A World of Frustration

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It must be jarring to those who assured us that the world would embrace America as soon as President George W. Bush returned to Texas. But President Barack Obama and his followers are learning that international frustration and even disdain come with the territory for U.S. presidents. Don’t take my word for it.

Pakistanis are burning Obama in effigy—and those are the anti-Taliban Pakistanis. Pakistan was humiliated by the U.S. strike on Osama bin Laden—deservedly so, given its duplicity and double-dealing—but it wasn’t supposed to be this way in the Age of Obama. After all, Obama lambasted his predecessor for alienating allies, acting unilaterally and launching military operations without UN permission. Yet as the Pakistanis know, the bin Laden raid failed to meet any of those standards Obama applied to Bush.

While on the subject of anti-Obama protests, when the bombs started falling on Libya, Sri Lankans took to the streets to stomp on photos of our president.

Obama’s mishandling of the Libya crisis has been spun by his supporters as “leading from behind.” But as the war enters its 15th week—a war against an isolated, hated, weak despot—leading from behind looks more like abdication.

Citing remarks by French president Nicolas Sarkozy, The Washington Post reports that the French leader recently “lashed out…at the U.S. commitment to the NATO effort in Libya.”

“I’m not of the opinion that the bulk of the work in Libya is being done by our American friends,” Sarkozy said angrily.

As The Financial Times explains, “Britain and France are straining to fill the gap left by Washington’s decision to pull back.” Sarkozy may not want to say it openly, but he and other NATO leaders recognize this limitation. When asked about Washington’s refusal to join France in deploying attack helicopters in Libya, French foreign minister Alain Juppe’s response was loaded with disappointment. “We regret that…We would be more efficient if they joined us.” Likewise, when British foreign secretary William Hague asked NATO members for support, he was aiming his message at Washington: “The United Kingdom in the last weeks supplied additional aircraft capable of striking ground targets,” he said. “It would be welcome if other countries did the same.”

The Washington Post is far less polite, bluntly concluding that Washington is “eschewing its indispensable role of leadership.”

In Egypt, Saudis are angry that Obama did too much to push their ally Hosni Mubarak out of power, while Egyptians are angry that he didn’t do enough. As the Obama administration hemmed and hawed over Mubarak, Mohamed ElBaradei wrote a scathing open letter to the man who promised to make the world love America again. “The American government said that it was ‘dismayed.’ Well, frankly, I was dismayed that all it could say is that it was dismayed…People were absolutely disappointed in the way you reacted to Egypt’s last election. You reaffirmed their belief that you are applying a double standard for your friends, and siding with an authoritarian regime just because you think it represents your interests… This isn’t even good realpolitik.”

Realpolitik is always a perfect segue to China. Bending over backwards for China in his first year has delivered no dividends for Obama. The PRC has lashed out at Japan, embargoed commodities high-tech industries depend on, blocked the UN from blaming North Korea for sinking a South Korean ship, continued its threatening behavior around Taiwan and sped ahead with its massive military buildup.

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  • Ray Czar

    See the formula works for me….

    Americans doing jobs the Brits and French won’t do and don’t want to do!
    Why Libya? Well folks, we have and Agitator and Chief, who by his deeds
    shows disdain for America and the world, to promote a revolution of

    Does this look familiar? Start trouble, then pass it on to others (as in
    Obamacare mandates (dictates) to the states.

    Lets try Egypt, encourage the revolution, promote more agitators
    (the Brotherhood) call it democracy, and its all kool.

    Syria or Iran, well those agitators don’t fit the mold, we’ll ignore that.
    Wrong kind of community organizers!

    Yemen? Could this be the next Libya? Why not, it won’t make sense,
    that also fits the template.

    How bout our border with Mexico, Mr. Prez, is not this more important
    than these other third world countries? Not important, especially

    Thanks Mr. Prez for being the rock star with the messianic complex
    caring so much for the world, rather than your own country.
    We get the message by your deeds, not your words!

    Your compassion is killing us!


  • Asher

    Contrary to how it appears to people, with the malaise, bad economy, and destruction of America's society from within, the Annointed One and his disciples are falling. Washington does not comprehend this: "For a Child will be born to us, a Son will be given to us; and the Government will Rest on his shoulder; and his name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace, There will be no End to the Increase of His Government or of Peace On the Throne Of David, and Over His Kingdom, To Establish and Uphold it with Justice and Righteousness From Then on and Evermore." Then and only then wiil the Branches of Government Work with righteous and honorable principles.

  • LindaRivera

    America is broke. In deep financial distress. There is no money to fight ANY wars.

    Let the Muslims fight THEIR wars with THEIR money, THEIR military and THEIR weapons.

  • Fred Dawes

    LindaRivera is right and the reason why is our world bankers have made it so, with the Liar Loans not only here but all over the world. we are a doomed nation to become like mexico.

  • tagalog

    "“I’m not of the opinion that the bulk of the work in Libya is being done by our American friends,” Sarkozy said angrily."

    Well, I certainly hope Sarkozy is right; if NATO wants to jigger things in Libya, let it be on their own dime and with the lives of their own armed forces, not on the U.S.

  • Ghostwriter

    Sadly,it seems that President Obama lives in a fantasy world and it seems that much of the world has already caught on to that. Most Americans have too.

  • Fred Dawes

    Looks like the king of the world is hated in one other place. and yes obama is a totally tool.

  • mlcblog

    Pakistanis are burning Obama in effigy—

    What? I though Obammy was just going to sit down and talk with everyone and then they would be so drawn to his irresistible charm that he, The One, would win over every nation on earth to be our new friend!!

  • StephenD

    He is not stupid. EVERYTHING he is doing and has done is EXACTLY what a Socialist or Islamist would do. Seems like he has an agenda ands is sticking to it. His puppet masters must be so proud.