The Left’s New Twist on “Reagan Democrats”

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Indeed, Reagan was such a smash hit with government employees that, during his presidency, the Supreme Court was required to decide whether a government employee could be fired for talking on the job about John Hinckley’s assassination attempt against Reagan, saying, “I hope they get him.”

Where have you gone, rock-ribbed Republican government employees?

With the nation in the fight of its life against incompetent government bureaucrats who can never be fired and think the world owes them $100,000 a year, free health care, and endless vacation, sick, personal and mental health days — all granted to them by Democratic politicians to buy their votes — liberals love to pretend the governor of Wisconsin is at war with West Virginia coal miners.

Again: We’re not talking about unions in industries where there is something called “management” on the other side of the bargaining table. We’re talking about government jobs used to buy Democratic votes with your hard-earned money.

Until five minutes ago, journalists sneered at the very blue collar workers they are now using as a cat’s paw to burnish the image of government workers.

Real union members are people like Todd Palin, who have nonprogressive views on things like gay marriage, abortion, public displays of religion, illegal immigration and the treatment of detainees at Guantanamo. Most of them don’t even care whether the Screen Actors Guild provides sufficient coverage for Jungian psychotherapy.

The media’s true kinship is with functionaries who work for state bureaucracies, not machinists, loggers and coal miners.

But now that journalists need to generate warm feelings toward surly government bureaucrats, they are suddenly portraying the bureaucrats as the salt-of-the-earth, blue-collar types they usually revile.

Democratic Sen. Dick Durbin perfectly illustrates the mentality of the average liberal. Discussing a proposal to raise the retirement age of Social Security before there’s no money left, Durbin said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” that for people like him, who work at a desk, it’s no big deal. But for “folks involved in physical and manual labor, another year or two becomes problematic.”

And what profession did Sen. Durbin choose to illustrate the idea of backbreaking work? A construction worker? A woman working in a chicken processing plant? A commercial fisherman?

No. He cited postal employees. “It’s tough,” he said, “to say, just stick around and deliver mail for another couple years.”

Even in their sleep, liberals must dream about new ways to suck up to public sector employees.

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  • bob maram

    i was one of those reagan democrats and i remain proud to be a part of that great movement. i hope that the republican party in 2012 chooses a responsible candidate in the tradition of ronald reagan and not an extremist so that i can support a republican ticket again. bob maram

    • peteywheatstraw

      hey bob, and the other option would be?…4 more years? get real. the extremists are constitutionalists, it's time t reset. the whole dem party are socialists.

      • bob maram

        if sarah palin is the best of the lot, considering the low level of the competition i would recall the wit of the late great william f. buckley and say that that is like celebrating the tallest building in topeka. bob maram

      • Turner Ashby

        Open Primaries to ensure neither party nominates a whack job! Yes libtards and socialists.. but pro-life "Constitutionalist" are just as naive and stupid.. unfortunatly for the GOP, the bell curve left siders are out breeding the rest and excelerating that process with illegal alien "voting rights" .

    • davarino

      So you are saying the current candidates for president are right of Reagan? Hehehehe thats funny

  • Supreme_Galooty

    When the Democrat Party seemed to actually be the party of the "little guy," many were content (in their apathy) to call themselves "Democrats." The worm has turned since those heady days after WWII and it has now become obvious that the Democrat Party is most surely NOT the party of the "little guy." Neither are they the party of the blacks. They are the party of trial lawyers, school teachers great and small, perfessers, and union thugs. They make it their business to increase costs for ejamakashun at every level, to raise costs of every single product produced and sold in the USA, to achieve the unachievable egalitarian ideal not by raising up the downtrodden, but by beating down the successful.

  • Supreme_Galooty

    Does that view make me a Republican? Hardly. The Republican Party IS, however, undergoing a significant battle for its identity, for its very soul. If the so-called Tea Party people have their way, the Republican Party will become the party of Americanist Common Sense and Decency. If they are successful in driving out the traditional country club, ruling class poseurs who currently have a partial strangle hold on the party, this Galooty may gallumph right on over to the nearest precinct committee meeting.

