Defense Department Shakeup

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The hard-earned victory in Iraq—and his savvy demeanor on Capitol Hill, in the media and with foreign leaders—catapulted Petraeus into a level of popularity and notoriety that few generals ever experience. Pete Hegseth and Wade Zirkle of Vets for Freedom have argued that he deserves a fifth star for his exceptional command and leadership during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Writing in The Wall Street Journal, the two combat veterans argue that Petraeus’s wartime service and record are nearly unprecedented. They noted:

• That Petraeus “begins his eighth year as a combatant commander this year” and “will soon eclipse Washington’s tenure.” That’s George Washington.

• His résumé includes commanding the 101st Airborne during the initial invasion of Iraq, the creation of Iraq’s post-Baathist army, the development of the U.S. Army’s counterinsurgency manual, the execution of the surge that saved Iraq from civil war and defeated al Qaeda, leadership of CENTCOM during the two-front war in the Middle East, and leading the NATO-ISAF mission in Afghanistan, a command which came at great personal sacrifice, as Petraeus technically took a step down from CENTCOM.

“David Petraeus’ generalship has spanned 11 years, three presidents and seven Congresses. It is time to promote him to ‘General of the Army’ and award him a fifth star,” Hegseth and Zirkle concluded.

Petraeus probably won’t achieve that rarified rank now. But perhaps he will be able to extend his Midas touch even further, albeit more stealthily, at CIA than he could at CENTCOM or ISAF. The country would be fortunate if he does.

Alan W. Dowd writes on defense and security issues.


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  • slpp

    Let's shake up HHS, FDA and EPA. By funding them properly.

    • G Dub

      . . . and I hope that would be to have them PAY US BACK, then move everyone of premises, turn out the lights, lock the door and plant a "FOR SALE " sign in the yard.

  • Fred Dawes

    watching breaking bad makes me think that our government is a great deal like that TV Show and obama is the main drug dealer.

  • sodizzy

    I am a big Petraus fan. Hope this works out well.

    Panetta refused to succumb? maybe there's hope after all.

    • ObamaYoMoma

      Go buy a clue. The only people that are fans of Petraeus are Leftists and RINO Republicans who in reality are themselves leftists corrupting the Republican Party.

      • sodizzy

        OK. I stand corrected, but I still insist on being hopeful and I do think Petraeus is brilliant even if we don't care for his politics, but I like your assessments of in reality leftists…corrupting what used to be a decent party.

  • Dispozovdaburka

    This should take Petraeus out of the run for the Presidency against Obama.

    • Fred Dawes

      Yes it will for now STOP HIS MOVES For the presidency; But if obama gets back in Petraeus will be the next president after all he is part of the plan and he is hispanic and works with La raza and hates Israel and is a phony conservative and has many political brown far leftist racists for mexico city friends.

      • sodizzy

        wow!!! these are all thing I don't know about the general!! wow.

        • Jim_C

          Ya might want to look into actual facts about the man rather than take some message board crank's word for it.

          • sodizzy

            Point taken!! thank you.

  • BigSexy

    Methinks Obama would rather name Ron Dellums as SecDef and Jim McDermott CIA chief.

  • JosephWiess

    Why not leave panetta where he is, and put Patreaus in as SoD?

    • sodizzy

      Are you trying to make sense of all this? or help them? not sure what you are getting at.

  • BLJ

    Panetta? Are you serious? He isn't even qualified to run the CIA.

    • sodizzy


  • ChristopherL

    Petraeus is a fool who did not get the ROE changed to favor our great troops, and on top of that he actually thinks nation building is working. It has been a huge failure.

    • Jim_C

      In fact, he devised the ROE!

  • sodizzy

    I think you are right on this.

  • ObamaYoMoma

    What Jim C fails to mention is that Defense Spending is already at its lowest point since WWII. Not only that, but the world is far closer to World War today than at anytime since WWII.

    Moreover, he also resorts to leftwing fuzzy math, the same fuzzy math the Obama White House is infamous for, to arrive at his anticipated GDP projections and increases in federal tax receipts. In other words, it is all smoke and mirrors and only someone completely devoid of basic economic knowledge could be mentally deficient enough to believe his unhinged garbage.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Everything Obama does is a disaster and as we sink into financial oblivion,
    send our wealth to Arab Oil so they can colonize our land and spread their
    evil and pay for the bombs and bullits that kill our troops, we are supposed to
    see hope in two loosers? All of Obama's moves are for our downfall and not
    to uphold America, make life for our citizens good or undo the chaos leftists
    have created in the destruction of every aspect of our lives. The duplicity is
    so think in the District of Criminals that only a clean sweep and absolute
    new government will save America if it is not to late. What would Trump do,
    Bolton or West, nothing as severe as what I would do but we need new
    direction and people, I agree with YoMoma………………William

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