against Jews. You haven't noticed this?"

    Define terms. You claim to have earned a doctorate in philosophy; you should know better. Wassamatta? Kant got your tongue?

    "Anti-Semitism" is like "fascism": an epithet which has been rendered meaningless by sloppy thinking and overuse. Of course, I have always wondered how an educated man could ever embrace the torrent of logical absurdities embodied in Christendom. Soren Kierkegaard's leap of faith is one which must be taken in order to believe in any flavor of psychotic ancient tribal sky-daddy. Van Til's spiral reasoning is at essence circular.

    As a self-confessed Christian, you have a dog in this hunt, viewing Israel's existence as a confirmation of your faith. I agree with the Jews: Jesus is already 1900 years late and counting; the whole virgin birth tale was to sell him as the second coming of Aushedar, and it was the product of a translation error in the LXX. The alleged conveyance of the land in the Torah was a self-evident fraud, as by their own reckoning, the Hittites hadn't even established their empire at the time of Abraham.

    To be anti-Semitic, one must believe that all Jews are alike, and that the Jewish view is in some way monolithic. This is a facial absurdity, which I do not embrace. Opposing the present state of "Israel" on the grounds that the land was stolen from the rightful owners is merely a consistent application of Anglo-American law, which governed the matter.

    • alan g

      Herb, you got it wrong again. It was returned to its rightful owners. And thanks for acknowledging It’s true name Israel. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

      • Herman Caintonette

        Based on what, Alan? What colorably legitimate claim does a boy from the steppes of Russia, who has no Semitic ancestry whatsoever (iow, his mother was a convert to Judaism), have to that land?

    • aspacia

      Belief in Christianity is no more absurd than the belief in the Muslim moon god Allah. Frankly, the Bible is laid on far more valid history/geographic evidence than the Qu'ran. The land claim in the Torah is no more a fraud than the Islamic claim that I am a Muslim and just don't know it yet, and that all infidels must submit or perish. Currently, no other faith demands submission or death except Islam; hence my concerns may turn to persecuting you and your brethren in self-preservation. This is not unfounded or phobic considering the numerous attacks and attempted attacks against my people.

      In contrast, Arab/Muslim populations have increased in areas controlled by Israel which clearly reveals Muslim Mendacity.


      Presently, it is usually Muslims who argue against Jews by stereotyping, and you know it. How many valid Western sources argue that Jews are descended from Apes and Pigs?? None that I know of. This is in the Arab texts.

      I read ME media, and MEMRI for insight and I see the threat.

      Oh, 80% of Israel was legally purchased. What about the millions of hectares Muslims gained when the expelled, without compensation, all the Jews from Muslim-Majority lands? NONE.

      Yes, the West is far from perfect, as is Israel, but they are superior to any Muslim-majority land.

      If you dislike us, LEAVE!

  • mrbean

    Herman, Amused, Scum, and the other leftists are all probably freshman dropouts and a product of the progressive public education system, so their opoinions are a result of the boldness of ignorance from having their unearned self esteem stroked by liberal teachers.

    • Western Canadian

      Rather obvious by the way they insist on creating their own definitions for words that have a commonly understood range of meaning, seldom resembling their own. Sad.

  • Dispozadaburka

    The San Francisco demonstrators had a booth that said "design your own sign>"

    My sign said., "Ill take the job these morons don't want!
    Hire me!

    I need the money!!!!!!!!
    FYI, it didn't go over too big..

  • Howard

    " Being a political minority is WAY different than a structural minority. I want people to represent their beliefs and we shouldn’t have to have security to protect the event.."," My only reservation with bringing Horowitz is that it would be an educational event. David belittles students and professors and will only anger folks."

    Wow. All these years I thought political minorities, especially those whose views and speech may be unpopular in a community, were the people the First Amendment was originally and primarily intended to protect. I'm so glad that I finally have been given the oppurtunity to get my mind right.

  • Howard

    I especially like that second quote. Mr Horowitz's remarks would not be seen as a oppurtunity for the students and faculty to reflect on their views and see if they are defensible or flawed? Just a cause for anger, and perhaps violence given the concerns about security, because the communities views have been challenged? A real seat of learning and reason that UCSB.

    Kids, take a tip. You may be involved in student government, but it is real government because it has a real impact on the academic community and beyond. Take it seriously because there are real consequences and personal responsibilities that go with the exercise of even the admittedly limited powers of a student government. One day you may be on the other end of the stick.

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  • Herman Caintonette

    I've had a number of my posts censored by FPM. Speaks for itself, eh?