Cop-Killer Is Media’s New Baby Seal

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For decades, liberals tried persuading Americans to abolish the death penalty, using their usual argument: hysterical sobbing.

Only when the media began lying about innocent people being executed did support for the death penalty begin to waver, falling from 80 percent to about 60 percent in a little more than a decade. (Silver lining: That’s still more Americans than believe in man-made global warming.)

Fifty-nine percent of Americans now believe that an innocent man has been executed in the last five years. There is more credible evidence that space aliens have walked among us than that an innocent person has been executed in this country in the past 60 years, much less the past five years.

But unless members of the public are going to personally review trial transcripts in every death penalty case, they have no way of knowing the truth. The media certainly won’t tell them.

It’s nearly impossible to receive a death sentence these days — unless you do something completely crazy like shoot a cop in full view of dozens of witnesses in a Burger King parking lot, only a few hours after shooting at a passing car while exiting a party.

That’s what Troy Davis did in August 1989. Davis is the media’s current baby seal of death row.

After a two-week trial with 34 witnesses for the state and six witnesses for the defense, the jury of seven blacks and five whites took less than two hours to convict Davis of Officer Mark MacPhail’s murder, as well as various other crimes. Two days later, the jury sentenced Davis to death.

Now, a brisk 22 years after Davis murdered Officer MacPhail, his sentence will finally be administered this week — barring any more of the legal shenanigans that have kept taxpayers on the hook for Davis’ room and board for the past two decades.

(The average time on death row is 14 years. Then liberals turn around and triumphantly claim the death penalty doesn’t have any noticeable deterrent effect. As the kids say: Duh.)

It has been claimed — in The New York Times and Time magazine, for example — that there was no “physical evidence” connecting Davis to the crimes that night.

Davis pulled out a gun and shot two strangers in public. What “physical evidence” were they expecting? No houses were broken into, no cars stolen, no rapes or fistfights accompanied the shootings. Where exactly would you look for DNA? And to prove what?

I suppose it would be nice if the shell casings from both shootings that night matched. Oh wait — they did. That’s “physical evidence.”

It’s true that the bulk of the evidence against Davis was eyewitness testimony. That tends to happen when you shoot someone in a busy Burger King parking lot.

Eyewitness testimony, like all evidence tending to show guilt, has gotten a bad name recently, but the “eyewitness” testimony in this case did not consist simply of strangers trying to distinguish one tall black man from another. For one thing, several of the eyewitnesses knew Davis personally.

The bulk of the eyewitness testimony established the following:

Two tall, young black men were harassing a vagrant in the Burger King parking lot, one in a yellow shirt and the other in a white Batman shirt. The one in the white shirt used a brown revolver to pistol-whip the vagrant. When a cop yelled at them to stop, the man in the white shirt ran, then wheeled around and shot the cop, walked over to his body and shot him again, smiling.

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  • Indioviejo

    The execution was lomg overdue. Davis was just an inconsequential thug who murdered a much better man than he; and officer of the law. Good ridance.

  • Amused

    guilty as charged , convicted by a jury of his peers , that jury convinced by eyewitness testimony of some of his own acquaintances .AMF

  • mrbean

    Death penalty opponents spend millions of dollars and countless man hours fighting the legal execution of, at most, 56 of our worst human rights violators per year, when they do nothing to fight for the end of those inhumane parole and probation release policies which result in the needless injury and slaughter of the innocent. "The U.S. Department of Justice estimates that convicted criminals free on parole and probation . . . commit ‘at least’ 84,800 violent crimes every year, including 13,200 murders, 12,900 rapes, and 49,500 robberies." American Guardian, May 1997, pg. 26.

  • Sound&Fury

    Of course, no one protested the execution of the white racist in Texas that same day for the 1999 murder of James Byrd. When it comes to "baby seals", it appears that black seals get preferential treatment by the MSM.

    • BS77

      Every day people are shot by gang bangers and thugs …..they are convicted and sent to prison, some to death row….where they languish for decades until they are executed…if at all. No one riots or participates in mob actions after they are convicted….only if the death penalty is imminent…then do the nut jobs come out of the wood work to rev up the screaming and yelling……they protest the death penalty imposed by the state, but never say a word about the death penalty imposed upon innocent victims by these thugs, killers, armed robbers and murderers.

    • intrcptr2

      Yeah, I caught that too.


  • BS77

    The more I read about this horrible case, the more I am shocked by the emotional and irrational behavior of the mob lunatics who railed against his execution. It was simiilar in the Mumia case…except Mumia was not executed, but given life without parole……then the mobs vanished….they didn't go nuts trying to over turn the LWP sentence…..Perhaps Life without Parole is more inhumane and cruel than the death penalty. What do you think?

    • intrcptr2

      Sadly, the mobs are still here. But they get no headlines, so the "journalists" tend not to give them any print.

      There is that ville in France that named a street after Abu Jamal…

  • BS77

    Read Ann Coulter's latest book DEMONIC which examines the know nothing behavior of mobs and leftist activists on the march….the research and conclusive examination of the enormous contrast between the French and American revolutions deserve your attention.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    It would be hard to believe that a trial could go forward today without sufficient
    evidence and jury permission to convict and innocent person of any crime
    without compelling falsity and we should know lies find you out. The anti-death
    penalty crowd is so over the top with their assertions it is a sure outlet for idiocy,
    stupidity and rancid obfuscation. I often wonder if the majority of them are so
    affraid of being eaten up with their own guilt they must provide cover for guilt
    in all people no matter what the crime. For years I thought a death penalty went
    to far but if life is so precious, then the standard for taking life is life forfeiture,
    otherwise it makes life cheap and it is not it is everything you or another has.

  • Guy DeWhitney

    Dear Ann Coulter, you have hurt me deeply. I was under the impression, since my wonderful encounter with you at David Horowitz’s Freedom Foundation Wednesday Morning Club, that you were a moderate who sought to “moderate” the Right by speaking their language and not worrying about the lost cause of the Left. You implied I was correct when our eyes met and something palpable passed between us; I believe it was the book you had just signed. Your book Demonic seemed to bear out this concept.

    And now? I am torn, broken and lost, all my illusions shattered by the things I read in the article; Ann, please tell me you don’t really believe in the death penalty!

  • Guy DeWhitney

    My objection to the death penalty does not stem from the expense of all the appeals, ; Human life is not something that, at the bottom line, should come down to a bottom line.

    My objection does not come from the fact that there have been Death Row inmates exonerated; Human lives should never be gambled by anyone but the owner of said life.

    no one has the right to kill a human being that is in custody in the hope that maybe, somewhere, another person might not commit a similar crime; to shed a soul no better or worse than yourself in the eyes of God, save for Grace.

    When you add that to the other two reasons I feel it has to be admitted that there is no real reason for the Death Penalty but the collective expression of natural animal bloodlust… we NEED some way to sanction our desire to kill SOMEONE for their transgressions against us, real or imagined. Yes, it is rather benign as historical expressions of bloodlust go but, does that mean we cannot decry it?

    But, don't worry Hun, I still love you.

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