Terrorism Against Israel More Justified Than Terrorism Against Norway?

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The causes of terrorism are multifaceted but at bottom they have a common cause: namely, a belief that violence is the proper response to policies that the terrorists disagree with.  The other common cause is that terrorism has often been rewarded.  Norway, for example, has repeatedly rewarded Palestinian terrorism against Israel, while punishing Israel for its efforts to protect its civilians.  While purporting to condemn all terrorist acts, the Norwegian government has sought to justify Palestinian terrorism as having a legitimate cause.  This clearly is an invitation to continued terrorism.

It is important for the world never to reward terrorism by supporting the policies of those who employ it as an alternative to reasonable discourse, diplomatic resolution or political compromise.

I know of no reasonable person who has tried to justify the terrorist attacks against Norway.  Yet there are many Norwegians who not only justify terrorist attacks against Israel, but praise them, support them, help finance them, and legitimate them.

The world must unite in condemning and punishing all terrorist attacks against innocent civilians, regardless of the motive or purported cause of the terrorism.  Norway, as a nation, has failed to do this.  It wants us all to condemn the terrorist attack on its civilians, and we should all do that, but it refuses to live by a single standard.

Nothing good ever comes from terrorism, so don’t expect the Norwegians to learn any lessons from its own victimization.  As the ambassador made clear in his benighted interview, “those of us who believe [the occupation to be the cause of the terror against Israel] will not change their minds because of the attack in Oslo.”  In other words, they will persist in their bigoted view that Israel is the cause of the terrorism directed at it, and that if only Israel were to end the occupation (as it offered to do in 2000-2001 and again in 2007), the terrorism will end.  Even Hamas, which Norway supports in many ways, has made clear that it will not end its terrorism as long as Israel continues to exist.  Hamas believes that Israel’s very existence is the cause of the terrorism against it.  That sounds a lot like the ranting of the man who engaged in the act of terrorism against Norway.

The time is long overdue for Norwegians to do some deep soul searching about their sordid history of complicity with all forms of bigotry ranging from the anti-Semitic Nazis to the anti-Semitic Hamas.  There seems to be a common thread.

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  • jalen

    Israel bombs U.N. building, hospitals, schools, in Lebanon and Gaza and that is not terrorism. That is self defense. 800 women and children killed out of 1100 total in the Gaza Strip in 2008 and that is self defense. 4 to 1 Pal to Israeli death ratio. So If Hamas or the PLO just has a state internationally recognized, then they can bomb schools, hospitals etc. and that would be self defense. (Defending their borders and people from Israel) Because Israel has one, and according to Alan they don’t commit terrorism. I guess as long as you are state actor.

    • theleastthreat

      Why don't you go ahead a formally challenge Dershowitz to a debate. And use your above comment as the basis of your argument. Dress for the occasion too. PLO casual should do.

    • wpqr

      4 Pals to 1 Israeli killed? So what is that supposed to prove? Did you ever read a history of World War II? Over three million German and Japanese civilians killed compared to about 60,000 British and a virtual handful of Americans. Ever hear of Hamburg, Dresden, Berlin, Tokyo, Hiroshima and Nagasaki? These were deliberate, intentional bombings of civilian targets. You also don't mention that Hamas used its civilians as human shields and Israel did everything it could, including passing out leaflets, to avoid civilian casualties

    • aspacia

      Terrorists hide behind children, women, stockpile mosques, schools and hospitals with arms. Then idiots like you blame Israel for the Muslim deaths. Get real!

    • welldoneson

      It's not a war crime to bomb military targets.
      It IS a war crime to make UN buildings, schools, and hospitals military targets.
      That is what the "palestinians" have done. And "palestinians" have killed more "palestinians" than Israel ever has.

      • claspur

        I got to this post late…
        Here's mine that's on pg. 2.

        The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini 'Icon of Evil'

        Glad the writer mentioned this POS.
        Read the book three years ago… never had heard of that Hitler-lite scum before.
        Look him up, there's info on that trash all over the net. http://www.tellthechildrenthetruth.com/gallery/

    • SpiritOf1683

      What are you doing in the West. Shouldn't worthless trash like yourself be in Pakistan instead? And those Jewish-invernted medicines and vaccines were wasted on you.

    • MixMChess

      "Israel bombs U.N. building, hospitals, schools, in Lebanon and Gaza and that is not terrorism."

      You are a LIAR jalen. Israel never bombed any UN buildings, hospitals or schools in Lebanon or Gaza. In fact, even Maxwell Gaylord, the UN humanitarian coordinator in Jerusalem, even admitted that the IDF never shelled or attacked any UN compounds. This despite the fact that Hamas, Hezbollah and other Palestinian terrorist organizations routinely uses UN buildings, hospitals and schools from which to launch attacks against Israel.

      "800 women and children killed out of 1100 total in the Gaza Strip in 2008 and that is self defense. 4 to 1 Pal to Israeli death ratio."

      You LYING again. Even the notoriously anti-Israel UN admitted that over 85% of the casualties were Hamas terrorist operatives. Even using your bloated casualty figures, that means there were less than 165 casualties (most of whom were in fact MEN or male teenagers that while not identified as terrorists were in fact aiding and abetting Hamas activities). Recall, Hamas intentionally exaggerated the proportion of civilian casualties. Hamas operatives dressed in civilian clothing, and attempted to hide the number of its operatives who were killed in order to give the impression most casualties were civilians. Hamas also claimed that rival Palestinian factions they murdered were in fact "civilians" that Israel had killed.

      "4 to 1 Pal to Israeli death ratio."

      Which side has more casualties has nothing to do with who initiates and perpetuates the violence. Since 2000, less Israelis have died only because Israel has managed to thwart most Palestinian terrorist attacks. If Israel reduced its anti-terrorism measures, Israeli casualties would FAR surpass those of Palestinians. For example, from 2000 to 2003 alone there were over 30,000 attempted terror attacks on Israeli civilians. From 2000-2009 there have been over 8,000 rockets fired from Gaza into Israel.

      The fact that the Palestinians have not succeeded in killing more Israelis does not mean they have not consistently tried to do so.

      "So If Hamas or the PLO just has a state internationally recognized, then they can bomb schools, hospitals etc. and that would be self defense."

      Um, Hamas and the PLO already intentionally bomb schools, hospitals and Israeli civilian targets. Its not self-defense, they are quite clear that they are trying to inflict genocide on Jews. Don't believe me? Just read the Hamas charter or listen to Hamas spokesmen who promise to "drink the blood of every last Jew."

    • esperantominoria

      I used to think Israel was wrong to have 500,000 settlers in the West Bank but now I see they have a valid point:it is Not because of the Jewish Religion but due to Geography and Security

      Watch the video here:

    • esperantominoria

      Plus read The Weird Ideas of Hamas,they blame the Jews for WW I,WW II,the Communist and French Revolution,the drug trade,in their Hamas Charter
      Plus the Charter says they are for reconquering all the ex-Muslim lands,that would mean India,Spain,Greece,Sicily,Hungary,Georgia,Armenia,etc

      • MixMChess

        Great post! I might add that the cannibals in Hamas have promised to "drink the blood of every last Jew on earth."

    • claspur

      Here… eat this…

      The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini 'Icon of Evil'

      Glad the writer mentioned this POS.
      Read the book three years ago… never had heard of that Hitler-lite scum before.
      Look him up, there's info on that trash all over the net. http://www.tellthechildrenthetruth.com/gallery/

    • gary

      What a crock. Hamas targets civilians, while the IDF drops leaflets warning of bombings prior to action-just to save innocent lives.

      Jew haters like Jalen have to realize that all of their pretenses are waring thin. Have the courage to just state that you hate jews if do, why bother making all of these ridiculous and transparent pretenses…no one is fooled.

    • wdwrkr

      "4 to 1 Pal to Israeli death ratio"

      Of course, that's a lie. But, even if true, so what?

      When Israel and Palestinians trade prisoners, the ratio is typically 100 Pal for every Israeli. Does that have some special significance, like your 4/1 ratio?

