Terrorism Against Israel More Justified Than Terrorism Against Norway?

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In a recent interview, Norway’s ambassador to Israel has suggested that Hamas terrorism against Israel is more justified than the recent terrorist attack against Norway.  His reasoning is that “we Norwegians consider the occupation to be the cause of the terror against Israel.”  In other words terrorism against Israeli citizens is the fault of Israel.  The terrorism against Norway, on the other hand, was based on “an ideology that said that Norway, particularly the Labor Party, is foregoing Norwegian culture.”  It is hard to imagine that he would make such a provocative statement without express approval from the Norwegian government.

I can’t remember many other examples of so much nonsense compressed in such short an interview.  First of all, terrorism against Israel began well before there was any “occupation.”  The first major terrorist attack against Jews, who had long lived in Jerusalem and Hebron, began in 1929, when the leader of the Palestinian people, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, ordered a religiously-motivated terrorist attack that killed hundreds of religious Jews—many old, some quite young.  Terrorism against Jews continued through the 1930s.  Once Israel was established as a state, but well before it captured the West Bank, terrorism became the primary means of attacking Israel across the Jordanian, Egyptian and Lebanese borders.  If the occupation is the cause of the terror against Israel, what was the cause of all the terror that preceded any occupation?

I was not surprised to hear such ahistorical bigotry from a Norwegian ambassador.  Norway is the most anti-Semitic and anti-Israel country in Europe today.  I know, because I experienced both personally during a recent visit and tour of universities.  No university would invite me to lecture, unless I promised not to discuss Israel.  Norway forbids Jewish ritual slaughter, but not Islamic ritual slaughter.  Its political and academic leaders openly make statements that cross the line from anti-Zionism to anti-Semitism, such as when Norway’s foreign minister condemned Barak Obama for appointing a Jew as his chief of staff.  No other European leader would make such a statement and get away with it.  In Norway, this bigoted statement was praised, as were similar statements made by a leading academic.

The very camp that was attacked by the lone terrorist was engaged in an orgy of anti-Israel hatred the day before the shooting.  Yet I would not ever claim that it was Norway’s anti-Semitism that “caused” the horrible act of terrorism against young Norwegians.

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  • Lucy

    Turns out that now we find out that Norway is much the same as nazi germany. Filling its kids heads full ot jew hate and boycott Israel nastiness and kissing up to Islamists.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    How is it that Genesis 12:3 is missed in all of this discourse? Norwegian leftists
    have brought down evil on the people of Norway. This idiot Ambassador reflects
    the thinking of the Norwegian government, not all of the citizens, I know good
    Norwegians who would never accuse Israel of Islamist behavior………….
    Genesis 12:3 …."I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse
    thee: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed". I think Norway's
    leadership has undone their nation, believers understand Norway is on to
    worse to come unless it repents it's stated positions, watch and see I would
    want to remain far from there, watch for the volcanoes…….William

  • tekow

    Israel is THE rogue state par exellance .. the propaganda that it is a democracy is laughable.. it is a theocratic state just like saudi arabia and iran, no difference; unless you are a jew you are less than a citizen.. as a matter of fact if you are ethnically arab you are discriminated on a routine basis.. israel uses coercion against its own arab citizens.. not only that it also uses force against collectively on unarmed civilians, gazans.. it blockades illegally a territory to collectively punish Gazans because they chose their own government in a democratic election.. without the US backing in the security council in UN israel can do none of these mischief.. israel is US's spoiled child.. make no mistake, all its bravado and nonchalance would disappear if it weren't for uncle sam..

    • MixMChess

      "it is a theocratic state just like saudi arabia and iran, no difference; unless you are a jew you are less than a citizen.. as a matter of fact if you are ethnically arab you are discriminated on a routine basis.. israel uses coercion against its own arab citizens.."

      You are a LIAR. Israel is a SECULAR state, there is NO official state religion in Israel. Non-Jews are treated as EQUAL citizens and are guaranteed the EQUAL PROTECTION of rights under Israeli law. Your claims are laughable at best considering that Israel has special affirmative action programs in place for its Arab citizens.

      "not only that it also uses force against collectively on unarmed civilians, gazans.."

      Nonsense, Israel does not target civilians, it only uses force against Hamas, a terrorist organization bent on destroying Israel and destroying world Jewry.

      "it blockades illegally a territory to collectively punish Gazans because they chose their own government in a democratic election.."

      Even the anti-Israel UN has upheld Israel's blockade of Gaza as legal under international law. The blockade wouldn't even be necessary if Hamas weren't engaging in illegal warfare and war crimes against Israel. When will Hamas stop transporting in weapons to murder Jews?

      Gazans knowingly elected a genocidal terrorist organization as its leader, they deserve to be punished for their belligerence.

