Barack the Magic Suit

Today, boys and girls, PJTV’s Klavan on the Culture presents a tale of enchantment, a fabulous story about a glorious place where whatever you think should be true is true.  And who should be president of such a fantastical land?  You guessed it.  Barack the Magic Suit.  Here’s how it all happened–once upon a time…

Animation by Justin the Magic Folk.

  • mikidiki

    What a beautiful story, and so true! One has to admit it is wonderful to live in Imagination Land and so let us all shout: "Four More Years!"

  • davarino

    And the whole world is a sunny day……..aaaaaaaaaah

    Look its the care bears, they are coming to ………….. snuggle

  • Cuban Refugee

    Read it again, Daddy!!! But, this time, make the suit much bigger to fit all the czars and other shady radicals who now rule Imagination Land in order to bring down capitalism, and send them all to a setting in a Grimm's fairy tale where villians are given the retribution they deserve for their misdeeds. We can make up our own ending! How about destination bowels of hell after impeachment in a boiling cauldron? Yawn! I'm getting sleepy …

  • BLJ

    Every American (that can read) should be required to read "Trickle Up Poverty" by Michael Savage. This book presents the real Obama in his Marxist-Leninist glory.

  • Stephen_Brady

    But, BLJ, everyone in the fantastic land of Imagination knows that Mr. Savage is simply another "mean" voice on the radio. Don't take their happiness away from them. Please don't bother them with facts!!

    On a serious note: I agree with you! And where's Papa Smurf? …

  • Dispozovdaburka

    He was hand picked and placed in Obamaland to carry out NWO.

  • JEJ

    You delete any negative comments?! Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This proves you are narrow
    minded. I"d rather be in Obamaland than in a perfect world with people like you!

    • Cuban Refugee

      Have you posted your comments on The Huffington Post to experience true censorship of free expression? JEJ, you haven't seen anything yet …