History’s View of Robert Gates

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I strongly suspect that the tyrants who currently rule Iran and who have sworn to destroy America and wipe Israel off the map will someday write something similar in their diaries.  If Iran does develop nuclear weapons and does use them against the West, the major responsibility will be on Robert Gates.

In his interview, Gates boasts of having “prevented [the US] from doing some dumb things over the past four and a half years.”  His “confidants” have made it clear that this refers to Iran:

He prevented further adventures, particularly with countries like Iran that could have turned into military intervention had he not become Secretary of Defense.

He was the first secretary of defense to openly take the military option against Iran entirely “off the table,” as headlines around the world attested.  This foolish act—why take any option off the table?—encouraged Iran to move forward with their programs of developing nuclear weapons without fear of an American attack on their nuclear facilities.  This is not to advocate such an attack—except as an absolutely last resort.  But to announce to the Iranians that they not need be concerned about any military action by the United States was, to paraphrase Gates, one of the dumbest things he could have done.

Moreover, under Gates’ watch, the United States knowingly issued a false report on Iran’s intentions regarding the development of nuclear weapons.  The report essentially denied that Iran was seeking to develop nuclear weapons.  This report was known to be false at the time it was issued since American intelligence became aware of the nuclear weapons facility at Qum before the report was issued.

The publication of this report sent a powerful message to Iran:  The Americans have fallen for your bait and switch game in which you hide your capacity to develop nuclear weapons under the cover of purported civilian use.  This encouraged the Iranians to move full-throttle ahead on their program.

At the same time Gates persuaded the Bush administration to change Israel’s green light to yellow and then to red, as it related to United States approval of an Israeli strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

The end result is that Gates has successfully persuaded the United States to change its policy from an absolute unwillingness to accept a nuclear armed Iran, to a policy of “containing” an inevitable nuclear armed Iran.  This alleged policy of containment is no policy at all; it is an admission of failure.  It is similar to Chamberlain’s failed policy of “containing” Nazi Germany. A nuclear armed Iran will endanger the peace of the world.  It will be a “game changer,” in the words of President Obama (before he became president and reappointed Gates).  And this potential disaster will be largely the fault of the departing Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

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  • AntiFascist18

    Any future GOP candidate running for Prez who seeks the advice of crappers like RINO Gates or his equally obnoxious RINO pals, General Jimmy Jones, James A&&hole Baker, or Brent Scowcroft deserves an Obamacare prefrontal lobot. Take heed, Timmy Pawlenty, because they are the kind you would go to.

    Gates was a disaster from the get-go. Glad to see him go, he never put principle or patriotism in any of his decisions.

  • Sound&Fury

    I have always stood amazed that we would attack Iraq & Libya, while Iran has posed a clear & present danger for some time. Can me crazy, but I believe the Iranians played us like fiddle on Iraq's with false intel on supposed WMD before the run-up to 2003. Knowing that our resources would be drained, they drew us off to a side show as they thumbed their noses at our feckless protests of their own nuclear development program. I'm sure Gates & others factored the threat posed to oil traffic in the strait of Hormuz, but that pales in light of the prospect of Iranian nukes.

  • Fred Dawes

    Gates is one big butt.

  • http://vnnforum.com DeShawn

    So Gates didn't do Israel's bidding by urging an attack on Iran, and now he's a failure to you people. I thought he was AMERICA's defense secretary, doing what's best for AMERICA. I guess that concept wouldn't make sense to you Israel-firsters.

    • SAM000

      Are you in PAX with Ahmadinejad?

    • Canadian Steve

      Good one! Any other bedtime conspiracy stories?

  • Len Powder

    In the private sector incompetence is often rewarded with termination. In the world of government incompentence is allowed to continue until its consequences are catastrophic. Thank you Mr. Gates for retiring. Unfortunately it should have happened during the Bush Administration. When Iran launches its missles against Europe and us I hope you live to see the results. In fact, it would be justice to see you among the results.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    In a recent meeting in Paris, Tom Ridge, Guiliani, Kennedy, just took a group of terrorists in Iran off of the US "terrorist list." They want change in Iran.