    • Alyn

      all of your nonsense does not change 4 important truths.
      1. The Arabs are the aggressors.
      2. There is no such people as Palestinians- the PLO has admitted as much.
      3. The Arabs have no legitimate claim what so ever to Israel.
      4. The only occupied territories in the middle east are the ones currently occupied by muslims. Just ask the Coptic Christians, The Assyrians , The Maronites and the
      Greeks amongst others. They have all lost land to muslim invaders.
      Also 2/3 of the historic Jewish homeland is currently occupied by muslims.

    • jenifer

      There is no evidence whatsoever that race was a defining factor in the tragic death of Trayvon Martin. Notwithstanding the absence of evidence, this unhappy incident is now the occasion for school shut-downs, mass marches and public death threats by enraged African Americans, displaying behaviors reminiscent of the lynch mobs that were once a scourge of their parents’ generation in a now rejected past. 8" tablets

  • jalen

    It was an over 1100 Pal to 13 Israeli death toll in the 08 “operation lead caste”. But overall it is closer kill rate of 4 Pal “terrorists” to 1 “brave Israeli patriot” ratio. According to the spin you hear. But you rarely hear of the Pal “terrorist’ being killed unless they were really bad. And the mostly women and children are usually left out. But you always hear of the “brave Israeli patriot” dying. Not to mitigate the many good Israeli Jews killed in this conflict, but to emphasis the hypocrisy of Alan and the mainstream medias reporting. Any time Alan speaks about Israel you take it with a grain of salt. After all, he is the one promoting his strident defender of Israel status. When as informed as he must be he has to know he totally ignores reality many times. There is no rational middle ground conversation in the U.S. concerning this. Just one Pro Israel vs. I’m more Pro Israel. I would love to debate him. In fact there are many in college now that are informed enough to beat him in a debate on this issue because he is defending a losing side. After the 08 Gaza War I read and read and read all about this conflict. I was totally ignorant. Didn’t even know there were Arabs living in Israel, much less that they were forced out of their homes. I’ve read about Irgun terrorism. I’ve read books on the 48 conflict, the 67 conflict, the 73 conflict, the 80 peace 82 Lebanon war and all between. I could beat him in a debate. I know all the issues and would be debating from logical common sense. Not a connection that Alan knows impacts his arguments. They say never represent your family. And that, in a way is what Alan tries to do in this case. His only defense is to cry antisemitism or self hating Jew. Which he insinuated in this piece.

    • http://vnnforum.com DeShawn

      Excellent points, sir. Don't expect any honest dialogue though. These people are a bunch of ignorant zionist warmongers who will just yell "antisemite" or "Nazi" when they don't like what they hear.

      • stern

        jalen, the problem with you anti-Israel trolls is that you don't do your homework before coming here to show us how clever you are. You get your information from anti-Israel – and often anti-Semitic – sites, without checking to find out if it's true. You may have "read and read", but you have obviously been highly selective in your reading material. But not to worry. We who post here do our homework, so you can rant and rave all you like. We know the reality and frankly, we find you quite amusing.

        I highly recommend that you start by reading Palestine Betrayed by Efraim Karsh. Ignore the text of the book and read only the footnotes – scrupulously documented proof that it was Arab leaders who encouraged and sometimes forced their people to leave.

        The 'occupation". Try this: http://www.tzemachdovid.org/Facts/islegal1.shtml
        Eugene W. Rlostow is a highly respected expert on international law. He tells some truths that the Palestinians (and you, no doubt) do not like to hear.

        The Gaza conflict: http://international.daralhayat.com/international
        Run it through Google translate (it's in Arabic). Surprise! The Hamas foreign minister – not Israel, not Dershowitz, not some Israeli patsy, the Hamas foreign minister – proudly tells us that the vast majority of casualties in Gaza in 2008/9 were Hamas fighters, aka terrorists.

        As for your claim that you could beat Alan Dershowitz in a debate, I wouldn't hold my breath for an invitation if I were you. I think Dershowitz would prefer to debate somebody who might actually have something to debate.

      • DAVID

        Dshawn, if you email me your address at davidpatton@yahoo.com. I would love to arrange to meet you abd beat your ignorant brains out…

        • aspacia

          Don't be a fool.

      • theleastthreat

        What points were those? You want honest debate? Really? "Ignorant zionist warmonmgers" is honest dialogue? Don't make me laugh. And there are Nazis out there who are deserving of the name. Don't you agree?

      • SpiritOf1683

        Get back to Africa, Jew-hating parasitical savage. And you're another who shouldn't have been given Jewish-invented medicines and vaccines.

    • theleastthreat

      Challenge him then. If he's the chowderhead you expect him to be then you should be able to mop the floor with him. However, this article isn't about him and you didn't expend one word to refute any point he has made. As for your chances in any debate against him, Good luck. You're going to need it.

    • http://www.19.org Edip Yuksel

      Jalen, I congratulate you for braking the spell of the propaganda machine that depicts the victims in concentration camps as the agressors, while prasing the biggest agressors and murderers with bloody tanks, jets, missiles and gestapos as poor victims.

      I am proud of your courage. Please contact me via 19.org site.

      • aspacia

        Too bad you cannot spell. It is "breaking" not "braking." It is "praising," not prasing. You capitalize proper names "Gestapo," which is plural without the s, similar to team.

        • http://www.19.org Edip Yuksel

          Thank you for checking the spelling errors in my message above. I need a brilliant spell-chekor like you. Please ceck the other messages I posted here.

          • aspacia

            It is usual for Judeophobics to be undereducated.

      • Attila the Hun

        Who's propaganda the Islamist killers? You have no right to accuse for what your mother land did to The Armenians and doing right now to The Kurds. You are Just one hypocrite Islamist who kills innocent people in the name so called religion of peace. or rather religion of hate and killers.

        • http://www.19.org Edip Yuksel

          A pathalogical argument! Just because a country wher I was born kill Armainans and Kurds does not stop me from condemning similar countries with bloody record.

          • Attila the Hun

            did you ever criticize any barbaric Islamic hellhole? Of course not , because killing kafirs is part of your twisted religion.
            You are just as good Muslim as the people who blew the twin towers.
            congratulation keep it up

      • SpiritOf1683

        Why were you given Jewish-in vented vaccines and medicines? Get back to Turkey, parasitical Armenian Genocide-denying savage.

      • MixMChess

        Edip you are an Islamofacists that has a lust for the blood of inifidels. You root for the Palestinian death cult of cannibals who literally try to feast on the flesh of Jewish children. You only spew hate-filled propaganda. I am proud of all those who oppose your terrorism.

    • aspacia

      More than likely the text you read were written by Leftist Academics. I was force fed this tripe while attending university too. Regardless, I still supported Israel, and my research validated my stance, thus the professor had no choice, but to give me the "A."

      The Jews purchase the land from the Ottoman Empire. Regardless, they were attacked by Muslims long before the state of Israel was created.

      You have not refuted one of Dershowitz's claims, which shows you cannot. Your rants have zero valid support, blame Israel for media coverage and use ad hom. attacks against Dershowitz.

      I hope you realize that if living on any land, and I do mean any land, you are living on occupied territory.

    • welldoneson

      When your leaders use you as cannon fodder, you're always going to have way more casualties than your perceived enemies. to snivel about it only shows lack of self respect.

    • Dispozovdaburka





      Your soul knows what these words mean.

    • MixMChess

      "It was an over 1100 Pal to 13 Israeli death toll in the 08 "operation lead caste". But overall it is closer kill rate of 4 Pal "terrorists" to 1 "brave Israeli patriot" ratio."

      You're an idiot. Even the anti-Israel UN confirmed that over 85% of the Palestinian casualties were Hamas terrorist operatives. Besides, which side has more casualties has nothing to do with who initiates and perpetuates the violence. The difference in casualty numbers occurred because Israel and Hamas had opposite goals. Israel actively tried to prevent Israeli and Palestinian civilian casualties. Hamas’ goal was to maximize civilian casualties, in flagrant violation of international law. It targeted Israeli civilians. It intentionally put Palestinian civilians in danger, using them and civilian buildings as human shields.

      "And the mostly women and children are usually left out."

      LIAR. Israelis do not target children and women. The Palestinian Monitor admitted that less than 12% of Palestinians killed during the second intifada were children under the age of 15. During the same period, over 58% of all Israelis killed were CHILDREN under age 15.

