Ships and Planes of Fools Pick Wrong Target

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Most of these “human rights activists” have no history of supporting human rights elsewhere in the world and many have records of supporting the worst abusers of human rights. The list of those on the boats is a dishonor role of human wrongs, blatant hypocrisy, and double standards.

A common virus among many on these ships is a hatred for Jews, the Jewish state, America, and the West. Some are self-haters, because they themselves are Jews, Israelis or Westerners. Others are Arabs who cannot abide the notion of the Jewish state, regardless of its size or borders, anywhere in the Middle East.

I am aware of none who applies a single standard of human rights to all countries in the world and prioritizes his or her activities in order of the seriousness of the human rights violations.

These sea and air efforts to delegitimize Israel by applying a double standard to its actions have failed. There will be others. They will include efforts to incite mobs to cross the border into Israel through Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.  The goal will be to provoke Israel into overreaction. Every government in the world has the right to prevent the law violators from illegally entering their country, but only Israel is condemned for its efforts to do so.

There will also be efforts in September to use the machinery of the United Nations, most particularly of the General Assembly, to delegitimize Israel. These efforts will include a vote to recognize the Palestinian state without requiring the Palestinians to sit down and try to negotiate a real peace with Israel.

It will also include efforts by the notorious Human Rights Council of the United Nations to condemn Israel for virtually everything it’s done since it came into existence 63 years ago. None of these will succeed but they will encourage Israel’s enemies to become even more intransigent, while at the same time discouraging them from making the kinds of compromises that Israel is willing to make in the interest of peace.

Those who really believe in universal human rights applied equally to all nations throughout the world should condemn these efforts to single out Israel for delegitimizing. They should join with other true supporters of human rights in prioritizing the human wrongs throughout the world and seeking to confront them by demanding the application of a single standard.

When a proper standard is universally applied, Israel’s record on human rights shines in comparison with the records of nations and groups supported by the fools and hypocrites on these boats and planes.

A shorter version of this article appeared in Newsmax on July 10, 2011.

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  • Boris

    Alan, they don't wanna know. They hate Jews its becoming more and more obvious.

  • Amused

    In their bigoted attempt to curry favor with Israel's deadly enemies , and to de-legitimize Israel , they have only confirmed that Israel is indeed a SOVEREIGN STATE , with International Rights to close it's borders to whomsoerver it wishes , and to legally BLOCKADE the ports of her avowed enemies .Anmd Israel has done it by the letter of the law , after inspection of all vessels HEADED for it's waters , and redirecting medical, food and non-military supplies into Gaza .Greece, Turkey and the like , realize that this is done by established International Law , and any attempt by any neutral or hostile nation , is infact an act of WAR .

    • scum

      I didn't realize Israel owned Gaza! LOL. I guess that's why Israel just bombed Gaza a few hours ago. After all, it's common to bomb one's own country. LOL

      • Raymond in DC

        Gaza is in a state of active war against Israel, and thus Israel is legally entitled to take action it, including imposing a blockade. Yes, "Israel just bombed Gaza" – after three rockets were fired from Gaza into Israel, one striking a kibbutz house.

        • bigrob

          "scum" forgot to mention the rockets. What a surprise.

      • alan g

        The government of Gaza (Hamas) has vowed to destroy Israel and Jews in general, so, don’t give us this crap that Israel is doing something wrong. Nobody is buying it except for the Jew haters.

      • jacob

        SCUM :

        What GAZANS should be grateful about, is ISRAEL's refusal to repay IN KIND
        the rockets and mortars fired from GAZA…

        Imagine the havoc played by a rocket hitting a building full of people, due to the
        extreme population density of GAZA, as then scum of your ilk would have
        reason to blame ISRAEL for everything, even for the drought…! ! !

      • MixMChess

        The IAF struck smuggling tunnels (used to smuggle weapons to murder Jews) near the Gaza-Egypt border city of Rafah. Nice try though.

  • Amused

    …in other words , Israel has every legal right to blow them out of the water , should they attempt to run the blockade , and it matters not , if they are in international waters , once intention has been established .

    • myomy

      Israel has the right to defend hersellf same as the usa did during the Cuban missile crisis. President Kennedy imposed a naval blockade to prevent Russia from delivering missiles to Cuba that would threaten or be used to kill Americans and Kennedy told Kruschev no way. Israel is doing the same thing today and anyone with a brain would do the same thing. When people are determined to kill you you don't help them get the weapons to kill you with. You try to prevent them from getting the weapons to kill you with.. Don't expect Jews to march themselves to the ovens again you pro Hamas bastards. It ain't gonna happen.

