Your Public Sector Union At Work

As a member in good standing of Tiny Satiric Commentator’s Local #456, I understand that private sector unions are a necessary evil in a world in which fat plutocrats bathe in their own money while smoking cigars–a patent fire hazard.  But the public sector union is a different kind of animal altogether, a ravening beast with a single red eye and fangs dripping the blood of devoured state budgets.  Or something.  Anyway, I am here once again to explain it all to you in under four minutes–after which, by union rules, I get a six hour break.

Justin Folk of Lunatic Video Guy Local #137 provides the lunatic video:

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Public Sector employees should never have been allowed to unionize. The camel wormed his nose under the tent and now poor, beleaguered American taxpayers are under assault – both from outside and from within. 'Tis mighty fine work when you can get it, to not only ride the gravy train but to also be handsomely paid as well. Stir a bit of union representation into the mix and you have the malingerers dream: Police and firemen enhancing their retirements through fraudulent medical claims is likely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. The Supreme Galooty does not mean to imply that ALL those folks resort to that larcenous device, or even most of them. But most of them support the unions who do support that theft of public funds. (Although they will vociferously deny it.)