      According to a comprehensive study by the International Policy Institute for Counter Terrorism, over 40% of Israeli non-combatants killed by Palestinians are women or girls while less than 10% of Palestinian non-combatants killed are women or girls. The study concluded that Palestinians have killed more than 3 times as many Israeli female non-combatants.

      As Phylis Chesler points out: "On the Israeli side, 80 percent of those killed were noncombatants, most of whom were women and girls. Israeli female fatalities far outnumbered Palestinian female fatalities by either 3 to 1 or 4 to 1. (So far, I have heard no feminist complaints about this; have you?) Israeli women and girls constituted almost 40 percent of the Israeli noncombatants killed by Palestinians. Of the Palestinian deaths, over 95 percent were male. In other words, Palestinians purposefully went after women, children, and other unarmed civilians and Israelis fought against arme male soldiers who were attacking them."

      Care to condemn the blood-thirsty Palestinians?

      • aspacia

        Pipes magazine wrote regarding the fact that more Israeli women and children die in terrorist attacks. This causes me to believe Muslims target women and children. In the Mumbai attacks, the terrorists mutilated the Jewish couples genitals. There are numerous occasions where Muslims will cut off a murdered Jew's testicles and stuff them in the deceased mouth.

    • MixMChess

      "There is no rational middle ground conversation in the U.S. concerning this. Just one Pro Israel vs. I'm more Pro Israel."

      Sure there is, legitimate criticism of Israel is welcome, however seeking to delegitimize or destroy Israel or refusing Israel's right to exist makes you an antisemite.

      "After the 08 Gaza War I read and read and read all about this conflict. I was totally ignorant."

      You still are.

      "Didn't even know there were Arabs living in Israel, much less that they were forced out of their homes."

      You are a LIAR. Arabs were never forced out of their homes. In fact Israel begged the Arabs to stay and make peace but the Arabs launched a war of genocide and tried to perpetrate a 2nd Holocaust.

      "I've read about Irgun terrorism."

      Anti-Israel zealots love to tout the Irgun, because it is the only example they have of Jewish terrorism. The Irgun directed terrorism at the British who were responsible for turning away millions of Jews who perished in the Holocaust. That one incident is nothing compared to the years of Arab terrorism directed at the Jews and British. Care to discuss the thousands of lives took as a result of Arab terrorism during the same time-period?

      "I've read books on the 48 conflict, the 67 conflict, the 73 conflict, the 80 peace 82 Lebanon war and all between. I could beat him in a debate. I know all the issues and would be debating from logical common sense."

      I can absolutely without a doubt say that I would love to see you TRY to debate Alan Dershowitz. Hell, you can't even debate anyone on this forum as we've all already made you look like the fool you are. Run away now before you embarrass yourself anymore.

    • Fred Dawes

      The insane lands of the Gods and face facts you can never have anything that is any-thing like Rational it is after-all the east of madness.

  • after

    thank god the norwegians speak the truth. americans are too scared to be labeled anti semites

    • Travis

      the Norwegians are Quislings and so are you.

    • theleastthreat

      How did the massacre in Norway become about the Jews all of a sudden? Can you explain that?

      • aspacia

        Because the Norwegian ambassador justified Muslim terrorism against Israel, and claims the the Norwegian attack was not justified.

    • aspacia

      Nope, we have freedom of speech, and often speak unpopular opinions regardless of the consequences.

    • Ghostwriter

      Well,after. I'm going to tell you something. You're an anti-semite. There,I said it.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Norwegians are thick politically-correct antisemiites anyway. Their great grandchildren will pay a massive price when they live under Sharia law around 2150. We won't let it happen to our descendants.

      • Fred Dawes

        I think about 2050

    • http://vnnforum.com DeShawn

      Good point. It's becuse the damn jews control the US government.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Time you were sent back to Africa where you belong, Jew-hating black bigot. And why were you given your polio vaccine. it was Jewish invented of course.

    • Fred Dawes

      Not really I just don't want my head cut off and jews don't cut heads off only muslims.

    • Fred Dawes


  • Mario

    Mr Jalem
    you are really an ignorant
    probably you are too an antisemitic person
    read what allan wrote: terrorism against jews began in 1929 and even before
    progroms and murder starts in hebron in the 20
    there where no israel then nor IDF
    you know the word assesin cmame from ??,from Arabic
    Long Live Israel and The Great jewish people
    please cony jewish nobel price

    • http://vnnforum.com DeShawn

      "Oy vey the poisecution!"

      • theleastthreat

        Deshawn, you see when you try to be funny it doesn't work. It's when you try to be serious that you're at your comic best.

      • SpiritOf1683

        You'll never win a Nobel Prize. You and your family are thicker than breeze blocks.

  • judy

    The Norway killings were not terrorism at all, any more than the Columbine killings were or than Charles Manson's crimes were.

    So Norway is against massacres of Norwegians that are not terrorism, while supporting terrorism!

  • barb

    jalen and after hate dem joos because their peckers are so tiny

    • http://www.boycottscotland.com Edward

      jalen knows that joooz peckers taste small too.

  • sam

    Buy jalen a camel and send him to yemen

    • potb

      What a good idea. Saudi-Arabia could also be fun ;-)

      • SpiritOf1683

        Or Iran. And superglue a kippot to his head to increase the fun.

  • Andy Gill

    I doubt Norway's hostility to Israel will change very much, but I expect that quite a few Norwegians have now realized why Israel built a security fence.

  • GregG

    First of all, Cast Lead was in '09…not '08. Second of all, even the Goldstone report mentioned that the vast majority of Gazans killed were fighters of some sort, not innocent civilians. No hospitals were bombed. No shools were bombed. Israel dropped leaflets and had announcments for every military house that was destroyed. Cast Lead was a very humane and carefully executed operation. I was in Sderot in '08 when Qassams were raining down at a rate of over 10 a day…that is terror. And Alan is completely correct og Jew hatred…the Mufti Ali Huesanni whipped up anti-Jew hate on the pretense of the Jews tearing down Islamic holy sites…a pure fabrication. Over 65 Jews were killed…and the Bristiah stood by and let it happen. Again and again (study the Muslim raids on Safed in the 30's and 40's. Study, read, learn…from history books…not just the Left-wing propaganda.

    • http://www.19.org Edip Yuksel

      Cast lead was very humane and killed 1600 civillians 400 of them being children. But, Qassam missiles raining down in Israel was terror and killed none except an old Israeli, perhaps because of heart attack.

      It is funny, that the peddlers of this idiotic propaganda expect people to beleive this. They do not know that even the American zombies are waking up the rabid zionists will see that they are the only fools who are believing their own foolish stories.

      • StephenD

        Time out. What came first the "Cast Lead" reaction or the Qassam missiles into civilian targets?
        By your reasoning, if I smack you in the head while you're sleeping and you respond by breaking my nose, YOU are the terrorist!
        Pardon me for laughing at you but I can't help it!

      • SpiritOf1683

        1600 terrorists, savage.

      • MixMChess

        Looks like Edip YukYuk got caught in LYING again. No shocker there really…

        First of all, while some estimate that Palestinian casualties were 1,100 to 1,200, an official Palestinian doctor estimated the figures to be significantly less: 500 to 600.

        Most of the casualties were NOT civilians, they were terrorists. The notoriously anti-Israel UN admitted that over 85% of the casualties were Hamas terrorist operatives. Most of the so-called "civilian" casualties were NOT CHILDREN. They were MEN and male teenagers who were often on the streets involved in attacks against Israel.

        Recall, Hamas intentionally exaggerated the proportion of civilian casualties. Hamas operatives dressed in civilian clothing, and attempted to hide the number of its operatives who were killed in order to give the impression most casualties were civilians. Hamas also murdered rival Palestinian factions and then turned around and tried to claim the ones they murdered were in fact "civilians" killed by Israel (somewhat clever when you think about it)!

        The world is waking up to the Palestinian propaganda and the rabid Islamist cannibals such as yourself. Only a racist, xenophobe or a fool would buy into garbage your peddling (no wonder you and DeShawn have a mutual admiration for one another!).

  • Gamem

    The hatred and slanderous lies about Israel that were taught on Utoya Island and that are posted in these comments are the seeds of terrorism that Jews have faced not only since 1929 but throughout history.

  • barb

    PS The tiny peckers in question – meaning those of jalen and after

  • DeShawn

    Oh Adolf my beloved, I dreamed of you last nite taking me from the rear!