      • aspacia

        The Soviets were playing tit for tat with the Cuban crisis. They wanted our missiles removed from Turkey, and that is what they won with this move. Look at a map for insight.

        • myomy

          ok aspacia, let me ask you one question. How old are you? You are either lying with an agenda or you are ignorant of the real history of that event. I don't think you're lying so I must assume you have been indoctrinated by some leftist university prof with revisionist history. I'll explain. I served in the U.S. Navy from 1955-1963. The missile crisis happened in Sept. 62. Kruschev was a hotheaded fool and Kennedy was an hardheaded, inept, distracted President who should discovered the problem long before it became a crisis. Kennedy was absolutely not going to allow the Russian ship to run our blockade and we came within minutes of a nuclear wwIII. The Russian ship came within feet of colliding with our warship.

          • aspacia

            LMFAO, I hold a B.A. in history, graduated 3.56/4.0 and am a member of Phi Alpha Theta. I am stating the effects of the crisis. The Soviets were often in a sweat regarding our troops stationed in most of the world, and wanted them deterred. The outcome of the crisis was us taking our missiles out of Turkey.

            Oh, I was in Mainz, Germany, visiting my brother, when the Czech crisis occurred-red alert.– I was a teen at the time.

            JFK was a Cold warrior, but I doubt is WWIII would happen-this is revisionism and frankly I do not care for revisionism. No president, except perhaps Obama would allow a foreign power to run a U.S. Blockade with impunity.

          • myomy

            Thank you for proving my point. Your 'LMFAO" remark only proves my point. Your BA in history qualifies you to manage a McDonalds or maybe teach the revisionist history you were indoctrinated with while being a good little skull full of mush lapping up the leftist lies of a failed education system which you now feel qualifies you to dispute my eye witness account of the historical event. Don't presume any real statesman would consider brinkmanship to be legitimate foreign policy. You expose your shallow thinking by doing so. You confuse indoctrination with education.. So you can either "LMFAO" or get serious and go read the newspaper archives from the time of the Cuban missile crisis and learn the truth instead of lapping up the revisionist version from your leftist professor as if it were mother's milk. Do you think I am without credentials? Not only do I have credentials equal or better than your's I was alive and serving in the U.S. Navy during the crisis. To you that means I witnessed it first hand unlike yourself.. BTW Einstein, that's why it's called the "Cuban Missile Crisis".

          • aspacia

            Your entire claim is fallacious ad hominem attacks with no valid support. First hand accounts are numerous, and many are invalid. Ever read Herodotu?. He is known as the father of history and The Old Liar. Ever read first hand accounts from the Soviets? Many of these are bogus as well. Also, it is important to remember all views are biased in one way or another. Most U.S. citizens believe all the positive accounts and writings of our founders, but fail to read the negative accounts from the British pov. Most do not realize that British citizens were taxed 50% more than the colonists.

            My claim stands: the USA withdrew its missiles from Turkey, and the USSR withdrew its missiles from Cuba. This is not revisionist; this is a fact.

            I can and do dispute your account. Both JFK and Krushchev were playing brinkmanship during this time. Both India and Pakistan also play this game, and probably will presently do so again especially after the recent Mumbai attacks. Our recent exercises in the China Sea is another example of testing the boundaries since both have nukes.

            BTW, my brother was a chopper pilot stationed in Germany at this time. He was 8 years older than me. I am well aware of the media propaganda continually played during this time. Hence, we ended up with the slogan better Red than Dead.

            I lived during this crisis, and helped my father, and neighbors build bomb shelters prior to the crisis. My elementary school had frequent bomb drills. We also had frequent smog alerts and were kept indoors with no air conditioning.

            Many of my professors were and are still communists, but luckily students could argue and debate with them with no fear of retribution. I totally oppose communism, but do believe we need safety nets for our citizens, not illegals.

            myomy, you might want to take a class in logic to know how to debate. Most community colleges offer these classes, and I periodically teach logic at this level. You see, I also have an M.A. in English.

          • myomy

            thank you for once again proving my point. You can't differentiate between a constant cold war and going right up to the brink of a nuclear war…… That's why the Cuban missile crisis is called the Cuban missile crissis, not to be confused with the cold war. Your inabilitty to discern between an ongoing sabre rattling cold war and a real crisis resulting in a nuclear showdown at a particular time and place reveals all anyone needs to know about your intellect, or lack of intellect. I rest my case. Stop trying to bolster your erroneous proclamations by citing your so called academic credentiials… that is not logic, it's weakness. I am a retired stock broker with a masters in eco/fin and a veteran to boot. I don't need to rely on my MENSA and Intl. High IQ Society memberships but since you insist on using your credentials get a dose of mine.. I rest my case.