  • Truthteller

    Well, for the first time Coulter is partially right, as she outlines a few of the crimes of the Reagan administration. Deeply ironic that Republicans, who putatively push for laissez faire, would have sided with Reagan's use of government thugs against hard-working Americans.

    • Steeloak

      Hey Lierepeater,I was around back then when Reagan fired the PATCO idiots. They bet he wouldn't have the guts to call their bluff & fire them…they bet wrong and deserved everything that happened to them. I didn't know Clinton made it possible to re-hire them, shame on him. The dirty deeds done by him are still trickling out. Third worst president in my lifetime, right after Obama & Carter.

      • Truthteller

        So your're a Republican who actually AGREES with heavy govt intervention? So what else is new? Republicans (like those in Wisconsin) are all for laissez faire until it benefits them to have the military arm of the state put into place.

        • Steeloak

          Don't know where you got that idea. I stand for the rule of law. Federal employees do not have a right to strike. I would argue that no government employees should be alowed to strike, but I digress. Patco went out on strike illegally, Reagan told them to go back to work or else, they refused, he fired them. End of story. They were wrong, they broke the law, Reagan did the right thing. It was not heavy government intervention, it was enforcing a reasonable law.

  • Maxie

    Like most libby's you could use a crash course in economics and another in reading comprehension. Lowering taxes puts the earner's money in his own pocket to spend. That rev's up the economy. Giving that money to the political bureaucracy means much of it gets wasted in the non-productive friction of government inneficiency. The government PRODUCES nothing especially not jobs.
    As to the Tea Party, their pitch is to make the Gov stop bankrupting the country by running-up unserviceable debt which, if not stopped, will lead eventually to crippling inflation.

    • Truthteller

      I know all about Economics. Sure, everybody likes lower taxes. And I agree that lower taxes for some is a good, even great, thing that can jumpstart the economy (I never said otherwise, bro). But if you look at the recent bilateral committee which looked at Ryan's so-called deficit reduction plan, you would see it won't make a dent in the deficit in a decade. And in terms of taxes, corporate taxes and individual taxes are opposite sides of the coin. I repeat, the gov't will get its money (both Repubs and Dems want your taxes), and if you lower corporate (which we have, DRAMATICALLY, in the past thirty years, with NO BENEFIT FOR THE DECLINING MIDDLE CLASS), then taxes for those who pay them (unlike your buddies at GE, EXXON, etc) will have to go up. In terms of govt being non-productive, talk to your buddies in the military-industrial black hole. Finally, the Tea Party isn't even serious: A RECENT POLL SAYS 2/3 OF THEIR MEMBERS DON'T WANT ANY CHANGES TO MEDICAIRE OR S.S.

    • Dennis X

      If thats the case then what happen under bush, he lower taxes?

  • Steve Chavez

    Reagan cried, "We need to stop the Communists before they cross the Rio Grande." The reason was that the Soviet KGB and the Cuban DGI were the leaders of taking over Central America and eventually Mexico. But I wrote him back and said, "They're already here" meaning the COMMUNIST PARTY USA that was helping the KGB and DGI with their front groups set up at universities. Google "Obama Sundial 1983." This is an article written by Obama while at Columbia on COMMUNIST-FRONT GROUPS that he supported. MORE IMPORTANTLY, Obama "sought out Marxist professors" and this article proves he also sought out Marxist students! THESE STUDENTS OF THE 80'S KGB/CPUSA, ARE THE LEADERS TODAY! American Communists were the most bitter of all Communists when their beloved Soviet Union fell! THEY SEEK REVENGE! When the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain fell, we cheered, they cried. When the Twins fell, we cried, they cheered! Now they, and the MSM, are again admiring KGB PUTIN by showing him shirtless, judo throwing, horseback riding, playing the piano, and a nice guy on Larry King! Now a photo of Medvedev dancing and all in attempt to show that Communists are the Big Bad Wolf afterall! But the word "Communist" is a bad word on par with the N-word so now they are using "Socialist" which is more PC! REAGAN is spinning in his grave saying "Steve Chavez, you're right! STOP THEM!"