    • theleastthreat

      Again, your grasp of humor or sarcasm or wit is all too slight. You make a good half-wit though.

    • SpiritOf1683

      And we dream abourt sending you back to Nigeria.

    • UCSPanther

      Looks like someone is getting desperate for attention.

      Mods: Ban this little worm. All he is doing is trolling and making an idiot of himself.

      • MixMChess

        I agree!

  • Odd

    Mr. Dershowitz. I am a Norwegian, and can confirm most of what you say. Israel is demonized in the (mostly socialist controlled) press, and by socialist parties. This follows many decades of socialist indoctrination by the left. It’s very frustrating to me, as a staunch Israel-supporter. Hopefully one day this will change, but with recent events, Labour is getting sky-high polls. Breivik’s actions have, besides killing many, set the conservative movement’s efforts back many years.

    • welldoneson

      shows the rather limited mentality of Norwegians, to support the hard left just because hard left opinions are so stupid – are so stupid – that they actually drive people to mass murder… incredible. maybe that cold weather has shrunk their brains!

      • SpiritOf1683

        A penguin experiences colder temperatures than a Norwegian, and still has more grey matter.

        • pat

          Thank you Odd for your support. Much appreciated.

    • Lucy

      Shame about that. – but true. The Norweigans have decided to join ideological forces with nazis and islamists *shrug* and have done so since nazi's killed jews with the help of their islamist friends.

    • Krystal

      ODD: What percentage of norwegians are jew haters and anti-semitic?

  • Rsilverm

    Alan Dershowitz has it right. I stand with Israel.

  • effemall

    Dershowitz comments on the obvious which becomes boring. Norway likes Muslims? Fine, they've got them. Let's send them all the ones we have in the Americas, too. They don't like Israel? Fine, let them join the Gazans in the next war. What I'm waiting for is the day that Israel wakes up and wipes out Hamas, turns Gaza into a playground for tourists, nukes Iran and drives Hezbollah out of Lebanon into Syria and then turns Syria into a parking lot. At that point, I'd like to get a toilet paper concession in Saudi Arabia because they'll be using lots of it.

    • welldoneson

      effe, your comment reminds us that the entire area was, in the past, a playground for tourists. generations of Moslem inhumanity, cheating, lies, and war crimes have made it a joke. Gazans live off Israeli charity, and they live quite well.

    • Chiggles

      TP in SA? No, that's what their left hands are for.

    • Stanly

      Mistake, mohamedans do not use paper!

  • Paul

    Jews don't have the luxury of being as dumb as Norwegian politicians. While the world sinks into oblivion, with Islam going for the spoils, Israel will remain steadfast against bigots, murderers and the politically deformed. If anyone doesn't like that, while they are deluding themselves into thinking that the Garden of Eden is one less Jew away, Islam will uproot everything in your contrived, hypocritical world.

    • David Donald


  • John

    Islam is the cause of terrorism… The islamic terrorism had started with the rise of Muhammad in Medina as a warlord , yet 1400 years after it wouldn't cease. Israel for the islamists is just another excuse to wage war against the infidels. When one of Hamas leaders declares that they will conquer Rome, they mean it, they mean it when they say that they will return to Spain…As a christian who comes from the middle east, these statements made by the Norwegian, makes me totally convinced that these people are denying history allying themselves with the sons of Satan. Why wouldn't the hypocrite Norwegian ambassador or other Norwegian diplomat talks about the massacres of christians in Egypt ,in Pakistan or other muslim country, why they wouldn't talk against Turkey who had massacred 1,5 million of our Armenian brothers and tens of thousands of hellenic people and the occupation of north Cyprus. As an arab christian i don't consider Israel as an enemy, I consider Israel as a friend of the humanity, thanks to the contribution of the jews to this world, on the other hand i consider people like this Norwegian to be my enemy….

    • welldoneson

      you are right, if it wasn't Israel it would be something else.
      anything. if moslems riot and kill around the world because of some cartoons, they will do anything. do not even attempt to reason with them. to do so is to look into the heart of darkness.

    • John of Indonesia

      You are John, the Christian from Middle East, I am John, the Christian from Indonesia, nice to meet you. We held the same distaste toward Islam.

      • John

        Nice to meet you too :) God Bless

  • StephenD

    Jalen, DeShawn, it actually sends bile to my throat to even address you. I want to put the image in your head anyway. Think on your justification for the deliberate massacre of the Fogel Family…including the cutting of a 3 month old infants' throat!
    I would curse you to rot in hell but I'd rather you not rot and have complete and in order senses so you feel everything you deserve in hell.
    As to the article, Alan does a great job of exposing the hypocrisy. Keep up the good work!

    • John of Indonesia

      The Fogel Familiy incident shows to the world the entire people of Palestine support infant murderer terrorists.

    • Chezwick_mac

      Well said, old friend.

    • pat

      I couldn't have said it any better myself.

  • TK Heekin

    to repeat:
    This crazed gunman in Norway is a semi-unique manifestation. One has to go back to 1859 to find his template. That is, 1859, Harpers Ferry, Virginia (at the time), when the crazed John Brown tried to initiate a slave revolt. His action was out of touch with reality and his actions were doomed from the start. John Brown was crazy. His goal was the abolition of slavery (not crazy). The Norway killer is crazy. His knowledge that the Norwegian Hitler Youth camp is a problem____ is not crazy.

  • theleastthreat

    How did this guy get to be an ambassador? Did he win the job in a fistfight?

    • Chiggles

      More likely in a circle-jerk.

    • SpiritOf1683

      He won the Adolf Eichmann trophy.

    • intrcptr2


  • Greg Molesworth

    The Arabs are not 'occupied' They are defeated in detail and have no rights to anything!
    They should be forced back into their own countries of Egypt, Syria, Jordan etc.
    You cannot take the loosing side of every war against Israel, get totally beaten and then claim to be occupied.

    • welldoneson

      egypt, syria, jordan, and other ME countries are NOT Arab.
      Arabs come from Arabia. 1400 years of Moslem imperialism has made it only seem like those countries are Arab. They are not. nor is Afghanistan. it's all islamist subhumanity.

    • Rick

      exellent point Greg , The Russians , the Americans "occupied " Germany , after the german attempt to anilate the Jewish people .They were occupied because they were DEFEATED of there offensive attack against civilised people

      The Americans "Occupied " Japan after ww11 because they were DEFEATED of there Offensive attack against Civilised people

      WHY is it that the Jewish people are always Judged at at a higher Standard
      It's quite simple actually,
      The D' Evil dosen't play by the same rules. Evil has no concept of what is RIGHT

  • b dalton

    Myself I think the shooter should get a Medal , norway sucks just another nazi country !!!!!!

    • Krystal

      Agree. More and more people are thinking this but are very quiet about expressing it. They are also finding out about the true norwegian mind-set. Personally, I never knew about its Jewish and anti-Israel hatred. I was shocked as more and more info is coming out.

      The Bible speaks about much sorrow to come for those nations that oppose Israel and encourage the division of Jerusalem. Norway has much more sorrow to come its way.

  • http://www.19.org Edip Yuksel

    Cast lead in 2009 was very humane and Israeli soldiers killed only 1600 Palestinians 400 of them being baby or teen terrorists with terrorizing rocks in their hands. But, the hundreds of Qassam missiles raining down on Israel was terror and killed a brave old Israeli patriot, a victim of terror. Israel has about 10,000 Palestinian terrorists in its prisons and they are occasionaly subjected to humane extreme interrogation techniques, but the terrorists have kidnapped a brave Israeli soldier for years.

    It is funny, that the peddlers of the idiotic propaganda above expect people to beleive this. They do not know that even the American wrong-wing zombies are waking up. The rabid zionists will soon see that they are the only fools who are believing their own foolish propaganda.

    • StephenD

      Dude. You gotta give that camels ass a break once in a while! Back off slowly and maybe wash up. You'll feel better, I promise…if it be ally's will of course. LOL

    • welldoneson

      speak in defense of "palestinians" and you will look a fool.
      every time. no way around it. they have NO leg to stand on logically, politically, morally, or practically. nor will you.

    • MixMChess

      You are a LIAR Edip YukYuk. While some estimate that Palestinian casualties were 1,100 to 1,200, an official Palestinian doctor estimated the figures to be significantly less: 500 to 600.