          • aspacia

            LOL, and you are talking outside of your econ/fin discipline; I am not.

            Again, your current and previous claim are nothing but personal attacks with zero valid support.

          • myomy

            ok, here's my final comment for you, and it's not a personal attack. Just being clear. Do you stand by your claim that a state of nuclear brinkmanship exists between Pakistan and India like what existed between Russia and USA during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Because if that were true when the Pakistani terrorists shot 500 people in Mumbia a couple of years ago how come we all didn't hear KABOOM with a mushroom cloud attached? To each his own.. Well done.

          • aspacia

            We did not hear KABOOM during the CMC either. Brinksmanship is playing Chicken not necessarily nuking your enemy.

            Learn The Great Game; the constantly evolving political ploys of all players. Winnie was a master, and even allowed Coventry to be nailed rather than let on about breaking Enigma.

      • bigrob

        No – it's been our turn to play the helpless victim being marched off for long enough – the wheel has turned and the day has passed – we remain – anyone who continues attempts to replay the past will, is, in for a terrible and crushing disappointment. See Beirut after the last round of Arab misfires. See Gaza today. Pathetic losers ensconced in a cyclic daze of narcissistic and impotent rage.

        • myomy

          we are with you even if Obama isn't, Americans will stand with Israel. Does anyone think Americans will fight to liberate muslims in Iraq but turn our backs on Israel? Ha. It's laughable. Never gonna happen. America will respond to any attack on Israel by muslims.

    • Larry

      In other words your a bigoted jackass.

  • tagalog

    If the flotilla personnel are so fixed on making a statement, how come they're not engaging in civil disobedience and telling the Greek authorities that they must now allocate the appropriate penalties to them for any wrongdoing they've committed?

  • BS77

    I watched two of the useful idiots on TV trying to explain their devotion to the boats in the "flotilla" ….and they were obviously unable to do so…they were confused leftist nut jobs.

  • montlasky

    Alan Dershowitz gets it right every time. The oranisers and supporters of the flotillas are rabid anti semites who will stop at nothing to harm the Jews and the State of Israel. This will continue as it has done for millenia. However, the Jewish Enablersof Anti Semitism are the most perplexing and dangerous of all Israel's enemies and whilst the psyche of these "Enablers" is difficult to understand, they are a fact of life and must be regarded in the same light as any other anti Israeli- anti semites.
    The tragedy here is that these "enablers" have a far greater influence on damage to Israel and the Jews than most other enemies that we know and recognise and can defend ourselves against. Our biggest problem has always been the "enemy within". Until we can find a way of neutralising this threat and bring them "back into the fold" as our natural allies, how do we expect to eliminate the rest of our enemies who have no "genetic" connection whatsoever to Israel and the Jewish people? Therein lies the rub!

    • sydchaden

      These "enablers" want desparately to be accepted in the One World that they seek, and they bitterly resent the attention that Israel excites in a largely anti-Semitic world. In their twisted minds, the reason that they are derided as "infidels" is that Israel exists, and they cling to the absurdity that if there was no Israel there would be no anti-Semitism.

      • QSuzy

        100% correct.

    • aspacia

      Not every time-he supported the Gaza evacuation, a huge miscalculation.

  • nunyainct

    I doubt this flotilla would have ever come to fruition were it not for Obama and his asinine comment Israel should go back to the 1967 territories. Obama has done more damage, and has fanned the fuel of Antisemitism because of his OWN Antisemitism and support of Islamist terrorist regimes over Westernized nations. The damage from this one evil man will be difficult to measure for decades.

  • Moshe Pupick

    W., 07/13/11 common era

    I think that Israel should encourage and subsidize wannabee Flotilla passengers to spread their obvious message of love and peace within Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. I'm sure that all of those countries would love to host a Flower Power Festival.

  • g_jochnowitz

    Anti-Zionism is the most powerful political force on earth. It is the glue that holds the Marxist-Islamic Alliance together.
    Here is something I wrote at the time of the first flotilla:

  • soloman4israel

    the last amount of so called aid to gaza from the boat people was described by them as junk/rubish and of no use,hardly worth our trouble trucking it to them.
    they infact told the flotilla fools this time not to come they didnt need any-thing.
    hamas are as we all know is not just ours but every-bodies problem,they take a huge amount of the quality goods and sell them black market/for them-selves.

