To Liberals, Every Woman Looks Like a Hotel Maid

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I suppose we’ll know the truth when the DNA testing comes back, but close observers of privileged liberal men are not shocked by the accusations against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the socialist head of the International Monetary Fund. (And you thought you were getting screwed by your banker!)

Only in Hollywood movies are handsome lacrosse players from nice families seen as likely rapists. In real life, they look more like the 5-foot-2-inch Roman Polanski or pudgy, unathletic Bill Clinton — or the homunculus 5-foot-2-inch Strauss-Kahn.

But, it is argued, how could Strauss-Kahn possibly think he could get away with the violent rape of a chambermaid in a $3,000-a-night hotel room, booked in his name?

First of all, Strauss-Kahn has evidently gotten away with treating the fairer sex as his playthings for some time. No wonder his nickname among the French is “le grand seducteur,” which I believe roughly translates to “the short, tubby serial rapist.”

The New York Times reports that as far back as 2007, Brussels journalist Jean Quatremer remarked on Strauss-Kahn’s troubled behavior — “close to harassment” — toward women, saying the press knew all about it, but never mentioned it because “we are in France.”

When Strauss-Kahn was appointed to the I.M.F., Quatremer sardonically warned that the international institution was not the same as France, but instead had “Anglo-Saxon morals.”

Second, it’s not unheard of that a wealthy liberal would assume the law does not apply to him. Actually, let me restate that: Wealthy liberals always assume that laws don’t apply to them. After all the waivers the Obama administration has been dishing out like candy, are there any liberals left to whom Obamacare will apply?

We might also ask how a governor of New York could think he could get away with hiring prostitutes to service him in similarly pricey hotels, bringing them across state lines, and using his friend’s names to book the girls, year after year.

But Eliot Spitzer thought he could get away with that. Fortunately he has been brought to justice and sentenced to hosting a lame show on CNN.

Still, rape is a more serious crime than being a frenzied masturbator paying for sex. For that, I give you Andrew Luster, multimillionaire Max Factor heir, whose mother gives to every liberal cause under the sun from Barbara Boxer and Loretta Sanchez to, Emily’s List and pro-gay marriage groups. (If only her son had been gay!)

Her son not only drugged and raped a string of women, but made videotapes of his crimes.

On the tapes, Luster can be seen sodomizing unconscious women with lighted marijuana cigarettes, candles and plastic swords, and then talking into the camera about the unconscious women lying on his bed. The tapes were carefully labeled with titles like “Shauna GHBing,” referring to gamma-hydroxybutyric acid, known as a date-rape drug.

Luster was cataloging video evidence of his own criminal acts — and yet he thought he could get away with it.

He almost did, too, fleeing the country during his 2003 trial. He was caught and is now serving 124 years in prison, having been convicted, in absentia, of 86 crimes, including 20 counts of drug-induced rape, 17 counts of raping an unconscious victim, and multiple counts of sodomy and oral copulation by use of drugs.

Also out of Southern California we have Roman Polanski, the legendary director of two good movies and about a hundred unbelievably horrible ones, who drugged and anally raped an underage girl, according to the police report.

Not only did Polanski think he could get away with it, he did get away with it by fleeing the country (to France) when he discovered, to his shock and dismay, that in America, a person can actually be sentenced to prison for drugging and raping a 13-year-old. That was in 1977. He has never been brought to justice.

Liberals supported Polanski’s evasion of punishment for child rape, with the Hollywood left denouncing his arrest in Switzerland a couple of years ago, howling that he had suffered enough! Wasn’t he prevented from coming to the U.S. to pick up his Oscar in 2003?

You know who’s suffered enough? Anybody who sat all the way through “The Pianist.”

Liberal male misogyny goes back even farther than Polanski’s three-decades-old child rape.

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  • tagalog

    Polanski's two good movies: Knife In the Water and Repulsion, or Chinatown and something else?

    Personally, I didn't much care for Knife In the Water, but I loved Repulsion. Polanski had some noticeable talent when he was first making movies. If you've missed Repulsion, please do yourself the favor of watching it on the movie screen instead of TV the first time.

    Surely the well-done duo can't include The Fearless Vampire Killers, can it?

    How about Repulsion and Chinatown?

    Are you including Rosemary's Baby or The Ghost Writer? Despite the raves of the critics, I thought they were both fairly unstimulating and ultimately mediocre. Certainly not The Pianist, I know you didn't like that one. I only saw part of it. It's one of two movies I've walked out on in the middle (along with the execrable Secret of Santa Vittoria) in my life.

  • Questions

    Poor Ann. It's as if for her conservative men don't have gonads and desires, just "liberal" ones. The problem is not ideology, honey. It's called evolution. And it doesn't date back to the 1960s, it goes back about 250,000 years. I don't defend rape (though surely Ms. Coulter, a lawyer, still knows — I hope — that the accused is entitled to a presumption of innocence). But this cherry-picking of a headline to indict the entire history of liberalism is…well, Coulteresque.

    An aside: I thought "The Ghost Writer" (2010) was a magnificent film. If an aging Roman Polanski is this good pushing 80, then there is hope for all of us at that age.

