Ashkelon — The New Sderot?

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Ashkelon’s mayor Benny Vaknin said on Sunday that the type of missiles fired on Saturday caused much greater destruction than past rockets. “These types of rockets are much more accurate and capable of great devastation, damaging concrete building and roads. Within six months, we have experienced three rounds of destructive rocket attacks, in late April, August and now, October. We need to rethink how to address this situation.”

Vaknin refused to allow Ashkelon students to attend schools on Tuesday, for the third day in a row. On Sunday, over 200,000 students in Be’er Sheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Kiryat Malachi, Sderot and other communities closed down schools because of continued rocket threats.  On Tuesday, Vaknin said he is not taking any chances “endangering children’s lives.”

Most of Ashkelon’s schools are not protected against rocket attacks. The city has close to 30,000 students in its education system including 6,000 college students at Ashkelon’s Academic College.

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for most of the rocket attacks during the weekend. According to an analysis by Jerusalem Post’s Khaled Abu Tomeh, the Islamic Jihad organization has become a major player in Gaza thanks to the financial and military help of Iran and Syria. Hamas has taken second seat during the current fighting, allowing Egypt instead to mediate a cease-fire between Islamic Jihad and Israel. “Some Palestinians in the Gaza Strip said on Sunday that Hamas is probably afraid of violent confrontation with Islamic Jihad, whose members have managed to smuggle into the Gaza Strip new weapons stolen from Libya.”

Islamic Jihad’s leader in Syria, Ramadan Abdullah recently attended Iran’s Fifth International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Intifada earlier in October, where he stated that jihad and resistance are the only “options” for the Palestinians. Islamic Jihad has called for the destruction of Israel on numerous occasions.

Israel Defense Forces were able to identify and strike an Islamic Jihad rocket cell in Gaza earlier on Saturday, killing five terrorists, including a senior commander responsible for rocket production facilities. Israel’s Channel 10 reported late Saturday night that Islamic Jihad’s Quds Brigades said the first wave of rockets was its “initial response” to the strike on its rocket cell, and that “the enemy should expect the worst in the coming hours.”

Meanwhile, Liz Sheetrit hopes that life will return to normal for her family and neighbors. “We are trying to get back to a routine, but no one can guarantee that rockets won’t strike here once again.”

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  • LindaRivera

    In response to thousands of rockets, Israel surrendered up Gaza to Islam. 10,000 Gush Katif, Gaza Jews were ruthlessly ethnically cleansed from Gaza from land that NEVER belonged to Arabs. Muslim mobs celebrated by desecrating and destroying Gaza's sacred synagogues where the One Supreme G-D of the Universe was worshipped.

    The jihad is against the Holy One. The jihad has always been against the Holy One and His Holy Laws:


    Forced into poverty and homelessness, many of Gaza's evicted Jews lived in tents for a very long time. The rocket firing from Gaza increased. It was Jewish LAND IN RETURN FOR WAR. Greatly increased war.

    Israel's Jews in numerous cities live in daily fear of Islam's rocket attacks. The response of the US/EU/UK/UN and even Israel's Prime Minister is SURRENDER. Submit to Islam. Give Muslims EVERYTHING they demand. SURRENDER. And this is with the knowledge that every land surrender results in greatly increased war.

    What kind of leaders are leading the Free World? Leaders who believe only in submission and surrender to Islam, resulting in terrible suffering and eventual Muslim conquest of intensely hated infidels. And descent into hell on earth.

  • LindaRivera

    It is urgent that all Israelis discuss the extremism that created the Oslo Covenant with Death resulting in suffering, death and war. Many people believe that Rabin was assassinated because he planned to STOP Oslo. Read the following from IMRA:

    Dalia Rabin: My father might have stopped Oslo

    "Many people who were close to father told me that on the eve of the murder
    he considered stopping the Oslo process because of the terror that was
    running rampant in the streets and that Arafat wasn't delivering the goods.

    Father after all wasn't a blind man running forward without thought.

    I don't rule out the possibility that he considered also doing a reverse on
    our side.

    After all he was someone for whom the security of the state was sacrosanct.

    So they say that Oslo brought Arafat and gave them rifles and caused the
    intifada. But historical processes develop, change and flow. It is
    impossible to take a person murdered in '95 and judge him according to what
    happened in 2000."

    Dalia Rabin, daughter of PM Yitzchak Rabin
    Interviewed in the Seven Days magazine supplement of Yediot Ahronot
    8 October 2010

    [Translation by IMRA]

  • aspacia

    Obimbo is out globally schmoozing while our cities burn and Israel is attacked. What a worthless piece of dung.