  • Brujo Blanco

    The left refuses to understand realty in these matters. The reality is that they are supporting the total elimination of Jews from the Mideast followed by the killing of all of the rest of the Jews in the world. Jews in their world are supposed to stand fast and take a beating. Problem for them is Israel hits back hard and effectively. If they stop shooting at Israel Israel will stop shooting back.

  • John from Torono

    How do you expect them to find their way to Syria, or Hezbollahland (used to be Lebanon)? Their Hamas supplied GPS only has Israel programmed in.

  • BS77

    I wonder if the Flotilla Wackos are aware that their Hamas hosts are resuming the firing of rockets into Israel? Do they care? Do they even think about such things?

  • WilliamJamesWard

    There are streams that flow from anti-Israeli jihad, those streams flow from the_lake of Jew-hate that Islam produces. What comes down these streams are all_kinds of insanity, violence, murder, hatred, corrupt thought, lies, mental filth_and the lake of hate is pumped up with Arab Oil money and Mullah financial_control of leftist donations. The Obama administration has pumped millions_of dollars into this stream with military advisors and who could be the target_of that training, who, just our beneficient neighbors, our Israeli Jews, in a_neighborhood resembling a macabre opium dream.

    The stream and it's origin should burn, fighting it is justice and right………..William

  • myomy

    part 2.
    That nuclear war was averted not because Kennedy blinked, but because Kreschev was persuaded to order his warship to stop. I'm tellinng you we were minutes from a nuclear with Russia… I was serving in the US Navy at that time. Do you know that thousands of people living in the Gulf Coast had left and driven inland because the Russian missiles only had a range of about 3-5 hundred miles. I had relatives in Houston that left Houston to be out of range of the missiles. This was not any type of negotiation or tit for tat… It was the event which brought the world to the edge of nuclear disaster. It was real, not some negotiation. Have you ever seen any other time in history where any politician went to the brink of nuclear holocaust as a form of negotiation? Please… don't spread this garbage revisionist history some leftist prof. filled your head with. Go find out the real facts for yourself. And btw.. we didn't need Turkey at all in 1963, we had the Shah in Iran and we were training his pilots in Texas and supplying him with F16's and more. Iran was our Ace in the region back then, not Turkey.

    • aspacia

      Our missles were aimed at the USSR, the outcome of this crisis validates my claim.

      Oh, nuclear brinksmanship is on display between Pakistan and India. You were saying???

      I will do as I please, and the outcome of the crisis validates my claim which is not garbage.

      • myomy

        OMG.. you are the gift that keeps on giving. Yes and Russia's missiles were aimed at us.. duh. That's not called brinkmanship, that's called the cold war. And you're the only one on the planet that would call the sabre ratttling that never ends between Pakistan and India "brinkmanship". Duh. So what's the time line on their nuclear collision? The Cuban Missile Crisis had a time line and we knew exactly when that nuclear confrontation would happen and either explode or end.. The time lline ended when the Russian ship got intercepted by our naval blockade and Kruschev had to either pull the trigger or blink. We stopped his ship and he blinked. That my dim witted 3.5 scholar is brinkmanship. How could someone with your sterling credentials equate what's going on between Pakistan and India with the Cuban Missile Crisis which had a defined time and place of engagement? Now might be a good time for you to stop trying to defend your shallow conclusions and just let it go. Maybe you need to go back for a remedial master's degree?

        • aspacia

          myopic, you are a nasty piece of work who evidently cannot refrain from the personal attacks. What is it? Are you just insecure?

          Brinksmanship is nothing more than playing Chicken.

          noun \ˈbriŋk-mən-ˌship\
          Definition of BRINKMANSHIP
          : the art or practice of pushing a dangerous situation or confrontation to the limit of safety especially to force a desired outcome
          See brinkmanship defined for English-language learners »
          See brinkmanship defined for kids »
          Variants of BRINKMANSHIP
          brink·man·ship also brinks·man·ship
          Examples of BRINKMANSHIP

          two nations caught up in nuclear brinksmanship

          First Known Use of BRINKMANSHIP

  • Lenya

    The many poor people of the Pacific Islands would rather go without the free press (media hype), free speech (radical hippies) to have what the Gazans have, Billions of Dollars in aid,
    Mostly free medicines, fully stocked supermarkets, mostly free electricity, shopping centers, fun Parks, etc. As for free religious freedom the Gazans have it already when they elected Hamas knowing full well that they will get the extreme religious side of Islam.

  • tagalog movies

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