  • Amused

    Give it abreak Coulter , "liberal men " !? ………did you say that with a straight face ? Let's do a poll of Rykers Island inmates locked up for rape ….see how many are "liberals " .
    I yused to just think you were dumb , now I know you are . And that doesn't say much for your readership neither . How does it feel Ann to be 40 or so going on 13 ?

    • fmobler

      That is not a poll you should want to take.

      I don't have citations in front of me, but every poll I've ever seen shows that political party affiliation correlates to educational attainment. Likewise, violent crime correlates to educational attainment (in the same direction as democratic party affiliation). This is not about causation, mind you, it is just correlation. Nevertheless, you probably don't want to ask dumb polling questions if you haven't thought about what results you might get, and what they might mean.

      • Amused

        You're a bigger idiot than Coulter . I guess the sarcasm about the poll eluded you eh schmucko ? Coulters statement and implication is moronic , it is also indefensible amongst intelligent people . But you are the type her dumbass books are selling to , and her idiotic diatribes are directed at . If she makes sense to you , than there's no hope for you arsehole .

  • Amused

    Gee Ann , now this puts you right up there with that Catholic Bishop, who's blaming the occurrences of homosexuality and pedophilia amongst its preists in recent decades….on Woodstock . Way to go Coulter …credibility = 0

  • Steve

    But Liberal men need to act like Liberal women expect them to….witness the apotheosis of Bill Clinton.

  • Ann


    • Amused

      ..and now the 5th grade mentality shows itself . Spoken like a true twit , and the sycophants chime in .

  • Michael

    Not all liberals are perverts, some are impotent.

    Unfortunately, at least two of the pervs she mentions are liberal heroes. In the case of Polanski, I've read some of the testimony and the details are disgusting. I was shocked when people actually defended him. How will I ever trust Whoopi again after she said that ANAL rape of a minor isn't rape rape?

    • Amused

      yea , and just think , the BTK killer was ……a local Republican Organizer .

      • Amused

        oh , whattsa matta with all those thumbs down ? that's the same rationale the TWIT Coulter is using …….it should be extrapolated to mean most serial killers are republicans . Boy I never knew how many truly stupid people there are on this blog .

  • BS77

    I liked Polanski's The Tenant….that was pretty much a self portrait of a self obsessed and phobic guy….cool movie tho.

  • tanstaafl

    Rape is not sex. In my opinion, rapists should face the death penalty. But I'm a reactionary.

  • bob

    One of Polanski's 2 could films could NOT have been the Ghost Writer–gag, gag–about the decaying UK under the boot of the evil Bushian CIA, with the premise that the viewers would actually sympathize with the "victims" in this movie: al Qaeda terrorists.

  • Fred Dawes


    • scum

      Fred, I always knew you were a clown. You must be, if you're taking SAVAGE NATION as your gospel. Lord help us….

      • Amused

        Dawes a clown ? bet ! …and a racist to boot . Truly a member of Coulter's targeted auidiences.

  • Jim_C

    Ann's Catholic, right? Do you think she's got something to say about the US Council of Bishops claiming the epidemic of priest sex abuse was due to freewheelin 1960s attitudes?

    • Jim_C

      Must have been the liberal priests, no doubt!

      • wowserbarker

        You know you are right about that some of the molestor priests being liberals . Our family knew 4 RC priests/bishops/clergy who were accused of molestation and they ALL were OPENLY DEMOCRATS and very LIBERAL on social issues. One youngster that we knew, was abused by one of the priests whose sister was also a big union leader as well.

  • scum

    Even for the crackpot Coulter, who's been fired from various positions for her idiocy, this article is unbelievably stupid. If the history of sex scandals, rape, and so on has told us anything, it's that sexual behavior and politics are organized in separate spheres of the brain. It's truly astonishing she would try to pull the wool over anyone's eyes with this one.

  • Amused

    The only people who take coulter seriously are the likes of some of the imbeciles found here . Sorry , if that sounds insulting , but it;s true . She appeals to imbeciles , as she is one herself , and that idiotic statement is proof positive . BTW , she can't pull the wool over anyones eyes ,who've already got their heads up their arses .

    • tagalog

      And folks who are trying to find out what she thinks Polanski's best two films are.

  • Amused

    It takes an idiot to make such generalizations .So if the shoe fits Phillip ………maybe you and Ann oughta get a room .

  • Amused

    I'll give her credit for ONE thing …..she knows exactly where to lay down her pile of B.S.

  • Rochmoninoff

    Ann you made me laugh.
    You're using a logical trick of picking bad eggs and implying all eggs are bad.
    But one thing is for sure: since the left lack moral compass they make excuses rather than get outraged when one of them transgress.

    BTW: did you just site a book siting another book? Couldn't we have skipped the first book? Or was the real point of that to mention you wrote the introduction?

  • morristhewise

    Bearing false witness is the most evil of crimes, it destroys innocence. Jews have lost millions of their people because of lies; the Diallo video tapes make it obvious that she is one of those liars. Diallo was motivated by hatred and the fact that DSK has the appearance of a stereotypical Jew. Diallo must be punished for bearing false witness and not rewarded with riches.

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