Stop the Hate!

Welcome to a world where conservatives are branded racist for wanting people to be treated equally:

  • Conservative

    This is nothing new, i live in Europe and i have lost count on the times i have been threatened with violence by ,,peace'' activist just for pointing out that they are always more against some wars than others. Of course that is only the tip of the iceberg, since in Europe today not only are the liberals absolutely everywhere, but also communists openly calling for street justice against certain ,,enemies of the people''

    I like Europe more than America, but the way things are going i am sure that in 20 years i will have to fear for my life. I don't want to, but i may have to move the America someday to keep my liberties and most importantly, life.

    • Jordan

      20 years???? Will there still be a free America – or a Europe either, for that matter???

  • Proudscott

    Americans are thinking of moving to New Zealand for the same reasons. We are forfitting our liberties every day slowly but surely. Maybe you should look past the USA and think about the Kiwi's as well.