  • http://tedbaldwin.com ted baldwin

    I read BHL Bernard Henri Levy's book Left In The Dark — amazing and supports everything Mr. Dershowitz says. Norway is in bed with the terrorists – which is why they are not afraid of a terrrorist attack on Norwegian SOil. They pay protection. God help their (remaining) kids.

  • PeterD

    "How did this guy get to be an ambassador? Did he win the job in a fistfight?"

    He is part of Norway's politcal infrastructure who represents the official government's world view.

  • Phil

    Goebbels said that if a lie is big enough and repeated enough people will believe it. Apparently, they are either the ones who have been brainwashed by the constant lies fed to them by the left and the Hamas and Hezbolloah nazis or the nazi propagandists ythemselves. Their lies are so blatant that they could be mistaken for the Norwegian ambassador or the UN lapdog jews named Falk and Goldstone.
    I am glad that I refused to go on a cruise that stopped in Norway. After all, it is the Norwegians who elected these vile antisemites. It is also the Norwegians who still love the vicipous antisemitism of Martin Luther.

  • epid yuksel

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  • edip yuksel

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  • Ruby Akhtar

    England's middle east policy

    Ruby Akhtar supports Israel and the Land of Israel in Jewish hands in the entirety of it’s territory, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. Surrendering of the biblical territories of Judea and Samaria unto Muslim Arab hands, God forbid, would create a de-facto fundamentalist Muslim state akin to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, or Hezbola’s territory in Lebanon.

    Aware of the greater implications of yet another Islamic state in the already radicalized Arab world, Ruby strongly cautions against pressing Israel into territorial concessions; and opposes any recognition of the PLO, Hamas and other terrorist organization that aim for the establishment of a "Palestinian" Arab state.

    Ruby Akhtar will oppose the UK’s support for such nationalism.

    Furthermore, Ruby advocates for the persecuted Christian minorities in Muslim countries in the Middle and Far East. Ruby will not allow other interests to get in the way of protecting the victims of Muslim intolerance.

  • Steve

    Israel practices and endorses Apartheid. Period.

    • mah29001

      Really? I wonder what you say about Hamas promoting Sharia Law in Gaza against non-Muslim Palestinians?

      I also wonder why you ignore that Israel is the only country really helping the people of Gaza and NOT Hamas nor any other Arab countries?

    • MixMChess

      The charge that Israel is an apartheid state can be made only out of complete ignorance about apartheid. Today, within Israel, Jews are a majority, but the Arab minority are full citizens who enjoy equal rights and are represented in all the branches of government (including the Knesset, Cabinet, high-level foreign ministry posts and on the Supreme Court). Under apartheid, black South Africans could not vote and were not citizens of the country in which they formed the overwhelming majority of the population. Laws dictated where they could live, work and travel. And, in South Africa, the government killed blacks who protested against its policies. By contrast, Israel allows freedom of movement, assembly and speech and ensures equal rights and equal protection to Arabs under the law. In fact, Israel has instituted special affirmative action programs for Arabs to combat against any "private" discrimination.

      Moreover, Israel never extended its laws to Gaza and the W. Bank, and thus Israeli law never governed these Palestinians who are not Israeli citizens. The Palestinians in the W. Bank achieved under Israeli administration. Hamas (unfortunately) controls the entire Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian Authority governs 98% of the W. Bank (not including the settlements). Recall, the Palestinian Authority has its own legislature, administrative, educational and legal system. There is nothing that remotely resembles apartheid law! Of course, if there is apartheid in Gaza and the W. Bank, then it was instituted by the Hamas and Palestinian leadership, NOT Israel.

      Care for any more Lies?

  • Walter

    I know one word of Norwegian: Quisling.

    It would seem that a country with Norway’s history of collaboration with the Nazis (yeah, yeah, I know about their king fleeing the country with their supply of heavy water) should be rather more discrete about its anti-semitism.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 1 of multi-part comment

    It is so sad to see Alan Dershowitz's continuing attacks on Norway, in which he leaves behind his usual high standards of fact presentation seen in his other writings (such as those on Israel and American civil liberties). Apparently motivated by a negative personal experience in the country, Mr. Dershowitz spares nothing in his continuing attempts to smear Norway with unjustified charges of extreme anti-Semitism. In his anti-Norway writings, he resorts to the same polemical techniques that he rightly condemns in the rantings of writers who smear Israel – highly selective "cherry-picking" of points, exaggerations and distortions, and omission of any facts that run counter to his desired conclusions.

    I'm an American-born Jew who moved to the Bergen area of Norway 11 years ago, and I'm one of the more active members of the tiny Jewish community on Norway's west coast. The picture of an extremely anti-Semitic Norway that Mr. Dershowitz presents, based on a single week of visiting the country, is completely at odds with my own personal experiences of over a decade of living as an immigrant Jew in Norway.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 2 of multi-part comment

    First of all, Mr. Dershowitz's central thesis is based entirely on a misunderstanding, in which the Norwegian ambassador was misquoted by the Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv.