      Most of the casualties were NOT civilians, they were terrorists. The notoriously anti-Israel UN admitted that over 85% of the casualties were Hamas terrorist operatives. Most of the so-called "civilian" casualties were NOT CHILDREN. They were MEN and male teenagers who were often on the streets involved in attacks against Israel.

      Recall, Hamas intentionally exaggerated the proportion of civilian casualties. Hamas operatives dressed in civilian clothing, and attempted to hide the number of its operatives who were killed in order to give the impression most casualties were civilians. Hamas also murdered rival Palestinian factions and then turned around and tried to claim the ones they murdered were in fact "civilians" killed by Israel (somewhat clever when you think about it)!

      The world is waking up to the Palestinian propaganda and the rabid Islamist cannibals such as yourself. Only a racist, xenophobe or a fool would buy into garbage your peddling (no wonder you and DeShawn have a mutual admiration for one another!).

    • MixMChess

      As for your prison claim that is BOGUS too. Israeli law prohibits the arbitrary arrest of anyone. In addition, defendants are considered innocent until proven guilty and have the right to writs of habeas corpus and other procedural safeguards. Israel holds no political prisoners and maintains an independent judiciary.

      Israel is a signor to the Geneva Convention in 1949 and Convention against Torture in 1986 both which prohibit inhumane forms of torture. Still, In 1999 the Israeli supreme court formally BANNED any and all forms of torture. Bottom line, Palestinian prisoners aren't tortured. Many in fact receive free educations, courtesty of the Israeli government.

      For example, "upon being released as part of an Israeli good-will gesture, a Palestinian prisoner jailed for the murder of 14 people unwittingly revealed both the privileges he received in Israeli prison and the general lack of concern he needed to have for his personal safety there. His principle grievance was random prison cell searches. Meanwhile, he gloats that he and 200 of his fellow inmates received a fully-subsidized education at Israel's premier universities."

  • Odd

    I’m a Norwegian, and I want you to know that not all of us are muslim-lovers and Israel-haters. So while I understand the anger here, note that many of us think the same about that lowlife, brainless ambassador. Lots of us support Israel. So don’t generalize please.

    • raven

      You might be Norwegian but you are not very smart. The only statement that generalizes comes from your own ambassador:

      His reasoning is that “we Norwegians consider the occupation to be the cause of the terror against Israel.”

      • Odd

        Why do you assume he speaks for all of us? That’s not very smart.

        • mike B

          Because he explicitly said so.

        • HalleysFifth

          raven does not assume that the ambassador RIGHTLY speaks for all of you. But the ambassador took it upon himself to speak for all Norwegians and made a stupid, comtemptible remark. That's the point.

          (And, of course, I don't hold one dumb ambassador's comments against all Norwegians.)

    • http://www.19.org Edip Yuksel

      How do we know that you are an imposter zionist from the USA or Israel?

      • SpiritOf1683

        We certainly know you're a parasitical hate-filled Turkish barbarian who shouldn't have been given his Jewish-invented vaccines.

      • David M

        Turkey and the Turks have a long history of sympathy with Nazism. We should never forget and forgive the Turks for their massacre of Armenians.

        • SpiritOf1683

          Or the Devshirme system, where Christian boys were kidnapped from their parents and forced to serve as slave soldiers, whilst the girls were forced into becoming sex slaves for some fat old turban-wearer.

    • Chezwick_mac

      We appreciate your input, Odd….and most of us have absolutely nothing against Norwegians, per se. But I would like to know on what basis you assert that "lots of [Nowegians] support Israel"…? Are there polls indicating as much, or are you just guessing?

  • theleastthreat

    Combine the mentality of Jalen, DeShawn, Edip, and after and you still end up with a nitwit.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Yep, one who makes an amoeba look like Einstein.

  • elliot

    Odd may stand for the odd men out.

    Everyone wanted to sypathize/empathize with Norway this week but Norway has left a very bad impression of its self in the wake of this horror.
    I am afraid many here are now reavaluating Norway. We simply don't like what we are seeing.

    That camp for the young elites is quite creepy. That it is a tradition is even creepier.The odd men out should be challenging such a tradition.Young people should be exploring new ideas, not going along with indoctrination.

    Young people in these age groups just haven't experienced enough of life to make such ideological choices so early on. Especially in Norway, where concensus appears to rule and the population is so small. A little teenage rebellion might be a good thing here.

    I wish you luck.

    • krystal

      Agree again. It's very easy to write but much more difficult to try to change things. It takes courage and determination despite adversities.

      No action, no change.

  • elliot

    theleastthreat, I think you have them pegged. The scary part is that whole swathes of the world's population are also dumber than dirt

    • SpiritOf1683

      Especially Edip, De Shawn and the like.

  • Piera Prister

    Mr. Alan Dershowitz,
    I do not know if you are the same person who wrote an article on the WSJ back in 2008, supporting the candidacy of Mr. Obama. I did not like that article at all, because I would never have voted for a candidate who attended an antiSemitic church for 20 years. But other than that I think that you write beautifully.
    While I'm still averse to "our president" I thank you, you're right about Norway. In that country they are indoctrinating kids to hate Israel, in their summer camps. This is horrendous! 69 years ago, July 1942, the French police in Paris rounded up 4000 Jewish kids to send to Auschwitz after keeping them exhausted for days in the Velodrome d'Hiver without food and without water. Nobody knew about it until the French president Jack Chirac unveiled the truth in 1995.
    Not even Jean Paul Sartre ever mentioned that massacre in his "Reflexions sur la Question Juive". published in 1946. What a shame! I do not trust the elites.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Few couintries betrayed their Jews like France. And even the so-called anti-Nazis of France didn't give a stuff about the Jews.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Yep, in France they started the roundup of the Jews even before the Nazis demanded it. So many French fascists who should have been hanged, including half the police force, avoided the hangmans noose. The likes of Henriot, Doriot, Rebatet etc spring to mind. Rebatet should have been hanged, but died in his bed in 1972.

  • Cynic


    Because the function of the ambassador to another country is to speak in the name of his country.

  • welldoneson

    Norway has looked like crap ever since the awarded Obama the Peace Prize.
    Nothing but harebrained leftist political shenanigans. Now we know they're truly in the hard core "blame Israel" camp. And speaking of "camp", imagine what moronic nonsense the young people at a "youth labor camp" were being told. Utterly stupid idiocy.

  • ajnn

    "The first major terrorist attack against Jews, who had long lived in Jerusalem and Hebron, began in 1929"

    Maybe not.

    1. The Gaza Lynchings of 1905 when Gaza became 'Arab'.

    2. The Damascus Lynchings of 1849. Thousands murdered in more Muslim religious riots.

    We could go on. Arabs lynching jews in the middle east is a thousand-year tradition

  • Vermont Yid

    I wonder why the Israelis don't send the Norwegian ambassador packing. If it were up to me, I'd have that S.O.B. on the first plane back to Norway.

  • hakan.soderling

    The cause of terrorism is not religion, but people who belive that the goal justifies the means.
    All states iin our world is built up on war or terror, even Israel. It's just a blame game.
    Moses is crying in his grave.

    • SpiritOf1683

      Religion fuels it. Especially Islam which was built on terrorism. Off to Iran you go, parasite.

      • SpiritOf1683

        Or should I say one religion fuels it.

  • Richard Terrell

    Norwegians are dumb blonds!

  • Marjan

    Who knows how many potential Barak Insane Obamas were stopped when the Palestinian terror loving abortionist lefty-looney youth was terminated? It's a shame it was only about 70.

  • Ghostwriter

    How did this twit become ambassador of anything?

    • SpiritOf1683

      By being antisemitic. Being a vicious Jew-hater has got you far since 1933, much to the detriment of the West. And Sebastian Vilar Rodriguez pegged it.

  • steven l

    Norway has in common with the Muslim Arabs 2 may points: oil and antisemitism. So both may suffer from chronic and acute oil intoxication. What are their achievements in the last 100 years?

  • steven l

    The ambassador should be expelled.

