The One-State Solution

Why not give the Middle East to the Jews?

  • Kate Burch

    Don't you wish that Obama would listen and learn?

  • ze-ev ben jehudah

    Yes why not? When Yahweh told Abraham,some 3800 B.C. ,to leave Ur and
    setle himselve and his famely in the land of Canaan,(the land of milk and honey).
    What was once Mesopotamia. It was a lot bigger than the pinnpoint area they
    have now. And mr no brains Barack Hussein Obama by licking the :oeps I won't
    say what I'm thinking out loud; the P.L.O. Hamas and the oh so lovely Brotherhood
    want the Jewish people to retreat to,what Pamela Geller so pointly said,to aushwitz
    borders. And mr Barack Hussein obama is it not true,that as long they leave it by
    killing(murdering) Jews there is notting to worry about.But as soon they start killing
    also Americans and other Europeans,like Bin laden did,then he will be hunted
    down,even if it takes years and years. No there is something verry fishy going on
    in cerain persons minds.You could say it stinks. See also the picture by frontpage it says it all.

  • YIS

    Absolutely brilliant – best (and funniest) political commentary I've heard all year!

  • Tanstaafl

    Frankly, I can't see any reason for opposing this idea.

  • Marty

    The arab springsters should definitely invite Israel to deal with the institutionalized corruption, religious fanaticism, and moral hypocrisy that afflicts the middle east. That is, if they are really serious about political and social reform.

  • tony

    i sent a letter to the state department sometime ago suggesting that the adiminsration along with the european union to band together and offer a few billion dollars to afghanistan to purchase a portion of their southern territory and make it the new homeland for palestine–a win win situation afghanistan makes money, palestine gets a country of its own and israel can stay in peace everybody wins

  • The_Lord_Regent

    A more modest approach: Israel stomps the snot out of the "Palestinians," Hezbolduh in Lebanon and the emerging muslim brotherhood state in egypt. That done, allow the beseigend Christian community in Egypt to evacuate to a new client state, Siani, which will include the Suez Canal and land 30 miles to its west (as a buffer zone). With Hezbolduh crushed in Lebanon, the one million plus Maronite Catholics who have been driven out my the muslims can return and restore civilization in Lebanon.

  • johnnywoods

    Andrew, That was so brilliant I wish I had thought of it. Every point you made was true.

  • Asher

    The fact is that many Arabs like living in Israel where they are free, and do not have to submit to Sharia Law…Muslims in America feel the same way, not all of them want to live by the Rules of the Koran or Sharia, especially those that are Westernized!

  • WilliamJamesWard

    So nice to see someone thinks like me sometimes, Andrew is so right in the way
    he sees this, I see the lands as belonging to Israel for thousands of years and
    rightfully so. The heirs of Abraham have been cut short and are overdue for
    their inheritance. Take over the lands, move the enemies out and live on with
    the admiration of zillions of good folks, bad people should not be considered
    a barrier to what is right, just and inconvenience that must be removed.

  • Stephen_Brady

    I know. There are some who will see Andrew's proposal as "radical". Talking about ideas like this is how you make them "not-radical", but mainstream. It's time that we talked about this idea to anyone who will listen.

    ADDENDUM: Over the years, I've managed to turn several people in my local circle to Andrew's view. You just have to talk about it, long enough …

  • crackerjack

    Looking at the mess the Jews have created in the area of the Midd-East we gave them, I'd have serious second thoughts about giving them any more. And if your looking for democracy, freedom of worship and womans rights, go ask your Haredim, who will soon rule israel, what they think about such abominations.

    …and by the way – Why wouldn't the USA have trillions of defecit under the Jews? Are they no Jews in US financial community and didn't Madoff rip of his own brethren?

    Asking the elected leader of the United states to lick your Jewish a++, say more about your "Jewish" concept of democracy and patriotism than any anti-Semite could ask for .

    • MixMChess

      "Looking at the mess the Jews have created in the area of the Midd-East we gave them, I'd have serious second thoughts about giving them any more."

      We (the West) didn't give Israel to the Jews. Recall, Jews have had a continuous presence in the holy land for over 3,000 years. Zionists legally purchased vacant and tenant-free land to build their land. Jews literally built their state out of empty sand dunes and inhospitable desert.

      "And if your looking for democracy, freedom of worship and womans rights, go ask your Haredim, who will soon rule israel, what they think about such abominations."

      Nonsense, the ultra-Orthodox make up less than 9% of the Jewish population in Israel. Of that population most support democracy, freedom of worship and women's rights. Only a few radical sects (such as the anti-Zionist Neturei Karta) oppose western and liberal values. In fact, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs released a study showing that religious observance (ultra-orthodoxy) is actually decreasing in Israel.

      You forgot to mention that radicalism is on the rise in Arab/Islamic nations. Of course you'll remain silent about that. Tell me more about the great womens rights in places like Saudi Arabia (where women cannot drive) and Afghanistan (where women are literally stoned to death). How are gay rights progressing in the W. Bank (where gays literally flee for their lives to safety in Israel) and Iran (there are no gays because the government murdered them all)? How is democracy going in Syria (where Assad murders thousands of his own citizens) and Libya (where Gaddafi refuses to give up power and continues to oppress his people)? How many non-Muslims can practice their religion freely in Saudi Arabia?

  • Honest Abe

    Andrew Klavan's comments are not completely true. While Moslems and Christians have freedom of worship, Jews do not. They are restricted from going to the Temple Mount and worshiping. They go to Rachel's tomb and elsewhere at risk of life and limb with virtually no protection from the government of Israel. The government turns a blind eye to their own people. So, while Klavan's ideas seem reasonable for two of the major religions, in practice they don't apply to Judaism.

  • Dan Knezacek

    Andrew, I think you are on the right track! I believe that Israel will shortly receive all the land God promised them in the scriptures. Everything from the Euphrates river to the Nile. Though it is not stated, I believe this includes the entire Arabian peninsula. Imagine, some day soon Muslims will have to get permission from a Jew to go to Mecca!

  • nina

    Before the onset of Islam, many Jewish tribes (not the ten tribes) lived in the Arab Peninsula. They had friendly relations with their Arab neighbors, who respected the Jews and their religion. Medina or Yatrib, was a Jewish city. Everything changed with the onset of islam. The Muslims murdered most of the Jews, and banished the rest taking all their lands and everything that belonged to them. Talk of ethnic cleancing.

  • yogiman

    Is Israel going to have to kick their again? If they do, I'd say don't give it back any more. You tried at the US suggestions and failed. Next time, do it with your own minds.

  • Anwar Qarmout

    I am a Christian Arab and I support the one state solution. I believe that Israel should not give up any of the land but also control the Middle East to better care for humanity.
    I also believe that the Jews and the Christian should worked together for the greater good of humanity.
    what a great idea I hope this happens in my lifetime I will always support Israel .