    A letter to the Jerusalem Post by Norwegian deputy foreign minister Espen Barth Eide, clarifying the issue, led to a rare apology by the Jerusalem Post to the people of Norway.

    This paragraph by Eide refutes the heart of the Dershowitz contention: "The ambassador was incorrectly quoted by Ma’ariv. He did not compare the motivation behind different terrorist attacks; he simply tried to answer a question about whether the terrorist attacks in Norway would change perceptions of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. He stated that many Norwegians see the conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territory in the context of the occupation and religious extremism, and that this view would probably not change after the events in Oslo and on Utøya."

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 3 of multi-part comment

    This is very different from what Dershowitz claims; he completely misunderstood the thrust of the ambassador's remarks, as did the newspaper Ma'ariv. But still, it was totally irresponsible of Dershowitz to write such a scathing attack without first making an attempt to verify if the words and intentions of the Norwegian ambassador were correctly reported. The language of diplomacy is often fraught with possibilities for misinterpretation, especially when communication is both interlinguistic and intercultural.

    By any objective criteria it is absurd to claim that European anti-Semitism is strongest in Norway. Anti-Semitic terror attacks have claimed Jewish victims in other areas of Europe, including Paris and London. Neo-Nazis have an increasing presence in Germany and Austria. There are numerous reports of intense anti-Semitism – both harassment and physical attacks – in Malmö, Sweden.
    None of this has been true in Norway.
    Mr. Dershowitz has himself written about the anti-Semitism in Poland. The Simon Weisenthal Center has called special attention to the anti-Semitism in Greece, and has in fact discouraged Jewish tourists from visiting there.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 4 of multi-part comment

    During my 11 years here I do not recall a single news report of any Jewish person in Norway being the victim of anti-Semitic violence. The same cannot be said about quite a few other countries of Europe.

    From 1985 to 1993 Norway had a Jewish Storting president (equivalent to Speaker of the House), Jo Benkow, whose family escaped the Holocaust by fleeing to Sweden. No Jew has ever climbed to such political heights in the United States.
    Benkow is openly proud of his Jewishness, and has written a book focusing on his Jewish background.

    For the last 15 years Bergen, Norway, has held a moving annual rally against anti-Semitism, attended by hundreds of people. A torchlight procession winds its way through the streets of the old Jewish neighborhood of Møhlenpris, stopping outside each house or building where Jews lived in 1942 at the time of the Nazi roundup. A child reads the names of the victims at each house. I chant a Hebrew memorial prayer at this event, and others give speeches. It is noteworthy to add that this rally against anti-Semitism is entirely organized by non-Jews.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 5 of multi-part comment

    And this is Europe's most anti-Semitic country?

    I have not encountered anti-Semitic statements by any native Norwegian I've personally known. My experience is that most Norwegians are curious about Jews and Judaism in a positive way, and want to learn more about both. I have felt completely comfortable living an openly Jewish life; I feel completely safe, and have never felt anti-Jewish animosity among Norwegians.

    Mr. Dershowitz leaves out a key point when relating his experience with Norwegian universities during his week in the country. The rector of the largest university in Norway, the University of Oslo, explained afterwards that the group sponsoring Dershowitz had given the university only one choice of date, and that single choice was not available. This "rejection" had nothing to do with content.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 6 of multi-part comment

    The bigoted comment about President Obama appointing a Jew did not come from anyone in the current Norwegian government – it came from an elderly former prime minister of the 1980's, Kåre Willoch, who is retired from politics, and has been out of power for decades. Willoch has made shameful anti-Semitic and anti-Israel statements during his retirement years, but these cannot be construed as statements of the government. The Norwegian media roundly condemned his bigoted comment; there was no support for it that I can recall.
    Mr. Dershowitz claims that Willoch's statement "was praised". By whom, I ask? I only recall vigorous condemnation.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 7 of mutli-part comment

    On the day before the shootings, a radical extreme faction within the AUF (the youth wing of the Labor Party) staged a demonstration against the Norwegian foreign minister, who was addressing the group on the island. This radical faction supports a boycott of Israel, but the foreign minister explained firmly that the Norwegian government is unalterably opposed to such an action, and praised Israel's democratic processes.
    The faction's demonstration, coupled with purported videos of Gaza flotilla games (which have now been identified as false, having taken place in 2010 with a different group) led to Dershowitz's hyperbolic phrase "orgy of anti-Israel hatred".
    Dershowitz makes no mention of the foreign minister's speech which confirmed Norway's support for Israel. And his attempt to smear the young people of Norway who now lie dead is ugly indeed.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 8 of mutli-part comment