  • myomy

    Remember after the 9/11/01 WTC attacks that sonofabitch Saudi Prince came here and offered a check for 10 million dollars only to follow that with the admonishon that America should ask itself what have we done to cause these people to attack us? As if the attacks were justified. Mayor Rudi Giuliani returned that check and told him to take his insults and his money elsewhere. So now we see this Norwegian stooge declaring as if it were fact that Isreal somehow deserves to be attacked because of it's occupation of muslim lands. As if that's a fact, which it's not. When the entire Arab world attacked Israel in 67 had they won what would Israel have lost? Everything, that's what. Israel would have lost all of it's lands and all of it's people and no one would have been able to stop it. It would have been over before anyone could have stopped it. See Part 2

  • myomy

    Part 2.
    There would be no Israel today if that had happened. But Israel with it's back to the sea did it's own fighting and routed the entire Arab world. Israel didn't wait to organize a coalition of like minded allies to defend herself. Israel went on the offense and survived. It shocked the entire world, not just the Arab world. So should Israel have gone back to the borders that made the attack so inviting? Or should they lay claim to an expanded and more defensible borders. Throughout the history of the world the rule has always been "to the victor goes the spoils". If the muslim Arab world had wiped out Israel would anyone today be saying the Arabs were occupying Jewish lands? Ha. Don't make me laugh. See part 3

  • myomy

    Part 3.
    If the muslim Arab world had wiped out Israel would anyone today be saying the Arabs were occupying Jewish lands? Ha. Don't make me laugh. There is no such thing as "occupied lands". This land was won and paid for with the blood of the brave Israeli defenders.. BOUGHT AND PAID FOR PERMANENTLY. Israel doen't not have to let anyone redefine it's borders, especially the muslim sponsors of terrorist killers. The only thing that's occupied terrority is the space between that Norwegian moron who said any terror attacks on Israel are justified at all. They are not. This American stands with our allies in Israel.

  • jacob

    Jalen and the other Juedophobic morons are right in their statements about stupid
    CAST LEAD operation…

    What should have been done and which any self-respecting nation would have, was
    repayment KIN KINDfor the 10 years of daily bombardment of South Israel with the purpose of
    turning SDEROT into a ghost town, that is, with similar rockets and mortars and
    same disregard for human life as HAMAS showed and not this idiotic restraint
    because of the havoc it might have made due to the population density of GAZA,
    ENGAGING IN SUCH DEEDS…..but which shows either the concept in which
    HAMAS holds its own people or because they have already ISRAEL's number….
    Then these Judeophobic morons would have kept mum and the UN wouldn't
    dare send the biased GOLDSTEIN Commission….

  • myomy

    What a jerk this Norwegian moron is. How can any responsible person say that any terrorism if justified? He's saying the attack on his land isn't justified by attacks on Israel are? Somebody needs to tell him no act of killing innocent people is justified. Terrorism isn't an extension of foreign diplomacy. What a moron that guy is…

  • http://www.thereligionofpeace.com MarZutra

    What is a "Palestinian"? Would this fellow be Norwegian if Norway was never a country, state or nation throughout the entirety of Earth's history? No! Of course not. The notion is not only illogical, unreasonable and void of all factual specificity but simply a-historical and absurd. Neither the-region-of "Palaestina" from Hadrianc Romanesque antiquity nor the-region-of "Palestine" under the League of Nations Mandate were countries, states or nations. There is no such thing as a "Palestinian" they do not exist. A molested theo-political mythology fabricated from a truly contorted piece of anti-Judean Roman political schema.

  • Ronald W. Carnine

    Sometimes the bologna I read in the comments section makes me a mite ill. The Palestinians are victims of Israel's aggression? Study your history people! Most of the land Israel took over was conquered land (Arabs and other Muslims) because these countries (excluding Palestinians because there was no Palestine as we hear the term used today) supported the Nazi's. Much of the land was purchased out right. Others abandoned the land thinking they would be back soon after the 1948 war. After Israel was attacked and had beaten off the aggressors more land was lost. The 1967 war (again Israel was not the aggressor) meant more land lost. Israel usually wound up giving most of the land back.. The land that was kept was kept to provide Israel with a buffer zone to protect it from her aggressive neighbors. The same is true today. Israel came into being by the legal action of the League of Nations (the UN) and is a legally constituted nation. If the Palestinians hadn't been so stupid (and aggressive) they would have had their own country today. Get off Israel's butt and go read a good history book!

  • claspur

    The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini 'Icon of Evil'

    Glad the writer mentioned this POS.
    Read the book three years ago… never had heard of that Hitler-lite scum before.
    Look him up, there's info on that trash all over the net.

  • LookBack

    Some of the details about the Hebron massacre cited by Mr. Dershowitz might be of interest. As usual, history as recorded is more complex than propagandists on any side of anything would like people to know:

  • kate b

    Yes, there certainly is a common thread. F.A. Hayek wrote 'The Road to Serfdom' during the second world war, and so had observed the politics/economics leading up to and during it. I quote from this book:

    "from the saintly and single-minded idealist to the fanatic is often but a step."

    and from a footnote in the same:

    "Hitler thought it expedient to declare in one of his public speeches as late as February 1941 that 'basically that National Socialism (Naziism) and Marxism (Socialism) are the same' from the Bulletin of International News published by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, vol. xviii, no. 5, p. 269."

    In the body of the text, Hayek explains that to these apparent extreme opposites the common man (old fashioned liberal who valued individual liberty) was the real enemy, "the man whom they had nothing in common and whom they could not hope to convince."

  • telson

    Quran Sura 5:
    20 both the Jews and the Christians say: "we are the sons of Allah, and his beloved." say: "why then doth he punish you for your sins? nay, ye are but men,– of the men he hath created: he forgiveth whom he pleaseth. and he punisheth whom he pleaseth: and to Allah belongeth the dominion of the heavens and the earth, and all that is between: and unto him is the final goal of all."
    21 O people of the book! now hath come unto you, making things clear unto you, our apostle, after the break in the series of our apostles, lest ye should say: "there came unto us no bringer of glad tidings and no warner from evil": but now hath come unto you a bringer of glad tidings and a warner from evil. and Allah hath power over all things.
    22 remember Moses said to his people: "O my people! call in remembrance the favor of Allah unto you, when he produced prophets among you, made you kings, and gave you what he had not given to any other among the peoples."
    23 "O my people! enter the holy land which Allah hath assigned unto you, and turn not back ignominiously, for then will ye be overthrown, to your own ruin."

    Muslims try to destroy Israel, and demand areas of Israel's land for themselves. Muslims say that some areas of Israel belong to the Palestinians. The Quran declares that Allah has given the land of Israel for Jews, which is their holy land.

    The Muslims fight against the announcement of the Quran when try to destroy Israel and take over the land of Israel. The Palestinian issue and the Middle East problems would be solved if the Muslims would believe the Quran and to allow the Israelis to live in their own land, which belongs to them. Of course, it would be best if they would believe in the Lord Jesus and the Bible, because, then they really know to whom the land of Israel belongs to. The rich Arab countries could re-colonize the Palestinian Arabs, and to give them a good home and a livelihood, because they can afford to it by many billions of oil incomes. The Arabs don't want to do this, but they want to keep Palestinian Arabs in misery as well as a shield and an excuse against Israel.

    The land of Israel is the target of ongoing Arab terrorism. Some of the attacks carried out through Palestine. That's why Israel has to keep tight control for Palestinian Arabs. The problem would be eliminated if the Arabs would believe the Quran, which says that Allah granted the land of Israel to the Jews. Resettlement of the Palestinian Arabs back to the various Arab countries would be the solution, where they are originally from. This would be very easy to organize for Arab multi-millionaires.

    Whole article: http://koti.phnet.fi/petripaavola/differencesqura

  • Sashland

    yes, "Cast Lead was very humane and only killed 1600 palestinians".

    You are correct. They were too humane; they should have gone in and killed 10,000 hamas and evicted them from their illegal occupation of Gaza.

