Hope, Change and “Invest”

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You knew it was bad when John McCain leapt up and enthusiastically applauded. The last time I saw McCain applaud Obama like that was when he debated him.

Obama said, “We are the nation that put cars in driveways and computers in offices; the nation of Edison and the Wright brothers; of Google and Facebook.”

And then the government outlawed Edison’s great invention, made the Wright brothers’ air travel insufferable, filed anti-trust charges against Microsoft and made cars too expensive to drive by prohibiting oil exploration, and right now — at this very minute — is desperately trying to regulate the Internet.

On the bright side, President Al Gore would have actually outlawed the cars in those driveways.

I especially enjoyed his pitch for high-speed trains where you “don’t have to receive pat-downs.” At least until one of those Muslims who is “part of our American family” blows one up — at which point they’ll be staffed with armies of genital-fondling, unionized TSA agents on the public dime.

Still, I can’t wait for Obama’s America. An America where I can use lightning-fast, high-speed Internet to file electronically for my unemployment benefits. Or better yet, I can ditch my old “oil-powered” car and take a “sunlight and water”-powered high-speed train to the unemployment office for a change.

And I hear CalTech is working on biofuels to power “Recovery Summer 2011.”

The big laugh line was when Nero said mockingly, “I heard rumors that a few of you still have concerns about the health care law.” That’s called “60 percent of the American public.” It’s not a joke, and it’s not funny.

Here’s one: Hey, Obama! Guy walks into a bar in the Gaza Strip. The bartender says, “What’ll you have?” But the guy is killed instantly when an Iranian-made CT-28 missile strikes the bar, also killing a woman and small child next door. Get it, Obama? HA HA!

Synthesizing Karl Marx and Ronald Reagan, Obama said the government will soon be taking over every aspect of our lives, and Republicans can’t stop him — but gosh, isn’t America a great country! Teachers are great, we need to innovate, children are our future, we need paved roads, kids should do their homework, Labrador puppies are cute, I like apple pie, I (heart) Justin Bieber, and how about them Yankees! Now, here’s your 2011 tax bill — how would you like to pay for that?

Actually, I was glad to hear him say that “there isn’t a person here” — which presumably included Democrats — who would live anyplace else.

Then why are they always trying to turn us into Western Europe?

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  • Pierce

    I like Ann and she is a guest on another one of my favorites Bill O'Reilly. One of Bill's favorites is Is he a pin head, or a patriot? Right now I am leaning towards Pin Head.

  • davarino

    I have no comment cause you said it all : )

  • BS77

    Fourteen trillion dollar deficit……..this is incomprehensible. Will it ever be paid off?
    If any business was run like our government….it would be bankrupt and the owners would be in court facing charges of fraud, larceny, embezzlement etc etc. Thanks ANN, look forward to your column every week.

  • sflbib

    "…the government will be ‘investing’ in education, ‘investing’ in technology, ‘investing’ in roads and ‘investing’ in lots and lots of government workers."

    The government has been "investing" in education for decades, and the only results have been declining test scores. The more it "invests", the worse the test scores. The reason Democrat spending is not "investing" is because the government, unlike a real investor, pays no penalty for being wrong.

  • http://www.resonoelusono.com/NaturalBornCitizen.htm Alexander Gofen

    "Then why are they always trying to turn us into Western Europe?"
    Because they ARE "Western Europe", i.e. the one-world international socialist clique.

    All points of objection brought by Ms. Coulter are valid, but why does she address them to "Democrats" only? Wasn't it the same unified with Repoobs disgusting crowd which unanimously stood up in frenzy ovation for the crook and impostor? Wasn't it the same crowd playing that disgusting spectacle on pare with the Soviet style standing ovation to Brezhnev or Stalin?! Wasn't it anything but manifestation of the ugly head of coup committed by de facto one party "representatives" supported by the military brass?! All – the traitors of America, of the Army, and the Constitution…

  • USMCSniper

    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports that Social Security will effectively run a $45-billion deficit in 2011 and continue to run deficits totaling $547 billion over the coming decade. SS has over 2.5 trillon dollars in US Treasury Bonds meaning that is what the government owes the so called locked box (barf). Therefore, SS is really bankrupt. SS owns about 20% of the US debt. A warm and fuzzy feeling I do not have. Thank god I have provided for my own retirement nest egg and income outside of SS.

  • Kenett

    Get all the fools on your side and you can be elected to anything.
    — Frank Dane

  • Ozzy

    Our government represents us Ann, someday you will learn to appreciate that.

    • BS77

      Ozzy, you have made a meaningless statement. What the heck are you talking about?
      Our government is elected to represent the citizens…yes, ….and your point is?????????????????

  • Paul

    Ozzy has no point except to demand everyone shutup and do what the governemnt says because they know best.

  • http://buntekopfhoerer.blogcenter.de/ Levi

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  • shirleybill

    And if enough is not already enough, now they want to make a "space ship". Now, that is just going too far. They have the treaury, so now, why not just make up some more money to go into the main stream? Nope, that would be simply too easy for technical folks that already think they are above the crowd. Darn, did i say that…. yep, i reckon i did, and yes, i did intentionally use those words. We need someone in there that can actually handle the whitehouse. Think about it, how much do they spend per day, just on food alone? Then there are the cooks..now how many cooks did you say the whitehouse has on staff? Ok, then there are the maids..now why can't someone pick up their own clothes that they throw on the floor? Ok, i am done for now.