    Dershowitz reaches across the years to accuse Norway of complicity with the Nazis. This is nothing less than a slap in the face to all the brave Norwegians who risked their lives to help save 2/3 of Norwegian Jewry escape to freedom over the border into neutral Sweden. It is a slap in the face to the many members of the Norwegian Resistance who fought the Nazis bravely for two months before being forced to surrender. It is a slap in the face to the brave fighters of the Norwegian underground who sabotaged Nazi Germany's efforts to obtain the "heavy water" for the building of atomic weapons. And it is a slap in the face to the postwar Norwegian government, which suspended its revulsion of capital punishment long enough to execute Quisling, the ultimate Nazi collaborator within its midst.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 9 of multi-part comment

    Mr. Dershowitz seems to be in possession of inside information that some Norwegians have financed terror activities. This is an extremely serious charge, and one that I'm sure would greatly interest the people of Norway, who have no knowledge that such financing has taken place. I would advise him to come forward and publicize his information, with details of persons involved, dates, and the payments made. I could virtually guarantee that any confirmed financing of terror activities, which are completely illegal in Norway, would result in the termination of political careers and very likely criminal prosecutions as well.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 10 of multi-part comment

    Mr. Dershowitz has brought out his own link of recent activities to the Holocaust, and I bring out mine: The incredible bravery of the Norwegian fishermen and boatmen who risked their lives to save dozens of young people on the island of Utøya while the shooting was in progress remind me of the bravery of Norwegians who helped two-thirds of Norway's Jews flee to safety in Sweden.
    This is the true Norwegian spirit.

    Some of the same teenagers who Mr. Dershowitz claims were full of hatred were desperately fleeing for their lives in the water. When rescue boats came along with limited space, while the shooting was still in progress, some kids asked that their friends be taken to safety first, saying that their friends were in worse shape than they were. Some kids jumped on top of their friends on the ground, to make sure their friends would be saved from the bullets. One 18-year-old boy picked up his friend who had been shot four times, and ran with her, holding her in his arms.
    This is the true Norwegian spirit.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 11 of multi-part comment

    How Norwegians have responded to the tragedy is also exemplary: Hundreds of thousands have assembled with roses of peace, and pictures of hearts. There have been no cries of revenge – that is not the Norwegian way. Instead, Norwegians have responded to hatred and terror with peace and love (including reaching out to comfort the parents of the terrorist). That is the Norwegian way.

    Mr. Dershowitz concludes his invective by urging Norway to engage in "soul searching". Norway is in fact "soul searching" now, trying to understand the elements of hatred that led the terrorist to commit his monstrous deeds.
    The Jerusalem Post also did some soul searching of its own, and wound up apologizing to the people of Norway for its earlier rush-to-judgement words.

    Mr. Dershowitz should consider the same for his slander of a country and people of such gentleness and peace, and of such courage and spirit.

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  • http://twitter.com/#!/LiberarCel/ Kimberlee Schnee

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  • Paul

    Great! Many muslim haters and Israeli lovers have started posting here thinking they are smart and right. They insult this Norwegian ambassador believing everything they see on the news without thinking too much. Stop being pro-Israel! Don't be pro-Palestinian either! So much ignorance! The Israelis, NOT NECESSARILY THE JEWS, had the chance to keep attacks under control! They didn't! They invaded the Gaza Strip and the West Banks and didn't retreat completely until today!

  • jenifer

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  • Thomas Nilsen

    Great, the World is really going places when prominent people like Mr Dershowitz is allowed to LIE to make a point. I'm referring to the following statement he made: "such as when Norway’s foreign minister condemned Barak Obama for appointing a Jew as his chief of staff. No other European leader would make such a statement and get away with it."

    To even suggest that the sitting foreign minister in the country that started the Oslo Accords would ever get away with such a condemnation proves that Dershowitz isn't just a lier, he's ignorant on a level I'd normally expect from people who just rolled out from under a rock.

    It was the 80-something old RETIRED politician Kåre Willoch who criticized appointing someone he thought would be too pro-Israel, in this case Mr Rahm Emmanuel. Willoch, a member of the Conservative Party, used to be a prominent Israel-supporter back when he was an active politician who has grown more pro-Palestinians as he has gotten older, but to take the comment from a person who hasn't been a member of parliament since 1989 and claim his words were said by the current foreign minister is a disgusting lie.

    But who cares, right? Dershowitz's work is done. He managed to spread a lie that will now continue to live on and be spread by other Norway-haters for all eternity.

    Thanks a lot, Mr Dershowitz. You're a true Mensch.

  • Anti-Semitic

    Shut the fuck up you stupid Jew. You and all your people are dirty and disgusting. The jews are the bane of the human race. Hitler had the right idea. Israel is the cause of all the worlds problems today, that disgrace of a country deserves to be destroyed.