    Maybe next time…

  • Lucy

    Turns out that now we find out that Norway is much the same as nazi germany. Filling its kids heads full ot jew hate and boycott Israel nastiness and kissing up to Islamists.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    How is it that Genesis 12:3 is missed in all of this discourse? Norwegian leftists
    have brought down evil on the people of Norway. This idiot Ambassador reflects
    the thinking of the Norwegian government, not all of the citizens, I know good
    Norwegians who would never accuse Israel of Islamist behavior………….
    Genesis 12:3 …."I will bless those who bless thee and curse those who curse
    thee: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed". I think Norway's
    leadership has undone their nation, believers understand Norway is on to
    worse to come unless it repents it's stated positions, watch and see I would
    want to remain far from there, watch for the volcanoes…….William

  • tekow

    Israel is THE rogue state par exellance .. the propaganda that it is a democracy is laughable.. it is a theocratic state just like saudi arabia and iran, no difference; unless you are a jew you are less than a citizen.. as a matter of fact if you are ethnically arab you are discriminated on a routine basis.. israel uses coercion against its own arab citizens.. not only that it also uses force against collectively on unarmed civilians, gazans.. it blockades illegally a territory to collectively punish Gazans because they chose their own government in a democratic election.. without the US backing in the security council in UN israel can do none of these mischief.. israel is US's spoiled child.. make no mistake, all its bravado and nonchalance would disappear if it weren't for uncle sam..

    • MixMChess

      "it is a theocratic state just like saudi arabia and iran, no difference; unless you are a jew you are less than a citizen.. as a matter of fact if you are ethnically arab you are discriminated on a routine basis.. israel uses coercion against its own arab citizens.."

      You are a LIAR. Israel is a SECULAR state, there is NO official state religion in Israel. Non-Jews are treated as EQUAL citizens and are guaranteed the EQUAL PROTECTION of rights under Israeli law. Your claims are laughable at best considering that Israel has special affirmative action programs in place for its Arab citizens.

      "not only that it also uses force against collectively on unarmed civilians, gazans.."

      Nonsense, Israel does not target civilians, it only uses force against Hamas, a terrorist organization bent on destroying Israel and destroying world Jewry.

      "it blockades illegally a territory to collectively punish Gazans because they chose their own government in a democratic election.."

      Even the anti-Israel UN has upheld Israel's blockade of Gaza as legal under international law. The blockade wouldn't even be necessary if Hamas weren't engaging in illegal warfare and war crimes against Israel. When will Hamas stop transporting in weapons to murder Jews?

      Gazans knowingly elected a genocidal terrorist organization as its leader, they deserve to be punished for their belligerence.

  • http://tedbaldwin.com ted baldwin

    I read BHL Bernard Henri Levy's book Left In The Dark — amazing and supports everything Mr. Dershowitz says. Norway is in bed with the terrorists – which is why they are not afraid of a terrrorist attack on Norwegian SOil. They pay protection. God help their (remaining) kids.

  • PeterD

    "How did this guy get to be an ambassador? Did he win the job in a fistfight?"

    He is part of Norway's politcal infrastructure who represents the official government's world view.

  • Phil

    Goebbels said that if a lie is big enough and repeated enough people will believe it. Apparently, they are either the ones who have been brainwashed by the constant lies fed to them by the left and the Hamas and Hezbolloah nazis or the nazi propagandists ythemselves. Their lies are so blatant that they could be mistaken for the Norwegian ambassador or the UN lapdog jews named Falk and Goldstone.
    I am glad that I refused to go on a cruise that stopped in Norway. After all, it is the Norwegians who elected these vile antisemites. It is also the Norwegians who still love the vicipous antisemitism of Martin Luther.

  • epid yuksel

    I hate dem Joos cause my pecker is so very tiny

  • epid yuksel

    Please pass me the camel dung with some salt and pepper

  • edip yuksel

    I am a pathetic Ilsmofascist Neo-Nazi

  • Ruby Akhtar

    England's middle east policy

    Ruby Akhtar supports Israel and the Land of Israel in Jewish hands in the entirety of it’s territory, from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean. Surrendering of the biblical territories of Judea and Samaria unto Muslim Arab hands, God forbid, would create a de-facto fundamentalist Muslim state akin to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, or Hezbola’s territory in Lebanon.

    Aware of the greater implications of yet another Islamic state in the already radicalized Arab world, Ruby strongly cautions against pressing Israel into territorial concessions; and opposes any recognition of the PLO, Hamas and other terrorist organization that aim for the establishment of a "Palestinian" Arab state.

    Ruby Akhtar will oppose the UK’s support for such nationalism.

    Furthermore, Ruby advocates for the persecuted Christian minorities in Muslim countries in the Middle and Far East. Ruby will not allow other interests to get in the way of protecting the victims of Muslim intolerance.

  • Steve

    Israel practices and endorses Apartheid. Period.

    • mah29001

      Really? I wonder what you say about Hamas promoting Sharia Law in Gaza against non-Muslim Palestinians?

      I also wonder why you ignore that Israel is the only country really helping the people of Gaza and NOT Hamas nor any other Arab countries?

    • MixMChess

      The charge that Israel is an apartheid state can be made only out of complete ignorance about apartheid. Today, within Israel, Jews are a majority, but the Arab minority are full citizens who enjoy equal rights and are represented in all the branches of government (including the Knesset, Cabinet, high-level foreign ministry posts and on the Supreme Court). Under apartheid, black South Africans could not vote and were not citizens of the country in which they formed the overwhelming majority of the population. Laws dictated where they could live, work and travel. And, in South Africa, the government killed blacks who protested against its policies. By contrast, Israel allows freedom of movement, assembly and speech and ensures equal rights and equal protection to Arabs under the law. In fact, Israel has instituted special affirmative action programs for Arabs to combat against any "private" discrimination.

      Moreover, Israel never extended its laws to Gaza and the W. Bank, and thus Israeli law never governed these Palestinians who are not Israeli citizens. The Palestinians in the W. Bank achieved under Israeli administration. Hamas (unfortunately) controls the entire Gaza Strip, and the Palestinian Authority governs 98% of the W. Bank (not including the settlements). Recall, the Palestinian Authority has its own legislature, administrative, educational and legal system. There is nothing that remotely resembles apartheid law! Of course, if there is apartheid in Gaza and the W. Bank, then it was instituted by the Hamas and Palestinian leadership, NOT Israel.

      Care for any more Lies?

  • Walter

    I know one word of Norwegian: Quisling.

    It would seem that a country with Norway’s history of collaboration with the Nazis (yeah, yeah, I know about their king fleeing the country with their supply of heavy water) should be rather more discrete about its anti-semitism.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 1 of multi-part comment

    It is so sad to see Alan Dershowitz's continuing attacks on Norway, in which he leaves behind his usual high standards of fact presentation seen in his other writings (such as those on Israel and American civil liberties). Apparently motivated by a negative personal experience in the country, Mr. Dershowitz spares nothing in his continuing attempts to smear Norway with unjustified charges of extreme anti-Semitism. In his anti-Norway writings, he resorts to the same polemical techniques that he rightly condemns in the rantings of writers who smear Israel – highly selective "cherry-picking" of points, exaggerations and distortions, and omission of any facts that run counter to his desired conclusions.

    I'm an American-born Jew who moved to the Bergen area of Norway 11 years ago, and I'm one of the more active members of the tiny Jewish community on Norway's west coast. The picture of an extremely anti-Semitic Norway that Mr. Dershowitz presents, based on a single week of visiting the country, is completely at odds with my own personal experiences of over a decade of living as an immigrant Jew in Norway.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 2 of multi-part comment

    First of all, Mr. Dershowitz's central thesis is based entirely on a misunderstanding, in which the Norwegian ambassador was misquoted by the Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv.

    A letter to the Jerusalem Post by Norwegian deputy foreign minister Espen Barth Eide, clarifying the issue, led to a rare apology by the Jerusalem Post to the people of Norway.

    This paragraph by Eide refutes the heart of the Dershowitz contention: "The ambassador was incorrectly quoted by Ma’ariv. He did not compare the motivation behind different terrorist attacks; he simply tried to answer a question about whether the terrorist attacks in Norway would change perceptions of the Israeli–Palestinian conflict. He stated that many Norwegians see the conflict in Israel and the Palestinian territory in the context of the occupation and religious extremism, and that this view would probably not change after the events in Oslo and on Utøya."

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 3 of multi-part comment

    This is very different from what Dershowitz claims; he completely misunderstood the thrust of the ambassador's remarks, as did the newspaper Ma'ariv. But still, it was totally irresponsible of Dershowitz to write such a scathing attack without first making an attempt to verify if the words and intentions of the Norwegian ambassador were correctly reported. The language of diplomacy is often fraught with possibilities for misinterpretation, especially when communication is both interlinguistic and intercultural.

    By any objective criteria it is absurd to claim that European anti-Semitism is strongest in Norway. Anti-Semitic terror attacks have claimed Jewish victims in other areas of Europe, including Paris and London. Neo-Nazis have an increasing presence in Germany and Austria. There are numerous reports of intense anti-Semitism – both harassment and physical attacks – in Malmö, Sweden.
    None of this has been true in Norway.
    Mr. Dershowitz has himself written about the anti-Semitism in Poland. The Simon Weisenthal Center has called special attention to the anti-Semitism in Greece, and has in fact discouraged Jewish tourists from visiting there.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 4 of multi-part comment

    During my 11 years here I do not recall a single news report of any Jewish person in Norway being the victim of anti-Semitic violence. The same cannot be said about quite a few other countries of Europe.

    From 1985 to 1993 Norway had a Jewish Storting president (equivalent to Speaker of the House), Jo Benkow, whose family escaped the Holocaust by fleeing to Sweden. No Jew has ever climbed to such political heights in the United States.
    Benkow is openly proud of his Jewishness, and has written a book focusing on his Jewish background.

    For the last 15 years Bergen, Norway, has held a moving annual rally against anti-Semitism, attended by hundreds of people. A torchlight procession winds its way through the streets of the old Jewish neighborhood of Møhlenpris, stopping outside each house or building where Jews lived in 1942 at the time of the Nazi roundup. A child reads the names of the victims at each house. I chant a Hebrew memorial prayer at this event, and others give speeches. It is noteworthy to add that this rally against anti-Semitism is entirely organized by non-Jews.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 5 of multi-part comment

    And this is Europe's most anti-Semitic country?

    I have not encountered anti-Semitic statements by any native Norwegian I've personally known. My experience is that most Norwegians are curious about Jews and Judaism in a positive way, and want to learn more about both. I have felt completely comfortable living an openly Jewish life; I feel completely safe, and have never felt anti-Jewish animosity among Norwegians.

    Mr. Dershowitz leaves out a key point when relating his experience with Norwegian universities during his week in the country. The rector of the largest university in Norway, the University of Oslo, explained afterwards that the group sponsoring Dershowitz had given the university only one choice of date, and that single choice was not available. This "rejection" had nothing to do with content.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 6 of multi-part comment

    The bigoted comment about President Obama appointing a Jew did not come from anyone in the current Norwegian government – it came from an elderly former prime minister of the 1980's, Kåre Willoch, who is retired from politics, and has been out of power for decades. Willoch has made shameful anti-Semitic and anti-Israel statements during his retirement years, but these cannot be construed as statements of the government. The Norwegian media roundly condemned his bigoted comment; there was no support for it that I can recall.
    Mr. Dershowitz claims that Willoch's statement "was praised". By whom, I ask? I only recall vigorous condemnation.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 7 of mutli-part comment

    On the day before the shootings, a radical extreme faction within the AUF (the youth wing of the Labor Party) staged a demonstration against the Norwegian foreign minister, who was addressing the group on the island. This radical faction supports a boycott of Israel, but the foreign minister explained firmly that the Norwegian government is unalterably opposed to such an action, and praised Israel's democratic processes.
    The faction's demonstration, coupled with purported videos of Gaza flotilla games (which have now been identified as false, having taken place in 2010 with a different group) led to Dershowitz's hyperbolic phrase "orgy of anti-Israel hatred".
    Dershowitz makes no mention of the foreign minister's speech which confirmed Norway's support for Israel. And his attempt to smear the young people of Norway who now lie dead is ugly indeed.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 8 of mutli-part comment

    Dershowitz reaches across the years to accuse Norway of complicity with the Nazis. This is nothing less than a slap in the face to all the brave Norwegians who risked their lives to help save 2/3 of Norwegian Jewry escape to freedom over the border into neutral Sweden. It is a slap in the face to the many members of the Norwegian Resistance who fought the Nazis bravely for two months before being forced to surrender. It is a slap in the face to the brave fighters of the Norwegian underground who sabotaged Nazi Germany's efforts to obtain the "heavy water" for the building of atomic weapons. And it is a slap in the face to the postwar Norwegian government, which suspended its revulsion of capital punishment long enough to execute Quisling, the ultimate Nazi collaborator within its midst.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 9 of multi-part comment

    Mr. Dershowitz seems to be in possession of inside information that some Norwegians have financed terror activities. This is an extremely serious charge, and one that I'm sure would greatly interest the people of Norway, who have no knowledge that such financing has taken place. I would advise him to come forward and publicize his information, with details of persons involved, dates, and the payments made. I could virtually guarantee that any confirmed financing of terror activities, which are completely illegal in Norway, would result in the termination of political careers and very likely criminal prosecutions as well.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 10 of multi-part comment

    Mr. Dershowitz has brought out his own link of recent activities to the Holocaust, and I bring out mine: The incredible bravery of the Norwegian fishermen and boatmen who risked their lives to save dozens of young people on the island of Utøya while the shooting was in progress remind me of the bravery of Norwegians who helped two-thirds of Norway's Jews flee to safety in Sweden.
    This is the true Norwegian spirit.

    Some of the same teenagers who Mr. Dershowitz claims were full of hatred were desperately fleeing for their lives in the water. When rescue boats came along with limited space, while the shooting was still in progress, some kids asked that their friends be taken to safety first, saying that their friends were in worse shape than they were. Some kids jumped on top of their friends on the ground, to make sure their friends would be saved from the bullets. One 18-year-old boy picked up his friend who had been shot four times, and ran with her, holding her in his arms.
    This is the true Norwegian spirit.

  • Paul Goldstein

    Part 11 of multi-part comment

    How Norwegians have responded to the tragedy is also exemplary: Hundreds of thousands have assembled with roses of peace, and pictures of hearts. There have been no cries of revenge – that is not the Norwegian way. Instead, Norwegians have responded to hatred and terror with peace and love (including reaching out to comfort the parents of the terrorist). That is the Norwegian way.

    Mr. Dershowitz concludes his invective by urging Norway to engage in "soul searching". Norway is in fact "soul searching" now, trying to understand the elements of hatred that led the terrorist to commit his monstrous deeds.
    The Jerusalem Post also did some soul searching of its own, and wound up apologizing to the people of Norway for its earlier rush-to-judgement words.

    Mr. Dershowitz should consider the same for his slander of a country and people of such gentleness and peace, and of such courage and spirit.

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  • Paul

    Great! Many muslim haters and Israeli lovers have started posting here thinking they are smart and right. They insult this Norwegian ambassador believing everything they see on the news without thinking too much. Stop being pro-Israel! Don't be pro-Palestinian either! So much ignorance! The Israelis, NOT NECESSARILY THE JEWS, had the chance to keep attacks under control! They didn't! They invaded the Gaza Strip and the West Banks and didn't retreat completely until today!

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  • Thomas Nilsen

    Great, the World is really going places when prominent people like Mr Dershowitz is allowed to LIE to make a point. I'm referring to the following statement he made: "such as when Norway’s foreign minister condemned Barak Obama for appointing a Jew as his chief of staff. No other European leader would make such a statement and get away with it."

    To even suggest that the sitting foreign minister in the country that started the Oslo Accords would ever get away with such a condemnation proves that Dershowitz isn't just a lier, he's ignorant on a level I'd normally expect from people who just rolled out from under a rock.

    It was the 80-something old RETIRED politician Kåre Willoch who criticized appointing someone he thought would be too pro-Israel, in this case Mr Rahm Emmanuel. Willoch, a member of the Conservative Party, used to be a prominent Israel-supporter back when he was an active politician who has grown more pro-Palestinians as he has gotten older, but to take the comment from a person who hasn't been a member of parliament since 1989 and claim his words were said by the current foreign minister is a disgusting lie.

    But who cares, right? Dershowitz's work is done. He managed to spread a lie that will now continue to live on and be spread by other Norway-haters for all eternity.

    Thanks a lot, Mr Dershowitz. You're a true Mensch.

  • Anti-Semitic

    Shut the fuck up you stupid Jew. You and all your people are dirty and disgusting. The jews are the bane of the human race. Hitler had the right idea. Israel is the cause of all the worlds problems today, that disgrace of a country deserves to be destroyed.